On Keeping Morale High


This past January, I took a new position at a very large company.  It is a high stress, very demanding job that I knew I could get through if I dealt with it and didn’t give up.  At times I was very irritable, tired, and generally wiped out.  Being a leader means keeping morale high when things are going crazy.  Today I’ll share my experience on how your behavior, mood, and demeanor affect those who look to you as a leader, and shine some light on what I did to get through the stressful times.

The job I described above is the job I still work at today.  The same responsibility, the same coworkers and boss, but it feels completely different than nine months ago.  I was the one who changed myself in the beginning, and I am the one who changed back to who I was prior to taking this position.  This all ties into controlling your emotions and keeping frame.   I had let it slip and I felt like shit.   I skipped workouts, ate shitty food, and had a pretty negative outlook on most things in my life.  I felt like a different person, and in a way I was.

Then one day, I said “fuck this, I’m done feeling this way” and started analyzing what it was that was stressing me out.  It wasn’t the job, but how I was handling my stress that was making me feel like shit.  To sum it all up, putting up with that level of stress was crazy and I felt crazy, but I decided that I wasn’t going to let some external force such as a job cause me mental turmoil.   I stuck with it, changed my attitude and I ended up getting promoted and handed even more responsibility, but my head was right so I didn’t feel the way I did back in January.

Why am I telling you all this?  So what, no one likes work and people deal with stress all the time. While that’s true, I hadn’t realized the effect it was having on my family.

Figuring It All Out

Once I decided to take charge of my stress levels, everything changed.  I was thinking correctly and thus acting correctly.  I was motivated at the gym, eating right, reading more, and just feeling great in general. This naturally had spillover into my personal relationships.   My wife had a conversation with me saying “You seem like yourself again.  I cant imagine you stressing out the way I do.”  Even my kids seem happier and more responsive than before.

When you take the role of a leader (in any type of group) you take on the role of keeping morale high even when things are out of control.  The truth is, you may feel overwhelmed but that’s okay.  The pivotal point is right here.  You can let your emotion and stress get the best of you and freak out, or you can stay calm and collected.  The first option lands you with a mental burden, and ultimately no results.  The second option lands you with a bit of temporary discomfort, but you will find a way out of it.  Compounding on that, the feeling of accomplishment will boost your confidence and thus that of your group.  In times of complexity, the people you are in charge of will need and rely on you to keep shit in order.  I’ve even noticed, in a crisis people will be better equipped to handle a task you assign to them, rather than left to their own devices.

So now we can see the benefits of keeping your cool in a stressful situation, and how your emotional state dictates that of those who depend on you, but how do you apply it to your life?

The Method

When I started implementing this method, things became so much clearer.  When faced with a stressful situation, I ask myself:

Is this a problem I can fix?

This is the first thing you should ask yourself because wasting time trying to fix something out of your control is pointless.  For example, so many people get stressed out by the weather.  We can’t fix this, so why care?  Sure rain, snow, and cold suck, but being bitchy about it will get you nowhere.  If you cant fix it, don’t waste time trying.  If you are able to fix it, it leads to the next question:

Is this an external problem or internal problem?

You have to ask yourself this because the methods to fixing both of these are different.  An internal problem was like the one I was facing above.  It was how I was handling my stress that was  causing even more stress.  External problems can usually be a little easier to fix.  Things like job responsibilities or fixing something around the house.  There is usually a clear set deliverable that is the result of handling external problems, but it may not always be the case. Trying to solve personal issues for other people will always result in failure.  Which leads to the final question :

What can I do to make sure I’m handling my emotional level while boosting morale of those around me?

As cliché as it can be “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem” is applicable here.  Even if you’re not the leader of a group, you can apply this question.  The guy gathers all the tools for the ones who will use them is more valuable than a guy who runs around screaming when shit hit the fan.  As men, we have to stay calm in daunting times, it’s kind of a defining feature of men overall.


I’ve shared this with you guys because I found it to be beneficial in my life.  I know everyone deals with stressful situations and while I think most of the time we can handle it, everyone has the potential to slip a bit.  Try your best not to let stress get the best of you and utilize the questions I posted above as they’ve really helped me feel better in every area of my life.  Comment below if you have any questions or insights.


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. Good article. Fretting about things you cannot change is in fact pointless. When people in real life start complaining about the weather my standard response is “Yeah, it sucks, I put in a complaint to Management, He said He’ll get to it in a few days” and drop the topic.

    And remember, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.

    1. That’s what the red pill is about. Knowing the truth about the world and moving forward. And also the second part i whole heartedly agree.

  2. Good article, good advice. “Frame” is a concept that transcends just picking up chicks. In fact, game itself transcends just picking up chicks. It’s really applicable to almost every area of your life and your relationships.

    1. Frame (and Game) are taught first to new men entering the manosphere because, I think, it’s where you can see immediate and repeatedly consistent results when applied correctly. Real life, it can take a lot of time sometimes and you really don’t get the immediate payoff that you would with using it for PUA purposes. I think it’s an excellent observation though because really it does apply to literally every social human interaction at some level or another. Get Frame/Game with PUA and then start using it on everybody outside of the topic of pickup/sex and you’ll see very, very good results.

