Your Levels of Influence

Inspired by part of our conversation in our first livestream, I decided that I would expand upon some of my statements, particularly those about your levels of influence.

To define your levels of influence for this discussion, I am referring to the impact your choices have on your own life, the life of your family, the community, the nation, and finally the world.

Your Own Life

This is where the impact is strongest.  Every action you make, every decision, has a direct and immediate impact on your very life and future.  There is no escaping it.  Sloth, gluttony, honesty, deceit, discipline, hard work – each action reinforces itself and molds who are you and who you will become.

For many, this is scary; a heavy burden that they cannot shrug off their shoulders.  But men worth their salt relish in the fact that they wield such power.  They know that every fortune or hardship that befalls them isn’t due to the strings of fate, but because of the very choices they have made that have led them up to this very point in time.

Do you go to the gym today or decide to skip?

Do you put some money into an emergency fund or blow it on booze?

Do you lay back after a hard day’s work or go home to work on a side hustle?

Each decision makes a slight shift to the direction of your life.

Your own life and the actions you take rests at the very core of your influence to the ever expanding levels.

Your Family

The next level of influence you possess is that of your family.  You are the head of the household, the man your wife looks to for guidance, and who your children look up to.  If you are physically, mentally, and/or emotionally weak, they will be as well.

If you are a strong, capable husband and father, your influence over your wife and children will be stronger than if you are weak and indecisive.  If they see you can’t even control your own desires, then why should they follow your lead?  The alternative is also the case.  If you are diligent, dutiful, and put off short-term satisfactions in order to secure long-term gains, they will look up to you with respect and admiration.

Your Friends and Community

A discerning individual might recognize that while the individual’s influence might be weaker the further out you get from yourself, the inner layers actually assist the individual to increase their reach and power.

Your own aura (confidence, integrity, strength, etc.), coupled with a strong family unit encourages other to listen when you talk.  It will start slow at first, but as word spreads, your reputation and influence will begin to grow exponentially.

Your Nation and the World

Now let’s be real for a moment, the very rare few have a national or international impact and that’s okay.  This level of influence and power is typically reserved for political figures and celebrities, but make no mistake, it all boils down to the choices made at level one, yourself.

Very rarely will someone rise to national or international prominence without having a strong grasp on the previous levels.  Politicians, for example, typically have the support of their community, sometimes being a local mayor before moving onto larger endeavors.

That isn’t to say it’s impossible to gain international fame (or notoriety) without having a strong level of influence within your family or community – we see this all the time on the internet – but it’s a fragile balance that can be easily toppled.

What Path Will You Take?

Whether you choose to stop with just yourself or to shape the world, it all originates at the same source, you.  You are the catalyst, the spark that can start a small fire to warm those around you or to set the world ablaze.

In either case, it takes hard work, diligence, and unwavering purpose.  This is the ultimate test of frame control.  Your frame must be so strong, that you pull others into it.  This is related to charisma, but goes beyond merely that.  Charisma is great for initially attracting people to you, but if it is not backed by a strong character and a vision, the meat and potatoes so to speak, your pull will be short lived.

Another characteristic that you must possess is enthusiasm.  This shouldn’t be too difficult if your purpose aligns with your passion.  If they do align, people will see your confidence and determination bleed through whenever they broach the subject.  It’s contagious; attractive.  People want to win and will side with winners.  If you speak with obvious zeal and sincerity, people will be more apt to side with you.

Even if you aren’t actively looking to influence the world, your actions will still ripple out to the world at large.  A strong man inspires others to be the same.

You standing tall and owning your life might just convince another man to do the same.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

457 thoughts on “Your Levels of Influence”

  1. I’m about to be exposed to a new area of influence in my career. It’s odd being injected into a vast organization, not at the bottom, but at a mid-level position immediately. Of course, lack of experience is accounted for and a learning curve exists.

    It’s a great opportunity and I have a lot of chances to develop as a person, but the initial resistance is a bear.

      1. The military. My specialization will have numerous lucrative options available in the private sector as well. I’ve already made a couple connections. Though being a natural introvert, this takes some pushing.

        1. “Though being a natural introvert, this takes some pushing.”

          Oh yeah. Very true.
          When I became an independent consultant over 20 years ago, I had to over come some of my natural introvert shyness. Its still there of course, but I’ve learned to push myself when I have to. Once again, best of luck.

    1. Ask questions and learn from those who can show you the ropes. The fact you are making the attempt to gain knowledge puts in you good graces. Good luck.

  2. Great article Jak – cut’s through the crap and gets right to the point.

    There is tremendous responsibility that comes along with any position of influence. ALL of your actions will indeed have a ripple effect… for better or worse, and on any scale. The decisions you make will absolutely shape the world you live in. What’s always worked best for me was to focus my efforts heavily on the things that I have the most control over, and what really matter most (family, finances, health)… Take excellent care of the people and the things closest to you (first and foremost) and Only if you have the additional resources available, should you venture beyond, otherwise – let the rest of the world pick up the slack.

    1. You hit on an important point. The Apostle Paul warned teachers and preachers that they would be held accountable not only for themselves, but for the teachings they gave to others. Their authority and influence are as much a burden as they are a blessing, for they hold the power to lead others toward glory or toward damnation with simple words.

  3. […] while the individual’s influence might be weaker the further out you get from yourself, the inner layers actually assist the individual to increase their reach and power.

    Politicians, for example, typically have the support of their community, sometimes being a local mayor before moving onto larger endeavors.

    Anthony Weiner managed to become a US congressman, but had (continues to have) absolutely no control over his inner self. Maybe he is the exception that proves the rule, in the best case. But, really, I think to move ‘onto larger endeavors’ beyond mayor of a mid-sized town takes a different kind of man. The kind of man that doesn’t immediately lend himself to being a role model for the men who aren’t more than a potential mayor.

    1. Weiner’s no exception.
      He IS the rule, at least here in NY.
      Maybe not as extreme and freakish as him, but still.
      Most people who can cheat do. At least from what I have observed.
      Not to say that I am an “angel” or anything.
      But at least what I do only affects myself.

