Shut Down The World For Dinner


Our world gets more atomized and distracted every day.  Everyone is too busy being “entertained” with all of this nonsense to really appreciate and understand human interaction.  In speaking back and forth with some of the commenters here, the topic of getting together as a family for dinner came up. I thought about it deeper and realized that people are so wrapped up in things that don’t matter that they let their real life interactions slip.  Today, I’ll share what I do with my family and the benefits I’ve seen from creating time to just be together.

Despite my busy life, I’ve made sitting down as a family for dinner a must in my home.  The TV goes off, all devices away/off, and we sit there eating a home cooked meal every night.  Each of us talks about our day, things that we have coming up, and even a little humor/fun.  If you aren’t doing this, I highly recommend you start because it is one of the best parts of my day.  If your wife can’t be there to cook a meal in time every day, I recommend a slow cooker.  We use ours 4 to 5 times a week and make a ton of delicious dishes.

More important than the actual meal and media shut down is the interaction we’re having.  In an age where you can be surrounded by tons of people every day, yet not have a single interaction with them, things like the dinner I described just feel good. It got me thinking about other things I’ve done with the family that stuck out in my mind, because we were interacting and doing something that actually mattered.  Even people living in the same house can just drift by each other, never really interacting just inhabiting the same house.

Put Them to Work

One thing I do to build our family bonding is get everyone involved in our garden/animal raising.  It isn’t easy, but that’s kind of the point.  Kids today have it too easy, and I’m a firm believer that instant gratification is toxic to children, as they’ll grow to always expect it.  Also, just taking your kids somewhere isn’t creating a lasting bond.  Carting them off to the arcade or to a movie is just entertaining them.  Our goal is to create an experience with their participation and responsibility.

Last year I had been raising quail for eggs/meat.  I had the kids in the garden picking weeds while the wife and I cleaned out the coop.  It was mid-August and above 90 degrees.  Sure, it was hot outside, and cleaning up quail shit isn’t the most fun, but we were all out there accomplishing a goal together, and the eggs, meat, and vegetables we got in return provided not only a sense of accomplishment, but further solidified us as a unit.  One thing that struck me was how level headed the kids were when we were butchering the quail.  I did the business of the actual kill, but my wife and kids were more than capable of removing skin/feathers, organs, and prepping them for the freezer.

This experience for them was to teach that food doesn’t just come from the store, and a sacrifice has to be made for us to eat.  Being born in a city, this is something I never got to experience as a kid.   Activities like this are good for everyone involved.

One on One

A final topic I’ll touch on is doing things with your kids one on one.  A King’s Castle contributer and commenter “JumpnJive” brought this up in my last article.  If you have an only child or multiple, spend time with them one on one.  I’ll take my ten year old son with me for “manly” things like yard work, fixing/washing the car, even a classic game of catch.  Hes really staring to develop his own sense of his masculinity each day, and I see him growing into an even better version of myself.  The conversations we’re starting to have are ones that seemed so far away when he was in diapers.

I only have one daughter, and I make time to plan activities with her too but its more playing than anything.  Board games (yes kids still use those I was shocked as well), crafts (which can be really cool with a daughter), and the like are all things you can do.

Once more, its not the activity itself, but the chance to really connect with your kids and start to understand their personalities.   Equally important, your kids get to get a better understanding of who dad is.


My last article   touched on things to do with just your wife so you two can feel like a couple again.  This was the next logical step for me as a writer because what you do with your family is important.  Any asshole can buy his kids a bunch of iPads and send them on their way.  Creating experiences, and actually passing on something meaningful is second to none.

Family dinner at the table is a must that all of you should be doing already.  Turn off all that distraction and just enjoy the company of the people around you.  Get engaged in fun, recreational but purposeful activities that teach them how to be self sufficient and self reliant.  Finally, spend time with each of your children one on one.  Both of you will gain insights about each other that you otherwise couldn’t with the whole family around.    I typically don’t end with a quote, but I found it quite relevant.

All great change in America begins at the dinner table-Reagan

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. Excellent article Jynx, the one on one time is something I need to improve on. With six, it can be quite a challenge finding alone time (along with the wife) the kids crave it. 5 minutes here or there is about all I can do until someone else barges in demanding attention. Every now and then I will take one out for a treat.

    1. Board games. Make it a family habit once a week that the whole family needs to partake in. Yeah, playing Monopoly isn’t my idea of a great time, but the family is together and talking inbetween rolling the dice and the kids take the memories with them.

        1. O man…..
          I got this for my 7th birthday! Don’t remember ever playing it, just messing with all the Rube Goldberd gadgetry!

            1. I had one of those but I never once understood what the fuck I was supposed to do with it to make the outcome of the “game” anything but an experiment in Chaos Theory.