      1. Agreed GOJ. In every social interaction there is one person who submits to another persons frame. One leading , one following.

            1. Wait….you don’t know if I know anything about computers or Linux? Wait…wut? You’re on Telegram channel so…..wut?

                1. Computer Nerd Dad Joke – A thing that has never been possible in human history until the early 21st century.

                  1. Last I heard, he was busy improving our great country’s long-standing and well-respected relationship with young, hot jewish chicks.

                    EDIT: Maybe it was Russian chicks. I’m not sure exactly what time it is. Could be Romanian chicks by now.

                    1. Damn, son. We’re trying to have a nice, pleasant conversation here, and all of a sudden you go get all violent on me and assault me with your hate speech.

                    2. I knew a guy who had the local chinese restaurant by his apt memorized- give him any number, and he could bust out the meal assigned to it

      2. I find it really interesting to go back and look at how “game” developed. It really had almost a scientific method of development. A group of different guys were having little to no success with women, so they stepped back and tried to figure out why. They realized all the things that they had been told to do (i.e.,. “just be yourself”) was bullshit and didn’t work, and that the nice guys were going home alone while the assholes and meatheads were getting laid all the time.

        So basically they just started testing shit. They came up with little formulaic routines and tested it on multiple women in different situations over time. The things that worked, they emphasized. The things that didn’t work, they scrapped. They begin to compare notes with each other and test each other’s theories, merge strategies and build a body of assumptions based on hundreds of different tests of these routines by many different guys across a spectrum of times and locations.

        Then the formulaic routines became more complex. They realized it was less about saying certain specific words, and more about creating the emotion that the words conveyed. They picked up on the differences in communication between men and women, and how to exploit that.

        Then they began trying to control for the variables by focusing on self-improvement. They realized certain looks (muscular, stylish, wealthy, etc) improved their results, so they focused on either actually improving themselves, or on peacocking to make up for their lake of self-improvement.

        But they still kept trying out different approaches — testing different hypotheses, if you will — and then refining their results, posting them for what was essentially peer review in the manosphere, shit like that.

        Eventually, over a long period of time, the developing theories of game were examined by guy willing to think through them from a deeper point of view, and game developed into something closer to a philosophy than just dumb party tricks to pick up sluts.

        1. I’ve actually explained Game to my daughter (and son) almost in exactly those same words. Trying to inoculate her against most of it if I could. She is 100% anti-feminist out of the gate of course, and I wanted her to understand how men solve problems as opposed to women who just feel a certain way. Hopefully it helped.

  3. LOTTTA good stuff in here….Well done.

    “You can let your emotion and stress get the best of you and
    freak out, or you can stay calm and collected. The first option lands you
    with a mental burden, and ultimately no results.“ An act without results is a wasted effort.

    A long time ago I heard the following: “You can’t always
    control what’s around you, but you can ALWAYS control how you react to it.”, or
    some variation thereof. Naturally I immediately dismissed it as psychobabble pablum, but it turns out its true; in fact it’s integral
    to this ’frame’ we discuss so often.
    Like the drunks say – change what you can, accept what you can’t….blah
    blah know the difference.

    “The guy gathers all the tools for the ones who will use
    them is more valuable than a guy who runs around screaming when shit hit the

    Absolutely. This speaks to action, which is a man’s purview – do SOMEFUKKINTHING! Sure, not everyone can always be the leader in every situation, but once have the mental discipline to identify who is,
    there is ALWAYS something YOU can DO (not think bout, worry about, consider…)
    that will contribute to the solution.

    1. Bem, thanks for the comment. I just read in a book the other day

      “Sure, some things are out of your control, but you are still in control about how you feel and react to these uncontrollables”-Kenneth W. Royce

          1. I know somebody who got modules on his manhood once, but a trip to the doctor cured that.

    2. There is Churchill quote along the line of, “Its always better to do the wrong thing than to do nothing at all.” I find that both the big and little regrets in life stem from inaction– far, far more than they stem from active mistakes.

      1. And the Butthole Surfers said, (at least according to Jane’s Addiction), “It’s better to be sorry for something you did than being sorry about something you didn’t do”.

        Furthermore, the old adage, “It’s better to ask for forgiveness later, rather than ask for permission first.”

  4. Jnyx, I’m in a similar situation. There is a point to accepting what we can and cannot personally change. As a manger I understand that, but it can still be a challenge in the whirlwind. My mood has been suffering lately I’ll admit and it’s not healthy.

    1. You have to step outside of it all. Your stresses at work are simply that. Recognize you’re internalizing something that you should not

  5. Rather than find ways to handle stress more constructively, I have this tendency to brute-force the source of the stress out of my life. I don’t necessarily recommend this method, however, as it comes with certain risks. You might find yourself walking around with pre-written resignation letters.

    1. Time to look into entrepreneurial endeavors. Your attitude is the right one for it, and you can ditch the pocket full of resignation letters.

