They Need Your Leadership

As we know, even a successful man can and will be manipulated if he lets his frame waiver.  I’ve seen this time after time with men I’ve known my whole life.  One account happened recently to a guy I know.  Today I’ll report on why I think it failed and what everyone needs to remember; to be a father/husband is to accept the role of leader at all times.

Your job never ends as provider/protector of your family.  At every moment your wife and children will 99% come to you with a problem.  The kicker here is while kids are typically more dependable, a woman will only trust a man that she feels is the most capable of:

  1. Handling his own shit
  2. Being able to protect/guide their family
  3. Continues to constantly grow and make himself better

Say what you want about it, but that’s how it is.   I don’t blame women, they are who they are, and I honestly believe most cases of a woman fucking a guy over (divorce, cheating etc) is due to the fact that he either dropped the ball in being a dominate man, or he never was one to begin with.  Granted there are instances where this isn’t the case, but generally you can pick up on a flaw the man had if he gets screwed over by his wife, whether it was poor judgement of reading red flags in the beginning of the relationship or if he himself let his frame slip.

Case Study

A guy I know who we’ll call Anthony married a woman who we’ll call Kate.  They we’re married for years and had a few children together.  From my perspective, Kate seemed to have pretty good tendencies for being a mother (especially in our times) but you could just tell something was off.  That said, Anthony seemed like a guy who had his shit together: Was in decent shape, good job, seemed to make all the decisions for the family.

Something changed in Anthony though.  First, I noticed he stopped giving a shit about the way he looks/presents himself.  I’ve seen this before as guys think that because they put a ring on her finger that she’s going to “love you ’til death do you part.” Second thing I noticed was how Anthony started to seem to just get depressed and wanted to do nothing more than drink, do drugs, and lay around when not at work.  I even went so far as to ask him if he was alright and if I could help him out in any way.  He told me he was fine and everything was cool.

I hadn’t thought about it for a while but then Kate started “having girls nights,” which we all know is the female hamster definition of dressing slutty and looking for cock. I also noticed her shit testing him harder than ever which he kept failing.   This kept happening more and more and the typical result of divorce rape happened.  Anthony was left crushed and I tried to offer my insights/red pill knowledge but he only became more self destructive.  We don’t speak much anymore.  This is a textbook case but I’ll point out some of the reasons why we as fathers/husbands must be true leaders.  We are constantly in a shit test.  You spend way more time with your wife than you do with some plate you’re trying to fuck, so it leads to you having to develop a different type of game.


I think there is a ton to look into here.  First, I picked up on some obvious red flags from Kate from the beginning.  Sometimes you can just tell by her actions and speech.  Found out later that she’d been on the CC for quite a while.

Next was perhaps my initial assessment of Anthony was wrong.  He seemed to have it together, but I guess it only looked that way on the outside.  Then, he let himself go to shit physically and mentally, and the final death blow was allowing his wife to have the dominate frame.

Let this story reaffirm once again the importance of the father to the family.  Dad gets played off as useless in modern western society but the truth is quite the opposite.  A weak man produces a woman who resents you, a daughter that looks to every man alive to “fill the void” in more ways than one, and sons that will only seem to produce exact copies of these chumps, if they reproduce at all.

When I notice that I’m slipping in a minor way, I change my habits or way of thinking and it just instantly resonates with my family.  My desires and mood becomes theirs if you are living the life you want to live.  They need direction and a role model.  You have to be both.


J. Nyx


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Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

184 thoughts on “They Need Your Leadership”

  1. Jnyx, it seems to me like its almost an option for men to consider divorce rape playing a part in their lives nowadays.
    what i mean by that is some guys know the perils of the Captain Save-a-hoe husband, but alot just bury the fear/terror stories they are told and plunge head first just to avoid a life of loneliness.
    John Galt and I mentioned this very thing recently, funny.

    1. “..and plunge head first just to avoid a life of loneliness.”

      Thats the prime driver right there. The friend I mentioned who is basically marrying the younger version of his carousel riding ex– I know there isn’t anything I can say that would change his mind.

        1. A mutual friend, his old neighbor, contacted me when he heard the news and asked if it was true what he heard. When I affirmed he said, “he hasn’t learned anything. When he is old man he will be poor as a church mouse.” Some see it. Some never will.

          AWALT. Always.

