Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Kingstream Tonight

We will be having another Kingstream tonight, Thursday September 21 2017. A post shortly before the livestream will link to the stream, or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The stream will begin at the following times:

  • 9PM Eastern Time
  • 8PM Central Time
  • 7PM Mountain Time
  • 6PM Pacific Time

Co-founders Jak and J Nyx will be anchoring the stream with me, and we will be joined by special guests Ghost Of Jefferson, Corkscrew Captain, and Boothe.

Topics include introductions, comment policy (with mockery of other comment policies), birthday celebration (complete with rounds of Scotch), upcoming A King’s Castle shirts, topics from the past couple of weeks, and a new project that J Nyx is launching on A King’s Castle.

Join us live, or catch up on the replay later if you can’t make it.

102 thoughts on “Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Kingstream Tonight”

      1. My home computer crapped out about a week ago and I still haven’t got one yet. The most complex electronic working gadget we have at home now is my cell phone. Perhaps when I get set up. Will keep you posted.

  1. I would like commend the crew at AKC for welcoming the recent migration. The limited time I have to read the articles and comments really brings me great enjoyment; it’s the perfect combination of insight, ball-breaking and levity – the gift that keeps giving. I have yet to find a single source on the internet where can you learn how to grow peppers and make your own hot sauce to bottling your own custom protein-rich shampoo. Keep up the great work fellas!

        1. Like Kratom, we may need to limit the banned comments to Kingstream articles so it doesn’t get overplayed.

  2. Special guest: Roosh Valizadeh, perhaps?
    Nah, that’s not going to happen anytime soon…
    And probably for a good reason.

          1. But that’s just it, you don’t actually have to care. Group-think and mob justice stand on their own merit.

      1. Is there an article here or comment section that will tell me what happened to so many at ROK and who got the ban hammer?

          1. I would imagine as time goes on and ROK becomes a more distant memory, and we get more commenters from the wild, the topic will lose interest. That is my hope anyway.

          2. I just finished hearing it, so they purged lolknee, GOJ, John Galt, bem… I don’t see why ROK wouldn’t soon ban me as well since I’m from the old gang.

        1. Nothing so nicely collated with historical backgrounds and cited research.

          Thinking about it, the topic of Being Banned From ROK could benefit from an entire wiki-based website of its own.

          1. The remaining commenters at ROK are too scared to talk. Last week someone asked what happened to GOJ and nobody gave an answer.

              1. Jim I just finished listening to the AKC video. Lolknee’s ban was the beginning of the end but after hearing GOJ say he was banned that did it! He was these at ROK months before I came, we’re talking years of his great contributions that helped many men from his advice. I think Roosh seriously miscalculated purging all his older commenters.

      2. Oh no doubt he has lurked here. He knows that a good portion of his business migrated here. It would be nice to know why he is doing what he is doing, but I doubt we will ever find out for sure. Maybe he thinks we are taking off the edginess of his site. I do find it interesting as Iattacku pointed out that it appears the most racist and pessimistic commenters are allowed to stay on his site. Maybe we have fallen away from his target audience and he wants to redefine ROK.

        1. The discussions on ROK are utterly lacking now without you guys to be honest.
          I’ve been more interested in the DailyStormer lately, and a big part of that is because Andrew Anglin took an absolute stance on freedom of expression, got punished for it, but managed to come back more relevant than ever. I’m currently finding Anglin and the Altright to be the most interesting development of the online world, as they’ve literally (Hitler) forced the hand of the establishment since the Charlottesville rally.

  3. How’s everything friends? I’m posting this hoping it doesn’t go into pending like my first attempt to comment here, it’s still in “pending”

    1. Well I’ll be damned, it worked! How’s it going, Jack? I’m here cuz you the man now, I went to ROK after being away for a while and see there’s been a brain drain.

  4. birthday celebration (complete with rounds of Scotch)

    Don’t have any Scotch at the moment. Okay if I use Bourbon instead?

          1. I’ve absolutely no recollection of what it tastes like. I am nearly certain I tried it at least once, if only a sip of one belonging to someone else.

            It’s possible that sip killed the very brain cells responsible for remembering that sip.

          1. I think that’s the point. Retro ’94ish style, at the time of the initial introduction of Zima.

            The “H. T. T. P. Colon. Forward-slash, Forward-slash. Triple-W. Period. Zima. Period. Com.” in the video made me smile.

                  1. Did it work? I’m guessing not, a hangover is bad enough without punishing yourself by drinking that, it would be like waking up early after a night out and sticking your head in a bass drum.

                  2. Mountain Dew was my favorite. Right mixture of caffeine, water, and that tongue coating flavor to get rid of that vomit aftertaste to start your day of walking back home.

                    1. I always thought it tasted like the Chinese army marched through my mouth wearing muddy boots.
                      The best cure I ever found was beer, well, it didn’t really cure it but after 6 or 8 it didn’t matter any more.

                    2. I never “quit” per say I just kind of lost interest in it over time. I will have a drink maybe once or twice a year and that’s about it.
                      Back in the day though if I popped a top on one it was on then, I was going to go until I ran out and couldn’t get anymore or went to sleep,whichever came first.

