The 48 Laws of Marriage: Law 6

“We are told to let our light shine, and if it does, we won’t need to tell anybody it does. Lighthouses don’t fire cannons to call attention to their shining – they just shine.”

-Dwight L. Moody

Well gentlemen, it’s been a while since I’ve covered another one of the 48 Laws of Marriage, but here we are again.  Law 6 is a bit of a confusing law to apply to marriage and I will readily admit that it took a bit of thinking of this tool in a different light to figure out how to apply it to marriage.Law 6, courting attention at all costs, ties in very closely to Law 5’s guarding your reputation in that Law 6 aids you in Law 5.  A wife who isn’t thinking about you regularly is a wife who is bored.  A bored wife spells trouble for the marriage.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

Courting attention at all costs?  That doesn’t sound masculine at all.  On the surface, it sounds petty and if we were only looking at this law on a superficial level, you would be right.  The question then becomes one of taking this law and applying it in a way that isn’t petty and effeminate.

To do this, we are going to take a few of the points from this site and dig into them a bit deeper.  For the sake of brevity, we will not be covering all the points that they do, but I encourage you to review all the points they provide and meditate on their meaning and application.

Keep Reinventing Yourself

This is actually another of the 48 Laws that we will cover sometime in the future so I won’t go into many details right now.  Rather, I’m going to focus on the idea of repeatedly reinventing yourself.  How would one go about this without their life being absolute chaos?

First, you must understand that we’re not talking about a complete change every single day.  Some “reinventions” will be seasonal (beard in the fall and winter, clean shaven in the spring and summer) while some may be situational (cleaning up for a big event like a wedding).

Perhaps, you’re a white collar businessman who golfs on the weekends.  What would your wife’s reaction be if one day, you began working on a big project at the house like building a wooden boat by hand?

This small change to your persona will spark a torrent of thoughts in your wife without you ever having to say a word.

“What’s he building?”

“What brought this about?”

“I didn’t know he even liked carpentry or boating!”

“Is he going to take me boating after he’s finished?”

This works best with productive hobbies and pastimes that also create a grand looking end product.  We humans ARE visual creatures after all.

Completing a small model car, no matter how complex it is, doesn’t produce the same awe as something large like a handcrafted boat or learning to fly a ultralight aircraft and taking your Mrs. for a spin 10,000 feet over your city.

Be Unpredictable

Again, this is another law that we’ll cover in the future so let’s flesh out the basics.  When you get home, do you automatically get out of your business clothes and throw on some gym shorts and an old T-shirt?

Why?  Because they’re comfortable?  What if you left your dress clothes on a bit longer and let your wife see her man looking dapper for a bit.  We discussed style a while back in the 12 Levels of Dread series.  If you’re going through all the trouble of dressing up to look good, why not stretch the benefit out a little bit longer when you get home?

Another tactic is to text your wife out of the blue either at work or when you’re on your way home.  Tell her to be in the bedroom and ready for you when you get home.  She might throw some shit tests your way, but just swat them aside.  Stay fun and flirty with it and she’ll won’t be able to wait until you walk through the door.

Make Yourself Appear Larger Than Life

If you’re applying the 12 Levels of Dread to your marriage then you’re already well on your way towards this goal.  A few extra points of advice I will add onto this subject pertain to your mindset.

The first thing is to maintain an aura of calm control, even when things go batshit crazy.  I’ve been complimented on multiple occasions by both my wife and others at how I always seem to be cool as a cucumber even when everything is burning around me.  One guy went so far as to accuse me of being a serial killer due to how unfazed I was when everyone else was losing their shit in stressful situations.

I just smile and take the compliments, but I don’t divulge how I manage to maintain my frame of control.  However, today I’ll let you in on my secret.

Part of it is simply being mindful of my external appearance.  For a long time, I had to “fake it until I make it,” forcing myself to remain calm even if I was freaking out on the inside.  In time, my outer calmness manifested internally and I wasn’t just appearing calm anymore.

The other part was I purposely inserted myself into extremely stressful situations which forced me to act.  Two of my favorite examples of this are competitive fighting and paintball.

Nothing triggers your fight or flight quite like squaring off against someone else in a full-contact match.  It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally grueling!  After a decade of competing, most trivial things stopped triggering my anxiety response.  I would remind myself that I’ve been kicked in the face, throat and groin.  What’s this current situation compared to that?  Asking myself that kept me grounded and things in perspective.

Paintball is similar, if not as serious.  Sure you can leave with a few welts, but there’s little chance of you being knocked out.  Nevertheless, your adrenaline will be pumping and you’ll have to force away the tunnel vision so you can stay aware of your surroundings.  Nothing sucks more than you being so focused on one target in front of you that you miss the guy sneaking around to shoot you in the back.

The second part of appearing larger than life comes in uttering one simple phrase with a caveat: You have to mean it.

I’ll take care of it.

Simple.  Concise. Ambiguous enough to leave the mind wandering.  Don’t ever tell someone you’ll take care of “it” if you actually cannot or have no intention of doing so however.  Be a man of your word – a man of action.

Nothing will impress your wife more than her coming to you with some insurmountable problem and you confidently saying you’ll take care of it and shortly later, the problem is resolved.

To manage this, you will need to have resources.  We ARE discussing the 48 Laws of Power/Marriage after all.  Having many resources at your disposal allows you to exert your power.  Those resources can be money, physical strength, knowledge, or connections.

Don’t make a big deal of it, even if it required tremendous effort on your part.  Smile, tell the person it’s done, and go about your business.  The mystery of how you so effortlessly solved such an exasperating problem will put you in a position of high esteem.


I had to keep some of these topics fairly vague or else risk not having anything to discuss when we get to some of the other laws in the Laws of Marriage series.  If you haven’t read the previous installments in this series, I highly encourage you to do so as these all tie together into an intricate tapestry.  Read, reread, read other interpretations of the 48 Laws, and apply.

Additional Reading

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Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. Excellent article, man! Keep this up and this might become the marriage equivalent of the Ten Commandments of Poon.

    Because this and the levels of dread are a series of articles, I suggest you create a page where all of these articles are available as a collection. Makes it easier for people to find them.

  2. To= preposition- meanings include going toward or until.
    Too= adverb meanings include- additionally or as well as.
    Proofreading, it’s for everyone.