                1. Ah, well great then, it appears that I experienced the game fully! Fantastic to know after all these years, lol.

            2. FUK YEAH!!!!!!
              I think that was Christmas 1980.

              Whats not to love? endless annoying noise, millions of pieces, the specter of electrocution?

              1. I am fairly sure that that game is better than pretty much anything the NFL has put out since Jumbo Elliot and Refrigerator Perry bumped uglies. 80 sounds about right but yeah, I remember sitting on the floor in front of the tree with the wrapping paper on the floor and my cousins jockeying for who has next and the annoying noise and drunken aunts and uncles wondering why they didn’t research this more

          1. Serious question to all commenters – do you know ANYONE who ever actually played the game mousetrap? Everyone I knew, including me, had it. But it was always put the thing together and set it off a couple of times then put it away. I don’t ever in my life remember actually playing that game or knowing anyone who did.

            1. I think my sister and I finsihed a game once, but I don’t recall the objective. Most of the time we would set it up and set it off.

          1. my grandparents had Perfection. They played it once, both died of a heart attack at the same time

      1. We do this activity put together by the church called “family home evening” basically a mini church service. I take the lead and We rotate through responsibilities like song prayer lesson activity closing prayer testimony and treat. Kids love it and we teach some principle that evening

        1. I’ve noticed this too. That whole hand spinner fad and the board game resurgance is saying to me that kids/people are starting to move (slowly) away from all this constant YOUR FACE MUST BE IN A SCREEN! bullshit. I love playing board games with the kids.

          1. A couple years ago we had our nephews down for new years. We were up until like 3am playing Smallworld and Carcasonne. Had a rip!
            Mind you they were 15/16 at the time and NOT ONCE did they diddle with their phones!

        2. card game like UNO too…nothing more satisfying that having someone in the middle of a “reverse-draw 4” sandwich…guy will hold half the deck in a matter of seconds hahaha

                1. that kids cereal was created by someone who hated kids. only cereal in the world that gave you a bloody mouth

                  1. I never was much on sugary cereal but if I was I still wouldn’t eat THAT one. I am no Navy man but I take the issue of stolen valor seriously and falsifying your rank for commercial purposes is no laughing matter.

            1. best time to scream, and I mean SCREAM… YAHTZEE is in a crowded bar of people watching jeopardy and taking it way too seriously.

      2. When I was a kid and we used to go on vacation, there was a no TV rule for the whole week, and so board games were the entertainment after dinner. I have many fond memories of this, particularly because my dad was ruthlessly competitive and would shit talk and rub our faces in it (in a real, but good natured way) when he won. His thing was, if you want to win, beat me. Thus, any victory was very satisfying. So many good times. But as I have looked back on it, I also realize that he was teaching me a very valuable life lesson the whole time, which I just internalized – don’t expect success to be handed to you, if you want to win, win.

        1. “ dad was ruthlessly competitive and would shit talk and rub our faces in it .. when he won.”

          Same. You just described the family time playing Risk with the old man.

          Fast forward a decade later and on the occassional weekend I would visit and end up playing a WWII game called Axis-and-Allies with him into the wee hours of the morning. Outbursts like “Stalingrad is mine bitch!” awoke the family on more than one occassion.

          1. Axis and Allies! Yes! Loved that game. Also did a whole lot of Squad Leader with (I think) almost all of its expansion packs.

                1. A quck one:
                  A former RAF fighter pilot, from Eire, was asked to give a speech at a girls school
                  in Scotland back in the 50s. After he was introduced he spoke about a particular engagement with the Luftwaffe.
                  “T’ere was dis focker to the right of me. A focker to the left of me and wouldn’t
                  you know… 2 fockers behind me as well.” The head mistress in a panic jumped up and ran to the mic, “Just so you young ladies understand, a Focker is a type of German aircraft.”

                  Mick pilot, “What you say is true ma’am, but dese fockers were Messerschmitts.”

            1. Nope, but I knew a few people who lived through it. LOL.

              I did hear of Squad Leader and some other RPGs, but outside of the Milton Bradley classics, chess and D&D, I didn’t get around to knowing them.

            2. Yeah, they were right bastards they were. Always going on about gassing the Jews and cleansing Europe. Came to a bitter defeat though, thankfully.

          2. I had quite a few all nighters playing Axis and Allies in college. Nice occasional break from the bar scene.

      3. It’s funny, weekly board-games was the beginning of the end for my family. Eventually it evolved to the point where no more than 2 of us could be in a room at the same time without hell breaking out.

    2. Those “every now and then” times will still make very big impressions on your kids. I was one of five kids, and I only had a few things like that with my dad, but I remember every single one of them.