  6. keep morale high by going into a powerball pool with your underlings- that should last 24-36 hrs until you lose. you know what Im gonna do if I win? two chicks at the same time

              1. There’s a guy here who bangs angrily at his keyboard. I always say “dont type angry!”
                and he always replies “is there any other way?!?!?!”
                Been doing this routine for about 12 years.
                Its not easy to stay in a rut of this magnitude I can tell you…

                1. Bill Murray has to be among the funniest individuals to have ever lived in the history of all mankind.

      1. banned. but you can come on over to my new UFO website- I dont ban no one bc I dot even get any hits

          1. Some days you get the ‘burger, some days the ‘burger gets you.

                  1. no the guy the Dude was based on at a lebowski festival. when i was talking to him, i was hoping he’d interrupt me and say “mind if I do a J”?

                    1. didnt know there was a real one.
                      I try to use that line judiciously – cuz I generally don’t have a j to do at any given time.

                    2. it used to be fun until it got corp sponors like Kahlua…they are all over the country now

          1. Fucking Nicholas Cage. Raising Arizona was some brilliant, classic shit. But somehow he parlayed exactly zero acting talent into a major Hollywood career… that suddenly and inexplicably imploded.

            1. if youre part ginzaloon, I’d say check out moonstruck…vampire’s kiss too…thats a weird one

              1. Now Nic Cage is part of what I think of as the “Hollywood Ex-Husbands Club.” There is a whole spate of once-famous (some even respected) actors who now seem to be willing to make any movie, no matter how bad or straight-to-video, just to get a paycheck. I suspect they all have really big alimony payments they are trying to keep up with.

                1. well the upkeep on castles, private islands, and castles on private islands is pretty big

                  1. Very true. And once you bring a woman into a fairy wonderland, you must keep her in the style to which she is accustomed, even while you live in a cardboard box and she fucks entire football teams at once.

                    1. That is dangerously close to a Pabsting. It’s marginally relevant because we were discussing Cage… but you better watch it, buddy.

                    2. you ever think that clip was for the other 9 guys on this site who may have never seen the movie? its not always about you pal

                1. You two really need to just a room, or a mountain camping trip, and get it over with.

    1. If you win the powerball, you are a complete fucking omega ass loser if you don’t do at least Four chicks at the same time, while they all call their moms to tell them what they are doing as it is going on, and you drink whiskey and shoot a machine gun while fireworks explode in the background. With that kind of cash, you better make it happen.

          1. money better spent on buying out everclear, hawaiian punch, and the garbage pail industry…corner that market

      1. Does anybody really win? I’m half convinced the “winners” they roll out every once and awhile are just actors. Then it rolls off into some urban legend to explain why we never hear from those people again…

        Besides, even if the lottery is actually legit, your odds of winning are statistically zero. That is not an exaggeration– it’s math. The probability of a lottery win is a number that rounds to zero, with several decimal places to spare.

    2. If you win the jackpot, fair play to you. However, you surely realize your chances of winning that are the same as the chances of you seeing a blue unicorn, getting hit by lighting and seeing D.Trump walking down in east Detroit – all at the same time.
      Good luck.

      1. most literal-minded poster on the internet folks! take a bow!
        and yeah, i didnt win, so all of us will go back to hating each other today

  7. asian espn broadcaster robert lee shifted from a football game this weekend…he should just change his name to Pol Pot

      1. I have no doubt management is pressuring him to change his first name; also have no doubt gay men with the first name stonewall will be changing their names too

    1. Robert Lee, not Robert E. Lee – however it is still unlawful to sack someone for his name alone.
      The broadcaster should take the TV channel to court for unfair dismissal. He will probably win.
      P.S As much as I dislike the Confederacy and its legacy, the current circus around it is getting really pathetic now.

          1. this game will be brought to you by comrade145 and comrade1590- that shouldnt offend anyone- right?

  8. Don’t ever let stress take over your life and have damaging effect on your health. Find a better job/business opportunity. Even during today`s difficult economic conditions there are still opportunities in you have the right kind of mindset and the right work ethnic.
    Your health and family life always should come first.

  9. Is it only me who discovered this site via “ReturnofKings” and never looked back?
    If you are over 30, red-pilled and married the articles on this site seem to be more relevant tot you than the articles on ROK.

          1. not at all, not at all…you have kids, so you belong here more than me…just hope youve lightened up a bit in the past few months

            1. Fair enough.
              I have no problem with you, btw. Just keep the discussion on this site polite and sensible as it should be, if that’s not too much to ask.

                  1. sigh……
                    Just a little humor, it only burns for a second or two.

                    Your avatar. Its Paul Kersey from the movie “Death Wish”.
                    You’re commanding CB as if you were in charge.

                    You really are starting to remind me of someone……

                    1. Fair enough.
                      I was not threatening anyone with a ban, by the way. I don’t know where did you get that from.

          2. why do you edit you posts? the passive/aggressive stuff is not needed. I was being nice to ya, and then you have to go and imply somethin’…

    1. “If you are over 30, red-pilled and married the articles on this site seem to be more relevant to you than the articles on ROK.”
      That’s the general plan. There’s not a whole lot of big, well-known sites on the manosphere truly dedicated to married men, so we decided that needed to change. I’d also recommend The Family Alpha. He has some fantastic content for married men.

