5 Protein Packed Foods for Muscle Growth


Killing it in the gym is essential for muscle and strength growth, but the other side of the coin is food.  If you’re not eating enough to sustain muscle growth, your hard work in the gym will not pay off.  Today I’ll review 5 protein packed foods I eat regularly and how I prepare them to keep things interesting.

The truth is, I love cooking and preparing food.  It almost becomes an art form, blending different ingredients and spices to make something has a soothing effect on me. I spend Sunday afternoons prepping my lunches for the week while the wife bins up our dinners to put in the slow cooker.  With our busy schedules and activities with the kids, a slow cooker is a must for our family to eat healthy.   Having everything ready to go for the week takes the guesswork out of choosing a meal.  Also, we’ve found that it is a great way to save money while eating healthy meals. I typically spend ~$120 a week on groceries for 5 people eating dinner every night.  Not bad if you ask me.

Getting back to our main topic, guys who lift weights need to get their macro nutrients met to fuel muscle growth.   When I started lifting, I made the foolish mistake of not eating enough food for fear of gaining too much fat.  Long story short, it lead to a lot of wasted time.  The truth is you will gain some fat if you’re eating to build muscle. If you don’t go too overboard and eat clean, the fat gain will be minimal and easy to lose when you cut. To track food, I highly recommend the My Fitness Pal app.  Enter your current body weight, how much you want to gain/lose per week, and log everything you consume into the app.  Easy, and it shows you how good or bad the food you’re currently eating is so you can adjust as needed.

The Lifter’s Diet

The foods below are some of my favorite to eat to really dial in my calories and protein content for the day.  I’ll offer a few different ways to prepare them to keep things from getting boring:

1. Eggs

Eggs have been a lifters go to for ages.  They’re cheap, taste great, and keep you full.  I highly recommend cooking them in a cast iron skillet as the flavor is really enhanced.  In a pinch, I”ll whip them up in a bowl and microwave them to save time. I eat 5  daily for breakfast and I haven’t grown tired of them yet.  I don’t believe all the hype about eggs being unhealthy either.   One of my favorite ways to spice up eggs is adding taco seasoning and a little chipotle aioli sauce.   Eggs are a great source of protein as well, clocking in at around 7 grams each at ~70 calories.  Not much for one egg, but who eats just one anyway?

2. Pork Chops

Since I shared my breakfast, I’ll share my favorite lunch with you all as well.  I freaking love pork chops.  They’re cheap and when prepared correctly taste amazing.   Pork can taste really good, and I’ve never seen the need to bread and fry the chops.   One of my favorite ways to prepare them is to marinate them in a sriracha lime marinade overnight then throw them right on the grill.  The meat soaks up the spice and stays juicy and tender.  An 8oz pork chop packs a whopping 48 grams of protein at ~400cals.

3. Chicken Quarters

These are a slow cooker favorite of mine.  The quarter is the drumstick and thigh together.  I prefer the quarters to the breast meat as it stays juicier while cooking.   Prep is simple.  Dump 2 cups of  Italian salad dressing on top of the quarters, chop some onions/carrots and toss them in, then cook on low in the slow cooker for 3 hours.  A 6 ounce chicken quarter has 25 grams of protein at ~400 cals.

4. Ribs

If you don’t eat ribs, you have no soul.  Okay not that drastic, but they are delicious.  They are a bit fatty, but if you’re eating clean its not too much to worry about.  Ribs do best when cooked slowly on a low heat.  I actually cook ours in the slow cooker as well.  I get a full rack of ribs, cut it in half, and wedge it in the slow cooker with a quick squirt of barbecue sauce, half a cup of apple sauce, and various seasonings.  Let them cook on low for 4 hours and you’ll be thanking me.  This is probably the least healthy (as the barbecue and apple sauce have high sugar content) but it beats eating fast food or deep fried things and you can skip those ingredients if you want. 6oz of rib meat contains 28 grams of protein at 345 calories.  These things are filling too, I cant eat more than 4.

5. Steak

What list would be complete without steak?  While I don’t eat it as much due to having to feed so many people in my house, I will do a nice steak dinner typically on Sunday night.  I marinate the meat in a bourbon, salt/pepper, garlic marinade for about 2 hours prior to grilling them.  I like my steak to be “blue rare” which means searing the outside at a high heat while the inside is basically raw.  You don’t have to go that extreme, but I have to say a well done steak is basically a waste. My whole family eats their steak (even the baby!) “under done” and we’ve never had an issue.  I grill the kids steaks to about medium and the wife and I get blue rare.  As for our purposes, A 5 oz New York strip steak comes in at 41 grams of protein, and 270 calories.


I hope you guys try and experiment with these recipes.  I will note that I do not drink any type of protein shakes or take any supplements.  All my protein comes from the food I consume.  Granted, that means there are days where I’m at my desk tearing into 12 ounces of pork like a savage, but I’m happy.  The rule of thumb that I’ve seen everywhere is to consume 0.7 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight and I’m typically aiming for that number.  Let me know if you guys have any other foods or recipes that may be interesting for guys doing weight training.