      EDIT: Meant to add, because of that, those interactions can be very useful to impart life lessons that you want them to really take note of.

    1. To make fancy schmancy fountain pens out of their feathers, of course.
      Pff, what sort of question is that cheeseman?

          1. pigeon is freaking delicious when it is raised properly. They know how to make some seriously good pigeon in the south o france.

              1. youve eaten pigeon, but never a roast port/brocoli rabe/sharp provolone sammich from Tony Luke’s…the mind boggles(BOGGLE! another board game)

                    1. great vibe at the shows…now that i think of it, only shows Ive ever been to where the women flirted with me…its that “safe space” broads are looking for

              2. well a couple of things…I actually really, really, really like game so I was predisposed to enjoy it in the first place. Second of all, I had it with this really awesome plum sauce and there was honey and crispiness involved and third of all I was drinking calvados (fancy apple jack) as if the Nazis were coming in and we had to finish it all.

                1. I gave a new fancy foodie restaurant a shot. I thought: pigeon? how novel. why not? My review would read:
                  “chef needs to learn to develop cuisine beyond the ‘gimmick’ stage…”

                  1. you don’t get to do eddie van halen finger tapping before you learn how to play free bird

                    1. I thought Stairway To Heaven was the mandatory song of choice here?

                    2. Oh come now, we both know that every guy our age, as a teenager, made that song the first one that he tried to learn to play and eventually made it far enough to get to a really crappy mediocre facsimile of the first thirty seconds before giving up. There’s a reason why Wayne’s World had a “No Stairway To Heaven” sign in the guitar shop in their town, heh.

                    3. I know, but the talent was there, even if you weren’t fond of how it was employed. Which I can understand of course, just noting that STH was like THE song to learn for every guy I knew who picked up a guitar.

                    4. That is nearly the entire starting lineup that every guy went through, although ordered differently depending on the individual. Also in the mix was Ironman.

                    5. I honestly thought about editing my post and adding that, but wanted to leave that opportunity to somebody else.

                    6. And “Smoke on the Water”, because it’s got an easy progression.

                      Honestly, there were a couple of others that I tried but gave up on when I was getting started. The only one that I can now play with any degree of success is “More than a Feeling.”

                      If I don’t plug in my amp and turn the track up loud, I can almost pretend I’m good at the guitar.

                    7. No doubt the talent was there. Just not my sound and Robert plants voice irritates the fuck out of me. I’m the wierdo in this one I know but some shit ya just don’t like

                    8. Right, I know, we’ve discussed this. My comment was in the context of the #1 song guys our age usually defaulted to, not our particular taste in music.

                    9. I actually do the ole “whats that” an then the nose flip in really adult situations like at funerals, meetings….it’s one of my things. My whole family knows that if something gets way too serious I will point out a spot on someones shirt. Funny thing is, adults never expect it.

                    10. I’m a fan of looking over finished presentation materials, especially if they are expensive boards or thousands of copies, looking closely and asking “is that how you spell airport?” or something.
                      Lotta laughs.

              3. Are your saying that covering pigeon in green peppers and Cheez Wizz is not he correct method of preparation?

                1. we had a pop-up restaurant over here a few weeks ago.- everything on the menu was “Cheetos-inspired”. of course, the restaurant was sponsored by Cheetos

              1. haha, actually when farm raised and properly fattened on good food they taste, as you might imagine, similar to quail.

            1. If you like French food so much, I got a bunch of slugs in my yard that I’ve been trying to get rid of…close enough to escargot, right? Come on down and you can have as many as you can find for free.

              1. sea snails and they are amazing. I eat them frequently. You can’t get them near you you need to go to civilization for them

                1. I’m pretty sure that the definition of civilization, by default, excludes eating slimy grotesque little snails.

                    1. I know it doesn’t include eating things whose sole occupation is exuding slime, by choice and not in a survival situation.

                    2. Once again GOJ enlightens the world on Ohio cuisine in case someone was fool enough to think the French knew what they were doing.

                    3. I’ve studied the French. That’s not an effective counter point. Heh.

                      Just saying, if you’re voluntarily eating bags of literal slime, and it’s not because a thermonuclear war wiped out all other food sources, you’re probably not living in a civilized place.

                    4. Never tried a dried locust, but I would…who knows. I love escargot. Could eat every day

                    1. Say what you will, but at least he’s socially secure and a happy miser.

            2. I tried pigeon for the first time about six months ago. If what you say is true, the one I ate was not raised properly. I would guess this pigeons parents never set boundaries or taught him proper table etiquette, like tasting good when served for dinner.

                1. I would try it again, though. Mine was cooked by the Chinese, not the French. The standards for what is consumable between these two groups are aligned to a surprising degree, however, their standards of preparation and quality are considerably distant.

