Moving Beyond the Basics

An apt comment from one our readers spurred me into digging into this topic a little further since it ties in really well with my post on Transcending the Red Pill:

You’ll find no end to sites within the manosphere that discuss topics like making money, lifting weights, and learning game.  Sadly, there aren’t many sites that go beyond the basic, superficial uses of these concepts and apply them more broadly.

In fact, many of the concepts widely discussed around the manosphere share intimate ties with the 48 Laws of Power.  Study them, and your understanding of the basic principles will deepen.

An analogy I like to use to further illustrate the concept of applying these principles is comparing the individual skills to tools.  Everyone knows what the common use for a hammer is, but are you limiting it’s use to JUST that?  What other uses can you find for it?  The more uses your can find for each of your tools (ie – skillsets), no matter how trivial they might seem, the more prepared you are for any situation that might arise.

A hammer, screw, and screwdriver…or a way to open the bottle of wine?

As I am wont to do, I’m going to bring up martial arts as we dig deeper into this topic.  In my primary style, Taekwondo, we often throw a curveball at our newer students.  We’ll demonstrate a down block to them and then ask them if we just performed a block or a strike.  Immediately the response is “a block.”

The truth is, it’s only a block if you intended for it to be a block.

Your goals and intent will largely shape how you use the basic skills you learn on many of these manosphere sites.  Just like the revelations I had when I started incorporating Aikido into my Taekwondo training, your mind will begin to swim with possibilities the first time you use the principles of frame NOT to pick up a woman at the bar, but rather to close a deal at work or get a huge discount on a big purchase, like a car.

Transcending the basics of Red Pill philosophy is a personal journey that is going to look different for each person depending on a range of criteria including, but not limited to:

  • Current job/career
  • Married/Single
  • Kids/No kids
  • Financial situation
  • Short-term/Long-term goals
  • “Enjoy the decline” outlook or seeking to better the world

So how do you go about accomplishing this?  Primarily trial and error, I’m afraid.  There’s no step-by-step instruction manual for learning how to apply these principles on deeper and broader levels.

What CAN help you on your way is to continue reading various sites within the manosphere and try to glean different perspectives on the same topics.  Another approach I personally employ is to read books like The 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, The Art of War, and The Nine Laws and begin creating links between the teachings in each book and the RP philosophies as a whole.

This is a process of regular introspection and taking what you have learned and examining it from every angle.

This is possibly why most manosphere sites only focus on the basics and avoid digging deeper into these principles.  The deeper you dig, the more confusing and jumbled things become and it’s often easy to get lost in the weeds.

Like a set of tangled Christmas lights, you must slowly and methodically work your way through this in order to have an end product that is useable.

The long and short of this article is that there is no how-to manual that spells every little bit out for you.  I’m sure the comments section will be full of examples from our readers (in fact I hope it will be), but what works for one person might now work for another.

  1. Learn the theories.
  2. Apply them.
  3. Master them.
  4. Find new ways to apply them.
  5. Rinse and repeat Steps 2-4.

Be patient and forgiving with yourself as you learn to walk and then run.

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Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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      1. Oh, it’s quite English. The thing is you’re going to find far more “traditional” English spoken in America now than you’d find in England. During the late 1700’s through the 1800’s the English literati and intellectuals seemed to be steering the language towards a more French friendly direction, which resulted in a lot of the older, more Germanic Saxon words falling out of use. As an example, pick up and read, if you have the stomach for it, the reprehensible story Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. She may as well have started adding “le/la/les” articles to the sentences to replace “the” as she was trying so hard to make her language use nearly French in nature.

        The thing is, this was *not* happening in the U.S. and Canada, so we retained a lot of the more Germanic/archaic words (yonder, ye, wont, betwixt, etc) and use them to this day, especially in the more rural areas of our nations. And while they may sound hilljack/hillbilly to the uneducated ear (irony!) they are in fact likely far closer to our original Saxon tongue than anything you’re going to hear in mainstream England in 2017.

  1. “most manosphere sites only focus on the basics and avoid digging deeper into these principles.” Can you really call yourself a manosphere website is you haven’t talked about the jews?

        1. It’s not me. Perhaps it’s Disqus implementing new policies to crack down on “thoughtcrimes.” With all the craziness going on between sites being shut down, YouTube demonetizing channels, and Disqus, it’s within the realm of possibility he’s getting flagged by some new algorithm.

    1. It’s a global corporate conspiracy spending millions of dollars and thousands of man hours solely to ensure that you don’t post shit on this website. Fight the power. Post shit anyway. I believe in you.