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  3. Nice write up- I reco’d this site to a coupla married guys I know.
    OT- anyone hear about a reality show about getting a green card or getting married in 90 days? I already forgot the name of it. a washed up 42 yr old with 2 teens went to Denmark to meet a 24 yr old dude who coulda been a model…she gets there, she immediately starts acting like a teen girl(and thats when I turned it off).
    this has got to be fake, all scripted?

    1. A television show…scripted? Are you kidding me? No way!

    2. Thanks for recommending our site to others. Hope they jump into the comments section.
      As for your question: I loathe reality TV with the white hot intensity of 1000 suns. I’d rather eat broken glass before watching it. Real? Scripted? I would never care enough to find out.

    3. It’s totally real. They get all the cameras in the perfect spot, storyboard out how they want it to go, film 12 takes of each scene, and then pick the one that looks most “real.”

      1. I know a lot of it is staged, I cant believe the thirst of a young good looking guy, he has to look overseas for a woman?

        1. He’s probably a fag and he thinks this show is good for his career. Or he’s so blue-pill he can’t tie his shoes without asking the laces’ permission, so he dries up every pussy he gets within 10′ of. Who knows?

    4. Sounds very serious. You should dedicate a large chunk of your time to viewing every second possible of that show

    5. “reco’d to a couple guys I know”?!?!?!?
      damnit! that’s how conspiracy’s happen!

      eh, @michaelmobius1:disqus ?

    6. there used to be one on Oprahs channel called “90 day fiance”??
      had all the proverbial stereotypes…

      – older white American guy 50s with a 20 YO filipino girl
      – young Mormon guy maybe 20 – 21 with Russian or Ukrainian girl the same age
      – white blonde American woman in 30s with black Jamacian man
      – Mexi guy in early 30s with a Colombian woman similar age

      was very difficult to watch, most of the time it was almost as if it was propaganda

      1. OK, side point here.

        I’m no fan of the fascists/nazis (aka antifa) but…..

        Every free speech rally I’ve seen pictures of has a bunch of fat-ass guys in crap clothes. That’s just embarassing. 🙂

          1. Ironically… those guys and even Trump (which isn’t saying much) are in better shape than the guys I keep seeing at the free speech rallies. The last few I saw over at BB looked like a donut parade. 😉

      1. Oh yeah, that freaky guy that just oozes slime! Doesn’t surprise me.

        How anybody could buy that he’s anything but a charlatan boggles the mind.

      2. Turns out, maybe he didn’t. Some reports coming in saying his “church” was flooded and only 3 people showed up, all of which were helped.

        If you can stand the naive “why would Christians do something wrong” nonsense, check it:

        Also: I’m really digging the holier-than-thou angle in that article. “Be silent until there is something to say.” Haha! Maybe next we’re supposed to kiss his ring?

        Still, he seems correct that it was overblown without any fact checking. But… minus points for mentioning Snopes. 🙂

      3. Joel Osteen is a pleb. Most Christians are aware of this and he is now the subject of many satirical articles.

  4. I was banned from ROK for questioning the b.s. of Troy Francis articles and fooling men into believing that all it took was some obscure concept called “game” to bed women. The guy was selling books. If you followed his articles they went from “I was walking in Paris and locked eyes with a French girl and banged her in the bathroom of the VS dressing room” to “Gaming 8s and 9s are not all that easy… blah blah blah..” Another Jew trying to con men into buying a book about vague concepts. Men trying to tell other men what women want has been a futile effort since the days of snake oil ads in the back of Playboy magazines. I posted how many messages i get per day on seekingarrangement (true 8s and 9s) and I got banned. If you spent thousands on airline tickets going to Ukraine and barely making an money just to “game” women, then you have spent time and money ON women, indirectly. It is the same as paying a hooker. Fool yourself all you want to.

    1. Seeking Arrangements? Isn’t that a sugar daddy/sugar baby site? IOW, a thin veneer covering what is more or less whoring? Not judging, per se, just curious, I read about it (I think?) a while back.

      Troy is a decent person, nobody is forcing you to buy his books, and his articles are usually complete with no “buy my book to find out more” where he leaves off key tips.

      I don’t know if “all” you need is game, but it sure helps a lot.

      1. Seekingarrangement is half whoring/half dating. I fully admit that. The women on the site are 8s and 9s. They feel their value is more than a nice dinner and penis. They can get penis from ANY man. They want something more and feel their value is dependent on a man’s resources. I do think dressing nice, being confident all contribute to a man’s attraction, but let’s get real here, money and looks DO matter to REALLY HOT women more than game or fake game or push/pull…..etc..etc..

        1. I was with you until “let’s get real here”. Looks are secondary, although of course they matter to an extent. Money, in the day and age of Big Daddy Government handing them everything, is a nice perk, and clearly some gals focus entirely on it (no question), but it’s not the big thing it used to be. You can still wrangle some hot ass and not have to be a billionaire (although it doesn’t hurt). Game is not “fake”, it’s little more than applied psychology that works not just on women for pick up, but on almost everybody in real life. It’s not cheesy lines or memorized routine, it’s more of an adjusted mindset that recognizes and responds correctly to psychological cues. In the old days we’d call it “salesmanship” and it has been well proven by centuries of hard and fast experience.

          If it were just money and looks we wouldn’t even know the name Elliot Rogers.

          I don’t mind sugar daddy/baby things, doesn’t offend my sensibilities. Top end women should command top end men.

          1. that guy is an anomaly , a cancer amongst the rich and beautiful. Ted Bundy was good looking and had resources as well. He just wanted to rape and kill. He enjoyed it. 1 in a billion that are extreme examples. If you are salesman, you are selling something, you are selling to sell yourself you must have a product to sell, your job, your accomplishments, things you have spent money and resources on. Again, it is not “game” to go to Ukraine to “game” women. You have indirectly paid for women. You bought a ticket to a 3rd world country, given up your job, given up certain freedoms we have in the USA, in order to bed or marry a hot woman.

            1. The broad concept of “game” is much bigger than just a few memorized lines and fuzzy concepts from some lame e-book written by a half-ass PUA wannabe. There are many layers to game, many styles of game, and many different aspects of game. Game is more substantive and more important than you are giving it credit.

              1. Agreed, I enjoy the game articles, not because I want to go start an affair, but to glean tips and tricks to woo my wife better. If she thinks my SMV is turned up a notch, she will put in the effort to follow suit.

                1. Yep. Game is, in part, a very useful set of skills and strategies at influencing other people that has a lot of different uses once you get the hang of it.