  2. Thats awesome to hear about you raising and butchering quail. Do you ever plant them in a field and hunt them? Also, how many quail eggs does it take to make an omelette?

    1. Never hunted them, I raised coturnix quail. The eggs are more “fluffy” and rich than chicken eggs and about 2-3 of them equal a small chickens egg. I found it best to mix chicken and quail eggs together. They are small, but he meat is delicious.

      1. Can you find them locally at a farm supply type store or did you have to send out for them?

        I can remember the first I cleaned a chukar and thinking how much work this is all for a chicken nugget. It’s a pretty satisfying feeling though once it’s cooked and on the table though.

        1. I ordered eggs from a farm that sells them on ebay. Incubated them ourselves and then moved them to the coop when ready. The best was when we had a fresh butcher, then the last 6 went from alive, to on the grill in about 5 minutes.

    1. Family-haver! Sounds like something a SJW would think is a clever insult to shout at people they perceive as regressive.

      1. No shit, in my part of our fucked up country, they refer to us as “breeders”.

        I chuckle at it. That’s right, breeding you right out of the gene pool, bitch!

      2. Yeah, the current word they use is “breeder” which is said with unveiled contempt. Because if you have kids, that makes you inferior. Much better to live a sterile existence engaging in freakishly grotesque and unnatural sex acts punctuated by extreme interpersonal violence, than to “breed” like common animals.

        I fucking really hate the political type faggots. Hate them.

        1. Unless they are in positions of authority, most faggots are harmless to others and far off the peripheral of most people The feminists are the ones I despise the most.

          1. Yeah, that’s why I went with “political”. The day to day fudge packer doesn’t even ping on my radar and I’m live and let live about it. Could even be friends of a sort with that kind. It’s the “political” ones, the kind that make it a point to rub your nose in their stinky flacid anuses with their posturing, deriding, belittling and constant sniping, that get my ire. Fuck them, and I don’t mean literally (Hitler).

            1. I give those types no time or acknowledgement of existance. They are already in the grave (due to AIDs).

              The fem-bots tend to inhibit public spaces (aka. Schools) and tend to mistake their positions with authority they do not have.

            2. This is my biggest thing with these fags too. I couldn’t honestly give two shits where you want to stick your pecker. But don’t shove that shit in my face and demand that I smile and praise it. When my buddy tells me he picks his nose and eats it, I tell him he’s a disgusting revolting faggot. When a fag tells me he likes to plow hairy man ass, I tell him he’s a disgusting revolting faggot. I’m not holding pride parades where I ride on a float down main street with strippers jerking me off to the National Anthem asking people to stand in awe of my heterosexuality. Fuck off with this insistence that I have to do the same for your degeneracy.

              1. ” I’m not holding pride parades where I ride on a float down main street
                with strippers jerking me off to the National Anthem asking people to
                stand in awe of my heterosexuality.”

                (calling the mayor with a Great Idea….)

                1. Well, if there is a possibility of this actually happening, let me know, because I can make it even better.

          2. any liberal with a chip on their shoulder is like that. Hating all gays would be akin to hating all women. If 5% of women are the feminists who I hate, probably around 5% of the gays are the rainbow paraders who I hate. A small portion of a small portion is rare.

            1. And there’s a lot of crossover to consider with those numbers too, those same feminists (not even necessary lesbians) are the loud, mouthy types propping up the obnoxious gay agenda in lieu of the quiet mind-their-own-business types.

            2. Agreed. Of course for the small minority that fit the bill, when the opportunity arises, I do enjoy mocking them with derision.

        2. I see this terminology has escaped my quiet corner of libfagtopia.

          I hate these people, but this particular language amuses me. Because yes, fat, blue haired, bitch, your pointless cubicle existence will be remembered 100 years from now in the world my many descendants inherit. LOL. Will there even be anyone to pay for your lonely tombstone?

          1. That’s odd, I was under the impression that it’s universal. Maybe it’s slang in farm states or something (which I guess would make sense, it’s how we refer to certain livestock)?

            1. Honestly, I don’t know. But I never heard anyone who had a family referred to derisively, period, until I moved to a fagtopolis. Maybe it originated out there and was imported by transplants. Who knows. I hear a lot less of that shit when I escape the urban shithole – no offense meant to Hippolol.

            1. Yeah, I notice an attitude shift when I go visit family in Oregon, We tow the six kids into a grocery story (cause you can’t leave them out in the parking lot anymore, God forbid) and you see so many more looks disgust or a comment like “Boy, you sure have your hands full!” Here in Utah, if we are together as a family most of the comments are positive. You have these doting grandmas comment on the baby, or they will talk with the little kids.

