3 Potential Side Hustles For The Busy Dad

I should start this off by saying I’m not a dad. That being said I have worked with many dads who are looking to make some extra money on the side in addition to working full time and having time set aside for the wife and family.

There has been a lot of talk of “side hustles” with cost of living increasing, mass lay offs, and just for those that want to insure against potential set backs in the future. However many “side hustles” are talked about in relation to having lots of time to set aside to get them going.

Starting a side hustle for a college student is going to be a lot different than starting a side hustle for someone who has a family to raise. This isn’t to be used as an excuse of course, simply a statement of facts. Here I’m going to lay out three side hustles that those with little time on their hands can make the best use of.

Like anything else these will take some time to build but overall have a good ROI compared to other ways of making money on the side. You can use these jobs to do anything from having some extra money for vacations or, if you really put some time into them, bringing in an extra grand or two a month. It’s all up to you.

Side Hustle #1 – Copywriting On Upwork

Upwork is a site where freelancers can bid on projects put up by clients. Every month you are given a certain number of credits that are used up every time you bid on a project. Your credits are used up regardless if you get the project or not and regardless of what the project ends up paying out, making it wise to go after bigger projects (among other reasons).

While copywriting is what I have done on Upwork you can also do things like graphic design or even marketing consulting if you’ve built up a reputation. Copywriting is a great way to get started though as the projects range from 10$ for proofreading a webpage to thousands of dollars for big multipage sales letters for larger companies.

Start small and work your way up. On Upwork there are a couple key metrics that determine if you get the job or not. The number one being getting the top rated badge. I used a friend to hire me again and again until I had the top rated badge and then went after bigger jobs worth my time. Get top rated status and then learn the basics of Upwork and you’ll be good to go.

Side Hustle #2 – Personal Training

You could also put in self-defense lessons, boxing lessons, or anything of that matter as well. I’ve recently started building up my personal training business and have been pleased with the results. It was something I did off and on but only recently started doing fully time (though it brought it some nice profits as a side hustle).

I first started by hosting a website through Bluehost and setting up a basic blog to be indexed in Google. I put up 30 posts all containing keywords related to my niche (personal training for women) and my local area. I also signed up for a service called Thumbtack.

Thumbtack lets you send quotes to prospects through their site for a little over a dollar a quote. It’s good to have a website so when you send your first message to the prospect they can check it out, get to know you better, and be more likely to purchase your services.

Combine having a blog that positions you as an “expert” with a very targeted niche and you’ll be able to make Thumbtack and services like it very cost effective. Even having one client a day can add up in the long run. Plus doing things like group workouts or “events” (can be anything from a special class to an obstacle course) set up on Saturdays can be very profitable as well.

Side Hustle #3 – Kindle Books

Now I’m not talking about the scammy have some Indian guy write 100 books for you and plaster them up on kindle. I’m talking about very targeted, quality books, geared for a very specific niche audience. It’s going to require expertise (everyone’s an expert in something) as well as some market research.

We’ll use the manosphere as it’s an relevant example. So let’s say you’re knowledeable on topics related to the manosphere and want to monetize that knowledge. Now most would set off and start a blog/mailing list and all that but it’s not required if you’re just wanting to make some side money off this while helping others.

The first thing you would do is go to Amazon and do some market research. You’ll quickly notice there is a plethora of books on getting girls, whats wrong with women/society, and the “alpha male” category. So you’d know that unless you have a unique angle on any of the above topics you’re better off leaving them alone.

Plus that stuff doesn’t really interest you. You’re a dad in his 30’s, 40’s, or even 50’s who’s interested in raising healthy children, making money, staying in shape, and living life to it’s fullest as well as passing your wisdom on to young bucks like me. So you go to the Roosh V forums to see if there are any problems your knowledge can fix.

Then you see it. A big thread lamenting the lack of red pill parenting knowledge. Something that you know all about. You see the thread has hundreds of comments of others lamenting the same thing. So seeing that there is somewhat of a market you begin writing your book.

After you finish your book, you write a couple guest posts to get the word out, post it in the forums, and start collecting some decent cash (granted that it was written well and informative). Then you repeat until you’ve exhausted your knowledge (at which point you go out and gain more).


How much you get out of each one of these methods is going to depend on how much you put in. All are capable of providing you with a full time income given enough time and effort. Also each can be done in less than an hour a day. It all depends on what you want.

These are all flexible as well. You can find people who want to train 5:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night. You can write your kindle books first thing with your morning coffee or before drifiting off to sleep at night. Same with copywriting which is largely done at your leisure granted that you are good at keeping to deadlines.

Author: Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge writes about masculinity, fitness, mindset, women, and other topics relating to men at CharlesSledge.com. He runs multiple businesses and is dedicated to helping men get the most out of life.

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            1. Yes, I would imagine so. Proofreading is a fairly time consuming job with a very competitive market. Yes, you can make money doing it on Fiverr, but you’re going to have to beat out your competition’s deals (proofread longer documents for less money and finish them faster). You’re better off finding a more niche gig that’s more time efficient.

              1. I’ve also done the whole writing papers for university students thing in the past.
                There are websites that connect you to visiting Asian students with more money than English ability.
                I was making around $10 a page.
                I stopped doing it when someone asked me to write their MBA thesis for them.

                  1. Yeah i don’t know how the guy thought some random from the internet was going to properly analyse the automotive industry in Saskatchewan… But there I was googling “how to write an mba thesis”.

                    1. what i should have done was offered some random guy in india $3.50 to write the damn paper and send it back to me… I woulda still turned a profit…

                    2. Now that’s an idea. Take assignments from a high-end site and turn it around on Fiverr.

                    3. globalism is a bitch. its even a bigger bitch than feminism.

                      I was looking into buying tree farms (maple syrup), then i found out theres been an uptick in sap theft…i bet you have good trees up there in ON

                    4. Subtract the cucks and Ontario is actually a beautiful place.
                      Lots of rivers, lakes, farmland, and winter-resistant forests.

                1. I worked for Academic Compositions for a time. Good work when I could get it, but they started ramping the challenge on me.

                  My breaking point was when some idiot took on a biology paper on some endangered frog. There are all of three papers on the damn frog, and the professor demanded five scholarly sources on the frog itself. So I waffled a bit, the kid got a D, and I didn’t get paid.

                    1. I liked some of the work before that. Lots of SJW-oriented papers where you could more or less rip off Black Hilter or Anita Sarkeesian.

                      1500 words, 15 minutes.

                2. Funny story:
                  I knew a guy in High School known as “StupidEddie”. He longed to be a commercial pilot and identified Emery Riddle as the college he needed to attend to get there.
                  Now, given his moniker, you might correctly assume he was not quite top-of the class.
                  So he locates an Asian to take his entrance exams or SATS (I dont remember) and pays him with funds raised from robbing the store he worked in. I think it was the unfathomable amount of $1000.
                  Kid gets a fake ID with Lung Duk Dong’s name and StupidEddie’s face on it, takes and aces the exams! StupidEddie is off to Florida!

                  Annnnnnnnnd he’s back home in November, having flunked out. Turns out the entrance requirements are in fact an accurate gauge of the work required to become a pilot.

  1. Upwork sounds like a fantastic opportunity, I’m going to look into it. Always like to get me some extra moola.

    1. Could also be a boon for those looking to diversify their work experience and adding to a portfolio.

      1. Indeed. I actually signed up and my profile is now under review. In 12 hours I can start bidding on jobs. Looking forward to making some extra cash for what appears to me to be very little work; proofreading, copy writing, etc. which I do for free on Disqus forums, lol.

  2. So pimping out some hoes isn’t a lucrative side hustle for a married guy? Sheeeeet, glad I ain’t married, then.

  3. Thank you for using the word “insure” correctly.

    Also, thank you for the ideas! I’ll definitely be creating an Upwork account later tonight.

    That said, I’d be interested to know what other folks in the states are currently doing in their main squeeze when it’s not at a company with a benefits package. I have a small handful of not-corporate-work ideas that I’d love to try, but the massive jump in costs when buying health insurance privately means that I need to be profitable a lot faster than is reasonable to expect when starting something new.

    Perhaps I just need to make time with the side-hustles and put all of it away to serve as a buffer for when income is inconsistent? We’ve already talked about moving to an area with lower costs of living, more rural, but internet access then becomes a concern.

    Anyway, while not directly related to the scope of this article, if folks had information on how they made the current healthcare system work for them, even if it’s just “work harder to afford it”, that would be educational for corporate stiffs like me looking to break free.

    1. Not sure exactly what you are trying to do or where you are at in life i.e. having a family or other responsibilities. One piece of advice I can give you is that being uninsured is probably better for younger men and couples without children than actually having one of these high deductible/high cap on out of pocket policies. I say this because more often than not you will never get a straight bill from a healthcare provider when insurance is involved. Medical bills are actually very negotiable for those with no insurance and it is not uncommon to see discounts of 80% or 90% because providers would rather get something. Also many medical debts do not impact one’s standard credit score because of how glaringly inefficient and error prone the medical billing process is.

      1. Already have kids, and the wife and I both want more. I already work hard enough that our needs are covered and a decent number of our wants are too.

        The question I ponder is if I only have all that because of the sacrifices I have to make as part of a soul-sucking office job, or if other folks have been able to make it work, albeit with hard work in or out of the office, or something else.

        The company I work for somewhat recently took on “Diversity and Inclusion” as an “enduring value”, so you could probably rather easily extrapolate why I would want to find out what the alternatives are sooner than later.

        First and foremost I need to provide for my family, and am just trying to read the signs and make pragmatic steps to do that as best I can.

        1. I can understand that. How involved are the projects you want to work on? One of the first things I would do is find commonalities in these ideas or concepts. Flesh out what it would take in both time and resources and see where that puts you. It can be difficult to be objective but you really need to err on the conservative side to make whatever it is a reality.

  4. Timely article as Ive noticed the mass media conditioning the proles for the upcoming “hustle/multiple gigs just to survive” economy…

      1. article on job growth possibilities for your kids would be helpful. dont have any, but i have a 7 yr old nephew and two mid teen godchildren, and i honestly have no idea how to give them any job guidance. college costs too much for the “youll figger it out later” strategy anymore

              1. Koreans may write poorly
                Russians may write great
                Armenians may write little
                Taiwanese may write hate
                Oh but those AKC writers
                My goodness, they write first-rate!

