Leading Our Sons to Victory

A large part of the red pill community fails to address the next generation.  Our sons and daughters are our legacy, and to come upon such theories and practices which we subscribe to, only to have them forgotten once we pass is tragic in itself.

My oldest son is reaching age ten now and I’ve noticed the shift he’s gone through over the past few years.  He’s shifted his focus onto me more so than his mother. He tries to emulate dad more every day. I owe it to him to show him how a man should act.  All of us with children must make it our duty to make sure tradition and normalcy is not only our goal, but the goal of our families. The next few years are crucial for my son.  I’ll share my plan to raise him from a boy into a traditional, masculine man.

I will break it down into three concepts.

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Societal


I start here because I feel it is the most important.  A broken mental state is hard to fix.  For my sons, the first key I want them to understand is to not feel wrong for thinking like a male.

Male psychology has been attacked and spun to be something to be ashamed of. Boys are told that things like competition and displays of superiority are evil.  They’re told to not defend themselves if attacked. Theyre told women are the only ones who are important, and guys are bumbling idiots. They’re told that their natural feelings towards women are wrong.

All of this leads to a broken man.  It leads to boys who feel one way, and think another. With my sons, I want them to embrace their natural tendencies of a man. I want them to not feel shame for thinking a girl is attractive.  I want them to want to compete to be the best in everything. I just want them to be natural males.

My boys see how I interact with my wife. Obviously nothing graphic or obscene, but they get to see how I control our interaction. They see how I grab her and she submits to me.  They see a woman taking care of her duties, and their father taking care of his. This is the type of woman they should seek. I try to lead by example.

A further facet of the mental side is teaching them to respect themselves. I will teach them that their self worth is not to be given up for acceptance.  Their wants and needs are important, and I want them to never forget to put themselves first.

Lastly, I don’t baby them.  I don’t help them do everything and tell them to figure it out on their own. They fail at times, but you need to be prepared for that in life. Building that mental resilience will only benefit them later in life.


Stength and being healthy are also important trait to teach a boy.  Strength is what separates men from women, and a strong man is always respected.

Once again, I lead by example.  My sons see me lift weights.  They see me doing the heavy lifting in the garden or in the house.  They naturally want to do these types of things as well.

When they’re older, I will teach them to lift.  I encourage them to play physically demanding sports.  My oldest is competitive and loves any type of physical activity.  Take your boys with you camping or hiking too.  Let them participate with you and your older guy friends in competitions.  It builds a desire to be fit for life.


This part can be different for many, but there are universal things men represent in all parts of the world.  Mental and physical traits can overlap here.

I will teach my sons that a man provides for his family.  He must pull his own weight and work for what he wants.  Handouts are for the weak, and he should take pride in making it in the world.

Also, I will teach them that they should be protectors.  As I protect them and their mother, one day they must do the same.  If they choose to be family men, they must subscribe to this way of thinking.  If they don’t, they must protect family members weaker than themselves, and band together to protect them during hard times.

Lastly, they need a male group of friends.  This is something I wish I had sooner in life.  They need a gang of guys they can express masculine things with and do things with.

This is by no means a complete list of all I want to teach my sons, but it’s a good starting point. Feel free to pick and choose as you like.  This is more of a blueprint to start from.

One last note is for guys with daughters. I also have a daughter, and while I can’t show her how to be a woman, I can show her what kind of man to seek out. You’re the measuring stick towards every man she’ll ever meet.  If you fail to show her who to hold out for, she’ll crave male attention from all guys to fill that need for male attention.

Bringing up the next generation of traditional people is key to fixing a society we have ripped the rug out from. Their fate and ability is in our hands.  Build them into kings

Author: Jnyx

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