They Need Your Leadership

As we know, even a successful man can and will be manipulated if he lets his frame waiver.  I’ve seen this time after time with men I’ve known my whole life.  One account happened recently to a guy I know.  Today I’ll report on why I think it failed and what everyone needs to remember; to be a father/husband is to accept the role of leader at all times.

Your job never ends as provider/protector of your family.  At every moment your wife and children will 99% come to you with a problem.  The kicker here is while kids are typically more dependable, a woman will only trust a man that she feels is the most capable of:

  1. Handling his own shit
  2. Being able to protect/guide their family
  3. Continues to constantly grow and make himself better

Say what you want about it, but that’s how it is.   I don’t blame women, they are who they are, and I honestly believe most cases of a woman fucking a guy over (divorce, cheating etc) is due to the fact that he either dropped the ball in being a dominate man, or he never was one to begin with.  Granted there are instances where this isn’t the case, but generally you can pick up on a flaw the man had if he gets screwed over by his wife, whether it was poor judgement of reading red flags in the beginning of the relationship or if he himself let his frame slip.

Case Study

A guy I know who we’ll call Anthony married a woman who we’ll call Kate.  They we’re married for years and had a few children together.  From my perspective, Kate seemed to have pretty good tendencies for being a mother (especially in our times) but you could just tell something was off.  That said, Anthony seemed like a guy who had his shit together: Was in decent shape, good job, seemed to make all the decisions for the family.

Something changed in Anthony though.  First, I noticed he stopped giving a shit about the way he looks/presents himself.  I’ve seen this before as guys think that because they put a ring on her finger that she’s going to “love you ’til death do you part.” Second thing I noticed was how Anthony started to seem to just get depressed and wanted to do nothing more than drink, do drugs, and lay around when not at work.  I even went so far as to ask him if he was alright and if I could help him out in any way.  He told me he was fine and everything was cool.

I hadn’t thought about it for a while but then Kate started “having girls nights,” which we all know is the female hamster definition of dressing slutty and looking for cock. I also noticed her shit testing him harder than ever which he kept failing.   This kept happening more and more and the typical result of divorce rape happened.  Anthony was left crushed and I tried to offer my insights/red pill knowledge but he only became more self destructive.  We don’t speak much anymore.  This is a textbook case but I’ll point out some of the reasons why we as fathers/husbands must be true leaders.  We are constantly in a shit test.  You spend way more time with your wife than you do with some plate you’re trying to fuck, so it leads to you having to develop a different type of game.


I think there is a ton to look into here.  First, I picked up on some obvious red flags from Kate from the beginning.  Sometimes you can just tell by her actions and speech.  Found out later that she’d been on the CC for quite a while.

Next was perhaps my initial assessment of Anthony was wrong.  He seemed to have it together, but I guess it only looked that way on the outside.  Then, he let himself go to shit physically and mentally, and the final death blow was allowing his wife to have the dominate frame.

Let this story reaffirm once again the importance of the father to the family.  Dad gets played off as useless in modern western society but the truth is quite the opposite.  A weak man produces a woman who resents you, a daughter that looks to every man alive to “fill the void” in more ways than one, and sons that will only seem to produce exact copies of these chumps, if they reproduce at all.

When I notice that I’m slipping in a minor way, I change my habits or way of thinking and it just instantly resonates with my family.  My desires and mood becomes theirs if you are living the life you want to live.  They need direction and a role model.  You have to be both.


J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family.