                    1. Once upon a time, Bem gets this job at a mining camp. He goes there and realizes there are absolutely no women. However, they do have a bar. He goes up to the bartender and asks, “Hey what to you do for some action around here?”

                      Bartender: “Well, most of us just drink, but if you really want a piece, there is ol’ Joe around the corner”
                      Bem: “No way, I don’t go for that”
                      Bartender: “Suit yourself, the door is open though”

                      4 months go by……….

                      Bem: “So who is this Joe feller anyway?”
                      Bartender: “He is that black feller over there”
                      Bem: “Nope, I don’t go for that”

                      2 more months go by……………

                      Bem: “Okay, I’ll go for it, but I want to keep it kind of quiet, how many people do you reckon would have to know about this?”
                      Bartender: “Five”
                      “Why so many?”

                      “Well, you will know, I will know, Ol’ Joe will know, and two guys to hold down ol’ Joe, ’cause he don’t go for that either”

                    2. Until there another guy like PJClarke comes around, I fear he is doomed to be the butt of all jokes. He takes it well though.

                    3. you should pen a piece about your 2 wk trip- bet it was reminiscent of Natl Lampoon’s Vacation meets Lord of the Flies

                    4. Yes…I did skinny dip with a Ferrari driving Christy Brinkley lookalike in a motel near Stanley Idaho. That really happened, no really.

                    5. He didn’t stay around long. Came in one day saying how this site will turn into another Stormfront because of the commenters here and then complained about how all everyone was talking about was race, even though he was the only one doing it. Don’t need that kind of shit on this site.

                    6. yes, he was a weird one that one, maybe there is such a thing as paid agitators after all?

                    7. As much as many commenters disliked PJClarke, I thing some of his comments were absolutely hilarious.

                    8. Really, as weird as he was, he came out with a gem on occasion. Let the crazies speak their mind so it removes all doubt about their sanity. The guys I don’t like are those who are caustic and belittling to everyone around them, like we value their opinion because they called someone a retard.

                    9. That one is good, there is another that goes like this:

                      Once upon a time, Bem gets this job at a mining camp. He goes there
                      and realizes there are absolutely no women. However, they do have a bar.
                      He goes up to the bartender and asks, “Hey what to you do for some
                      action around here?”

                      Bartender: “Well, most of us just drink, but if you really want a piece, there is this goat you can ride, if you know what I mean”
                      Bem: “No way, I don’t go for that”
                      Bartender: “Suit yourself, the door is open though”.

                      4 months go by…………………

                      Bem: “”So where is this goat?”
                      Bartender points at this grizzly old goat.
                      “On second thought……I’ll pass”

                      2 more months go by……..Bem sneaks out in the middle of the night, mounts the mule and gets his rocks off.

                      The following day, Bem goes to the Bartender and tells him the story…
                      “YOU DID WHAT???!!! Most guys will ride the goat into town to pick up some girls.”

              2. Let me give you an example. I hang out at a high end hotel bar every week. Over 3 months I got laid twice. One woman , one night stand, was a 6-7 nice body. The second, a mini relationship, a 7 lawyer. No money needed. It took many approaches to get those lays. Just want to make sure men do not think “game” or approach concepts are guarantees with any women when they just simply were not attracted to the man.

                1. I don’t think anybody thinks that there are guarantees. If I recall, most of the high end PUA types usually mention that they make a 10% conversion rate most of the time? Some low number like that anyway. Maybe they should stress it more though, because you rarely hear it on most articles.

                  1. we arrived at the same conclusion……I think it is disingenuous to promote “game” without outlying the consequences: lots of lonely nights. Maybe it is better than being divorced raped.

                    1. Yeah. But with a 1 in 10 conversion rate, where your average dude has a 1 in 100, those aren’t bad odds. On any given Saturday it’s not hard at all to talk to 10 to 20 chicks in the span of an evening.

                    2. Actually I do not think I am 1 in 10, I should edit that…I now forget how many times I get rejected, probably more like 1 in 50.

                    3. I’m not a fan of cold approach. My key, which works *amazingly well* is to hone in only on girls who show an interest at the onset. Like if you catch her eyeballing you, or if she does the submissive eye downturn when you catch her eye, that kind of thing. If she shows even one cue telling me “I could be interested” then I’m on it, so my conversion rate is pretty stellar. I think a lot of guys just cold approach and hope for the best. I’ve done cold approach before but it rarely turns out well, frankly.

                    4. My guess is that like our boy is saying, cold approach is a volume game. Unless you really stand out physically (not just looks – attitude, presence, posture, attire, etc..) you gotta do high numbers…

                    5. Oh, no question. But I question if even having those things really helps if the girl is just walking down the street trying to remember whether she needed to buy dog food or not. Sure, some of them, but most just seem to be pre-occupied with life. God knows I have boatloads of confidence, am tall, keep frame, etc. but I’ve rarely gotten far with cold approach (although rarely it happens).

                    6. my experience has been the same, when I get stronger IOIs , i usually get a number then get laid. Cold approach, I’ve never been successful.

                    7. I think the 1 in 10 is accurate for random but some people are very good at target selection. I have closer to 1 in 4 doing the same shit but I have got good at being able to tell if a girl is the type that will want me.

            2. Not sure what the Ukraine has to do with it. FWIW, I do think you’re right about guys doing that but it’s not really what we were talking about (that I’m aware of? Maybe I missed something?)

              What you sell girls are feelings, not actual facts. Big mistake to try and sell them on facts, unless you can make a fact into something that makes her feel in a positive way. I find humor, quick wit, conversational ability, knowing when to push the boundaries or pull back at the last moment, and the skill of listening attentively to what she says for clues to her inner psyche to be a fantastic skill set. Back in my “I’m an enlisted man who makes almost minimum wage working for Uncle Sam” I was pulling some really high quality tail simply by being funny in a way that turned girls on (IOW, I didn’t do a stand up routine, I made conversational humor that usually sexualized by the second sentence spoken to her, at least a bit). Now looks may have played a part, but that wasn’t the whole ball of wax because there were plenty of guys in my situation and stationed with me who were every bit as good looking (or more) who were moping around on base all the time bitching about the lack of women. So that, to me, eliminates both wealth AND looks as being the only things you need to score some pretty chicks. Doesn’t hurt at all, but it’s not the only thing at play is what I’m saying.

              As to the examples, if it was only looks and money then there shouldn’t really be extreme outliers, it should work basically all the time if it’s a primal cue women can’t resist.