          1. thanks. one is 17, year away from college, thinking dental school(maybe something easier like dental hygienist) but that aint easy- she is not dumb, but she isnt dental-school caliber. my friend has been hammering home getting a degree in something practical, so I hope it works out. also interesting to note: he makes just enough to NOT qualify for free tuition to NY state schools, friend would have to request less OT to make the cut

            1. I would suggest sitting down with her and crunching the numbers using the links I provide in the article. See how long she’ll have to work JUST to pay off her college loans and such.

              1. Fuck that. Sit her down and explain to her what a “rich older man” is and why she should marry one the day after she turns 18.

        1. Their still a little too young to advise in terms of “jobs”. The best advice is for them to get perfect grades and do SOMETHING athletic. Get to the top of the heap to amass the most options.

          1. Help them set up a lemonade stand in front of the house. It will teach them all about excessive bureaucratic red-tape, how to obtain 5 useless licenses to do the same thing, and how they have to pay taxes on every single cent they earn. Very valuable experience.

                1. Fucking A. We can’t have little kids out in the street, selling under-priced lemonade. Big Juice pays its lobbyists a lot of money to keep that shit regulated.

              1. I don’t know, those lemonaide stands seem pretty disgusting. That said, I think they should only be able to do it if they do it in a hilarious way….like 30 cops yelling “swarm swarm swarm” in full body armor

                1. Well, if you’re going to have a police state, it should at least be entertaining, I say.

                  1. See this is what people don’t get GoJ. We need more whimsy in the world. Let’s have a little fun with it.

                    1. I think every SWAT raid should be accompanied by a loudspeaker on top of the SWAT van playing Crazy Sax. Just my contribution to making it a Better, Funnier Police State! ™

                    2. If you mean Yakety Sax I not only whole heartedly agree but feel that any team effort should require that song to be playing by law.

                    3. Yes, that is what I meant actually. How did I forget that song title? Fuck, I’m getting old.

                    4. I seem to recall something about Ork in the long past vestiges of my memories. Perhaps I’m Robin Williams’ and Mindy’s love child and just don’t know it?

                    5. As I understand it, when you get really old you do babble and shit your pants a lot. I really hope I’m dead before then.

                    6. That might be a good argument for having a family. If you don’t, there’ll be no one to wipe your ass when you can’t do it for yourself. No kids? I’m afraid it’s euthanasia for the lot of ya. lol

                    7. I thought a lot like this until I realized the better way. At some point you cash everything out and go to the Caribbean. Step one, check into luxury hotel. Step two, buy handgun. Step three put handgun in room safe. Step 4 live an amazing life on the beach, in the clubs, restaurants, the sea, everything you can and have fun to the extreme until every penny you have, every penny you can beg borrow and steal, every single cent is gone….2 years, 5 years 10 years…whatever…and then finally step 5: open room safe and blow brains out.

                      In the end isn’t that better than sitting in a diaper stinking of piss and shit staring at a wall trying your best to remember, through a fog of dementia, better times?

                    8. Or possibly goad somebody you really hate into killing you. That way you get the extremely brief satisfaction of knowing they’ll spend the rest of their life dropping the soap in a federal pen. heh

          2. scholarship for javelin throwing? maybe the caber toss(dont think many girls do this, so maybe that is possibilty)

            1. Caber tossing went out of fashion once industrial caber tossing machines took over.

                1. ya know, I think I posted a link to it on rok, but this guy handmade a wooden table with a chess top, modeled after game of thrones. it was amazing. i bet that guy could have sotheby’s auction that off for a few hundred thousand…all he’d have to do is make one a year, and he could live it up…

                    1. That type of work requires years and years of practice and expensive failure. Better to personalize stuff for those types of people and keep it as simple as possible.

                    2. To make something like that or anything of that quality would require years of training or experience. Just from the picture I can tell you that you would need a small fortune in commercial grade woodworking tools. If that is made from solid hardwood and not joined stock you are definitely looking at custom sawmill work being done on one high value tree. The edges of this piece would need a commercial grade wood shaper (~$900 – $2000+) after being cut using a commercial table saw (~$1200 – $3500+) and bandsaw (~$900 – $2000). The rounded middle section would be turned using a lathe which is a niche apart from cabinet makers typically so most likely outsourced cause lathes and their tools can be stupid expensive. I assume the table is mortise and tenon joined which is even more specialized tools and skill. Carving is not forgiving and requires time and experience when deciding how to “work out” a design in a non isotropic medium. On top of that many pieces like this are gauged by if they are all from the same tree and if the grains are matched correctly. It is really quite an undertaking to do real furniture art that collectors would buy.

                    3. Agreed. Tom was, in many ways I believe, using the comments section for personal therapy. He was smart and insightful and troubled and shared quite a bit which seemed really odd, but also, as you put it, authentic. I liked Tom.

                    4. I agree with your observation about his using the comments section for personal therapy. I never really knew what to make of him as he appeared to be on emotional roller coasters fairly frequently. For me personally, I think him getting some timeout and a chance to collect himself was probably the best thing for him. I second liking him and his contributions.

                    5. it was interesting watching mobius counsel him from time to time…but he did deserve a ban- he called out the motivations of a writer I believe…

                    6. How is calling out the motivations of a writer a cause for banning. I seem to recall something about holding people’s feet to the fire to keep them honest.
                      Being against criticism and against competition…ROK is basically following in the foot steps of the soviets.
                      Funny, for a bunch of alpha males it is seeming more and more, from roosh all the way down, that we are dealing with the very sterotype that feminists throw out…a bunch of chin bearded, basement dwelling, limp dicked morons in need of a safe space to bitch to one another about how unfair life is.
                      The fact that feminists basically use this critique on everyone that disagrees with them notwithstanding, stereotypes have a basis in truth every single time.

                    7. you attack a writer, and you attack the publisher. that simple. I would defend my writers too.

                    8. If you read his original post it was just an “I wonder” and wasn’t offered in a way that implied he was actually serious, it was part of a larger post.

                      I get if some dude comes on and trashes your authors with snark and sneer, but Tom was simply, and easily read, just commenting on the general pro-Trump-only stuff going on with the site in general, not picking on specific authors.

                      In any event, it seems way too much like Jezebel now.

                    9. I agree, there is some wiggle room and gray area in his case. But still I’m of the mind to let things go if it’s not clear one way or the other. Let the poster have some rope to hang himself with, that way you as the owner/mod don’t come across as a petty tyrant with poor social skills and a hefty dose of paranoia.

                    10. Honestly, I stopped reading the articles a good while back. Too much of it is “same ole, same ole,” and without guys like Quintus and Brother Aurelius there’s just not much insight to be had anymore.

                      Actually, I just had a thought. Notice how Kyle Trouble has been popping up more and more on the blog? He seems like a thin-skinned bloke – maybe he’s been riding Roosh to drop hammer on us. Of course, Roosh could just be getting paranoid and delusional…

                    11. I don’t know about Kyle, but my email came straight from Roosh himself, so at least at some level he’s involved with this.

                    12. Hell, that’s about my age. I suppose if you singlehandedly created a video game phenomenon that Microsoft was willing to buy for billions, you could retire pretty young (looking at you, based Notch), but he reeks of con.

                    13. I guess I’m just curious how much corporate slavery one could possibly experience by that age….

                    14. Exactly correct. Further, I wasn’t a stranger with 3 comments showing up to shit on an article. I had a 20k plus comment stream over 2+ years, I have singled out authors and articles for praise far more than the opposite and have become part of a community of people who shared and discussed (often contradictory) ideas in mature and adult ways (and at times in immature and hilarious ways).

                      If I was john doe who shows up and shits on an ROK article sure. But there is a clear pattern of being very pro ROK and its general message and many, if not most of its authors. The ones I shit on I did so because I believed they needed to be shat upon. No author argued my point or even so much told me to go fuck myself. The fact that I was “allowed” back onto ROK has nothing to do with them coming to their senses and everything to do with the content and comment number on their website. For the same reason I have no doubt that many of the people banned here will wind up being “allowed” back to that faggot haven and I would hope that many of them will have the good sense to say to roosh that the free ride of content is over. He has more to gain than us by us being there and now we have a suitable alternative run by a couple of homos.

                    15. That’s my plan. I’ve never been one to want to continue to associate with those who do not wish to associate with me. And I come and go as I wish, not at some internet stranger’s pleasure. Between myself, you and almost everybody else here except for Bem, we were the major draws for not only commentary but also bringing in lots of people who frequented *just* to read our comments.

                    16. I agree with everything….especially that Bem was totally fucking useless.

                    17. look there is a lot of strife and a lot of grief and a lot of differences in opinions right now, but one thing we can all agree on, from every section of the manosphere, from MGTOWs to Stormfronters to PUA — BEM is just a total waste of fucking oxygen.

                    18. So if a writer writes something that you feel is total bullshit and a reader calls him out on that bullshit you advocate banning the reader rather than having the writer or the editor argue back in defense of their work?

                      Now I’m not big city publisher, but it sounds to me that that is the quickest way to a) confirm that the commentor hit the nail on the head with his critique and b) make yourself seem like open dialogue and freedom of speech ends where muh feelings begin

                    19. a comment is one thing, its another thing to keep hammering away at it- you did the same thing man, but they let you come back a second time….

                    20. I may speak in a way that is rough at times, but I also believe what I said about some of the authors to be true and, believe it or not, important. Calling out people like Forney is an actual important thing. I wouldn’t want people who are new to the site to mistake him for a man or anything. They are free to ban me, but the funny thing is…not one person ever contradicted anything I said.

                      Never once was one of my comments where I attacked a writer or an article argued with or contradicted. They just banned me. Looking at their numbers right now, I am starting to think that maybe their policy does a lot worse for them than it does for me.