    2. The emphasis on your “inner self” there is really interesting. It’s a fact that you can project a presentable version of yourself for professional endeavors, but as soon as you leave the boardroom you’re back to fighting the self only you know.

      1. Those without inner control are drawn to positions of external control. I can only speculate as to why – perhaps they hope that it will give them inner peace, or that it will somehow cancel out their inner demons. They make for poor leaders, though, because those without discipline are little able to produce discipline in others, and those without the power to set rules for themselves are little able to create and explain proper rules for others.

        I’ve found that those I know with greatest power over their inner selves shrink from external power. It seems like they fear it’s all they can do to master themselves, and they worry they are ill-prepared to master others in the same way. What they do not seem to appreciate is that the inner power radiates and draws others to that control, and by simply being themselves in the presence of others they are inspirations.

        To poorly paraphrase it, “Those who seek power are least fit to wield it.”

        1. Your second paragraph articulates a sentiment that I never succeeded at putting into words. I always found it more satisfying to master myself and then work with a smaller group of like-minded individuals. Having authority over the masses is not something I could ever see myself wanting. That may hinder my career growth in a way, but I doubt I’ll regret it too much.

          1. It’s the way of the wise man, if history is any evidence. The Buddhist monk sequesters himself in places where only those who truly seek his teachings are likely to approach (high mountains, etc.). The learned abbot sequesters himself in the cloister and tests his petitioners to determine whether they are prepared to receive his teaching.

            The trouble is in the first paragraph. Good men seek the company of other good men; wise men surround themselves with those who seek after wisdom. Weak and evil men seek power and authority, and when they find it even the wise and the good suffer.

    3. If we lived in a perfect world where merit was rewarded and appreciated instead of nepotism, corruption and cronyism, the measure of a man would undoubtedly attract to him his life’s station.

      Instead we have positions filled by puppets in government who are trained to be talking heads. I saw a YouTube video a while back where the Prime Ministers of Canada, Australia and one other Commonwealth nation were giving a speech to Parliament and the speeches were more or less identical. Almost word for word. And these were given within a few days apart of each other unlike the Melania/Michelle speech.

    4. Carlos Danger is proof positive social media and smart phones are a detriment to society. the second time (and final straw for his career) he got caught, he was sexting a two, maybe a three, and he was calling her “beautiful”. She only thought sexting a married man was wrong when he sent her a pic of him in his bed, with his son sleeping beside him- only then did what she was doing become “wrong”

      1. Like any powerful tool (guns, cars, chainsaws…) they are only a detriment in the hands of a asshole.
        I’m mean, YOU likely have a smartphone and I’m 60-70% sure you dont pull this kind of shit.

        1. powerful tool in the hands of an asshole….
          this is going to be the name of my memoir.

            1. Well norm took my first idea. I was saying I would use “Based on a True Story” as the name for an autobiography for years and then boom, one of my absolute favorite comedians drops it. I think he was probably spying on me.

              1. Had the same rage when I saw the Simpsons stole a ‘Couch Gag’ I’d conceived…..

                And basically Jim Breuer’s entire fukkin’ shtick.

                1. Suks right? Though Breuer isn’t really fair. He didn’t steal it so much as he is channeling it.

                    1. Bingo.
                      I call it the Ren and Stimpy Effect: We ALL did shit like that, dirty absurd cartoons and jokes in the margins of our spiral notebooks whilst flunking maf….

                      But a few pioneers, instead of having the spark flogged out of them by their parents and teachers, really worked on it and perfected it into something Good and marketable. Then is exploded – the DiceMan, Beavis and Butthead, Southpark, Family Guy….

                    2. check out breuer singing nursery rhymes in the voice of ac/dc’s lead singer…you gotta row row ya boat GENTLY DOWN THE STREEEEEEEAAAAMM

        2. new iphone is freaking me out- I dont want biometrics. why would I need to scan my face so my PHONE recognizes me? they say it wont be stored on the cloud, but i dont buy it. facial recognition software can supposedly tell your sexual orientation and political affiliation, i dont need apple knowing Im a deeply closeted libertarian

          1. I understand why they did it. They are going to make a fortune off of drunk and frustrated women trying to unlock their home screen after they get home from the club and take off their make up.

              1. I don’t really care about the sinister motives I just think the phone doesn’t have any real improvements on my current IPhone. I am fine with the rest of the sinister stuff.

            1. we are down to what- three choices for a smartphone? samsung, apple, google/motorola…does HTC still make phones? all phones will have this eventually.

              1. It seems that my phone has of late provided less utility than it did five years ago. Might be due to changing interests, or my having aged by five years, but if this trend continues, I envision in another 5 or ten years just conducting all communication on a home PC. Or switching back to a traditional landline, just for kicks.

              2. My iPhone 6 has touch recognition based on my fingerprints. I don’t have to use it though or even set it up.

          2. Somebody on r/conspiracy remarked that it’s a great way for police to open up your phone. A clever commenter said that “Ha, I made you look!” will become an often used sentence for police officers.

          3. Having a normal testosterone level and having it displayed physically by a normal square jawline and decent muscularity already gives you away bro. I get that not wanting it on the cloud though.

  4. A bishop is said to have remarked on his deathbed:

    When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits I dreamed of changing the world.
    As I grew older and wiser and realized the world would not change I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change only my country: but it too seemed immovable.
    As I grew into my twilight years I settled on changing only my family and those closest to me, but alas they would have none of it.
    Now as I lay on my deathbed and I suddenly realize that if I had only changed myself first, then by example I could perhaps have changed my family, and from their inspiration and encouragement to me I would have been better able to help my country and from there I may even have been able to change the world.

    1. Great Story!

      On a related point – I’ve been away from t’internet for about a month and wtf happened? RoK is deserted and everybody is *here*!!

      Great site btw! Found it by looking for where the RoK regulars went!

      What’s the story?

      1. I had the same reaction when I come back from a camping trip and find RoK a ghost town. Roosh banned us. I guess we were all too civilized or something.

