Way of the Warlord: The Path to Mastering Body and Mind

As announced on last nights live stream, A Kings Castle is presenting the Way of the Warlord program.  Having followed the advice from all over the sphere on how to develop yourself physically, as well as tips and tactics to develop yourself mentally, we have decided to combine the two in a way that compliments each other.  This isn’t just a point of reference that we’ll provide for you then forget about either.  This is an interactive, ever growing experience project that we are conducting ourselves as well.

We chose the name warlord because it really describes two traits in one man; warrior and lord.  To be a savage beast will do you no good in life.  To be knowledgeable but weak will lead to your demise. Our vision here is to build ourselves up physically, mentally, and spiritually into the best men we can become.

The Breakdown

This isn’t just a health/lifting program nor is it a frame building tactic, it is both.  We’ve married the two together in a way like never before.  Many blogs and writers like to separate the physical from the mental development, but I’ve found that tying everything into one focused goal of self-mastery makes more sense, and going through this program with the other people who frequent this site will make it more fun, plus more accountable.

Just like in Fight Club, every two weeks we will assign ourselves and anyone participating in the program a homework assignment.  One aspect will come from the physical/martial arts side with a complementary mental development aspect as well.  The goal is to implement completing the assignment within the best of your ability.  Every two weeks, we will have a new assignment that piggy backs off of the last.

J. Nyx will provide the Physical homework, while Gentleman Jak will provide the Martial Arts homework.  We will both provide the mental/social development homework when we assign our respective physical or martial arts homework.

After one week, we will do an update post and leave the comment section open for any guys participating in the program to post their findings, difficulties, achievements, and questions.  The following week, we’ll discuss phase one, how we’ve improved our lives, and also receive the next homework assignment.

We also believe that having a set “graduation” date will do good, as it gives you a set timeline and an end date we can look back an evaluate how far we’ve come.  I’ve set May 22, 2018 as graduation day.  Also, other than getting stronger, leaner, more mentally prepared, and ready to take on anything life throws at you, there will be a “valedictorian” of the program that we’ll define a bit closer to the graduation.  Also, we are taking you at face value, but we encourage you guys to take before photos and measurements.  If you come in and say “I upped my squat by 500lbs in 1 week” with no proof, no one will take it seriously.

We’ve thought about how much of this will touch on the basics and introductory phases of red pill theory.  Some of you may be thinking “Yeah, I know I should be lifting and should be confident already” but it isn’t just preaching, it’s an active duty we’re going to be living every day.  Just like lifting weights one time won’t get you jacked, practicing red pill philosophy once wont bear much fruit in your life. I’m not going to say “hit the weights and eat better.” I’m going to be living this as you should, and I hold myself accountable to myself above all, but to you guys participating as well. Also, the site owners aren’t don’t have the final word.  If a commenter has a better solution or plan, we can implement that.   If you’re ready to transform your life and become the best man you can, I welcome all of you to join the Way of the Warlord

Homework Phase 1


Smash a PR

You all should be lifting weights or doing some type of muscle building exercise. Even if you are low on cash, you can find a park to do body weight exercises.  This week, I want you to kill that little bitch voice inside you that says you can’t do something.  This phase’s assignment for the physical portion is to hit a PR (Personal Record.)  Since we’re all different ages, sizes, and have different athletic abilities, it will be different for everyone, but right now choose one personal record you will break over the course of the next two weeks.

I don’t care how small it is, for some doing one pullup is a personal record.  For others a 400lb deadlift may be a personal record.  It does not matter what the other guy is doing, but that you are breaking out of that comfort zone.  Even choosing to go curl 10lb weights for the first time in your life is better than the sad cunt that doesn’t.  When your head starts to tell you its too hard or you cant, grind on and get that shit done.

I must stress that if you’ve never picked up a barbell in your life do not go out an try to bench press 225 lbs.  Leave your ego at the door and do what is in your limits. We accept no responsibility if you go out trying to prove some bullshit and you injure yourself.  There are countless articles around the internet as to where to get started with lifting/physical conditioning.

My PR goal in the next two weeks is to up my bench press and overhead press one rep max by 10 lbs. These are my weakest lifts right now, and I want to get that 1rm up.  I’ll achieve this through higher weight and or more volume.  When I check back in next week, I’ll let you guys know where I stand


Remove a Vice

Kicking back and living a bit can be important, but things that hold you back are not.  For the mental/character development of Phase 1 I want you to give up a vice you have.  Whether it is giving up junk food, video games, social media, porn, alcohol, smoking etc it does not matter.   Right now choose one thing you want to give up for two weeks.

Chances are, if you can get through the two weeks without the vice, you can quit it for good.  If you get through the two weeks and don’t see any difference, or really want to go back to it, so be it.  A vice I will remove for the next two weeks is booze.   I like to have some whiskey over the weekends, but it makes me feel off my game the next day, so I’ll be cutting it out completely over phase 1.


For this first challenge, we’re going to start you off pretty easy.  We’re going to focus on repeating some basic techniques as well as perform an isometric exercise or two.  This will tie in nicely with the physical challenge and can be done as either a warmup or a cool down.  This challenge will be performed as a circuit where you do the first exercise, then the next and so on.  When you get through the series, start again with no rest.