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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      1. LOL! I order mine direct from the farm and grill them myself. The bill is a lot more manageable, even for the steak (buy a couple of kilos rather than individual steaks).

        1. We do the same. We have a chest freezer and order a half a beef (300-400 pounds meat) cut how you want We usually do 1/3 hamburger, 1/3 roasts, and 1/3 steaks. A good butcher will make the steaks out of the best cuts of meat, roasts for the slightly tougher but bulky meat, and hamburger for the scraps.

          1. Yeah if I had a chest freezer I would get a whole piece of cow. There are courses you can take at the local meat market where they teach you how to butcher meat. Likewise, they have the same at the fish market. Key skills for a man. If I had more time I would take the courses.

  1. Unless it’s ‘organic’ (raised without hormones and chemicals in the food) chicken is a poison for your body.

      1. Are you thinking about the turkey drumstick? But yeah even then it’s *way* bigger than you’d find on any turkey, even a domestic one, from the 1980’s back.

        1. I’m exaggerating the point. But, I like to get chicken at a nearby farmers market. It’s at least 50% smaller in size than what comes packaged at the grocery store. Whatever they’re feeding the chickens at “factory” farms, those birds are turning into balloons!

          1. I think that’s water-saline injections maybe? I really don’t know. Food-bothering always seemed a little exaggerated and hyperventilating to me. I don’t mean healthy eating, that’s valid 100%, I mean the freaking out over GMO’s, “Frankenfoods” etc. always strikes me as rather Malthusian. I’m not entirely educated on this but what little I’ve seen and read doesn’t dissuade me from this opinion. There are some valid points to be made, especially regarding dairy standards and beef methods of raising, but for things like corn growth I really don’t get the huge hubbub.

            I think an argument can be made for buying organic chicken based on health concerns alone, such as their much lower rate of disease due to not being caged side to side with 10,000 other birds in a place the size of a normal lawn shed though.

            1. I worked at a grocery store from seventh grade to my senior year of high school. Butcher definitely injected beef with water to get the weight up when they threw a cut on the scale. I don’t remember them doing it to chicken…

              Lots of funky stuff goes down at the local supermarket.

      2. Funny, if you get good heritage chickens and look at the size of the breast it is quite anemic compared to todays super chickens which have been bred to produce more white meat as it has become more fashionable.

    1. I believe hormones are illegal for use in raising *all* poultry at the federal level now, organic or not, but I’m only a little read no this topic so I may be wrong.

      1. I don’t know the specific regulations there (not american, remember?) but even if hormones are verboten, they can use all kind of ‘supplements’ in the food who technically are legal. Here they use that all the time, and that’s why I avoid chicken like the plague.

      2. I am not sure that hormones are illegal but I do know that when a chicken is hormone free it seems they go way out of their way to announce that shit on the label which leads me to believe that it isn’t the case of all chicken.

        1. Consider that many things that have ZERO wheat in them advertise very loudly about being “Gluten Free!”.

          1. “water….now with no fructose”
            yeah, I get it which is why I qualified by saying it was a hunch I just had to look up. I will when I get a chance.

    2. Yeah, the extra couple of bucks it costs to buy meat that is raised on a local farm with a good reputation is worth it every time.

      1. I will never understand how people are cheap when buying their food….ffs, it’s what you are eating!

          1. Sometimes is not even poverty, just ignorance. I know people making really good money and buying crappy food.

        1. same here! Oh, you saved 2 dollar a pound buying food, to ingest into your body, that was raised on a nuclear power plant. Great. It is odd how much money is spent on things at the top level of Maslow’s hierarchy and how little money is spent on its foundation. I will hire a shrink and get myself brand new designer shoes with all the money I save by eating rat poison instead of food.

          1. Yesterday I was in the lift of some government building and 2 young (early 30’s) men, mediumtohigh level Nomenklatura were talking to each other about how their
            expensive shrinks are only making money from them, but they still continue to go there anyway.

            Stupidity is sometimes worse than cancer.

            1. absurd. Professional fucking complaining. I mean if you have a serious mental problem I can see using a doctor, but holy jesus people will bitch and moan at 300 dollars an hour and then scoff at me when I pay for the high end gym membership. You give me those 2 guys in their early 30’s and let me put them on a keto diet and have them move weight and hit bags and get their dicks wet for a month and they will never go back to Sigmund to bitch and moan again.

              1. Wait…your gym provides a dick wetting service?

                Dufuq is this gym and how do I get a membership?!?

                1. Actually, if you are familiar with the Equinox chain you’d know it isn’t far from the truth lol.

  2. I am going to throw one onto this list: bone broth. I have been using a powder/concentrate bone broth for several weeks now. 90 cal, 20 g of protein per scoop. If you still go old-school and try to eat 1 g of protein per pound of your body weight, it is a great way to hit that mark without blowing up your caloric intake. Plus, it is a wonderful source of collagen for those of us suffering from joint injuries. I wish that I discovered the stuff years ago.