                    21. hey, forney is forney- he doesnt hide behind a screenname. dont remember what you said(hit the gym you fatty maybe) but give him props for that- site wasnt the lolknee show, ya know?
                      and tact isnt your strong suit…

                    22. I do ( and historically have) given Forney props for being out there with his real name. I think it is more stupid than brave, but I do buy that he honestly believes his own bullshit which is more than I can say for a lot of people. That said, I think he is a dangerous influence to people who don’t know better. Tact is def not my strong suit….but he is physically and morally weak and a danger to any community of men that seeks self improvement in my opinion and I will say so.

                    23. Calling out people like Forney is an actual important thing.

                      I had/have a suspicion that he is behind a fair number of the bans.

                      The shame of it is I think he could probably be a decent guy, but has gotten himself caught up in a situation he is ill prepared to deal with. He is passionate about his beliefs, but doesn’t strike me as having the personality that deals well with publicity. He decided to become a public personality, however, and I’ll speculate he regrets the decision now. He takes everything a bit too personally, where most public figures have learned to just let criticism (or, worse, threats) roll off their backs. This, in turns, contributes to paranoia and his perception of the world around him. Unable to trust that even simple suggestions are provided in good faith. Unable to joke or take a joke.

                    24. Thanks.

                      I suppose a good follow up question might be what does Roosh owe him? If I’m correct in guessing he has initiated more than his fair share of bans, why would Roosh place this trust in him? I wasn’t around in the early days, but if Forney was instrumental in building the website, providing content, they have a long and close history of collaboration, maybe?

                      Of course, knowing isn’t really important for any practical purpose anymore. Just interesting as an exercise in observation and armchair psychology.

                    25. I am not sure how long Forney was there but he tended more to the PUA and politics side for articles. My guess is that being the “faces” they were forced together in a sense. Honestly you would have to ask other longer term posters because from what I recall Forney wasn’t there when I first started reading but don’t know for sure.

                    26. I just have a hard time imagining him actually scooping one chick, let alone some chicks. Always seemed like kinda a one-trick pony, without a trick.

                    27. he is a talented writer and dedicated to his cause. These are good qualities. But there is a deep inner weakness that I can smell from 1000 miles a way on him and that informs all of his beliefs as far as I can see. You generally take the good with the bad, but he is a mopey twat that will do more harm than good until he grows up

                    28. that vid he posted where it looks like he sh*t his pants (actually) and is running away from two 10 year old school boys who want to whoop him is odd.

                    29. So it’s blindly agree or die.

                      If it is the episode I recall, Forney was the author. And the calling-out was more intended to be an honest discussion than a raw dressing-down.

                      The hyper-sensitivity to any perceived criticism, ignoring context, is what the SJWs do. The very last thing I expected to see at a place like ROK.

                    30. IIRC, he made a joke about RoK paying posters to make the Trump movement sound ridiculous.

                      Totally a banworthy offense. I support our RoK overlords and believe in a friendly, gentle, comment-free environment.

                    31. You’re just saying that because they haven’t banned you.



                    32. Without you guys, it’s getting mighty bland over there. The only things really worth commenting about anymore are religious articles, and even that’s lost much of its luster.

                    33. I noticed a dramatic change there during the election. Less positive and insightful in general. There was considerably more conspiracy and rally the troops kinds of material and the comments became the ADD typical talking at the world via internet found everywhere else.

                  1. Then it becomes a matter of access. No matter how good the craftsman is, if he’s not somehow already in the room with people willing/capable to drop six digits on a table, it will never be more than a hobby.

        2. Trades would be a good start and an apprenticeship even better given that it allows them to pursue a degree in that field. I’m not quite sure how it works in NY but here in England we’ve seen an increase in people going into apprenticeships and a drop in uni applications.

          1. Also, let them take a year out if they’re unsure of their next career move. I wish I’d done that before rushing into a vague degree.

        3. The best thing you can do while they’re still younger is encourage them to learn new things. Help them find things they have a knack for, and see which they can make money from.

          Most kids rush into college without thinking about whether they’re good at what they’re studying or how they’ll get paid for it afterward.

          1. well, my nephew is a sperg with cars- i just hope the field isnt so high tech in 15 years that he cant get a job

            1. Whachutalkin about Willis? I’m sure there will be some sort of sort of CAD/Autodesk based mechanics jobs.

                1. Too early to tell amigo. In my first years of school my teachers told my parents that I wasn’t shit then the next year I was the best in maths and started to do some reading which I hated.

                2. Go buy an some used tools or other engineered products and let him take them apart. A drill press is a great first project. See if he likes figuring out how it works and has good questions. Also LEGOs are another excellent early direction albeit more expensive

                  1. you sure about that? his mom, my sister, is not good at math- who is gonna help him?

                    1. Important distinction. Someone once asked me for calculus help. I clarified:
                      “I GOT THROUGH calculus, still dont understand it.”

                    2. It will never cease to amaze me how many games and machinations of complex identities there are or the fact that 99% of them are either pure mental masturbation and useless or became useless after computers and numerical methods.

                    3. Glad to see you posting again man. Everything get sorted for you I take it?

                    4. Oh yeah. Back on track and better than before. No office politics or any real corporate America crap. Couldn’t have worked out better

                    5. Fantastic news man. You know the drill, next time you’re in or near CBus, give me a shout!

                    6. Well ok, but it’s probably easier to just write Time Dependent Shrodinger Equation.


                    7. Got me a “B” in Pre-calc. If I’d done the homework, I know I could have gotten that “A”.

                      Stats was my life for a semester, though. I solved all the homework, reread my notes and lectures daily, and worked every problem twice (once to do it, the second time to see if I still could a week later).

                      Today, I can’t tell my p-values from my curved distributions.

                    8. Today, I can’t tell my p-values from my curved distributions

                      Nowadays there are labs that will do a quick analysis of your bodily fluids for a very reasonable sum of money.

                    9. I got an A in Statistics. Failed my first two tests, got an A on the last one (somehow?) and somehow that translated into an A for the class. My professor looked like someone you’d pick to teach Stats in a movie: Super nerd, long curly black hair with coke-bottle glasses.

                    10. True he’ll need a decent teacher/tutor.
                      I too had a miserable history with math in school until I spent a little time with a tutor, who really had no magical advice beyond the following: “do the fukkin assignments. Drill them over and over and over. Show you work neatly every time.”
                      Took me till 11th grade to get that gem of wisdom through my fat head.

                3. It’s a been a few years, (I think 5) but if math is still being taught the same way in the states, no wonder he’s bad at it. Through a teacher friend I ended up helping out this kid having math issues in grade school. The instructions were so absolutely asinine, I wanted to walk into the classroom and beat the teacher over the head with the useless math book.
                  So I just told the kid how it’s really done. (It was fractions. Why do they make something simple so complicated?) Supposedly the kid did fine for the rest of that school year but who knows what happened when he ran into another idiot who had no business teaching math.

            2. he’ll just have to get himself as high-tech as it requires. If he’s attracted to that work, he’ll do it.

        4. And of course you can pose them with Uncle Bem’s Three Magic Questions:
          WHAT do you want to do?
          HOW do you want to live?
          What do you want to HAVE?

          If someone can honestly answer those questions, the vocational options will narrow themselves down.

    1. You think about automation, the internet, and all the advances in tech: People should be working less time than ever, and reap more benefits from it. The idea that we should be working more, with second and third jobs to make ends meet is nonsensical.

      1. nothing- the name might trigger some 90 year olds who arent blind and still know how to work the remote control

  5. Anyone have thoughts on setting the wife up with a storefront website? Coordinating drop shipments, or whatever genre of limited stock you can fit in the basement, trying to keep the time investment limited to printing labels and not much more than a daily trip to the post office, perhaps.. This has been floating around in my head for a while, might be time to solidify it a bit more.

    1. I actually work in purchasing and you’re probably better off not holding stock at all. The way our business runs is our contracted customers come to us wanting a specific product and we find it for them, order it, and send it directly to their location. No need to hold stock and wait for someone to want what you got.

      1. I suspected this to be true. But there might be some non-business reasons to want to. Think wifely personal-satisfaction interest-level type reasons. Nothing I can precisely define at the moment, but selling the idea to the wife might require something more tangible than ‘you’re going to sit in front of the computer and direct a bunch of emails around and track everything on spreadsheets’.

        1. I’ve never held stock on material personally, although we have some accounts where we do. Personally, I’d never hold stock unless I A) knew my customer regularly used the product and knew it would sell fast and B) it had a long lead time to receive the product and my customer needed it pretty quickly after placing their orders.

    2. I always thought a good way for a stay at home wife to make dough would be to be an in between person between old people with shit to sell and eBay. For non tech savvy people like the elderly or me who have a bunch of shit they want to sell on eBay to have a person who will put it on line, package it and ship it out when it is sold for a nominal fee + a percentage of the sale would be very useful.

      1. That’s actually a pretty good idea, especially if you’re good at figuring out which keywords get the most hits. Write their sales pitch, take the condition photos, and make a few bucks out of the sale.

      2. I have seen those before in strip malls. All of them went out of business because there are already too many fees and expenses on those sites. If a person was creating something themselves to sell it may be workable as long as the margins are big enough.

        1. Strip mall? That sounds amazing! Lap dance in foot locker while buying sneakers!

          1. If she can tie your laces with her butt cheeks you then you have wife material on you hands, fam.

          2. Not sure if I’d go for that considering I am fairly certain there are junkies living in what was a Sears at the local mall. Might be a ball in glove kind of business opportunity.

    3. I looked into setting up a drop ship biz for my mom as a golden years gig. What you need to do is research a product you may want to do this with, find where it’s manufactured (China, Pakistan, Malaysia, India, etc.) and essentially have them do a version with your own label on it, that you supply to them. Maybe change up a few cosmetic elements, depending on the product and the niche you want to play in.

      Honestly, that part was easy. What has stopped me up is that I am not clear on the law, taxes, what insurance to carry, and so forth. Finding that info has been tough.

    4. I swear to Bob, I read that first sentence as “setting the wife up with a stormfront website” and nearly spit out my bean juice, lol.

      1. I read it as “selling the wife out of a storefront” and was reaching for my wallet…

      2. My eyes picked up the word stormfront first. Shit, kamaraden we’ve been indoctrinated.

        1. You know, thinking about it, there are many other ways to have phrased that, and numerous other words I could have used.

          But I chose that way. The indoctrination may be subconscious and deep.