  1. Jab/Cross/Hook combo
  2. Horse Stance (hold in lowest position)
  3. Front Kick (left leg)
  4. Front Kick (right leg)

Do each exercise for 1 minute each for a total of 7 circuits.  How hard you push yourself is up to you, but the harder you go, the better the results will be.


This is where the mid-way check in will come into play.  Next week when we post our update, will be a time we can evaluate how we’re all doing, where things went right, and where they went wrong.  We can offer each other tips or insights on completing our homework assignment.

Note, you have two weeks to get the assignment complete.  If you try on day one and fail, get up the next day and try again.  For the PR challenge, do your best to set everything up for you to succeed. Do your warmups, get enough water, get enough sleep etc.

For the mental challenge, I’ll impose a limit here.  If you cannot go without a vice for a minimum of 10 days, you will have to reset.   Don’t worry about getting left behind either.  If you keep failing phase one, and the rest of us are on phase 3, speak up and ask for advice.   You are accountable for your action or lack thereof, but if you’re trying your hardest and struggling, I guarantee there is someone who can offer solid advice.


Welcome to the way of the warlord. If you choose to join us in this program, the man you become at graduation will be 100% better than the man you are today.  10 months will go by no matter what, do you want to be the same as you are right now when that time comes, or better in every aspect of your life?  Its up to you to do the work, but we’re all a team here, so if you’re trying your damnedest, you will succeed.

Way of the Warrior Phase One:

Physical: Hit a PR

Mental: Remove  a Vice

Check-in: One week from today (Sept 29)

Next Assignment: Two weeks (Oct 6)


-J. Nyx & Gentleman Jak

Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of akingscastle.com. He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family.

  • Joseph Curwen

    Good initiative, however I’m going to make a little criticism here: you can never really learn punching/kicking, not even the basics, watching youtube videos. You need to enlist in a realmartialartsgym/boxingclub with real and qualified trainers in order to really learn something.

    For kicking I suggest (real) Kyokushin Karate or Muay Thai; for punching Western Boxing. MMA is not bad but its emphasis in ground work is counterproductive in a real life fight.

  • bem

    “Hit a PR”
    That’s RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cheeseburgercheeseburger

    hey hipponax- were you in Detroit recently by any chance? Daily News headline:

    ‘Unusual substance’ found in soap dispensers at a Detroit airport believed to be man’s bodily fluid

    • bem

      I knew a guy who used to put boogers in the cheese shakers at pizza joints. Must be him.

      • cheeseburgercheeseburger

        his boogers had more nutrition in them than the sawdust that passes for parm cheese in a pizzeria

      • Murdoc34

        Huh. I suddenly wonder if this is related to why Mack & Mancos never even had parm shakers.

      • Ainigmaris Thales

        I saw a mongoloid licking the open top of a ketchup bottle at a restaurant the other night. He then proceeded to suck the ketchup out of it while his caregiver watched and laughed.

        • bem

          what you dont like ketchup?

          • Ainigmaris Thales

            I love ketchup. I hate mongoloids.

            • bem

              I hate the caregiver in your scenario. The ketchupsucker likely doesn’t comprehend the rules, but the so-called caregiver does.

              • Ainigmaris Thales

                Agreed. But I still hate mongoloids. And the caregiver was hot so it was hard to stay mad at her for long.

            • cheeseburgercheeseburger

              why not love both?

        • Honey Badger

          You know, at least once a week, I have some sort of physical reaction to something being said that causes co-workers to look at me like I’m insane. Normally, it’s because I’m laughing so hard over something Hipponax has said but today, I nearly threw up reading about the mongoloid sucking ketchup from the bottle. Wtf, bro?

          • Ainigmaris Thales

            Read at your own risk, bro.

            • Honey Badger

              Who lets these people out of their cages?

              • Ainigmaris Thales

                I blame Bill Clinton.

        • cheeseburgercheeseburger

          is this real or are you pitching a sitcom to abc?

          • Ainigmaris Thales

            It’s real. But it would be a better sitcom than about 93.6% of what is currently on ABC.

            • cheeseburgercheeseburger

              not to make you feel bad(if thats possible) but Im pretty sure someone on this site has a child w down’s…

              • Ainigmaris Thales

                That doesn’t make me feel bad. That’s not the kind of person I am talking about.

      • Chip Baskets

        “Knew a guy”
        “Him” rhymes with bem.
        Its you.

        • bem

          That’s some first rate detective work, but alas, bem could never harm cheese…

          • Chip Baskets

            In blankety blank blank, cheese harms you!

            • bem


    • Ainigmaris Thales

      For the record, I always seed a girl’s hand lotion, because I know Hipponax probably already filled up her shampoo.

    • Hipponax (μητροκοίτης)

      nice, but probably one of my acolytes. I can’t be in Detroit. It would invalidate my whole being.

  • dckhead_con_artist

    Every time I watch a Steven Seagal movie, I feel like a badass.