      1. If nothing else, it can help you hit your protein goals for 50% of the calories in whey protein supplements, leaving much-needed calorie space for booze!

  3. Get some Durkies mixed half and half with some olive to put on those chicken quarters then grill them, it’ll be so good that it will make you want to slap your grandma.

  4. I’m not ashamed to admit it – I caught a little wood reading this.

    One caveat if I may however: “Italian Dressing” might be chock full of awful shit. Whip up a little yourself and keep it in a jar on the counter.

    1. Since trying to eat clean(er), it’s always a bummer when you look at the back of a bottle of dressing/barbecue sauce and think, “fuck, this isn’t good either.”

      1. Sooooooooooooo much salt and sugar in that crap. We make very passable bbq sauce and salad dressings that last for months.

      2. Instead of BBQ sauce I have been doing this great thing. I take a bunch of mango (frozen in the winter fresh when I can get it) and some habanero peppers, salt and pepper and toss it in the blender. Once blended I put coconut shreds in it. Boom. If you can do it with BBQ sauce you can do it with this.

          1. it’s true. I use (((kosher))) salt and black fresh ground telecherry pepper which is a dots not feathers indian pepper and between those two, fresh garlic and onion and a bit of butter I rarely need anything else unless I am making eye talian food.

            1. I’ll check out telecherry pepper. I’ve become a total fresh ground pepper snob. Cant go back. I’m considering getting a stealth mill to take to the diner with me.

            2. Those are all my goto spices, although I use regular fresh cracked Malabar pepper and not some Hindu thing.

              1. them hindus know how to make a pepper. Really though, if you ever run buy tellicherry peppercorns pick some up. It is basically the same fruit but handled differently. You can smell it from around the block. Good stuff. Worth trying if you like black pepper.

                1. As it happens I’m going grocery shopping today so I’ll look for it. Thanks for the recommendation.

            3. Outside of some (((dude))) waving a magic wand over it, what difference is there between Kosher Salt and regular old salt?

              One of my favorite gimmicks is “Sea Salt!” Um, yeah, all salt came from the sea, so….

                1. Wouldn’t it be more clear to just label it “Coarse Salt” then? Not that you had anything to do with it, I’m just wondering out loud. I went a long time thinking that there must be something extra super special going on there, when in fact I’m pretty sure there’s not. Salt is salt, and I suspect all processing standards are sanitary and the same, so having Mel Brooke’s uncle waving a magic wand over it means literally nothing to me.

              1. Kosher salt is very large and granular. Kosher is actual a verb. Kosher salt is all craggly to draw the blood out of meat (a shameful part of the koshering process) but the salt’s size and texture are preferable for most cooking applications (thank you alton brown…you were the man before you became rich and skinny)
                Sel de Mer from the south of france is the real deal. A lot of sea salt is BS. But getting the good stuff will taste (and cost) a big difference. I have a hunk of pink Himalayan salt at home which also has a slightly different flavor.

                1. Texture and all that is great, I just think it would make more sense to label it clearly, but maybe that’s just me. Of course that it’s used for the Koshering process is relevant, but it’s also used for most cooking now so the distinction seems trivial. Personally, I’d go with Coarse Salt but I’m a rube who likes plain wording. Heh. Marketing, as always, prevails.

                  All salt came from the sea, so I suspect that being a bit more specific on “sea salt”, such as “Southern France Sea Salt” might be more instructive. Dunno. Trendy labeling and such never does much for me if it conveys no real information that makes one product distinctive from another.

                  1. I’m sure coarse is pretty much the same. I get the big box of Kosher salt here that lasts quite some time. I am fairly sure the box does say Course on it as well. Most of what I learned from cooking came from Alton Brown’s show good eats and he always called it kosher salt so it stuck.
                    Yeah, basic “sea salt” is marketing (like my favorite pet peeve…Kona fucking coffee…as if it being more expensive has to do with quality and not that Kona is part of the US and as such must pay minimum wage and meet OSHA standards rather than normal coffee producing countries which pay almost nothing, work their people until the 18 hour days and frequent beatings kill them and then put their kids to work and thus are able to get you coffee at a much better price) but the sel de mer you get from certain parts of the Mediterranean will have a distinctive taste and price point.

                  2. I think the difference is they separate out the sodium chloride for table salt. There is a Morton Salt company not far from where I am on the shores of the Salt Lake, they just push up the salt, and clean out the dirt. Or if it is road salt, they just put it in trucks. Sea salt is boiled down seawater, so it will have a combination of other various ions like potassium, selenium, calcium, nitrates, sulfate, and others.