        1. You astutely nailed the biggest flaw of my cuck friend. He does fear being alone. Another older mutual friend of ours pointed that out to me when he was going through his divorce. He kept racing from chick-to-chick not looking for bangs, but trying to land a girlfriend/ relationship.

          He had an job opportunity to move to Switzerland, earn some bank and set himself up for a comfortable retirement (which isn’t that far away). Now it’s gone with the thirst.

          1. if a young man comes from a traditional working middle class family its hard to fight the pressure from family to follow in their footsteps, but as we know a great percentage of the very women which we could start relationships/families with do not share our opinions on what a traditional family is/was.

            1. So true. He has an adult son from the prior marriage, who stayed with him, so he made the effort and should have called it quits.

              This chick needs a meal ticket and as he travels often for work, so you know where this ends. Carousel riders tend not to stop once their basic needs are secure.

  2. As you can see, women age like milk

    So it’s possible Kate thought she could cash in on her bottomed out smv. And she was bottomed out. Only a cuckold prone idiot would consider a permanent relationship with a cheating woman who currently has minor kids. She was getting pumped and dumped. Only a whore mother does that with dependent kids.

    Women turned rogue and not under patriarchal domination will become real trash diggers as they age. It’s about MANAGEMENT of the shebeast. An improperly managed wife who cheats may even seek some bum so as to signal to the man that he has been bettered. It’s played as a subtile insult to the man when the wife shags the garbageman or mudsharks or goes bumming but still few mothers with dependent children would do that unless they’re mentally unfit for motherhood in the first place. For a mother to go full on carousel she would certainly be damaged or she would exhibit BPD or other bipolar spectrum disorders.

    Environment and associations are critical. Who your wife associates with should be monitored like who your kids hang out with. A woman is a child and you know it. Even a woman with a PhD lacks some very important traits. Scratch the surface and you’ll find what she lacks quickly. Would she ever sustain a culture or a tribe singlehandedly without system backing? Hell no. Though a woman may be smart, those smarts need managed and steered properly and that woman like any other needs mentored and policed and her associations guarded and approved the same as the kids.

    Some women need managed more and some less. Men need to observe how governments manage differing peoples and realize that their woman too need a management regimin that is taylored to her unique profile. Tyrannical governmental regimes crack with hard line governance in countries inhabited by either suggestable people or by people who allow hypergamy to proliferate. Soft compliance governing is seen with well mannered, articulate and well bred peoples. Well bred homogenous cultures require less internal governmental policing but with stricter border defense. Think the Israeli governmental internal policing with their current hypergamy versus Japanese internal policing. A well bred woman likewise requires no more than a popsicle stick sized paddling whereas a damaged ex carousel slut requires a two-buh-four to keep her in compliance. It is VERY important you mate with a well bred and stable woman unless you consider including the regular doling out of discipline as an exercize in posterity. Your woman is part of the foundation for the clan and she cannot be inferior material.

    And virginity is the standard. If you weren’t the first man she’s gone down on, then what the heck makes you think you’ll be her last? Only BRAND NEW will do. Fresh.

  3. Many authors, readers, and commentors on these venues seem to think that men like Anthony become as they are out of nowhere.
    I blame the greedy and ruthless work culture of the West, particularly in USA. Continuous mandatory overtime will cockblock and suck a man’s soul like a harpy. Work 50-60 hours per week year round for that salaried position and you will be too tired to work out, too tired for game, or too tired for family.

      1. Important distinction: explanation, not excuse. For many non-fukked-over people do well in the same ‘culture’ as the losers.

    1. I see this happening to men around me frequently. I will point out to them that the reason they are being exploited is because they allow it. The more you do, the more management will expect you to do. It’s important that you keep a balance between being sufficiently useful so they want to keep you around but not so “indispensable” that they dump everything on you. It takes courage, but there comes a point where you just have to say no.

      1. Learning when and how to say “No” can save you a lifetime of pain… Such a powerful, yet terribly underused word.

  4. I believe all women shit-test their boyfriends/husbands. Nevertheless, there is clearly a difference between White European/American women and women from the rest of the world.
    While White women will shit-test you over anything and fail you even if you passed their test…women from the rest of the world would test you for things that are actually important to keep a marriage and family together.
    AS the author pointed out, these mainly are:
    Handling his own shit
    Being able to protect/guide their family
    Continues to constantly grow and make himself better.