  • Ok, so here goes for my first set of challenges. I’m choosing some challenges that tie in together. Synergy baby!
    Physical: To do pushups, situps, squats, and pullups every morning. Every day I WILL do more of each, even if it’s just one more (PR).
    Mental: This is where it ties in. My vice is the snooze button on my alarm. In order to have time to do all my exercises, I will be getting up bright and early at 5:00AM, except for weekends because…weekends.
    Martial: Not much to say here. Going to do these drills along with you guys every evening.
    Feel free to hit me up with questions on the martial arts/self-defense challenges. I know there’s a lot of guys who have never set foot in a dojo before and that’s okay! Just watch the videos showing you how to do the drills and do your best. Repetition is key and is going to be a lot of what we focus on.
    Let’s kill it, men!

    • dckhead_con_artist
      • Ainigmaris Thales

        Eating Cheetos and watching cartoons is not training.

        • dckhead_con_artist

          ..looks like Kim bought a bottle of Hippo Shampoo on Ebay

          • Ainigmaris Thales

            I’d actually like to hang out with Kim, just once. I bet he throws a helluva party.

            • dckhead_con_artist

              the Asian Dan Bilzerian..

              • Ainigmaris Thales

                Yes, definitely. When you are the God-Emperor of a country, you have got to party like its 1999.

                • dckhead_con_artist

                  Kim: “bro, your f***cking bazooka is weak compared to this thing”

                  • Ainigmaris Thales

                    Bilzerian: “I got a yacht with a helicopter landing pad on it, filled with 100 hot chicks.”
                    Kim: “I have an entire navy, and any chick in the entire country will suck my cock at the snap of my fingers.”

                    • dckhead_con_artist
              • Iattacku


            • Iattacku
              • dckhead_con_artist

                Haha “fuck you tree”

        • bem

          the hell it aint!

        • Fatass neckbeard training bro

    • I already train my Muay Thai strikes with some regularity, so I will challenge myself a different way. I’ve mentioned that I’m getting interested in HEMA, so I will be attempting twenty-to-fifty vertical strikes with my practice bastard sword (which weighs much more than a real one, apparently).

      I’m borrowing your mental vice, as well. I’ve been a night owl (which may ultimately have to not change – I’m interviewing for a night-shift job) and slept consistently into the early afternoon. I’m going to try to be here with a comment every day by 8am.

      Do me a favor and give me shit if I show up late? I need the external motivation to roll out of bed regularly.

      • Roger that. Post in the articles what time you get up in the mornings and I’ll do the same; accountability brothers.

        Also, stick around for future martial arts challenges. Some of them will be a doozy.

        • Was up at 7:05 today (40 minutes ago). That’s one down, many more days before it becomes a habit.

          • I was up around the same time. Weekends are my days to sleep in, relatively speaking. The true test for me will be work days.

      • UWOTM8

        Oh shit, swords. As if I needed the idea of getting a sword in my head….

        • Chip Baskets

          You don’t already have some?

          • UWOTM8

            Guns, dude. Guns.
            Don’t tempt me….

            • Chip Baskets

              Those are great too.
              Knives, of several types ..

              • UWOTM8

                Great, now I’m going to have a Gladius, tomahawk and Katana hanging next to my HK91 and soon M1.

                • Chip Baskets

                  That is great.
                  Get a mosin nagant just for fun too

                  • UWOTM8

                    No garbage rod for me. My SKS keeps me satisfied at night.

                    • This is one of my favorite arguments on the Internet, next to “Pineapple on Pizza” and “9mm vs everyone else”.

                      Screw Katanas, though – they’re less versatile, believe it or not. Get a Bowie knife or a Kukri (knife of choice for the deadly Gurkha people), a KA-BAR for general use, and a longsword of some kind (as a sturdy guy, I prefer a zweihander or bastard sword, but shorter longswords are just as cool.

                    • Chip Baskets

                      Sks is a great firearm.
                      Bandolier or bag full of stripper clips and some water. What else do you need?

                    • UWOTM8

                      The essence of a self-contained weapons system.

                    • dckhead_con_artist

                      Cheap too

            • John Galt

              Heh. I ran out of room in my safe.

              • Chip Baskets

                Time to buy a new safe.

      • Chip Baskets

        I am not a natural morning person either..
        I will be working on getting up early every day

    • Chip Baskets

      Hey jak, do you ever perform jump squats? Also weighted jump squats with a few different foot positions?
      Its great fun.
      After a while, you will feel like you’re wearing rocket shoes.

      • Jump squats, yes. With weights? No.

        Don’t wanna risk blowing out my knees or ankles. I’m flat footed, so I got enough joint issues in my legs as it is.

        • AutomaticSlim

          “Don’t wanna risk blowing out my knees or ankles. I’m flat footed, so I got enough joint issues in my legs as it is.”

          Same here…

        • I found TKD helped with the flat footed problem. All that time spent on the balls of my feet, pivoting and shuffling around, helped keep my arches strong in a family of flat feet.

      • michaelmobius1

        you still here?

        • Chip Baskets

          ¿Tienes una problema?

          • michaelmobius1

            augustine of hipponax converted you?

