Protect Your Family by Learning How to Fight: Part 4


That’s right, gents! It’s time for another post on learning to defend you and your family.  If you haven’t read the previous entries, I strongly encourage you read them as well (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  Each lesson we cover can be applied to any style you train in and is also relevant to self-defense.  Never forget what is at stake every time you walk out your front door either alone or with your family.  It is with that sobering thought in mind that should propel your training to the next level.  Your family depends on you as their first and primary means of defense.  Everything else should come secondary.

Physical Conditioning

I’ve both attended and taught at many different martial art schools over the years and am routinely disappointed at the lack of thought that goes into many instructors’ conditioning regimens for their students.  Most either don’t put enough emphasis on physical conditioning or approach it the wrong way.

To understand how you should train your body, you must understand the individual attributes of a fight.  Most fights are not a long slog where aerobic endurance becomes a critical issue.

Rather, most encounters are short, explosive, and vicious, typically lasting for only a few seconds. With that in mind, you should tailor your training accordingly.  Focus on strength, power, and speed as opposed to aerobic endurance.  This isn’t to say aerobic endurance is worthless, but your primary focus should be on the former attributes.  This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but your best bet is to employ multiple approaches from the list below:

  • Lifting weights (multiple rep ranges for power, hypertrophy, and anaerobic endurance)
  • Calisthenics
  • Sprints/HIIT
  • Sparring
  • Speed bag and heavy bag work

As you’re training, keep in mind how this benefits your goals.  If you can’t find how a training regimen gets you closer to your end goal, it might be time to reconsider either tweaking it or completely scrapping it for a curriculum that’s more relevant.

Self-Perfection vs Self-Preservation

This is a bit of a tricky pair of concepts to cover as there are many gray areas and overlap, so bear with me.

Self-Perfection, in regards to martial arts training, refers to any drills that improve specific attributes, be it speed, reflexes, strength, technique, etc.

Self-Preservation drills however are focused primarily on what works for you in a real self-defense encounter.

A good example is kicking a shield target held by a stationary partner versus a sparring match where anything goes.  While kicking a shield is good for improving your technique and power (self-perfection), it doesn’t translate over to a real life fight very well.

On the flip side, a sparring match where anything goes is much more applicable as you’re having to attack, defend, anticipate, react, and strategize on the move.

Given this explanation, some of you might be asking why someone would even bother with self-perfection drills since self-preservation drills are much closer to the real thing.  It’s a question I myself have wrestled with on more than one occasion, but it finally clicked when I applied this to a different scenario; the Highland Games.  Actually practicing the events is critical to performing well, but you won’t even be able to lift, let alone toss the caber if you’re not hitting the gym regularly and building some strength and power.

The same applies to martial arts.  Take the time to learn proper body mechanics, technique, etc before stepping up across someone.  It’s damn near impossible trying to master this stuff when you’re too busy trying not to get punched in the face.  After your match, take time to note areas that need improvement and take that back to your self-perfection drills.

Everyday Carry (EDC)

J. Nyx has already covered the importance of having a EDC/Bug Out Bag in your vehicle, but what are you carrying on you throughout the day?  If you’re like most guys, it’s probably your keys, wallet, and cell phone, none of which will provide much assistance if you’re in an emergency.

If you can, I would highly recommend carrying a folding knife with you as part of your EDC.  To maximize its potential utility, get one made for car emergencies.  These knives will include the blade, a seat belt cutter, and a punch for breaking out windows.

If carrying a knife is too much of a legal risk or is not allowed at your work, you might still be able to get away with a quality multi-tool.  This won’t work for a quick response situation, like an attack, but can still be incredibly useful.

What emergencies might you encounter throughout the day?

What will you need to respond to these emergencies?

Adjust your EDC accordingly.

Other useful items that can be quickly turned into makeshift weapons are canes, umbrellas, keys, and rolled up magazines.

It doesn’t look like much, but it can hurt!


Being able to successfully defend yourself requires being mentally present and aware, the ability to accurately read situations, and the capacity to either inflict brutal damage onto your assailant(s) or to successfully flee from them to a safer area.  If you are with your family, it might even be a combination of the two as you fight off the attackers while your family runs to safety.

