9/8/2017 Open Thread: AKC Merch

Hello guys,

After the highly successful livestream that happened last night which I unfortunately had to miss, I had time to work on some merch ideas.  I do almost all of the design work here for A Kings Castle so I bring you a design that we here find hilarious, and I’m sure all of you will too. This is just a product mock up to see how the design is received.

Presenting the first A Kings Castle T-shirt design:


As you can see the shirt design was inspired by a t-shirt that gives you more energy than Kratom, but ours is better!!

UPDATE: And the A Kings Castle Hoody Design:



Also, if you don’t like these designs it is an automatic BANNED! for you.

Lets hear your thoughts on the designs and if you have any other design/merch ideas.


-J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

162 thoughts on “9/8/2017 Open Thread: AKC Merch”

          1. Meh. Cold Steel has lost something in recent years. ANything out of its South African plant is pretty much sheet. And the “Steven Seagal” martial arts collection doesn’t do much for me.

            1. Credit where credit is due: they have dismembered more severed pig heads under high-speed/slow motion cameras than any other purveyor of blades, maybe ever!

              1. Yes, as purveyors of knife porn, they are top shelf. As purveyors of knives… they have lost a step.

    1. I could use a good trident. With all these hurricanes and shit, never know when one of those bastards might come in handy.

        1. since this was one of the featured comments and I had some moment to reflect on it over the weekend I will say that there is, at least for the single man, an absolute cure to fapping.
          I had an instance this weekend where totally out of the blue a girl who I very much wanted to do just horrible things to, randomly called me up and said “can I stop by”
          I told her yes of course. 30 minutes later I was engaged in some really fun and filthy coitus. Later I had some time to think about this. If I work up in the morning (at my age) and had a good John Arthur or three when this hairless little sex pot came a callin’ i’d not have had much to give her. As it was, I was able to give her the full attention of a man who was craving her ensuring she will be back for more.

            1. I’ve actually watched that video (possibly you sent it to me once). I am hugely anti porn. It is such a drug. As a side note, I have a laptop that is about 4 years old that runs pretty much exactly the way it did when I took it out of the box. No anti virus software on it at all. I tell people all the time, 0 porn, 0 illegal downloads and my computer will last as long as the physical components hold up. Sooner or later I assume some of the transistors will just be done for but I have never had any issues with the computer.
              The correlate, I think, is that with no porn and no illegal activity I find that at my age, a ripe 45, I am in as good or better physical condition than most people half my age.

              1. I just discovered that video last week. As soon as we get a computer at home again (ours froze), I think I am going to show it to my oldest boy.

                1. One thing that the computer guy here showed me was that you can block websites in a different way. I am sure more computer literate people will understand better, but my understanding was that you could block a website. Fine, that’s great. But there are like a bajillion websites out there. This way he showed me was kinda cool. He asked me “how many websites do you really actually visit” So I thought about it and said…regularly probably about 10. So basically he blocked the entire web except those 10 sites. If I go to a site that isn’t one of those 10 it prompts me for a password. I’ve needed to do that maybe a half dozen times in the last few months. Further, I can open the browser as an admin and have the whole internet if I am researching something. I don’t have kids, I just like to lock down my machine because, frankly, I don’t really understand the internet and I would just as soon be safe than sorry with the expensive equipment I use to play around with it. However, if I had kids I would think this an invaluable tool.

                  1. We have a big screen in the front room for the computer where everything is public. We have it set so the internet is locked out from 10 pm to 6 am through http://www1.k9webprotection.com/ , or if we lock it out (windows-L) the kids don’t know the password either. They can play outside if we aren’t around.

                    I am not that computer literate either.

  1. Can you still buy one of these even if you weren’t banned but left because it just became a little weird?

    1. I was banned from a feminist site, so this should apply. It doesn’t specify where you were banned from. So if you are feeling left out, go over to Huff Po, post some red pill truth call out a couple of blue haired shrews and presto! you’re in the club.

        1. They haven’t banned me. They just remove my comments over there if I leave anything deep about the Tribe.

  2. Say what you want about ROK, the shillin’ there is at least paid. A Shiqqa cant catch a beak over here.

        1. That’s fine. If you’re not getting paid you need to march right up the HR department and sort it out

  3. hey @akingscastle:disqus you ever write up an anti dad body conclusion article? This weekend I might go full hermit and write out the full rape along with the theories behind it. Of course, I am most likely full of shit, but if you want it it’s yours.