        • bem

          see above:

  • Ainigmaris Thales

    Somewhat OT, but important:

    Like a cold, good and bad moods can be ‘picked up’ from those around you.

    Your friends have the most impact, according to a new study led by the University of Warwick.

    “Evidence suggests mood may spread from person to person via a process known as social contagion,” said Public health statistics researcher Rob Eyre who led the study.

    They found that having more friends who suffer from bad moods makes it more likely for you to be in a bad mood with a lesser chance of improving your mood.

    There is flip side to that.

    According to the study, the opposite applies to people who surrounded themselves with more positive people.


    • Murdoc34

      Seems like something that humans already implicitly knew. But, now that we have an official study backing it up, there is a basis for passing legislation mandating good moods. People with bad moods should have to pay more taxes. That ought to set things right.

      • What about those of us who are pretty neutral most of the time? Do we get a subsidy to encourage us to be in a better mood?

        • Murdoc34

          I don’t know. I’ll think about it. Have you made a donation to my slush fund electoral campaign? How much?

          • You got mentioned during the livestream last night. That count?

            • Murdoc34

              Yeah, but what have you done for me lately?

        • Ainigmaris Thales

          No, you get banned.

      • Ainigmaris Thales

        Yeah, there has long been that saying that you are the sum of the 5 people closest to you. But I’ve never really considered that from a mood point of view. It’s interesting to conceptualize it that way, though.

        Surround yourself with positive people, and become more positive.

      • “People with bad moods should have to pay more taxes”
        They’re typically the ones who pay NO taxes

    • bem

      I absolutely believe this and in my life I have done my damnedest to drag down everyone around me.

  • Trudodyr

    Hi fellas, I am one of those people who used to read ROK mostly for comments and after all the banning followed the suit here. This is the first time I decided to comment and the reason is quite simple – I want to applaud the idea behind the Warlord program. It is of course hard to say how will it turn out in the end, but the fact that one can share/compare his progress and experiences with other guys in the community and ask for help/advice if needed makes it interesting.

    Speaking of advice, I may have one for the author (and possibly for others with the same goal) – if you want to cut down your drinking, check out the book ‘Kick the drink… easily’ from Jason Vale. I used to be quite a heavy drinker (I am fairly sure I would qualify as an alcoholic by some criteria) and I managed to quit completely with the help of that book (it was not just this one book though, it took a bit more than that). Incidentally, today it is exactly one year since I had my last drink. By this I am not suggesting that you have a drinking problem, just saying that there is a more active way of removing a vice than just sticking it out and (attempting) not doing it.

    • Welcome Trudodyr, thanks for commenting. Hope you hang around and engage with us more often. I used to drink pretty regularly. Not much, but maybe one or two beers a night. I’ve leaned away from that, no reason in particular, and now maybe have one or two drinks on the weekend. Thanks for the book suggestions. Hopefully, it helps some of out other readers.

    • Glad to have you here! I dont struggle with it, but I know its ultimately not good for me in the long run, and puts a damper on my physical goals. I’ll check it out.

    • Ainigmaris Thales

      Congrats on quitting drinking, that is harder than a lot of people like to admit.

      • It’s weird – I develop addictions fairly easily, but I never got hooked on booze. I used to drink and smoke weed daily in college (sadly, not exaggerating), but when I got out of college they seemed to naturally taper down until today, where I have only very occasional, social drinks and don’t touch the ganja.

        If I had to guess as to the cause, it would be because it came down to a choice between being “at my best” at work every day (weed, especially, impedes my thoughts well after the high has gone) and these substances. As I’m addicted to learning and puzzles (both of which were substantial for the first few months of work) as well, it was a battle of addictions. Accomplishment just feels better, I guess, than giggling highs and that comforting mental quiet of booze.

        • Ainigmaris Thales

          Once you take a long how look at how the substances you put in your body affect you physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., it can help you make a lot of really positive changes.

          • I remember making a conscious decision with weed one day when I got up a bit late and felt that fog as I logged into my work machine. I said to myself, I said, “Self?” and my self said, “mmhmm?” I said, “If you can’t get stuff done well and fast, you’re either gonna get fired or passed over. They might even decide to test you one day. Let’s head that off at the pass.”

            A good choice, it turns out. I dug up some of my old college papers and projects and had absolutely no recollection of the specifics (in some cases, even that I’d done them). Meanwhile, I still remember some of the details of a work project I did almost two years ago.

          • cheeseburgercheeseburger

            I recently discovered dealers are selling wacky tabacky cartridges for those e-cigs…peeps can be walking around manhattan getting high as a kite bc they dont smell of it…

            • Those have been around for a while. You can get those condensed waxes with all the chemicals and no smell, and you can get various oils that vaporize in a standard tank but swap nicotine with CBD and/or THC.

              It’s clever. It’s also, frankly, more potent than the same pulls off a joint or bong.

              • cheeseburgercheeseburger

                damn, sounds that way- if nyc is using, I guess its been around a while, esp if you know about it…you can smoke anywhere now…

            • Reyngout

              The THC wax, or “dabs”, as the kids call it, is really common around Houston. I tried some a friend had in his e-cig a few years ago and that shit was potent. Make you laugh and giggle and eat up all the cookies, or whatever.

