Ignoring The Urge to Quit


Whether you’re about about to make that last rep, about to get that last mile in, or 20 minutes out from completing a project, there seems to be this voice telling you that “this is too hard” and “just give up.”  I’ve worked to ignore this voice and push myself harder than I ever could by grinding on and keeping things moving.  To me, that is the key to overcoming your own self doubt and unreal limitations.

Keep Moving

We’ve all been there.  Struggling to get something completed or to push yourself to new heights.  You’ve prepared, and even started to work toward a goal.  Right before the finish line you have to grind harder than ever because I’ve found, that this is what separates the boys from the men.

I’ve seen people give up without actually trying, and quitting at the smallest bit of resistance. How do we get that last bit of “oomph” to push ourselves to new heights?  I’ve found that the best way to push yourself harder is to just get the negative thoughts out of your head.  Don’t entertain them at all.  Keeping your eye on the prize is crucial here.  Just keep doing whatever got you to the point you’re at now and most times you’ll reach the goal with much more effort.  When that doubt comes up, where you question if you have the balls to make it, ignore it at once, and keep pushing harder.

Some readers may be like “yeah no shit, don’t give up” but it was something I struggled with for a while.  One thing I noticed was that giving up on one goal made me feel like shit, but instead of brushing it off and getting back in the saddle, it usually lead to a general “not giving a fuck” mindset that only left me feeling defeated and depressed.

Make Tasks Smaller

Other than the determination to making sure you give a big fuck you to any doubt or urge to quit, breaking a large goal into smaller ones helps me get more done.  Its all about perspective to me.  You can look at your workout session as “I have to do 100 reps total today” or you can say “I have to to “10 sets of 10 reps”  10 sets of 10 sounds easier and something that you can look at as “no problem” compared to the daunting task of 100 total reps.  I hate the term “life hack” but I mentally trick myself into making things easier, and its made me happier and more accomplished overall.

I think a lot of people who do not finish what they set out to do lack the perspective to break a big goal into small deliverables.   If you’re fat and weak, do one pull-up a day until you can do two.  If you hate your career, read one chapter a night learning something else.  This all ties into the the first point of just doing something, no matter how small, is better than giving up.

When to quit

There are times when quitting is an option.   If you are getting nothing positive out of a task or activity, they giving it up is probably for the best.  Wasting time is foolish, and beware of the slippery slope of enabling bad behaviors by lying to yourself.  I had a problem with drinking too much in the past.  I remember I would tell myself “Its normal, its not that much” but my wallet and body said otherwise.  Stopping a bad habit or behavior takes on the equal opposite approach that we take when we want to continue a good behavior.  For me, I had to accept that I was fucking up, and then decided that I was going to save drinking for Friday or Saturday nights only.  The “crutch” I had in the booze faded away when I cut back.  For the first time, I felt better NOT drinking.


The key here is to evaluate and adjust things in your life.  How bad do you want to reach your goals?  How badly do you want to be jacked, or rich, or a confident guy.  As I age I realize that nothing comes to you without hard work, and if it does just fall into your lap, it typically wont last long.  Keeping your thoughts determined enough to never give up will help you in all areas of your life.  Sticking with it is something that took me a while to grasp, but its improved me as a man overall.  Leave a comment if you have any insights, tips, or stories that resonate with todays article.


J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of akingscastle.com. He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family.