              I’m of the mind that it’s a mixed set of things that can vary from woman to woman, and I cannot discount “game” because it is in fact making the sale which is very well proven in the human experience. I can sell girls all kinds of happy feelings and tingles without once mentioning cash money, being wealthy, etc. and get laid. Lots of guys can. It has merit so I wouldn’t discount it so much really if I were you.

              1. I am not discounting the “feels” and I can make girls laugh. 9 out of 10 don’t open their legs for me. I am just against pushing men into wasting their time and becoming frustrated because their “game” was not exactly tuned when in reality the woman they were trying to bed wanted a new Hermes purse from a guy she thought was also attractive. We are saying the same thing, but I put more weight to looks and resources (drug dealers even have resources women exploit) . How the Ukraine fits is that Roosh wrote books about banging women in 3rd world countries, when it really wasn’t game that made them open their legs but a man from a higher SMV country coming in and they had an opportunity to exploit that.

                1. A woman will happily pack a condom in her Hermes bag, kiss her high-earning blue-blood hedge-fund-manager husband goodbye, leave her $3 million mansion, and drive her brand new Porsche down to the wrong side of the tracks just to get her pussy pummeled by a bad boy with no income in a rent-controlled apartment that has game.

                  1. the bad boy more than likely has good looks and do you know the statistics on that situation? I doubt it unless somehow you got all the hedge fund wives polled in a setting where they were completely anonymous and honest.

                    1. AWALT, dude, AWALT. I think you just haven’t learned enough game and enough red pill knowledge.

                    2. I am not arguing, just trying to paint a better reality. It could be that the hedge fund guy is also cheating and everyone lives in a weird sort of sinful balance.

                    3. And I think you just have a very shallow understanding of game. Once you fully take the red pill and see the world more clearly, and once you fully embrace the deeper and more philosophical aspects of game, your mindset on these things will improve.

                    4. I am not arguing…I do con women on Seeking Arrangement. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be an honest person.

                    5. I con and ripoff women on seeking arrangement. That’s my game, that’s how I came up with the name. With you guys, I am talking as a person with good intentions.

                    6. Once whores got rid of pimps, men like me started exploiting that void. With no pimp around, I can bang a near-hooker on SA , throw her shit out of my car, and run off. Or my second method is to give them fake money in an envelope in the dark.

                    7. I don’t know much about your game or SA or any of this so I defer to experience but it sure sounds like this is a very good way to get shot

                    8. Women these days think all men who pay are pussies. They do not expect my kind to be on there. I only ripoff the 18-20 year olds on SA.. They are not prepared for me to run off without pay. They believe all the marketing hype that Brandon Wade spits out on SA videos…

                    9. I got more..I give them the plastic credit cards that come in the mail from American Express and tell them it’s a gift card.

                    10. it’s not like they are nuclear scientists and catch on. Lastly, I drive them far away from where I picked them up. If they ask for money upfront tell them I have no money and their options are either f*ck me or they can leave the car. Many times they choose the former

                    11. It seems to me just telling them you have no money would make them super sour and not want to bang

                    12. it’s 50/50..some will tell me f**k you and leave the car. Others don’t want the hassle of calling a friend or waiting on an UBER so they give me a headjob or f**k thinking I may change my mind and drive to an ATM on the way back.

                    13. the dropped ‘i’ makes the disguise pretty much undetectable as far as chicks are concerned

                    14. I conceptualize red pill as understanding that people are inherently evil, especially women and not to give your power away to them. That doesn’t mean you are bedding every 8,9, and 10, because you understand this, or how to make them laugh, push/pull ,etc…Maybe I over-simplify things.

                    15. Eh, no more evil than a lion or tiger. They are what they are. Evolution put a lot of very useful triggers in women (and men) that have been short circuited by the modern age, which are neither good nor evil but which seem as such because we no longer live in the environment we were designed to live in by evolution.

                      Know their nature, respect the boundaries of what is and isn’t possible just like you would if you saw a lion in the wild, and you’re going to do fine. While an individual girl (or man) may be bad/evil because of a fucked up personality, most just “are what they are” I’ve found. Learn to trip those triggers/cues and you’re in like Flynn many times.

                2. Ah, Roosh, right, was thinking you were speaking in general or about Troy, my bad. Yeah, I don’t really put much faith into his pick up abilities to be honest (I know, a cardinal sin). I mean he may be getting laid, or not, but he just doesn’t strike me as somebody adept at reading subtle social cues, and I’ve heard him speak and he’s very low key and rather bland and seems more or less humorless with a few rare tweaks here and there to the exception.

                  I have the feeling you may be referencing more the “here are these steps to do and these lines to spout” type of “game” maybe? I don’t buy into that kind either. To me it’s all spur of the moment reading and then responding to with regard to her psychological state at the time, humor and a huge helping of DILIGAF confidence (which I have in spades).

                  We probably are on the same page ultimately on most things, but I do think that applied psychology has a place at the table that can, for many women, supplant wealth (and looks), while admitting that at the end of the day, everything has a place at *some * girl’s table.

              2. “..who were moping around on base all the time bitching about the lack of women.”

                Their observation was correct and pending where you were stationed, even off base women might not be that accessible. Of course you could always tell what units were deployed because all their wives would be down at the NCO club getting dicked down.

                1. Some places are hopeless, some not so much. Ft. Bragg, where I was stationed, was a weird place and outside of dependopatamuses, you’d better like Vietnamese girls or you were shit out of luck. That said, weekend trips to Myrtle Beach were on tap nearly every weekend during the summer and I consistently pulled a lot of tail there. I’d invite some of the mope-a-dopes along and they’d either refuse “No way man, fuck that, chicks suck!” or they’d come along and then literally do nothing to make themselves stand out and then bitch because I was getting women and they weren’t. Always bugged the shit out of me.

                    1. “You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think”

                      Don’t know where that’s from

                  1. Fayet-nam was a wierd place, but I agree about Myrtle Beach. I tended to cut the mopers loose as they had a bad habit of interferring with your objectives (jeaslousy is a bitch even on men).

            3. As crazy as it gets, there were women who were eager to sleep with Bundy why he was already in death row…

              1. yeah exactly? What kind of women would want that…Do you think she cares about push/pull or kino? How about those hot teachers nailing high school kids? I know my 15 year old only has zits and anger..He has no “game”..

            4. Jody ain’t no anomaly. That SOB is out there ready to take care of business when you ain’t around and he usually ain’t got a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of.

