EDC: Family Edition


For those of you who have done any reading on prepping and survival tactics, an EDC is probably a term you know very well.  For those of you new to the subject, you’d be surprised to know you already have an EDC, in the most technical sense.

An EDC, or Every Day Carry, is just that: Items you carry on your person every day.  For the non-prepper types, this would include items such as your keys, wallet, and cell phone.  This in the event of an emergency, or even a minor situation, will leave you woefully under-prepared.  Compounding this issue is the subject of making sure your family is prepared as well.  

When the subject of prepping is brought up, many people’ initial reaction is that of a crazed man spouting on about end of the world events as they carry crates of supplies down to the fortified bunker.  In reality, the uses are often more mundane.

Tightening a loose screw on a table.

Keeping a clean shirt for when you spill ketchup on the one you’re wearing.

Having some bandages handy for when you cut your finger.

How in depth your EDC is up to you, but it doesn’t take much to have a fairly comprehensive setup that will keep you prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Building an EDC Setup

When putting together an EDC kit, remember the old saying “Two is one and one is none.”

Having items that achieve similar goals is highly advised.  Pay close attention to every item you put into your pack and consider how many uses it could have.  For this purpose, I typically advise using very basic items.  The more specialized the item, the less likely it is you can use it for multiple purposes.

The Basics

  1. Knife – A good, sharp knife is essential in any EDC kit.  The uses of a knife in capable hands is innumerable.  You can increase the purpose of the uses of a knife by buying one that is made to assist in vehicular emergencies (typically comes with a seat belt cutter and a punch to help break out windows.
  2. Multi-Tool – In a pinch, a Swiss Army Knife is an acceptable substitute, but it’s hard to beat a quality multi-tool.
  3. Food and Water – A bottle of water and a couple of snack bars is always a good item to pack.  You never know when you might be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.
  4. Cordage – 50 foot of paracord.  This stuff is pretty cheap, strong, and multi-functional.  You can’t go wrong bringing some of this along.
  5. Fire – A Bic lighter and a pack of waterproof, strike anywhere matches are a good place to start.

Medical/First Aid

Space permitting, you can simply buy a basic first aid kit at the store.  These usually contain a various assortment of bandages, gauze, an ice pack, tweezers, antibiotics, and a few other items.  If space is limited, you can use a small tin and cut down on the number of items from the first aid kit.

altoid tin (2).jpg


  1. Flashlight – Can be used for signaling for help at night as well as for use in the dark.
  2. Glow Sticks – Same uses as a flashlight, but for 360 degree light.  Use some paracord to tie the glow sticks and hang them up for use as a lantern.
  3. Compact Mirror – Not just for girls doing their makeup anymore.  Compact mirrors are not only good for examining parts of your body that you can’t see (something in your eye, for example), but can reflect light from the sun to signal people far away.
  4. Whistle – Sometimes visual signaling isn’t effective.  An auditory signaling device is also important in your EDC kit.  Don’t rely on simply yelling.  Save your voice and buy a whistle.


  1. Spare change of clothes including underwear and socks.  Make sure the clothes are weather appropriate.  A t-shirt and shorts won’t do much for you in the winter.
  2. Something to keep the rain off you.  This can be an umbrella, poncho, or even a trash bag!  Simply cut out holes for your arms and head and you have a makeshift poncho.

Wife and Kids

Your wife should have a similar set up, but your kids EDC will probably be a little different depending on their age.

If they are still pretty young, keep their EDC bags full of items like diapers, wipes, clean clothes, small toys, comfort items like their favorite stuffed animal, and snacks.  Make sure their backpacks are still light enough for them to easily carry or else you will wind up carrying it for them.

How to Carry

For this topic, we’re going to split your EDC into two levels, your bag and your person.  Items such as your knife/multi-tool, your Bic lighter, keys, wallet, phone will be on your person at all times, stored in your pockets and ready for immediate access if needed.

How you carry your other items is up to you, but the most common solution is a good backpack.  It’s best to find one with multiple pockets so you’re not simply stuffing everything into the backpack and are forced to dig everything out to get to something at the bottom.

Do yourself a favor and keep everything organized as well.  On my bag, I have a space for hygiene items, a pocket where I keep my water and food, and the side pockets are where I keep my knives, multi-tools, and fire-making implements.

Some of you may scoff at lugging around all that every day.  I would too except I use it for other purposes.  I keep a couple of notebooks and pens in there to make notes on throughout the day and if I need to work from home, I can pack up my laptop as well.

backpack (2)


There’s no reason not to have at least a basic EDC kit with you, even if it’s just what you can fit in your pockets.  Even sporting nothing more than a multi-tool is better than nothing at all.

So which of you have an EDC kit you take along with you to work?  What items do you carry?  Leave them in the comments below.


Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. You can supplement/skip the bottled water with a lifestraw: lifestyle.com/products/lifestraw.

    Have one myself for hiking/camping. Great piece of gear to cut down weight.

        1. What’s that? Have a camera crew at the ready, food and water a radio signal away via helicopter, and staged scenes in the wilderness?

  2. You did a good job in presenting this topic in a way that isn’t intimidating. I’ve gotten into the habit of making sure our emergency supply kit in our family vehicle is well-stocked.

    1. Thank you. It really doesn’t take much to get started. Grab a backpack and start with just a clean change of clothes and some bottled water. As you go throughout your day, take note of any situations that arise where you could’ve used something.

      “Man, I could’ve fixed that chair if only I had my multi tool.” Add it to your backpack.

      “Can’t believe I got caught out in the rain.” Toss the umbrella in.

      It’s hard to go wrong.

      1. As you go throughout your day, take note of any situations that arise where you could’ve used something.

        Exactly. Hindsight is always 20/20. And it’s saved my ass the second time and after.

  3. I call it and use it as a vehicle kit (except knife, fire, tool which I’ll have on me at any given time). First aid kid, road flares, jumper cables (very, very useful and hardly anybody carries them any longer, foolishly), emergency boat rations (good for 72 hours of admittedly not tasty nutrition, but the size of half a brick so you can store them efficiently), emergency blanket (that silver thing that folds up, but actually does work) and a filter straw. My iPhone is the “flashlight” and I also almost always have on me or in the car a backup battery charger for it, so for emergency situations I’m good to go.

    While I’d also say you should pack up your troubles in the old kit bag and smile, there may not be enough room in the standard trunk bag.

  4. Flashlight, glow sticks, compact mirror and whistle? Is this an EDC kit or an EDM kit?

    1. I’m sure the NYC EDC kit needs to include a high voltage cattle prod to wrangle the B&T crowd back to New Jersey.

      1. That is what the antenna on the ESB does. It is like a massive tesla coil which immediately melts the face off of B&T people in case of emergency. I’ve been tempted to pull a false alarm while Billy Joel was having a concert and effectively end the lame ratio in the state.