    2. You mean we shouldn’t be posting articles blaming jews and feminists for everything instead of focusing on making ourselves better? Nonsense.

      1. I don’t see much value in assigning blame to feminists (or anyone else) as it doesn’t get one any closer to solving problems. Blaming seems to be more of an emotional outlet.

        However, I do like to think there is some value in mocking feminists, as a form of cultural disapproval.

        1. Mocking, like its cousin Shaming, is actually constructive if done in the right vein.

          Blaming is for girls.

      2. Pabst, I was being sarcastic. I was making fun of how ROK seems to just post about whining about feminists and jews all the time anymore.

      3. Blaming is a lot like whining. It gets nothing done and it makes the person doing it look weak and stupid.

        1. The need to assign blame is weird to me. There are a lot of situations where something happens and people start trying to figure out whose fault it is. I generally don’t care whose fault it is, I just start trying to figure out how to fix it.

    3. I saw a comment on that other site indicating that some of the best commenters were banned.

      That’s why I’m here.

            1. Received, avatar I don’t presently recognize. Lolknee? Porcer? Tom? Unabashed? Is Albionic American supposed to be Unabashed?

                1. Yeah, I looked at some stuff on the site after I posted, figured Unabashed was the most likely candidate. Did you get banned from ROK? I feel like all your posts got deleted, or something.

                2. O snap!
                  Good to know.
                  We’ve had some convos over the past couple years.
                  Great articles and site , man!

  10. And gentleman, the shark has been jumped at ROK. Today, 8/23/2017, I was banned from ROK. I was being insightful, non-combative neither to the membership nor the authors/management, and I log on after lunch and boom, banned. The only article I commented on today was the Male Actors Paid More Than Females, all on topic and relevant and non-confrontation, and boom, banned.

    ROK has officially convinced me that they are purging all members who have made it successful over the last year or so. It is utterly out of reason, with no explanations given.

    So yeah, anywho. Fuck’em.

      1. Hey, at least the Krauts pretended to have a reason (“We hate Juden!”). As with everybody else, no reason given.

    1. Considering what ROK has become, you are not going to loose out on anything by getting banned from that site.

              1. It’s like the mutant love child of Pabst and Kersey… all the rage, all the sperg, but still no sense of humor.

    2. I made a comment several weeks ago on the matter, suggesting the bans couldn’t be an intentional attempt to change the culture. This is one of several events since then that has made me re-think that position.

      1. It has to be. I wasn’t trolling and outside of when we all get to bullshitting an hour after an article is posted, at least attempt to enter an article with something insightful. This has to be some kind of purge. But why?

        1. Although if you posted any comments there inviting people to go to some other alternate website, I can see where that might have rubbed someone the wrong way. 😉

          1. There is nothing in the posting guidelines that says that this is a bannable or even frowned upon offense.

            We’re all in the manosphere, shouldn’t we help others in our camp? I’ve mentioned The Rational Male, with links, countless times there too, btw. No ban.

            1. No, not necessarily, if we consider that it was being used as an income generating vehicle. Banning you might be solely to protect profit.

              1. Well then if that’s the case, fine, but the guidelines should note it as such. Invisible offenses against unwritten rules is how women work, not men.

                1. Go take a peek at your profile history for the past few days, see if any of your posts have a ‘removed’ tag. While it wouldn’t be conclusive if nothing had been removed, it would be instructive if something had been removed.

                  1. I may, I may not. In all honestly I’m not sure I want to put any effort into being arsed to investigate on my own behalf, when it’s the mod’s who should be explaining themselves. If this is my new home, then I’m in good company and have no complaints.

                    1. Okay, but watch your step here, too. I was banned twice here yesterday in the span of four hours. Fortunately, though, the ban didn’t prevent me from posting, nor did it have any other apparent consequences besides having the word BAN shouted at you.

                    2. The bannings here are harsh, but impotent. I will tread with caution.

                    3. Ban Reflector Shield was already activated, you took the Corbomite! Now you’re banned!

                    4. You fell into the trap of hacking our shell VPN exterior OS, when in fact underneath that we had the subliminal OS that actually activated the BRS while you were monkeying with the fake BRS.

                      I so banned your ass bro.

                    5. Don’t worry about getting banned from ROK. That site has changed beyond recognition anyway.

                    6. One of the nice things about AKC is that you get Administrator rights on sign up.

                2. Screw enough different women over enough years by learning how to get into their heads, don’t be surprised when some of it rubs off on you.

              2. True………… but if these guys are solely looking at (the pitiful) profit they make, then they lack character and authenticity. F… em.

            2. When Jon Anthony posts an article, he posts his site link. Other authors do this too. So I don’t think it was just about posting a link to AKC. I believe you are seen as one of the “ring leaders” in the comments section…well…because you are, lol. I suspect someone is feeling threatened and is culling the herd, past loyalties notwithstanding. There’s only room for one alpha. Take the ban as a compliment as well as a nod to your status. 😉

              1. I strongly suspect that this is the actual case. It probably hurt Roosh’s feelings that my comments generally got as much or more upvotes than his comments. Heh.