          1. “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise.” The guy literally next to Hitler.

        1. The man is busy improving foreign relations with international women of every race, creed and color. Give him a break.

  6. I tried writing a book and my best friend has bought the only copy so far. I got my $1.50 royalty though dammit!
    I may be a shitty writer

      1. It wasn’t great fiction to any degree; more of a Christmas gift to my adolescent son, who thought it might be cool to publish it. Its a novella really, only 80 or so pages. Writing well is hard, as evidenced by the so-so articles I published on another page.

    1. Been there. Wrote a few entry-level books on computer science topics (what you should know about the computer before you start coding, how to work in Linux, etc.), sold a couple to some students I knew.

      Paid for my websites for a year, though, so there’s that.

  7. OT: U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults — A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud

    “American democracy has a problem — a voting problem. According to a new study of U.S. Census data, America has more registered voters than actual live voters. It’s a troubling fact that puts our nation’s future in peril.”


    1. But remember folks, the Dems assure us that there are so few cases of voter fraud that it’s just silly to want to require ID at the voting booth.

      Pretty easy to have low numbers of something when you’re not looking for it.

      1. Yeah, nothing to see here. The reason the Dems are so mad about the make-believe “hacking” of the election is because they bought and paid for the polls to be stuffed by their operatives and they don’t understand why they still lost.

      2. I still think there should be a unified system for US citizens – sort of like SSN, but less stupid and outdated.

        I’m thinking every US Citizen should be issued a 2048-bit semi-randomized value. This value would be stored in a government database and used by all levels of government to check your identification. Associated with that number are your fingerprints and maybe even a DNA sample or something, so that if there is any question whether you are who you say you are that value can be readily retrieved.

        For the individuals, you get one card with your photo ID, DOB, and one of those banking encryption chips. That card is used by local governments to issue licenses (no need for a driver’s license or motorcycle license/permit – the one card does it all), and it’s used by the federal government for the purposes of filing your taxes and voting (which could then, theoretically, be done online with the right encryption schemas).

        If you lose your card, you get a new number issued once you prove from your prints that you are the correct citizen. If someone wants to look you up for background checking or banking purposes, the government can issue a ticket value that allows for one access to your records without compromising your actual database value.

        1. Would there be any hope in trying to convince you of the superiority of the purple-finger method?

              1. I like that.

                My thought is that this system allows for other adaptations to our current programs, particularly welfare. I think that you shouldn’t get a vote if you are a net-drain on the US tax base (i.e. you get more in welfare than you pay in taxes), and such a system would make that mechanically simple.

                Also, I hate that moving requires informing several government entities where you currently live. You have to tell the DMV, the post office (if you want your mail redirected, anyway), and sometimes others. With this system, you’d go to one office, plug in your chip and scan your fingerprint, and change the address for everyone.

                1. While I would’ve started with property ownership, considering the amount of people who rent, across all spectrums, I think the appropriate voting restriction would be for anyone who pays Income Tax.

        2. And you expect this sound plan to be implemented impartially and competently by the same government that gave us the IRS and Veterans Affairs?

          1. The whole “number of the beast” thing scares me, true enough. That’s the major drawback to the plan (well, that and the fact that it relies heavily on surprisingly fragile technology).

              1. I’ve seen it. Mostly idiot kids uninterested in learning to drive (which is hilarious, considering I’ve lived in so many places where cars are pretty much the only mode of transportation), with friends who can buy them liquor.

                1. When I was a teenager, getting your driver’s license was a like earning a badge of honor that every kid yearned for. It meant freedom.
                  Nowadays, I see many kids who, like you said, are uninterested in getting their driver’s license and are ok with their parents taking them everywhere. Fills me with disgust.

                  1. Solution: Parents stop taking them everywhere.

                    Easy peasy.

                  2. can it be as simple as smartphones? theres an article over on the Atlantic, once they gained enough market penetration, interest in driving went down, hanging out with friends went down, happiness down, depression went up…pretty charts over there

                    1. Absolutely correct. This younger generation no longer seems to want a car to achieve freedom. They’re more interested in the latest phone or video game. There is also a significant decrease in car sales in the last few years to that segment of the population.

                      I have a nephew who will turn 18 in 3 weeks. He just started his senior year this week. He has no interest in driving or even getting his license. I asked him last week: “Hey, now that you’re a senior, when are you going to start driving?”… He tells me: “I want to enjoy my teenage years, I’m not interested in driving.” – Not Interested in Driving! I can’t think of a better way to enjoy my teenage years than with a car.

                      I couldn’t wait to get my license. I was out cruising with my friends and their older brothers when I was 14, going to swap meets and car shows, the street races, all that stuff. I couldn’t imagine sitting in my room at that age and staring into a smartphone.

                    2. “out cruising with my friends and their older brothers when I was 14,
                      going to swap meets and car shows, the street races, all that stuff.”

                      A-men. some of the best times of teenage-dom were car-related.

                    3. Hell, I was a glorified go-fer when I turned 16, and still it brought about the best times. If I wanted to see my girlfriend, I could pop her in the car for a drive. If I wanted to take community college classes, I could hop in my car and head on over (btw, WAY better than AP classes and high school bullshit).

                      Sure, I had to take my sisters to their various classes and whatnot, but it was still better than being stuck in my neighborhood.

                    4. There’s always affordable insurance to be had, you just have to shop around. I had a company try to charge me 3x the amount that my current company does, and my current company has only gone down in price since I joined.

        3. The best way to backdoor something like that and actually have the government forced into it would be to tie it to paying taxes. Block chain is coming on real fast in industries that are retarded towards IT and bear a heavy burden for security breaches.

          1. To me, “Blockchain” is mostly a buzzword like “Internet of Things” or “e-Everything”. It’s an awesome technology that’s actually stupidly simple (so simple I was able to design one based only on vague descriptions), but few realize what it actually is.

            Fundamentally, a blockchain is an audit trail that’s difficult to forge. The longer and more distributed the chain, the harder it is to change one block (because you have to change all the following blocks and somehow distribute that wherever the chain currently exists). It’s extremely useful for any application where you don’t want your data futzed with (e.g. banking), and nothing more or less than that.

            Combined with other practices and ideas, though, it’s formidable. Somewhere, I posted an idea of a P2P forum where the content was distributed in a blockchain to all participants – sort of like Disqus without a centralized network that can regulate the content. If all the contents were encrypted with a shared key or three, it’d be secure, decentralized, and relatively fast.

            1. Exactly, knowing these idiots though the key would probably be your first or last name and social security number.

  8. Also check out Charles Sledge’s site at http://charlessledge.com. He is a VERY prolific blogger, enough that I often have to mute his feed because I’m getting a half-dozen articles a day from him. I’ve used many of his ideas (such as listening to podcasts on 1.5x speed) and I highly recommend his articles on life improvement.

    1. You just linked to another site, which even though it’s not against the commenting policy, has earned you a….BANNED!

  9. And new on the cutting floor, John Galt has been banned on ROK. Just keeping a running tally for those keeping score at home. For what? Nobody knows.

      1. Well at this rate it wouldn’t surprise me if they show up before I get done typing out this post.

      2. You mean Joseph Curwen? He was my favorite of the White Nationalists. I didn’t always agree with him, but I could at least respect his opinion. He wasn’t a dip shit like some of the other hobbits.

        1. Yeah, he’s a good egg. Never a raving loon, reasonable, able to listen to the opinions of others without getting all angry.

          1. RooshVee is Persian.

            I see you connect admirably; now you’re talking about the Polish (polka-dots).

                  1. Don’t think we hadn’t BEGGED him not to take off the tinfoil hat – some people just have to learn the hard way.

      1. Maybe it gives him some kind of strange pleasure to do it one by one. Like how some sadistic kid will rip the wings off of a fly and then the legs, one by one, before squishing it.

      1. Honestly except for Bob Smith and a few stragglers who probably don’t know, almost everybody is here now. ROK’s comments the last few days have been anemic, to say the least. I only pointed this out to Roosh to be helpful in my response to him, and in no way was I meaning to twist a shiv deep in his kidneys while smiling in his face.

          1. I think there are still several good commenters over there. They aren’t necessarily regular, every-single-day commenters, but there are still some good ones.

            1. Without question. That’s why I specified “may not know yet”, because ten to one, they’re just clicking on that day’s article with its mighty 7 to 12 comments.

        1. I like the dead horse article. 9 comments as of writing this. Ouch.

          I usually only let myself check up on articles every few days though. So I’m glad I caught wind of this place. Based on what I’ve read of the articles so far, I think this is a better fit for me anyway. The Nameless Site went a tad over the deep end a little too often.

          1. Totally agree. There are a slew of GenX guys and younger guys who are married and/or fathers that scream for some kind of red pill awakening. Hopefully this will be the vehicle that accomplished that.

    1. Oh, so you are over here after all! Well that’s good. With all the banning lately the comment sections over at The Nameless Site are basically a dry hole.

      Plus I like the proactive articles here. Nameless Site gets… shall we say.. a tad whiny? To my way of thinking anyway.

      1. Welcome to AKC brother!

        Any site that can find a reason to ban John Galt or BEM is clearly going down the ol’ drain.

          1. Yep. A whole laundry list are getting banned, all for basically made up reasons. Roosh has went coo coo for Cocoa Puffs.

            1. I saw this from Roosh on one thread, “Anyone who replied to the thread that Bara started has been banned
              (along with Bara). Anyone who replies to females will be automatically
              banned, as per our rules.”

        1. Wait….BEM!?!?!?!? what is snarky with not allowed? It was really weird. It was like going to my favorite bar, and all the regulars just weren’t there anymore.

      2. I got to the point where the articles weren’t even relevant, I enjoyed the comments more than anything else. Most of the articles are repeats and rehashes.

        1. It doesn’t help when some of the articles are literal reposts. 🙂

          Lately, and I don’t know if it’s just me, it seems like the newer articles were downright defeatist. The whiny sorts about American women got old too. Granted I like to laugh about them but do we really need 30 articles rehashing the same old thing we all know?