          1. I can’t even blame you. I am sure you drank water from Shoreham Nuke Plant run off which caused you to have not only a bad case of the Long Island Specific STD’s Shiny Cock and Center Moriches but also be convinced that Billy Joel isn’t totally fucking lame and that Boars Head Cold Cuts are something that should be asked for by name.

            1. Pipe down, you.
              Are we really going to debate which one of us is more a slave to his place of origin? At least I found my way over the damned Verrazano….
              Aint no NYC ‘center of the universe’ consensus gonna dictate MY musical tastes, paly.

                  1. thx for the lulz- its gotten to the point I cant even turn on the tv w/o getting triggered- can we just play ball? please?

          1. OT about bronze statues, at the NY Transit Museum there is a big statue of Ralph Kramden in his bus drivers uniform. Now of course I am a big Jackie Gleason fan…who isn’t…but it’s like hasn’t there ever been one real bus driver who ever, in the history of NY Transit, did something even slightly heroic. We needed a fictional character?

        1. Gotta be honest – although WB for both, I couldn’t imagine having to put up with the venue, and their vapid inanity, in order to do so. So WB in theory, but “fuck that, I’ve got better shit to do” in real life. As a wise friend once told me: “show me the hottest girl in the world and I’ll show you a guy who’s tired of fucking her.”

          1. I feel exactly the same way which is why I wish I was younger at times…at 18-22 I would have loved that venue and inanity.

          2. at the raves or EDC they are coked up , high on X, and on all kinds of uppers and downers…. it’s a shit show and another venue for attention. You get the same results where hot women congregate.

                1. Girls who demand to be seen in public in heels are my kind of women. Barring the gym or the beach or hiking, heels are requisite on females.

            1. Huh, when I was in high school, it meant they were doing a snowball…
              Too, girls were all the time running up and hitting/hugging/hanging/feeling around on the guys they were interested in. I was bruised and squeezed more than a fresh produce market.

  5. I used to have a pretty comprehensive kit in the tool box on my truck before i removed it. Had an emergency roadside kit with road flares, jumper cables, etc. Then I had about enough equipment to survive to camp out on the side of the road in there as well. Still carry the roadside kit and abot three or four first aid kits.

    Tip: if you have to break a car window, do it around the edges of the window, not the center. Side windows are strongest around the center.

  6. I really dont have much to contribute to these articles, so Im just gonna start posting the “word of the day”


    1:a small mountain, hill, or mound.

    2:a subordinate volcanic cone.E:… Ken walked purposelessly just less than half a mile into the grassland, toward a monticule

    1. Ha,ha a monticule ain’t no hill, it’s that thang that Kernal Klink wears on his eye, you big dummy!

  7. Personally, I can’t always carry this stuff at work. So, I keep an ammo can with all the essentials in my car’s trunk. Ammo cans have many uses and consequently I have many of them…

    OT: is anyone else breaking out the marshmallows as the NFL burns to the ground? The more Trump tweets at them, the more they meltdown over politics and the more viewers they drive away.

          1. yup. But also exorbitant prices and the very high quality and affordability of massive HDTVs probably play some kind of roll too. When I was a kid I would go to a ball game because it was a cheap, easy alternative to walking around the city. I could get a 10 dollar nose bleed seat at Shea Stadium and sneak in a pint of vodka and some mixers. Meet some girls. Lay in the sun.

            1. can we just clone Madden and Summerall? a duo for each team? I miss Madden babbling and drawing pictures on his telestrator

              1. just babbling on and on while eating a giant turkey leg. Yeah, Madden Summerall clones for Football and either Bob Murphy and Harry Carey for baseball. Sports would instantly become more interesting

            2. Sure but they had that stuff last year and didn’t have crowd shortages. Their revenue is tanking hard, so is ESPN’s because of politics, this has been reported many times. There’s a penalty for trying to shove one’s politics in everybody’s face.

              1. yup. It is def one of (if not the biggest) thing. I think the NFL was (foolishly) hedging on either the times changing or a massive influx of money from female viewership. Who knows. NFL owners are generally a really old boys club conservative lot so somehow someone must have convinced them this was the way to make money…I can’t see guys like Jerry Jones, Clark Hunt, John Mara and the rest of them really giving a shit about these politics.

                1. Yep, that is a sound analysis. I hear a lot of girls go on about how they “love sports” but 99.9% I hear say this mean “I’ll sit and not nag my boyfriend too much if he watches a game on Saturday and I’ll wear this cute little female tailored jersey that makes me look hot”. I think that the whole “females love sports” thing was a nose dive, and advertisers drinking the cool aid and making 70% of sports commercial female centric has also likely lost them a lot of revenue. Women don’t and will never drive Dodge Ram trucks and haul cattle fences across the prairie, what do advertisers not understand about this? As always, I always look to market forces for this kind of thing.

                  Personally I think it’s great. I hate professional sportsball probably as much as you do, although I do really enjoy college games *live*, but they aren’t being political so it’s nothing lost on my part. If pro teams want to self strangle in order to virtue signal to Millenials who don’t watch them much anyway, be my guest.

                  1. College (and even high school) games are far more enjoyable to watch because they still have something to strive for.
                    Professional sports is really just poorly written theater.

                    1. There’s no money involved for the players so they are literally playing for the love of the game (or at least shooting for chance at the pros). Something all of these idiots calling for college players to be paid don’t understand, it would transform college games into the same political driven bullshit as the pros are doing now. Way to kill a sport in college is to have the players made into minor league paid superstars.

                    2. I’d argue that the top college players are indeed paid (one way or the other) but its still very very conditional on their performance, which makes them work for it at least on the field.

                    3. Agreed, but the flip side of that argument is to consider the fact that many public state universities are earning $30 to $40 million per year on the backs of what is essentially slave labor.

                      The problem is that — sorry — money and capitalism has entered the collegiate sports system. It was a glorious little communist utopia before that, lol.

                    4. When they don’t get full ride scholarships, I’ll amend my position.

                      And cooperation is not “communism” nor “socialism”. That rebranding doesn’t fly, home fries.

                    5. cmon scro- free ride to school. Ill concede they should be given a small stipend for booze n whores

                    6. Slave Labour is unwilling. Every single college player chose to play for their scholarship. Is it a fair trade? Maybe not directly, but like I said above, most of them wouldn’t be playing if it was a salaried league.

                    7. In Division I perhaps, but the majority of college football players in the US do not receive scholarships. The smaller schools can barely afford a football program from what I heard from acquintances who played.

                    8. Slaves that beg and fight and bleed for the chance to play for free. That is the market telling you that they are already being paid enough to be worth It for the players, though instead of cash they get school perks and the chance to make it big. If it wasn’t worthwhile, they would quit.

                    9. Most of them aren’t remotely close to good enough to warrant getting paid. Turning it into what amounts to an amateur league would see 95% of them fired.