          1. Enjoy. It is so great and simple. Just sweet thing, hot thing, salt and pepper and blender.

          1. Depends on how much meat. I use 3 habaneros to a bag of frozen or one large whole mango and that usually will get me enough for two pork chops

            1. Any idea how long it’ll store for? Not that it’s all that time consuming to make in the first place.

              1. not really. I usually just make it as needed. I will make a batch and put 3/4 of it in a ziplock with the meat the night before and put the other quarter in a little mason jar to use as a glaze the next day. I can’t imagine it would go bad if stored in a tight jar and refrigerated in less than a week though. It is just fruit and peppers, but you will need to ask someone who knows better than me.

          2. the coconut I just kind of sprinkle in blind depending on how much I have or if I am paying attention.

    2. is your shame coming from the fact that it was only a little wood.
      Second on Italian dressing. Get some herbs, garlic, olive oil and vinegar and FIY the fuck out of it.

      1. Get some herbs, garlic, olive oil and vinegar and FIY the fuck out of it.
        + a little REAL honey, and a touch of dijon mustard. And its got to be balsamic vinegar.

        1. yes, honey and Dijon. BTW I will put honey on fucking anything. I mean, there is nothing that isn’t improved with the use of honey in some way. And Dijon, more than just taste, is a wonderful emulsified.

        2. have you tried manuka honey? It is all the rage right now, but it is pricy and I want to try some or at least get a good head up from someone I trust before buying any.

          1. have lots of that in my country, would advise buying a small sampling jar before going whole hog.

            it does have a different taste to clover honey. (if your a clover honey fiend)

    3. Not 100% on board with the dressing idea, either.

      The last slow cooker chicken I did got a decent number of requests for a repeat. Into the food processor goes 1 part fresh oregano, 1 part fresh rosemary, half part apple cider vinegar, 4 parts garlic. Process into paste, rub generously under chicken skin.

        1. As a variation, you might consider killing or at least sedating the chicken before putting it in the slow cooker.

  5. I marinade steaks for 2 days in a mix consisting of tenderizer, cayenne pepper, vinegar, a touch of maple syrup for sweetness .

    For ribs, I wait until my neighbor smokes them in his high end automated smoker. He spends 5 hours smoking them and occasionally spraying them with olive oil to keep them moist The ribs are so tender they literally fall off the bone.

    1. I use a fairly cheap charcoal smoker for all such needs. There’s a sweetness meat only acquires when you’ve personally basted it every half hour for most of a day.

      Of course, if I’m going to do that, I’m going to cook up a full chicken or a big ole brisket. It’s too much TLC for only one or two meals worth of food, after all.

      1. For those of you who are in an apartment and want to use a smoker….one lasagna tray, 4 balled up wads of aluminum foil at each corner. soaked apple chips. A hot plate and a second lasagna tray with a bunch of holes poked in the bottom in the first one but lifted off the apple chips by the aluminum foil balls. Toss it on the fire escape. You will be fine.

    2. I’m currently marinating two pounds of short ribs in beef broth, soy sauce, honey, garlic and shallots. You might recognize this recipe by its other name: Korean barbeque.

      Easy and delicious.

  6. I am not 100% certain about the regulations regarding hormone use but it is very important to know where your food is being processed. A great deal of pork and chicken is actually processed in China and shipped back to supermarkets. I will say that a telltale of shitty factory farming is the use of antibiotics. Its a huge problem that is making cheap and low risk frontline antibiotics obsolete for humans. Also much of the beef sold through supermarkets is from Argentina and Australia. The suppliers obscure its country of origin by processing it in the US. Going local is your best bet.

    1. Antibiotics are a *huge* concern for exactly why you mention. Throw in “hand sanitizer” and the huge prevalence of anti-biotic cleaners everywhere and we’re really setting ourselves up for a super bug that we won’t be able to kill.

      1. woah now, that hand sanitizer can be a life line depending on what you do. Agreed that constant use of it basically makes us susceptible by ruining your natural immunity but if you have ever taken a NYC subway and had to hold on to anything you would be very grateful to have some such sanitizer.

          1. at my age I need to conserve. If I jizzed in every receptacle I wanted to I would miss out on jizzing in my favorite receptacles. Oh man. I the list of reasons getting older sucks is the realization that you get x amount of pops and you have to use them judiciously

            1. There’s a Taoist belief that states that each man has a limited amount of cumshots allotted to him. You cross that threshold, you dead.

              1. Reminds me of an old friend. He was in his 60’s about 10 years ago. He didn’t show one day when we were supposed to get together. He said “I was getting a blowjob and at my age you never know if it will be the last one you ever get”

                I don’t know about the Tao but I know that there is only a certain amount that can be had in a 12 hour period.

        1. Or you could use a soap bar… Much kinder to your health.

          Frankly I’ll take good ol natural subway dirt over petrochems.

    1. It is just the self loathing media trying to establish the narrative. The unhealthiest countries are in Central Africa where dictators and civil war curb the availability of decent nutrition.

      1. Yep, exactly. They need us to hate “the enemy”. The Left seems really hell bent on war with the former Soviet Bloc nations. A woman spurned or something like that I guess.