            1. Yes, exactly, usually she’ll go with a gardener, pool boy or some other menial “hot” guy who charms her while he’s away on business.

            2. and there are bad boys that end up with fat chicks after 35. That is not the point. The point is that good money and good looks put a man at the top of a hot girl’s list of men. a billionaire should never marry to begin with and even if he does want LTRs he can find another replacement fast.

        2. Game denialism is a a punishable offence that carries a sentence up to 100 years in prison and $50,000,000 in fine or both.

                1. So far, none. What will it take to be really banned and not meme banned? Not sure entirely but it would have to be something very severe.

                2. I’ve banned 3 people so far and the moderator banned around 5 people, I think.

                  What would it take? Nothing, really. We ban people entirely on a whim.

          1. Francis last name, Anne Frank, Barney Frank…I believe I found him on the ROK Facebook as Steven Francis.

  5. “keep reinventing yourself”……agreed, but you need to stick with what you started. There is a danger to be perceived as a flake if you are continually starting new hobbies and then quitting as soon as it becomes mundane, or you have to put in real effort. To get good at something takes persistence, something that we are lacking as a people today.

    1. Well it’s about damned time you found your way over here, hoss!

      1. I had a shift in responsibility at work, plus my vacation. I probably won’t be able to waste as much time anymore.

              1. Ill donate my blessingand the bbq sauce satchel in my coat. Wew, this is turning into something big.

        1. @bem is right, but not severe enough. Quit your job, leave your family, go into deep seclusion and just talk to us all day….what kind of half assing you doing over here Jim Johnson

            1. I hear you. And I’ve only got 5. But just think: In 20 years my house will be paid off and kids out of the house. Me and Momma gonna have a good time

                  1. I’m trying to work my hubby around to #6. It’s now or NEVER lol. The oldest bought a house a couple weeks ago. He is 21. Congrats on your bundle!

    2. True enough. Persistence requires patience and the ability to endure suffering . Hell as you know studying for a stem major isn’t the most fun thing in the world. But if you want to make good grades and be knowledgeable in your field you have to. The same applies to any serious hobby you take up.

      1. I bought a guitar a couple years ago, memorized some chords, never could get so I could sing and play at the same time, now it sits and collects dust. I will pick it up every now and then, but for some dumb reason, I view it as a chore now…

    3. says you – but I’m now a well-known amateur gardener bowler writer sailer tuba-player model ship-builder mechanic painter archer golfer!

          1. Don’t call me “son” mijo. And I was totally on a boat, in the water, and it was sailing. ON MY VERY FIRST TRY

                1. Im picturing you in the middle of a lake with no wind to speak of, just sitting there with a life jacket on Tommy Boy-style

      1. In college I tried to major in shortstop, billionaire, rock star astronauting but classes were all full up

        1. I was gonna write the Great American Novel, catch the world record large mouth bass, all while on tour as the lead guitar player for KISS. But instead, I drank a lot of beer, banged a bunch of college girls, and worked in a call center.

    4. Agreed. I don’t think any man should be constantly reinventing themselves from the ground up (unless they’re a fat slob who eats cheetohs and watches porn all day), but regular small, but noticeable tweaks helps keep things interesting.
      It’s like a house. Start with a strong foundation. From there, it’s all about how you do the decorating, landscaping, etc.

      1. I like the airplane analogy – you don’t drive a plane with a lot of abrupt gestures and movements. Rather, a constant analysis of your surroundings and informed trim and course corrections gets you where you need to be, all while completely under your control.

        1. You should put those quote mark things around a bunch of pretty words like that when you steal them from someone who thinks good and shit.

      2. sounds reasonable. I have done one major overhaul in my persona (Headbanging redneck with mullet to respectable Mormon). Still working on it.

          1. C’mon, you don’t really believe that’s all there is to it. Does any of this seem….spontaneous?

            1. What better way to quickly reduce a site’s traffic. And the reason is to . . . hmmm . . .lower the bar or ‘duck’ and avoid a censor hit?? The comments were abuzz with activity. Maybe it wouldn’t work to ask everone to simply tone the site down and look small for some impending purge. For one, the insult/cut-down champs would never quieten it down because Roosh or no one else is their daddy. – – Well that’s just my speculation over the reason for the bans. When you get into a thread of masterful insults and cut downs, it’s hard to stop. Comedy is like grease. It helps anything go down the hatch. Furnature, pets, anything will fit down a hatch with the right slick humor. It’s the person behind the humor maybe. Their core intent?

              But the bans seemed to follow the pattern of a lights out, shut up and evacuate model. Maybe sites with sizeable traffic were slated for shut down and Roosh got warned so he acted rash and cut his own site down. (or maybe it’s a fake split to create an illusion of division until the goon squad censors move on to other targets)

              I’ll give this example: I once accidentally drove my family into an all nonwhite ghetto area of a big city. I stopped at a public park to look at my paper map (pre smartphones). The park playground had the most elaborate jungle gym, obviously built as an urban renewal project. My kids went crazy like it was disneyland seeing the playground and began climbing out the windows. I saw groups of hood rats , rugheads, junkies all around the park. The kids wouldn’t listen and started screaming and running to play. Then I saw a hypo needle on the ground in the parking lot. I hate banks so I always have a wallet full of $100s bulging in my left front pocket, and wouldn’t you know some hood punk was staring at the bulge. He had Hawaiian vacation written all over his face.

              Still my kids wouldn’t listen and the wife was fat belly prego in the front passenger seat. I had to physically grab the kids by the hair and throw them back into the car, stuffing them in and squeezing the door shut like a kidnapping to successfully make a 30 sec getaway out of that wog shithole park.

              That’s my point. Sometimes you can’t explain your actions when everyone isn’t listening. You just have to heave ho and go. That’s just my take on how the bans may have been without explanation for some similar reason. Maybe it was ‘duck and cover’ or maybe the insult humor became unbearable. I don’t know.

              But as for the humor, as you know you can get away with murder with the right humor. Any tranny you find reading books to kids in a public library is very skilled at humor to pull that off. It’s all staged. A tranny storyteller in a library has to be an improv club caliber comedian first of all and very unfragile, very skilled at comebacks. Imagine for example if a tranny troll had superlative humor, they could infiltrate anywhere and could even affect the overall banter on a manosphere site if they weren’t hatcheted. The cut down threads on ROK were masterfully comedic, not tranny but maybe perhaps weren’t backed with hard core patriarchal or pro cultural intent. ?? . . . . My real suspicion is that the site had to be semi knocked out for a bit.

