Announcement: Kingstream Tonight

We will be doing our very first Kingstream livestream tonight on YouTube at the following times:

  • 9PM Eastern Time
  • 8PM Central Time
  • 7PM Mountain Time
  • 6PM Pacific Time

We will be discussing the founding of A King’s Castle, our goals for the site, and possibilities for where we are going with it. We may also discuss the purge of commentors from ROK that prompted us to turn A King’s Castle into a full-time site. Of course there will also be some shooting the breeze, reading interesting comments, and answering questions from the listeners.

Co-founder Jak will be on along with long-time commentor GhostOfJefferson. A link to the livestream will be posted shortly before it starts. There will be comments on the YouTube video and on the A King’s Castle post linking to it.

We ask that the off topic discussions on this post remain to a minimum so that we can easily find any relevant questions for us to answer during the livestream. Thank you and we hope to see you tonight!

This post will be updated closer to the livestream time with the link so be sure to check back here later tonight.

48 thoughts on “Announcement: Kingstream Tonight”

  1. hope you guys are wearing masks. maybe your silhouette a la mystery science theatre 3000

    1. You should just ban everyone. Then you will match ROK in comment count tomorrow.

      1. Still beats the quality. They didn’t even get rid of the alarmists, just the most entertaining and popular.

  2. I am not saying that this is what it will look like in the studio for the live stream, but it totally will

    1. “Kingstream?”… I would have thought they would just keep the same theme as the August 14th article about “Manchat” and just titled this one: “Manstream.”

      1. Is he going to hand out that million bucks from Publishers Clearing House? ….boy, I hope I win.

          1. It seems like every single Era has its own ‘voice’. The 20’s everybody was mute. The 50’s people spoke with a “look here see” quackiness, and now this new generation voice has a prancy, flighty sound to it.

            I predict the next era will be ruled by a new religion that will force the circumcision of all tongues from the mouths of babes so no feelings will ever be hurt again and everybody will go back to being mute.

  3. I got to the bit where they started dissing total negativity and decided to turn off

    Yeah, sure the glass is half full, but I’m not drinking whatever’s in it until I’ve had it tested at a lab

    and GOJ was clearly putting on a fake american accent

  4. Why does Jak have a valley girl accent? (j/k)
    Do any of you remember talkshoe? Listening to this kind of reminded of me of talkshoe stuff from years past…. is that site even still around, would be interesting to have a conference hosted like a radio show type thing.

      1. Noooooo! haha
        Yeah it looks like the talkshoe site is still around, it was completely free too I used to organize calls way back, guests could call in on a phone or use the website to listen in to the host, Host could keep everyone muted and allow folks to comment or speak at will.. It was an interesting way to let people ask questions “live on the air” so to speak, or just have conversations with very large groups, or host a show.

  5. this was Brilliant and keeping this sort of innovative interactive stuff up is just what this site needs IMO – More More More, and well… much More please.

    Jak, do you need to get a better Microphone? – not giving you a hard time.
    GOJ – great to hear your voice, get a patriotic Mr America avatar mate!

  6. When I went to youtube to watch this, one d the videos on the right tab was of an Amish girl kissing a horse.
    That one had 500K views…

      1. You need to get a better Mic!

        You guys are so right though in that there is nothing in our spheres that focuses on father’s and families from a red pill perspective.

        This fills a huge void. It also refuses to be held hostage by the nihilistic pessimism you mention that we see so in so much in the manosphere.

        We have to rebuild and we need strong men and families to do it. I’d love to see some articles on raising kids.

        Guys like me who have toddlers and babies are hungry to get this advice and instruction while our kids are growing into their most malleable stages.

        I’m convinced that strong meaningful discipline has to happen when they are young so you can ease off when they are older and they can apply the wisdom and discipline they’ve learned through their childhood to the world around them when they hit their later teen years.

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