                1. Yep….. he should have been thanking La Diosa Fortuna for people like the KneeMan and yourself…. instead, he seems to be butthurt…. and Forney…. he’s “fallen and can’t get up”

        2. Why not post on rooshv.com? I’ve never seen you comment there. Test the waters and see. I had mildly criticized Roosh there by saying he was wrong on one of his statements on women. I wound up getting 30 likes within a day or two. I later commented in that thread about myself being way too good at asshole game and dread game only to be insulted by some jerkoff with the handle ‘Anti-Gnostic’. I couldn’t help but wonder if AG was Roosh’s alter ego, but I figured he’s not the type to be easily butthurt.

      2. So…
        — Hipponax
        — Porcer
        — bem
        — Ghost of Jefferson
        — Unabashed
        — Champion
        — Tom Arrow
        — Pabst (although he definitely deserved it)

        Who else?

        1. Tom Arrow
          (lolknee, although that’s the same account as Hipponax)

          1. The original. As far as my memory goes back.

            Used to think it was Forney getting bent out of shape and not appreciating context, but it all became too random.

        2. So what the hell happened?

          I dont pay much attention to the comments section, but I wasn’t aware of any purge. If a purge is taking place, it should target the whiners who keep bitching about how the white race isn’t producing enough kids, but said whiners kept telling me how stupid I was for getting married and having kids.

          I wrote an article for ROK called, “Do You Really Want To Be A Patriarch?” and some of them kept bitching about how marriage was terrible. It’s not like I didn’t talk about the risks.

    3. Damn Ghost, that’s wild man. In many ways, the commentary was oftentimes more insightful and hilarious than the articles themselves. Very strange…

      1. Wish I knew, man. Like all the other bans, it was done quietly and passive aggressively for no known reason. I checked the guidelines, I didn’t post anything outside of them. Guess it’s Purge Season at ROK. You’re rather long in the tooth there too, you might be next, heh.

        Meanwhile a few hard core commie/nazi/Leftists roam there with impunity.

          1. I’m inclined to agree. It appears that he may well be bankrolled and is now following orders. I can see getting rid of spammers like Pabst (who still posts there and spams with impunity, meh), but I’ve contributed what I hope are a lot of really high quality comments, insights and stories to the site. While I’ll get in debates with people I rarely get down into the hardcore ad hominem (rarely, not never). Seems like whomever really owns ROK now wants that kind of thing gone, given the list of who they’ve started banning.

            Any site that can find a reason to ban BEM is a site that has gone fruit loops.

            1. There were plenty of comments from people who specifically said they came just to read comments from people like you, Bob Smith and lolknee.

              1. Well, now they can come here for that.

                I know I brought over some people from BreitBart who followed my posting history. Now it can happen here.

                  1. Hey, wait…..you know, Ainigmaris has never been banned at ROK but posts the same as us…..


                    1. Into CHILF’s are ya’? Ewww. Don’t. Just don’t.

            2. More likely he sold but maintains a face while new moderators run the show. The purge will continue and new articles will gradually devolve away from what made the site popular.

              1. Seems an odd way to play it. Nailing your top draw commenters who bring a lot of people to the site seems like the opposite way to build more membership. Unless the goal is to totally abandon the manosphere and go in some weird new direction.

                1. The goal would be to change the messaging and kill the original content while pretending it still has cred. Time will reveal all.

            3. You think Roosh sold out? I just caught on to this stuff going on. Noticed something was afoot when lolknee went AWOL

        1. That’s fine we’ll always have the sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods,
          wastoids, dweebies, and dickheads in OUR corner

    4. That’s screwed up, man.

      I haven’t posted there for a while, but your posts were always good. If they’re banning people like you, it most likely means they were bought and want to change directions.

      Will have to check around here a bit now.

      1. if a new article pops up soon with the title “Islam is your friend, you can trust us” we will know you are correct

    5. Pretty sure he did it basically to be a dick because you pointed out that some of the others were commenting here. Shit is petty.

      1. Sure is man. “Be a man, be confident and self reliant, be strong, be stoic, silently ban people for no good reasons and act like a Jezebel site owner”.

    6. Un-flipping believable. LOLKnee was better than the ROK site itself….. and GOJ Banter…… classic. Roosh as an outsider….. turning on the people who helped make him (somewhat) successful…. wow!

    7. On topic, you’ve boosted my morale by calling out something that was left unsaid. Accounts are dropping like flies there. Good to see some fresh articles and familiar names somewhere else.

        1. Hey, I’m kind of self conscious because I *didn’t* banned, despite my opinionated philosophizing, bad attitude, and affinity for the word “fuck” (and all variations thereof). Makes me feel like I have no hair on my balls. I don’t trim ’em that close…

          1. ghost said somewhere it seems like they’re going after the all-day lurkers…..kinda purging the old serial commenters. to what end who knows?