    If you pass these tests (as you should if you are red-pilled) with an Asian/African/Latin-American woman, you pretty much found yourself a good wife and the mothe rof your future kids.
    With a White American/European women – even if you pass all these shit-tests, chances are she will still despise you.
    Without going too ROK here: remember AWALT.

  5. I believe all women shit-test their boyfriends/husbands. Nevertheless, there is clearly a difference between White European/American women and women from the rest of the world.
    While (most) White women will shit-test you over anything and fail you even if you passed their test…women from the rest of the world would test you for things that are actually important to keep a marriage and family together.
    AS the author pointed out, these mainly are:
    Handling his own shit
    Being able to protect/guide their family
    Continues to constantly grow and make himself better.
    If you pass these tests (as you should if you are red-pilled) with an Asian/African/Latin-American woman, you pretty much found yourself a good wife and the mother of your future kids.
    With a White American/European women – even if you pass all these shit-tests, chances are she will still despise you.
    However, before going too ROK here: remember AWALT.

    1. What if your ding dong doesn’t get hard for Asians and Africans ? I never understood how the ROK guys loved the Ukrainians/Russians/Polish, etc.. They are professional gold diggers and their reputation as divorce rapists is well known these days. I see them at bars in Dallas with their Hermes purses smoking without their husbands.

      1. Ukranians/Russians/Poles etc are White women…and the worst kind of White women for that matter. As you pointed out: mostly professional god-diggers. Anyone who has been to Eastern Europe should know that cheating and prostitution is commonplace out there, divorce is common and birthrates are low. “Loyal and traditional women”, your backside.If despite of these hard fact you or any ROK guy insists Ukrainian/Russian etc women are the best, by all means, go and find one for yourself.. Just please save us from the ROK-style articles of “Why Ukraine is a poosie paradise for red-pilled men” etc.
        If you insist on getting White women, I suppose you can still find some decent one (their numbers are shrinking fast) in the great US of A. Have you thought of becoming a Mormon? Ask our colleague Jim Johnson for advice.
        Good luck.

        1. The only “game” that works on them is imprisoning them in the USA. I know a retiree from the US Air Force, a stoic man, 6’4″, 220 lb, and he told me kept his Danish wife in limbo status for 10 years before allowing her to apply for a Greencard. He got her pregnant twice in those 10 years. An avid gun collector, he raised 2 doctors and a lawyer. He FORCED her to behave, that’s how he made his marriage successful.

          1. True, women need to be restricted in how they live. In the past, societal pressure, the lack of welfare for single moms, and just divorce law kept women from running amuck in their carousel years or divorce raping and monkey branching. Those systems are now gone or distorted so they are no longer effective. About the only thing left, outside of brute physical force, is religion. Even religion has been weakened by the “all you need is faith for salvation” rhetoric spewing over the pulpit of many churches.

            1. Very important points. All the societal constraints on women are breaking down, and many men are opting out of the yoke of societal constraints on themselves.

              1. I think the red pill is a backlash against this. In not so many words, we are getting told things like

                1) Thou shall not fap.
                2) Thou shall work work out and be physically active
                3) Thou shall have a life of your own
                4) Thou shall stand up for yourself

                These “constraints” are in reality setting us free.

                1. That’s a good point, too. But it’s a societal constraint that men are knowingly choosing to commit themselves for the purpose of improving themselves and their lives.

                2. Scamming whores is how I get back at some of them. Telling single moms that I am looking for something serious is another method. Being a shady m’fer levels the playing field. You can easily fool a woman but don’t tell her she’s doing something wrong.

                  1. I really feel no need to get back at whores. In the end, they are only hurting themselves. If they put themselves in a position to be used, abused, and turned out to pasture when they had the potential for a fulfilling life, that is their fault, their problem, and their cats.

                    1. getting laid is hard for the average man when he is time limited; at least for me it is. It takes me hundreds of approaches which is months in my world. My average get laid & run is setup within 3 days of a first time meetup on sugar daddy sites.

              2. Feminism lead us all to believe that if the societal constraints on women were removed, then women would behave as responsibly and constructively as men do. Instead, women lost all their investment in society, and men behave as recklessly and wastefully as children.

