Anti Dad Bod: Month 1

Last month, I started my Anti-Dad Bod journey.  This post will be a update towards my commitment toward getting into the best shape of my life by my 30th birthday.  I have one month down now and I’m going to report my progress thus far.


As noted in the introductory post, I’m doing a custom written bodybuilding workout with a high rep, high volume scheme.  For some of my lifts, I’m going as heavy as possible so I expect some strength gains, but the overall goal is hypertrophy, and even in just one week I can feel the changes.   Last time I update you guys, I said I wanted to focus on trap/shoulder development.  I have to say that I cant believe how my body is starting to look. See below:


Traps and Shoulders are starting to show, and upper pecs too. Arms grew 1 inch in a month.  Sorry for the shitty pic.

After Month 1

I stuck to my plan to not really drink and limit carbs.  My weight has actually dropped from 177 to 173 today.  I feel less fat on my body and more muscle than ever before.


I went from drinking a few times a week to almost zero alcohol.  I will have a whiskey on the rocks here and there which is a big change from drinking beer a few times a week.  I am sleeping better than ever I’ve noticed and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

I ate relatively clean to begin with,  but I’ve cut almost all carbs, sugars and processed food.  I start my day with protein shake, then I eat a huge amount of meat (usually around 10-12oz of  chicken or pork), then a similar sized dinner with spinach or broccoli.  Meat, and veggies are the only food I’m eating now.  For drinks, Im only drinking water and black coffee.  My macros are: 169g of protein, 75g of GOOD fats, 19g carbs.

Overall Feel

Overall, I am feeling great.  Lifting heavy and high volume is starting to feel normal to me an I’ve noticed a change in how my clothes fit.  Pants waist and bottoms of my shirts are looser while the arms/chest are tighter.  I also don’t feel as much fat on my body and definitely feel more muscle than I ever have.

More compliments from the wife and even the guy who wrote my lifting program is happy with my results thus far.




I don’t plan on changing too much because everything is going the way I want.  I want to lose more body fat but not necessarily more weight in general.   Everywhere I check estimates my starting bodyfat at 22% and I’d like to get it down to about 18-19% by next months check in.

I’ll be upping my cardio to try and facilitate this, but my lifting/diet will stay the same. As always, comment or message me for any more info

-J. Nyx

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