          1. Aren’t we here because ROK was so negative. Need to put positive spins on things.

  4. How about
    “I was banned from ROK, found Akingscatle.com”
    That would apply for at least 80% of the current readers of this blog.

              1. barnyard game is fine… but I get the feeling its not the farmers daughter that’s making that satisfied baaing noise from inside that barn

        1. What? That’s udderly ridiculous!

          Yes, I went there. I’d do it again.

          1. Hey, Ghost. Saw you and ‘Nax on an ROK archive post and thought it was new/thought you guys all patched it up. I was about to post a comment, then I saw it was ‘a year ago.’ So, I guess that means you’re 50. Happy birthday, Ghost. Thanks for the good times.

            And thanks for the good times, all you guys.

      1. The bull looked back at the calf and said, “I’m not your mama, I’m your uncle…but don’t let that stop you.”

  5. Does anybody have a way to contact Uncle Bob (Bob Smith)? Please tell that old sumbitch that we need him over here. I want some NFL picks for the weekend, man.

                    1. Ainigmaris Thales [email protected] • an hour ago
                      I bet you’d get more people asking you about it with just the logo.

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                      JumpnJive Ainigmaris Thales • an hour ago
                      “That looks cool. What is it?”

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                      Ainigmaris Thales JumpnJive • an hour ago
                      Who are you again?

                      •Reply•Share ›
                      JumpnJive Ainigmaris Thales • an hour ago
                      Your boyfrien

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                      Ainigmaris Thales JumpnJive • an hour ago
                      That’s gay.

                    2. You fucking faggot. The “gay” meme is not a toy. It can’t just be thrown around willy nilly and shoved up people’s asses like an oiled hamster. It has to be used with tact, strategery and 4D chess-level… um… thinkery. Now you got this jacked up Kersey clone tryna get my digit.

                    1. You seem to lack the ability to take a joke or see things in a way other than completely literally. That reminds me of someone… someone who was perpetually literal and had no sense of humor…

                    2. nah, hes coming around- i read the “cretin” dig like it was coming from dr doom slamming the thing or the human torch…hes lernin’

                    3. see? youre coming around…you can either laff about our current situation or cry about it..good to see youre choosing the former for this site…

                    1. So, because this imaginary “JumperJune” person said something about being my boyfriend, you take this to be an admission, by me, that I am gay? I think your math is off, buckaroo.

  6. This is my official warning on Irma. That whore is not turning right to fuck Florida up. She is a mean, stubborn cunt, and she is headed directly into the Gulf to go after Texas or Louisiana, just like Katrina did. The pressure isn’t low enough to make her turn, she’s too big and too fat, and like a feminist fatty cunt with her eyes on an all-you-can-eat buffet, she will keep lumbering along on her current course.

      1. To be fair, I’m not a meteorologist, and all the plump dumpy weatherman on the TV and at NASA and shit keep saying its gonna bank hard right and ass-rape Florida. I just think they are all wrong. This is almost exactly the thing Katrina was *supposed* to do back in 2005, but she kept going her own way. She eventually turned, but that turn meant she hit Louisiana instead of the Florida panhandle. I think the same thing is going to happen here.

        1. I mean, weatherman get paid whether they’re right or not. The hell kind of incentive is that to get the facts straight?

  7. Ya’ll need to hire a professional graphic artist.
    Current logo sucks, pitifully amateurish.
    The site will suffer if the imagery is poor.
    Effective visual design is an incredibly powerful asset.

  8. HEY @redpillislife:disqus why did you just delete your picture? Come on out of the closet, my friend. It’s alright. We won’t hurt you too bad if you’ll just learn how to take a joke. K****y

      1. So “Red Pill is Life” has basically admitted he was Kersey. And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it was for us meddlin’ kids…

        1. bruce willis in gonna star in a remake of Death Wish…finally have a reason to post this…so it wasnt all in vain

          1. If he would just lighten up a little. He makes it too hard on himself. I mean, Ignoramus Smells hurts my feelings when he denies our special bond but I just roll with it…

          2. Yeah, I saw the trailer. Looks pretty good. But all the snowflakes creaming their twinkies over it was priceless.

  9. Do you have any plans for a shirt with just the design and no text? I’ve always kind of dug the more cryptic look and a clean design.

  10. what about a smaller logo on the chest area with AKC.com going L to R & BANNED on the back maybe with a number kinda like a sports jersey style?

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