Ignoring The Urge to Quit


Whether you’re about about to make that last rep, about to get that last mile in, or 20 minutes out from completing a project, there seems to be this voice telling you that “this is too hard” and “just give up.”  I’ve worked to ignore this voice and push myself harder than I ever could by grinding on and keeping things moving.  To me, that is the key to overcoming your own self doubt and unreal limitations.

Keep Moving

We’ve all been there.  Struggling to get something completed or to push yourself to new heights.  You’ve prepared, and even started to work toward a goal.  Right before the finish line you have to grind harder than ever because I’ve found, that this is what separates the boys from the men.

I’ve seen people give up without actually trying, and quitting at the smallest bit of resistance. How do we get that last bit of “oomph” to push ourselves to new heights?  I’ve found that the best way to push yourself harder is to just get the negative thoughts out of your head.  Don’t entertain them at all.  Keeping your eye on the prize is crucial here.  Just keep doing whatever got you to the point you’re at now and most times you’ll reach the goal with much more effort.  When that doubt comes up, where you question if you have the balls to make it, ignore it at once, and keep pushing harder.

Some readers may be like “yeah no shit, don’t give up” but it was something I struggled with for a while.  One thing I noticed was that giving up on one goal made me feel like shit, but instead of brushing it off and getting back in the saddle, it usually lead to a general “not giving a fuck” mindset that only left me feeling defeated and depressed.

Make Tasks Smaller

Other than the determination to making sure you give a big fuck you to any doubt or urge to quit, breaking a large goal into smaller ones helps me get more done.  Its all about perspective to me.  You can look at your workout session as “I have to do 100 reps total today” or you can say “I have to to “10 sets of 10 reps”  10 sets of 10 sounds easier and something that you can look at as “no problem” compared to the daunting task of 100 total reps.  I hate the term “life hack” but I mentally trick myself into making things easier, and its made me happier and more accomplished overall.

I think a lot of people who do not finish what they set out to do lack the perspective to break a big goal into small deliverables.   If you’re fat and weak, do one pull-up a day until you can do two.  If you hate your career, read one chapter a night learning something else.  This all ties into the the first point of just doing something, no matter how small, is better than giving up.

When to quit

There are times when quitting is an option.   If you are getting nothing positive out of a task or activity, they giving it up is probably for the best.  Wasting time is foolish, and beware of the slippery slope of enabling bad behaviors by lying to yourself.  I had a problem with drinking too much in the past.  I remember I would tell myself “Its normal, its not that much” but my wallet and body said otherwise.  Stopping a bad habit or behavior takes on the equal opposite approach that we take when we want to continue a good behavior.  For me, I had to accept that I was fucking up, and then decided that I was going to save drinking for Friday or Saturday nights only.  The “crutch” I had in the booze faded away when I cut back.  For the first time, I felt better NOT drinking.


The key here is to evaluate and adjust things in your life.  How bad do you want to reach your goals?  How badly do you want to be jacked, or rich, or a confident guy.  As I age I realize that nothing comes to you without hard work, and if it does just fall into your lap, it typically wont last long.  Keeping your thoughts determined enough to never give up will help you in all areas of your life.  Sticking with it is something that took me a while to grasp, but its improved me as a man overall.  Leave a comment if you have any insights, tips, or stories that resonate with todays article.


J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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              1. The story I heard from 3 separate sources was that he was doing a bunch of blow, fell and hit his head.

    1. […] breaking a large goal into smaller ones helps me get more done.

      See, you tried to do too much all at once. Just read one sentence per day until you get through it.

            1. Speaking of reasons to ban me, I’ve been wanting to tell you something. My brain refuses to process your name correctly. I think the problem is mostly with the I in the initial position, which I always see as an L. Then, it gets rendered something like an Italian trying to order a Mexican meal from a Frenchman. La Tacoo.

            1. bingo! work in some dastardly villains, and a few damsels in distress…always keep em wanting more

        1. If you cannot fit an entire article into a Tweet, you’re doing it wrong.

          Stop wall of texting us, bro.

