Scheduled Maintenance

A King’s Castle is expanding!

We will be switching to new servers tonight, and will be down for a few hours starting at 12:00 AM EDT to make the move. Once that is complete, things should be faster and more responsive.

Thank you to all our readers who have made this move necessary!

UPDATE: We have successfully changed servers and migrated everything over. Thanks for your patience.

34 thoughts on “Scheduled Maintenance”

    1. YES!!!
      I had one of them. The Old Man said “computers are the future, boy!” but I showed him – I used that shit for ‘Choplifter’ and little else….

      1. I liked Karateka.

        amazing how cheap these things were compared to apple. then the 90s came along, and peeps were financing $2,000 desktop packages- cost more than my first car

        1. right?
          I nearly passed out when I learned my broke-ass dad dropped like 5 bills for that C64…
          My first FOUR cars didnt add up to $2000…..

              1. Oh man, I remember those. Of course, they were dead ancient when I got to play around with them. Some old stuff at the university. Fun times!

                The few that I played with where I think a few versions after that one. They had their own built-in crap screens. 🙂

              1. thank god the folks back at the home office had the wisdom to give everybody credit cards back in the 80s…my parents didnt even have one until the late 80s

            1. it was like double dragon, except there was one guy not two, and he wore a karate outfit and was orange.

              1. oh I see. I hated those fighting games. I mean, I could go outside and get my ass kicked in real life if I wanted. I wanted to drive a F-15!

  1. Almost missed this one. Not accustomed to having to scroll down slightly on the main page to see what I’ve missed. One refresh a day usually does the trick.

    Anyway, awesome! I’m pleased to be a part of the reason you need to replace your servers.

    I’d be interested in seeing some of those fancy stat graphs showing the ramp up in traffic, and whatever other interesting visitor statistics you are willing to share.

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