        1. Seriously? The fuck?!!!
          But everyone here was the main reason to visit RoK!!!
          That is some fucked up shit right there… anyone know what happened or who got to him?

          1. Don’t ask me. From looking at the new articles, I can only speculate that maybe Roosh had a falling out with that traditional Latvian chick and is mad at the world.

              1. In retrospect, I am happy this has happened. The material on this site, although slower in coming out, fits much closer to my view of the world. This is more optimistic on what we can do to improve our situation, rather than dwelling on the feminists or riding the decline in the Philippines.

                1. Yeah… I’ve only been poking around 30 mins and agree already! I suspect it will attract the older, more level-headed red-pillers… and those of us who have actually committed to women before or currently.
                  It would be nice to not have to listen to utterly insane (((conspiracy theories))) every five minutes too…

                  1. “It would be nice to not have to listen to utterly insane (((conspiracy theories))) every five minutes too…

                    so you’re with THEM, eh?!?!?!?!?

                    1. You should google “Sonic Police” I ran across it years ago by accident, it’s always good for a laugh but remember to listen for the horns or they’ll get you when you’re not looking .

      2. Most of us were banned by Roosh in a huge purge that has neither rhyme nor reason. The details of “why” are murky to absent, at best. At this point it doesn’t matter, clearly he wants the Stormfront crowd so there’s no point in trying to get back over there.


        1. Yeah the bunch left on there are way too weird for me!

          Thank you! I guess this is my new home site then!

          Checked a few articles and looks good… I’ll dig in and make myself at home!

          Is the knee-man here? Please tell me he’s here!!

          1. They aren’t weird. Weird is interesting. Basically, what is left on ROK as far as I can tell is the sterotype that feminists paint of the manosphere. Stereotypes exist for a reason…and the manosphere is in fact populated by (AMONGST OTHERS) chin bearded, basement dwelling faggots who couldn’t get laid in a Mexican whorehouse with a fist full of 100’s all looking to jerk each other off with one hand while shoveling Cheetos in their mouth with the other hand.

            Truthmosis wrote an article a while back about the 7 most common feminist insults and there have been other articles and comments about the laughable boiler plate bs insults that the feminists will throw. The thing is, they aren’t wrong in their assertion. What they are wrong in is painting over everyone in the tent with a wide brush. It would be foolish and arrogant of us to admit that there are plenty of idiots which fit the common feminist critique to a tee and it looks like @Roosh is probably one of them and that he wants return of kings to reflect that demographic.

            1. Disturbingly and graphically precise word painting, but I can’t bring myself to disagree! I always laughed at the caricatures, but as Trump pointed out the new/alt/whatever right has crazies as well as good people (same as left). It’s a shame, but it’s Roosh’s site and he can attract whatever demographic he wants…

              1. yup, not my circus not my monkeys.
                But yeah, ROK has def become an echo chamber for the people indicative of the sterotypes

                  1. And blame them because you;re too much of a loser to get ahead. Sure, pal, an all powerful group of people are conspiring against YOU. I guess we really are just the protagonist in our own movies.

                    1. those DNA tests are bullshit.

                      and quite likely a scam to build a database of DNA “evidence” the Illuminati can plant when they commit attrocities.

                    2. The only neat thing I’ve seen to come out of it was the discovery that red hair appears to be related to the Neanderthals. The Irish and French, in particular, appear to be descended from these supposedly sub-human people (which looks like a load of crap – the Neanderthal had some excellent technology).

                    3. your dna belongs to once you get the test done, but I personally think its to condition people to question their supposed identities- just peep the ads, a black woman finds out she is 10% scandanavian…they want us to believe we are all people of earth

                    4. To be fair, the Ashkenazi are a Japhethitic tribe, just like the Europeans and the Slavs. That tiny fraction is likely either from an extraordinarily distant relative or just a confounding variable.

                    5. True. I didn’t think of it that way. @bem says it’s bs but mine confirmed the genealogical research I’ve done, even down to some North African which would be the Vandals that settled in Spain then came to Ireland which confirms my research.

                    6. I don’t need to be pure. I just need to link myself to some royalty and claim my inheritance . Did Sicily have any royalty?

                    7. now now dont get your dik in a knot….
                      I just have it easier because I’m a mere 3rd generation American – I heard first hand where my ancestors escaped from.

                      How far back did your research go?

                    8. Same, here. My grandpappy traced his family tree back centuries (turns out I have an ancestor from Jamestown and one from the Mayflower, and before that a long lineage in Scotland), and one of my dad’s cousins took on a major project tracking the family tree back to their 1850’s arrival to the US.

                      My mom’s mother has the only confounding variable. I might have a bit of Cherokee in me on top of the Danish, but we don’t know exactly how far back that goes or anything.

                    9. I haven’t dug that deep. My surname is Bowling. The name came from Bolling Hall in Bradford, England. The land was given to one of his knights. They kept it until late 1400s. We backed the Royalists in the Civil War and Robert Bolling left England at 14 in 1660 after his dad died in London. Landed in Virginia, ended up marrying Pocohontas’ granddaughter and becoming a rich plantation owner.

                    10. I’ve got some of that written out for them, but I’m thinking of making a family lineage book. Starting with my great-grandparents (many of whom I knew), I want to write out their dates (birth, death, marriages, etc.) and some important things from their lives. Ideally, this book is passed down through the heirs to keep them grounded in their legacy.

                    11. I’m always skeptical…..I mean, except for the nobility (which was often purchased and/or forged), records were sketchy at best.

                    12. Cool.
                      I got “all the way” back to 1840’s Ireland before the trail went cold in a haze of poverty and illiteracy….

                    13. Its just hilarious that American White People get back results that say “Northern European”
                      Are they just trying to take business away from the mirror industry?