      1. I just started dating a pornstar, not like that’s a big deal anymore but she has a lot of her movies out there on the ‘Net. She’s actually cleaner than the civilians I have dated.

          1. Her giant vag smells like day-old fish instead of month old garbage and has a light flaky crust rather than full-blown raging herpes.

            1. too be honest, she told me when she DID star in movies she was tested once per week. Between testing, paying agents, travel expenses, and living expenses, she did not make much money. She is in movies. In fact she is really clean and has 0 STDs.

                  1. if she looks like tera patrick and cooks like lydia bastianich…thats a money makin opp right there

              1. I gotta say, assuming all of this is true, it just shows the difference in a man’s thought process as compared to a woman’s. So you can get paid nothing to ruin your reputation forever, or you could get paid the same to half-ass some shitty job. Yeah, having films of you getting railed by strange dudes for your kids’ friends to find on the internet is the better choice. I mean, if you’re going to be set for life, I understand the calculus. But if you’re going to be doing about the same as a mall cashier, you may as well do that and get the merchandise discount.

                1. Yeah, but being a mall cashier is hard and you have to be there for like 7 hours a day, and be there on time, and stand around, and people are mean to you, and you have to like, think, and shit. Porn whore just lays back and gets fucked for a couple hours. Much easier. Plus, they probably have free coke at the porn shoot.

                  1. I understand the joke, but you aren’t factoring in all the travel time, STD testing time, makeup/prep time, etc… And, having worked in restaurants quite a bit when I was younger, there were always plenty of drugs around, and I bet the mall is no different. Though, I grant that you’re not allowed to get high on the job. Bottom line, women are fucking stupid.

                    1. We agree that women are stupid. We also agree that there isn’t anymore money to be made in porn than working minimum wage. The point of my comment was to make fun of the stupid whore’s mindset, not the actual facts of the situation.

                    2. Agreed, good sir. Just making sure someone didn’t misconstrue things. Chalk it up to the lawyer in me!

                  2. Yes they have access to free narcotics, free alcohol, and free meals. Sometimes, a cheap place to stay if the girls all shack up.

                2. Very true. Many pointed out that people (even female porn stars) don’t not get paid that much in porn. In fact, as you pointed out, she probably could have earned the same amount of money working as a cashier in Wall Mart, without ruining her reputation.

                  1. How does one work in WallMart and retain a good reputation, precisely?

                    1. Would you marry someone who worked in Walmart for 6 months before getting a better job? You probably would. Many people end up working for Walmart for a short period of time, before finding a better job. I don’t think there is a stigma attached to it as much as it used to be.
                      Would you marry a girl who has done porn? If you are truly red-pileld, you probably wouldn’t. (And shouldn’t)
                      Got the point?

                3. Trust me I am not “getting her” for free. It is costing me some resources. She wanted a new dress and her car fixed . They do not make much for what they have to do anymore. It is pennies but it is a quick buck.

                  1. Alarm bells are ringing. I know you are a savvy customer, but watch out for her attempts to play you.

              2. Zero STDs? After years of promiscuity? Don’t fool yourself.
                I don’t know why people think that regular testing automatically guarantees an STD-free existence to porn stars.
                Plenty of them have STD’s…chlamydia, genital herpes and dormant HPV being the most common ones.

                1. Perhaps. I didn’t see or smell anything. I’ve caught Chlamydia before and it is easy to tell when a girl has it.

          2. not very kinky at all. Was passionate and danced for me before we did it; nothing any other girl can’t do. I am tempted to give the name out…

          3. she told me if she did a 3 some scene with a man and girl, the camera would stop and she would clean orifices so fluids would no mix. She said it is not fun at all.

        1. Just because some slut has a bunch of videos of fucking herself with a 17″ dildo all over the internet does not mean she’s a porn star. Camwhores and sluts who let the random pervs they fuck film them getting fucked don’t count.

          1. Look man, it’s not like I care whether she is or not , by definition, a pornstar, but she’s in movies for Brazzers, Naughty America, and did lesbian/passion sex scenes with male stars. She has so little money that I had to fix her Toyota Camry for her in my garage yesterday. I banged her 4 times.