Too often, self-defense videos, books, and classes focus on just the techniques while glossing over the mental aspect of being in a fight.  They go on teaching you some nonsense about how a palm strike to the nose will render a grown man incapacitated while completely overlooking the fact that if you get pulled into a violent encounter, your body will probably freeze up.  They neglect the mental and emotional aspects of a fight – the most important part.

If you find an instructor who does teach you how to act even while under extreme stress, he is a keeper.

Leave your thoughts and comments down below.  I really enjoy talking about martial arts (if it isn’t obvious), if you have any questions pertaining to martial arts/self-defense that you’d like me to answer, please put them down in the comments section and I’ll address them in upcoming posts.





Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

271 thoughts on “Protect Your Family by Learning How to Fight: Part 4”

  1. Jak, it is becoming ever apparent that the need to physically fight will one day be upon us again soon, so encouraging these sort of articles here and not being afraid of PC “you cant use violence to solve problems” crap is very positive to see.

    1. Oh I don’t know about all this. I think Jak is right and that training and fitness are just good parts of being a well rounded person. I would take it as a sign of immense failure if I ever got into a fight again. We live in a far more civilized world than most seem to think. It is fairly easy to simply avoid being in situations where having to fight is necessary. That said, if you decide to be a tool this stuff becomes more and more important as winning a few fights before someone maims you might be fun.

        1. Like I said, good stuff to know for sure. I think taking it too seriously might be an issue, but knowing how to handle yourself in a fight, being in shape and not getting winded at the sight of a cool breeze are all excellent…I think my qualm was with the posters comment that sooner or later physical violence is inevitable. It takes about one ounce of not being a cunt to assure, with a very high certainty, that violence will never be necessary. The rest is bad luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

          1. I agree with this. People fantasize street fights, but it is never as you see in action films. People can get hurt and may even get killed and it is never a good idea to tangle with law enforcement.

            1. You know, this is true. I see people who talk, online and in real life, about fighting as if it were sex with a supermodel. Even the comments on Instagram posts about the may-mac fight would invariably turn into people threatening to kick each others asses. It’s like porno for some people. Meanwhile, I am just here day dreaming about drinking rum out of a coconut on a white sand beach and having enough money not to give a shit about the bill

                1. ha, I give it until 11 before I manage to make you spit your coffee up and curse me.

                    1. yeah well ill YOUR YOU…and I know your OCD won’t be able to handle it so checkmate.

                1. well if you asked a 20 year old hippo while he was drinking it might have been a long night.

            2. Not to mention street fights have a lot of uncertainty to them. You think you are fighting one guy then you get sucker punched by his friend. Best to just avoid them

            3. over a certain age, yes.
              As yute, however, a little fisticuffs is ESSENTIAL for personal development.

                1. close…..but you have to re-use the opperative word from the previous remark.
                  e.g. “I’ll FISTICUFF you!!!

          2. “Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.” Very often the case, but not always.

            The last time I used violence as a social problem solving tool, I think I was 23-24. Lot of years, now. That kind of thing best belongs in a certain time/place of life. I consider myself very lucky to have never run afoul of the law on the occasions I deigned to use it– and having been spared any lasting negative consequences, I have no regrets. Naturally I would feel quite differently if I had lasting physical or legal consequences.

            That having been said, there is much to learn about the self from the experience of fighting, especially for an overcivilized intellectual voluptuary such as me. But I find it impossible to discus without feeling like a complete cunt.

            1. My thinking exactly. What I will say, however, is if you look at my schedule for a full month, where I am, when I go, when I come home….you would see that if some occasion to use violence happened to me it would be incredibly bad luck. I simply don’t go places or go out at times when that kind of stuff goes down. Like you, it has been a long time since I have got myself into an altercation like that and I was very glad for my basic level of training, life experience and general size and speed….but if training to fight is anything more than a fun and healthy hobby for a man over 30 then he really ought to reconsider his lifestyle.

              1. On the other hand, if you get into a bar fight at the venues you favor– the story would be epic!

                1. If I get into a bar fight in the venues I favor I am going to let the gym punch me in the face until his hand is broken.

                  Actually, funny thing about being my size…I am a size that will make it so that people who can’t fight most likely aren’t going to start their new career of fighting against me….what this means is that if someone is willing to fight me I am probably going to get my ass kicked. Anyone who isn’t so drunk that he winds up knocking himself out who is willing to fight someone my size knows how to fight a lot better than I ever did.