          This place is more my sort. Proactive stuff, talks about families (don’t have one but am thinking strongly on the matter), and no “We’re All DOOOOMED” stuff. 😀

      3. My suspicion is someone at ROK thinks GOJ is Steve Bannon, ‘knee is Jared Kushner, etc.

        After all, GOJ freely admits he gained a lot of fame in Breitbart [comment section], ‘knee [last seen as Hipponax] freely admits to being an NYC dude, at least 4 showers a day, and only having 1 zit in the last 30 or more years – not to mention that ‘Russian’ hottie he’s quite busy banging – ‘Ivanka’ sounds pretty damn Roosky to me, amirite?

        And that sharp John Galt, ffs, I bet ‘RooshVee heard the rumours that he’s writing a short novel to cash in on the wealth existant in the homo community, to be titled: ” Bang Roosh”…

        Where’s Bob Smith when we need him to make sense of this all?

        Uh oh, I feel the breeze of the impending ban-hammer falling my way…

    2. “Sweet Baby Jeeezzzus!!!”, exclaimed Mary, Virgin Mother of God, “Joe, check where that gawdawful stench is coming from!”.

      Poor old Joseph looked carefully into the suspiciously swollen diaper of the Infant, and stoicly declared, “Holy Shit! Not another ROK in there! We gotta keep this Baby away from them dang interwebs!”…

    1. Not quite yet. Many of the medium and small sized conspiracies are still having problems ironed out, and as you know, big conspiracies are modular affairs consisting of many layers of medium and small conspiracies all tied together with a big ol’ piece of circular logic and paranoia. So we’re working on it, is what I’m saying.

      1. I am going to look up the section on subversive conspiracy in the torah and see if we are missing anything. I feel like if we were a bunch of Jews we would already be in charge of the media.

        1. Get our friend ‘Drago’ in here, pronto, after his Bar Mitzvah class with Rabbi Shlomo, he’ll explain it to us in Hebrew.

              1. I will never not laugh at Lovejoy saying “this sounds like rock and or roll” and then a random beach ball hitting him in the head.

  10. I haven’t been banned from ROK yet, it’s still ok if I hang out isn’t it?

    1. Absolutely. This site long pre-dates the ban-fest over at ROK and we were posting on it, sporadically, for months.

        1. Funny…because everything else on the site has been dull as fuck for the last few months

    2. Yeah, if you don’t mind, let the 10 people left posting over there know JG just got the axe. Dude was never, ever in violation of any posting rules, ever. Just banned for, apparently, well, who knows?

      1. I don’t know what’s going on over there but, it ain’t good.
        I haven’t figured out what you did? Hippoknee on the other hand, I’ve seen him fucking with some of the authors over there, that’s like getting pulled over by the Fuzz and saying,
        ” Fuck you pig,I ain’t getting out of the car, I know my rights!”.

        1. I don’t know either. Roosh gave me a mishmash of an outright lie (as if he didn’t ban Hipponax/lolknee, which he did) and a thorough fuck up on his part (he apparently thinks I’m the guy yesterday who posted about all the bans, which I wasn’t). He’s gone goofy. John Galt he’s going to have to dig really deep in the bullshit barrel to come up with something, that dude was spotless.

          1. Their latest article:

            “When The Horse You’re Riding Dies, Get Off”

            Rather appropriate, don’cha think?

            1. The title of it should ” If the horse you’re riding dies, dismount and beat him harder”.

            2. Yep
              That’s just what I thought when I saw that title, “this place is smelling like a dead horse”

          2. A lot of the reason I even looked at ROK was because the comments section was the most interesting thing I believe I have ever seen on the interweb (other than porn) now they are trying to kill it. Just can’t have no fun no more.

            1. well yeah- article would be about reading the works of GK Chesterton, relevant comment, kinda relevant comment, then someone would ask how to know if youre flirting with a thai ladyboy on Xbox Live…unique for sure

              1. You can’t pay for that level of quality, you have to earn it through many years of fruitless search as if for a Holy Grail of commentary. Then one day you realize that Arthur is the Land, and The Land is Arthur, and suddenly, poof, you find our group commenting. It would be like dying and waking up in heaven at a cocktail party combining all of the greatest philosophers and stand up comedians in one room.

                1. I go to other niche sites to focus on specific interests of mine.. and to discuss those interests with a dedicated group..
                  But I would always come back to ROK to check in on what the gang is talking about. Or to get some solid insights on current events from an intellectually diverse (yeah I said diverse) and colourful crowd.
                  ROK worked best as the food court of the manosphere… But no food court can survive by turning away its customers… As a longtime fan I think Roosh has made a big mistake.

                  1. I’ve opined from time to time that you never really know that you’re living in a Golden Age until after it passes. Roosh probably doesn’t realize that he basically stuck a fork in the site and called it done.

                    1. I feel like something happened with him that we may or may not find out that is driving his (poor) decision making process. It would be foolish to speculate but there is definitely something motivating all this nonsense.

                    2. There’s either a definite reason, likely monetary (although websites live and die monetarily by traffic so…) or, and this is just speculation, he’s become an overly sensitive, thin skinned, bitchy little queen. My money is riding on the later at this point.

                    3. Perhaps he hopes to catch the dissidents that no longer have access to DS and other censored sites?

                  2. I agree that he has made a mistake in banning some of the more interesting, insightful and loyal commenters. But I think it will just result in a change of tone in the comment section, and not anything else. There were plenty of Roosh and RoK sycophants that would get demolished in the comments for posting their meek little suck-up posts and other bullshit. Those guys will come back and they’ll just sit around and jerk each other off in the echo chamber. RoK will keep getting the same number of clicks and shit. I mean, they pretty much let chicks comment there now, so they aren’t really discriminating on the basis of quality, just compliance. He might start to see a hit to his bottom line if the article quality keeps going down, but I think that will be a long, slow decline, and even that is just speculative. Seriously, who wants to read about how to become a priest? But he is still throwing out the troll-bait type articles looking for clicks, so more than likely he’ll keep it moving along without any negative effects. RoK is just about making a few bucks for him. And that’s fine, that’s his prerogative.

                    1. There was one chick who every week, like clockwork, would find my comments and start throwing shit. I wasn’t alone – her profile was open, so I saw she did this to a lot of us – but after a month she was still at it. I had to email them and show how she was being a nuisance before anything was done.

                      I think Roosh is basically cowed at this point. The left will swipe at him every so often to remind him who’s in charge, but on the whole his site has become weak.

                    2. I guess we’ll see what happens over the next couple of months.
                      I’m going to play devil’s advocate and say that generic manosphere sites require a strong commentariat or people just go to places that cater to their specific interests.

                    3. They won’t be getting clicks from me anymore. For the past couple months it’s been the comment section drawing me back. If it’s all “Roosh you’s da man” from now on, I can think of any number of things I’d rather do than read that. 🙂

            1. I see you discovered the Admin console functionality that all new members are granted on sign up. Welcome to AKC.

    3. I haven’t seen NemesisEnforcer or Blue Eyed Devil in a couple of days, but I haven’t the foggiest idea whether they’re banned from RoK or just don’t give a shit anymore. There’s just hardly any telling, anymore, and the comments reflect that (over the past few days they’ve gotten something like 10 comments per post).

  11. To all you guys who haven’t been banned yet, I wonder if your presence here will hasten that eventuality. I am a superstitious man. If some unlucky accident should befall someone – if he should be shot in the head by a police officer, or found banned in his jail cell…or if he should be struck by a bolt of lightening — then I’, going to blame some of the people in this comment section and this I do not forgive.

        1. Let’s talk about shrimp: Like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. Dey’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that’s about it.

    1. Why have the old hands all been banned? Roosh seems to be commenting on every article. It’s giving off a very Cultural revolution vibe.

    2. Duuuuuude!!! Is this where everyone went?!? Damn have I missed your snarky nihilism. What the fuck has happened!?

      1. I never really know what happened…but I’m happy here. A lot less socialism on this site

      1. Nah. Whle ROK has started be be as thirsty as someone in a sub Saharan desert, the desert has no oceans and there for no sharks to jump so the ROK analogy doesn’t work

  12. Here’s a question for all you gents with a bit more experience: What do you say to an interviewer if he tries to hire you on the spot when you have other interviews lines up? How do you approach this kind of situation without losing an opportunity?

      1. Got 2 interviews tomorrow, one with a small company and another with company working in the posh side of the town! I’m trying not to burn any bridges in case I don’t ace the one I want!

    1. Depends. Do you really want the job, or is it one of many and you’re undecided about the actual job in question? If it was a dream job that you’d love, I’d just take it and cancel the others. If it’s “meh, just looking for work” mention to him that you’ll need a week to “put in notice” at the old company to “be professionally courteous”. That always seems to mollify them.

      1. None of them are dream jobs, that would be robbing banks and living on a boat on the French Riviera.
        On a more serious note, the first one is meh but attractive in terms of commuting, the other one is more upscale but the pay a little higher. Just need a few lines to blag about so I’ll avoid any awkward situations.

            1. Yeah, before long we’ll be mindless drones doing whatever our phones tell us to do.

              Oh snap… we already are! 😀

    2. If happens to be a great opportunity – take it… Decisiveness is a high quality trait that employers respect; it shows them that you have the ability to take action.

      On the other hand, if you really want to weigh your options, just politely ask for 24-hours to consider their offer, if they respond negatively to your request, that may tell you something about their culture…

  13. Dear Site Owner/Moderator,
    I have recently discovered this site. Most articles seemed to be relevant for older, red-pilled, married men. If you would like to keep the site that way, you need to be aware of something.
    The last few days there has been an influx of new commenters who have been banned form Return of Kings (ROK). You seem to be welcome the new commenters but not all of them are genuine. I believe Roosh Valizadeh, (Roosh) owner of ROK “has cleaned his own house”. He banned a few commenters to rid his website of troll and keep the content relevant.
    Remember the “Cuban crime” wave in the early 1980s?. Jimmy Carter welcomed a large number of Cubans into the UK – he believed all of them to be political refugees, while the large number of them were simply violent criminals of whom Castro was more than happy to get rid off.
    May I bring into your attention to the user who whines most about his ban from ROK. He goes by the name of Ghost of Jefferson , but also uses the account Hipponax and a few others.
    He is an underage troll with a with a White supremacist agenda and some other undelying psychological issues. He clearly has homosexual tendencies..many of his comments are obsessed with anal cavities, blowjobs and aids. He is overcompensating by constantly tlaking about his workout, attending biker gathering and going to country bars.
    You disagree with him? He will call you a f****t, a n*****r, or a “n*****-lover” (if you are with a lady of an ethnicity different to yours). His favorite is to accuse more intelligent commenters of having aids. (Freudian projection again.)
    You don’t believe me? Check ou some of his earlier comments, unless he made them private since. (you will need some time he posted more than 46000 as Ghost and more than 20000 as Hipponax)
    Is it really the kind of commenter you want to enrich your website with and keep it credible?
    Think again.
    I wish you all the best with your website.
    Yours sincerely:
    Mr Kersey

    1. Ghost and Hipponax are two completely separate people. How do I know this? I have them both in my Telegram channel and we chat daily. Both upload pics/videos of themselves regularly so I know exactly what they look like.
      We’ve done this little song and dance before.

