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This is a guest post by Victor L. Vogt.  You may visit his site here.  The AKC crew would like to thank Victor for his submission and hope to see more of his work posted here in the future.

Is change the way you think and you will change your life, no matter

what situation you are in or your circumstance – the way you think

about it will determine how you feel about it and that will result in

your attitude – this is where I am because of this and that, and it’s

“their” fault, and I can’t do anything about it… or are you pissed

off enough to make the changes you have to make and work through the

struggles and make the sacrifices that must be made to change the

situation – do you believe you were made for something better and this

temporary mishap is just part of a test… or are you simply

indifferent and don’t care where you are and how you got there…

because shit happens… and it does my friends… many times shit just

happens that had nothing to do with the choices that you made and your

life… it was out of your control… but the next step is most

definitely up to you.

For many of us our parents had nothing to teach us about the world –

the things that really mattered, what we would need to go from boys to

men, no skills or trade to pass down, nothing about money, no

traditions to preserve, no rituals to observe, no tribal honor to

protect… nothing, because they had nothing themselves – you went to

school and where given nothing outside of reading, writing and

mathematics to help you as an adult, and then if you were fool enough

you went to a university you could not afford in hopes of finding a

high paying job so that you can pay off the loans you got for that

education that turned out to be worthless – how much good did it

really do you?

Want to know what the adults around me told me when I was young – they

said study hard and go to college or they would say join the

military… no one around me ever encouraged me or told me to learn a

trade… to develop any artistic talents, to enhance my communication

skills and become a sales man (and I was a sales man at one point –

but no one taught me how it was done or steered me in the direction to

learn the trade).  No one ever told me were the high paying trade jobs

were working the oil fields (and my dad worked in oil at one point –

but no one ever encouraged me to go into it or explain all the

opportunities there). No one ever told me that I did not have to go to

college to sell life insurance or to become a broker

No one ever encouraged me to save money and start my own business when

I was young – but when I did, those around me told me I was dumb for

doing it because I did not know what I was doing or that it was a

stupid idea and it will not work – “stop dreaming” my family told me

“and get a real job…” know what I did – I quit, because all those

around me filled my head with the idea that I would fail – so instead

of persevering and pushing on, I quit… and I kept quitting… that

was my failure… now, I won’t lie to you, it did take me a very long

time to shake those words and thoughts out of my head… and a big

part of that was not letting anyone know what it was I was doing and I

went forward with the intent of proving that I could do it (whatever

it was I was working on). And it worked… and also… I was just

pissed off at everyone.

I know, friends, making changes is not easy because you have been

shaped through many years by those around you and society at large to

be the way you are now – but take a very good look at your life and

ask yourself if this is what you want – to live as others want you

to… to think as others want you to – that may be fine for the

socialist marching to the same do-gooder chant… but I know it can’t

be good enough for you.

“Be careful what you water your dreams with, water them with worry and

fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dreams,

water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success”

– Lao Tzu

So let us start to make those changes

Change #1

Know what it is that you truly want – I thought I wanted

to be rich, but it turned out that what I rally wanted was what being

rich could afford me – the life of freedom – freedom to come and go as

I please, freedom to live my life without explanations or excuses…

freedom to say what ever the hell I want to say and not be afraid of

loosing my job for it, freedom to give the world the finger and say

“f*ck you, and thanks for all the whores…” and disappear into the

night. No, you don’t need money to do all that but, buddy, it’s better

to be able to do it in style.

So figure out what it truly is that you want and figure out the ways

to get it – money is just a tool, it is important to remember that –

money is not the thing that you want, it is the thing that money will

get you – focus on that thing not the money – the dream you are

chasing… the house, the car, the girl… the  boat, the island, the

shade of that tree in a green valley far from the madness of the

modern world… find out what it is that you truly want and break it

down so that you can  describe it in just a couple sentences on an

index card… and simply just focus on that thing that you want and

move in the direction of it.

“Cause you can’t get what you want – ’till you know what you want”

– Joe Jackson

Change #2

Take advantage of all and every opportunity that comes

your way – and think it through before you say yes or no – No, I don’t

have a problem moving garbage around for money… yes, I have a

problem thieving… no, I don’t have a problem being separated from my

family for months at a time in order to provide for them… yes, I do

have a problem lying and cheating…

there are opportunities coming and going if you are paying attention

to the world around you but you do have to know how much of your

dignity and honor you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of getting

the things that you want… is doing something today that will bite

you in the ass tomorrow worth it – today?  Is doing something that

could potentially land you in the slammer worth it? These choices are

up to you – but remember that the choices you make you must man up and

own them… you can’t just say – shit happens on that one.

But do take advantage of all opportunities – and if there are none

then create them – when you look around you and see crowds of people

looking down at their phones walking into each-other like dummies –

did you go out to buy a phone just like theirs or did you set up a

stand to sell them phones?  When everyone was getting tattoos did you

rush out to get one too or did you partner up with an artist and open

up a tattoo parlor? When the government told it’s citizens that by law

they had to have insurance did you go out and get insurance or did you

invest in an insurance company that was going to raise their rates?

