Don’t Sacrifice Your Dignity and Self-Respect

A picture circulating around Twitter has been generating quite a buzz and not in a good way…

Now I’m a pretty laid back guy and generally stay pretty detached from my emotions, but every time I see this picture I am awash in a mixture of disqust, pity, and contempt.

Those of you with weak constitutions, look away now…

Ugh, even looking at it now I am sickened.  This, gentlemen, is a man who lacks even the smallest shred of dignity or self-respect.  This man, to use the term loosely, has lost even if he gets his 1 million likes.

Today, we’re going to look into this case of severe soy boy and break down what’s gone wrong and how it can be fixed.  If this sad lump in the picture ever comes across this article, it’s my sincere hope that you take what you are about to read to heart.  The truth is going to be a bitter pill to swallow, but the end result is far better than begging your wife for children on Twitter like a little bitch.

The Breakdown

So let’s take a quick look at the picture from an analytical point of view and jot down all the we see wrong:

  • The dude is a slob.  Unkempt hair, hoodie, no doubt wearing shorts and flip-flops out of frame.
  • Totally emasculated demeanor. Pleading eyes, shit-eating grin, shoulders slumped, head cocked to one side like a sad puppy….hell, he can’t even hold the damn sign without looking absolutely pathetic!
  • Noncommittal Wife. Read the sign very closely.  Do you see it?  If he gets 1 million likes, they could DISCUSS having a baby.  This dude’s wife has so little respect for him that she won’t even commit to following through on having a baby with him.

The Fix

Where to begin?  Most red-pill men after seeing this picture would say to divorce the wife immediately.  I understand the sentiment but let’s dig a little bit deeper.  The wife’s behavior is merely a symptom, not the source of the problem.  The problem is in the man himself.  This guy has no self-respect, so naturally, his wife has none for him either.  If he were to divorce her, he’d wind up in the same situation again and again.

It can be a bit daunting to determine where to begin on a case this extreme, but being the methodical person that I am, I am going to follow the 12 Levels of Dread in order.

Level 1  – This guy is completely dominated by his wife’s frame.  The mere fact that this picture is circulating is proof enough.  He needs to invest quite a few months learning how to successfully swat aside his wife’s various shit tests and begin pulling her into his frame.

Level 2 & Level 5 – At the risk of sounding like a cheesy TV show, this guy needs a serious makeover.  He doesn’t need to be rocking a 3-piece suit or anything, but for God’s sakes, take some pride in how you look! Wear some clothes that fit well, do something with that thing on your head, clean up your diet, and go lift weights 4-5 times per week.  As his outward appearance begins to improve, so will his mindset.  If you go great lengths to take care of yourself, you won’t stand for people who cause you grief, including your wife.

Level 3 – Once this guy has mastered himself, he needs to get out and enjoy life.  As Hunter says over at The Family Alpha, your wife should complement your life, not be the center of it (paraphrasing).  If his wife doesn’t want to go with him when he invites her, he should just shrug, say her loss, and go.  If he’s out having the time of his life, she’ll want to join in.  Boom! She’s fallen into his frame and the spark of romance is rekindled.  He’s now seen as adventurous and exciting to her.

Level 4 – This guy is obviously too eager to jump through hoops for his wife.  He needs to taper off this physical and emotional availability.  If she’s treating him well, return the feelings, but as soon as she starts acting up, find better things to do.  Go out for a drink.  Go to the gym.  Whatever it is, just make it known her antics don’t amuse you and you’re not going to hang around and let her use you as a punching bag.  My guess is right now whenever she shows the slightest degree of disapproval at something, he comes running to beg forgiveness.  Disgusting.


This is a tough case and chances are this guy won’t be waking out of his soy-induced stupor any time soon.  Let this be a lesson to the men reading this article.

  • Always carry yourself with dignity and pride.
  • Don’t tolerate disrespect from anyone, including your wife.
  • Keep your wife on her toes and the marriage exciting. She’ll love you for it.
  • Take responsibility for how your marriage is.  Be the head of the house and pull your family into your frame.

I’d say if soy-boy here diligently followed the steps prescribed, he could begin to regain a semblance of a harmonious marriage in about a year, although it would take longer to fully iron out all the wrinkles.  This all depends on how long he’s been married and been led around by the balls by this woman.

If he followed these steps to a T for a year and saw zero improvement in his marriage, then I would say it’s time to start looking at bailing out.  I don’t take this recommendation lightly, since we’re a site dedicated towards men fixing their marriages, but some simply cannot be fixed.

Soy-boy, may God have mercy on your soul.  If you do read this article, email me.  We’re here to help.



Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

98 thoughts on “Don’t Sacrifice Your Dignity and Self-Respect”

  1. funny article Jak, but serious at the same time, sadly alot of men i see now days have the ‘pussy beggar’ look to them.

    i see quite a few of the ‘pussy beggar’ guys working overtime to please the wife in every aspect of the relationship while she looks as though she is just treading water until … DIVORCE RAPE TIME!!!

    1. Some of those guys doing OT are also trapped in a marriage they hate, but cannot afford a divorce and are walking on eggshells at home. “Living hell” is what I heard some describe it.

      1. yep i hear ya John, what perplexes the sh*t out of me though is the blue pilled guys who wife up a woman just because of the conditioning thats hammered in to them from school upwards “its what you have to do as a man” or “you’re not a man until you marry” etc.
        IMO it has never been a better time to be a woman, every rule/law has been tilted in their favor, and the vast majority cant see this, sadly, until its too late .

        1. “..because of the conditioning thats hammered in to them”

          An old friend of mine who went through a rough divorce with his wife of 17 years back in 2011. Brutal. He started dating again in his mid 40s and I admit I didn’t envy him there (did that in my 30s), but he was banging a slew of chicks. Divorce was finalized, he paid his ex a lump sum and she went back to Holland. He was finally free.

          I got a wedding Invitation last week. He is marrying a 34 year old version of his ex who is a single mom who he introduced me to last year. She had a second child– his. He will be turning 51 shortly.

          I know the ending to all this, but it’s like watching a train wreck about to happen from a distance.

          1. ha! was your initial reaction to do an epic 2 handed face palm, while muttering/shouting profanity?

            seriously though, yeah its very painful to watch a man who has just been raked over hot coals, jump feet first back into the fire, especially if he seems happy about this, despite moaning & crying like a 8YO kid half way through the previous divorce rape procedure.
            i think most of us here have read enough articles at ROK and the accompanying comments to know that older single women with children are to be handled with extreme care, but to the brainwashed blue pilled man … well, he doesn’t, thanks Hollywood & co.

            i often wonder if the first people to invent/force the saying “man up” upon us were divorce lawyers??

            1. Slight profanity and a head shake. A mutual friend saved his ass once before when he fell for a bitch who was trying to move in with him. He had connections and did some background checks on her– stripper/ whore who worked in a bordello. Prior drug conviction and a few other gems.

              He’s done.

  2. is this how babies are made these days? getting a million likes? in my day, the stork brought them

  3. Funny how these steps coincide almost perfectly with the first six steps of dread game

    Truth is truth, however applied

  4. What the media has done to men is sickening. This guy is so duped that he thinks the more he gives up of himself, the more his wife will like him.

    Right now his wife sees him as her little bitch and is seeing how far he will go. She has absolutely zero respect for him, she wanted him to finally get a backbone and stand up for himself. Instead he failed another massive shit test.

    1. To quote the venerable Mr. T, I do indeed “pity this fool”, but remember the media only did to him what HE allowed it to. This pencil dik is subject to the same media as you and I and we came out OK (I think….)

      1. Difference is we discovered that the media and society has built up a lie. The scales have not fallen off his eyes (at least at the time of this picture)

    2. “..she wanted him to finally get a backbone and stand up for himself.”

      Me thinks you’re assuming to much. My money is on that she is buying time to do some monkey branching and bail ASAP.

      1. “monkey branching”

        Thats one of the best terms I ever heard when I was swallowing the red pill.

        A woman is like a monkey in a tree; she won’t let go of one branch until she has a full grasp of another.

        Take heed young men.

        1. I mentioned this awhile ago at the other place, but I know an older expat who renounced his US citizenship. He was a CEO of company based in Miami, wealthy, and doing very well with a (gold digging) trophy wife. Came home one Friday night to have the cops waiting for him and his wife accusing him of rape/assault. She divorced him and took a nice chunck all the while he lost everything fighting almost 2 years to stay out of prison. She was remarried before the courts fiinally dropped the charges and by that time he was destitute.

          He said “the fact she was f*cking a richer man behind my back didn’t shock me, but the way she personally destroyed me on her way out did.”

      2. Some women really aren’t shit testing– they are just expressing contempt. They don’t want to see their men become dominant and rise to the occasion; they want to watch as they break. Could be this guy married that type.

        1. Long time ago, a marriage counselor told me that contempt was the knife in the heart of a relationship. It cannot be overcome, or put back in the box.

        2. Could be, coercing the guy into embarrassing himself on the internet for no purpose other than her personal amusement is not exactly a nice thing to do. The moment he clicked the “send” button, he has lost all hope of a marriage. Had he just told her to shut up and make him a sandwich, there might have been something worth saving.

    3. You nailed it– he thinks his sacrifice is just and honorable.

      Thing is, this poor slob is probably salvageable. He probably has a sense of honor and inner-strength that has been bent and twisted by gynocentric thinking, and weaponized against him (and the common good) by the women in his life.