      1. He will call you a f****t, a n*****r, or a “n*****-lover”

        There are quite obviously more than just two people he is conflating.

        1. I cannot ever recall using astricies (is that even a word?) when defaming or insulting somebody. I’m a full word offender.

          1. Only really weak men take pride in using racial insults. If your only power comes from writing the n-word fully, you are not a red-pilled and aplha.
            You are blue-pill and Omega.
            Why do you think Roosh banned you and your thuggish alter-egos?

            1. Oddly I don’t cast out racial insults. You should pay heed to the other commenters here and settle down and not hyperventilate all the time. It’s unhealthy.

                1. No they are not the same person. As I’ve mentioned countless times now, we have a Telegram channel with many members from ROK and chat on a daily basis INCLUDING sharing pics and videos. The following (Disqus names) are part of this channel and can back up my claim:
                  Ainigmaris Thales
                  Cynic in Chief
                  The Savage Lifestyle
                  A King’s Castle (this site’s co-owner, J. Nyx)
                  The Champion
                  Clark Kent
                  Red Hood Assault
                  This unsubstantiated claim you keep making without any proof is becoming tiring.

                  1. why was i not invited to participate in your reindeer games? I know how to send a telegraph.

                    1. Sign up to Telegram and give me a ring after you do. My handle there is my username here with an @ in front of it. We’ve been wanting to get you into the group for a while now.

                2. lol. Ok man. A lot of the readership here is on our Telegram channel. You’re just making yourself out to be a raving loon. Moreso than usual I mean.

    2. You lost me at “GoJ is HippoKnee”. I may not be an expert on writing analysis, but they’re extremely dissimilar in their styles and subject matter.

        1. I ain’t on the Telegram channel, but unless the mythical GoJaKnee has three computers and a case of dissociative personality disorder so perfect that he can be three people commenting simultaneously, I’m inclined to believe y’all are totally unique individuals.

    3. Does aids rot your brain or did your bush bitch also give you syphilis?

      1. Is “bush bitch” the proper ethnic slur for a Haitian AIDS chick? Bush bitch seems more appropriate for a hardcore jungle African chick. I just want to make sure we are using the proper racist lingo here.

        1. yeah, bush bitch would be proper jungle chick…like a girl who can and has killed a tiger, walks with a big basket on her head and probably has a bone in her nose….cf kersey’s aids wife. Haitian chicks would be voodoo (or Hoodoo depending on your beliefs) mamas.

            1. I actually have had some small interactions with some magic mamas in my day. Ole Hipponax has mojo baby….

          1. I don’t know nuttin’ about knowhow, but I do know that you need to do the voodoo that you do, so well.

    4. If I were underage I’d be banging 17 year olds. At present, that can get me arrested and put in jail. My guess then is that I’m not underage, and I’m not willing to test out if that’s true or not via the “bang a 17 year old” test that I just mentioned. Might be bad joo joo.

    5. What’s funny is that this dude LITERALLY (Hitler) has been following my posts in the background, lurking, looking for anything to pounce on me for. He is obsessed and, I suspect, likely mentally ill and in need of some kind of help (being serious here actually). Imagine leaving for several months but quietly stalking some dude you hate across his posts until you can jump out of the bushes and say “Gottcha!” That shit needs some heavy duty lithium applied to it, is all I’m saying.

      1. You faield to notice that I was away from ROk for several months. Unlike you, I have a life outside ROK and the Internet.
        Interestingly enough it was you who brought my name up to Roosh in your desperate attempt to convince him to unbanned you. That was the reason I sent you message – to remind you of how pathetic, childish and mentally ill individual you are.
        By the way your feminine tantrum to Roosh was an absolute comedy gold. Thanks for the good laugh.

        1. Stalker gonna stalk.

          You really need help man. I’m being serious. Not only paranoia but also some deep seated insecurities going on under your hood. Get help. I’m not being snarky, I’m actually a bit worried for you.

            1. Yeah, it causes me to stalk some anonymous dude on the internet for months looking for even the smallest of slights in order that I can get my dander up and then throw out fifty posts sneering screaming and making goofy accusations.

    6. Upon further reflection- This one time I’m going to attempt to help you see the light.
      We all say stupid things from time to time and catch flak for it but, you actually took the time to type that shit out and thought someone would take it seriously.
      If you’re stupid enough to come around asking for it, don’t get mad when somebody gives it to you.

          1. Creating memes – blue pill and omega past-time.
            Claiming to be a “Confederate” – even more so.

              1. Give it time and this little fragile flower will blossom into full retardation.
                Why do I still have a TV when I have we have Kernsey.

              2. To be fair, if you have AIDS, sex is probably painful.

              3. Somebody brainwashed the living hell out of me then, I can’t imagine the damage I’m doing to myself without realizing it.

            1. Nah, father of three, despite being an insufferable cunt, actually had some brains in his head which he was, unfortunately, using for cuntishness. Kersey here has no brains in his head…just a big petri dish of aids

      1. “If you’re stupid enough to come around asking for it, don’t get mad when somebody gives it to you.”
        By “it” I assume you mean full blown aids.

            1. You fucker, you lifted my line from Telegram, only with a little modification! Banned!

                  1. I like my women like I like my coffee, overprice and burnt (I go to starbucks)

                    1. gotta run in 5 minutes so let me give you the ones I had left over.
                      I like my coffee like I like my women – bitter and fair trade
                      I like my coffee like I like my women – without 1000 dicks in it
                      I like my coffee like I like my women — imported from third world countries and at a reasonable price.
                      I like my coffee like I like my women — anally

                    2. “I like my coffee like I like my women — imported from third world countries and at a reasonable price.”


          1. Right click on image, copy image location. Reply to post. Right click, paste inside text box.

            Damn dude, do I have to do everything for you?

            1. huhuhuhuhuh!
              I used to save them as, then re-upload them! You just freed up my day somethin’ considerable!

    7. Mr. Kersey, may I call you Paul? Dude, you really need to calm down a bit, if not, just for the sake of your health. Myself, I could care less about somebody’s race, whether their gay or straight, whatever. Hell, I have no idea what Stormfront is and I really don’t understand the ((( ))). For me, everything’s based on merit.

      I’ve been reading and randomly commenting on ROK for maybe a year and a half and what I’ve witnessed is a pretty wide range of commentary, with much of it insightful and quite hilarious. I carry a pretty heavy work load most of the time, and I’ve come to rely on many of these comments to provide a much-needed laugh.

      I’ve never been offended by anybody‘s comments, and if something doesn’t interest me, I just move on. Matter of fact, on more than one occasion, my wife has walked into my office while the comments were on my screen and all I would hear is a loud laugh followed by her shaking her head at the comments. My wife is a pretty traditional girl, and if she’s not offended, I really don’t see the reason for you to be so sensitive. It’s really nothing more than a bunch of guys, breakin’ balls, talking the way guys talk. Take a deep breath, everything will be ok.

  14. Everything here today was flowing along smoothly until that jungle rot AIDS guy came along and tried to derail it. Those Haitians gotta stop dropping deuces on the sidewalk.

      1. His name is Robert Paulson
        His name is Robert Paulson
        His name is Robert Paulson

    1. This site was a decent one until you and your fellow ROK-rejects turned it into Stormfront 2.0.

      1. The only person here who has said anything about race, is you.

        Jesus loves you, dude. Which is good, because at least somebody does.

        1. Refer to your own comments (this time as “Hipponax” and “Ainigmaris Thales”). Some Stormfuckery right there.
          The one Roosh V probably got tired of. Hence your ban.

          1. Ainigmaris isn’t banned.

            Attention to details child. Attention to details.

              1. You really are sad, man. I mean it, really sad. You stalk me for months, then try to destroy a light hearted thread with your thin skinned internet-rage.

                You have no idea or concept of humor or how to shrug off other guys calling you funny things, which indicates to me severe impairment of social skills that I’m betting directly translate to real life. My guess, and it’s rather well educated, is that you do not and have never gotten along with people, that you’ve always been an outcast in your real world life, and that you rage against the world for not understanding you, all the while doing everything in your power to make yourself as completely socially isolated as humanly possible. This is why you stalk others on the internet, and maybe, and I’m not going too far out on a ledge here, in real life as well.

                In short, it would not surprise me to see your name in national headlines on some future date, with police raiding your refrigerator and hauling out fifteen dismembered human bodies.

                Get help Please.

        2. I wonder if he is the kind that dances or if he is of the dog and cardboard sign variety? Clearly a casualty of mental illness and delusion. Why argue with the homeless neerdowell ranting on the train? Fighting with them has been known to spread AIDs

          1. Oh shit, I hadn’t considered Rhetorically Transmitted Diseases until now. Damn. I need tested for AIDS, ASAP!

        1. Don’t say nobody has warned you.
          Roosh got rid of the Stromcucks. He sent them all to you and you naively welcomed them.
          You will need to ban a hell a lot of them to clean up your website.

          1. You’re the only one bringing up race. Dude.

            We’re all on the same off site channel and some of us have even met others in real life. You are literally (Hitler) barking up the wrong tree. Are you really this dense that you insist on making yourself the fool with every single post?