        1. The former Soviet Bloc citizens understand first hand the evils of socialism when taken to the extreme. Not a good ally for the media.

      2. yup. a lot of this has to do with diseases that aren’t present in jungle nature. Yes, there is far less heart disease in kenya (or maybe they don’t check for that)……there is also much less heart disease amongst civets…this doesn’t necessarily mean we should leave our first world countries and go and poorly digest and poop out coffee in central asia. I am sure if the WHO added starving, dying in civil wars and being raped to death Europe would seem a lot better.

      3. I had heard that the Ebola outbreak a few years ago was linked to some kid out in a village eating a bat. You have to be pretty hard up and starving to eat a bat.

          1. Caught a bat mid-flight once. Used my shirt to do it though, so I guess you consider me filthy cheating scum.

  7. I love a good steak dinner. Unfortunately, with a big family, those are a rare treat. Rice and beans provide the staple, fruits and vegetables in season, and some cut up meat for toppings.

      1. for a simple and innocent joke I have to say this has, so far, been my hardest laugh of the day.

  8. @akingscastle:disqus you left of the most important protein source for women…..I store it on tap. gurgle gurgle

  9. Speaking of steaks, I’ve got a couple of tricks I’ve picked up over time that I fiddle with:

    1. Reverse-searing. This is where you stick the meat in the oven for an hour or two (thickness depending) at 170 or so prior to searing. There’s some science I don’t understand involved, but basically doing so breaks down gristle and cooks the meat to a safe level prior to searing, which means that the second it sears (which takes all of a minute using this technique) you’re good to go.

    2. The “day prior” seasoning technique. Instead of going full-on marinade, you can season your steak the night before. The salt works its way into the steak naturally somehow (I’m not a food-ologist), and this technique works extremely well alongside the reverse-sear.

    3. Covered-pan cooking. Sometimes it’s hard to balance your temperatures out so that the inside cooks satisfactorily without overcrisping the outside. Covering the pan puts oven-like heat on the top of the steak, which helps it cook through (also great for melting cheeses – use this for hamburgers).

    4. Pepper burns. I was not aware of this until recently, but pepper will burn. Dropping pepper onto the steak toward the end of the cooking process just tastes better, and I reckon the burning is the reason.

    1. I am a HUGE fan of reverse searing and preach it to anyone who will listen. If I had the time it is the only way I would ever cook a steak. Would also add, though it ought not need to be added, cook in butter…always butter….no margarine…no oil…god no spray cancer shit…..butter.

      1. Steak cooked in butter is the best. (Ghee works great too; it’s just clarified butter.) I’ve tried lard and oils but always come back to buttah.

        1. It took me an embarrassingly long time to reach that same simple conclusion….
          When the steak’s on the grill, after its last flip, slice some shallow cuts in it and put some butter on there to melt in.

      2. how do you reverse sear with butter? it has such a low burn rate compared to oil? whats your plan of attack with this?

        1. just do the reverse sear like normal. I remove from the pan and let the steak sit out for a bit after the oven. Then melt butter in the pan for the hot sear.

        2. Well when she sits on you make sure its with her ass facing…..oh wait, you meant meat….my bad

      1. Meat. We call it meat. Don’t be a trend geek and start referring to meat as “protein” in the generic sense. You have been warned, discipline will follow on the next breech of protocol. That is all.

          1. I find relabeling stuff for no good reason annoying. Been hearing this a lot from some restaurant geeks. Sounds pretentious and like they don’t know their proper Saxon language.

        1. not always meat. Protein covers Beef, chicken, pork and fish all of which I mean when I say protein. If your vocabulary is such that you need to just call everything meat that’s ok. I need to be more precise with my taxonomical as well as my fitness goals.

          1. All of those are meat. Not one exception. Now if you’d added “rice and beans” which together form a complex protein, ok, but I doubt you put eggs on top of rice and beans.

            1. I don’t eat rice and beans but if I did I would absolutely put an egg on it. I know you country bumpkins don’t really like when people use fancy words. I’ll dumb it down in the future

              1. It’s meat and always has been, and relabeling like has only just started happening is just another trend like slang of any other titem. It’s silly in the end and five years from now everybody will be calling it meat again for the collective of meats.

                1. yes, that is why macronutrient charts list Meat/Carbohydrates/Fats
                  You are being simple to the point of annoyance here. lol

                  1. When in doubt regarding what language to use when communicating straight forward ideas, simplicity should be the rule and not the exception. The goal of communication is to convey ideas simply and efficiently and to avoid confusion. The macro-nutrient charts include all proteins including non-animal flesh so they are correct to refer to the group as proteins since that’s a macro level classification. Like I said, if you’d included non-meat proteins then I’d have let it pass. It’s like referring to human beings as “Catarrhini” while ONLY talking about human beings in a discussion (that classification also includes all the other great apes, fyi). It sounds silly.