                    14. It broke it down further (see below). It’s 55.1% Brit/Irish, the rest is French, German, Danish. Which Makes sense because my English ancestors were Germanic Saxons who intermarried the Norse/French Norman conquerors

                    15. Who have been cut from the vine for our sake. They will be grafted back in eventually, but it will be Jews coming to Christ not Christians converting to Ba’al (the Bible suggests a lot of Judaism extends from worship of Ba’al and Asherah, including the “Star of David”).

                    16. My uncle married into some. It’s a very different world.

                      Upholding my theory that Catholicism predisposes people to lapse or go atheist, my cousins haven’t been to church or picked up a Bible in a decade. Their mom goes every so often, but she’s more into “Catholic” mysticism (Eckhart Tolle and the like).

                    17. I’m Protestant, but I’ve poked around with The Cloud of Unknowing/Evelyn Underhill type of Catholic mysticism. Eckhart Tolle seems like a scam artist and more of the New Age with Bible quotes type.

                    18. I was in Ireland for two years preaching. Nobody celebrates St Paddy’s day over there. It’s an American thing.

                    19. It is insanely racist.

                      Notre dame fighting Irish too.
                      Look at that logo.
                      Insanely racist.
                      You couldn’t have the Yale murdering Italians
                      Or Harvard haggling Jews.

                    20. I suppose it is racist, but frankly I really don’t care. Hypersensitivity is going to be the death of us. Some might consider me a redneck, I suppose I am in some ways. Until we can laugh at ourselves and get along despite our differences, this animosity will continue.

                    21. Ah yes, In N. Ireland, little turd kids would call us “Orangies” if we preached in Catholic neighborhoods.

                    22. Just like Wiki pages for most celebs mention their jewish roots with pride or something nice they said about Israel.

                      Also they usually would say that this or that celeb is a mutt to demonstrate that “we are the world” and no one is pure anything.

                  2. yeah, the little marks are silly, but di become a fun diversion to mock. As for the actual question, I really don’t care about apples sinister motives for releasing new technology. I am going to go with my own conspiracy….apple designs and releases new technology to make ass loads of money.

                    1. My conspiracy is that people are dumb and Apple has always been able and willing to exploit them.

                      It’s the same thing as Starbucks – they managed to build themselves up as a sort of status symbol among a class of people, which pretty much guarantees continuing business no matter how expensive or ill-conceived their product lines (like that new Macbook concept that replaced the F# keys with a tiny touchscreen instead of, I don’t know, putting a touch screen on the actual screen).

                    2. I am with you and, for what its worth, I don’t blame them. Agreed also on Starbucks. I hate those damn macbooks so much and I just love my 4 year old powerbook. I love it so much that I bought a new one last year despite not needing it because it was the last of the old format (even better specs than my 4 year old) and just have it in a closet. One day I will need a new laptop and I would just as soon have that one.

                    1. He’s hardly ever sick at sea!
                      Then give three cheers, and one cheer more,
                      For the hardy (((Captain of the Pinafore!)))

                    2. I am not helping my case that I am not a huge fag by bringing the gilbert and Sullivan am I?

                    3. Ach, that “musical.” The whole first act is one prolonged, repetitive song with a bunch of people rubbing themselves all over the set.

                      And then there’s Cats…

            2. Preach it brotha!.

              We are all guilty of that to some degree, especially with those we don’t associate with on a day to day basis.

              Take the beta for instance. We have the stereotype of this shy, frail little guy who is too timid to stand up for himself. I would call my dad a beta, even though he is 6’2, outgoing, and (was) fairly muscular. The reason I say that is, is he allows my mom to make the decisions in the relationship. In his mind, that is the best way to have peace in their marriage. I have tremendous respect for the guy, he is hard working and tough, but he has this one flaw that caused lots of grief in his life.

              1. your father same as my maternal grandfather in a way. His epitaph was simply gentleman farmer. He was as tough as they come but was a quiet man who had no desire for conflict. He liked to watch birds, tend to his crops, paint the barn, tinker with engines….never heard the man raise his voice once. I think the whole alpha/beta thing is silly though. There are leaders and there are followers and both are necessary and both have a place. If everyone is a leader or if everyone is a follower nothing gets done. As long as they are winners. So I would form the box with quadrents. Winners:Losers:Leaders:Followers. I would say my grandfather was a winning follower — a trait I see from a lot of guys who were in the military.

                In the end, if we don’t acknowledge our own flaws first who are we to cast aspersions on others. I’ve always thought the whole “do not judge lest ye too shall be judged” bit was less about a blanket condemnation against judging but a condemnation of judging unless you are willing to submit yourself to judgment. I am a man and as a man I have flaws and I like to think that I am open with myself enough to acknowledge them and do my best to work on them, even when I don’t succeed in avoiding the pitfalls of my character. I submit myself to fair scrutiny and as such feel I have earned the right to form an opinion on others and their actions. Anyway, that’s just one old nihilist’s take on the whole shebang

                1. You’re correct. The Scripture is Matthew 7:1-3

                  “Judge not, that ye be not judged.
                  2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
                  3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

                  It’s not saying you can’t judge someone’s actions. It’s basically calling out hypocrites that judge others while doing the same things, or worse. We judge all the time, but we must be willing to BE judged as well. I’m not saying we should listen to what just anyone says, but people who have maybe been through what we are going through or have experience should be heeded.

                  My .02

                  1. I do like my scripture. I can do it backwards and forwards in several languages including the ancient koine greek that the freaking apostles wrote in. I should have been a priest. I’d have made a good one.

                    1. I give you credit for your biblical knowledge and agree you would have made a good priest except for that raw dogging whores thing, you would have had to have kept that under wraps.

                    2. True enough. If you made it that far in the Catholic church, you wouldn’t even be the first promiscuous pope.

                      Bishops and deacons of the Church should adhere to some basic (but difficult for many) rules outlined in 1 Timothy 3. Under those criteria, I know I’m not right for the job.

                    3. I’ve always thought I would make a good Vatican bishop an curator of Vatican library. I am sure I would have a nice selection of women from all countries to play with.

                    4. some of them have to have a thing for girls too but I doubt it gets reported because fucking 13 year old girls is the national sport of Italy anyway. Plus, I think I would look good in a mitre.