                1. It can, but the chances can be mitigated significantly. If I welch on a bet in a pool hall at 2 am knowing some self defense is a lot more important than, say, if I have a scotch and soda in the members only room at the met museum. Funny, I was at the Harvard club on 44th not too long ago and it was “late” like 1030 or so and I was having a drink and then getting in a cab to go home and this is as wild a night as I really get. If I ever need to punch someone in the face it will be because of some real freak occurrence.

                  1. “If I ever need to punch someone in the face it will be because of some real freak occurrence.”
                    So yer saying it CAN happen!

                    1. of course it CAN happen. You also CAN win the lotto. I am also saying that JAK up there is right and having a good idea on how to deal with that is a good thing. My disagreement was that it is an inevitability that must be trained for….that is where we go from good decent sense to collecting canned goods in the bomb shelter.

                    2. Clearly, his point is that once you win the lottery, it’ll be too late to start preppring for nuclear war.

                    3. Hey now. Canned goods are old school (they do rust after all). It’s freeze dried food in mylar pouches nowadays. And it’s not “bomb shelter” anymore. It’s “bug out location”. Sheesh! Get with the paranoid times… 😉

            2. Agreed – I like the line from Fight Club: “how much do you really know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” or something like that.

      1. I would posit however that the ability to avoid being in such situations is a presence, a bearing even which can only be attained through having a few scuffles under your belt.

        1. also true. And having those scuffles, having both a few loses and a few wins and having some confidence in yourself is good for avoiding as well as being good for over all demeanor.

        1. Actually said from my office desk. What’s your point or just being a cunt?

          1. Damn did you get sand in your vag?
            My point is a large chunk of us do have to interact with the unwashed masses.

            1. That was your point? Really? To my comment that you replied to? Because it seems more to more that your point is “chip baskets Is a butt hurt faggot”

              I guess I could be misreading I think but I doubt I am

            2. i have alot of respect for my American brothers who keep cool calm and collected and smile politely to people who want to burn the USA to the ground and destroy the very constitution the US was founded on all the while getting a free pass to shriek what ever hatred they please – and also make no secret of these desires

      2. agree with what you said there Knee, RP men should not go around looking for trouble.

        btw, have you got down on the Steve McQueen Edition Tiger 100 yet?

          1. one thing i have been meaning to ask you, as you are of Italian decent are you interested in MV Augusta?

            1. My “Italianishness” is mitigated by the fact that I am 5th generation. My connection is to New York and not to Italy.

              That said. I’d love to go to Augusta lol. I wish I had the time for jt

              1. sorry Knee, but my mental pic of you is kinda a cross between Ronnie from Jersey Shore and Costas Mandylor who portrays Frank Costello in the movie Mobsters.
                hope i didnt offend you with that comparison, but all your comments from ROK i have read over the years thats the pic in my head i have of you when i read your comments… anyways….

                MV Augusta personifies Italian motorcycles IMO, even if they are owned by Harley Davidson… lol

                1. That isn’t a totally unfair comparison Marius lol….I wouldn’t say it is acurate but it isn’t so far off that it requires offense lol

                2. Moto Guzzi is the better bike imo but that may just be because I think anything associates with HD is rediculous.

                  1. brilliant! i agree with the HD tag, if you ever get a chance look up the Guzzi V8 race bikes from the 50s, now thats some serious engineering you may enjoy!

    2. I think people are more and more turning to their evil side as well. As a good guy gets f*cvked by the system, women etc, he gets more jaded and thus wants to f*ck over people. It will exponentially rise until a financial and moral collapse. I am taking a half day off today just to buy an AK-47.

              1. thats why columbus’ statue in columbus sq will be removed and replaced with an ice cube statue

              2. That’s when rappers were gentlemen, they always told you their name and inquired as to whether you know the time. Further, they weren’t without meaning…they “were here to say” something

            1. Gat comes from the 1930’s or 1920’s I think, actually.

              1. The Gatling Gun was invented in the 1860s, during the Civil War. The term ‘Gat’ was first recorded during Prohibition, so the 20s-30s.