  5. I know that violence shouldn’t be the first reaction to things but, every time I see a picture of a “man” holding those internet “I’m an idiot” signs…..I just want to slap the taste out of his mouth.
    I know, I know, it’s a horrible sign of my toxic masculinity and it may not help him however , I would feel better.
    Also I would tell him to put her ass in the road but, you’re right it’s not necessarily her, it’s him that’s the problem.

    1. Indeed. My knee jerk reaction was also to send her packing, but in his current state, he’ll wind up with another wife who will be pulling the same stunts. This…man…needs to take his balls out of her purse and reattach them.

      1. I just can’t understand how a guy like that thinks it’s a good idea to grovel at all times to females and I’m guessing that’s what he does all the time.
        Dude should have some respect for HIMSELF instead of just her.

  6. What she really means: I’ll let the yoga-instructor, who’s railing me out while you’re slaving away at work, take his condom off, so you can raise his kid, and pay me child support when I divorce you.

      1. F*ck that. The only thing sad would be this weakness passing on his genes.
        Yeah, most women are bitches. No news for anyone. But this tango needs two. They step on your neck because YOU LET THEM.

    1. I see the RoK gang is all hanging out here now. Knock knock knock: Can I come in?

      Mod: Thanks for hosting this site. It looks really good. I was divorced three years ago and have some useful stories about modern marriage to share.

        1. Wonder how the web-traffic for both sites has changed over the past two weeks. AKC isn’t big enough to get a data-graph on Alexa.

            1. Good to know. It is usually the same 50 or so commenters (3 or 4 commenters a month ago). I never known how many viewed without commenting.

        2. What, a guy can’t go out of the country for nine days without RoK falling apart? 😉

          I’ll still comment over there, though, at least until the banhammer crashes onto my head.

          1. Same happened here, I went camping for 12 days, then came back to a ghost town at ROK. Although fewer articles, I like the content here more.

              1. Just a 2000 mile loop through Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, and back to Utah. Visit family, watch the eclipse, and see some lakes, museums, hotsprings and stuff. It was with the whole family (six kids, including a baby), so we couldn’t do too much exciting stuff, but it was fun.

      1. We’ve successfully initiated a coup. Now we just need to start rounding up undesirables. I think the easiest way to do that is to start censoring posts. Let the glorious revolution commence!

  7. Talk about a beta bucks situation. This is pathetic, but not surprising. I spent some time on a very feminist Disqus channel to learn the mind of the enemy (and was eventually banned, of course). On the one hand these women want a caring, nurturing, non-aggressive wimp of a man, then they complain when he doesn’t initiate sex or take charge. They’ve done everything they can to destroy manliness and now complain when they can’t find a real man. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked to women that express the sentiment that “All the good men are taken.” I just nod and laugh to myself. Because when they were out “finding themselves” at their prime and banging one Chad after another, the “good ones” were already having children with their wives and building a home. Then they end up stuck with some leftover beta simp like this and have no respect for him. I can see why she wouldn’t want to make babies with a guy like him. But, as you point out in the article, that’s his fault. A little self improvement on his part would go a long way toward fixing this situation. I sincerely hope he reads this article and takes the message to heart.

    1. Yup, the feminist social experiment is reaping what it has sewn. Until we as a society get back to prioritizing positive masculine traits like strength, integrity, courage, wisdom, etc….there will be a good portion of men like this simp who will be nothing more than defective women.

      Same thing goes for the women, until we prioritize women for their feminine traits like caring, charity, purity…….we will see more of the Rosie O’donnell types.

  8. Ok fellas, as I was reading this article, I walked away from the computer to get a cup of coffee and my wife walks into the office to dust. She sees this guy on the computer screen and yells to me in the kitchen: “Hey, who is this Gay guy you’re looking at? Is there something you’re not telling me?”…

    PATHETIC is the only word that comes to mind. The older I get, I tend to believe there is a point of no return for some people… Guys like this are not much different than a 400-lb fattie that refuses to change their eating habits. My brother-in-law is just like this guy; no amount of advice ever seems to help. They almost need some sort of catastrophic event to take place in order to (begin) to see the light.

    1. Wow people still use indoor computers. It has been raining down smartphones all over everone for the past 8 years that I almost forgot about the indoor sit down computer. As I remember women actually needed help moving them. Now with smartphones, computrating and webbing is done mostly on the fly.

      I guess the old sit down swivel office chairs are better on your butt still. Smartphones have swamped the world so quickly over the past 5 years that I can’t even picture what gadgets will be around in another 10 years or so. Smartphones are everywhere and you even see recycle bins full of them. They’ve gone way down in value. I remember the Obamaphone lady a couple of years ago jumping up and down screaming with joy over her new obamaphone like it was the cheese and she sold her vote along with countless others for a piece of shit obamaphone which is worth about as much as a stick of gum today. Unbelievable.