            1. Better yet, you can vehemently deny being an ‘insider’, shame your accusers as being ‘conspiritards’, and pick up your check as usual for a job well done.

              1. I imagine those checks are piling up in some station locker or mail box I don’t know about. I wonder if I have a new world order pension scheme too

                1. That’s right, you know nothing about it, I see.

                  Maybe you’re being set up as a patsy – beware of the Oswald treatment…

    2. I have had non-controversial posts randomly flagged as spam in the past by disqus on other sites. It seemed to be the length of the comment that triggered it. After having posted a few hundred comments it seems to have stopped.

  2. Jak, great article.
    I really like how its forward thinking and moving.
    No whining about past bs.

    How long have you trained in tkd?
    I trained for many years. It was instrumental in my growth.

      1. I was a black in ATA TKD before I started to understand the philosophy of martial arts. After that, it became just a sport to me.

        Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s not what I was looking for.

      1. as the prez of the duran duran fan club, I thought you woulda told him to dance into the fire

  3. For the record, the post that inspired this article was just a response to a truly brilliant post by me… so I’m taking all the credit for this.

    1. You say that as if you are not every single Disqus account on the internet.

  4. Red Pill is universal wisdom. However, the practicalities of it may be (and should) be slightly different for each and everyone of us. It depends on you age, priorities, income and many other things.The “theory” of RP can be thought – however the practical adaptation of it to your life (and the benefits that it could bring) entirely depends on you and the ward work you are willing to put into it.I would advise to younger, recently red-pilled men: do not get stuck in the first-stage of being red-pilled. (“The anger-stage”). It may seem very tempting to put the blame on the system/certain group of people for being misled for so long, for your wasted years and so on. Stay away from politics. (mainstream or underground). Don’t waste your time with people who encourage you stay in the “Anger-stage”. They are likely to try and manipulate you to do something you should not.
    The red-pill philosophy can only make a difference if you adapt it into your life. it’s a long process – like most important things, it requires consistent effort – but it is well worth the effort.

    1. “Stay away from politics.”

      Politics is highly unlikely to stay away from you. It’s the attitude towards politics that matters

      1. I was simply warning against certain individuals and groups that claim to be red-pilled but suspiciously are vocal about their support for one political group or another.
        Having clear political views is ok.
        However, getting too passionate about politics and actively getting involved with one side or another is really blue pill and omega…The same goes for the racialist and anti-Semitic non-sense that is still being pushed by some people in the Manosphere. (People who claim to be red-pilled but in reality are far from it.)

        1. It doesn’t hurt to keep some distance from politics, and from the fray more generally. I’d say the red pill is more an attitude and approach to the world and to knowledge, but equally it does perhaps have a history and a content. Certain claims about how the world has changed, and how that came about is part of that.

          1. Let me explain it to you in two simple examples.
            1. Uphelding conservative principles in your life and choosing your future wife and the mother of your future children (travelling abroad in the process if necessary). Yes, that is a RP philosophy in practice.
            2. Getting excited about Trump being elected? Openly supporting lunatics such as the Alt-Right? That is definitely not Red Pill. That is as blue pill as it can get.

            Go the point now?

            1. Well no. 1 is fair enough, but with respect to no.2 you’re getting hung up on the particular content of the politics in question. Now, Trump may not be the neo-masculine messiah that was foretold in the book of daniel or whatever but if for instance you were concerned with title IX issues in education or any other variety of progressive attack, which is political by nature, then pumping up the Trump vs Hillary vote might be considered judicious. Radical feminism, and the elite push towards gender neutrality hasn’t just happened, it’s a result of political artifice and intense campaigning. Why should the red pill movement simply lay down arms at the first sight of the approaching army of the dead? Seems irresponsible to me

              1. Sound post Mobius, people can’t divorce from politics as their environment is shaped by the powers in charge.
                This pessimism sounds like old man talk or bored lady chatter. Giving up is for people whose dick doesn’t get hard anymore, and that is just people who don’t care about the future.

                1. I think Mobius understood my point perfectly judging by his last reply.
                  I have two children – of course I care about the future. Probably a lot more than you do.
                  However, unlike many commenters, I simply don’t believe that voting Trump into the White House or supporting the Alt-Right automatically guarantees a positive change and better future in the US and elsewhere.
                  The Red-Pill truth should not be hijacked by any political power. That’s my opinion.

                  1. Truth is the heart of the red pill. I find that we are, as the ancients, on a quest of uncovering truth and applying it to our lives.