                  2. yeah, women love sports is prob 50% taking away a private male only space their husbands had and 50% going to sports bars dressed in slutty football shit to get attention, free booze and dick. Lady GAGA as a half time show. Come on. I mean, sure they are selling those pink jerseys and new ads will come in as old ones go out, but wow so crazy.

                    I don’t bother with pro sports ball either unless it is something very special. Live games are always fun, pro or college…I mean, its being outside in nice weather drinking with other people. I don’t really follow any sports now except boxing and even that only kind of follow the guys I like. But it just brings me back to the owners club. These are very wealthy, usually very conservative guys who are very much a private club. I refuse to believe there is any reason other than perceived profit that they are doing this which means, when they don’t see that money come rolling in the way they were lead to believe, they will probably make changes. These aren’t guys with a progressive social agenda….the majority of them are quite the contrary.

                    1. Sure, but I wonder how far they’ll let it go before they fire their demographics advisers? This is the second year in a row where they are tanking hard, you’d think at some point those boys in the back room would quietly oust Modell (sp?) and replace the game/advertising philosophy. Bottom line *should* matter to them, so I don’t get the “let’s wait and see and oh by the way we aren’t selling shit and most of our actual money holding fan base are deserting us”.

      1. Many 49er fans are telling me their new stadium sucks . That, plus the high ticket prices are the reasons fans stay away.

    1. Can’t quite figure out why the NFL is choosing to make a stand over the kneelers, nor
      why it’s worthy of ongoing attention by Trump. Best I can tell right now, it’s a no-win situation.

        1. I wonder if anyone has pointed out that they are doing protest wrong to begin with? Kneeling is a sign of respect and fealty.
          They just look like uneducated buffoons.

          1. “Kneel before Zod!”

            Yep, that’s a fantastic point, lol.

            Although a kneel/taking a knee in sports usually is a sign of injury on the field.

          2. Trump needs to have himself live streamed when they kneel and say something like “I accept your fealty. Rise, sir knight, and do great deeds in my name”

        2. They really screwed the pooch with that caper. An old friend from PA, born and raised, posted last night that he carried two garbage bags full of Steeler gear to the curb last night. He’s a veteran and is a Pitt graduate and stated he’s done. He’s not alone with that sentiment.

          1. I talked to two Steelers fans yesterday, directly, who said that they are out regarding the Steelers and that the team is now dead to them.

            These idiots in NFL leadership better get wise and fire that Modell clown, or it’s over soon.

            1. I know a few fans, but really don’t care if these clowns run their teams into the ground. I think it is a rigged business and has been the “No-Fun-League” for quite awhile.

          2. If that one dude who came out, the ex special forces guy, if he ran for PA congressial seat right now, he’d win

            1. Alejandro Villanueva. West Point grad who did 3 tours in the sandbox. He is the exception.
              The rest of the team can go eat a bag of dicks.

      1. Goodell could end this if he just required all of them to come out after the anthem. This is a self-inflicted wound.

        1. A few years back, NASCAR rearranged the opening ceremony to races. Previously, playing the anthem was followed immediately by ‘drivers, start your engines’. To accomplish this, drivers were already seated and strapped in to the cars prior to the anthem.

          They deemed it fitting, why, I don’t remember – perhaps there were driver or fan complaints, or perhaps just upon reflection – to have the drivers stand for the anthem. And the opening sequence of races was changed to accommodate.

          I don’t know if this was/is a consideration in the way Goodell is handling things, but it’d be in the back of my mind. The comparisons it would have drawn, for the NFL to deliberately be moving in the opposite direction of another major sporting league? He isn’t doing a very good job, but I really can’t fault him for declining to take that course.

    2. I’ve never cared for the NFL but they seem to be joining the list of EVERY sort of entertainment that can’t make it through a day without throwing in some politics.
      Most folks don’t want politics in their entertainment, if they want politics they will watch/read the news.
      That’s my take on it anyway. I pretty much turned off the news a few months ago and have been turning off other things too because I’m tired of hearing it.
      I used to be a political junkie, now I only keep up with the news just enough to have a basic idea of what’s happening in the world.

      1. as entertainment gets more political and politics becomes more entertainment the lines get blurred until we basically only have one thing….some kind of combo…..basically, it is late career David Bowie shit. Neither one nor the other but both in some way. This is why people are getting their news and opinions from celebrities and electing reality show hosts as president. I actually am in favor of it. The façade that has persisted for so long of politics being somehow valuable, important or in any measureable way meaningful is being lifted. Pretty soon we will go all in and follow my suggestion. The presidential ticket will be Mark Harmon and Beau Bridges and their slogan will be “Well, we look the part don’t we?”

        1. I sort of agree with that.
          Back when The West Wing television show was on ( I never watched it) someone wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper that basically said” Martin Sheen would be a great president because he does such a good job of it on tv.
          You can’t make up stuff like that.
          Personally I don’t want to hear about politics in everything.

          1. funny thing is, if they just would make politics actually entertaining instead of trying to hold on to some little thread of relevance it might be fun. I didn’t watch the west wing, but Martin Sheen is a pretty good actor. I’ve always liked him in stuff. Still thing Mark Harmon would be perfect

            1. If I’m going to wish for an entertainer I’m going to wish for someone who’s naturally funny (funny haha not funny queer) however I honestly can’t think of one at the moment. Most of what passes for funny these days is smug arrogance.
              Come to think of it though Ronald Reagan was a sort of amusing affable type of guy that was an actor who turned out to be a pretty good politician.

                  1. I don’t care about the actors politics. This is president. Looking for who can play the roll.

          2. At that time, Joan Rivers asked Sheen to his face if he had plans to run for president. He basically facepalmed and said, I’m just an actor, lady, then walked past her.

        2. I’ve embraced the horror. I welcome senator Kid Rock, and I hope he serves long into the Administration of Kris Jenner, our first female president.

          1. btw since I first saw your name back in the day I have been waiting for an opening to drop a “Why not Boethius?” so if you could please open yourself up to that with some comment I would be very appreciative. That is all.

            1. I think the phrase “consolation of philosophy” is very beautiful, and it speaks to a lonely stoicism that well encapsulates my values: there is no promised reward for living your principles– in fact, it may be your undoing. And if it is, only Sophia, Herself, will see your story. Only She will brush her lips to your ear and whisper the words that will help you face your undoing well, and with integrity. When all is lost, there is no earthly consolation– except having kept faith with philosophy.

              To me, that sentiment transcends the life and politics and circumstances of Boethius, himself.

              1. agreed on all counts…..that said “Why not Boethius?” still funny line. My deep love of philosophy has lead me down some unfortunate paths because it took age and wisdom to realize that philosophy was meant to be an avocation and not a vocation.

                1. “Why not Boethius?” sounds like a 90s comedy starring Bill Murray and Pauly Shore.

                  In fact, that needs to get made.

                  1. Yes, Bill Murray and Pauly Shore play estranged brothers who are different in every possible way but have to live together and do everything together for one year as per the agreement of their late parent’s conditional trust. Of course, by the end they learn to love one another and when they are able to take their millions and walk away are best of friends.