              1. Sorry about the Oregon experience. I find people here skew toward the busybody + passive-aggressive. Guessing your family must be close to Portland or Salem (Bernie Sanders strongholds, as it happens). Outside of those areas, the state gets more normal.

                1. Yeah, when we are passing though there especially. Ashland area is bad. I come from NE Oregon, and it isn’t like that there.

                  1. Ashland area is bad.

                    That is somewhat unexpected to hear. Might be the north-bound migrants who drop their bags at the first medium sized city.

        3. Isn’t there some thing they have about spreading aids as a substitute for impregnation as well?
          Just a passing glance at something to that effect one time, but if true really reaffirms my belief that mental imbalance is the root.

  3. Fuckin-A. 100% bullseye. I endorse all of this fully and do the same with my kids.

    I will make one suggestion for those who want something to do to relax as a family, especially if you do not have lots of money – go to a park. All across our country are an incredible collection of national, state and municipal parks. And they are literally brimming with free entertainment, especially for kids, and ESPECIALLY for city kids who need the chance to get out into nature.

    My kids love going down to the river and rock hopping. They will do this for hours. The cost is the gas to get there and back. I pack a couple of snacks and a couple of bottles of water. It’s an entire day’s worth of relaxing, fun, quality time with the family that is basically free. And when they are older, your kids won’t give a fuck about every new version of the I-pad you bought them, but they will never forget the time they fell in the river, or climbed a small cliff, or swam out a short distance to an island with their dad. You can’t beat it!

      1. I’d take my kids to the park, but they’d always find their way back.

              1. Lol! Who knew survival skills would come back to bite me in the ass? Right?

        1. tell her if she wins alimony and child support that you will disappear off the face of the Earth forever.

        2. I think this is one of this site’s main focuses. You have a good marriage, and you don’t have to worry about it.

          1. until her friends (some of whom are extremely jealous and love to cause strife) fill her head with garbage, such as:
            “You can do better hun”
            “Why do you let him walk all over you”
            “Women should be showered with attention and gifts”

            1. Eh, that’s manageable. The trick is to marry a woman who is not an absolute blithering idiot and who doesn’t engage in that kind of talk nor want to. They’re out there. But you’re not going to find them in bars or clubs, that’s for certain.

              1. Continual reinforcement as well. Throw away TV, read good literature etc. If you do that, she will choose good friends, or at least have enough sense not to listen to them.

              2. It is harder to find that wise woman these days and it’s nice to hear that you guys have been successful. I can only speak from what I’ve seen. I have a vendor at work, owns his own exhaust manufacturing and heat wrap business. 3 kids, 2 of which are girls in high school. He works out, looks good, by all accounts, head of household and patriarch. He does travel quite a bit. The wife (46 year old) started fucking younger guys because her friends started doing it. She asked the younger guy to marry her. The 30 year old ran faster than OJ Simpson in Ford Bronco. She now regrets her decision and her daughters hate her.

                1. And thus, justice was served. Hate bitches like that.

                  Marriages even with great women can break up for weird reasons, but marrying one out the gate that you know loves “girl chat” in a way that cuts down on the man in her life is pretty awful. Usually this is one of the first slips of real personality a girl will show, usually marked by a sudden treating the guy she’s with like he’s somewhat incompetent about something, or talking as if she’s the lead in the relationships when you’re out with friends. Correct it or eject, but never tolerate it.

                  1. That is one thing I didn’t like so much about ROK, I found myself listening to the constant negativity more than I should and thinking my wife has the traits of the modern feminist. While there are some things to AWALT, not all things are applicable.

                    1. I’m having a hard time too trying not to be jaded from my bad marriage (I had a virgin bride who became a career cunt) . ROK just amplifies the anger.

                    2. you at least EARNED a right to be a little cynical. A lot of these whiners on ROK never bother to even take a shot.

                    3. I am a firm believer that careers should not be for married women. Maybe a part time job if ALL the kids are in school during the day. But their first responsibility is to their home. Farming kids off to daycare in order to keep up with the Jones’s has hurt society in so many ways. We see houses getting bigger, and more electronics in those houses, yet satisfaction in marriage is way down.

                      My wife never worked a day (outside of raising kids) since we married. Sure, at an engineer’s salary, we are still making less than the typical two income household, but she works full time between cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, and minor repairs. I come home and food is being prepared, the kids are doing their thing, and such. Those traditional roles exist for a reason, they work.

                    4. Mine (ex wife) is an attorney. I encouraged her to be educated and she is a good lawyer. We had a son right after she finished her J.D. She wanted it all . I did what I could to make things work even moving my mother in to help raise our son. She enjoyed the power of moving up in a corporate law firm and she brought that killer-ladder-climbing behavior into the home where it became intolerable; to the point that she wouldn’t shut up even after I threw a right hook into her face. Then I started cheating to get female attention and affection. After a few years of that, I became complacent and was caught. That was the moment that I new the contract we made with God had to be terminated.