    1. Yep, did a quick tally of the last few articles. ROK is floundering, this site is exploding.

  11. Has anyone noticed that Roosh Valizadeh tends to post sensible articles on his own website but he has gone full-retard on ROK, doing everything to please a crowd with some unsavoury political affiliations…
    ROK is a sinking ship right now.

        1. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, at least a little bit. Perhaps in a selfish sense, someone thinks I did something wrong, but I don’t really know what it is.

          I don’t wish Roosh any ill will. Humanity itself is better off the more people realize those on the left and the media that attacked him are the real ‘enemy’. So to that extent, and otherwise where our beliefs still overlap, I hope he remains visible and successful. I guess I just don’t have the will (or invitation) to actively support his efforts anymore, though.

    1. That’s a good observation. Now I see the pattern. Maybe he’s offering ROK as a sacrifice to the censorship gods, so that his personal site might live on.

      1. I had the same thought– using the site as a big, juicy, irresistible target to distract from his blog and whatever else. A succulent sacrifice to the gods of “advertiser friendliness.” He is obviously very nervous about something. Which makes me nervous. Does he know something the rest of us don’t?

        1. I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. He’s just one of a million writers who’ve found their audience through the internet.

    2. I like Roosh and I don’t think RoK is a sinking ship. But I do think some of the shit the mods have pulled the last week or so really sucks. I also think AKC had a lot of potential and I’m interested to see where it goes.

  12. Well, I may be banned at ROK for no apparent reason, but I will sally forth, suck it up, keep a stiff upper lip and move on in life, specifically, to bike night tonight where I will be surrounded by lots of scantily clothed, skinny, loose women of ill repute and no small amount of guys whose idea of a handshake is to try to knock the living shit out of your lungs with two solid hits to the back. Which end of the day is likely twenty times more masculine than I’m bound to find on the ROK comments section as of late.

    1. Yea all they do is cry and complain. How many articles are we gonna have complaining about feminism. How many articles are we gonna have complaining about decreasing white population. It’s like damn instead of crying do something about it. I still remember when you told them the best thing for whites to do is to go out, get married, and have a big brood of children m. But instead of taking our advice they would rather cry and complain about muh women being taken. Most of those guys are stuck in the red pill rage stage. They need to get over it and start living.

      1. and also since the C-ville debacle & the DS was shut down, a shite load of Stormers have flooded the comment sections, could also be FBI agents … hmmmmmm

        1. If it wasn’t for FBI agents, cops and paid informants the KKK and neo-Nazis would have dried up from lack of funds a long time ago. I do think that after all the sh!t Roosh has been through he is probably a bit (or a lot) paranoid. But that still doesn’t explain a lot of the regulars that got banned. But after posting here I suppose I could be next.

    2. You were banned!? They’re crazy! I mean, along with the kneeman, you were the living juice of that place…
      I’d prefer not to join the defamation of rok bandwagon, but perhaps question why they are doing this. New sponsors’ preferences? Threats? New moderators (or new affiliations)?
      This is really sad. There are not that many good gathering places on the internet. Pc free I mean…

  13. All good points. If this article resonated with you, I suggest reading the Stoics. I find Stoicism one of two of the most useful applied philosophies in trying to have a good, tranquil life. Check out Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. Also, I just finished a recent publication, titled “A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy”, which was a decent modern recap.

  14. All jokes aside, this was a very good article and rather timely… Sometimes all one need’s to Boost Morale is a “Change of Venue”…

  15. Got a response from Roosh personally on this via email.

    You’ve been subverting ROK for weeks and I’ve finally had enough. You’ve
    spread rumors about bannings, made false allegations about bans that
    didn’t happen, and have now hijacked the top comment in an article to
    steer readers away to an alternative site with the intent of harming

    I wish you the best with your new community,


    My Response, which I’m sure will go unanswered.

    What horseshit. You (or a mod) did in fact ban lolknee/hipponax (same
    account, he just changed the screen name but the underlying account ID
    is the same. You can change your own screename too without it affecting
    your underlying account in Disqus, we all can) I saw him try to post
    with my own eyes and it told him he was banned. Maybe you ought to
    learn how to either control your mods or use your own forum software or
    grasp that a screename is not “the account” and search instead for
    Hipponax instead of lolknee. I told no lies at all. Ever. I saw it
    with my own eyes and the same exact thing happened to me now.
    Meanwhile, you let “The Peach Bandit” aka Pabst continue to destroy
    threads, and women muck up threads with impunity.

    But whatever. Your comments are very quickly dwindling to a trickle, I’ve
    been keeping track of the articles the last couple of days. Troy’s last
    article (great writer) got 21 comments. 21. For a quality writer.
    Meanwhile same day AKC’s posted article with all of the regulars hit (so
    far) 293. You’re mass banning most of the regulars and you *know* that
    I contribute quality, on topic and highly upvoted comments regularly
    and have for well over a year or two now. Do I bullshit? Sure. So
    does every single other poster except maybe Kersey (stick in the mud).
    You’ve either been bought out and are cleaning the site while trying to
    retain the brand for financial purposes (merchandising I’m guessing), or something else.