                2. ” meant to be an avocation and not a vocation”
                  they should really make a point of explaining to students at orientation if not sooner that the ARTS require PATRONS.

                  1. If I ever got rich enough not to work I would go back to teaching just for one semester, only intro classes, just to tell people this over and over until I got fired.

                  1. I am a DIY guy by nature. People like to buy their ontology pre fav and that’s ok with me, but I don’t go in for that stuff. When nothing exists I get to be my own god and create my own world and that suits me just fine.

                    1. I always appreciated that you weren’t the doom and gloom “Insert out of context Nietzsche quote here” type of Nihilist. Your’s seems more based in self-sufficiency and improvement.

      2. Im fed up with politics too- I just read headlines. there’s usually more to it than that of course. case in pt: the msm reported uber lost its operating license in London- but they didnt tell you why- rapes/attempted rapes are up, and its some of their drivers who are the cluprits

        1. Interesting, I was under the impression it was because the traditional cabbies were raising sand about uber taking their business.

          1. Traditional Cabbie in London is no joke. That is a very difficult license to get and requires a lot of study and background stuff.

            1. I figured it was like New York cabbies- got a drivers license? Middle Eastern/Indian? You’re hired!

              1. ha, no….in London being a cabbie is like really freaking difficult. I remember someone explaining it to me many years ago. There is like school for this shit and the testing is really extensive.
                In New York all you need is to be able to not speak the language, drive like a lunatic and smell badly….oh, and the 300k or so that the medallion costs (or to have a cousin who has a medallion) lol

                  1. I was just guessing. Might be 1 million for all I know. All I remember was that it was “outrageously expensive” not any details so 300k was just a number I picked.

                1. In that case I can see why London cabbies wouldn’t be happy about it. I’m not really all that familiar with uber but I’m guessing you only have to have a car, drivers license and sign up.

                  1. it has to be a “new” car, at least stateside(ie, 5 yrs old or less), I wouldnt be surprised if some auto companies have invested in it somehow

                  2. you pretty much have uber down. I use them pretty frequently here because I have a corp account and they are about on par with the cabbies and usually have cleaner and less stinky vehicles because they own their cars so they tend to take better care of them. But a proper London cabbie is like a real luxury. Keep in mind the last time I was in London was 2001 so if that has changed I can’t say.

                2. I’ve noticed the last couple of years that what appears to be ex NY cabbies have taken up truck driving around here. They have all the pre-requisites you mentioned along with having no idea how to back up a truck/trailer combination.

                  1. yup. That’s our guys. Generally terrible. The one thing they are good at is managing the lunacy of NYC traffic which takes being from a culture and religion which worships death and is not a transferable skill.

                    1. I think they take to truck driving because the long hours give them an excuse to smell like hogs instead of showering from time to time.
                      That and wearing those damn flip flops with feet dirty enough to grow watermelons between their toes.

                    2. that sounds about right.
                      There was a jon Lovitz cartoon back in the day called the critic where he was a movie critic. There is a scene where he goes to the Baghdad film festival and hails a cab. The driver is this really typical Brooklyn dude with a Yankees air freshener. Lovitz is like “uhm why are you driving a cab in Baghdad” and he says something like “I’m part of the cabbie exchange program. it ensures that no matter where you are the cabbie doesn’t speak the native language”

                    3. yeah it was great. Drawn Together, The Critic, Dr. Katz, some odd ball stand up from small clubs and prob a bunch of stuff I am forgetting.

                    4. That is another one. The Man Show and Crank Yankers before Jimmy Kimmel lost his penis. (Side note, not sure anyone in the booking committee at the special Olympics who hired kimmel last year or the year before to host did enough due diligence to find out he was behind the character Special Ed on Crank Yankers (really amazing how even now a days the past get be white washed)

                    5. Hypothesis: The name of the cable network will be systematically betrayed to the point that all of the programming will be the complete opposite of what it purports to be.

                      To wit: MTV, Comedy Central, CNN..

                    6. ESPN – which has almost nothing to do with actual sports, and almost everything to do with either direct politics, or what gossip is going around regarding players. Thanks for the feminization ESPN shareholders!

                    7. excellent observation. Remember when history channel was about history? At this rate the playboy channel will be about macro economics soon.

                    8. The only thing funny I’ve seen on there in a long time was Jeff Dunham… come to think of it, that’s been a pretty good while ago too.

                    9. Trucking isn’t easy…but gives you great degree of freedom and decent earning if you are willing put the hours in.
                      Nevertheless, it is not for everyone.

                    10. I drive one sometimes. The hours are long but every truckstop has a place to take a shower.

                    11. Well, driving a nice and comfortable Kenworth or Peterbuilt from Coast to Coast, being your own boss, not having to tolerate dikhead managers or colleagues.
                      Trucking does not seem bad at all.

                    12. Coast to Coast trucking is good money mostly but a lot of time away from home. For a guy with no kids it would be a good living.

                    13. it’s true. Islam is, in many ways, a death cult. Bad for them to have oil and nukes but it does make them adept at lane switches in rush hour on Lexington avenue.

              2. Most of them. However we also have a lot of Haitians (which are actually the best of the bunch and give me a chance to par les vu a little French which goes over well on dates)

                1. Y’all must have different Haitians up there than we do. The ones that show up around here are some ROUGH characters most of the time. They are mostly field help though and probably have zero skills may explain that. They always have machetes for chopping pig weeds and work out in the sun all day so you know they have to be tough.

                  1. same Haitians. Didn’t say they were paradigms of culture, just better than the arabs and French speaking. Saying that Haitian cab drivers are better than the muzzie cab drivers isn’t the greatest of compliments…

                    1. lol I guess I read a lot more into your comment than I should have.
                      Other than truck drivers there are few Arabs around here.

                  2. Interesting. We’ve got very few Haitians in Britain…but the ones we have tend to be highly educated, exceptionally polite and well-mannered. Maybe only the good ones came here…
                    Jamaicans in the UK on the other hand…

                    1. I don’t know where y’all’s Haitians came from? Lol
                      I figure if they show up around here as field help they probably have little education or skills. They mostly seem to be ok folks for the most part but they are some rough looking cats.

                    2. We’ve got plenty for them to do, during the summer there are more migrants around here than natives I think.

                    3. In which Southerner state do you live, if you don’t mind me asking? (I assume a “Confederate ” can only live in the South.)

                    4. Georgia.
                      I chose my screen name simply for the fact that it causes SJW types to immediately draw a lot of wrong conclusions about me and I enjoy that.

                    5. Georgia
                      I freely admit…despite Atlanta being an SJW paradise in general, I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation there back in 2014…
                      I guess it may be different when you actually live there full-time.
                      The ladies were really friendly there, anyway.

                    6. Atlanta is like a whole other country, literally (Hitler).
                      I have a close family member who lives in the northeast metro Atlanta area. I only go that way when I have to. I’m from the south central area, rural farm/forest country.
                      What areas did you visit?

