Anti-Dad Bod: Baseline


Last Monday, I started my Anti-Dad Bod journey.  This post will be a reference point and a baseline towards my commitment toward getting into the best shape of my life by my 30th birthday.  I have one week down now and I’m going to report my progress thus far.


As noted in the introductory post, I’m doing a custom written bodybuilding workout with a high rep, high volume scheme.  For some of my lifts, I’m going as heavy as possible so I expect some strength gains, but the overall goal is hypertrophy, and even in just one week I can feel the changes.  My wife has even commented on how my arms look bigger.  I promised pics, so here we go.


After Week 1

Granted, I have a long way to go on this journey and I am no where close to what I’d even consider “big” in any sense, but you have to start somewhere.  Any guy who is putting the time in to make himself stronger and bigger deserves respect over a fat, weak “man.”  This is anti-dad bod, so small arms and a fat gut will not be accepted.

Other than lifting, I’ve been getting 1 hour of cardio a day in.  Usually jogging or some heavy farmers walks.  While the metric doesn’t really count while I’m trying to gain muscle, I am sitting right at 177 lbs right now.  The goal is to maintain or increase my weight due to building muscle while minimizing fat gain.


This was the most radical change I’ve done.  I went from drinking a few times a week to almost zero alcohol.  I think I will limit alcohol consumption to about 3 glasses of whiskey on Fridays just as a reward and to unwind at the end of the week. I’ll be ditching beer altogether.

I ate relatively clean to begin with,  but I’ve cut all carbs, sugars and processed food.  I start my day with protein shake, then I eat a huge amount of meat (usually around 10-12oz of  chicken or pork), then a similar sized dinner with spinach or broccoli.  Meat, and veggies are the only food I’m eating now.  For drinks, Im only drinking water and black coffee.  My macros are: 169g of protein, 75g of GOOD fats, 19g carbs.

Overall Feel

I have to say that the mental feeling I’ve gained since choosing to go down this path has been good for me in every facet of my life.  Waking up early to get out there and get my heart pumping, muscles aching, and body ready for the day is a great feeling.  Taking the necessary steps towards accomplishing a goal feels good too.  You’re doing the “right thing” and that motivates you in other areas of your life.

Also, I’ve gotten compliments from the wife and my friends, and have noticed a shift in how other people view/talk to me.  It sounds crazy, and while I don’t put much merit into validation via external means, it does feel good at the end of the day.  As long as you keep killing it in the gym and not making excuses, the benefits will come.


Moving forward I want to focus on trap/shoulder development, as its an area I’m lacking in.  My routine has a fail safe that if you’re lagging behind, you can add some extra sets at the end of your workout to push yourself further.

I also plan on eating even cleaner and cutting out basically all carbs that don’t come from green vegetables.  As far as my lifts go, I’ll keep the same rep ranges and sets but up all lifts by 5lbs this coming week.

Also, to track progress I’m going to measure my arms, chest, and waist with a measuring tape and update you with the changes.

Since this is just an update post, I’m going to cut it short. I’ll be back next week with another update.

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

9 thoughts on “Anti-Dad Bod: Baseline”

  1. Changes will be great the first month, then taper. No worries, it is not a sprint to the finish, it is a lifelong marathon. To me, the mental aspect is more important. Just the act of going through the grind will make you think twice about that chocolate doughnut. Married life will distract you at times, and if you cannot do your routine certain days, do what you can. A couple months ago, I have started this “100 pushups a day” goal. No matter what, if I sleep in because of the baby, camping, or on a road, I promise myself that I will do minimum 100 pushups before I lay down in bed at night.

    Lots of guys get into this overly ambitious routine that takes away from their normal life, and consequently burn out in a short time. If you ever been to an athletic gym in January, you know what I am talking about. Create a routine and stick to it. If you fall off the wagon, jump right back on.

    1. Absolutely Jim.

      You see all the January bros in the gym only to be gone by late February. I was guilty of jumping around from routine to routine, eating shitty and not taking care of myself. The best routine is one that will get you lifting day in and day out.

      Funny you brought up your 100 push up challenge. Last summer I took 2 25# dumbbells and a 35# kettlebell with me on vacation. I knew it wouldn’t be my normal workout. But just being able to do some pushups, rows, curls, and presses made me feel good. The mental gains are just as good as the physical.

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