                    1. not much more simple than the word “protein” it seems to me that you are just trying to be extra folks. I am going to stick with protein for the meantime as it is exactly what I meant and I don’t need to do a tip of the hat to county deliverance out in awwww shucksville. Just need to avoid this guy what with my fancy talk about “proooootein”

                    2. it seems to me that you are just trying to be extra folks.

                      I’m trying to be extra folks? Dude I have enough personalities now without having to add any more.

                      Clarity of language is the opposite of what the lumpen proles do. They’re real good at pickin’ out high falootin’, patent leather, twenty five cent words and comically inserting them into otherwise normal sentences about simple topics in order to try and sound extra double smart. Comedy thus ensues.

                    3. I’m with cletus on this one. This generic renaming smacks of NewSpeak. besides – you’re not talking about a chemical compound, you’re talking about a slain creature.

                    4. Protein isn’t a new word, refers to all forms of both meat and poultry and seafood. Just saying “meat” isn’t enough and, further, doesn’t fit with the tenor of the article itself which is specifically geared for muscle growth…actually specifically geared for protein packed foods for muscle growth….and the fitness community has used protein/carbohydrates/fats as the basic macro trinity since Arnold wore short pants.

              2. You’d eat eggs on top of rice and beans? Hmmmm….not sure if that would be good or “ewww”.

                  1. Indeed. And sometimes fried rice even has edamame in it. You know, soy beans? Same thing used to make … um, you know, tofu.

                    1. really really really really really really hope the rumors about him using his saber on other peeps poopshoots is not true…episode 8:(you create the movie title here)

                  2. Yeah, I guess so, but it also has meat in it if you’re not some commie demanding vegetarian fried rice.

                1. actually really good. South American restaurant (forgot which brand of Mexican they are) near me does a fried chicken cutler over rice and beans with two fried eggs. Yurm

                  1. No, with a meat I can see, I was talking just those three things together.

          1. Avoid the Soy ought to be some kind of slogan that permeates all pop culture the way Darfur was for a while.
            I never did get the opportunity to properly formulate
            “What’s a Darfur”
            “It’s ta git in and outta the room ya idjit”
            ill always regret that.

      2. Eggs make everything better. I like putting a sunny side up on my burger, that runny yolk is the best part.

    1. Had this for breakfast! Except two eggs and a strip steak. But this law is pretty on the money, and if you eat this, you will be full most of the day and not tempted to snack and overeat.

    2. Steak and Eggs… It’s no wonder it was such a staple among old school bodybuilders. Never stray too far away from the basics.

      1. Our forebearers had no real science to go by, so they had to make due with stuff that actually works. Now that we have science we can daily change our entire diet since science daily tells us down is up and up is down. Yay science!

        1. With this, global warming, ozone, or anything else, I hear “science” and substitute “politics” in my mind. Outside of the private industry, there has been very little innovation this side of the space shuttle.

    1. Oh my god, looking at this I now know how religious people feel after masturbating. There is a sense of ecstasy and guilt all piled into one.

          1. minga was correct. It means dick but is also a general exclamation of excitement.
            EDIT: Proper pronunciation involves grabbing your dick while saying the word

            1. Ah, it looked so close that I was betting on it being a derivative of “Manga” brought over from Italy and then over time kind of being mispronounced. Like PA German calls the language “Dietsch” instead of “Deutsch” etc.

              1. that mispronunciation (and some other traits) is how I distinguish Italian from Eyetalian. “Manga” is eyetalian for the Italian word for eat which is mangiare.

                My favorite, though by no means the only truly great one, is the pejorative for blacks “moolian” or shortened to “moolie” from the Italian word for eggplant melanzana. One day I will write a book on eyetalian culture or, well, lack thereof. Watch the video I posted to @bem above.

  10. One of my favorites is herb-crusted roasted turkey breast…

    Make a paste consisting of parsley, sage, coarse ground mustard, olive oil, kosher salt, fresh pepper. Peel the skin back from the breast and generously coat the turkey with the paste mix. Fold the skin back over and add the remaining paste over the skin. I typically place the breast on a wire rack that sits 1″ above the pan so I can add chopped onion and bay leaves below. Cover the breast with foil and place into a pre-heated oven at 400 on the middle rack. Cook for approximately 45 minutes, then remove the foil and keep cooking for an additional 10-15 minutes. Remove from the oven and let the turkey rest for 15 minutes. Remove the skin, slice and serve.

    The cooking time may be long for some, but the basic prep and cleanup is minimal. The aroma in the kitchen is wonderful from this meal.

    1. I love this. One thing I learned after years (though it should not have taken me so long because it realy is common sense) is not to slice more than you need as the larger chunk will retain moisture longer.

        1. It is funny. The day that I realized that pork chops are perfectly safe medium rare so long as it isn’t still 1985 was one of the best days of my life.