                    7. We have places that doesn’t have traffic from hell like the Atlanta area lol next time you will have to check out more of it.

                    8. In some areas it’s ok, Tybee Island is nice but, there’s a few areas where you don’t go after dark or at all.

                  1. There is a Haitian community in Queens (one of the outer boroughs) and there are a fair number of them who drive taxi cabs. I wouldn’t say that there is a huge Haitian community, but it is pronounced and I do get good Haitian food.

              3. drivers license?!?!? hahahahahah

                no, more like – “do you have a face?” “more than 11 consonants in a row in your name?”
                “no respect for human life?”

                “YOU’RE HIRED!”

            2. The traditional cabbie in London is an overpriced anachronism. Unaffordable prices, outdated, polluting cars and extremely poor costumer service from their drivers.
              Their licence (“The Knowledge” as they used to refer to it) is totally irrelevant in 2017 when we have proper navigation systems in place that any reasonably competent driver can use.

              1. I can see what you mean about “the knowledge” (I had heard that term but forgot it) being made somewhat less useful now with GPS but totally useless? Having a driver with intimate knowledge of the streets to a very high level must be helpful for something.
                I don’t remember the cars seeming over priced, but coming from NYC a lot of things people think are over priced seem normal or even inexpensive for me. As for pollution, idgaf about that and the cars were very comfortable I recall. MY experience is quite limited of course, but I never had bad customer service. In fact I chatted quite a bit with a few cabbies and got some useful information and thoroughly enjoyed it. YMMV of course.

                1. To be fair just confirms… the black cab is really only affordable for wealthy tourists not for regular Londoners.
                  Most Londoners use Uber.

                  1. I prob would have used Uber as well….only, as I mentioned, it has been 16 years since London and there wasn’t an uber then.

        2. A Londoner here. It is clear that the number of rapes and sexual assaults in by Uber drivers is exaggerated. (False rape accusations, most of them.) Their drivers tend to be exceptionally polite and helpful, regardless of their ethnic background. Uber is the only affordable taxi service in London, UK. I hope Uber will continue to operate in London, UK.
          The traditional “black cabs” (black refers to the car’s colors, not the driver’s) are overpriced anachronisms with poor costumer service that most Londoners cannot afford anyway. Black cabs should have been put out of business many years ago.

        3. A bit of sexual harrasment and big time lobbying from the black cab union as well as TfL. 600,000 have signed a petition in support of Uber and it looks like it’s going to make a comeback.

    3. I played soccer and watched soccer all my life. I hope more Americans start enjoying soccer. The game is highly technical, and any person can play (short, fat, skinny, tall) . It builds quad, hamstring, and calf muscles and it is good for the heart. I hope US soccer rises to the top.

      1. One thing I have noticed in the last few years is that Hipsters are becoming Soccer fans big time. It is kind of a mix of virtue signaling (we are into the European thing not pedestrian bs like American sports) and irony (they are generally out of shape people who would never have been able to play a sport who are ironically getting obsessed with sports as a reaction to years of them being quite anti-sport). During the Euro or the World Cup you can see them taking over bars and being like really into in….

        1. I wonder that it isn’t directly correlated with the detachment/disdain they likely feel toward their dads and tradition (as evidenced in the very movement away from masculinity)?
          The attachment I have to sport isn’t to the profession but to the camaraderie I felt toward teammates and the memories of visiting various baseball stadiums with dad, playing catch in the back yard, that kind of thing where it was always about more than a game. Terrible thing to miss out on and it’s showing.

        2. yeah, in some of the cucked countries yes..Them hipsters wouldn’t dare do that shit in China, Russia, Italy, Hungary,

          1. Yup, back when I was in Ireland in the late 90’s buying and wearing a soccer jersey required some understanding of local customs if you wanted to not have your head kicked in.

      2. I disagree. I personally find football a lot more manlier sport than soccer.
        Despite living in the UK, I only follow (loosely, not fanatically) NFL and college football.
        Could not care less about soccer.

          1. reminds me of an old black man I met under quite auspicious circumstances that had told a young guy who was in central booking waiting for his arraignment “don’t act like you are such a bad ass. the real bad asses are the ones who didn’t get caught”

              1. Plus you get to hang out on the sidelines at the 50 yard line for no extra charge.

                OT: I got a new article for your consideration. “Six dates you should do before you buy the ring”

        1. Same here, spent time in Ireland. The running involved in soccer is unreal. With football, you get the rest in between each down, makes it so you can go all out while the ball is in play.

        2. The acting after fouls or perceived fouls does tend to associate wimpiness with soccer though it is quite an aggressive sport.

      3. No way. Soccer is to sports what socialism is to socio-political theory. A bunch of people working frantically and running around like mad with little to no end result.

          1. Yeah, the crowds are insane hooligans for some odd reason. My only guess is that their minds have gone so mad with boredom that anything beats sitting through ten more minutes of the “sport” and they start getting violent on the sport’s behalf.

            1. take a look at videos of PAOK fans from Thessaloniki. They literally (hitler) throw Molotov cocktails. It’s like their thing. They burned down their own stadium. It’s their version of a big foam we’re number 1 finger. They chant “Fire Fire Fire”

                1. Flares yes, but there is video of them actually throwing molotovs at an opposing goalie during a home came and burning their own field upon missing causing the game to be disrupted.

                1. Ah, the memories of the corner of High and 12th street. I went there during the 90s and they would riot when they lost. I used to cheer on the riot squads. Something to note though, most people who were arrested were (1) not students at OSU and (2) not residing in Columbus.

                  1. Mean Mr Mustards on High across from the Law Building…or how about The Library ? Remember the bar at the corner of High and Norwich I think it was Jailhouse. I had a buddy, corn fed farm boy from Findlay, Ohio, who was thrown out 3 nights in a row from The Jailhouse and assaulted the staff…On the fourth night, the injured staff offered him a job. haha

                    1. Mustards and Papa Joes were usually worth a walk through.

                      “…On the fourth night, the injured staff offered him a job.”

                      I used to shoot pool in the back of Jailhouse on occassion and they seemed to have a high turnover of bouncers. LOL Once after spring exams a group of us student vets (marines,soldiers) went there to booze it up and play pool. The staff threatened to chuck us and were promptly told to f*ck off. They tried to be intimidating and back up their threats, but simply (and wisely) walked away in the end.

                      *I know Findlay pretty well. I would also head to Bowling Green and found that place to be more pleasant and the women more receptive.