              1. interesting comment McGoo, your comments usually paint very vivid pictures in the mind while reading them

              2. “But the bans seemed to follow the pattern of a lights out, shut up and evacuate model. Maybe sites with sizeable traffic were slated for shut down and Roosh got warned so he acted rash and cut his own site down. (or maybe it’s a fake split to create an illusion of division until the goon squad censors move on down the road to other non related targets)”

                Interesting post and anecdote. I imagine we’ll never know all the reasons, but the changed environment regarding censorship and the possibility that things might get out of hand at the wrong moment might have been a factor. I would however say that many of those banned would have been amongst the very least likely to offend in that regard. In fact not a few of them were of the ‘keep your head down and focus on self-improvement rather than politics’ brigade who were the first to criticise any kind of outre or offensive material, so it’s all a bit mysterious, not least as an entire community seems to have suddenly teleported over to the new ship. I can’t really think of anything equivalent – people usually disperse and go their way. But heh, maybe it’s a brothers in arms thing

                Yes, I saw that thing about drag queen story-telling. Once you get over the shock it really is quite perversely funny. Depending on the stories that are being read of course

          1. but how are you going to find out that having a happy, healthy, traditional marriage and family in the US is absolutely impossible and you need to run away to south east asia

              1. Agreed, whining only works for the fairer half. Somebody has to take the bullsh** by the horns and do something about it.

                1. Jim, OT but were you able to get logged in as a Contributor? I think part of the confusion was the original email set you up as a Subscriber, not a Contributor – a misclick on my part. If not, I’ll delete your account and start again fresh.

                    1. He had a thing for the latinas and converted to catholicism in the end IIRC. One of his grandsons is a priest in anycase.

            1. the impossibilities are endless……..

              Curious on what the endgame will be in all of this. MGTOWs giving up on women, women seem to be realizing the repercussions of feminism are not all that it is cracked up to be. The “NAWALT” women want to go back to the stereotypical 50’s lifestyle where the dad provides, and she takes care of the kids, but hold onto the privileges (“no fault” divorce, affirmative action, reproductive authority, numerous safety nets for single mothers, etc.) brought about by feminism. No doubt the way it is set up at the moment is unstable and bound to collapse, but into what?

              1. I don’t believe it will collapse so to speak. It wouldn’t surprise me if those priveleges get chipped away slowly by a society of men who were raised in the aftermath of these laws. I believe there will be more finagling of common law marriages as the well dries up for the family court parasites. I know many decent men who are in stable relationships that just won’t get married because of the obvious risk of getting massively fucked over. Its also interesting to consider the vast swath of the millenial population that are unemployable and won’t have anything to lose in a divorce. I suspect a growing cottage industry in binding arbitration for divorces being written into prenups as a prime first step in disrupting this unstable system.

                1. :get chipped away slowly by a society of men” – that is not possible with politicians who are cu/cks and only care about votes.

                  1. Give it a generation. The powers that are in charge are primarily baby boomers who hold onto the notion that women are oppressed. By the time the X-generation comes into power, we will have politicians who will know the fiasco first hand.

              2. I think it’s possible that this is just very basic natural selection and because of the internet we are just seeing more of it. All these whinny cry babies have always been around I think it’s just that we could ignore them because they didn’t have the king of loser microphones — the internet.

                In the end, women will latch on to strong men as they always have

            2. yeah, it’s not “game” to hop on a plane (Cost = $2000) give up your American income just to get laid with poor, EE girls who think American men are weird but want their wallets.

                1. I know you like hotel bars like me. Long Live The Ritz…that’s where I want to be buried.

              1. What is interesting is that a few writers on RoK claim they had success with certain kind of women in in the Ukraine, in Thailand, Philippines etc because they had good game.
                In reality, their US passports and disposable incomes had a lot more to do with those perceived or real “success stories”…

                1. I’m one of those that left the US. (Not for women, for taxes. Though… I’m not going to say it’s not better out of the US. AHEM. :-D) However, there’s a lot of truth to what you say here. You can pick up a lot of riff-raf (which I guess the ROK sorts are OK with, I’m not) just by showing up, looking American, and throwing money around. That attracts a lot right there.

                  It’s also a good way to attract a bunch more trouble if you’re stupid about it.

                  And if you’re a marriage minded sort, you -really- have to be careful. Then it becomes a matter of marrying the rich American.

                  I suppose the short answer to all this is: there’s no free lunch. Even out of the US.

                    1. Yes, but that’s true in the US as well. It’s just throwing money around in a non-US setting is a recipe for a bunch of trouble. If you’re generally an ass (which is how some of the ROK authors struck me), you’re not going to make any positive impressions. And you may just attract more than a female with dreams of moving to the US and then divorce raping you. And that’s bad enough.

                    2. I went to Moscow in 1999.. Every store or bar I went to I had female eyes on me with their mouths foaming. All of a sudden I did not become a swag 25 year old, I was a wallet and a means for attention from their friends.

                    3. It can be like that in Italy/Poland/Czech Republic too. If you’re in it for quick scores and the like, I guess that’s fine. But you really need your wits about you if you’re intending to wife up any of them.

                      Oh one thing about Russians… they ask for money point blank and up front. Sort of refreshing in a way. 🙂

                    4. yes sir ! that’s why I do not understand why these guys think game gets you more women than money/looks. The girls on seeking arrangement (there are thousands in my area alone) are forward about this and they will tell you they would ask for more money if they thought you were ugly. They tell me this shit point blank. They do not charge by the hour either. I have one coming this weekend a solid 9 to spend a whole Sat night/Sun morning with me for $400 and dinner. Will screw me as many times as I would like. I do not think it is a bad deal. She is a solid 9.

                    5. That’s fine if it works for you. That sort of thing never appealed to me. Even when I was in my “find a new girl every week” phase, such things just didn’t interest me. I preferred the challenge. The chase is part of it for me. Without that… bleh. I’d rather go sailing, hiking, read, or do anything else.

                    6. I can only go out 1 night per week raising a son and all. I could never manage to find a new girl every week. I guess I am not that good. It takes 6 months the hard way.

                    7. I didn’t stay in that phase long. I went from being Mr. Moral to … somewhat Mr. Hedonism for a bit after leaving the US. Somewhat because I was still quite picky. Women that were too easy have always sent off warning flares for me.
                      Ended up coming around full circle when I realized it might be a good idea to get a family going.

