Way of the Warlord: The Path to Mastering Body and Mind

As announced on last nights live stream, A Kings Castle is presenting the Way of the Warlord program.  Having followed the advice from all over the sphere on how to develop yourself physically, as well as tips and tactics to develop yourself mentally, we have decided to combine the two in a way that compliments each other.  This isn’t just a point of reference that we’ll provide for you then forget about either.  This is an interactive, ever growing experience project that we are conducting ourselves as well.

We chose the name warlord because it really describes two traits in one man; warrior and lord.  To be a savage beast will do you no good in life.  To be knowledgeable but weak will lead to your demise. Our vision here is to build ourselves up physically, mentally, and spiritually into the best men we can become.

The Breakdown

This isn’t just a health/lifting program nor is it a frame building tactic, it is both.  We’ve married the two together in a way like never before.  Many blogs and writers like to separate the physical from the mental development, but I’ve found that tying everything into one focused goal of self-mastery makes more sense, and going through this program with the other people who frequent this site will make it more fun, plus more accountable.

Just like in Fight Club, every two weeks we will assign ourselves and anyone participating in the program a homework assignment.  One aspect will come from the physical/martial arts side with a complementary mental development aspect as well.  The goal is to implement completing the assignment within the best of your ability.  Every two weeks, we will have a new assignment that piggy backs off of the last.

J. Nyx will provide the Physical homework, while Gentleman Jak will provide the Martial Arts homework.  We will both provide the mental/social development homework when we assign our respective physical or martial arts homework.

After one week, we will do an update post and leave the comment section open for any guys participating in the program to post their findings, difficulties, achievements, and questions.  The following week, we’ll discuss phase one, how we’ve improved our lives, and also receive the next homework assignment.

We also believe that having a set “graduation” date will do good, as it gives you a set timeline and an end date we can look back an evaluate how far we’ve come.  I’ve set May 22, 2018 as graduation day.  Also, other than getting stronger, leaner, more mentally prepared, and ready to take on anything life throws at you, there will be a “valedictorian” of the program that we’ll define a bit closer to the graduation.  Also, we are taking you at face value, but we encourage you guys to take before photos and measurements.  If you come in and say “I upped my squat by 500lbs in 1 week” with no proof, no one will take it seriously.

We’ve thought about how much of this will touch on the basics and introductory phases of red pill theory.  Some of you may be thinking “Yeah, I know I should be lifting and should be confident already” but it isn’t just preaching, it’s an active duty we’re going to be living every day.  Just like lifting weights one time won’t get you jacked, practicing red pill philosophy once wont bear much fruit in your life. I’m not going to say “hit the weights and eat better.” I’m going to be living this as you should, and I hold myself accountable to myself above all, but to you guys participating as well. Also, the site owners aren’t don’t have the final word.  If a commenter has a better solution or plan, we can implement that.   If you’re ready to transform your life and become the best man you can, I welcome all of you to join the Way of the Warlord

Homework Phase 1


Smash a PR

You all should be lifting weights or doing some type of muscle building exercise. Even if you are low on cash, you can find a park to do body weight exercises.  This week, I want you to kill that little bitch voice inside you that says you can’t do something.  This phase’s assignment for the physical portion is to hit a PR (Personal Record.)  Since we’re all different ages, sizes, and have different athletic abilities, it will be different for everyone, but right now choose one personal record you will break over the course of the next two weeks.

I don’t care how small it is, for some doing one pullup is a personal record.  For others a 400lb deadlift may be a personal record.  It does not matter what the other guy is doing, but that you are breaking out of that comfort zone.  Even choosing to go curl 10lb weights for the first time in your life is better than the sad cunt that doesn’t.  When your head starts to tell you its too hard or you cant, grind on and get that shit done.

I must stress that if you’ve never picked up a barbell in your life do not go out an try to bench press 225 lbs.  Leave your ego at the door and do what is in your limits. We accept no responsibility if you go out trying to prove some bullshit and you injure yourself.  There are countless articles around the internet as to where to get started with lifting/physical conditioning.

My PR goal in the next two weeks is to up my bench press and overhead press one rep max by 10 lbs. These are my weakest lifts right now, and I want to get that 1rm up.  I’ll achieve this through higher weight and or more volume.  When I check back in next week, I’ll let you guys know where I stand


Remove a Vice

Kicking back and living a bit can be important, but things that hold you back are not.  For the mental/character development of Phase 1 I want you to give up a vice you have.  Whether it is giving up junk food, video games, social media, porn, alcohol, smoking etc it does not matter.   Right now choose one thing you want to give up for two weeks.

Chances are, if you can get through the two weeks without the vice, you can quit it for good.  If you get through the two weeks and don’t see any difference, or really want to go back to it, so be it.  A vice I will remove for the next two weeks is booze.   I like to have some whiskey over the weekends, but it makes me feel off my game the next day, so I’ll be cutting it out completely over phase 1.


For this first challenge, we’re going to start you off pretty easy.  We’re going to focus on repeating some basic techniques as well as perform an isometric exercise or two.  This will tie in nicely with the physical challenge and can be done as either a warmup or a cool down.  This challenge will be performed as a circuit where you do the first exercise, then the next and so on.  When you get through the series, start again with no rest.

  1. Jab/Cross/Hook combo
  2. Horse Stance (hold in lowest position)
  3. Front Kick (left leg)
  4. Front Kick (right leg)

Do each exercise for 1 minute each for a total of 7 circuits.  How hard you push yourself is up to you, but the harder you go, the better the results will be.


This is where the mid-way check in will come into play.  Next week when we post our update, will be a time we can evaluate how we’re all doing, where things went right, and where they went wrong.  We can offer each other tips or insights on completing our homework assignment.

Note, you have two weeks to get the assignment complete.  If you try on day one and fail, get up the next day and try again.  For the PR challenge, do your best to set everything up for you to succeed. Do your warmups, get enough water, get enough sleep etc.

For the mental challenge, I’ll impose a limit here.  If you cannot go without a vice for a minimum of 10 days, you will have to reset.   Don’t worry about getting left behind either.  If you keep failing phase one, and the rest of us are on phase 3, speak up and ask for advice.   You are accountable for your action or lack thereof, but if you’re trying your hardest and struggling, I guarantee there is someone who can offer solid advice.


Welcome to the way of the warlord. If you choose to join us in this program, the man you become at graduation will be 100% better than the man you are today.  10 months will go by no matter what, do you want to be the same as you are right now when that time comes, or better in every aspect of your life?  Its up to you to do the work, but we’re all a team here, so if you’re trying your damnedest, you will succeed.

Way of the Warrior Phase One:

Physical: Hit a PR

Mental: Remove  a Vice

Check-in: One week from today (Sept 29)

Next Assignment: Two weeks (Oct 6)


-J. Nyx & Gentleman Jak

Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of akingscastle.com. He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family.