                    2. I was a skinny soccer player, no fighting for me back then. However, at the jailhouse I remember hitting on a girl, then her large boyfriend lifted me up with one arm by the neck. It took all my strength to peel his arm off my neck and I ran. Once I stood outside, the decent looking friend of the girl I was hitting on came and assured me the guy was drunk. I ended up dating the friend for 3 months. that place was crazy. If you went 4 blocks north of Norwich, I used to live in a house with 4 guys. my senior year. We had some killer parties and a band upstairs. On Michigan weekend that year, we hauled a 1988 Chevette in a junkyard, painted it Blue & Gold and charged $5 per hit with a sledgehammer. We made $750 and took that money to the anheuser busch distributor and bought enough beer for the rest of the year. We used to steal shopping carts Big Bear or was it Kroger..can’t remember…and have races around the block on High St. I miss those days.

                    3. Jailhouse I actually liked, but I got sick of the whole High St. scene quick and spent more time downtown or Northend.

                      Good call on the junk car. Game day is good time to hustle. I did a few home games, but I never did like being in crowds of that magnitude (especially when they are all from out of town and boozed up). Pending when you were there, the Kroger near King street closed as it got robbed too many times.

                      I actually drove thru there this summer and alot of the slum is gone, so it has improved.

        1. American professional sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL are basically socialist organizations. They feature:

          1. Salary caps
          2. Luxury taxes
          3. Top draft picks going to worst-performing teams from the previous year
          4. Revenue sharing that redistributes wealth evenly throughout the leagues
          5. No system of relegation that financially punishes underperforming teams (as happens in Europe)

          In the U.S., successful athletic teams are punished, unsuccessful ones are rewarded… and it’s all by DESIGN.

          Sorry, dude. We’re a socialist sports paradise.

          1. Where did I indicate otherwise? There’s a reason they are losing revenue like mad. And I for one, thank that’s grand. Quite grand indeed.

            1. If you like your sports gloriously uninfected by socialism, you should probably follow European club soccer. They have none of the restrictions I just outlined, zero. In fact, PSG just bought out Neymar’s entire contract at Barcelona for nearly half a billion euros, with basically no oversight.

              1. I have nothing against the rules or lack thereof. What I find boring about soccer is….soccer. It just bores me to tears. I would literally (Hitler) rather watch flies fuck or grass grow.

                1. Personal taste. I’ve played soccer my whole life. Meanwhile, I can only watch about ten minutes of any other sport on television before my eyes glaze over.

                  1. My kid is a soccer goal keeper and soccer can be fun as hell to watch. I never played, but I did play hockey as a kid so that may be the crossover.

                    Edit: Forgot to say, that I’d rather play almost any sport than watch it on TV

                2. that’s what many people say don’t mean it is a bunch of random dudes running around. Watch a big game sometime, El Clasico, FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid or even in the USA, NYC FC or Seattle Sounders. Those teams are packing in 50,000 plus these days. People drinking, cheering, and having just as much fun as any football game.

                  1. it is very cool I think to watch the formations play out and the lines being run when they all work out nicely. Like a very large, life scale of chess.

                  2. Sounders have sold out every game for the last seven years, and their stadium seats 60,000 people. Most other cities have soccer-specific stadiums that seat 15,000. Even Detroit has a minor-league team that is attracting 7000 per game. The MLS is here to stay; the money makes sense.

              2. Meh, too much money and apart from top games, watching Barca, Real or PSG play a smaller team is like looking at a gang beatdown. That’s one sided they are!
                Support your LOCAL club, always!

          2. top draft picks going to worst performing teams isn’t necessarily a bad thing…in fact, it is actually a smart thing. If you rewarded the best drafts to the best teams you would eventually have such a lop sided league that you might as well watch the globetrotters take out the generals.
            This is a bad policy for wealth distribution, but making interesting and exciting sporting events between relatively equal teams is a good idea…one dating back at least to the roman coliseum where the fighting styles or weaponry of gladiators who fought one another were matched up to make the fights more interesting. Big powerful guy with sword and shield against short fast man with net and trident? Absolutely. No one wants to see one team get so good that they simply crush the competition every time.

            1. “If you rewarded the best drafts to the best teams you would eventually have such a lop sided league”

              This is exactly what’s happening in European soccer.

              1. right which is why what you (or maybe dickhead) mentioned above is true…watching Barcelona play anyone other than a hand full of world class teams is like watching A pro football team play football against a junior high school tetherball team. I think this is another reason americans have some trouble. With some few exceptions where they are just having an awful year or an awful run nearly every pro Baseball, Basketball and Football team can beat every other team on “any given sunday” as they say. It makes it such that you can watch an exciting game without it being the finals.

          3. If you look at the individual teams then sure. If however you look at the Leugue as the business (competing with other leagues and other sports), and teams as subsidiaries, then it’s just a business doing things a certain way to please the customer, as having the biggest richest city winning every year due to unlimited funds would be less fun for viewers. Since the product for sale is the drama of competition, it would be counter productive to have Darwinian competition among teams whittling down the leugue to New York, LA, and three or for other large markets.

        2. “bunch of people running around frantically” I hope you are joking because that is not even remotely true. For one you have formations, it can be 4-4-2, 1-4-3-2, 3-4-3, and many permutations of the 10 man formation. You have to decide what strategy you will employ, possession , counter-attack, long ball, etc..etc.. you can free form your formations or keep it structured. Will you use your midfield for distribution of the ball or will you try to maintain possession in the middle of the field? Will you pull up your centerback as an attacker? Do you cross, play wide? play narrow? In terms of the contracts..It is a global sport so your options are that much greater to have a career and there are many 2nd and 3rd tier teams. For example Leicester City had a bunch of amateur players who were full time roofers on their team 4 year ago. they climbed to the top of the British Premier League and won it

          1. Yup. You kind of have to really step back and pay attention to what is happening to see just how cool it is, but it is like a big clock almost with a complicated mechanism. It took me a lot of watching before I could really appreciate how cool the patterns were.

            1. what you do off-the-ball is actually more important than what you do when you have the ball. The chemistry among the individuals has to be solid. The left back needs to know what his winger or center mid will do and what space they will fill when he has the ball. It is like you have to know your teammates and their strengths in order to effectively attack or defend. Soccer requires much more teamwork than in a corporate environment.

              1. Yeah, I have never played so am far from an expert but will say that my initial dislike of soccer was because I wasn’t really paying attention. Just having a drink with it on in the background doesn’t mean dick unless you are a fan and really care about who is winning. Once I started stepping back and watching all the players and where they were and what they were doing and how each part related to each other part and was then extrapolated out into a whole I really started to find it quite beautiful. I think the general problem most of my American counterparts have with soccer is that in order to appreciate it you actually have to pay attention. It isn’t quite as passive an activity to watch soccer as it is to watch football.

                1. there is only one break at the half and soccer is low scoring. Some people like high scoring games. To me basketball is fun to play but not to watch. You can literally just turn on a basketball game during the last few minutes. However, it is quite fun to watch the superstars like old Michael Jordan and Larry Bird as their skill level was phenomenal.