            1. Weird that now these whores can actually make a lot more money stripping in a nice club than getting railed by 3 dudes in a porn movie.

              1. She told me it is only $600 for a lesbian scene, $800 for a straight scene, but $4000 for double anal (which she has never done ANY anal.). I really want to post her name, but her bio states her location…I’ll have to think about this..

                  1. she told me that random men come up to her and show them their phones with her nakedness and ask her if it is really her. She made the choice put herself out there, she will have to live with the consequences. She’s fun to drink with though has a pleasant personality.

                    1. shes 29, basically retired from it. She is saving for fake tits in order to “model” on camera or make more money from me, or whatever she can get stripping.

                    2. It kind of saddens me though. She could have been a millionaire if she would have married the right guy early on in her life. She is a solid 8, could venture into a 9 with fake tits. Her wall is fast approaching. She will hit 30 in a few months.

                  1. The Comedian Jeff Ross had a great joke once about dating a Pornstar, it went something like this: “So, I’ve been dating this Pornstar, and I asked her when we can get together next. She said that she has to work Monday-Thursday, so how about Friday? I said no, how about Sunday?”

              2. I’ve been telling her she needs to strip but the money is not guaranteed in stripping and it takes some charm and patience to make money stripping. She’s basically lazy.

              1. I’ve been lacking in the desire department lately. I just hit 43. I do not know if it is age or just because I’ve been desensitized due to fapping and sluts.

        2. You should not underestimate the psychological damage promiscuity can cause to women…former porn girls are no exception.
          In fact, they they are textbook examples of how sleeping around can destroy women.

          1. 97.4% of chicks already do everything that a porn star does, and about half of them do it on camera — just a guy’s cellphone camera instead of a “real” camera on a porn set. Yes, a legit porn star’s brain is fried, but it really isn’t fried all that much more than the “nice” girl whose nudes just haven’t gotten upload to the web yet.

        3. You know, I said something similar just the other day. I met a girl in a bar in the afternoon and converted to a lay in 3 hours. No condom. While whores and prostitutes are whores and prostitutes they are, I believe, far less likely to be carrying some filth than a girl like this who was young, sexy, had a good job and will let a stranger bare back her after a few martinis in the afternoon.

            1. nah, I the chances of disease are really low. I think it is one of the things that the puritan fucks in this country push heavy because of our shockingly absurd attitudes about sex here. I very rarely bag it and I fuck quite a lot of whores.

              1. It’s not about being “puritan”. The amount of girls with incurable STDs in the US and Europe is shocking…No, they did not get it from a toilet seat. They got it from their promiscuous sexual encounters.

                1. the fear of anything sexual in the US is really terrible. As for the stats on incurable STDs, remove the faggots, remove the drug users and remove from your dating pool anyone at a lower level than upper middle class and the chances of getting something that will stick with you are nearly nil. All this fear about getting an STD is a lot like the hype of homosexuality when if you just watch TV you would think that half the people in the world are fags but in reality it is like 2% of the population. The only STD one needs to legitimately worry about if they aren’t fucking third worlders or IV drug users is pregnancy

                  1. I’ve had 40 partners in my 43 years and I’ve gotten Chlamidyia twice. I used condoms on maybe 8 of them during my 20s.

                    1. Correct me if I am wrong, but you are the one who usually has sex with hookers right?

                    2. mostly non-hookers; I’ve paid around 8 escorts total. The past 2 years I’ve been on Seeking Arrangement and it has been wonderful for both paid and free girls. I’ve had 5 girls form SA that turned to relationships after 3 dates, a bunch of free “test drives” ,and about 10 I’ve ripped off (laid but didn’t pay).

                  2. The fear is well founded IF you’re 1) gay or 2) screwing IV drug users or 3) screwing ghetto people. If you’re all of the above, you’re most likely diseased.

                    But I’ve felt the same. We stick with upper middle class wimmenz, and the most we’ll get is HPV, which 60% of the U.S. public has. Or a kid, which 80% of the U.S. public has.