    2. As they should shit test insomuch as weeding out the weak. The sensible
      woman will want to be able to find out who is unable to provide/protect
      or lead in their home. Problem is, since the entitlement society and
      unrealistic expectations have came, women now are carrying this shit
      testing to a whole new level. Now, it has gone from figuring out if he
      is going to be a depressed alcoholic, to seeing if he can handle awkward
      situations and snarky comments.

    3. I think you’ve brought up something really important. Women are shit-testing harder and harder, but what are they shit-testing for? Are they really shit-testing for a mate anymore?

      1. Nope, they are shit testing to find the alpha to get their jollies with. If 20% get with 80% of women, the 80% of women are shit testing to find that 20% of men.

        1. But even their “Alpha” shit-testing is fucked. They don’t understand what true strength and true Alpha is, so they are easily distracted by bright shiny things that seem like they might be Alpha.

            1. I had a stripper tell me that her baby daddy took ownership of her when they met. He told her “You’re mine” after meeting. He has 4 kids from 4 other women and is now in jail. The stripper told me she never bothered to investigate his past.

              1. Thers should be an article “Why are White women attracted to thugs?”. Wait, let’s leave that article to ROK…

                1. Ill give it to you rough and ready…white women are not attracted to thugs, they are attracted to the opposite of what they are used to…they want to taste something different. So if a girl has a nice father and a nice brother and a nice boyfriend and grows up in a nice community she will come seeking me out for a good thug fucking. If a girl is raised in absolute ghetto she will jump on the first beta provider and never look back.

                  How to remedy: Be enough of both. Be the Alpha Provider. If a girl knows you will protect her and take care of her but if she steps out of line has no doubt you will beat her and if you give her status in a community while at the same time fucking her like a gangbanger that doesn’t know her name and will be passing her off to his crew when he is done she will never leave.

                  1. I respectfully disagree. It seems like a phenomenon solely restricted to White girls.
                    You will never (or hardly ever) see a Chinese/Japanese/ Indian/Nigerian/Peruvian etc girl who is from a wealthy family to go out her way to experiment a fuck ghetto thugs. Only White girls do that.
                    It appear to be a “thing” that is (thankfully) only restricted to White women.

                    1. I don’t know any Peruvians and Nigerians are looking for something very much not Nigerian…but I have seen it with Asians and Indians from wealthy families. In fact I just dropped one who is still crying for my abuse. White women have the greatest amount of privilege and safety in the world that is why they crave danger. A Nigerian woman has almost no safety and no privilege so they seek something else out. As for Chinese/Japs/Koreans look at the background. Were her parents wealthy doctors? Yup. She will deliver herself to me for abuse. Every. Single. Time.

                    2. Anecdotal evidence is not perfect evidence either. However, I have a life time of anecdotal evidence that corresponds and informs a theory which seems to globally apply and you have not even given anecdotal evidence to the contrary you are merely simplifying it to a race thing for whatever reasons.

                    3. Let me put it to you this way.
                      There are excellent colleagues/universities in NYC. Many student come from abroad to study there, often paying high tuition fees.
                      For sake of argument , we have four female students: one from mainland China, one from India, one from Nigeria and Mary-Jane from a small-town in Nebraska. All four from wealthy and loving families. None of the four has experimented with thugs.
                      Guess which one of the four would end up with Tyrone DeMarius from the Harlem.
                      Yes, you guessed it: that will be Mary-Jane. None of the other three would even entertain the idea of ending up with a thug.

                    4. one would think Jews would also be smarter in that regards….but now we have Chloe Green and Jeremy Meeks …

                    5. Secular Jewish people date/marry out. Really religious Jews would never, I mean never do that.
                      In 30 years time the only existing Jewish community will be the ultra-orthodox-Haredi community. They are as red-pilled as it can get, while most secular/less religious Jews are as blue pill as most of the general population.
                      This debunks the “Jews control the world” myth.

                    6. my last mini relationship was with a Jewish lawyer. We went to my car where I ate her out, fingered her, and she let me jizz in her mouth. She said she didn’t want to go out with me again because I didn’t believe in global warming.

                    7. Eating out a Jewish lawyer is basically the same thing as licking the toilet seat of a public toilet at Yankees’s stadium after a sold-out home game.

                    8. “she let me jizz in her mouth”
                      This is why I will never stop getting laid. She let you Let you? lol. Next time jizz in her mouth and then you decide whether you will let her keep sucking.