                    5. “to the point that she wouldn’t shut up even after I threw a right hook into her face”

                      o man that’s a keeper!!!!
                      Not an unfamiliar tale I’m afraid. Sorry you got GOT.

                    6. the only woman I have ever hit… it got THAT BAD… I blame myself as well. I should have set the standard . I had assumed she was from a decent family and would be respectful and decent. Boy was I wrong !

                    7. Lots of guys don’t get this. The “well you should have chose better!” thing comes from the type who have never actually been in a LTR I think most of the time. You can find the perfect woman from the perfect background who has the perfect set of morals (and titties) but you can’t change what she may “evolve” into later, especially if you enter into the relationship kinda blue pilled and “I support your dreams baby, I really do” (ugh). Without a firm hand at the beginning that little diamond will break down into nasty coal in a heartbeat.

                    8. The biggest lie of our youth that was repeated by our family members, teachers and public at large. Unfogiveable.

                    9. My dick was always telling me how perfect the latest DD blonde on my arm was. For a while, you can’t help but take his word for it, because he’s your buddy who never fails you, right? Yeah, then your thirties hit and the fog clears and you see the world entirely for what it is.

                    10. That is true. Lots of men assume their wives are never going to change. Just how wrong these guys are…
                      Most ladies are ever-changing creatures.
                      As the old-wisdom said – “It takes a whole village to take a women monogamous.” Ideally you should marry someone from a decent family that upheld decent moral values. Even so, you have to ensure you keep her under control. If you don’t do that, your marriage is bound to fail.

                    11. And sometimes even then, it can fail. There’s really no assurances of anything in life, which I think bothers people so much that they throw in the towel without trying. Nothing is guaranteed, not even a sunrise tomorrow, not even our solar system existing next week. Everything is in flux. Giving up without trying is a non-survival trait no matter how you cut it. Fortunately in this case, interpersonal relations with women and family, it weeds itself out through attrition.

                    12. What it is doing is inserting a social experiment into your home. For millennia, women developed this desire to have a husband who is the breadwinner. If she is the one who earns more, she will develop disgust for her husband, even if it is unfounded. A guy can be happy with a decent looking girl from a far lower social status so long as she is morally clean. Not so with a woman. They will be unhappy unless they feel they are marrying into a higher social status.

                    13. It is not just women who earn a lot of money working.
                      The welfare system in a few countries (USA, UK, Sweden) actually enables single mother to live off welfare comfortably, without relying on a man’s income. Most women will always go for the easier solution. If it is living of the nanny-state…well, most women will just do that. Contrary to popular belief, this affects first-generation immigrants, too. I know a few men from Pakistan. Somalia, Albania…they brought wives from their home countries, assuming they could still find traditional women there…only to be shocked when their wives changed after arriving to the UK. They wives divorced them after 6-12 months. Most of those women turned into welfare-leeching single mothers. No women is immune to damaging influences from the outside world.
                      The unjust welfare system pretty much destroyed the family structure in the UK, for instance. I believe the US, Canada and Sweden are not far behind.

                    14. I met a WHITE girl at a bar who told me Muslims are hot all because her friend married one. It’s taboo, so now that will be a trend.

                    15. I just have a hard time believing a lot of German men are that weak . I work with an engine company called MTU. Two of the 4 guys have a handshake that felt like a vise squeezing my hand

                    16. I admit I don’t get out that much, and when I do, I don’t tend to pay a lot of attention, so I may have the wrong idea. I’ll try and take note of such things in the coming days.

                    17. Maybe there in Germany, I hear the feminist mantra has done a pretty thorough job in de-nutting most of western Europe.

                    18. Ladder climbing career women are THE WORST for marriage material. I *loathe* that archetype. If a woman is working but really doesn’t like it and would like nothing better than to be a stay at home mom, then that’s fine, but the power pantsuit climbers are absolutely worthless. Not just in the home, but in the relationship, with the kids and with the sex. Just utter cunts.

                    19. was thin, young, and feminine when we met, now looks sickly and slightly overweight with a Napoleon Complex.

                    20. Not to mention worthless in the workforce. Backbiting, scrambling for power, using white knights as their crutch, whining.

                    21. Yes, I actually forgot to say that, dang it. That’s absolutely correct. They are the definition of an utter waste of oxygen. A totally destroyed female inside and out. To hell with that type.

