Public Notice: Next Kingstream on Thursday, September 21 2017

We will be having another Kingstream this Thursday, September 21 2017. I’ll post another reminder on Thursday and a post linking to the stream before it starts. As always, the stream can be replayed anytime after it has ended.

Just like the last stream, it will begin at the following times:

  • 9PM Eastern Time
  • 8PM Central Time
  • 7PM Mountain Time
  • 6PM Pacific Time

This week, both co-founders Jak and J Nyx will be on the stream, along with a special guest or two.

130 thoughts on “Public Notice: Next Kingstream on Thursday, September 21 2017”

  1. Ah, there you are. More and more people on ROK are wondering what’s happening to the comment section. Good to find this site. It feels like home.

    1. “More and more people on ROK are wondering what’s happening to the comment section.”
      it was transformed into an echo chamber for weak men who are afraid of girls and have no real ability to improve themselves so they just snip back and forth to each other about how unfair the world is. This was done by roosh getting rid of all the men and leaving only the sycophantic weaklings.

      1. I got to admit, there is something to be said about making fun of the blue haired feminists. Not very productive, but it is fun.

        1. A little fun is always good, but it does seem that ROK has become the sterotype that feminists want to project upon the entire manosphere….a bunch of overly sensitive cunts who need to jerk each other off to make themselves feel better about not being able to achieve anything real in the world in terms of self development, romance or personal goals. Eh, who knows. It’s a sinking ship, no need to toss a bucket of water on them. It is just sad that they are basically the same thing as feminists just on the other side. In the same way that many of the stormfronters are just black lives matters are just faggots are just feminists ROK seems to have jumped on in where, for a time at least, it seemed like a big tent where there were a little of everyone in a dialogue.

          1. ROK men want pornstars as future wives which is the equivalent of women wanting bad boys to be future husbands.

                1. There are plenty of hot American women at the hottest bars in large cities . I approach them and 99.9% of the time they turn me down with direct game . The important thing is to try and it is irrelevant if you get rejected by a slut or mother Theresa . Let it go .

                    1. I barely get laid with game. Of course I only have time to run game once per week. In between dating , I pay for it or rip off SA whores.

            1. I don’t think so, even the bottom-most basement dweller understands that you cannot turn a whore into a housewife. Those women are to be used and abused then left on the curb when they are 40.

              1. some men are delusional, trust me..I have a group of single males friends who fall in love with sluts

                1. I can see guys who are thirsty and willing to settle for a slut who’s carousel ride is coming to an end, but preferring to marry them over virtuous girls? That would be delusional, to say the least.

            2. Mercedes Carrera possibly, for her level head and solid conservative values (go figure, given her profession) but all the others tend to be given short shrift as as skanks

              1. I shouldn’t name drop and I’ll delete this in a bit .. I’m “dating” Tiffany Brookes ..I’m her sugar daddy… met her on seeking arrangement . In between girlfriends I spend a whole day with her for $300 . She’s worth actually paying

            1. the world is being transformed from above, not from below and we’re supposed to consider that it is ‘masculine’ to stick our head in the sand?

              1. “Stick our head in the sand”…

                My friend, with all due respect, I have done, and continue to do more than my fair share in this world. Let’s talk specifics, I have nothing to hide… I own a construction business with 21 full-time employees; 15 of which are homeowners, many of them own multiple properties – a direct result of my teaching them how to invest in their futures. My project manager is 29 years old, he has an 8th grade education and he earned $157K in salary last year with me (this is in addition to his 5 investment properties) – How’s that possible you ask? Because he NEVER Makes Excuses.

                I carry a Very Heavy Load… The last thing on my mind before I go to sleep is my business, and the first thing on my mind when I wake up is my business. Most “men” I meet these days wouldn’t make it past 10AM in my day. Funny thing is, my business and my investments are peanuts compared to the work my wife and I do within the community as well as supporting several family members.

                You can’t change the world, but you can certainly make a positive impact on yourself and those close to you. Some homo with blue hair serving me coffee makes no difference, I don’t run inside the house when I see contrails, and I don’t own any Jim Bakker food buckets. I have a successful business and marriage because I’ve always held a zero-tolerance policy for bullshit. I witness far too many “men“ these days complaining about the “problem“ but never really taking any steps to correct it. I MAKE THE CHANGES I WANT TO SEE IN (MY) WORLD.

                1. Like most people I can respect productivity like that. You present yourself as a high value individual, engaged in productive profitable activity. I will assume you are as you describe yourself. I am not going to compare myself with that, nor do I feel any need to do so. It is neither here nor there to me with respect to the issues I raised Yes, if one engages with society, the system, or less cynically simply with the world around one, there are great rewards to be had, and likewise, engaging with that world with a greater rather than a less sense of social agency is going to help with shaping that world to ones own liking.