    • michaelmobius1

      “This is the first time I decided to comment and the reason is quite
      simple – I want to applaud the idea behind the Warlord program.”

      This was your first ever post? And you got 11 upvotes. Well done

  • Jim Johnson

    Smash a pr – not sure if I can reach what I did in my youth but I will see if I can do 35 consecutive push-ups

    Remove a vice – I already gave up all those vices you mentioned, so my goal is to refrain from losing my temper on my wife or kids.

    • I can’t smash my pr’s because I’ve been a bit lax on my workouts for a while. What I intend to do is find my new limits and smash those.

    • cheeseburgercheeseburger

      thats all you have left to give up- a temper? you need to change that thumbnail from john wayne to jimmy stewart

      • AutomaticSlim

        The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance!

        • Jim Johnson

          Good flick right there

      • Jim Johnson

        I came across this article (okay my wife pointed it out to me ) thought it fitted well.


        • It’s quite well written. I was once “otherwise perfect” in my youth – a smart kid, strong, not entirely unappealing to the eye (though no great looker), ethically minded, not given to most vices – but I had an absolutely wicked temper.

          I had not thought about it, but I’m hardly alone in that. Many of the most otherwise excellent men I’ve known had hair-trigger, white-hot tempers. Some might say it’s because they’re repressed, but I think it’s because they focus too much on disciplining their thoughts and not enough on disciplining their minds.

          It sounds like a distinction without a difference, but I think mental discipline is about controlling the totality of the mind, cutting off thoughts before they begin and keeping a watchful eye on your emotions as well.

          • John Galt

            Well said and astute.

          • Jim Johnson

            Yup, I don’t know how many times I wished I bit my tongue rather than strain my relationship with my family

  • Iattacku

    for me

    Physical: Try to work out everyday. I really need to get into shape.
    Mental: quit porn entirely. Besides it being a sin i think it has contributed to me being lazy.
    Martial Arts: I might try it

    • dckhead_con_artist

      cold turkey of porn is easy, waking up now in the morning with boners sucks.

      • Better Dead Than Red

        That is how I relapse every time. That damn boner and no chick at my side.

        • dckhead_con_artist

          And at age 43 it’s not any easier . I have only 1 day per week to run night game and I’ve had no luck in the last month . Dallas is getting fatter by the day so the only place to find hot women are at the bars or on seeking arrangement . I’m even getting bored of paying for it .

          • AutomaticSlim

            “I’m even getting bored of paying for it .”

            Been there, done that, but…

            • dckhead_con_artist

              Right on .. I’m going at it hard tomorrow going to flirt with as many as possible . I’m always an optimist . Things will get better for us

            • Henry VIII

              AutomaticSlim – you are probably the most honest commenter on here, and particularly on ROK.

              • AutomaticSlim

                Thank you, your majesty!

      • Hipponax (μητροκοίτης)

        Cold turkey off anything always seemed easy to me. It is quite literally the easiest thing in the world to just not do something. Like smoking, it takes effort to use porn. Don’t expend that effort. It’s not like Ron Jeremy is going to kidnap you and force you to watch it

    • Good vice to quit. Also harder than it would seem – if you’re like me, there’s a sort of association in your mind with sitting down at the computer at a certain time of day and opening up your browser (in my case, it’s sitting down and pulling up a video game, but the principle applies).

      Do yourself a favor and remove all your porn history, bookmarks, and other related files. In particular, make sure that typing “p” in your browser bar doesn’t automatically suggest “pornhub”.

      Then I’d suggest you keep a notepad handy with homework you have to do or ideas you want to research. Before you settle in with your computer, grab the notepad and pick a purpose off that list and deliberately start that the second you get your computer up. This will help you retrain your habits toward using your computer to do something, not to look at porn (or play video games, as the case may be).

    • I quit porn years ago and it IS a drain on your productivity and ambition. Walking around in a post orgasm stupor all the time is no way to live man. Giving that shit up was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Someone explained it like this to me, and it really makes sense:

      Imagine we’re in a tribe 4000 years ago. Porn is like you sitting in the bushes jacking off while the alpha male of the group fucks all the women.

      You got it man. Quitting porn will give you more energy and ambition, you can use that to get to the gym! see one helps the other.

      • Iattacku

        True. it reminds me of a comment where a guy mention that watching porn is pretty much watching other men have sex with women you find attractive. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if porn is the cause for the whole cuckholding fetish and the reason why more guys are going after trannies. It messes you brain up big time and i can attest to that.

        • “I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if porn is the cause for the whole cuckholding fetish and the reason why more guys are going after trannies. It messes you brain up big time and i can attest to that.”

          I’ve thought this too. We have a whole generation of guys who grew up in their teen years (when they should be out getting some teen ass) into adults, watching other men fuck women. Shit fucks with your mental wiring. No man should be just okay with another guy fucking his gf/wife.

          The ones going after trans are just confused faggots.