        1. I need to con one of my SA bitches soon … you should try it. It levels the playing field

        1. yes, and as Jak has said, a man who is prepared to fight for his family (or friends as well i suppose)

        1. I looked at a few including zavasta ak47 (Serbian) , century arms with a polymer stock and full rail. I want one with a wood stock and handle to feel like a an original. I hate the ones with the foldable stock because it is hard to keep it stable since it is made of tubing not a solid material.

  2. Young men certainly need all the help they can get about self defense as most of them have been told all their life ” violence is never an option”.
    Sometimes it’s the only option.

          1. I just can’t understand why he decided to remain in a place where everyone in the county just ignored his proper name and only called him “yellow”

          1. Doesn’t everyone? I actually do have a 2.75 inch muzzle loading mortar. It is designed to take a beer can sized projectile. I get it out on the 4th and New Years eve. I get seven shots from a pound of powder and it definitely goes BOOM! Everybody loves it except the women folk.

    1. someone on ROK says Krav Maga was for women. I am no expert on the subject, I wrestled freestyle in high school.

        1. I forget the poster, but he said Krav Maga was a pussy sport and the strength you get from those dumbbell exercises is a bullshit marketing ploy

      1. Well that and kick ’em in the knee while gouging out their eyes and biting off one of their fingers. It requires a high degree of coordination.

        1. A well placed hit to the knee will fuck you up. I saw a guy get knocked down by a much bigger guy, and he responded by punching the bigger guy in the knee as hard as he could. The fight was over except for a lot of screaming and cussing.

          1. I was only half joking. A stomp down the shin and into the instep is another nasty tactic. If you have ever barked your shin you know how bad it hurts. A low kick to the side of the knee done right and your opponent won’t be getting back up. It’s not something I would do unless I was genuinely fearing for life and limb. The damage would most likely be permanent.

  3. “Other useful items that can be quickly turned into makeshift weapons are canes, umbrellas, keys, and rolled up magazines.”
    Yes, these are super helpful if you need to dance on a ceiling, attack the batman, rescue Houdini or discipline a misbehaving schnauzer

    1. You know…it’s still pretty early in the morning and my parched lips haven’t even had a taste of coffee yet, so if I have to pull out the mighty ban hammer on you, it’s not going to be pretty.

    2. I took a decent beating from a rolled up magazine when I was 10…..
      It was a teacher though, so I couldn’t punch her in the neck like I wanted…

  4. Shameful little admission time. I never really learned how to fight. Never really had to. Sure, I got into the normal scuffles any boy does when I was young, but as I got older, my height and build seemed to ensure people would never risk confrontation with me. There were two separate incidents in the past 6 or 7 years where I’ve stared someone down (and they did indeed back off), all the while thinking ‘I wonder what would happen if they decided to take a swing?’.

    So things like self defense training never made it too high on the priority list.

    1. cant do everything, when youre a kid its like “you wanna play baseball or learn karate?”

        1. ha! dad’s gotta emphasize learning self defense…mom will let you be a ballerina if you want to

          1. nah, I mean most of the mcdojos are basically just tap class. Sure there are some great places for young kids to learn martial arts, but the VAST majority of them, as far as I can tell, are just trophy for participating dance classes…

    2. Same here. Not sure how wise it is to not know how to fight, but seems like 95% of it is keeping your cool while under fire.

      I had an incident several years back when I was throwing lumber in a sawmill. One of the Mexicans was throwing crap at me and giving me a hard time, this continued for weeks until I had enough and confronted him. He grabbed a pair of band cutters (useful for stabbing) and other guys came in and pulled us apart. Looking back on it, what scared me is I wasn’t phased in the least that he had a weapon, I was still going after him. Had we really gotten into it, I could have been seriously injured. Not long after, we became pretty good friends and the other Mexicans stopped lipping off to me.

    3. I respect you for admitting that here. I’ve never had formal martial arts training outside of a few half-ass Taekwondo classes as a kid. I got into the usual boyhood scuffles as well, but no one ever really taught me how to fight or defend myself. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that learning something about fighting was an important skill.

      I knew a guy who had worked for a number of years as a bouncer and had been in some actual “real world” fights. So, I asked him to teach me how to throw a real punch. He taught me a few different techniques that he said he relied on when he was in scuffles at the bar. The main “technique” was basically just a quick jab to the nose to disorient, but he also taught me how to through a more powerful punch with my weight behind it, and a few other things.