Starting to see the opportunities now – don’t be a sucker… play that

sucker for all you can get… but be honest about it with yourself

about your intentions and your goal.   Right now the Company google is

purging right leaning and conservative ideas from their platforms –

the one that provides a new platform for those looking for it, that

can equal or surpass the service the Google and YouTube provided will

have fat stacks of cash, my friends – and just because some one else

is doing it does not mean that you cannot – you just have to give more

and care more about the people giving you their money.

“Few people recognize opportunity, becomes it comes disguised as hard


– Cary Grant

Change #3

Change your space. Change how you live, by this I mean you

have to change who and what you surround yourself with.  It has been

said that you are the people you hangout with – so, if it is true that

you are hanging out with a bunch of layabouts that do nothing but play

video games and smoke pot all night – then chances are that is all you

will add up to yourself, when you should be working your side hustle

or learning something new or at the very least working out. The same

thing has been written about your actual surrounding – where you dwell

– is it messy and cluttered and chaotic – does it reflect your own

life… are you messy cluttered and chaotic because of your home or is

your home a reflection of your life?  An interesting thought.  I do

collect things – books, art, vintage stuff – for me it is an

investment in things I feel can be sold off in the future for profit,

but I do not waste my time on too many luxuries, my actual home is

rather Spartan and after all these years I still have unpacked boxes

stacked against a wall… I am hardly ever there, there is a sofa a

couple of beds, a desk, a small table that I made to eat at, an old

radio that works when it wants to, some pots and pans and that is

it… but like I said, I am hardly ever there… where I am at, my

belongings fit into a closet and I can leave whenever and not worry

about them if I never return… I focus on making money and my goal –

which has been for some time now the “Deringerville” project…

nothing else matters to me. I don’t watch television and I don’t

listen to the radio – everything I need to entertain myself I have on

a hard drive and some books.  I keep the clutter limited only to my

desk – I hate cleaning and dusting so I make it easy for myself by not

having anything that needs attention – run a dust rag over the desk

and a mop over the floor and I am done… focus on my job… rest…

do some writing… try to draw a little… work out… step out for a

bit to hang with the gang and piss off the new world faggots and back

home… I could have much more than what I have now, but I really want

to build that farm and village and that will take money for what I

plan – and that is what it is all being stacked up for… trust me,

some days I want to blow it all on a new shiny boat… but, I think I

want to piss the world off more than chase my material desires… that

is more fun to me… and “Deringerville” will definitely piss off the

social justice do-gooder.  The last year and a half I have been

focusing on finding the right land in the right place and the right

people to put this all together – once in a while I will distract

myself with a young lady, but when I am not with my gang or checking

on my business, then I am working on making the farm a reality… I

dream it and talk about it with anyone who will listen – it is my only

passion and focus… It gets me up in the morning and keeps my up at

night.  I draw out plans and redraw them every time I come across a

new spot.

“Do what you can with what you have where you are”

– Theodore Roosevelt

You may have to actually get up and move away to a new place in order

to change your space – then do it.  Get as far away from those that

are bringing you down with their negativity and the situation that

surrounds you whether by your own creation or some other design… get

out and start over with nothing someplace else… people go and find

greener pastures everyday and many of them go with very little or no

money at all and start over and make something out of themselves – but

first do as the quote above – do what you can with what you have where

you are… and save and plan and escape.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit


– Will Rodgers

You must take action – with out action everything else is useless –

you know what you have to do, you are confident in your plans and you

know what it is that you want… you just have to move in the

direction of that thing, pushing everything and everyone that is

irrelevant to your desires out of the way and you will find – if your

intentions are worthy of that thing that you want, things will fall

into place and that thing you are chasing will begin to move in your

direction… that’s just the way it is.

Change #4

Be grateful  – I cannot stop saying this… and I may never


Here I will make a confession – It was anger and hatred that fueled my

material desires at first… and I never expressed or acknowledged any

gratitude for the money I acquired and the material possessions and

comforts that came with it all… and I lost it – twice… and to top

it all… I made no preparations for the fall – there was no plan B

and nothing stashed away for those long rainy days… I was an

ass-hole who thought he knew it all and did not give one fuck about

anything – I just wanted more, more and more… until, as I have said

before, the universe kicked me (hard) in the dick and took it all

away… lesson learned the hard way… I am grateful for the money

that I make and I express that by giving to those in need with out

expecting anything in return for it and more money comes my way.  I am

grateful for the opportunities I find and I express gratitude for them

by sharing what I know and what I learn with others and I find myself

stumbling upon more opportunities… I am grateful for my health and

grateful for the friends in my life and I find ways to express my

gratitude.. and since I became conscious of expressing gratitude I

find myself being abundantly blessed by more of the things I express

my gratitude for… I cannot explain it – I can only say that there

must be something very divine in it…


For many of you this may sound like hog-wash… but keep this in mind

– there are over ten million Freemasons in the world in every position

and occupation imaginable and they all study a little blue book called

the Kybalion in order to decipher the laws of the universe and one of

those laws is the law of cause and effect –  “Every cause has its

effect, every effect has its cause; everything happens according to

law; chance is but a name for law not recognized; there are many

planes of causation but, nothing escapes the law”

My teacher told me – “If you can’t beat’em, join ’em… if you can’t

join ’em, learn to think like them…”

Change the way you think, and you will change everything in your life.

“The happiness of your life depends on your thoughts: therefore, guard

then accordingly and take care you entertain no notions unsuitable to

virtue and reasonable nature”

– Marcus Aurelius

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.