                    I would love to see truth in politics. Truly, I would. 99.99% of everything done in politics or sold to the masses is based on half-truth, outright lies, and obfuscation (e.g. “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it”). Plain truth would reveal many such acts to be ill-conceived, downright deleterious, or broadly unnecessary.

                    Political entities govern our lives, and there’s not much sign of that changing any time soon. I think a hidden third-party could change the game – a coalition of red-pill oriented men on both sides of the political aisle whose connections are not revealed until we get the numbers and start moving to simplify our system of laws and governance with plain-spoken English. Anything less than that will be slow and prone to being waylaid.

                  2. Not one person with 2 brain cells more than the average, which is most of you here, puts their hope in Trumps’ election into the WH will change much in the world. A RPed dude would be aware of the political apparatus and it;s workings and the difficulty a less than well connected President would face in promulgating legislature.
                    As for the alt right they are a bunch of whinos who shot themselves in the foot and were destines to be but a smidge on the political scene.
                    Had this intern sitting across from me who read right leaning papers in the form of a screen print as to not give them advertising revenue and boycotted any companies which were against her agenda. She made a point of spending her cash in places which were in accordance with her political agenda. This is only a step in the right direction. Myself, I would not be buying an Audi but look at a jap car in the future.

                2. finally, someone I can agree with. Political engagement has never been more urgent. The sword of disqus must be pulled from the stone.

                  1. There’s politics, and then there’s pop-politics. I don’t think anybody here is saying *all* politics are unimportant, but rather, that pop-politics are unimportant. You can listen to the radio or read your favorite website and they literally churn out scandal after scandal that they whip their readers/listeners into for a week, then move on to the next topic, and within two weeks the original “scandals” are long forgotten. That’s the kind of nonsense we should avoid, hell, everybody should avoid because end of the day it’s just a silly shiny bauble used to distract the semi-awake masses from what’s actually going on behind the scenes. This is entirely different from *real* politics, in regard to what bills are being proposed, passed or defeated, or what very real executive orders/laws are coming down the pike along with the hows and whys of such things. This latter, I submit, is in fact quite important.

                    1. a fair distinction in the main, although I would say the politics that the “manosphere” usually focuses upon typically eschews pop politics anyway, but doesn’t limit itself to the or mainstream variety that gets discussed in legislatures or in the media. Rather it focuses on whatever is relevant to modern men, particularly the massive “progressive” social engineering projects designed to radically transform the institutions of family, gender, nation etc.

                    2. I think that some manosphere politics go really off base and end up being little more than either constant whigning, or intense navel gazing. Politics is relevant if there is a way to solve whatever the issue is at hand I think, but irrelevant if it is little more than finger pointing at whatever group/party one feels a victim of while making no concrete and realistic suggestions for solving the issue at hand. Identify/blame politics might be minutely useful once or twice if somebody doesn’t “know the problem” but when it becomes 24/7/365 of blame game and self victimization it gets real tiring, real fast.

                    3. I understand where you’re coming from. It is possible to succumb to an other-blaming attribution style, which will reflect upon the individual rather than on reality. Red pill politics on the other hand is always about identifying issues accurately and hopefully fairly. If a perception is wrong, or even unhelpful – for pragmatics are at the heart of realism – then that can be addressed within the context of the red pill. I disagree with Marx: understanding the world is a form of action and if you like praxis in its own right.

                    4. That’s the beauty of what we’re doing here. While we may be answering questions to problems that many men face in their marriage and raising children, many of the lessons can be applied on a macro scale as well. Looks like it’s about time for me to go back and start addressing more of the 48 Laws of Power in a future article.
                      Move beyond the basics, gentlemen. Sure, we’re talking mainly about marriage here, but what tools are you learning here that you can take and use elsewhere?

      2. EEN rah-sha…..

        I hazard to say RedPill is advocating my position of opting out of PopOutrage, that is, not getting so into politics (as delivered by the media) that it becomes just so much sportsball, that you’re REALLY not involved in, just cheering for differently painted helmets.

          1. If you are referring to NFL, being sport fan is also as blue pill and beta as it can get.
            As it has been said before.
            Are you wearing a wearing a shirt with your favorite football player`s name on the back? Really? What is manly about wearing another man/s name on your back? Nothing really.

                1. fantasy football draft next week- cant wait! get together with the guys, look at nudie magazines, crack some dik jokes

                  1. Well, a Broncos-Raiders game is certainly more real and exciting than the Hillary-Trump debate was. I’ll give you that much.