    Further, there is nothing in the rules forbidding commenting on or posting links
    to other sites. This is all manosphere stuff, not “competition” as AKC
    makes no money and has no sponsors. We should help each other grow, not
    snarl and retreat and play passive aggressive power games like little
    girls. It is your site, but you seem to need a bit more growing up to
    do in order to learn to distinguish friends from enemies based on more
    than a financial calculation.

    At this point it doesn’t really matter much though. The site is being
    overrun with Stormfront types a lot lately and really damaging the
    credibility not only of ROK but of the manosphere in general. The
    insidious silent bannings is rather off putting to me on a personal
    level, outside of any context of it happening to me.

    Thought you were better than this Roosh. Best of luck with all of the Stormfronters.

    Slainte Mhor,


        1. “Hey, Merry Fucking Christmas, asshole”

          It keeps the holiday real.

          1. Hear! Hear! Great minds and all… Mine says “Money’s tight and times are hard, here’s your fukking Christmas card!” Of course I don’t celebrate pagan holidays…

    1. I hate how this has turned into an ROK versus AKC thing. It’s not about that. Roosh might be using that as an excuse to ban GoJ but the bannings did not involve AKC when they first started. People who were banned just came to AKC because they were banned at ROK, to vent and stay in touch with each other. I posted here a few times before the ROK bannings started, but started coming here more regularly to catch up with the guys who were banned.

      1. ROK vs AKC turf battle. Diss tracks to be released soon and remember not to ride with any of the site owners in a convertible in Vegas.

            1. Hur hur. Some convertibles are quite nice and very pleasant in the proper context.

                1. You know, I never actually listened to a single thing of his. Not even the gunshot that ended his life. Strange, wot?

    2. A very telling comment from Roosh and an excellent response from you. However, I think your anti gay slur against Kersey was uncalled for. Just because he has aids doesn’t mean he is a homosexual. He claims he got aids from his African wife and I am inclined to believe him. What kind of men are we if we automatically assume that he is a sodomite as your comment clearly says https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b0a55ac5c769f29273f6c24a4d67197a3118b7f0e0cefa39a582bbf0573e0f53.jpg

      1. Yo, you throw yourself in the lions den like Kersey did and expect to come out unscathed?

        1. Better the lions den than the wolf’s lair. At least kersey liked girls…aids riddled Ukrainian girls

          1. No, wait, it was Haitian AIDS. He loved those big black Haitian chicks with huge foreheads that look like ugly dudes.

            1. Loving them is one things, marrying them is another!

              In the meantime, a woman from Haiti once told me I had the gris gris. I may or may not have been drinking homemade rum at the time

        2. @theghostofmrkersey:disqus came out fine. Oddly enough 4 lions had full blown aids.

    3. GogJ, how typical of you. I have left ROK month yet you still cannot resist to insult me. You clearly have no life. You have been bitching on here since yesterday about the fact that despite of your 46 000 (mainly nonsensical, I would add.) Roosh probably banned you because your comments had done more harm than good to the website. You and your other alter-ego lolknee , hijacked every thread, littered the comments section with things irrelevant to the topic, tried to intimidate every other commenter who dared to have a different opinion.
      You are a twelve year old school kid who is using the internet unsupervised. Only 12-year old (very stupid 12-year olds) would find your silliness (“If you are married to an African woman, you must have aids”) remotely funny. Adults don’t.
      It was also clear that you have homosexual tendencies – your obsession with blowjobs, rectums and aids is a dead giveaway. Your overcompensating comments on your workout, about you attending biker gatherings etc plus you constantly accusing others of having aids – you are a classical case of a the Freudian objection. (When people deny their own unpleasant tendencies by attributing them to others)
      Real men don not whine about getting banned from a website. Real man have lives offline. You can ask Rooshj to let you back, but if he still refuses, bitching about it for days and throwing insults in all directions – a real man would never do that.
      It is also funny how you accuse other ROK reader as “stormfronters” – yet it is only you who constantly talks about living in in a “100% White town of Ohio” and calls White Midwestern Landwhales “Viking Princesses” (What a joke). and called Haiti a “veneral disease capitol of the World” (sic). How very stormfront of you.
      When I found this site, I hoped it would remain an intelligent forum for more mature, red-pilled, married me. Instead, your kind has invaded it. It is just matter of time before it will end the way ROK did.
      You should really grow up and address you psychological problems. I’ll leave this forum to you, let it be your little kindergarten – hopefully it will make you feel better.
      This is my last visit here, and unlike you -I don not care if I get banned from here. I have life outside ROK. I am a married man with a wife, children and a successful business. These are thing you don’t have and never going to have.
      Any real men can see who is the real winner in this argument.