    • Might try it? MIGHT TRY IT???

    • Better Dead Than Red

      Porn is EVIL. I wasted so many opportunities of getting laid with REAL women because of being completely deactivated due to porn and masturbation.

      • AutomaticSlim

        “porn and masturbation.”

        This seems to be a theme here, which is certainly understandable.
        Over the years, I have mostly used porn to “charge up”, not “finish up”. But I have noticed that when I watch too much porn, it somewhat desensitizes me to girls who may not be as pretty/sexy as I want. Meaning to say, on the occasions that I get stuck with a “clunker” (a 6 or so, or maybe one that is a little chubby) from an AMP or agency, it will take me a bit longer to get “excited” about her. So yeah, I am thinking going cold turkey on the porn will have definite benefits.

        • Better Dead Than Red

          I suffered from porn induced ED. It is terrible…

          • AutomaticSlim

            It’s a very big waste of time too. I start watching, and then suddenly 2 hours are gone. Lot’s of more productive things to do. This challenge is a great reason to dump it.

          • dckhead_con_artist

            You’ll reset in as little as 3 weeks . I’m even bored of ripping off SA women . I want to seduce women . The sex is better that way

            • Better Dead Than Red

              I hope so!
              What do you mean with “ripping off” vs. “seduce”?

              • dckhead_con_artist

                I rip off whores on sa . Fuck them and run or pay them in fake money . A few I’ve actually paid with real money . Sa is full of gullible college students who think there’s men out there with tons of money ready to fork it over

                • Better Dead Than Red

                  I see, in any case, treat them well. Is our responsibility as men to not to destroy the countries where there is still marriage material. I am currently dating a Colombian girl, and I would literally spit at any American woman that approaches me.

                  • dckhead_con_artist

                    The girls on SA are manipulative gold diggers . When I rip them off its equalizing the game . If I go out of their way to please me I’ll pay them

                • AutomaticSlim

                  Fake money???

                  • dckhead_con_artist

                    I fuck a lot of them in my car or their apartment and hand over an envelope full of fake money in the dark while they are leaving or while they are drunk . By the time they open it and look at it , I’m long gone.

                    • Chip Baskets


                  • dckhead_con_artist

                    You also have to know I got the whole system down . Don’t wear socks, wear high end sneakers and I can put my clothes on in less than 20 seconds . I’m also a former NCAA soccer player . I still run faster than the wind in case they try to block me or come after me .

                • Chip Baskets

                  Monopoly money?

                  • dckhead_con_artist

                    Use resume paper on black and white laser printer . Just change the graphics on the money slightly so you don’t get busted for counterfeiting

        • dckhead_con_artist

          Same thing happened to me a while back . I wasn’t excited about the naked pornstar I rented from sa … ironic isn’t it ? So I went cold turkey and now I’m horny as hell.

    • Jayne says…

      Check out “Cupid’s Poison Arrow.” Talks about the negative consequences of orgasm on personality, interpersonal relations and mental functioning. Masturbation may be as much the problem as porn…women aren’t generally attracted to porn users or habitual wankers.

  • AutomaticSlim

    Great idea!

    Physical: Smash a PR
    – Since I am over 50 now, do mostly body weight stuff, and currently self-rehabbing rotator cuff and biceps tendonitis issues (with very light weights), I will focus on legs. I will up my deep knee bends reps by 10.

    – I have been using porn to “charge up” for a long time. No more porn. Also no more “junk” (Haagen Daz Vanilla, Pies (especially Pecan), Crumb Cake, etc..). But my other two “vices” — no chance!

    I used to do shadow boxing with 10lb dumbells.
    Will absolutely give your stuff a whirl!


  • Better Dead Than Red

    OK, let’s start then…
    Two weeks ago I stopped wanking again (I relapsed many times) due to having weak erections. Very hard to keep the no-fap challenge, but this time I have FWB, which helps a lot. Let’s see how long I last…
    Following an advice given by a commentator a couple of days ago, I also set up max. priority to leisure: I force myself to go out and socialize.

    • Get at it Red!

    • Just remember, friend – it’s never “just one time” and it’s never “just for fun.” Porn is the devil, and you must never attempt to justify any viewing of pornography to yourself or others.

      For me, that’s the only way I can keep away from the stuff.

      • Better Dead Than Red

        Thanks, man. It has been really a trouble for me for the last 10 years.

        • That shit’s pernicious. I think it’s comparatively easy to break most addictions (I’ve at least temporarily overcome weed, alcohol, gaming, and soda, though I’ve relapsed on soda and gaming once or twice), but porn looks mostly harmless and allows for what seems like a good release.

          That’s its deception, and it’s a hard one. I still struggle and relapse on porn way too frequently for my tastes. We’ll take it one day at a time, yeah?

          • Better Dead Than Red

            Exactly, it looks harmless but its long-term effects are disastrous.

  • Better Dead Than Red

    BTW, how many of you are in Ohio/Michigan/Indiana/Southern Ontario ? Let’s do AKC meetup?

    • GhostOfJefferson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

      Wait, you’ve moved now? I think I remember you saying you were coming over/back to the Midwest? Or am I thinking of somebody else? Central Ohio here, which I believe you know, and I’m in.