                    9. I am not a “nice guy” when I approach women as well. I tell them I want their number, I call them, but because I look professional and middle class, I get rejected or they never return phone calls because I don’t look “bad enough”.

                    10. In your hypothetical they would all wind up getting piped out by some thug would be the best guess. Also, Harlem isn’t thugs any more, it is mostly hipsters. If there is more of a chance that mary jane gets the thug fucking is isn’t simply because she is white….it is for a lot of reasons including the fact that ping pong from china ghandette from india and ooogaboooga from Nigeria will have less of a sense of entitlement because there is a good chance that their families are more education focused. But if PingPong is 20th generation wealth you better believe she will be getting fucked in the pupu platter by some thug who doesn’t know her name. Women experiment. and as it turns out….AWALT

                    11. Yeah, the white women aren’t as worried about the social stigma, so they are more open about it. The other races just fuck thugs and don’t post it all over their facegram or whatever

                    12. 100% correct Thales. Also, Asian and Indian women of high standing are also taught that they can’t exist in a world without a proper marriage while the white woman is taught that she is strong and independent and can make it on her own. In the end, the point isn’t genetics, it is learned behaviors. Even with all the learned behaviors, these girls get to college and still taste of the dick but like you say they are just more quiet about it.

                    13. I am not big on Asians either. THey are at the bottom of my SMV chart. However, money makes up for a lot…

                    14. In my experience the Nigerians only want my bank account’s tracking number….
                      something about oil and whatnot…

                  2. Sounds good in theory, and on an individual basis – but I think that there are social undercurrents here, that we have not yet pulled to the surface.

                    Believe me, keep a girl around for longer than eight weeks, and see for yourself. You should try it just as a research project.

                    1. Funny you should say that, I just kept one around for nearly 4 months who fits this category to a T. Wealthy, wealthy family, good job, private schooling, ivys bla bla bla. What happened was exactly what I expected to happen……
                      I do agree that there are social undercurrents here….agree 100% but I do, respectfully, disagree with Red Pill is Life, that those undercurrents are based simply in the girls being white. They are based in money, security, status and a whole slew of other things…but it simply can’t be melted down to “white girls be like…”

                    2. I have a red pill opinion polling company….I’ve been having women take the pole for over 30 years.
                      Meanwhile, in the end my one and only argument here is that rather than look at “what white women do” that we need to look beyond race and look at a larger and more complicated picture which has to do with social standing, wealth, education, safety (in a variety of aspects) and do bring it down to something as simple as what white women do versus what jap women do versus what black women do etc will never come close to anything like a decent understanding even if it is a fair bet to hedge at times because of the huge amount of privilege afforded white women in general

                    3. Yeah, I would take race completely out of the equation and translate it to a question of social standing. White women are at the top of the social/desirability pyramid. What does the view looks like from there? Probably one where due to their social standing, they expect to be able to have all potential options, at any potential time. The notion that certain choices would render others as excluded is incompatible with their expectation that they can have whatever they want, for whatever reasons they want it. In fact, success has made them so spoiled that they feel entitled to live an infinite number of parallel, simultaneous lives, each consisting of infinite choice. Having to commit to one life, bound by significant investment to limited and finite people/things/lifestyles is existentially intolerable to a great majority of women.

                      Lower down on that pyramid the view is probably different.

                    4. 100% agree. And in the end all game is is to learn how this stuff works and manipulate it to your advantage. If I want to fuck a hard working girl from a working class family in a working class town who just graduated college and is trying to improve her station in life I am not going to play up the fact that I will knock her teeth in, I will play up the fact that I am a corporate officer in a suit that is more expensive than her fathers car and will take her out to dinner to a place on last minute notice that she doesn’t have the connections to get a reservation at. Sure, she will eventually hate me but its not like she can unlick my asshole. Likewise, if I want to take out a rich girl from a privileged and protected world I am not going to take her on the same date…she could do that on her own, every guy she ever knew and fucked could take her there….I am going to take her to a place under the 59th street bridge were construction thugs who have some begrudging respect for me sit around and drink whisky and order steak and play on her sense of fear at being there and safety because I am with her. What color she is doesn’t come into play

                    5. This is what porn has done to the hearts and minds of our tender young women out there. I don’t know whether to grin or cry.