                    5. That’s the national sport? Where do I sign up? …… at first that sounded funny but after reading it again, it’s kind of fucked up and I ain’t wearing one of those cathlik dresses anyhow.

                    6. it’s funny, they seem comfortable. On hot days I often want to go around dressed up like a Saudi prince in those white bath towels. These sand donkeys have lived in the desert for long enough, they have to know the right shit to wear.

                    7. The old dudes around here used to always wear long sleeved shirts, long pants and straw hats or pith helmets when they had to work in the sun, they said keeping the sun off your skin kept you cooler. Personally I don’t think it matters what you wear if you’re looking up a mules backside all day, it’s going to be hot one way or another. Them cathliks still look like sissies.

                    8. Reminds me of the Ecuadorian guys who work for me. See them lunch time on a construction site in humid, sticky, NYC 90 degree baked out concrete oven weather in heavy work denim, long shirts, construction boots sitting on the floor eating steaming hot soup.

                    9. LOL- i will never understand that. i will also never understand the egg/salami sandwiches with….mayonaise

                    10. I never saw anyone eat an egg/salami sandwich with mayonnaise but it sounds wonderful to me. It has eggs, salami and mayonnaise. What can be wrong?

                    11. With the soup, the Ecuadorians swear to me that hot food on hot days brings the body temperature up where it is closer to the air temperature so the air feels cooler. I mean, I guess it makes sense but I will take a cold glass of water thank you.

                    12. Is lecherous snooty yankee speak meaning rawdogging whores?
                      Anyway, you certainly wouldn’t be the first but, if you wanted to keep drawing a paycheck from the virtuous shepherd fund you would have to keep the whorehopping on the DL, you evil fornicator.

                    13. It certainly is. Maybe I could be a church reformer. Some people have argued that the clergy should be allowed to marry. I could say “no marriage, Christ wasn’t married, but they should be able to rawdog whores”

                      As a side note, only about 75% of the women I raw dog are whores. 25% and genuinely good girls who just fall for my nonsense.

                    14. All of them fell for your nonsense.
                      With the way most Christian denominations have endorsed the fags over the last few years they are probably ok with rawdogging.

                    15. untrue! and if I might say unfair. The whores sought out my nonsense. I merely provided a service. The good girls tried to resist, but I am good with the lord and have a mojo hand so they succumb to my charms. There is a big difference.

                      I am not sure where the Christians stand on raw dogging whores. On the one hand, they are anti contraception which would suggest they enjoy the raw dogging and it does seem that they are pro whore — not in the sense of the biblical whores but just by whoring the faith out — so one would believe that raw dogging whores is totally fine. It is just the combination of two time honored church traditions….rawdogging and whoring.

                      As for the good girls who are not just seeking it out but must be seduced, I feel the church should also be ok with this. Again it is just the mixing of two already commonly held tenants of the church and many Christian denominations…raw dogging and fucking the gullible.

                    16. They just let you think they weren’t looking and had to be seduced. AWALT
                      You have point about anti-contraception some of them can’t seem to figure what’s causing them to have a whole bus load of tricycle motors.

                    17. “Some people have argued that the clergy should be allowed to marry”
                      like, say, the whole fukkin Christian church prior to the Schism!

                    18. ya know, I have never been a porn guy and I really find porn to be deplorable. That said, I will watch something of particular interest. After the fappening I looked at all the nudie shots of all the celebrities. Also, will always watch a sex tape of a celeb, 70’s porn for lulz happens now and then and I will always read a hilarious plot synopsis….in this case The Da Vinci Load

                      “Operatives of the Priory of Semen discover that Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa using his own sperm. These keepers of the truth fuck in the name of art and kill anyone who gets in their way.”

                    19. They must, it is a multi billion dollar industry but other than for a laugh I really can’t see why.

                    20. Anal College Gangbang Part 83 because parts 1-82 left so many unanswered questions.

                    21. Saint Peter, the “first pope” (if you believe that – I honestly don’t think there’s even a smidgen of evidence), was married. Jesus stayed at Peter’s mother-in-law’s a few times in the Bible.

                      Not everyone is comfortable in celibacy. Paul was, and perhaps Timothy was (it’s never stated), but they knew that few others would be. Thus the requirements for Bishops and Deacons are to be “husband to one wife” with children that are obedient and blameless.

                    22. I’m not a biblical scholar by any stretch but I find that “first pope” claim to be crap. the whole idea of a “Divinely Appointed Indisputable Boss of the World” seems like a very Roman notion, not at all Christian.

                  2. The whole THOU SHALL NOT JUDGE thing put out by the modern degenerate crowd irritates me to no end. Of course we judge, they judge, especially if we make our opinion about them known. Another example of manipulation by the left to turn something good into something else.

                    1. What Leftists mean by “do not judge” is not judging their degenerate life styles and behaviours. Try not agreeing with any of their believes, and you will feel all the power of their open mindedness.

                  3. The people who shout loudest about being “non-judgmental” tend to completely ignore the whole mote/beam dichotomy, which is central to the idea.

                2. Well said.

                  I never understood the “don’t judge others” spiel either. We judge every day regardless if it’s small or a capital offense. Eg. If you know a guy who steals from his friends & relatives to support his meth habit, are you suppose to ignore that and treat him like others? F*ck that. You do no justice to the innocent or the victims when you treat the guilty as equals. In fact, you perpetuate the damage by not judging him and calling him out.

                  1. These days “do not judge” mantra is mainly directed at white, conservative males. Because collective Left sees them as oppressors.

                    The Left had waged a war against human nature and reality. They will eventualy lose, but at what cost to us?

                    1. I don’t think the left views us as oppressors, but the biggest Group in the west who is a threat to their goals. All men who value freedom are against the left.

                      “They will eventualy lose, but at what cost to us?”

                      Мы победим. Они уже потеряли. столярные тиски.

              1. I’m not banned either, they aren’t going to allow you sit at the cool kids table over here so you can sit at my table I guess, at least until you get banned and move up.