                1. hes everywhere! I coulda sworn I saw charlie bronson in a tree yesterday- he was flipping me the bird

                  1. I’d paste the Simpsons clip of “Bronson, Missouri”, but I fear it would be like saying Pabst’s name three times….

        1. But it’s all sports. And even if we don’t care particularly for sports, we still have to play. It was feminists who said the sexual is political and not only were they (on that one solitary occasion) right, but moreover the same can pretty much be said about game. Do you really want to stand by while the dark forces of transformation bear down upon you.

            1. well if you think that, then you MUST be a conspiracy theorist. The only way it could be entirely out of our hands is if there was a gigantic all powerful conspiracy running the world, ensuring that democracy was a mere simulation and voting / protesting etc could have no effect whatsoever. Is it entirely out of the hands of the President of the United States (who happens to be my buddy by the way)? Or are you saying he too is a powerless puppet of the sinister shadow government?

              You can’t have it both ways

                1. I am occasionally prepared to entertain the possibility that there may be such a thing as conspiracies of modest size and proportion. You on the other hand clearly believe in the Capital ‘C’, gargantuan, trans-historical conspiracy theories that involve broadcasting thoughts into peoples minds from their TVs and controlling their every action. Otherwise how else could we, perfect specimens of muscular and pro-active masculinity be mere passive observers in the pink haired travesty of modern history?

                    1. well neither really. I don’t actually think you’re a conspiracy theorist. What I’m saying is, if you are really suggesting that we are either individually or in collaboration helpless in the face of the inexorable path of ‘progressive’ progressive, then you would have to be a conspiracy theorist, and a believer in the grandest type of conspiracy at that. Nothing else would remove human agency in the way your comment appeared to suggest.

          1. Politics matter. Arguing about them ad-infinitum online is a waste of time. Much like arguing why your preferred team is better than someone else’s. You’ll probably never change the other person’s mind, just create more animosity between both parties. However actually doing something about your politics when possible is the better path to making change and keeping your sanity.

            As long as this site sticks to working on solutions instead of pointless bitch fests we should all be better for it.

            1. Sure, being a keyboard warrior isn’t quite the same as marching for some cause, but it isn’t just about changing your opponents mind (which as you say for the most part doesn’t happen at least not directly). You can however advance the discourse, hone your own arguments etc, and as some have been reflecting recently sometimes there are battles that can be more effectively fought online in the street.

          2. I do NOT have to play professional football. And I resent your presumption that I do.
            And the ‘dark forces’ can kiss my taint.

            1. In the new world order, everybody will have to play or watch football 24/7. It will be a nightmare for geeks

        2. Sports fans have always confounded me. I mean, on Halloween I’ll dress up as my favorite character from a video game, comic, or novel, but these guys dress up like their favorite sportsballers weekly to shout at the screen during this week’s episode of Sunday Night Sporting Events.

          I can’t see the difference between them and the uber-nerds who waste their lives analyzing Japanese cartoons on YouTube.

          1. I cant get it either – huffing and puffing for some team many members of which are not even from that town.

            I guess sports cheering is a form of misguided nationalism.

      3. True, however being a news junkie doesnt help. I used to spend hours on news sites pumping my brain with whatever was on the media menue that day.

        Now, I just glance over the news titles for a minute and move on.

    2. I hit that stage several years back and it lasted for quite a while. I did a lot of fucking up and stupid shit during that time. Luckily I got through it and life is much better now. When you hit your personal rock bottom and realize that you have, and what it will take to change it, there’s nowhere to go but up.

    3. Getting over the “anger” stage was the hardest for me. Actually took a few years. I used to be constantly triggered by Leftist hypocrisies, lies, manipulations, unfairness, facts distortions, truth concealment and such.

      Then, all of a sudden, I had a Zen moment when I kept seeing everything but became emotionally detached. At the same time I cut my politics info intake by probably two thirds.

      I guess we all go through similar stages, but its a waste of energy to be stuck in the angry mode more than necessary.

  5. I would like to thank to the owner of this website from keeping the content from being overly politicized. Please keep it this way.
    Return of Kings has definitely gone downhill when some of the writers on the site openly started supporting Alt Right and expressed questionable view on certain groups of people.
    Roosh did almost nothing to stop that process. I don’t know what his motivation is. Maybe he hopes that way most of his White supremacist readers won’t object tot he fact that himself as a man of Middle Eastern origin is sleeping with White chicks in Europe.

    1. You’re welcome. We plan on avoiding politics.

      Our goal is to help husbands and fathers be the best leaders of their families that they can be. Politics is a distraction from that goal.