      1. A sit down computer is a great defense for your kids who are prone look at porn. Have it up on the big screen in the front room, and it can be locked out at anytime, and we have the internet unavailable from 11 pm to 6 am. Otherwise, they can go outside or find a book.

  9. Just a little FYI. This whole thing happened about 4 years ago. Probably won’t be hearing from the guy, and whatever was going to happen as a result of this likely already happened.

    Seems to be one of those things that someone re-discovers, and it gets new life among people that hadn’t seen it the first time around. It did spur some hilarious responses at the time:

    1. A Kings Castle- on the pulse of all things current.
      dude is prolly divorced by now. behind that notebook is a sweatshirt that say “COLLEGE” on it

  10. Its going to be so easy to take over this country if this guy is a representative of the opposition.

    1. also, this article would benefit from one of uncle Bob Smiths brilliant “Beta Magazine” covers

    2. Needs to come with a Player # and Name on it. I successfully sports-shamed an acquaintance the other day. Gonna take a bow.

    3. hey now..there’s a lot of soccer balls on those panties…what are they trying to say? *I play soccer, I’m offended.

  11. His wife likely out weighs him on the scale and has sex with him less than 2x a month. Sad he looks like a genuine “nice” dude, just no backbone and a bit socially retarded. Clean up the diet, heavy compound lifting, red meat and a little coaching up and he could be playoff caliber one day.

    1. yes I say we should help men unless they absolutely refuse they will have to learn the hard way. I know that I’ve stupidly paid for women’s drinks and got somewhat divorced rape as well, but I’ve limited my damage thanks to red pill sites and the past generation of men before me who gave me some insight.

  12. Knowing that the dude got married to this woman and she still won’t consider bearing his children.

    Conflicted on whether to laugh or sob hysterically….

    Also a solid, quality article with concise points that are easy for neophytes such as myself to process and apply. Many thanks!

  13. Strong men make good times.
    Good times create weak men.
    Weak men make bad times.
    Bad times create strong men.

    It’s easy to tell where we are in that cycle.

    1. Funny thing is, all of those rules would be completely unnecessary, if she were a half decent woman. Had she worked to be attractive physically, spiritually, emotionally, or fulfilled her wifely duties (sex, taking care of house, raising children, being pleasant) He wouldn’t feel the urge to look elsewhere, drink, or spend too much time with his friends.

  14. That was me a few years back. Total fucking loser, treating my girl’s words as law. Putting up with a lot of stupid shit. Manned up thanks to a friend at work telling me I looked like shit and got out.

    Two years on and life is so much better.

    1. I dress better. I give a shit about what I wear, how it looks, if the beard is untidy. Had my hair way long down my back, cut that fucker off and went short.

    2. I put on some healthy weight which is now turning into muscle thanks to my little bro, who I unfairly kept out of my life for a long time, who’s helping me out with a fitness regime and acting as an accountability partner at the gym.

    3. Met a new girl who I engaged to and expecting my first baby with. Younger than me, does the household chores and dinners always on the table when I get in. Complete 360 of a girl and makes me damn happy.

    It only takes a bit of time to get yourself sorted out, the hardest part is deciding to change. The rest all just falls into place.

    1. Congratulations on the baby and marriage and stuff.

      While I didn’t start off that bad, in high school, I did drool over women and did look like a slob. Consequently, I had little luck at that time. Then when I was 20, I decided that I needed to turn my life around or continue shoveling dirt at a trailer park in Anchorage, Alaska. I came home, saved up money to go to school, then went to church, then married a decent girl. I’ve been married fourteen years, I have a strong marriage with six kids.

      Turning your life from coast mode to a more positive driven mode is vital. Whether looks, working out, career ambition, or a drive into some hobby, you need to take charge and have a life of your own. How you do it is up to you.

    2. Great, good for you. One small point though — I think you mean “a complete 180 of a girl”. If you did a 360 you’d have another one exactly like her. lol

      1. Another thing about the “complete 180 of a girl”……….AWALT.

        While she may have had family that taught her well, and she miraculously kept herself unspotted, you will still need to keep her in check. Left to their own devices, they will eventually run loose. Do what you can to keep her morally straight.

  15. It is pretty pathetic. A good buddy of mine moved all the way to Florida because his fiance wanted to move down their with her parents. So they live with them while looking for a place. Thing is, he didnt really want to move down there, but is operating in her frame and will do whatever she says. So his beta qualities are pretty evident there. His case is sad, because he’s really tall and with a little red pill help, could probably have a ton of notch counts on height alone.

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