                    22. …money hungry and consumerist as well. She couldn’t collect enough $2000 purses and shoes. She took on clients such as cocaine dealers and gangsters in order to make more money. It’s quite the surprise when a tatted up MS-13 family shows up at your house for a consultation trying to avoid prison time for trafficking and attempted murder.

                    23. Stereotype, I know…however, ideally you should not marry a woman with a degree in Law, nevermind a practicing lawyer.

                    24. that night she had the phone behind her back with 911 on the speed dial…Unbeknownst to me she was inciting me to do it in order to get me arrested. I didn’t notice the phone behind her back The cops showed up and forced me to leave my own house in front of our son.

                    25. I’ve seen that scenario a few times. Sorry for your trouble.

                      OT: I know of a young woman (daughter of an old family friend) who fits your ex-wifes discription. I understand she got involved with one her “clients” and is now in hiding.

                    26. They have been indoctrinated their whole life and bought it completely. They see themselves as accomplishing great things I see them as shirking their duties for selfish reasons. It would be no different if I quit my job to stay home with the kids.

                    27. AWALT was stretched WAY beyond it’s actual intended meaning I think. I think it applies with regard to girl’s biological nature if *left feral* but is and has always been manageable by things like strong families with fathers, patriarchy, a high morals type society, etc. Sure it’s always there underneath, but then, so is a man’s underlying urge towards wanting to kill things (as in, being able to go from a nice guy at a barbecue to a ravaging killer in less than 2 seconds in certain situations of self defense, etc). Lots of guys used it as a blanket statement meaning “all girls are in fact sluts in the real sense, all girls are sleeping around, all girls hate you, etc” when in fact, no, that’s not the case at all, it was just them taking the word and using it to smear a class of human beings who, more likely than not, did not wish to associate with them.

                    28. It is good to see a sensible , yet positive comment here.
                      Too much negativity was one of the reasons I stopped reading Return of Kings a few months ago. (Never commented on that site).
                      It is great to see most sensible commenters found their way to this site anyway.

                    29. The bad thing is, it shouldn’t really be the anti-ROK at all, but standards have really slipped and way too many MGTOW basement incels got hold of the helm over there.

                    30. If I am correct, you used to be one of the main commenters on that site.
                      What is the story behind this mass exodus? Did people get tired of ROK or did they get simply banned?

                    31. Yes, I was. The ban caught me entirely off guard, the day it happened I’d made like maybe five posts and all of them were on topic, clean language, on point and what I hoped was helpful. Roosh was a snide little bitch about it in email to me, throwing essentially utterly fabricated lies to justify the ban.

                      I really have no fucking clue what the actual story is, we can only speculate. He managed to ban John Galt who is one of the straight and narrow commentors who routinely makes quality posts. I mean if you can ban him, you’ve clearly gone loopy and cannot be helped.

                    32. I re-visited ROK today and Roosh is now commenting on all the articles. I think you were taking the spotlight away from him; he may be a male attention whore in disguise.

                    33. That’s what happened. Strange. I take a break and look what happens.

                      Well if ROK has gone to shit and this place is for fellows wanting families who are not past their shelf lives then I have no home. Yeah I was “too smart” and never had kids. Adapting and overcoming is not always the best thing.

                      Fading into darkness now. Call me when it’s time to start throwing fucks out of helicopters.

                    34. I think he was being self-deprecating, which is interesting, because there’s no biological expiration on the male capacity to produce children. Of course, I wouldn’t want to raise a child in my 60s or 70s, if that were the case.

                    35. some feminist tried to tell me that DNA fragmentation (whatever that means) occurs in men. According to the US government that is inconclusive and men over 50 may experience weak sperm. Who wants kids after 50 anyways ?

                    36. I understand why people go MGTOW, but that doesn’t mean I sympathize with them. Personally, I feel like most MGTOWs suffer from their own deficiencies that helped them get in the position they’re in, and instead of fixing or facing their problems, they just quit.

                    37. I can understand MGTOW to a point, but if it’s not working for you where you are, go to where it does work for you. Just giving up and being basically being a priest without the fancy robes sounds defeatist to me. I don’t think it’s a healthy attitude. How many other things do we try in life that are hard? Giving up doesn’t make it go away nor does it solve any problem at all.

                    38. Bro, I’ve got this special juice, makes your dick grow 20 inches, and makes you sweat pheromones that cause bitches (only 8s and above) to rape you in public. Writing my sponsored post write now.

                    39. Even all the game writers were starting to be vague about what it takes to pull 9s. The pornstar I am paying once in a while for sex had a long time boyfriend who is a scrawny/skinny drug dealer. He was dumb enough to also be the emotional tampon while she was getting railed by male pornstars. Explain that in “game” terms.

                    40. ^ this. I make jokes about being married sometimes but, I still wouldn’t trade her for anything…… well ,except for a richer one.