                  1. I feel the exact same way about basketball. And while I don’t watch sports in general, I will watch anything if there is a once in a life time player like watching Tiger play golf in his prime, Jordan, bla bla bla whatever. I think that the low scoring thing doesn’t bother me as much because growing up, while I enjoyed all sports, my favorite was baseball and my ideal baseball game was always a pitching duel with a lot of short ball being played so that pace and score always appealed to me.

                  1. yeah…I have another buddy who is shocked that I can sit and watch a baseball game. I usually go, though not this year, to at least one game and sit there with a little golf pencil and the score card and keep score. I might be the only one under 100 who still does that.

              2. I’ve played against D1 teams who’ve played together for over a decade. Their chemistry is SICK. They can read one another’s minds, which is worth about three extra players on the field. If they’re well conditioned too, then the beating gets even worse, lol.

                1. They even know each other’s strong foot. I’ve seen MLS u16 academy teams on autopilot . Every space is filled before even a pass is made .

          2. It is exactly true. I loath soccer. It may have neat names for the formations and stuff, but that doesn’t make it exciting. I can create astounding names, pattern calls and such about growing grass, but end of the day, that too is boring. Maybe it is fascinating to some in a clockwork kind of fashion, but given as I’m not a fan of any sportsball except maybe at the college/high school level, I’m probably going to be a tough sell on soccer no matter how you explain it.

            1. I upvoted you because I hate fancy names for a lot of shit . Sometimes I see myself in your comments. I do have a passion for socce,r but what you said is funny.

          1. maybe not that swim dancing but I would recommend swim team for all boys that have it offered to them. learning to be a strong swimmer, getting lean, meeting loads of girls…all very very cool things

            1. When I was in college the rowing team had hot girls and being a male cheerleader helped pull in the hotties . All you needed to do to have to be on the rowing team was a warm body and competitive spirit.i was too busy studying and working. Fuck me

              1. yes, where I went to college the crew guys got loads of pussy too. Some of it had to do with them being wealthy I am sure, but yeah, crew was big.

                1. college football weekends doe bring out the hotties in Dallas. The bar I was at on Sat night brought SMU, Baylor, OSU (Oklahoma), Texas, A&M, and LSU fans…I was almost overwhelmed with women to hit on. I actually got physically tired with all the approaching.

      4. Excellent cardio playing soccer! My dad was from Italy, and that’s all we did growing up was play soccer (football). He played for the national amateur league in Italy for a couple of years.

        I remember going house to house with all the neighborhood kids playing different sports at each house. When we hung out at my house, it was almost mandatory that we played soccer, and my dad would play with us. He wouldn’t cut us any slack, he would score on everybody, and made a mockery of us. My friends would all get pissed at him and say “we’re not coming over if your dad’s going to play.” His Italian sense of humor and heavy accent didn’t come across very well, and I would get pissed at him too, but years later, I realized he was just clownin’ all of us, having a good time.

    4. By calling for a boycott, Trump is threatening their biz in a big way. Watch to see all the NFL (including owners), and the support press that covers them close ranks and act like this kneeling fad is some kind of heroic statement. It’s going to be the new “stunning and brave.”

      1. Didn’t trump criticize Obama for getting involved with the NFL over the redskins?

          1. If I owned that team, I’d change the logo to a rabid red-man with a scalp, and dub them the Savages for 1 game. Really stir the pot.

            1. It would be a hit. It reminds me of a university basketball team from Colarado, IIRC, that wanted to make aware how humiliating mascots with Indian names were and dubbed themselves “the fighting whites.” It completely backfired and their shirt sales skyrocketed and they changed their name after one season.

    5. In a roundabout way, it reminds me of what has been happening to many churches. Women get involved in the program, in small numbers it is fine, until they want to change things. Those in power listen to the women, and try to appease them (women in priesthood, concussion whining) this makes the product undesirable for everyone. (Dating market is that way too)

      1. Funny you should say that. I just now found a traditional church to attend in the area after fruitlessly wandering through nondenominational mosh-pits. Night and day.

        1. Good for you. I would bet that in time the more orthodox churches will gain more favor than the happy-clappy feel good churches that don’t require anything from the members.

          1. It was reported over the weekend that the pope received a filial correction from clergymen for his reputed errors and herasies.

            That hasn’t happened since1333.

              1. Thanks for the link. Glad to see it. The pope has been acting like a socialist and needs to be reigned in.

                1. There’s a war in the Catholic hierarchies. Some cling to the book and tradition, while others are more than content to sell out for money and continuing public relevance.

                  1. The thing is, if they sell out, they will eventually lose public relevance. People will no longer look to the shining city on a hill if it doesn’t shine.

  8. Bit off topic.
    Are red-pilled commenters from Cleveland, OH? I am going to visit the city soon I need some advice.

    1. No, I’m just north east of Columbus though. Not sure if that helps or not.

        1. You’re safe-ish around the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. The rest, eh, I carry a gun. I have a good friend who lives outside of Cleveland who tells me for a fact that you basically want to carry in all but a very few places. This *has* kept the crime in check compared to other big cities, but you don’t want to be caught flat footed. All this said, I don’t live there so I can’t really tell you first hand of every square inch of the place.

          1. Planning to stay near the Hall of Fame (Back to the hotel by 8pm). Only staying for to days and nights.
            I guess you cannot be careful enough in places like Cleveland…

            1. no doubt, that is where they invented the Cleveland Steamer. Don’t want to pass out on the street there.

            2. Do not go further east than university circle/Cleveland Clinic. There are a couple rough areas west of the market district including housing projects. If you start seeing boarded up shacks or shot up street signs revaluate where you need to be and where you actually are. Do not go into East Cleveland.

              1. i can back that. As someone who was born and cleveland and have most of my family living in cleveland i would say stay away from east clevleand.

  9. Bag ‘o stuff…..

    I have been terrible at this . So embarrassing to have to ask your wife for a pocket knife because you know she keeps one in her purse.

        1. I miss my little gentleman folder. It was the perfect size to keep in a suit without causing undo bulk. I have no idea what happened to that damn knife.

          1. It’s a tough balance when you are trying to look sharp. A cell phone is bulky enough. Add keys, wallet, maybe a pen and pad, then whatever else, and you almost need a briefcase if you are going out with a suit and tie.

            1. Exactly. I have a pretty slim cell phone that I use on the inside of my jacket. I use a very small wallet…actually somewhere between a billfold and a card case which goes in the front bottom right pocket of jacket and my keys are fairly minimal. My house has a proximity reader. So I basically have a USB keychain with a proximity reader, mail box key and the key to my office desk on it which I leave in my right front bottom jacket pocket. In that pocket I used to leave my Laguiole gentleman’s folding knife which was a very simple affair, just a steel blade in a wooden handle that folded and had a locking mechanism. That is all I carry on my person. I do carry a brief case, but not all the time only as needed so that isn’t good for a place to carry stuff because I like everything to be in the same place all the time.