                    1. Agreed about your three exceptions. Fags and IV drug users have a serious risk even worse then ghetto people.

                      HPV is absurd now. Everyone has it and condoms don’t even stop all the strains.

                      Find yourself an upper middle class woman who has a decent career and a regular fitness and diet regiment–don’t bother with the bag.

                      Glad someone else sees it. People look at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them that condoms aren’t necessary

              2. most married guys do not believe when I tell them escorts and pornstars like this chick I’m seeing are actually cleaner. She was all about disclosing how many partners she has/had and wasn’t shy about it.

              3. Some of it must be perspective. You are undoubtedly circulating through higher class whores, ones who have enough sense not to fornicate with obviously diseased drug users. I’d wager there are no shortage of less discriminating whores who not only become public health threats, but do so on the government dime. I’d also prefer it if they not create as many offspring, so, as far as I’m concerned even if the disease/condom messaging is based on a lie, it’s only doing good.

                1. correct. I wouldn’t do what I do with some ghetto bitch. But when I meet a 27 year old attorney drinking a 30 dollar martini I’m not going to put a condom on to fuck her. lol

                  1. Well, then, there might be more than meets the eye at work here. It might not be all absurd puritanism, is all I’m suggesting.

                    1. it could be but in my 30+ years of being sexually active I’ve never contracted a single disease despite being with lots and lots of women. At this point either there is a huge over reaction to how much std is out there or I have some superpower. Either way, I use a bag when I feel it is necessary but that isn’t very often and I haven’t gone wrong yet.

                    2. Urethritis develops during and after the chlamydia cures. My ding dong just feels sore for a longer period of time . Overall the pain is a 1 on a 10 point scale.

                  2. I love attorneys. I think they get a power trip from getting rando sex. I banged a Jewish Attorney I met at the Ritz. My ex wife was also an attorney and now slutty attorney.

                    1. My time at an European finance center were the best 18 months of my life. Constantly changing sheets. One of the rotations found panties in the sheets- wasn’t hers.

                      She feigned being upset, but I swear it turned her on even more.

                    2. I know a certain person, who shall remain un-named, who has a very close girlfriend who gets absolutely turned on when other women hit on him and she sees it. Like it’s a freaking aphrodisiac to her.


                    3. I think the keenest test of whether a woman is genuinely interested in you is her response to another woman flirting with you. If she gets turned on and wants to fuck, she’s way into your frame. If she gets pissed at you and wants to fight, she doesn’t really respect or want you.

                    4. Think you are right about that. I’ve had girlfriends really freak out when they saw other girls expressing interest in me. I attributed that behavior to abandonment fear or low self-esteem. But I think you are fully on target: it is just a lack of respect and an expression of irritation.

                    5. Women get off on competition. Often times you’ll hear it’s cruel to tell them about other women: Absolute bullshit. Few things make them more eager to please than to possibly have their man stolen.

                    6. I let my current gf find a pair of crusty panties from a notch six months earlier. She’s never forgotten it. Two weeks ago she started boasting to her friends about all the women I’ve slept with. The 16-year-old me would never have believed it.

                    7. In my mind that was something you didn’t do if you liked a girl. You do not kiss and tell. I never bragged about sexual conquests. The old me thought that was disgusting, stupid, and would turn a girl off. This is why my loser friends got laid and I didn’t from the age of 17-22. Now I show my dates pictures of the girls I match with bumble and the pictures of me hitting on women at bars.

                    8. If you know which button to push, a woman’s mind will do the work for you.

                      It’s next-level shit, and you MUST have strong value, but I recommend planting a pair of panties in the house for her to find. Then, when she does… hold frame. Hold it, hold it … HOLD FRAME LADDIE. Show zero remorse, stay calm, and she will submit.

                    9. Hypergamy in full display.

                      Never apologize for being a man who desires beauty from women. Women at least grock that is all the power they have over men.

                      PS- Good to see you here.

                    1. to be fair I do have sex with tons of random women and have a regular rotation so it isn’t like I get backed up….I will wake up in the morning horny and send out a few texts and within an hour be dumping baby batter into someone

                    2. Don’t you work? I am preparing breakfast for my son in the mornings..haha …I only have one night per week to go out or get laid. Sometimes I can sneak in a few hours during the week. I do not meet that many women to even accumulate a rotation.