      Most importantly, he sparred with me a few times, and taught me how to take a punch… or, to put it more realistically, gave me some experience with getting punched in the face and then still throwing a punch back. Since then, I have had the occasion to use all of what he taught me, and it was truly invaluable. One particular time, having the instinct to and being able to punch back right after I got punched ended up saving me from getting a very serious beating. After that, I’ve worked a lot more on self-defense and more “real world” fighting.

      But just getting a few basics down, and doing a little sparing so you have some idea what its like to take a punch, is really worth it. A big part of it is mindset and determination, because the vast majority of guys who act like they want to fight you over some bullshit really don’t have much experience in actually trading punches with someone, they just think they are bad-asses because they shoved a few art majors around in college. One solid punch can thoroughly dissuade them from wanting to take it farther.

      1. I learned “stomp on his foot, then punch him in the nose.” Something about people never thinking about their feet, so you can usually land the stomp and then get the nose in that brief window of surprise.

        Never had to use it, really don’t want to.

        1. One thing I learned was “ENT” — ears/eyes, nose and throat. Go for the soft spots.

            1. I was in a kerfuffle once and this dude punched me in the shoulder. He was a big dude, and the punch really hurt… but it was my shoulder. I think it ended up hurting his hand more than it actually damaged me. If he had put that punch on my nose or my throat, I would have been seriously fucked up.

              1. Doesn’t take much, but usually in a fight with both guys moving and exchanging blows it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Very rarily one leaves a fight unscathed in anycase.

                1. Yeah, very few of the scuffles that I have been in have lasted more than one or two standing-up punches. That’s why you have got to capitalize, because once you get on the ground, anything can happen, and its almost always bad.

              1. If you are strong enough, you can ram into their mid section all they way. Your assailant will begin focusing trying to extract it instead of trying to assault you.

              2. Just about anything can be a weapon if you happen to think about it. A flashlight (especially a quality maglight), sturdy stick, or tire iron can be a club if you’ve got one handy. Spare cash can be a great distraction (we’re inclined to focus on cash) for a grapple or punch.

                1. Louis L’Amour said to know what around you can be used as a weapon. I do this constantly. “If someone starts something, what will I use to defend myself?”

                  1. I’m not a master of situational awareness, but I do try to be aware of every possible entrance and exit to my current location, blind alleys, and loose items I could use in a self-defense situation.

                    Of course, since I’m in an open carry state, I also try to keep a firearm handy and carry myself well. Let them look for a softer target.

        2. Doesn’t even need to be a hard stomp. Really anything that draws their focus will suffice. While grappling, I’ve given a light slap to their leg or something similar and it’s been enough to break their focus long enough for me to get in a more advantageous position.

      2. Most of the time just being willing to fight it out is enough to send them packing.

    4. I’ll see your shame and raise you one:
      Similar story here. In fact I even ducked out of a couple fights as a kid. Regret it every day of my life.

    5. I was the other way around, due to my height and build somebody was always wanting to try me.
      I was always taller than everybody else so there was always somebody fucking with me so whenever they went too far, I let em have it.

  5. I never really learned how to fight “properly” but I did fight a lot in school, and when I say a lot, I don’t mean “a few punches there, and few kicks here”, I mean I fought until either me or the other guys were bloody pulps on the fool usually on a week to week, if not sometimes on a day to day basis. Usually it was gypsies I had to deal with, and it was a lot more freqeant than I ever wanted to.

    So although I don’t know how to throw a straight punch as effectively as someone who learned martial arts could do, I did gain a low of situational awareness when on the streets, and I can assess any situation that might potentially turn ugly quite effectively beforehand so I can learn how to navigate around it, and I think that’s just as important.

        1. Gypsies are no joke. I only had to deal with pirates and leprechauns looking to kick my ass.
          I assume youre in europe?

            1. One of the toughest guys from Europe that I ever knew always said he would never fight a Romanian, because even if you punched a Romanian square in the face, you would pull your fist back and look down to see a knife in your gut.

                1. I keep trying to turn this into some kind of joke, but its just true and sad, and there’s nothing funny about it.

                  1. must be surreal watching the swedish natl boxing team try to qualify for the olympics:
                    (hits guy in face) “sorry, that was my white privilege talking”

                    (gets hit in the face) “thank you for reminding me of my white privilege”

              1. I’ve ordered the first three of his books, actually. It takes a while before it arrives here.

                  1. Westward the Tide, The Riders of High Rock and The Rustlers of West Fork. I know you recommended me his Sackett Series but sadly a lot of them were not in stock, so I decided to start with other books of his until they restock.