                  Yet, imagine you were a Kulak in russia, who had built up your holdings in a like manner, only to have bolsheviks take everything from you. Are we in such a situation? No, and we may never be. but sometimes politics does encroach on our ability to exercise our agency and determine our environment, and just like early last century we have powers with far greater agency that we can ever have as individuals determined to transform society from the root. These are gentler times than the last time round [erja[s, but they are still unprecedented in terms of top down sponsored social transformation. There is absolutely no reason to think that any ordinary individual can insulate themselves against that, but even if that’s not reason to obsess over it, why should ‘the politics’ of the thing, which is the very context in which we discuss all these issues, whether we like it or not, be so studiously ignored. It’s as though anything to do with th wider politics is anathema. That requires explanation

                2. Well said. While I am not as gung ho about my profession, I do devote my time and talent into my family when I get home. I see myself as raising the next generation that will have to deal with the aftermath of this cultural rot and are going to be the ones who have to pick up the pieces.

              1. Exactly. That’s ROK logic, blame everything on the Jews even though they aren’t putting s gun up to a woman’s head and telling them to be sluts ROK still blames them.

              1. No need to be sorry, I didn’t take it personally. It’s just I don’t want to see you get banned. You know how the moderators around here can be.

      2. yeah, but what about all the social engineering? Are we just supposed to ignore all that, and focus on our pecs?

        1. My son is in high school, sophomore, most of the time during woman’s lib lessons or gay pride history month he’s on the phone studying Real Madrids attacking formation and texting me about what color uniform he has to wear for practice . Most of the people are starting to just ignore this shit .

          1. I appreciate that obsessing about it, or pointing fingers the whole time may not achieve anything very much, but are you sure ignoring it will be enough. Yes, sometimes giving attention to a phenomenon can feed it, but there’s reason to think these aren’t just spontaneous cultural movements. Many of them have blessing – and funding or other kinds of patronage – from up on high

            1. But does fighting it produce results ?Most of the time evil exhausts itself and is self destructive . As the Bible says . “Do not repay evil with evil , but with good. Revenge is mine. If your enemy is hungry ,, feed him , if he is thirsty give him something to eat , for doing so you will pour burning coals upon his head”

              1. I’m not sure it’s necessarily about turning the other cheek versus an eye for an eye etc. People may work their way through crazy ideas etc., but it is somewhat passive and optimistic that such a thing can ever be sufficient or amount to fighting the good fight. You indicate that such things are evil, but we cannot and should not presume that, but examine their causes and evaluate their arguments. Social engineering is not wrong just because it is social engineering but because it occurs it works its special magic in the shadows. Should we not confront that? To confront it with evil, or with love: in either case, the response is to face up to what is going on rather than turn away in the hope that it will cease of its own accord

                1. We can only fight it within our circle of influence . Your kids(if you have any ) and my offspring. We know it goes against nature so our biology prevents us from embracing social engineering . It’s like debt . TV tells us to buy things but instead many of us chose to pay off our homes instead . It’s about personal responsibility . Let the higher ups waste money on trying to program us

                  1. But are they wasting money on trying to program us? In the aggregate I would say they can excellent value for money. They are succeeding. Maybe we can only change what it is within our power to change, but I’m not even necessarily talking about such a level of ‘engagement’. I’m not sure whether this site sees itself as ‘red pill’ – perhaps it does perhaps it doesn’t – but from my point of view its focus is quite limited, and appears to be so in order to avoid what you might think of as the periphery of the red pill. Where is the politics in this site? It’s almost absent. I would understand if say ‘the politics’ was farmed off elsewhere, but it seems to me that it is simply avoided or denied. My apologies if I have the wrong idea

                    1. It’s not like ROK is gone, and surely sites still exist which discuss larger scale political and social phenomena from a red-pilled perspective. This one prefers a more local, family/tribal advisory stance.
                      Room for everybody.

                    2. I can respect that to a degree, but it doesn’t always feel as though things are being compartmentalised but that an alternative a-political vision is being offered as an alternative. A lot of the talk / comments is about a breach – most obviously as celebrated with respect to the infamous night of the long bannings. I am not for a moment saying that a need (and a particular market) might not be being served but that attacking ROK politics is itself political

                    3. “infamous night of the long bannings”
                      That as a subject of discussion will soon fade away. More of a current events kind of topic, not necessarily a raison d’etre here.
                      The criticisms of ROK here tend to be more focused on the personal attitudes of the remaining commenters, host, and writers, attitudes of defeatism, blame-assignment, hopelessness, etc.
                      Politically the gang here remains more or less as conservative/libertarian as on ROK, but it’s discussed with no more emphasis that home decor or sportsball preferences.