                    3. not on Saturdays. I have no son. I have my office, the gym and pussy. That is pretty much it for me.

                    4. also, it is easy to meet women in large number in NYC. I cold approach at least a dozen women a day.

                    5. Daycare centers, middle schools, you name it. Chicks everywhere. The hardest part is getting the blood stains out of your clown suit after they leave though.

                    6. subway, street, elevator, restaurants, bars, gym…my general rule is that if I can reach a woman who I would fuck I say something to her. Living on a 22.5 square foot island with 6.5 million people means there is an inexhaustible number of targets. In the time from when I leave the office, walk to the subway, take the 15 minute ride and then walk the few blocks to my house I will have at said at least hello to 10 women and maybe even wound up with a conversation.

                    7. the density there is key. Dallas has a ton of hot women as well. Plastic surgery galore. The area is more spread out though. I’ve talked to women at lunch, bars, even jury duty. (2000 people in 1 room for 4 hours during selection), but I cannot do this everyday like you can.

                    8. yeah man dallas is huge. If I had to guess I would say that I will see at least 50k women today. just looking around and walking around. My neighborhood is somewhere in the middle as far as nyc density goes and it is 220k people per square mile.

                    9. Yeah, but I’m not sure how much it counts to stop fapping if you’re getting laid 3-5 times a week by real life wommyn folk.

                    10. I was thinking about this and our mutual friend said it best I think…the fact that it is with actual women really does make a difference

              4. Isn’t it funny how these whores start leaving behind shit at your house in order to stake their claim? This pornstar is already talking about a relationship in subtle ways. I had a business card I got from a girl in a bar 3 weeks ago and it is sitting on my bathroom sink. The pornstar placed a bottle of skin cream on top of the card and left it there.

                  1. she casually invited me to a guest showing of a female stripper friend this coming weekend . She says “she does not want to go alone” . I kept telling her she could invite one of her former “fans” or current fans and she got insecure about it; jokingly accusing me of seeing other girls. She has a few loser beta orbiters on her Instagram but doesn’t want to be caught dead in public with them. I am amazed at how insecure she is and I told her that. She said what all of us red-pillers say “Every man wants to fuck a hot female and I’m not attracted to 95% of the men I fucked on set”

                1. leaving behind shit is standard operating procedure for sure. I leave a little something behind too sometimes. I like to jerk off in their shampoo bottles.

                    1. That is great. There really is nothing like opening the top of the shampoo and leaving a nut in there. Knowing she is washing her hair with your cum is just great

                2. Careful. Don’t fall into her expectation that you are going to be her Mr. Beta Bux. She’ll have you fixing her Honda with no ass-incentive before you know it.

          1. hahaha, I once told a girl who had a big emotional shit with me “go on and leave…you can’t UNFUCK me”

            1. Imagine what the ones that I’ve ripped off on sa feel like ? I once banged and ripped off a 17 year old on sa. I fingered her ass and nutted in her mouth . Then i threw her out of my car. She will never be the same

                1. one would hope. I follow some of them on facebook secretly just to see the post-SA life. This 17 year old got a boyfriend, a fitness coach, built like a rock, 22 year old. She dumped him and he’s going beta on her Fakebook. That’s why I don’t feel bad when I rip them off. They end up treating a “nice” guy like shit.

              1. Had a peer who did something similar, tossed a girl out of a moving van into a ditch in Mexistan. The officials covered it up and paid her off, but after the Secret Service Scandal, when she found out what the other women were paid off with, she managed to blow it up into an international incident. The guy who tossed her was slated for a cushy, prominent gig until that all got out.

                1. The way to cover yourself is to have a text exchange in regards to the sexual acts you will do together so any false rape allegations can be quashed easily.

                  1. She didn’t accuse him of rape, she was a prostitute, and she was tossed out of a can by a high-ranking government official.

              2. “I fingered her ass and nutted in her mouth . Then i threw her out of my car.”