                    Looking forward to that article.

                    1. I’d honestly start with Bowdrie. He’s my favorite L’amour character – a boy who lost his family in an Indian raid, but who showed enough stones that the Comanche took him in and trained him in their ways of tracking and combat. He was dumped back among his people at 12 and worked ranches until he got in a gunfight, after which he became a feared Texas Ranger.

                    2. I was thinking of the novels. Bowdrie was always my favorite short story character. You know they dramatized most of those? They’re pretty good.

                    3. What was the one that the main character was named Kearny Raven or McRaven or something like that, he had a bunch of distant cousins trying to kill him so they could claim an estate he didn’t know about? The cousins were named Yant or Yancey or something, excellent book but the name escapes me at the moment.

                    4. Written in the 50s I think.
                      Afterwhile when I stop thinking about it the title will pop into my head.

                    5. The Proving Trail, I had to google it, one of my favorites though even if I couldn’t remember the title.

                    6. I’m planning on re-reading them next year. Reilly’s Luck is probably my favorite non-Sackett/Bowdrie story. Kilkenny my favorite character outside those

                    7. Next favorite after that would be Flint. I never read one of his that wasn’t good though.

                    8. Some of my favorites are “Last of the Breed”, “The Lonesome Gods”, “The Walking Drum” and “Comstock Lode”. Great books…

            2. A certain wimp from ROK owed us an article about Romania. Maybe you can write that article instead.

              1. I can’t promise anything, just that I’ll consider it.

                And I think it’s better that that bafoon didn’t write the article in the end, because he would’ve sold you a fiction rather than what’s really Romania about. He was clueless about his own country.

              2. Troy Francis? Most of the girls he writes about are non British women. Sounds like he’s a “player” in EE.

              3. My experience of Romanian women is that they are simultaneously the best and worst in the world

      1. Middle Eastern immigrants from the first waves of refuges seeking asylum from the Muslim hordes in the 7th century. 1300 years and still not integrated into the European population. How is that multiculturalism working out?

          1. I think I know who you mean. I haven’t met him personally, but there was this romanian with the name Conan567 or something that appeared briefly on Return of Kings and started condescending to everybody because we didn’t all share his pesimism of the world. Disdain for gypsies is pretty heavy here, and with good reasons.

    1. Almost completely off topic but the mention of gypsies brought it to mind- True story( at least they told me it was true)-
      There used to be some gypsy sheep herders that used to come around here (southeastern US Georgia specifically) going from place to place for grazing a couple of times a year for a few days at the time. This was probably in the teens or maybe twenties just before automobiles got real common in these parts.
      Anyway these people had big wagons pulled with mules they hauled all their stuff in and would just squat wherever they could to graze the sheep.
      One time in particular they were camped out down the road from great Grandpa Confederates farm.
      Now grandpa Confederate loved his quail hunting so he always had a few bird dogs around his house.
      One day the head gypsy showed up and proceeded to talk in a very disrespectful way to grandpa Confederate saying that his bird dogs were chasing the sheep. Grandpa Confederate did not appreciate someone coming to his home and disrespecting him right in front of his own house so after giving Mr Head Gypsy a sound thrashing grandpa Confederate escorted him out to the road in front of the house by dragging him out there by one pants legs and left him.
      A day or so later in the morning grandpa Confederate went outside to start his day by feeding the bird dogs and they were all dead, so he figured those gypsies poisoned them.
      Grandpa Confederate decided it was payback time so he saddled up his horse ,took a Winchester model94 .32-40 rifle and rode to the top of a hill near their encampment and shot sheep til he ran out of ammo. Evidently he wasn’t quite satisfied so he headed back the other way past his house to town to get some more ammo and by the time he got back those gypsies had packed up the wagons and retrieved what sheep they had left and hightailed it out of the county.
      The neighbors said they had never seen wagons pulled with mules going that fast, by the time grandpa got back the only thing left was dust.

      1. Just have to be careful. If those gypsies bury some chicken bones in your front yard and curse you, you’re fucked.

          1. Yes, gypsy curses are scientifically proven to be one of the leading causes of multi-generational male pattern baldness.