              1. ” “their marketing is working on my nostalgia, fuck them”

                absolutely – don’t fuk with my questionable memory!

              2. Okay, you don’t have to go out and buy some Zima, but I do expect you to “update” AKC to have the same 90’s look and feel.

                1. Gotta have the site visitor counter, GIF fire, and the “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” banner ads, as well as a shitty .bmp repeating background

                  Though I’ll say the internet was pretty fun back then. It was a truly freaky place before “everyone” had internet

            1. It means that we are old farts now if retro websites are being used for nostalgia.
              If I want nostalgia I’ll use a telephone on a land line with a rotary dialer thingy.

        1. The only thing I can think of that Zima would be good for is maybe paint remover or poisoning wild hogs.

          1. poisoning wild hogs.

            I believe this is precisely what we were doing on Friday nights in the basement of my roommates frat house.

              1. I’m with you. I never really understood or felt that level of thirst. Never saw any of ’em leave alone, though. Some dude (usually with a visually obviously lack of self respect) would always come down and pick off that low hanging fruit before the end of the night. The participants seemed to be different every week, but the script was always the same.

                Someone was always on cigar duty, too, responsible for getting a couple packages of cheap cigars. We’d light up and drive people out with the smoke if they got too gropey.

      1. A little zumthing different, I remember those commercials.
        If I was a devoted alcoholic and that was the only thing left… I would kill myself.

      1. Then I find myself in a very fortunate position. I don’t even know what a Flirtini is.

        I presume drinking one will impart night vision capabilities to the drinker?

        1. “Then I find myself in a very fortunate position. I don’t even know what a Flirtini is”

          Me either, sounds like something a chick wears when shes going out looking for some strange cock

    1. I’ll have a full glass of Evan Williams ready.
      Had to go with that because the damn liquor store stopped carrying Old Crow. So now I’m, forced to pay $15/liter instead $12…Damn!!!

      1. Still have a little time before the start. Were you to set a glass of Bourbon in front of me and expect it to be there untouched an hour later, I’d call you nuts.

        Got to go a little better than Old Crow, anyway. I say Old Forester or higher.

          1. Slim from the posts i have read of yours over the years i feel i should offer these fantastic drams for you to track down, and i believe you are in NYC? so it shouldn’t be to difficult to track these bottles down… a man of your character should not be drinking rubbish…

            – Johnny Walker 12 YO (Black label) or 15 YO (Green label) (Green maybe out of production) – great starting point, fantastic whisky, dont let cork sniffers tell you a blend cant cut it in a whisky collection. this whisky has it all Sherry, peat, smoke & full flavour.
            – Glenfiddich 18 YO – did my time on 12 YO but 18 is where its at, i love Sherry cask whisky and the 18 YO Glenfiddich is a good example
            – Glenfarclas 21 or 25 YO – IMO the best Scotch distillery that specializes in Sherry cask whisky, this whisky is fantastic – period.
            – Bunnahabhain 18 YO – an introduction into the style of Islay, smoke, peat. this distillery is very mellow, some of my favorite Islay whisky’s are from this distillery.
            – Springbank 18 YO – hard to find this one, but worth it if you can find it, grab a bottle quick and enjoy.

            Slim you owe it to yourself mate to enjoy a good tipple, hunt down a bottle or two of the drams i have mentioned and let me know what you think.

            1. Hello MAL!
              – Yes, native New Yorker.
              – I have tried the first 4 you have mentioned.

              Not sure why, but I just like the cheap stuff better. Maybe my taste buds are worn down after all these years…

              1. thats no problem mate, just from what i read of what you look for in the ladies you go for the cheap ‘engine degreaser’ seems ill fitting.
                thought i’d point you in a direction with options, but if your happy… keep on keeping on sir!

                1. “hats no problem mate, just from what i read of what you look for in the
                  ladies you go for the cheap ‘engine degreaser’ seems ill fitting.”

                  Cheap booze, expensive hookers…that’s my creed!

              2. Got a JW Green Label as a gift from a bartender friend of mine and it was superb (it was finished within hours while entertaining guests– bad move on my part). Glenfiddich anything and you cannot go wrong. Bushmills Black Bush isn’t too expensive and is something I like sipping on occassion, but MAL seems to have a more refined taste than I.

                  1. I always keep a bottle of Jamesons and Bushmills in the house. Most guests like it. The good stuff is for those tsre occassions.

                1. John that probably was a bad move on your part mate, as JW is stopping the Green so i am told – cant tell you the reason.
                  the ‘core’ components of Green that give its fantastic flavour are Talisker (like the Black Label) Caol Ila give the soft peat/smoke then the Linkwood & Cragganmore give the whisky is smoothness.
                  maybe its hard for JW to source one of the above components, or some other reason i dont know, what i do know is that its becomeing hard to find.

                  still kicking myself for not getting down on a Glenfiddich 30 YO, as i thought it would be round for a dogs age, WRONG, thats gone the way of the dinosaur also, stocks of 30 YO whisky are low at Glenfiddich, i know, who would have thought?

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