                    4. “Politically
                      the gang here remains more or less as conservative/libertarian as on
                      ROK, but it’s discussed with no more emphasis that home decor or
                      sportsball preferences.”

                      I get what you’re saying, I just don’t think it’s entirely compatible. I could understand it if it was like a ‘forum’ within in a site which had a specific purpose or a ban on politics or something, but that’s not how it’s been presented. It is presented as an alternative, an alternative involving the manosphere but without the politics / (dodgy) politics

                    5. I believe ROK did have quite a pull in the big conversation. One thread awhile back hinted that the buzz on ROK actually tipped the election, whether it was a grain of sand or a final straw pulled, maybe a LOL crack that finally put the tallies on the other side of the fence.

                      The greater bulk of product for thought being churned out at ROK, unlike other pickup sites or alt R sites seemed too to soon find it’s way into the convo and lingo with talking heads everywhere. It was philosophy based is why, ground breaking philosophy, and disguised as a self help/game site. ROK wasn’t planned as much is it evolved. Sure there will be found a conduit whenever there is a beckoning collective voice and a new uncensored medium (internet).

                    6. “I believe ROK did have quite a pull in the big conversation.”

                      The fact that Donna Zuckerberg, sister of the $50 billion Cuckberg, took a swipe at ROK was revealing, but I doubt it had any impact on the election. More like a fem-princess of Princeton fame picking at the bones of the big meet-up fall out from last year. The irony that a lot of the posters here defended the site during the time. LOL.

                    7. writing, articles, ideas published on the fringes – which is what ROK is – often find their way if not necessarily in the mainstream (although in ROK’s case occasionally that did happen) then making their way towards the centre. That’s why the margins of speech excite such interest, and that’s also why a great many commenters here hung out there. Read into that what you will

                      I wouldn’t say that ROK was disguised as self help / game. It is a self–help / game site, but the political environment has always been considered to be relevant to self help / game. I get that some might question whether the balance was right, but at the same time one might ask whether the criticism that has been directed at ROK in that respect was really about it getting the balance wrong. Sometimes people just don’t like the kind of politics involved. It’s almost as though quite few people hung for years on a site whose politics was anathema to them. I find that odd, but at least they are fully able to express their feelings now

                    1. we’re talking about consciousness – political consciousness – it’s all within our circle of influence.

                    2. This site is young. Such things may or may not come up, but whatever it is it wont occur pre-framed as gloom and doom.

                    3. I think the purpose has already been set. I don’t really buy the whole natural evolution thing. There’s a case perhaps for a more positive less apocalyptic type of manosphere site, but can it still be red pill about things. There has to be a particular kind of root analysis of what is going on / what the problem is, or at least an orientation to the kind of analysis offered by sites like ROK

                    4. “I don’t really buy the whole natural evolution thing.”
                      This boggles my mind…..what do you think is going on here?

                      It was more of a migration than an evolution – this site was around long before KrystalBanNacht. What’s puzzling to me is why Roosh, after suffering our nonsense for so long, suddenly went ban-happy.

                    5. sure the site existed befire Articles were pretty few and far between, and the comments maxed out in the early 30s. I don’t know what went on with the bans. Perhaps there is a back story. Perhaps it had to do with trends in politics and free speech. What was going on at that time that might have precipitated some kind of re-evaluation?

                      Anyhow I was just pointing out that I was getting an official narrative / creation story vibe with all of this

                    6. The influx of ROKfugees gave jak and jynx the kick in the ass they needed to start churning out more content. That’s all there is to the timing. That’s all I know.

                    7. “That’s all I know.” Then I imagine you don’t know the half of it. First those ‘Syrian’ refugees trooping through Eastern Europe to the west, now al of these dodgy jihadis (and where are their women and children?)

                1. I am not a scholar by any means. I have read it in its entirety. I was once atheist. Now I am a believer after an incident happened in my own home; a catastrophe.

        2. Point out the social engineering to people that will listen. When Homer SImpson or a Disney princess that is perfect comes on TV, ask your kids if that is an accurate caricature.

          1. that can work, but it only goes so far. We are dealing with forces bent on terraforming the planet, and which have achieved many if not necessarily most of their ends. I am not sure trusting the judgement of our kids, friends neighbours is sufficient in itself. Why does this site turn away from everything political?

            1. Believe me – if “it” is truly as monstrous and over-arching as you suggest, prattling on about it anonymously isn’t going to help anyway.