      • Better Dead Than Red

        Yes, I’ve moved around 4h driving from you. I’m still busy moving in, but I’ll contact you at some point. Let’s see if others can join as well.

  • Lou Skunt

    This is a wise addition to what you guys are already putting out there. I always wish everybody success in their quest for self-improvement.

    If I may add something to the conversation regarding the removal of a Vice… I’m gonna keep it real here: I witnessed the demise of a good man to Alcohol. My father was an enormously talented and wildly successful chef/restaurateur and it wasn’t until my Junior year in High School that I realized he had a drinking problem… One of my friends stopped by the house and my dad answered the door to let him in. We all had a few laughs in the entryway, and then my buddy and I were off for a night of cruizin’ and street races. We got about a mile down the road and my friend asked me “dude, is your dad drunk?”… I just brushed it off and said “nah man, he just got home from work.” Yea right! My friend was 100% correct, and I began to realize that my mom was shielding my dad’s behavior from my sister and I for a very, very long time. As a matter of fact, it was only about 2 years ago that my mom revealed to me that my dad’s doctor warned him to stop drinking when he was only 37 years old – he already had liver damage at that age. My father was 1 of 12 children, all of his brothers died from lung cancer (smoking) and he died from liver cancer (age 68). The only 2 remaining are his sisters, both of which don’t drink or smoke.

    My wife and I met in the gym in 1994 and we’ve devoted or lives to fitness/healthy living, and my sister as well. My wife and I are both 46, and we could pass for 30 all day long. We’ve observed almost every friend, co-worker or aquaintance over the years hit the wall in their 30’s because of unhealthy living.

    I don’t preach and I have no problem whatsoever with enjoying a cold beer or a good glass of wine with a nice meal, but you have to exercise caution with these substances – it’s no joke. We’re in it for the long haul fellas – take excellent care of your health – it pays huge dividends.

  • Dominus Antonius

    Another one bites the dust… Roosh banned me while defending ROK against a “refugee” residing in Sweden. Good riddance.


    • Jim Johnson

      Welcome, I find akc more thoughtful than rok anyway. Fewer articles, but that should change if the trend continues.

      • Henry VIII

        Hi Jim. A bit off-topic- in your earlier posts you claim you were a Mormon.
        What do you think of the theory of The Mormon Church (or “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”) is “the last White congregation”. (Mind you, none of the guys claiming that non-sense were actual Mormons themselves.
        While most Mormon missionaries abroad appear to be White, on my visit ten years ago to the “Mormon Rome” (pardon the pun), Salt Lake City, UT I encountered many Samoan Mormons. Elsewhere in the US and the UK, lso encountered dark-skinned Mormons from the Caribbean.
        Does race/ethnicity have any relevance in your church? Has it ever had?
        I hope it has not. It seems to me the Mormon Church is, thankfully, just as diverse as any other.
        What is your view on this?

        • Jim Johnson

          If you remember in the New Testament how Christ had the apostles preach to the Jews first until the church had a large enough base then go out to the heathens. This was to establish a central church culture before it could easily be corrupted.

          Same thing here, until 1978 only white men were allowed to have the priesthood. Until then, a cultural divide could have easily fragmented the church. Once that nucleus got strong enough, it is now allowed to go to all people.

          • There was some other history in there with Joseph Smith and his 19th century congregation, IIRC (not that I’ve studied it that hard). Can’t hardly fault them for what I’ve heard, though – it was a different time.

            I think the apostles initially failed the Lord by staying in Jerusalem. Admittedly, Philip went out and “made disciples of all nations” starting with the Ethiopian eunach and ending in India, but most kept themselves in Jerusalem until God caused the Jews to scatter them. Paul and the evangelists (Silas, Apollo, Timothy, Barnabas, etc) did a better job of it by going among the Greeks.

            • Jim Johnson

              I think that is what happened with the Protestant churches. Not long after Luther nailed the complaints against the Catholic Church, the word spread like wildfire and all kinds of ideas came about. It spread too fast to be in an organized manner. It is great to spread the word, but there has to be an organized priesthood authority in place or you will see branch davidians or shakers pop up.

              • I still believe the chaos was God’s will, that the prophecy might be fulfilled when Christ said others would come preaching other Christs, and when Paul promised false teachers and seducing doctrines of devils, that many would turn aside from godliness.

                But the Apostle Paul was correct to note that, in our weakness, men require leaders. For this reason did he instruct Timothy to appoint godly bishops and deacons.

      • Dominus Antonius

        Thank you Sir, it’s good to be here. The best part is AKC focuses on issues we can actually change. Being angry at things beyond our control is probably a reason why Roosh is going through his mid life tantrums.

        • He’s too short-sighted and too externally focused. He sees the problems of the world and thinks, “How can we change that NOW?”

          The problem is that there is no instant change of cultures, no immediate shifting of ideas. Socrates didn’t renew the spirit of philosophy with one dialogue, but with decades of inquiries culminating in his death. The Apostles didn’t extend Christianity to the entire world when Christ rose from the dead, but over many lifetimes it spread out far and wide and changed countless lives and cultures.