          2. I’ve been closely monitoring the comments and there’s been no Stormcuckery going on here nor would I allow it, if it did. This site serves 2 purposes:
            1. To discuss marriage/fatherhood through a RP lense.
            2. To allow guys a place to shoot the shit.
            To date, I have not actually banned anyone from this site as I appreciate the need for guy’s to joke around and enjoy some camaraderie with likeminded men. The only downer who’s been bringing up the Stormcucks has been you. If you can’t A) discuss the topics presented in the article and/or B) just sit back and enjoy the back and forth in the comments section without getting your panties in a twist, I might have to rethink my position which would be a shame.
            Also, no one cares that you think GOJ and Hipponax are the same person. NO ONE. You’ve said your piece, now shut up about it.

            1. Since you are one of the moderators. Let me make my position clear.
              You can ban me from the site. I won’t be back here, or even asking you to let me back. I do have
              GOJ would. He has been whining and bitching about his ban here for nearly two days. He even posted his alleged vulgar messages he sent to Roosh – and was surprised he was not let back in.
              Look, some of us had been red-pilled long before ROK even came along. I am one of them. I also believe red-pilled is a universal truth that has no ethnic/linguistic/religious boundaries. A real red-pilled alpha male cannot be a racist. A real red-pilled men won’t blame Black people/Jewish people/ Martians /Illuminati etc for all problems. A real red-pilled man has no problem with mixed marriages (interracial if you like).
              In a few comments on thread a commenter “just want to make sure to use the correct racial slur”. That is the kind of Stromfuckery I was referring to. If you are fine with this kind of attitude and behaviour, it is your decision.
              Since you site claim to represent red-pilled truth – at the very least you should ensure that you don’t let it being hijacked by racist. You may ignore it know, but it is only going to get worse. Before long, the comment section will constantly resemble a Stormfront forum. Is that what your intention was when creating this site? I am sure it wasn’t.
              I rest my case.

              1. Really dude, if you don’t lighten up you’re going to bust a spring or something.

                1. I’m about to the point that I’m considering driving the dude into a rage so that he beats his cat. Assuming it isn’t stuffed and mounted on his nightstand, beside the freezer that contains the dismembered human body parts. Because crazy people sleep next to freezers. With stuffed cats.

              2. The one person who takes one of my comments seriously is this crazy fuck. It was a joke, you addle-brained sperg.

                1. Good jokes should not be offensive.
                  That’s the difference between a person with a light sense of humour and an unmitigated a**hole such as yourself.

                    1. Two factors:
                      Knowing one’s audience and delivery, both kind of difficult on the internet. But, since we’re not face-to-face and we’re without nuance of voice, body-language, etc. we have to assume that any perceived insults are facetious or ironic in nature, and not intended to harm.

                      OR, as Archie Bunker once said: “Sticks and stones my break my bones, but you’re one dumb Polak!”


                    2. Try calling a Polish man in London, Uk a “dumb Polak” and don’t apologize. It may not end well for you.
                      It is easy to be a tough guy online…it is different in real life.
                      But, of course, how would you know.that. You have no life offline.

                    3. Again, to my first point I would never attempt this with a stranger. A certain understanding must first exist, aka “knowing your audience”. Part of the charm of this and former comments sections is that there is an implied familiarity wherein we all grant the right to one another to cross lines we’d never allow a stranger to cross in real life.

                    4. nah, I think the best jokes ARE offensive- makes you get out of your comfort zone…

                    5. Offensive or not, the crux of any joke is exhibition of the absurd, that one element of the story blown waaaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion.

              3. Do you know why Stormfront is Stormfront? Because they post racial articles. This site isn’t going to become Stormfront because someone makes a fucking joke. If you don’t like the comments section, don’t read it. Stay or go, I don’t really care, but enough of your tinfoil hat conspiracies about GOJ and Hipponax, talk about Stormfront, and general bitchy attitude about guys joking around.

                1. I thought you were wiser that that.
                  You though ROK’s loss (banned commeneters) would be your gain.
                  It would be the other way around. These guys will bring your site down if you let them.

                  1. Says the person who’s hung up on the GOJ/Hipponax conspiracy with zero actual evidence and a whole slew of guys who can attest to the contrary.
                    Sorry if your admonishment doesn’t cut me that deep.

                    1. Oh, whatever you say.
                      I was trying to help you with some advice as a fellow red-pilled men, but you instead side with the Stormcucks to gain more readership.
                      Whatever, man. Ban me from your side if you like.
                      I am done.

                    2. Wasn’t it you who suggested everyone would hate it if you wrote an article on Hatian chicks? And in a moment of sincerity, I do recall at least GOJ and myself urging you to write it, believing we would find it at least mildly interesting? We were being serious.

                      If my memory here isn’t faulty, then yours is awfully selective.

                    3. That’s correct. At one time I thought he was actually serious and wasn’t what he’s morphed into. My bad.

                    4. Porcer – I clearly remember that. However, encouragement from GoJ is not something I would call “genuine”.

                    5. Honestly, I can’t immediately recall the last time I’ve seen him use a slur. I don’t know what it is you find so disingenuous. The picture you’ve built up in your mind isn’t quite reflective of the full truth.

                    6. I don’t. He has this huge conspiracy built up in his mind about a lot of us here. The light may be on at the patio, but ain’t nobody home.

                    7. I know, I’m just hedging a bit, in case of that one isolated example, where you might have even been quoting someone else, and I missed it, but Kersey saw it, misinterpreted it, and got fixated on it, and assigned you blame for every evil racially motivated interaction in the history of the universe. That’s all.

                    8. You may also remember that before ROk turned into a KKK meeting, my comments occasionally got upvotes from no other than Roosh himself, as well as bem, EnglishBob, Psquare and jz95 who used to respected regulars there at some point.

                    9. You are the only one obsessed about race. Notice that?

                    10. No call for such comments on a father/married redpill site. Dude is really drowning here.

                    11. I’m only online every few days, so take that into account for the following…

                      From what I remember of (name redacted so he doesn’t appear like a gremlin), he would show up spouting racist stuff while calling everyone else racist. Kind of amusing really. There were some commenters (and articles I’m afraid) hung up on the white stuff or Jews-Are-Responsible-For-Every-Bad-Choice-in-my-Life but those commenters don’t seem to have made their way over here that I’m aware of. 😀

                    12. used to be? still are… Bob & Psquare at least

                      only bem & jz95 are banned, and bem deserved it! (sorry bem ol’ pal had to sink the slipper in)

                    13. FIY, Porcer…the article on Haiti is ready.
                      I was planning to post it here. However, since the ROK-rejects took over this site, too, publishing that article is not even a remote possibility now. Maybe on another website…

                    14. I’m going to do the cruelest thing in the world to you Kersey. I’m going to ignore you. Like everybody in real life does.

                      Good bye Kersey.

                    15. Unlike you, I have a family in real life.
                      I don’t need to be online constantly to connect with people.
                      What happened here today, you were solely responsible for it.
                      I just ensured you wouldn’t degrade this site to the level you and your friend did with ROK (and got banned for it). At the very least , the site owner/moderators will be aware of your true agenda.
                      I know you will ignore me..until the the next time you get banned and will bring up my name as a counter-example.
                      I gotta go…Unlike you, Ic an spend quality time with my family.
                      Goodbye, loser boy.

                    16. I have to say you are one of the more sensible commenters around here. Don’t get yourself banned.

                  2. I think I get your angle now. See, you could be over at ROK, free from me and my 15 distinct personalities and posting handles and commenting to the four people who still are not banned there, but instead you come over here to draw as much attention to yourself as possible.

                    It all makes sense now.

                    You’re lonely in real life aren’t you Kersey? You really want attention don’t you? Do you feel isolated sometimes? Like the world is against you and you don’t want to deal with it any longer? Do you desperately crave people talking to you, even if it’s to mock you, because at least that’s some kind of human interaction? Do you have a void in your life, Kersey, did you lose somebody or something special and can’t bring yourself to bear to break out of the depression? Do you need help, man? Do you need help?

                    1. After 10 months of my presence at ROK, I posted 478 comments.
                      You posted over 46 000.
                      You are lonely and in need of attention, not me.

                    2. Actually I’m working from home and bored shitless for eight hours a day. It’s either this, or finding new ways to sneak up on my (unstuffed) cat and poke it with a fork. It gets cross when I do that, so I stick to posting on the interwebs. You’d love to have a job like this, once you get out of the institution. It’s good fun.

                    3. Yes, admitting that I have an 8 hour a day work from home job instantly indicates that I have no life. How did I not see this sooner?

                      Why do you need attention from me Kersey? Do you have anybody you can turn to in real life? You know, a shoulder to lean on? Somebody you can talk to and confide in? Even a basic level of real human interaction? Or are you lonely, man? No, I get it, there’s no shame in that. Lonliness. Alone. A dark room, nobody to talk to, desperately swinging out into the void, hoping that you can connect, even in a bad way, with other human beings. It’s all right man. It’s all right.

                    4. Says the guy who has been whining for two days like a teenage girl to Daryush Valizadeh to let him comment on his website again.,,
                      Give me a break. It is you who is lonely and needs help.

                    5. I haven’t asked to be reinstated there. I’d actively turn down the offer if Roosh proffered one. I’m just keeping track of those being banned and laughing at him.

                      You really have no attachment to reality. Loneliness does that to a man. Disconnects him from the world, from life. From everything, leaving him in a small room with a small lamp staring at the walls, in silence, as the world outside passes by without noticing him.

                    6. Thats not what your comments said. Be honest, at least once in your miserable life.
                      You admitted you have no wife/girlfriend. Rural Ohio has some of the fattest and ugliest white women out here, and even they don’t an you, yet you call them “Viking Pincesses”. Considering you are a closet gangbanger, (you accuse everyone of being one and having aids) you probably blow older, balding member of the local biker gang in some bar’s backroom in exchange of some rocks of meth, you perverted hillbilly fuck, just to ease your isolation and connect with other human being. Thats probably what you do.

                    7. I’m not arguing with you because you’re irrational and you just want more attention.

                      Because you’re alone, aren’t you Kersey? Alone, isolated, nobody to talk to. Who do you connect with in real life man? Anybody? Do you connect with anybody, at all? Does anybody even say hi to you in the morning? What do you wake up to ever morning? A loving face next to yours? A gentle kiss on the lips? No? Why not? Why are you trying to fill the void in your soul here, by making people hate you? So alone….so alone…

                    8. I can tell when people hit a spot in your psyche, because that is precisely the thing you say every single time. Which ironically….