                    8. My greatest joy has been seeing my son do the things I wished I could, helping him accomplish his goals. I even learned a new sport and became good at it because of him. We also play video games together. It is like I created a buddy.

                  1. I think the PUA guys on ROK were a little too content with anything that has a damp hole between its legs….

                    1. Hope you do not talk about me, bro. But perhaps I am getting married next year so I might quit talking about other girls and focus more on culture, psychology, economics, politics and so on.
                      I have noticed the discussion on Asia above and it is important to have the general geographic and civilizational difference between Northeast and Southeast Asia in mind. (Some countries overlap a bit, though).

                      I like SEA too but that is for some easy third-world pussy and vacations, while NEA is civilized. There are a lot of thin, intelligent high-quality girls in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. It would be drastic to go there permanently to find a wife but it is perfectly reaonsble for a male to want to spend some time there.

                    2. I am aware of the differences there. NEA is a region I’d very much like to visit. I’ve traveled before and will do so again.

                      If you’re getting married then you’re not one of the permanent PUAs constantly despairing over the decline and reveling in martyrdom so I’m definitely not referring to you.

                2. exactly. They are just fooling themselves. Women on SA tell me that they hate being called whores, hookers, and sluts. The terms Sugar baby or high maintenance NSA girlfriend makes them “feel” better about doing the same exact thing as whores do.

            3. One of my favorite comments from you is when you compared going to third world for women to dumpster diving

              1. I work on football math and always give 110% which means ou need 10% more awesomeness in your servers than even the most awesome ones

            1. pretty much…….it is good to have a solid group of friends, even if they are only electronic.

          1. Im contemplating the same. ROK got stale like yesterday’s bread. At least I figured out where all of you guys left.

            1. In time, more will come over here. Frankly, I liked the articles more over here than ROK in the past. They coincide much closer to my world view.

              1. Im yet to judge the articles quality here. But I have no interest in pick-up stuff at this point. Im more interested in what you, old timers, have to say about raising a family, being a good husband/partner, financial advise, health, diet, keeping sound mind and such.

                I hope whoever runs this site is a true free speech believer.

                1. I like Jak’s and Jynx’s opinions. Unfortunately, they can do only so much writing. I hope others will pick up the slack and help out as time goes on.

                  As far as the pickup articles, they do have some merit even in marriage. I like to glean what I can to keep her interest up. I don’t bother with articles about doing day approaches, but as far as frame, kino, and how to seduce, they are good to read. They still want to be wooed, even after decades of marriage.

      1. Thanks man. I don’t know what all happened at the other joint, and I’m usually a quieter one but it sure seemed odd walking into the proverbial regular waterin hole and no drinkin buddies bantering about. This place looks like it will do just fine though… now who wants their ass handed to them in a game of 9 ball? 😀

          1. Yeah I am curious about what happened, but I’m just glad I found everyone. I noticed rok has a new comment policy is that what they used for the banstick? Surprised I didn’t get hit, or maybe they just missed me, because I’ve said some shit that goes against that policy before.

          2. what the hell is wrong with you?
            Is it so unbelievable that a handful of people who comment on a website might communicate otherwise? Or that one of them might have a website of his own?

  6. I have found that my wife really appreciates it if there is a hard decision to be made and I take charge. Women do not respect men that suffer from the “Whatever you think, dear…” disease. I will listen to her input these days, but the big decisions fall squarely on me and she knows that my say is final. I wasn’t always like this and did things I thought would placate her. It always made the situation worse (and contributed to the failure of my first marriage). Now I may have to deal with some pouting and the silent treatment for a while, but that’s like water off a duck’s back.

    You are dead on about following through if you say that you are going to take care of something. If you don’t you have damaged your credibility and given her the indication that you are unreliable. One of the cornerstones of a successful marriage is being able to count on each other. If you make enough promises that you don’t (or can’t) keep she is going to question your usefulness. Love is great and all that, but when it comes down to it in the long haul, if you don’t find each other mutually useful it’s probably not going to work.

    1. Hear, hear. Well put. I have a wife who was just waiting for me to the the reigns, but my dumb blue-pilled ass just couldn’t see it. Placating where placating wasn’t even prompted, not even falsely. Took a while, but I can see she is so much more happier and evenly keeled when I just run with things.

      Gotta wonder how things would have been if I’d figured these things out years ago. Oh well.

      1. Brother I know what you mean. From my perspective a man shouldn’t get married before he’s in his late twenties. Most of us don’t even begin to mature enough before then. You need to be old enough to take a younger woman in hand and actually finish raising her. And a father needs to teach his sons red pill philosophy. My dad was just a natural alpha and I don’t think he understood that he needed to impart that information to me. He didn’t know that I wasn’t going to get it on my own. He took it for granted that was how you acted as a man and expected me to just take up that mantle without prompting. That wasn’t my personality type and I have had to really work on it.

        In fact, he was so loud and overbearing he pretty much had me beat down (not intentional on his part, he was a good man) to the point that I had the papers in hand at 17 for him to sign so I could join the Air Force. I wanted out and away from him that bad. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother and mother growing up. Due to that female influence, I thought he was just mean and aggressive. He was actually a real man who stood up for what was right and didn’t take any shit off anyone, including my mother. He was kind, fair and honest, but no one fucked with him.

        It has taken me years of hard work to come to that point. I really had to dig deep to understand, but I finally got it. Be gentle, be fair, be loving and compassionate, but don’t be a pussy. When things get rough, be ready to step in, kick ass and take names. When she shit tests you and tries to push your buttons stand your ground and laugh it off. She may scream, cry or pout. Such is life. But man up, maintain frame and it will pass and she will respect you for it. Plus, I usually get some really good sex after we make up. 😉

    2. This was a great article!

      Brother Boothe – you nailed it with that post! I have nothing to add to your wisdom, but I would like to share a quick story, as it pertains to “reliability and follow through” in a marriage…

      I run into these situations all the time with my construction business… When we’re dealing with a married couple, I would say at least 70% of the time, the wife complains that her husband doesn’t do anything around the house, won’t fix anything, never does what he says, etc… the complaints are endless.

