9/8/2017 Open Thread: AKC Merch

Hello guys,

After the highly successful livestream that happened last night which I unfortunately had to miss, I had time to work on some merch ideas.  I do almost all of the design work here for A Kings Castle so I bring you a design that we here find hilarious, and I’m sure all of you will too. This is just a product mock up to see how the design is received.

Presenting the first A Kings Castle T-shirt design:


As you can see the shirt design was inspired by a t-shirt that gives you more energy than Kratom, but ours is better!!

UPDATE: And the A Kings Castle Hoody Design:



Also, if you don’t like these designs it is an automatic BANNED! for you.

Lets hear your thoughts on the designs and if you have any other design/merch ideas.


-J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of akingscastle.com. He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family.