                  1. We will save a seat for you, just don’t try to get anything off my plate or I will stab you in the ear with a spork.

              2. Bring up this site and invite the few remaining good posters over here. You’ll be banned soon enough after that.

                1. Nah, the site won’t even let you post AKC on there. I didn’t get banned, but my comments did get “disappeared” due to me listing this site on there.

                2. worked for me. If they don’t hide their past comments, you can scroll down to where they commented on another site then reply to it, telling them about this site.

                1. What a great post, and how fucking outrageous they have banned all the best posters!

                  Has anyone tried to get through to Uncle Bob Smith?

                1. It doesn’t matter how you frame or preface it, you’re saying stuff that feminists say. You’re in dadsville but you’re clearly missing ROK. Wouldn’t you be sad if it closed down?

                  1. Nah, sounds to me like I hit too close to home to a weak man who likes to pretend he is strong online and is a little too sensitive to the idea that the criticisms of his echo chamber aren’t 100% wrong.

                    Sorry bud. You’ve been outed. Enjoy your porn.

                    1. feminine talk, and since when did I present as an internet tough guy? Of course a like minded community can get echo chambery as does this one, with extra lashings of back-slapping in this case, but are you are not ‘personalising’ what are effectively ideological differences. I seem to remember your big gripe was politics and not sticking to self-improvement / birds

                    2. well we’ve discussed such things at length, so I know your opinion on the matter but – since we’re comparing each other to feminists – in an age where politics approaches the personal is political and taking responsibility for the one might be seen as requiring taking responsibility for the other. If that’s the case – if – where does apolitical kingscastle fit in? Is there a synthesis due?

                  2. As for being sad I’d ROK closed shop as far as I can tell, Roosh played his hand as a beta charlatan and the website has become an echo chamber for weak little boys who like to play at being men on line while jerking each other off…nah, if they site shuts down I wouldn’t miss it a bit

                    1. this is becoming a bit of a messy divorce. You want custody of the children and to hurt your ex. Was there ever any real love there ? Did you ever even like the beard?

                    2. Ha. You’ve always been funny mobius I can’t take that from you. This isn’t a divorce baby, I just took the red pill and saw things for what they were

                    3. you might want to rub that red pill on your t-shirt and hold it up to the light. Glad to hear it isn’t a divorce. Nothing worse than a custody battle, particularly for the kids

            1. (VIvian Leigh voice) “Why that’s one ENORMOUS banhammer you got there, Jak! Why, I do declare, it would be jes wonderful if you would let a girl get a closer look at such a big, strong weapon…” (blinks coquettishly)

        2. Well, your argument fails in the sense that I was purged too, and I was the most revolting nazi there…..

          1. You’re very reasonable and aren’t one of those guys who constantly screams the same three sentences like most of “that” crowd. You’re easy to talk to, make good points and are not argumentative and don’t take discussions personally. This is kind of the opposite of what I’m referencing, so, lol…

            1. I want to be the big bad revolting Nazi!! I want to be despised and prosecuted because of my positions!!

              You are a jew!!

        3. Are you sure there wasn’t rhyme. Like, maybe there is a schema where if you say the names of the banned in the correct order they will rhyme. Maybe Roosh is just obsessed with Rhyming stuff like that.

          1. hey yeah – or maybe when you take all our names and list them, the first letters of each name together spell something. I remember some very fine work in that medium by a certain commenter….

            1. Starting to feel pretty disappointed the more I’m learning about what happened when I was away. So much for “free speech.” Purity tests always end this way, but I was hoping we had a bit more time there. Maybe we can get Tom Arrow here.

              1. You know how when a girl gives you shit and breaks up with you, you go ghost? Same here. No difference. For exactly the same reasons.

                This wasn’t purity tests. You aren’t going to get more alpha than the guys we have here. Men who not only see the problem but actively want to solve it. Sitting around in an echo chamber bitching while rubbing other bitches twats…not so masculine.

              2. Exactly the same experience here!

                Tom was the first one I explicitly noticed being taken out and for no apparent reason… Sure, he was a little weird, but who isn’t in this crowd?

                It’d be fun to hear his slightly maniacal creeping self-awareness ramblings again!

          2. Why there’s lolknee!
            I swear, I go out of the country for a few months, get back and everyone was gone. Then I saw cheeseburger and Clark Kent and some others and thought maybe y’all had just “unplugged” for awhile.

                1. yeah its you- youve been C-verified. the next question woulda been your pet’s name, but i think we are cool

        4. i still swing by over there. one thing Ive noticed is he makes sure he is the first to comment. his comment always is timestamped “one day ago” even though it appears the article was just posted. odd fer sher

                1. porcer is a mystery

                  And nobody knows why he was banned either!

                  Um, I have but one theory, have hinted at it in the past. I made one comment which Forney could have taken out-of-context and outside the spirit in which it was intended.

                  If true, it’s disappointing that one minor perceived transgression outweighed all the other positive interaction.

                    1. Forney strikes me as a guy who absolutely hates himself. I’m guessing he has some severe mommy issues. I’m not trying to be bitchy, and this isn’t the kind of thing I go around saying about other guys. But I’m intuitive, and I can feel when people are uncomfortable in their own skin.

                  1. Realize I am late to this conversation, but it strikes me that banning someone over a comment on your article is an incredible bitch-move. I mean, if you are a man, state your opinion and defend it. Don’t cry because people don’t like it. Banning dissenters, even ones that act ugly is weak sauce. I can understand banning obvious trolls who contribute no value and just piss off all the good commenters who offer insight or humor, but banning those dudes while obvious trolls remain is unacceptable.

                    1. You’ve got it right here, an explicit expansion of why it was so disappointing. Men neither need nor ought to behave like that.

                    2. I asked the RoK mods for one ban in my several years. There was this bitch who popped up every week or so to spam my comments with insults. After a couple of months, I just got sick of her popping up in my notifications.

                      But that, itself, is a story. RoK used to ban women and obvious trolls with some degree of efficacy. She never contributed a damn thing to any conversation, and to my knowledge nobody was feeding the troll, and she was a femicunt. It was like Peachy, but much less interesting.