    4. GoJ, how typical. I have left ROK months ago, yet you still cannot resist to try and insult me.
      You are clealry a 12-year old child who is using the internet unsupervised.. Only 12-year old (a very stupid 12-years old ) would find your comments (“You are married to an African woman, so you must have aids”) remotely funny. Adults wouldn’t.
      The ego has been bruised by the recent ban. Roosh probably banned you and your alter-ego lolknee from ROK becasue your many (mostly nonsensical, I may add) had done more harm than good. You and your other account(s) littered the comment section with irrelevant, hijacking th thread and trying to intimidate commenters who dare to have a different opinion.
      It is also clear that from your comment that you have homosexual tendencies – your obsession with rectums, blowjobs and aids is a dead give-away. Your overcompensating comments about your workout, clubbing and attending biker gathering won’t help out here. You are a classic example of Freudian objection. You deny your own unpleasant tendencies by attributing them to others. You thought other would not see through it.
      Real men don not whine about getting banned from a website. Real man have lives offline. You can ask Roosh to let you back, but if he still refuses, bitching about it for days and throwing insults in all directions – a real man would never do that.
      It is also funny how you accuse other ROK reader of being “stormfronters” – yet it is only you who constantly talks about living in in a “100% White town of Ohio” and calls White Midwestern landwhales “Viking Princesses” (really degenerate). and called Haiti a “veneral disease capitol of the World” (sic). How very stormfront of you.
      When I found this site, I hoped it would remain an intelligent forum for more mature, red-pilled, married men. Instead, your kind has invaded it. It is just matter of time before it will end the way ROK did.
      You should really grow up and address you psychological problems. I’ll leave this forum to you, let it be your little kindergarten – hopefully it will make you feel better.
      This is my last visit here, and unlike you -I don not care if I get banned from here. I have life outside ROK. I am a married man with a wife, children and a successful business. These are thing you don’t have and never going to have.
      Any real men can see who is the real winner in this argument.
      I hope your life will get better, kid.

      1. The winner? The one stalking the other’s post, seems to me, to be the one on the low value side of the equation.

        Besides, you just proved my point. Men, actual men with testosterone, poke at each other and call each other asshole all the time. It builds comraderie. You, on the other hand, get all offended and snarky and get the vapors after stalking my posts and then come in with a three page wall of text showing *precisely* what I was talking about regarding you being a stick in the mud.

        So…thanks for that. 🙂

        I’ve never claimed any town in Ohio is 100%. Attention to detail, child, remember Readers Are Leaders!(tm). Lolknee was the one banging on about you having aids and being married to an African woman. Christ dude, it’s not my job to remember things for you, get a grip. Heh.

        1. You and lolknee are the same. Be man enough to admit at least that much. for once in your life.

          1. Lol, oddly enough, there is like half of ROK on our Telegram channel who can tell you otherwise.

            This is my last visit here

            Apparently you aren’t good at telling the truth. Hold to your word. Banned!

            1. “Lol, oddly enough, there is like half of ROK’s readership on our Telegram channel”
              Yeah, but only the good ones and Bem

              1. This is true. All of the really cool members, and Bem, are on our channel.

          2. No they are not the same person. As I’ve mentioned countless times now, we have a Telegram channel with many members from ROK and chat on a daily basis INCLUDING sharing pics and videos. The following (Disqus names) are part of this channel and can back up my claim:
            Ainigmaris Thales
            Cynic in Chief
            The Savage Lifestyle
            A King’s Castle (this site’s co-owner, J. Nyx)
            The Champion
            Clark Kent
            Red Hood Assault
            This unsubstantiated claim you keep making without any proof is becoming tiring.

            1. Even Troy is on our channel, although he doesn’t say much.

                1. Ah, didn’t know that. Well ok then, but he WAS there, unless we’re dealing with some kind of quantum timeline.

        1. Yeah I think he’s a bit too obsessed with GoJ. I wouldn’t drop the soap around him. We had a little go round at the site that shall remain nameless once. It’s guys like him that inspire me to always pack heat and practice CQB drills. I’ll bet the fat little bung hole bandit has never even had a gun in his hand…Kersey indeed, lol! I’d also bet he’s had more than one cock in his mouth though.

        1. You are not a moderator here.
          After all, Roosh was wiser than many thought by banning you.

          1. Double banned!

            This is my last visit here

            You should, well, you know, not make yourself out to be a fool AND a liar, man. You returned. Weak willpower. Work on that.

            1. Unlike you, I have a life off-line.
              You could not resist to mention my username in your whiny letter to Roosh – despite the fact I left ROK months ago.
              Good luck with your new virtual kindergarten playground.

              1. This is my last visit here

                Then you should stop, well, responding and keep to your word. You know, like a man and not a little bitch.

                1. Is part of my last visit being here. Just to remind you who is who and what is what.

                  1. Lol! You can’t stop answering me! This is GREAT! You’re obsessed! Oh man, I love breaking in new stalkers!

                    Such a thin skinned little dweeb you are dude. Me, I would have agreed and amplified. Here’s how you do it.

                    “Stick in the mud!? You better damned well believe I’m a stick in the mud! In fact, that’s MISTER stick in the mud to you!”

                    See? Then I wouldn’t come off sounding like you, which is to say, like a silly little thin skinned dork.

                    Go ahead, reply. You can’t help it. You NEED to get the last word. 🙂

  16. Jak, it seems the crux of this tyoe of thing is when you say you made up your mind.
    Right thinking leads to right actions, and on.

    This fits perfectly with the 8 fold path to end suffering. Look into it if you aren’t already familiar

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