                    6. True enough. As an army brat I relate more to middle class white than inner city blacks even though I am black myself. I think economic class and social standing play a big part in the whole privilege girls wanting thugs( black or white)

                    7. it seems so easy to peg this on color and I won’t deny that if you guess based on color you will be right more often than not, but if you actually want to understand it you need to go well beyond superficial nonsense like that and see the stuff that is actually important.

                    8. culture, money, religion, music, family shit you can name a million things that have some kind of impact on how a person ill act and react. Some of it is personal history like bad breakups/divorces, or just general life experiences like having survived a big hurricane….the list of shit that you can make that is far more important that what color someone is would be incredibly long

                  3. Yup, I see lots of women in my community who have the beta provider husband. They will remain married, but just looking at them or hearing comments from my wife, I can tell they have a lackluster marriage. 20 years ago, they were excited to have this guy who has it together and is doing things with his life. But then the women get control over the guy, he becomes whipped, and therefore uninteresting.

                    Be the guy she can count on to provide, but be the leader, keep her on her toes, and mess with her.

                    1. That part I can do, it is getting them to believe how fun you are is the hardest part for me. It is tough to convey that at the bar with 100 other swinging dicks. Inviting them to ride my jet ski or go rock climbing helps but many women are too lazy to even want to come out and enjoy these activities with me.

                  4. Umm…umm…okay, um, Joos sell the illusion that people of certain races or ethnicities are more reliable sources of thugs and beta providers, while propping up certain…um…impossible standards for men who want to be Alpha Providers.

                    …yeah. Joos dun it. The goyim know, yadda yadda yadda.

                    1. The joos used their magic to turn us all into schlubs. They made my glirlfriend leave me. It’s totally them

            2. Another thing I’ve noticed is that few women have any idea how to really look sexy or approachable. Slutty? Yes. Sexy and sultry? No. And just as blue pull guys have to figure out when a girl is giving IOIs, I think a lot of women need to figure out how to give out positive IOIs, too. I’ll see some girl giving me the maddest, most “fuck you” look, and step back, wondering if I kicked her dog on the way in or something. Then I’ll look at her again and realize she is trying to look sexy and give me a sultry look. But she’s so bad at it, she just looks like she’s pissed off. As soon as I walk over to her and show some interest, that dirty look turns into a smile, but it’s just like WTF.

          1. I agree with your observation, 100%. What is happening all too frequently now is not constructive shit testing for the purpose of qualifying a man. It’s mutated into something poisonous. I think that they are shit testing for either (one) finding a man that holds them in so little esteem that shit tests are irrelevant to him entirely, or (two) they genuinely hold men in contempt themselves, based on culturaly encouraged bigotry – and they can’t help but express it.

            1. Definitely. A once-useful form of mate testing has turned into something poisonous and destructive to both the potential mate and the woman herself.

          2. Hence, you have the infatuation with the reckless “bad boy”. Being a clown is not the same as being a leader.

    4. I believe it’s just another sign of the spoiled West. Why are men becoming so soft? They have no real challenges, only first-world problems. Women are no different. Shit tests are more about trivial things, because survival is guaranteed now. And what women occupy the long spoiled and complacent West? White wimmens.

      Or it could be the joos.

        1. Sure, nothing else to do, but whine and pursue the trivial. Iss not like they have a field of okra that needs tending to, or an animal to cook for the family. Or morals to teach to their children.

          1. Eh, I don’t know. there is plenty to do and, frankly, it is far more important than a field of okra that needs tending. We have a global financial system that needs tending to and like it or not women are part of the workplace (I don’t like it). It is true that raising children and tending fields has waned in importance for other things but having children is no longer really all that important.

            Children are a fine hobby and can be very fulfilling for people and those people should seek each other out and make their blue heaven with children and fields…but it isn’t the be all end all. We are past the point in time where the idea that breeding is a top importance is a real thought.

            1. True, but I’m just comparing they’re need for survival in the modern society. Back when, tend the farm and prepare the meals or due. That’s all I mean.

            2. True, but I’m just comparing their need for survival in the modern society. Back when, tend the farm and prepare the meals or due. That’s all I mean.

            3. True, but I’m just comparing their need for survival in the modern society. Back when, tend the farm and prepare the meals or die. That’s all I mean.