          1. It was widespread lunacy! I’d even leave garlic frying away until it was black….and that whole “it cooks more after you take it off the heat” sorcery? Totally lost on me until, again, about 2 year ago…

            1. hahahaha, garlic I always did right..onions too and steak I learned from a young age was meant to eat as close to raw as possible. But the lunacy with pork was maddening. People got sick from undercooked pork back when there was no law governing what people fed pigs and that often meant feeding them other pigs and or pig feces. God damn meat is so clean now that you can, and I have, eaten it ground up and raw with spices and oil on pita bread.

              Poultry too. Those fucking pop up timers on turkeys. My fucking lord. They pop up when the bird is at what the guv considers a safe temp (which is already 15 degrees over) and don’t account for the fact that the meat will raise in temp upwards of 10-15 degrees AFTER you take it out of the oven.

              1. “eaten it ground up and raw” -See now you’re playing Worm Roulette. I still drive ALL the pink out of pork.
                I dabbled in well-done beef during the mad-cow/brain-wasting hysteria a few years back but now I’m back off the wagon.

                1. Well, you’ll be properly pissed to know that the CJD prion is not affected by normal cooking temperatures. You overcooked your meat for naught.

                    1. Nay. It’ll just sit there happy as can be, while everything gets blackened around it, and turn your brain to mush all the same.

                    2. There has to be a joke about an inner city group of white immigrants who refuse to move out of their homes when minorities start showing up, but for the life of me I can’t find it.

                2. I leave a nice little pink center so long as I get good pork like Flying Pig in the Hudson valley or Berkshire Pork that I know was quality stuff. I ignored all the mad cow hoof in whatever stuff. Just totally ignored. Ground raw pork dishes were pretty common when I was in Germany. They called it Mett. It was just very high quality raw pork with a course grind, some salt, pepper, garlic and served on a fresh bit of bread. Yum.

                3. BTW I eat enough offal including brains and lungs and balls and glands that if I was going to get anything bad from it it would have happened already. Like STDs, I am immune.

                  1. Never was a fan of that stuff. I defer to Monty Python regarding eating things like wolf nipple chips, etc, insofar as “Um, no, eat proper food”, heh. My family loves all of those innards, but eh, me, not so much. Even the smell of something like liver or chicken hearts cooking literally (and I mean more literal than Hitler, if that’s possible) makes my very, very sick to my stomach and I have to leave the house or I WILL vomit. I know this from experience. I wonder if it’s linked to my aversion to sweets? Hmmmm.

                    1. it does have a tinny taste you either like or don’t like but I have always liked guts. Whether it was something simple like liver with bacon and onions or more luxurious like sweetbreads or foie gras (the best thing on earth) or brains, hearts, balls, etc. Maybe it was because I ate a ton of freaking tripe and liver as a kid but the taste of offal always makes me hapy.

                    2. It’s the cooking that does it for me, for some reason. I suspect I could eat that stuff raw in a pinch if I needed to for survival but if you put it over a fire in an iron skillet I’ll lose what little food I have left in my body and then keel over dead, involuntarily.

                    3. yeah, see that smell just reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen too much for me to ever not like it. Those early formative years really do set a lot of stuff in stone. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out you had a bad memory like getting sick and smelling that stuff when you were young that solidified it.

                    4. If I have a memory of it, it’s either really well suppressed, or it happened when I was 18 months old or something. I don’t remember in living memory ever not hating the smell of that stuff cooking. When dad would throw in onions that would be it and I’d have to run outside lest I retch.

                    5. Likely so. I seem to have a really strange pallet. Hate sweets with a burning passion, even a hint of sugar and I’m done with whatever I’m eating. Tripe/guts make me sick to my stomach to even smell. Seafood (not all fish, just ocean fish) is revolting to me, but I can eat fresh water fish without an issue.

                    6. yeah ya never know. It’s funny, I love pickles but I hate bread and butter chips. Just the smell of them make me sick. I was mentioning this and my mother told me that one day when I was young and had the flu I ate like a whole jar of them and threw up non stop. She said it was like a mini pickle factory they were all just coming out. I still don’t remember it happening though I have no reason to doubt my mother and it explains a lot.

              2. meat is so clean now that you can, and I have, eaten it ground up and raw with spices and oil on pita bread.

                I do this with beef fairly regularly, but I can’t quite seem to do it with pork. In no case will you find me eating an overcooked pork chop, but raw is a bit much.

                1. Look up the german dish Mett. Make sure you buy high end pork. It’s freaking delicious.

                1. For some reason this just came to mind. I think you will enjoy it and GhostOfJefferson ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ might find it interesting at least…true to life on Italian’s camping. He gets me every time with the “American food” his grandmother cooks and the paving stones.

                    1. the hammock was covered in plastic! you just had to know these people to get it.
                      I was telling someone the other day about the second living room in the basement that people were allowed to use and they looked at me like I was bananas.

                    1. the paving stones down to the lake! I can’t. This brings back so many funny thoughts.