      1. In politics, the players and events keep changing, but the ideas are immortal.

        I agree with your political policy. Reporting on what happened over the weekend in protestor-land or Washington, D.C., is a poor focus for you (and for us, as a community). Rather, we should focus on truth in word and deed (orthodoxy and orthopraxy), and everything else will flow naturally.

        1. I think what we are feeling here is something of a thrust to return to the Red Pill as truth that opens up another person’s mind, rather than forcing your own frame on somebody can calling it “Red Pill truth” (see how I totally made my comment dovetail with the article topic?).

          The fact that Game works *does* have political implications. And the reality is that *we are all subversives.* We’re thought criminals and outlaws against the powers that be.

          Being a good husband and father will take the shape of those politics– being a killer seducer with a ballooning notch count will also flow from that, if desired. But, calling one’s simple opinions (on politics or anything else) “the Red Pill” shuts down the conversation. The Red Pill is not a frame. It’s the wood that we pass to each other to build our own frames that (for the first time) actually fit the pictures we’ve seen all our lives. That’s it’s power. That’s what makes this community strong.

        2. We might cover some ancient political events in the future (think Ancient Greece and Rome) and how they tie into the 48 Laws of Power and masculinity, but I’ll have to do some more reading before tackling such topics. Current politics is too heated and divisive and would detract from what this site is about.

      2. Jak i like your philosophy on keep the politics lite here, leave it to ROK.
        but, there is an article on Roosh’s site that is very relevant to your “Our goal is to help husbands and fathers be the best leaders of their families that they can be.” the article is … “politics is downstream from culture”
        and while i myself have utmost respect for men who marry & have children in OUR CULTURE, it is becoming extremely difficult to accomplish these 2 goals in our countries, due to a government who seems hell bent on preventing these 2 things from happening, surely the men must step back and ask, ‘well why the hell is that?’
        and that inadvertently circles back to politics, sadly.

        1. I agree. I am all for a “live and let live” social construct, but the tribal mentality that is driving politics these days will not allow that especially as it seems the culture is being destroyed with intent. The polticalization of all personal aspects of life, which I believe was an achieved goal of the left, requires you to get political. Brainwashing the youth to loath their parents and themselves, feminist contructed family courts that deprive men of due process, corrupt political class that openly takes foreign bribes (thinly veiled as a charity), etc…

          You may not want to get political, but these days you either submit or fight.

      3. I’m getting an idea of what this site is about now. I thought it was a lifeboat site in case ROK went dark. But this site has been around since February so it’s anchored. The bans were befuddlingly puzzling. The ROK threads must be saved. They are like the old FM morning show I remember in the 90s driving to work only now you get to participate. Aside from that, red pill politics must be imparted to your children. Whenever you have a red pill awakening or realization, share it with your family. Your sons especially should regularly hear you articulate so they have the language to describe how things work politically and observe how authorities and institutions carry out manipulation. It’s good to keep an authoritative frame and preach to your family every so often a sermon on the mount of red pill politics, soapboxing on whatever goings on transpire in your family’s community so your kids will be more empowered to kick ass when necessary, call out and discern the good from the bad, the deception from truth and separate the sh¡† from the shinola.

        Steer your sons into suitable red pill careers and your daughters into red pill wedlock where they can produce red pill progeny for our great green republic! Gone are the days where kids run feral doing as they please. I remember quite a few of my peers back in the 80s telling me their parents let them do whatever they want and girls were picking career choices like they were shopping in a Sears wish catalog. I’m empowered and knowledgable now to face off with the usual figures that I became accustomed to in my youth who would advise and steer youth on different paths away from the father and patriarch. One friend I grew up with who had hard core shitlib parents said his parents told him he could pick whatever religion he wanted. I forget what he picked. It was something Druid/agnostic. It involved swords and medieval weapons so I guess it wasn’t that bad a choice, but that was back in the 80s. Today kids turn to antifa or state-foundation backed sjw religion if they’re not preached red pill politics by their father.

        1. Other than something about tit feeding, that was a great post. Damn I’m glad I heard y’all came here. I’ve been missing your glorious tit feeding rants. Haha

  6. Excellent article. Again! (OK, I admit I find it a little odd to not be Mr. Contrarian here. I’m so used to it. :-D)


    “Like a set of tangled Christmas lights, you must slowly and methodically work your way through this in order to have an end product that is useable.”

    That’s usually when I just say *#$#-it, I’m getting a new one. 😀 (I know, I know, minus points for self-censoring myself. :-D)

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