                1. Yep, sorry maybe my original comment wasn’t clear. Survival isn’t a problem anymore. They work. They have the gov’t. They have the thirsty. So the shit tests are petty and trivial, of nothing significant (for the most part).

              1. yeah, I can see that. It creates a different mentality. Not sure if it is a better one. I tend not to think in terms of better or worse. I think there is a lot of complicated shit going on and in the end one thing that has pretty much been nixed from the requirement list and put into the hobby list has been offspring and with it a lot of that other farm kind of stuff. I’d never put that life down. Hell, if I were to get married it is what I would do. But it just is personal choice and desire rather than any real need for procreation now. The times they are a-changing.

    1. You are in Tennessee, aren’t you?
      Central and Northern Florida should be still ok.
      Old age pensioners in Maimi may regret they moved down there from Brooklyn.

      1. yea I’m in Tennessee. And Miami is about to get torn up. Apparently there is another storm developing in the Atlantic as well. Climate change supporters are going crazy.

        1. Never really understood the craze about Miami.
          The weather is too hot all year around (you will die without air conditioning), there is always a chance of hurricane hitting the city. Plus high cost of living, and increasing in drug-related violent crime.
          Denver, Colorado is so much better place to live.

          1. Living in Miami always seemed insane to me, but I always found it very nice for a 3 day weekend. I have been to Vail, but never Denver. Vail was pretty, mountains, fun things to do, but it is def not on my approved places to go list any more.

                1. You live in a place called Clarksville and you’ve never heard of that song? Davy Jones is spinning in his grave…

    2. I know storms can and do take very hard turns like the one they are predicting… but it seems strange to me to actually predict that kind of a huge, almost right-angle turn for a storm that big and that strong.

        1. to be fair, most of those “structures” were made of plywood and corrugated steel. They will just rebuild them

            1. lol, I only go to islands civilized by the French. I was actually thinking of a fellow I know who is a French Gendarme in St. Martin. He once told me that there is one primary difference between the French and the Dutch conquered islands. He said, during hurricane season the French Gendarme round up all the natives with any kind of crime that might discourage tourism, stick them on a rickety canoe and send them out into the storm. I asked him what the dutch do…he said “their women marry them”

              1. What the French Gendarme said about the Dutch is true…if you have ever visited the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands…you will see that most of the thugs from from the Dutch-speaking isles are already there with their obese White Dutch baby-mamas.

                1. I’ve never been to Holland but I have been to Dutch Caribbean islands and both male to female and female to male there does seem to be a lot of intermarriage. There is some in the French islands to be sure, but almost exclusively male to female (the women will get piped out but not marry the locals). I never knew if the gendarme that told me that was kidding or not but I will tell you one thing, season in Marigot or in Grand Case feels awfully safe…the same can not be said for Maho.

                  1. Most White Dutch (and British) women a e the European equivalent of the American White trash women who jump on and gets pregnant from the first Black thug she come across. (They would never date/marry a decent and educated Black man with a job, however).
                    See our earlier discussion on the topic today…

      1. fear mongering. climate change guys need something to support their beliefs. though to be honest people in florida should be used to it by now unlike the people in houston.

    3. yeah, if any of you guys are in the path of this thing or have loved ones who are good luck. It has already torn my beloved St Martin and St Barth up.

    4. up until the 1940’s when Government bailouts appeared, Florida was nearly uninhabited for fear of their houses being destroyed by hurricanes. If there is a societal crash and reset, Florida will be a left to the alligators and mosquitoes.

      1. I think it is fairly clear that god hates florida and if you’ve been to florida you pretty much already know why. They have freaking dinosaurs just walking around. I never understood living in a place that has such regular huricanes that you just expect it at a certain time of the year. It really is like saying “oh, I live in XYZville…it is really nice…I mean, every June a dragon comes out and wreaks havoc on the land and kills a bunch of people and during the other 11 months the weather is shit for about 80% of the time but other than that it’s terrific.”

        1. I was in Florida for about two weeks for training back in 2008 and it rained everyday. We were given one day off and thought it would be nice to spend it at Daytona beach. It was a little overcast but still a decent day. (For Florida.) After about an hour, it started raining harder than I’ve ever seen it rain before. So yeah, not a whole lot of love lost for Florida.