                2. Always a high value in making people laugh out loud.
                  It’s the “best medicine”, haven’t you heard?

                  This makes me laugh out loud too, especially starting at 0:57.

              1. I doubt totally unaware, just wondering like I was – WTF?!!
                And then I noticed all the regular posters I enjoy reading were gone, so I looked around. GOJ’s Disqus profile soon showed me what had happened, if not why!

                1. I too was confused when after a few weeks break I couldnt find the regulars on RoK.

                  I ended up here after some digging.

                  Welcome to the bright side.

              2. Perhaps a list of the blissfully unaware that are worth contacting?
                And then those with remaining dual citizenship could sacrifice RoK citizenship attempting to rescue one target? (or at least make them aware of the option of re-homing here?).

                1. You were the one who brought me here, now you’re beginning to understand that you goofed.
                  Shit happens.

                2. What I was doing is finding someone I liked and scrolled through their history to find a comment they made on a third website and reply to it, telling them the name of this site. I went back nearly a year in EBs comments only found ROK comments. The man is dedicated. Anyway, I took the gamble and replied to him on ROK. Gambled and lost.

            1. I have dual citizenship left too, and that, along with Jim’s comment about trying to get englishbob, raises a thought…

          1. I noticed that too, I have no idea how that works.
            The content has really changed a lot the last few days also.

          2. I’ve been thinking I was just reading something into it that wasn’t there (hard to tell in writing), but don’t those posts seem, I don’t know…lost or soft or something?

              1. Thanks man, I’ll do what I can. Here I was just whistling a merry tune like an oblivious clown. Should have known something like this was up, but really just thought people were taking my tip about getting offline for a while.

        1. Hey buddy! Great to see you again!

          Yeah… big surprise… kill off your core audience, lower quality and quantity of articles… what could possibly go wrong!

          1. Insufficient data, probably because the site is relatively new. You’re up approximately 6M in the rankings over the past three months, though, so it’s a definite climb.

            Some site-to-site comparisons:
            Rank: 21180 vs 2340417
            US Rank: 8697 vs 289862
            Bounce Rate: 59.2% vs 34.8% (how many bounce off homepage instead of reading an article)
            Daily Pageviews: 2.3 vs 2.45 (pages per reader)
            Daily time on site: 3:18 vs 3:40 (in hours)

            Basic analysis: Alexa rankings are averaged over a three-month timespan. If you recall, most of us who weren’t on the Telegram bounced here over the past couple of weeks. This means that the fact that you’re so close to RoK already on basic user stats indicates a massive upswing, as you’re approaching RoK’s base numbers already.

            I’m intrigued by the fact that RoK only averages 2.45 pageviews per user per day, considering that they post several articles daily. I used to go from one to the next to keep up with the commentariat, which should have meant at least 4 or 5 views daily from me (and the rest of us regulars).

              1. Hear, hear!

                Honestly, it says something about how RoK got its ranking. Most of its hits are either automated or uninterested – those who hit each post every day must be in the vast minority. I don’t know if it’s people hoping something interesting will come up (that’s the only reason I bounce off them anymore) or feminists looking for something to bitch about, but it doesn’t bode well.

                1. Looking at your stats, there was, as I’ve noted on, a ton of traffic during the election because it was free shit to write about. if 2016 wasnt the political circus that it was, ROK would have drown after the failed meetups. That seems like the Franz Ferdinand event that took the wind out of Roosh’s sails and the quality of articles dipped severely after that.

                    1. lol lets drop our my influence by banning the regular users of my site. All he had to do was say “look guys Im done, thanks etc” and let the other people post on ROK and he would be fine.

                      wait…that single event lead to AKC getting all this love

                      Thanks Roosh!

                  1. Speaking of which, once we achieve critical mass we might try small meetups ourselves. It was a great idea (which ironically was the start of AKC), but it was sabotaged by the hysterical media and Roosh’s baggage.

            1. So less overall views and rank, but lower bounce rate, higher daily page views, and higher time spent on the site.
              I can live with that for now. Just means our content is more engaging to our readers.

              1. It means we hang around to comment and troll one another. Your articles are great – concise, easy to read, insightful – but they’re not three-hours-great.

                Roosh is killing that for his site, and his articles are getting mighty wimpy. Only Larsen is worth reading anymore, and that’s just because they’re great tips on fitness. That’s gonna cost him.

                1. Perhaps once we get a good routine down where there’s enough guest authors, I’ll be able to sit down and write longer articles. Right now it’s a matter of banging them out every other day.

                    1. I have a few series I can always fall back on when I can’t think of what to write about (48 laws of marriage and the 12 levels of Dread game), but I don’t want to saturate the site with it. Would rather cover a rule and give it a few weeks before the next post on the topic.

                  1. About that, shoot me an email about what you would like to see from me. I am shooting for about 1000 word articles. Would you rather see some research (slower but perhaps more interest)? What kind of topics? What are your thoughts on the Scout law series? shall I keep going, or should I bag it? How do you feel about religious content? I’ll volunteer what time I can.

                    1. I can’t speak for them, but the Scout Law is worthy of much analysis. Honestly, it’s one of the few things in our modern world that still conveys the ideals of virtue.

                      Come to think of it, the Oath is worthy of analysis, as well. We used to laugh about the line, “Physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight,” but that’s some damn red pill content if you look at it.

                    2. The Boy Scouts how it used to be was a bastion of red pill knowledge being passed down to the next generation. As always, it’s downfall came when they got mired in PC politics. @Hipponax has been urging me for quite some time to write a book on the subject.

                    3. I’m for all the above. I’ve been so swamped lately that proofreading and scheduling guest posts has been pushed to the back burner. This Saturday is the last one I have scheduled so I’ll need to get back on it soon.