                      So alone aren’t you Kersey? Nobody…..near you…reaching out…nobody for you to reach out to…alone…silent room….void…

                    9. Angry at the world but just so shy. Screaming in the darkness out of fear, anger and the void of melancholy his pathetic life has become yet no one listens. Another wasted opportunity at human communication ends every page in his twisted raving diary. I am Jack’s (kersey’s) heart

                    10. And here I am thinking a nice suggestion would be to just kind of hit the reset button, wipe the slate clean, give everyone a second chance, really look and pay attention, …

                    11. Take a walk, sleep on it, clear your head, you know, whatever the fuck might get us past this .. insanity.

                    12. If implicit in your question is that the Ukrainian Super-AIDS thing goes away, then no. At this point, your options are to either own it, or take a vacation and come back with a new identity that includes a sense of humor.

                  3. Kersey, it’s time for me to finally admit it. Yes, I am GoJ. I am also Hipponax. I’m also bem and Jak. I’m UnreconstructedConfederate, Beartastic, cheeseburger, and The Champion. I’m Unabashed, Tom Arrow, lolknee, Clark Kent, Bob Smith, and Corkscrew Captain. It’s true, oh it’s true. I’m actually every poster currently posting on AKC. Everyone who posts here is me.

                    But there’s more. I’m actually also every commenter at RoK. Yes, every single one of them is me. The cool ones, the shifty ones, the white ones, the black ones, the chicks, the dudes, the SJWs, the anti-SJWs… all me. It’s true.

                    But even more than that, I’m every commenter on every website. Stormfags, Jezebel, Wall Street Journal… its all me. Just one guy, posting over and over again. The only other person on the entire internet is…. you.

                    And one more thing…

                    Take a deep breath, cause this is a big one…

                    Open the door, get on the floor, everybody do the dinosaur…

                    1. Well, yeah, but, I’m the only one with plausible deniability. Who in their right mind would assume his identity?

                    2. Just trolling a little bit, of course I’ve heard of it. But honest truth, I can’t remember ever seeing it. I don’t think I have. The name reference and the picture aren’t familiar to me.

                    3. Funny, I remember at the time thinking “He’s a good actor”. Then it turns out, he wasn’t acting…

                    4. I think he was a good actor because he was able to convince himself that he actually was the guy he was playing. The only problem is, as he kept taking on new characters and convincing himself he was these different people, he eventually just went batshit insane because he is like 47 different people at one time.

                    5. He went completely sideways as a result of a motorcycle accident during Predator 2. By all measures, he should’ve died. But his drug abuse didn’t help any…

                    6. No, it’s perfect, hardly anybody cites Lethal Weapon any longer.

                    7. I try to be nice, and suddenly you violently assault me with hate speech for no reason.

                    8. Well, it looks like you’ve actually learned how to spell it, so maybe there is a little hope for you. Maybe.

                2. I’m honestly surprised Stormfront is still around while the Daily Stormer is down. I guess Stormfront doesn’t hold enough sway these days.

              4. Actually at this point I’m just keeping tally of who else is being banned and laughing at Roosh.

                I do have GOJ would.

                Well that settles it! I think! Assuming that was English!

                Go home man. Just go home. You’re really, really getting sad now. Go soothe yourself with the dismembered body parts in your deep freezer. Or whatever it is you do.

                1. Yes, focus on typing errors. ( I am using a tablet)That’s the only thing you are good at.
                  You unmitigated childish idiot.

                  1. I am suing a tablet

                    Given how it keeps fucking up your posts, you probably should.

                    1. A tablet… at the greyhound station off the wifi from the coffee shop he got BANNED from. Over there by the garbage can he uses as a freezer and bathroom.

                    2. You painted a really nice picture there man. I can practically smell the urinals in the distance.

                    3. Those are his too. Don’t even mention that you looked at them or it’ll trigger another bout of bumrage

                    4. My comments about the urinal cakes needing replaced shall remain forever unspoken, good sir.

                    5. Every time a urinal is missing its cake just know Kersey is combating bigotry and those damn garbage men one “white guilt cake” bite at a time.

            2. They can’t be the same guy. GOJ is fine upstanding christian gent, whereas Hipponax is a notorious anti-semite and holocaust denier

            3. “Stormcuckery”. I like it!

              Of course it’s funnier for me because I don’t have a clue in hell what the heck Stormfront even is.

          3. Most of the people here are virulently against Stormcuckery, it’s generally a cop-out for one’s own failings, to blame the Jews, or the Blacks, and whatnot. Or a way of trying to associate yourself with something that makes you feel more important.

      2. I found this site only a few days before you.
        people you dislike have been here for months apparently
        accuse people you dont like of X Y and Z in hopes of getting them banned

        honestly man, youve been given many chances across multiple sites- why not just start your own so you can wield Mjolnir?

        1. For everybody’s education, there is a neat “Block” feature that you can access beside a user name by clicking on the Down Arrow next to his post. Not saying you should or shouldn’t, I’m just putting it out there.

      3. In the past I made a personal commitment not to argue or troll on the internet and today I slipped, for my pennace I’m going to write on the blackboard one hundred times-
        But, you make it so easy, it’s like leaving an alcoholic to guard the still while thinking he won’t have a nip for himself.

  15. So how do you guys go from posting one article on July 24th with 13 comments and then zero until August 16th, at which the commentariat suddenly grows exponentially until today you’ve got 563 comments and rising?


      1. Finally, someone who speaks the truth, without irony!. Thank you Ainigmaris, for breaking Omerta

        1. Yes, we’re the Illuminati, the Mafia, Majestic 12, the Clintons, and the nWo (WCW version, not the WWF version) all wrapped into one.

                  1. That is actually a very true statement. Only the moment anyone believes you are a serious clown the jester suit falls right off

                    1. Has it occurred to you: maybe there’s no-one on the internet (and this is all part of an elaborate ghost story)?

                    2. No, but it has occurred to me that the Lone Ranger uses only silver bullets because he thinks the whole world has syphilis.

                    3. Never found Lenny Bruce funny. But then I didn’t know then that the man was just speaking truth

            1. Actually we’ve all been banned over at ROK over the last week or two. I’m as wierded-out as you are.

              1. I’m not wierded out. You guys need to stop with all the racism and anti-semitism. I’m sure you warned you

                  1. why do all you guys take screen captures of yourself getting banned.

                    But that wasn’t the post that got you banned, assuming there was one in particular. Out of interest do you think that post would have got you banned? Moreover, I don’t even see how a post about jew hegemony would even be relevant to what we were talking about …although I might have to refresh my memory on that

                    1. What was anti-Semitic about that post? The part where he says he’s staunchly anti-Nazi?

                    2. I didn’t use those words did I. I said I don’t how a post about (alleged) jew(ish) hegemony would even be relevant to what we were talking about

                    3. I think it’s something to do with the jews. At least that’s what I read on the ADL website

                  2. Dammit, I’ve scrolled past this post 3 times now and hit the “Show 1 new reply” each bloody time. HAHA!

                    Maybe… it’s time for me to move away from the computer. Slowly. 😀

                  1. That is what I was trying to imply. I was running to my home to tell my mom on you, because you’re me. Right? Shit now I’m confused.

        1. To be fair, about half of those comments came from a certain unnamed poster having a giant sperg meltdown.

          1. Why unnamed? That’s basically the answer to part of the question.

            Q: Why so many comments today?
            A: Kersey showed up.

            1. Because if you say his name like 2 or 3 times in a row, he’ll show back up and start shitting all over everything again.

              1. Ohh…. I remember (name redacted) now! Yes, all those crazy posts… and now they’re here too.

                He’s kind of like of those evil things from fairy tales. Say his name 3 times and he appears. 😀

            1. Right. But do really think that I/we are capable of organizing anything more complex than a ham sandwich?

                    1. I may hold you to that. Remember I can see into a man’s heart. I hope that isn’t a gay thing

                    2. You’re not an expert on pretty gays. I guess that means you’re an expert on the pig ugly ones

                    3. I admit to being Irish and proud. As opposed to being gay bear loving and proud as in your case

                    4. Your lack of classic movie knowledge will be your undoing, Young Skywalker. And I’ve never had sexual relations with a male bear.

                    5. Then you have never lived!

                      (Apparently. I wouldn’t know obviously. But that’s what gay bears tell me when I’m trying to convert them and save their immortal souls)

    2. I’m sure the guys a AKC would be happy to do consulting on how they grow their site at such an exponential rate. Have Roosh contact a site admin and discuss a consultation fee. Also, if ROK wants to advertise on a site with a readership and active comment section I’m sure he can get in. He can be the Mike Chang of this site

      1. Well, that’s probably the most serious post you’ve ever made mate. Just an observer, but I did notice it go from 0-60+ in a preternaturally rapid way. That doesn’t normally happen.

        1. It happened because the people who were posting a ton on RoK everyday were all banned. They still wanted to post, but they couldn’t post there anymore. So they came here to post. That’s why the RoK comments are down but the AKC comments are up. If RoK had never banned them all, they’d still be posting there. It’s really pretty simple.

                1. It’s a line from one of the greatest movies ever made: True Romance.

                  EDIT: But you’d think it was racist or some shit.

          1. That’s pretty much it. No grand scheme or conspiracy. Just saw ROK banning all their commenters so we dropped a line and invited them all to talk freely here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to log back into my Hipponax/GOJ/Thales accounts.

        2. God you are a whiny little shit. I really thought a lot higher of you for a while möbius but I’m really starting to get the feeling that my idealism got in the way of my rational mind and a lot of people I had thought were decent men were really just a bunch of bitches.

          Anyway, thanks for the lulz and I’m sure the guys here appreciate the clickz.

          1. yeah, sure, but I could say the same – about the idealism I mean. Does idealism just mean what you think is right? Because I still believe in debate, in free speech; in the clash of ideas. You and ROK worked well together: because it was two fronts colliding. I believe in moving the debate on. Do you?