                    2. haha, notice the correct amount of a’s in the word bear is 3 and the correct amount of r’s is 0

                    3. You nearly derailed my afternoon with that damn video. I forwarded it to my mom and my sister earlier today. Just got off the phone with my mom – we were laughing our asses off for the last half-hour. It is so ridiculously funny and brings back so many family memories.

                    4. Gotta do it again. Rubino lives in florida. One of his post hurricane videos deals with a tree that came down during the storm. Literally crying here

                    5. “It’s not even a Fig tree”… LOL!!! “That’s why you make new friends, because you don’t like your old friends” – this guy is golden!

                      Ya killin’ me ova here!

                    6. he is. His youtube channel kills me. I think it is objectively funny, but it becomes hilarious the closer you are to the culture. I have never seen a video of his that didn’t crack me up

                    7. Yea, this was the first time I heard of him. I’ll have to check out his youtube channel. I don’t know what it is about the Italian/Eyetalian culture that’s just so damn funny, but they certainly do things a little differently than others.

                      True story: this goes back to Junior High… I’m already laughing trying to type this shit. Every year, our family would go the tree farm to select a live tree for Christmas. This particular year, my dad and I went to the farm in a bit of a hurry, picked the tree, had it cut and then we brought it home. Once we started to setup the tree, we noticed that the trunk was misshapen and curved, kind of shaped like an “S” – this made it difficult to get the tree to stand up correctly in the stand, but we made it work. We decorated the tree and it looked good, considering all the work involved with the stand. A few days pass, and the tree falls over, so we pick it up and reset it in the stand. It lasted a few more days, then it fell over again, broken ornaments and all. This went on for another week or so, then my dad got pissed. So, what may be involved when an Italian want’s to “take care” of something?… Concrete, of course. He got a 5 gallon bucket and some sack mix and set the tree into the bucket! Needless to say, the tree died within a couple of days, but he sure got it to stand up without falling over! The funniest part of the story is when it was time to set it out for the garbage, we wheeled it out to the street on a dolly in the dark the night before because my mom was so embarrassed and didn’t want the neighbors to see us. The next morning before school, my mom and I are in the kitchen watching the garbage men stop for our pickup. The first guy couldn’t get the tree into the truck, so the driver had to come out and help, they barely got that tree into the truck. We we’re dying laughing, ducking down below the window so they wouldn’t see us.

                      To this day, we always refer to that Christmas as the “Year of the Mafia tree.”

                    8. saving a branch because its like an old friend? we got tree branches in Brooklyn we keep in our trunks! We call them baseball bats and they are there in case we run into old friends! I’m like a fish outta waaaataaa ova heaaa

        2. I still over grill chicken and I get complaints because it dries out. I knew a guy who contracted botulism on a business trip in Mexico City. Almost killed him.

          1. It wasn’t the chicken that made him sick it was the being in mexico that made him sick. Cook the pink out of chicken. Unlike pork that stuff really can get ya. But any more than that is a crime! A crime I tells ya

            1. Hope not. I gotta go in the spring.

              I agree about getting the pink out, but hence why I over do it on the grill. I have goten into grilling fish and veg alot. Green aspargus with a good cut of beef (which cannot be found in Europe) has been a treat.

              1. well if someone gets horrible stomach botulism eating chicken in mexico I would suggest that cutting mexico out of ones diet is a much better solution than cutting out or over cooking chicken.

                  1. Even if Mexico changed its policy of not being either New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami or Colonized by the French I still would avoid like the plague. I’ve been there. Nothing good happens in Mexico. Even the good stuff that happens in mexico is bad….very, very, very bad.,

                    1. Corrupt Narcos doesn’t bother me. Contaminated Nachos do. Mexico off the list. (thanks for that glorious set up)

                1. I had hispanic friends and neighbors growing up and recall asking if they had relatives in Mexico. “Yes.”
                  Me: Do you go down to visit?”

                  “Oh hell no!”

                2. Me: Ever eat horse meat?
                  Him: Hell no!
                  Me: Ever been to Mexico?
                  Him: Yeah, a few times back in college. Why?
                  Me: You’ve eaten horse meat…

    1. Nope, just the ones who cook most of the food. I will cook 3-4 meals per week, she and the kids will do the remainder.

      Ever had top ramen noodles that were boiled for nearly an hour because you were working outside and the kids thought it would be best to keep it warm? Don’t

    1. Buy a standard Betty Crocker cookbook and go from cover to cover. I did that in college, buying the ingredients I needed. Do that and you will be bett than ninety percent

  11. All of those are solid for gaining muscle and minimizing body fat. Not sure about this whole grass fed phenomenon, I think its merely a way to get more money out of consumers.
    Things like refined grains(white bread and cake, cookies), high fructose corn syrup, and alcohol are stuff to minimize or outright eliminate from your diet. Even cane sugar is bad for you in large doses. I live in a part of the world that uses real sugar in soda instead of HFCS, recently gave up soda and lost 10 pounds just from that and doing nothing else differently.

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