          Roosh wants a better world for Roosh. I want a better world for my children and their children. I can make that happen by improving myself, then by extending that out to my family, then by extending past my family to my community. A single candle illuminates a corner of a dark room, but by lighting other candles the whole of the house may be illuminated in the darkest of nights.

          • L’UltimoConservatore

            Absolutely correct. Instead of wasting time and frustration on things we can’t change anyway, better to focus on what we can change.

            Or put another way, why worry about how messed up the world is if your own life is a mess?

            Which is really paraphrasing the Bible isn’t it? Worry about the LOG in one’s own eye instead of the speck in one’s neighbor’s. 😀

          • GhostOfJefferson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

            This is very true, but a house lit by thousands of candles really gets hot and causes you to have to really crank up the AC.

          • Dominus Antonius

            I think the point to life for every man is to struggle, find love, and leave behind resources to your children to live a better life than you did. It is fulfilling in a way words cannot explain. Men who avoided this route and chased desires of the flesh spend their twilight years in despair. Very few, if any, people are meant for such a vapid lifestyle.

    • L’UltimoConservatore

      OK.. you were banned for -defending- ROK!?

      Seems the Mad Hatter (or possibly the Cheshire Cat) is in charge over there. 🙂

      • Dominus Antonius

        It climaxed with me explaining the intricacies that rape is not the same things as sex in civilized Europe as it was back home in Congo. An epithet was added for effect which led to my banning. It’s for the better; I’m actually tired of discussing race, politics, and things I cannot control. AKC is home now.

  • Boothe

    I have all but forgotten about the horse stance and many of the basics of martial arts. I practiced quite a bit when I was young, but over the years I have let my skills fall by the wayside. I no longer frequent the kind of places nor associate with the type of people where I have a practical application for them. But that’s no excuse. You never know when you may find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself or your loved ones. Lethal force often isn’t necessary nor is it always at your disposal. Being able to dissuade or even disable an attacker with your bare hands (and feet, knees and elbows) is something every man should know how to do. Thanks for reminding and inspiring me. Now I regret passing up that heavy bag for twenty bucks at a yard sale last weekend…

    • You remind me of something I recently learned. Apparently in previous wars only a small fraction of soldiers ever actually killed anyone. It was especially bad in Napoleonic times, where in tests about half of every volley would strike a target but on the field only 3 in 100 shots would hit. Even in WWI and WWII, soldiers who encountered enemies unexpectedly would often just shout insults at each other instead of attacking.

      Most men aren’t inclined to kill someone not directly threatening them. The majority of your fights will be equivalent to apes beating their chests or pigeons scrapping over food – no intent to kill, but every intent to show dominance.

      In that light, training to fight is mostly training to show dominance. If you appear dominant to start with, you likely won’t be challenged. If you don’t flinch when challenged, you aren’t likely to fight. If you fight a dominance challenger and put up a good scrap (without fighting to kill), you’re likely to come out okay.

      And if you fight a killer without being ready to kill, you will die.

  • Off topic, but I found a much better quote to explain male-vs-female dating goals than the “key and lock” analogy:

    “A fortress is judged by how many attacks it repulses. A soldier is judged by how many fortresses he’s taken.”

    …I got it from a visual novel. Judge away, but Stein’s;Gate is extraordinary.

  • L’UltimoConservatore

    I like this idea as well. Particularly the giving up a vice idea.

    One thing that gets on my nerves is my incessant need to waste what few moments of “free web surfing” I allow myself… (and I don’t allow myself much) to needlessly find out what new insane rabbit hole the US and Europe are racing each other to dive into. Why waste the time? I could be using it to read up on something important. Not how Trump is a nazi because he sneezed or how the Pope is more interested in giving free stuff to pagans while ignoring Catholics.

    So I think I’ll pick that as my vice to toss. No more political crap news for a whole 2 weeks! It will probably spur a new extreme productivity period for me. 🙂

    • Jim Johnson

      I used to be an avid fan of rush limbaugh or Glenn beck. I switched jobs where I couldn’t listen anymore. On the rare occasion that I did , I realized it is like a soap opera, stuff keeps happening but you come back a year later and nothing happens. If something is important enough, you find out through other sources.

      • L’UltimoConservatore

        Isn’t that the truth! So why get all agitated listening to these guys when I can go do something productive or at least entertaining. Probably watching cat videos is more productive than getting preoccupied by the insane politics of the hour.

  • Reyngout

    I used to be in kung-fu, and did contact kickboxing for a while. I’m probably about to start at an aikido place down the road. There are a lot of belt factories around, and I refuse to go to any of those.

  • UWOTM8

    Only a few days in and this is already producing quality of life improvements.
    Excellent idea!

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  • Charliedelto

    Alright Jak, I’m in.

    My PB is to use my home gym in my shed everyday for two weeks.

    My Vice, booze. I’ve been off it and off it like a city bus. No more.

    Martial arts. Love the boxing but not tried the Horse Stance. Will start.

    Let’s do it, boys.

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