Anti-Dad Bod: Introduction

I am approaching 30 this year and even at my age I see many husbands and fathers that are fat, weak and aged well beyond their years.  Here at A Kings Castle, we don’t want to ever fall into that group.  A goal I’ve set to reach before my 30th birthday is to put on muscle, then get back down to ~15% body fat.  I’ll map my journey here and keep you guys updated on my progress, but as an introductory post to my first series here, let’s go over why we take the anti-dad bod stance.


Fitness is a key component of red pill theory.  Go to any part of the sphere and one of the first things you’re told to do is to ditch the degenerate behavior and get to the gym. Lifting weights not only helps your physical appearance, but can help you mentally as well.  A man who is in peak physical condition has more confidence, and is more respected.  Breaking personal records and seeing your progress helps get your discipline and commitment to a goal in order.

As we’ve written about here before, you’re the natural leader of your family.  If you show them that you are impulsive and don’t give a damn about yourself, they will think this behavior is okay.  If you commit to being better, your family will become inspired to be better than they currently are.  Even things like sex life can improve if you’re actually turning your wife on with a more muscular build.

As we can see lifting is important for any traditional man, but why do so many family guys look like stick armed dough boys?  We can apply the core of red pill theory to this.

Rise of the Dad Bod

A woman saying she prefers a chubby weak guy over a guy with muscles is the same hamstering logic that a fat woman who claims she’s beautiful uses.  She may tell her friends or even herself that she isn’t into a guy who lifts, but deep down you can’t fight biology.  The girl who wasted her attractive youthful years whoring around with alphas is the one who settles for the dad bod beta.  Women externally validate, so when their looks are on the decline and their husband looks like a fat ogre she has to make herself feel good by screaming out to the world that guys that look like the pic below are attractive.

Yeah, no.

Don’t think that women are to blame for all this negativity either.  Beta males have names like “tool, douchebag, and meathead” to describe men who make themselves better. They use female tactics to shame guys who are better than they are.   Simply being around a guy who threatens their ego causes them to go into a bitchy tailspin of circular reasoning.  They hate this man, because they want to be this man.  No guy should look at a successful guy and begrudge him his success.  Suck it up and get your own life in order.

Our current culture celebrates mediocrity and praises degeneracy.  It used to be that greatness was something to be admired and looked upon as something to live up to.  Now, people can’t handle the concept of losing in any way so we have guys like the picture above getting praise for doing nothing.  If we are to destroy this myth of social acceptability, we must plan accordingly.

The Plan

So now we have an understanding why the dad bod is even a thing, but more importantly, we have to find a way around it.  As with most things, a solid plan is better than half-assing it. You have to define your own goals here. I’m focused on changing the look of my body as well as getting a little stronger. I’ll be doing a custom bodybuilding routine detailed specifically for me, but if you’ve never lifted before, then I would point you in the direction of a strength based routine just to get the form down, then moving to a bodybuilding routine.  Leave your ego at the door because more weight != proper form.  I’d rather see a guy pressing 60 pounds with perfect form than a newbie struggling to get 185 pounds up with shit form.

Another thing to consider is that you must make time to workout.  Saying “I’ll workout after work” will leave it optional and if you’re in a bad mood, you may skip it all together. Scheduling a time for you to go to the gym is imperative as it becomes something you just do instead of a chore.

Diet is the other key to changing your body. You cant out lift a shitty diet and all the weight training in the world wont matter if you’re going to McDonalds every meal. Your nutrition should come from wholesome foods such as chicken, fish, pork, beef, vegetables etc.  A good rule I’ve heard is that if a food comes in a wrapper, its probably not good for you.  Also, if you’re tying to pack on muscle, a ton of protein is key.  I personally aim for 169 grams of protein a day with 75 grams of good fats.  The fats in things like olive oil and avocado are what you should be eating.

The final thing to remember is that failing is part of the game.  You wont up your numbers every time.  You may get stuck at a certain weight and that is okay.  To hit a point of failure and give up is weak, but it takes a certain character of man to continue even in the face of defeat.  If you miss a rep or cant get that extra 5 lbs off your chest, just keep going.  Getting into the gym day in and day out is the key to success.

The Benefits

SMV is still a thing when married.  You can rock the boat of your relationship when you decide to get into better shape.  Your wife will notice that you’re more attractive, but so will other women.  Women respond to an attractive guy differently and your wife will notice this. A bit of dread game comes into play here.  In the best case scenario it will inspire her to make better decisions with her own body.  A win on both sides.

In conclusion, I’m striving to make myself better by getting into the best shape of my life.  I’m taking progress pics to document my journey and I’ll provide updates on how its going.  Any of you are welcome to hop on the anti-dad bod train and hopefully you will. Feel free to comment or send me a message with any questions you may have.   I’ll leave you with a quote I saw on a tank top but it holds true for us.

“Pain is just degeneracy leaving the body”-unknown


J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family.