          2. “I miss my little gentleman folder”
            I can clearly picture you having a dapper, miniature man in your employ who’s sole responsibility is to fold clothes…

          3. Hipponax, check out the SOG Key Folding Knife KEY-101. It has a 1.5″ locking blade and when folded is virtually indistinguishable from a regular house key. It would be just about ideal for you.

            1. It’s cool. I will rebuy the exact one I had once I’m convinced it isn’t in a drawer or closer somewhere though. I really liked it

  10. I haven’t seen this mentioned, so if I may add one item to always carry while driving… a tire plug kit. They are small and fit anywhere within your vehicle, they cost less than $10 and they don’t expire. I can’t tell you how many times over the years that I’ve picked up a screw or nail and started to lose air in one of my tires. If caught in time, it’s an easy fix that will get you to the nearest gas station to fill up your tire and avoid costly repair to your wheel, or worse…

    1. Great call Lou! And for us motorcyclists (running tubeless tires) there is the Stop & Go 1001 Tubeless Tire Plugger with CO2. This will not only allow you to plug a hole in your bike tire on the side of the road, but includes carbon dioxide cartridges to re-pressurize the tire after you’ve fixed it.

      1. this is fucking awesome! Do you know the make of this. I think I might buy one today!

        1. The ‘contortionist’ bike is a prototype. I find that this particular one hasn’t been manufactured yet but it looks cool as shit.


          Here’s a briefcase bike


          The ‘Quiggle’ is in production but pricey. Very fast to assemble.


          For ‘pick up’, there’s a folding bike actually called the ‘pick up artist’ by Soma fabrications. It is popular in the UK as a ‘cargo’ bike. Front and rear racks can also be used as seats!


          It’s better to have an empty rack than to not have one and need one. These clowns attempt to pick up women with bicycles that have no racks. You need a rack fool!


    2. You can also get a 12 volt tire inflator from an auto parts store for around 20 bucks then you don’t even have to go to a filling station to pump up your tire.

  11. When it comes to EDC gear don’t skimp on quality. If you’re in a situation where you really need it, having gear that will work without breaking is essential. I highly recommend a high quality fixed blade knife for your EDC pack along with a means to sharpen it. I carry a Tom Brown Scout because the blade is short enough it’s legal virtually everywhere. But if that won’t work on a budget, the CIMA-1 can be had for about $20 and is a stout knock off of the ESEE RC-3. It comes razor sharp with Micarta scales, a 7CR17MOV blade and a decent Kydex sheath. I also carry a folding knife and really like the Kershaw Speed Safe series. These are very reasonably priced, open like a switchblade and hold an edge fairly well.

    I am a big fan of Maxpedtion packs and one of my EDC bags is the Falcon III. I beat the hell out of this bag and have never had a problem with it. It has a lot of compartments including one for a hydration bladder / concealed handgun. I use it for my wintertime EDC. In the summer, I ride a motorcycle and prefer a less “military” look, so I use the 5.11 tactical COVRT18. This pack was designed for covert police work, but has a lot of features that make it work great for the prepared civilian while still looking inconspicuous. The COVRT18 is also great for CCW.

    Always make room for rain gear. I carry either a military poncho or a light nylon two piece rain suit. If you’re already in a bad situation, being wet, cold and miserable isn’t going to improve things for you. As the author points out, have a means to make fire. Waterproof matches and a lighter are great, if you can get them to work. It is a good idea to have an additional means of starting a fire and my favorite is the UST BlastMatch. It only requires gross motor skills and can be used one handed (important if you’ve been injured). Combined with UST’s WetFire tinder, if you have fuel, you will have a fire in no time.

    A multi-tool is essential and should be in your pocket (or on your belt) not in your EDC pack. My preferred multi-tool is the Leatherman Wave. I’ve found them at gun shows and pawn shops for 50% to 75% off retail. So I have three of them. This multi-tool comes as close as anything you can buy to doing it all. It has pliers, wire cutter / stripper, straight and serrated knife blades, a functional wood saw, a file (one side is diamond), miniature screwdriver (think eyeglasses here), regular screwdriver, scissors, flat screwdriver / wedge and a can / bottle opener. There is an extension / bit kit available for it too that really extends it’s capabilities.

    First aid is essential too. I carry basic first aid supplies but also carry a Quick Clot sponge, an Israeli battle dressing and a CAT (combat application tourniquet). These things aren’t that expensive and when you’re losing blood like crazy, you don’t want to screw around looking for something that may work. Consider this cheap life insurance. I also carry a small roll of camping toilet paper. If you have to stop on the side of the road and run off into the bushes, the last thing you want to do is wipe with Poison Ivy leaves. Also having toilet paper will make you a hero with the woman in your life if she has an emergency.

    A flashlight is good, but I recommend a hands free headlamp. I use the Princeton Tec Vizz because it has spot, flood and red light capability. It can be locked with a simple button press sequence to prevent accidental activation and is economical on batteries (it will last for hours on low). I also carry two sets of spare rechargeable AAA batteries for it in an anti-rattle case. And finally, hydration is one of the most important considerations. So have a couple of water bottles with you, but make sure one of them is capable of filtration. I carry the Berkey sport bottle, because it is simple and can turn mud puddle water into drinkable water. There’s no pump or other moving parts to break and the filter can be cleaned off with a Scotch-Brite scouring pad and reused. Keep in mind that everything I have listed here can be purchased through the affiliate link to Amazon right here on AKC. Doing that helps support this site.

    1. That sounds good for bugging out in the woods. Also an old fashioned county paper map of the region with topography and streams if you have to stay off the web or if it’s down. I used to get the county maps for 50 cents from the county office that were detailed with rural property lines and structures.

      1. What I carry really isn’t a true Bug Out Bag, although I make sure to have survival essentials with me all the time. The bulk of the contents of my EDC bag are things like a camera, binoculars, magnifying glass, spare reading glasses, “normal” first aid supplies like band-aids, Ibuprofen, antibiotic creme, my laptop if I’m traveling for work, a two way radio, spare pistol magazines, pen, pencil, writing tablet, and my lunch. I also carry 160 trillion in Zimbabwe dollars and a couple of U.S. silver dollars I use to explain monetary inflation to young people. But my load out is unique to my situation.

        With respect to paper maps you should certainly have one and a compass to go with it. One of my favorites is the Delorme Atlas & Gazetteer. This is a whole book of topographical maps for your state that’s small enough to fit in your EDC bag but big enough to be useful. These cost between $15 – $25 depending on your state which is a fantastic deal for the number of maps you get. Lets face it, GPS is great…unless the signal is being jammed or the system goes down. Orienteering and land navigation are skills every man should possess.

    2. “I carry either a military poncho….”
      Is that a real poncho or a sears poncho?…..hmmmmmmm no fooolin’
      (big points for reference getting but I will know if you looked it up online!)

      1. Well it’s certainly not a Mexican poncho. But it may be suitable for use Way over on the wet side of the bed (knirps for moisture).

  12. Sadly we’re seeing in Puerto Rico what happens when people do not prepare for the inevitable disaster.

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