              1. I didn’t say it was monstrous. I have never asserted that. I do think it is somewhat ‘over-arching’ insofar as there do appear to be co-ordinated alues, policies, and even large-scale projects for transforming the world very little of which gets presented in the media let alone put to the vote. I’m afraid I’d consider referring to ‘prattling on’ about such thing, is both defeatist and ultimately a dereliction of duty. We may have to agree to disagree.

                1. We don’t even really disagree…..
                  I cant speak for everyone but I certainly concede the existence of the trends you’re alluding too, and maybe they are coordinated, but extensive discussion of it on those levels is like a heated religions argument – no one will be able to produce conclusive proof.
                  And though the focus of the articles on this site will be from the micro-perspective of the family unit, there’ll likely be no formal prohibition of expanding the discussion in any direction.

                  1. well that’s good to know. I might be inclined to test that though (and the evolving banning policy?).

            2. Is it turning away from everything political to focus on improving your self/family over the national matters? That onion article a few days ago is spot on. You want to change the world? Start with yourself.

              1. Are onion articles supposed to be spot on? Other than satirically that is? Completely agree that one must start oneself, just as – in anticipation – I would agree that politics, blame, etc can sometimes amount to project of personal foibles / failings. There is still a world out there though, and if you the purpose is to focus on self & family etc it isn’t wrong to consider how that world (national matters etc) may impact on both

        3. I cant change any of that, so I do my best to ignore it. works wonders for your cortisol levels

          1. Sure, fretting about geo-politics or the movement of the stars isn’t great if your purpose is zen like tranquillity, but don’t forget that consciousness does impact upon its object. It is arguably a minimum condition of change, and for some, for whom all is mind, it is close to a sufficient condition. In fact those opposing by position on this board could be said to be arguing something similar: that we should all change our consciousness and that will be enough. So perhaps we are simply arguing about the nature of the content

            1. look, i just know the battle is lost, mkay? things have been in motion for decades, media and finance is controlled by a handful of people, everyone in the usa(and I assume across the pond) is broke…enjoy it for the next few years while you can

              1. what are you? Some kind of defeatist gay john connor? It’s never too late. We’re reactionaries. We can travel back in time

        4. I think ours is a policy of resistance, a more local, controllable reaction. But no, I for one never minded discussing it.

          1. well I hope so. But if one does not openly discuss such things, and there is resistance going on, the question might be asked as to what kind of resistance you are engaged in, and to what effect. I am not saying you are wrong, but that unless the issue is argued for out in the open we can’t really make a determination

      3. Too much time crying about what problems are already known over and over. I’d rather discuss solutions. Like listening to talk radio, same damn blame-fest over and over. Get burned out.

    1. The dazzle on that picture reminds me of when I was younger and we convinced a neighbor kid to pee on an electric fence.

  2. Does this website belong to the ROK group? I’m confused. Will I get banned if I go back to my “real” identity?

    1. This is a Roosh-free zone, completely unaffiliated with ROK. The site has been around for most of the year, but we have moved to a daily schedule after The Purge and most of us are ex-ROK commentors. We discussed the founding and purge on the previous Kingstream ( ) if you want to hear it.

      You will likely have someone tell you “BANNED!” or post a meme about you being banned, but that has never actually banned anyone. We are still codifying an official comment policy, but unless you are a homosexual, a woman, or a eunuch claiming they are woman, you will not get banned. Spergs, trolls, ROK refugees, and “problematic” people are more than welcome here.

      Feel free to use your previous identity and shitpost as much as you like. You’re among brothers here.

      1. I think the comments reflect the articles. Trollish articles about fat women will get that sort of audience. While there is entertainment value in that and they do spark more attention, they do invite problems.

        1. I think ROK is turning into a substitute (or has been for a while) for the MSM news sites. I think the change of scope is rather unintentional.
          People feel the need to discuss current events.

          1. isnt that what Breitbart News exists for?

            although quite a few of the posters on BNN are quite “full on” from what i have read.

      2. In all seriousness, about the only thing that I think deserves banning is posting multiple pornographic images. Trolls may troll, but they are only words. If they keep it up for days on end, then maybe. But that is rare.

        1. If they’re hot enough, I’ll let it slide. That said, you do have to abide by Disqus’s TOS, so you’re not completely free even if we are very lenient. If they do become converged, I’ve got the comments synced with our WordPress so I can hit a switch and go to WordPress comments without much difficulty.

  3. Seriously, by which kind of distributed mechanism, the best (banned?) commenters in ROK we ended up here? Personally, I was missing GoJ, looked on his profile and found this site.
    We are like a band of brothers or something, heh.
    NB: This is not my main user.

    1. I’d say something about becoming the monsters one battles, but I was commanded not cite Nietzsche unless I was an expert.

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