                      Don’t steal ALL the Boy Scout content though. I am an Eagle Scout after all. Heh

                2. We’ve “taken the reins” for only about 3 weeks now, so something is working . I’ve never had a 3 hour viewing session on ROK but I get what you mean, I’d AT LEAST read 3 or 4 articles, then get stuck in the comments. You know the drill.

                3. Larsen’s are great, but doubt if it would be a struggle to find someone to write equivalent fitness articles here…

        2. Makes perfect sense that his stats would be tanking. I only started reading ROK in about May of this year, and the slide started not long thereafter. Article quality started heading down the toilet and the smart guys left (or more accurately were banned). Glad all you gents found a new home.

          But still — there’s humor value in that (supposedly) Finnish professional wrestler guy who looks like T.J. Miller playing Erlich Bachmann on Silicon Valley, and is utterly unaware of the degree to which he is a self-parody. The real beauty part is where he has his wife audit the comments on his articles and scold anyone whose remarks she considers uncomplimentary or those that she just cannot understand. It’s not worth putting up with any of the other bullshit on the site, but the unintentional humor is classic.

      3. Just read the thread below. Haha – all these guys got banned and somehow I got missed? Guess I’m not trying hard enough.

      1. That’s because it didn’t have any reference to pimp-slapping bitches, so likely the rare example of something that’s not actually a Ghandi quote.

  5. Your article is spot on Jak. I remember having this exact conversation with Lolknee some time back. Focus on what you can control first (yourself) and that influence will naturally radiate into larger and larger spheres. Getting hung up on talk radio when you are a mess yourself does nobody any good.

  6. “Every action you make, every decision, has a direct and immediate impact on your very life and future. There is no escaping it. Sloth, gluttony, honesty, deceit, discipline, hard work – each action reinforces itself and molds who are you and who you will become.”

    THIS is a very important point:
    Each day is a microcosm of your life. And the thousands of choices you make throughout the day reveal what’s REALLY important to you. With every option do you choose Risk? Comfort? Kindness? Malice? Discipline? Deception? This in turn informs your influence on those around you

    It can be a very sobering exercise to honestly analyze this.

    Solid article, Mr. Jak.

  7. The core of this article can be expressed in the old debate Determinism vs Free Will. Do we have real choices and can pursue our own will and desires or we don’t have any real choices and our actions are simply useless because the final result will be the same no matter what we choose?

    My personal opinion about is somehow mixed: we have Free Will, to some extent, but there are certain things that will happen, no matter what our choices are. This is the old concept of Wyrd, our own personal Fate.

                1. No joke, we had these two rabbit cages with 1/2″ mesh. One night, there was a windstorm that blew them over so the cages where touching, but intact. Within a month, we had bunnies. Only way that could happen is the buck stuck his business through and the doe backed up to make contact.

                  1. I hope my wife lets me push our cages together some night. It’s rare when we get a wind storm hard enough to do it naturally.

    1. Not having free will in certain matters can be construed as a positive thing too.

      Watched a documentary called “Mount St. Elias”. Guy goes up a dangerous mountain to ski down. Gets asked why he does such risky things etc. And he’s like “Wenn er mich will, holt er mich.” Translated: “If he wants me, he’ll come get me.” Referring to the “Sensenmann” I think, personified death.

      If some “higher power” wants you dead, there’s nothing you can do about it anyway. Think of “Final Destination”, those movies are exaggerated, but there’s a core of truth there.

      I found that statement kinda liberating.

      1. I rest on my Gaelic forebearers fatalism.

        You have your day of death written in the book of fate. Not one thing you can do to hasten or delay that day.

        That, to me, is liberating.

    2. I agree that it is a mix. I often analogize it to a car trip where you know the starting point, and the ultimate destination and a few intermediate ones are fixed, but beyond that you are free to pick your own route to each destination.

      1. No man. I really like the site and try to stay positive. I have nothing do to whatsoever with the bans and don’t know why it happened apart from the comment policy thing. I only write and comment.

        1. hmmmm sounds like you are getting paid more than I am…this seems unfair 🙂
          It’s ok Adams. We are all paid shills here, didn’t ya know. If you didn’t, you’re banned. You will still be paid though. We are really poor business men here.

            1. Nnonononononononoooooooo we are all paid shills….well except for @disqus_tj7gjZttfg:disqus but that’s just cause he suks

                1. did you say annually or anally? Because it is the IRS that gives it to me anally every year, not the FBI.

                1. For the last time, while we appreciate your shilling for us, the quality of shillers we employ is above your current abilities. Please check again in a few years when you get some more experience under your belt.

                    1. too easy

                      EDIT: even though too easy ill take it anyway.

                      If you don’t suck how can you expect bem to fire one your way.

                      I’m shameless

              1. I gotta blame the humans here. If a human is anywhere near a fucking hippo and it isn’t a zoo then they are in the wrong place.

                1. Exaclty.
                  Guy gets eaten by a shark SCUBA diving? Fukkim. He knew the risks
                  Guy gets eaten by a shark in his office? OK now that’s a tragedy.

                  1. correct… @charlesrevan:disqus is right too. Sorry, if you are in striking distance of an animal that can kill you and it does I say fuck you, that’s natures way of sorting shit out.

  8. Anyone who thinks they can’t make a difference needs to reconsider. One man, one family can have a significant impact if they try. When we still lived in Virginia, the dept. of Social(ist) Services was harassing home school families. We were members of the Home School Legal Defense Association. I had been involved in the tax honesty movement and learned a thing or two about implementing regulations. When I questioned whether or not DSS had any implementing regulations for what they were doing, my wife got on the phone to HSLDA and asked them. Lo and behold, the DSS had never promulgated any regulations to implement the law. They were operating under color of law. So DSS quietly slithered off to the Shenandoah Valley to write regulations without the requisite public input. We contacted the governor’s office to look into this and provided a petition with over 15,000 signatures. Before it was over, the governor’s office wanted to know “who these people are”. It shook them up.

  9. New to this site, still frequent ROK. I read the introduction and see that it is a red pill site with the focus on married men. But I think a lot of the articles here apply to non-married men as well and are very useful. Great work! Will definitely be coming here more often.

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