      As of today, I’m about one day away from completing a very large backyard project. Just yesterday, the wife was complaining again about her husband in this fashion. Earlier today, I met the husband on the jobsite and he was complaining about his wife, saying that she is always nagging him to fix things around the house… Mind you, he’s 51-years old and collects Star Wars. Needless to say, he goes on to ask me: “You’ve been married a long time, how do you deal with the constant nagging from your wife?” – I looked him straight in the eye, and with a straight face said: “I Don’t, She Doesn’t” – the look on his face was priceless… that perplexed, dog tilting his head to the side look…

      l’ll be happily married 20-years in February. Yes, there’s work involved, but having a firm grasp on these fundamentals is critical to not only a successful marriage, but life in general.

      BTW… I could literally write an article a week about these “married couple homeowner experiences”…

      1. Thanks Lou. A fifty one year old still collecting Star Wars? Wow… I wonder why his wife nags him, lol. I guess there’s something seriously wrong with me. I don’t watch television, I don’t collect anything and the only sports I have any interest in are the ones I actually participate in. I do listen and pay attention to my wife and she reciprocates. We will be happily married 27 years this September. It hasn’t always been easy and admittedly there’s been a time or two that it got pretty rocky. But instead of throwing in the towel I figured out the root cause of the problem and then how to fix it. As with many things in my life, I found the root cause in the nearest mirror.

  7. I hope the man building that boat has a plan for getting it out of the basement.

    Don’t want to pull a Krieger

    1. That’s actually a scene from the NCIS TV show. It’s a bit of a running joke on the series where he spends his downtime building boats in his basement and one day some of his co-workers will go down there for some reason or other and the boat is just gone. They never explain how he gets them out of the basement.

      1. “Gunny” Leroy Jethro Gibbs, used to be an ok show, years ago, now PC/propaganda city x100

  8. Some real Red-Pill wisdom in this article.
    Many men commit the mistake of getting too comfortable in marriage – they believe there is no need to make more efforts. In reality, there is even more effort needed once you are married. It just means a different kind of effort.
    If you are under-50-, chances are your wife will change at some point.
    Maintaining frame – make her believe you are always in control of things (even when you aren’t.
    Don’t become predictable – Cannot emphasize this enough. Despite what they may say, all women love a bit of spontaneity and surprises.
    Game never stops – you just have to to id slightly differently once you are married.

    1. “Your wife will change at some point”…..true

      Everything organic changes with time, like riding a bicycle, it is an unstable thing, but you just go with it.

    1. I will never get married again after the women I have met in recent years and that my friends have dated. At one time I would walk down the street, see a hot girl, and say to myself, she would be fun to date now I walk down the street and think how many dicks have pummeled that?

      1. “…now I walk down the street and think how many dicks have pummeled that?”

        Erm… surely there’s something more productive to think on? 🙂

      2. You can still consider marriage…provided you find a girl that is truly wife material. (The bad news is: there are not that many such girls out there.)

        1. Problem is that I have now been accustomed to sluts (free and paid) , bimbos, and teenage tramps. I would lose interest in a good girl and have a difficult time getting close to her.

            1. I made a mistake by getting a vasectomy after my divorce. It was a rash decision. I would want to give a good girl kids; can’t do it now.

        2. Girls need restraint, since society and the law won’t do it anymore, the only option left is devout religion.

          1. then her friends will tell her that she is controlled and that she should “broaden her horizons.” Religion cannot stop them. Laws can.

          2. Jim, I am glad you found your wife and the mother of your kids in the Church of LDS.
            However, you have to agree…most women in religious congregations are not remotely like your wife.
            Have you been to any evangelical church? Most women there are ht ones who rode the cock carousel for year, before being “born again in Christ”…
            I don’t think any self-respecting red-pilled man would (or should) go for that kind of women…

            1. This is an area where I’ve noticed a bit of a difference between the US and everywhere else. I was in a Protestant church that went pazzo and embraced all things homo. Spent a lot of time going between denominations in the US and it was sadly mostly the same. Sure some tried to stand for something but the church women would often be worse than what you’d run into in a club. (Worse as in wife material. For the easy sorts… it’s a coin toss.)

              I’ve had quite a bit more luck running into decent yet not “Dear God what is that THING!?” women in Poland and even Italy of all places. (Never would have thought that!) That isn’t to say they don’t exist totally in the US. I’m sure one does. Somewhere. 🙂

              Really Protestantism in general is falling apart. What great Protestant nations are left? Germany? HAHA! The UK? HAHAHAHA! Meanwhile you’ve got reasonably tough (give or take) Catholic and Orthodox countries still fighting it out. It’s like all the Protestant countries got together and collectively decided to give up.

            2. I hear you. A good Baptist friend of mine had that comment back in our dating days. The faith/works dichotomy has been subverted by preachers who, in the conquest for more patrons, leave out the works part.

              17 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.
              18 Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.
              19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.
              20 But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?
              21 Was not Abraham our father justified by works, when he had offered Isaac his son upon the altar?
              22 Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?
              23 And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.
              24 Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.
              – James 2

              Yes we are saved by faith, but we need to live a righteous life in order to develop that faith. You “work” and you build faith, when you have stronger faith, your desire to work increases. Ironically, as this is ignored by preachers who supplicate their message to the carnal minded in order to increase attendance, the people in their congregation are losing faith, and no longer desire to go to church. Hence, you see the decreased interest in Christendom. If the women you speak of really had faith in the atonement, they would not have wanted to put Christ through this additional pain by slutting it up. Because of this, I would rather date an irreligious girl with a similar track record.

              I started to go to church when I was 23, old enough to see the problems associated with this disconnect. I decided on the LDS faith, had I lived in a different area, I could have became Amish, a Seventh Day Adventist, or other religion that causes a notable change in the church members. After all, if all you do is go to church, then come home and live like you always did, why bother?

  9. Man, this article just made me want to get back into paintballing! Thanks for the spark.

    But on a more real level, I may not be married but I’m currently realizing the value of reinventing yourself. I spent the past year or so living in one state and gearing myself for the career I was in and the mindset it would require. Fast forward to now and I’m in a field I never expected to be in and living in an area I’ve never encountered before. This was a shock to my system that leveled me all the way back down to where I’d started. Now I find it’s a bit liberating to build myself back up from square one. I have opportunities to make myself who and what I wanted to be.

    Also, I’m probably not gonna be on another terrorist kill list again, so that’s cool.

  10. Just in case anybody is keeping track…
    – last 7 articles at ROK (657 total comments)
    – last 7 articles at AKC (2503 total comments)
    I’m happy to call this my new home. Good stuff here – Keep up the great work!

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