                I’d like to elect that this blog implement quote of the article and let this one forever be the inspiration for doing so.

                1. and BTW they cannot claim rape either because before I meet SA whores I explicitly talk about sex on text messages and what we will do in my car.

  1. Essentiall red-pill truth right there.
    There are no results without hard-work. Once red-pilled you will still have to put in significant efforts into whatever you do. However, if you do it well you will soon see the results.

    1. “. Once red-pilled you will still have to put in significant efforts into whatever you do” It is so similar to the matrix reference because you CANT go back to being a “normal person” after it.

  2. When I first started doing bodyweight exercises, I set seemingly arbitrary rules that obscured how much exercise I was going to do. Rules included, “Do at least one pullup every time you go through the door,” and “Do five squats when you stand up.” I couldn’t bring myself to consistently spend a while exercising, but I discovered that I could do a bit of exercise all day.

    There’s an old joke that serves as a personal guideline to life. “What’s the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

    1. I shot an elephant in my pajamas the other night. What he was doing in my pajamas i’ll never know
      -Groucho Marx

      1. “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” – Groucho

    1. Bloody hell Chip, how much arse are you going to kiss. “Good article, Brilliant, Inspirational”…..It’s like AKC saved your pooch from drowning or something!

      1. Brilliant comment bike chain. Thanks for your valuable input.
        As a matter of fact, jak DID save my dog from drowning.
        Time to smoke a cigarette

        1. Now you just made my job harder, I want a raise.
          It wasn’t easy orchestrating the great exodus of 2017.

  3. You have to start something to be able to quit, since I ain’t no quitter I don’t start.

  4. When I interviewed for my present job, they required that I pass both written and practical tests in my field to be accepted. When we got to the practical tests on PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), they were testing me on a platform that was so old I jokingly asked if they had bought it at a yard sale. I needed to perform some relatively simple programming tasks with software I had never even seen before. It was actually the very last part of the test and I had passed everything else with flying colors. I was just about ready to throw in the towel, but remembered that people usually quit within mere inches of their goal.

    I redoubled my efforts, dug through the manuals that were provided and came up with a solution to the problem. The funny part was the logic I wrote was much more complex than what they wanted, due to the wording of the problem. So be careful not to over think things. The tester said “All I really wanted was simple logic to turn on the light when the button is pressed. If you can figure out how to do all that, you know what you’re doing. We don’t need to go any farther.” The test was over and I passed.

    If I had gone with my initial feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness, I would have walked away from some serious money and an excellent job. Never give up. Push it to the limit. Yeah, you may fail. But then again you may very well succeed and there is no feeling like it in the world.

  5. I think there is a good set of beginning aromas but I can’t help but think that a little bit of Hitler can only help make it more complete

  6. To be totally honest, I recently hit the “not giving a fuck” (in a bad way) after letting my guard down. It’s a really eerie feeling looking at yourself and having a good idea of how far you’ve fallen but not knowing entirely how you got there.
    I have begun taking steps to reverse this though.

    Goals, contingencies, new hobbies and small beginnings. I’m young enough that I have the time to do it all but for some reason I just can’t get fired up and pissed off like I used to. The same motivational sources don’t work anymore.

    I think part of it happened when I tried to re-enter the dating scene and saw how utterly grim it was. A lot of girls my age are utterly repulsive and the desirable ones have just far too many options. Feels like having a pile of sandbags dumped on you. It’s time to grind again.

    1. Maybe a change of venue. The dating scene isn’t terrible everywhere and sometimes just picking up and moving to a whole new place and life (you say you are a young fellow) we spark something in your….

    2. If I could give you any advice, it would be to concentrate heavily on your health and your finances (two things that won’t let you down if you put in sufficient work). Never give up and don’t become complacent. I’m a big believer in proper work ethic, but a little luck and timing can go a long way also… Create value in everything you do, build yourself up and you may be surprised at the types of women, along with other opportunities that will actually approach you. Good luck out there brother! Stay strong and focused!

  7. “Whenever you’re about to quit, remember the reasons why you started.”

    -The Notorious Conor McGregor

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