          1. meth addled hellhole? that is the best part. That is on the license plates I think. Serioulsy though, other than stone crabs, key limes and Valencia oranges I can’t think of a single thing worth saving in florida. It is like when god tells abe he is going to knock off Sodom and abe is like well if I can find 50 just men…then comes back and eventually they get down to just lot.
            Bem, if I can find just 3 things in florida worth saving!

      2. also i hate mosqutios. I lived in Georgia for a good chunk of my life and those little bastards are annoying. Them and those mutant roaches.

        1. Agreed. The mutant cockroaches alone would keep me out of the South. I think the Gulf Coast of Florida is nice, but too much human trash and big bugs. Pesticides seem to keep them under control, and a house on the beach might do it, but those roaches…I love how locals call them Palmetto bugs. Yeah, right. They’re “American cockroaches” and actually originate from Africa. Another wonderful export from the Dark Continent.

          1. Africa and South America seem to be the places for those. i think it has a lot to do with heat and humidity. It seems anytime you have those combinations you get a lot of bacteria, parasites, and huge bugs.

      3. Miami (and most of Soth Florida) was sparsely populated until the late 1960s/early 1970s.
        Then pensioners started moving down from Brooklyn and other parts of the North-East of USA…add the mass-influx of immigrants from the Caribbean and Latin-America from the 1970 onwards…and you have the current state of Miami. Point being, the area cannot really sustain this large population it currently has…

        1. Reminds me of these suburban developments in forested canyons where I am. Fires typically go through every couple decades, now there is a huge buildup of fuels from the fire suppression programs of the last century, ready to torch off if a deer farts. Guys who built these huge houses with trees right up to their front porch are now crying when the inevitable fire rages through their neighborhood.

  6. “Your job never ends as provider/protector of your family” – Absolutely Correct.

    Unfortunately, I witness far too many husbands these days (with plenty of time to spare) just sitting around drinking and watching tv. With my construction business, I’m out there all the time, meeting families, entering their homes, seeing how they live and building landscapes to meet their needs.

    Something interesting occurs with (Over Half of the jobs) we complete… Most of the jobs that are finished in a week or less are rather basic, with no major decisions to me made, so we experience very little in the way of bullshit – we’re in and out. However, the larger jobs that take 3-6 weeks to complete, oh boy, these come with plenty of baggage… this is where you witness firsthand, the lack of leadership and structure within the household. The husband has either taken himself out of the leadership role, or he’s been pushed out. Either way, these types of clients manage to complicate a very straightforward decision-making process. They argue over very simple matters, and he succumbs to her emotional garbage. Both of them will complain to us about the other spouse throughout the build. As we’re completing these larger jobs, the last couple of days we’re onsite, we experience a whole host of emotions from these women. I’ve had countless women breakdown at the end of a job and say that they are “going to miss having all these capable men around the house”…

    In the households where there is a clearly defined structure, we never experience any of this bullshit – it’s always smooth sailing; decisions are made in a timely fashion and everybody is delighted with the experience.

    1. That’s some interesting insight. I find it amazing how often you can see Red Pill truths played out in all kinds of social and other interactions if you just look.

      1. Absolutely. I see it all the time – especially in people’s homes… They’re more relaxed at home, and you experience more of who they really are – for better or worse.

      1. Ain’t that the truth. If anybody knows any out-of-work marriage counselors that can sell a landscape package, I’m always hiring!

        1. Check this out –
          My boss (who’s an architect) renovated his house to the tune of about 800k, hiring an outside firm to do both the design and construction work. I asked him, a little put-out I admit “why didn’t you do it yourself, or have US do the design work?”
          His answer?
          “to save my marriage”…….

  7. Uncle Bob posted about a new show called “SMILF” a few weeks ago on the other site- thought he was pulling my leg.
    well, its a real show…SingleMom…u know the rest…posting the trailer would probably get me banned

  8. Premises 1 & 3 are fundamentally wrong.

    1. Woman are too stupid to know whether a man can handle his shit.

    That’s entering into a woman’s frame.

    Women only care about a man handling his shit as it relates to her preferences. End.Of.Story.

    3. Continues to grow himself and make himself better.

    What a load of malarkey. Which man in his right mind let’s a woman decide what his personal path to growth is.

    Again. Buying into a woman’s frame is what leads to men becoming lazy, uninterested, unhappy et al because they see te hopelessness of it and they just want to give up.

    She won’t stop nagging.

    Wrong life because of wrong wife.

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