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          1. RedHoodAssault informed me about the insurgency a little while back.
            I wasn’t banned from ROK personally (was I not offensive enough?) but the comments section over there isn’t what it used to be.

      1. Men who use the term that I shall not mention probably watch chic flicks and cry when they spill their beer…. wait, I can overlook crying over spilled beer but watching chic flicks is inexcusable.

        1. A lifelong buddy of mine keeps trying to get me to watch Game of Thrones… he did not know how to respond when I said I ain’t watching that chic flick shit.

  1. It will be interesting to see how rok and akc will be in a year or two. We do need more marriage and parenting literature out there.

  2. It didn’t really occur to me until it was mentioned but, reckon why ROK would ban some of the most interesting commenters there and leave those idiot Hitler(literally) fan-boys alone to keep to talk mad trash about everybody? Maybe they’ve been snorting too much Kratom over there.

    1. Do you think it is because Roosh, who is a hairy Iranian slightly tan m’fer, went full retard with the white supremacy ?

      1. Maybe I’ve been reading ROK for too long but it makes me wonder if this was his plan the whole time.

        When I first started reading ROK, it was mainly all about game and girls and whatnot with a few philosophical articles and even some book reviews. It was great. During the election season, it seemed to take a weirder turn. Some of the articles read like the same left wing propaganda (except right wing) that we were bitching about. Understandably people and their views will change over time. Just my thoughts.

        1. the Islamic beard and pro-white articles has even short circuited my own hamster wheel.Fuck I’m confused as hell when I visit ROK now.

  3. Totally OT but is anyone here going to be affected by that damn hurricane? This area is going mad at the moment, there probably isn’t a dozen eggs to be had for a hundred-fifty mile radius. The wind may blow, it may rain a foot, the electricity may go off but, everybody ought to have some eggs to eat.

    1. I don’t think it’s gonna do the hard turn they are predicting. I think it’s going to go over Florida and into the Gulf.

      1. Going to be category 1 or maybe tropical storm by the time it gets to our area in central south ga. They show us being in the middle of it here now. I-75 is jammed with evacuees from fla and this morning I-16 is supposed to be west bound only all lanes, never been this many people in this area all at once.

    1. From what I remember looking at past ROK articles, all you guys were pro-Roosh, what happened?

      1. In my personal case, I wasn’t pro-Roosh as a person, I was pro-RoK in the sense that RoK is (was?) redpilling men in critical issues like male-female relationships and realpolitik.

        I don’t know exactly why I was banned, I presume that my comments were too politically incorrect for the taste of the moderators.

        1. One thing I cannot stand is the fact he wrote books and is quite engaged in sosuave/PUA forums about so-called banging Ukraine, Poland, etc, then does a 180 and has gone full anti-Jew, pro-family, and anti-casual sex. You can change YOUR personal lifestyle but don’t push 2 different/opposing agendas.

          1. I have a personal position about Roosh, but whatever his faults are (which are many) RoK has been repilling a lot of men in critical issues like male-female relationships, realpolitik and Jewish Question.

            Now, about the supposedly ambiguity you mentioned take this into account: we are men, fucking hot women is one of the things we DO but not what we ARE. Fucking for fucking’s sake is decadence, but we have to do sometimes it because we, as superior animals, need to satisfy our basic needs. If the world around us were perfect we would have beautiful and faithful wives and lots of children, but it isn’t so we have to work with what we have. This is basically a ‘riding the tiger’ pragmatic stance due to the situation. But we are more than that, we are creators, explorers, warriors, poets, and builders of civilizations.

            1. There is no disagreement there. I am saying If Roosh wanted a perfect and beautiful wife and tight knit family, he could have moved to Iran and been setup (arranged marriage) with a Iranian woman and had a family there. It is a conservative nation after all. Instead, he WANTED a white woman and moved to Ukraine to “conquer” white women, writes a book about getting laid in EUROPEAN countries, then switches faces and becomes pro-family and anti-casual sex. He had every opportunity in life to have a good wife in Iran.

              1. I understand your point, but think about this:

                1. Technically speaking Roosh is not white, but his site is reaching and redpilling more white men in critical issues like the Jewish Question than AltRight sites like Counter Currents or

                2. Yes, Roosh should move to Iran but honestly If I have to choose, I prefer Roosh fucking European women than some somali muslim; at least Roosh is not that brown.

                3. European women are not pure snowflakes; the ones willing to fuck/date nonwhites (even nonwhites like Roosh) are the ones who don’t deserve to reproduce with white men, so bon voyage and enjoy your miscegenation.

          2. He is simply growing and going onto the next season of life.

            His recent posts talk about how while he enjoyed that feminism made it easier to sleep with women and that he took full advantage of it, he sees the damage it does to a Society and how important a functioning family is to the future of the West.

            1. .switching faces tells me he wasn’t as successful as he claimed. A man, unless he wants kids, would not opt for marriage if he can have as many women as possible. Lastly, if he wanted a chaste woman, he could have found one in Iran and be setup by family. We Armenians are also capable of doing the same thing, unfortunately many Armenian women have turned into garbage .

        2. Welcome to the Ban Zone.

          “I don’t know exactly why I was banned, I presume that my comments were too politically incorrect for the taste of the moderators.”
          Funny you should think this (or that they should think this) as I always felt that even where I disagreed with you that your comments were level headed, intelligent, well written and not defensive. There is, as there is in every side of every argument, an ignorant asshole group just shitting out talking points and being defensive little cunts and those people, as far as I can tell, are still welcome at ROK while well spoken, well argued commenters who add a rational voice to their side of a debate like you all wound up here.
          Welcome aboard Curwen.

              1. Where is your sense of humor today? then please do bring a couple of bottles of Glenmorangie and I’ll bring a couple of female acquaintances who are not and never will be sluts in this or any of their past lives.

                1. ha, I’ve totally become an old curmudgeon today due to work being filled with cunts

        3. I was wondering what became of you – glad you made it to the “other side”!
          I got banned for no reason at all!

          1. Yeah, most of the people were banned for no reason at all. Here are a lot of familiar names from RoK, so we can continue to hanging out as usual.

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