                    41. Thank you for saying that Jim – I felt the exact same way. It was becoming increasingly negative over there. I found myself on many occasions, reading some of those articles and just shaking my head. I would get up from the computer, walk in the kitchen and we would start to make dinner together… I would look at my wife and think: “this woman is nothing like that.” I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced 95% of that AWALT crap in my marriage (I’ve definitely seen it in other people’s relationships, but not mine). Maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones?… Who knows – I don’t know, and I don’t care to know, but I like it over here much more!

      1. If you are the king it doesn’t have to last, send her to the guillotine and pick out a new one.

  4. Outstanding. Sit down family meals is something your kids will remember and learn from forever. When they are grown and and they will still talk about the discussions you had at the table.

    Quail are some good eating too and the roosters don’t crow all freaking night.

    1. As a kid, we had family dinners (four kids), then when I was 10 or so, I suspect they thought we were clean enough that we do away with that. They bought a big screen TV and let us sit on the couch to watch TV. If I were to do it all over again, I would have continued to drop food on the floor until I was 18.

        1. Agreed. It was more of a fun project than anything I’d take to a massive scale. Where I live sucks right now so quail was the only options. Im moving within the next year to a plot of land I can have all the chickens I want so I’ll be raising them

          1. We have a 16′ square pen for chickens, if you get only hens, they are not noisy (and you dont crack open eggs with embryos either) My girls love tending the chickens and have them all named and can tell about their personalities. I can hardly tell them apart.

            1. My best piece of advice for this is do not buy chicks before clear gender differentiation. Had a fairly distant neighbor who bought a good number from a feed and seed and atleast 75% turned out rooster. Told the guy he could dispose/sell them or I’d let my dogs in his pen while he was at work. Ultimately I bought him a bottle of scotch and never heard a rooster again.

  5. Hang on. I have to scroll up. I keep forgetting this is the website where I do want to read the article before commenting.

      1. Funny thing about that. I was actually serious. I clicked the direct link to the comments from the main page out of habit.

    1. Preach it!

      Also when I read articles here, I never come away thinking: “Well. That was a depressing waste of time.”


  6. These days it seems like the only workable way is to live on some remote mountain somewhere without even so much as a TV in the house and if kids want social media they have to build their own HAM radio to do it. Have only one truck to get supplies with, and if the kids want a vehicle they get something they have to fix first.
    It’s the only way to be sure.
    The opposite of that is to simply look at what kind of person Tumblr produces.

    1. Given my kids, I’m going to suggest that a third possibility may exist here, good Doctor.

  7. I dont have kids yet, but me and my girl, we go for bike rides a lot, or a walk to a park. I find we have the best conversations while strolling or biking in the nature. And then you get back home energized, hungry, generally in a better mood. And re-watching that 1985 “Back to the Future” over a plate of a home-cooked meal feels so much better

              1. Portrait of Dorian Gray? Sure, it’s not bad. It was original for its time, and Oscar Wilde had a decent writing style.

        1. 1955: “President REAGAN?!?!?!? that’s ridiculous!!!”
          1985: “President TRUMP?!?!?!?! that’s ridiculous!!!”

  8. I didn’t realize how important the one on one time I spent with my son was until he was grown. I taught him a lot about various different things from hunting to auto mechanics, wood working and landscaping, just to name a few. I worked with him but also stepped back and let him do the work. I have seen him accomplish a lot. This year on father’s day when he came to visit we slaughtered a sheep and butchered it together. I couldn’t help but feel some pride in seeing this 30 year old man wield a knife like a pro. I think back on the times when he was young and struggling to clean a deer and I would tell him how to make the cuts. It truly was time well spent that neither of us will ever forget.

    1. You never forget those moments Boothe. It’s funny, the older I get, the more vivid certain memories become… Your post actually reminds me of my father – he passed away a few years ago, but the memories, they last forever. He was a chef and I learned so much from the times I spent (especially working) with him. I would go with him early Sunday mornings when the restaurant was closed… We would go to the Los Angeles fish market at 3AM and he would negotiate with the Japanese. We would meet with local farmers. We raised chicken, quail, pheasant, duck, literally everything. He taught me how to butcher, prep, cook – you name it. Such indelible impressions – I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  9. ” I’ll take my ten year old son with me for “manly” things like yard work, fixing/washing the car, even a classic game of catch.”

    Excellent advice.
    You sound like a good father.
    The alternative leads only to disaster.
    Trust me, I know.

    1. I presume that “OT” stands for ‘On Topic’, because lines like this:

      “Can you imagine some wussy barista with a degree in Transgender Mime pulling that off without vapor-locking […]”

      are ALWAYS relevant.

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