  6. I learned something from HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts) that I’d never thought of before, and it can be of value if you get your hands on a weapon.

    In a European-style longsword fight, your weapon is your safest shield. You want to keep your blade out in front of you, because your blade doesn’t get cut the same way your flesh does. Also, counter-intuitively to me, the best defense is a good offense – the best way to stop an enemy blade is to attack them, which will cause your blades to intercept one another.

    What does this mean when we’re not carrying swords? Basically, if you have some sort of long weapon you want it to always be between you and the enemy. Keeping it down by your side or behind you makes it less reliable, because you have to bring it between you before you can strike or defend yourself.

    1. Another tip that surprised me: with a weapon, you actually want to keep a very upright stance. Shoulders back, chest out, back straight, feet stable without compromising mobility. This allows you to take your arms out of the equation when muscling your weapons around and absorb the shock of the blow more effectively.

      This is in contrast to a classic boxer’s stance, where you bring your shoulders up to protect the head and jaw and keep your feet a bit closer together.

      1. I’m new, to the site and to the whole weapons combat scene. I hit black belt in a McDojo TKD, so I know a lot of fancy moves that will get me killed, but everything was focused on hand-to-hand in a controlled environment.

        I think I may have to get into this HEMA thing. It seems a more viable weapons instruction than the overly formalized Japanese arts, and blended with some grappling and striking training it could be pretty potent.

    1. There is actually a lot of truth to that. I knew a very serious brawler years ago. He was only about 5’8″ and maybe 150 lbs., but I watched him beat up men that were a lot bigger than him. It was usually over a game of pool or some drunk loudmouth getting in his face. He never gave them a chance. He hit them hard, fast and repeatedly. The fight was over in seconds. He was an artist and his fights were a sight to behold. I learned a lot from that man just watching.

      The very last fight I was in (over 30 years ag ago) was against a no neck meat head with arms almost as big as my legs. I employed those same tactics and had that dude down before he even realized what was happening.

      There were two of this guy’s friends holding another scraggly looking hill-billy back who was hollering “Let me at him!” When I got done with the meat-head I walked over and told them to turn Mr. Scruffy loose. They did and he backed up. It’s the only fight I can honestly say I enjoyed and came out of it without a scratch. The element of surprise, no hesitation and a relentless attack until the enemy is down is certainly one way that seems to work.

      1. Knock em down and keep em down. There’s a lot of people carrying scars because they got in the first lick and then quit when the opponent went down.
        Usually after they get back up they are REALLY going to be mad then so, don’t let em get back up.

        1. That is the gospel truth. You didn’t stop the threat if it’s getting back up. I prefer to be long gone before they get their act back together.

    2. “Hit the hard. Hit them fast. Hit them often.”

      – Audy Murphy, when he was asked what it takes to win in combat.

  7. I’ve found what you’re willing to do is generally as big a factor as ability. I’ve been in quite a few fights and taken a couple of ass-kickings, and I’ve been seriously fucked up in a fight before. I don’t fight unless someone forces it on me, at which point my objective is to fuck them up as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Don’t waste time talking and don’t hold anything back if you have to fight, because it will get you hurt.

    1. Wait, you think you were banned, or you were banned and you think it was because of trying to tell englishbob?

      And did you read the comment policy before doing do? I think it was section 3(e). Speaking to englishbob is not permitted, ever.

  8. While I agree that it’s vital to have the ability to defend yourself and your loved ones, of equal, or greater importance is the ability to avoid physical violence. For me, it’s only acceptable as an absolute last resort.

    People that provoke fights typically have nothing to lose – I Repeat: Nothing to Lose. As men, we need to carefully consider the long-term ramifications of a physical altercation. Do you have a family? A home? A career? A business?… You put all these things in jeopardy the moment you make the decision to engage physically. I’ve found that having a powerful physical presence is pretty much all I’ve ever needed over the years to avoid confrontation – no matter where I’ve traveled.

    Of course, “things can happen”… but, there’s nothing masculine about losing everything you’ve worked so hard for over a fight with some punk-ass bitch.

    1. Agreed. This is why I titled this series “How to Protect…” A man who gets into fights he could easily avoid isn’t thinking of his family. All it takes is picking a fight with the wrong guy.

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