Lead Or Be Led


The other day I was listening to some talk radio on the way home.  I don’t listen to much political talk as it often results in high blood pressure, but I do like to keep up with the current events, even if it’s just the basics.  Phil Valentine, a local talk show host, was discussing the recent NFL situation where the athletes were refusing to come out and stand for the national anthem.

He was discussing how some guy, possibly the leader of the NFL organization (hell if I know), was saying how this all was out of his control and he did not state one way or the other how the individual teams should behave.

Without even realizing it, this gentleman admitted a fatal flaw in his character.  He, being the figurehead and leader of the organization, let go of the reins and allowed those under him to run amok.  As most of our readers in the USA already know, this has resulted in a lot of political posturing, virtue signaling, and distraction from what is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime, not that I give a rat’s ass about professional sports one way or another and think it’s a distraction from your own life.

Phil Valentine succinctly stated that if you aren’t leading, then you will be led and he couldn’t be more right.  This breakdown in leadership we’re seeing within the NFL should serve as a reminder to all men, that failure to keep a firm hold of the reins within their own realms of influence will inevitably lead to chaos and disorder.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Cliches are typically rooted in universal truths and this one is no different.  Nature does indeed abhor a vacuum.  Wherever there is an empty space, nature swiftly moves in to fill in the gaps with whatever it has at its disposal.  This can be observed on a social level as well.  If we look at history, whenever a leader dies, is killed, or simply steps down, other groups quickly swoop in to try and fill the position and enact their own agendas.  This typically leads to violence and the misery of the subjects as they huddle in fear, waiting to see who the victor will be.

This holds true on a micro level as well.  Within your own family, if you shirk your masculine duties nature will fill in the vacuum with the next best thing at its disposal, in this case, your wife.  Now while this isn’t a death sentence for your family, it will cause certain problems that could be easily avoided that would make for a happier and healthier family unit.

Statistically speaking, men are more proactive, assertive, decisive, and confident than women.  It is in our biology to lead.  Women are typically make better supporters, backing their man up and doing what they can to see his vision through.  While the husband/father rallies the forces (family), the wife/mother works best behind the scenes tending to the troops and making sure their needs are being met so they are at fighting strength at all times.  They can also be called upon for counsel when multiple solutions to a problem are available.  A good wife has the respect of his husband and he leans on her for her advice before making large decisions.

Steps to Leading

To be a strong, effective leader you must possess a few key traits.  Without these traits, your leadership will be (rightly) questioned.

  1. Be Proactive: You must have the wisdom to recognize problems looming over the horizon.  A lot of this comes with time and experience, but only if you are astute and pay attention to the cause and effects of similar situations.  If you just shrug your shoulders and don’t learn from your mistakes, you will be doomed to repeat them.
  2. Be Assertive: If you see a problem looming over the horizon, you must step up and let others know before your group is blindsided.  Sitting there staying quiet does no one any good.  Attack the problem head on when it’s still a small issue and it won’t develop into a big one.
  3. Be Decisive: Thoroughly researching a problem before acting is prudent, but once you set on a course of action, the time for deliberation is over.  Don’t hem and haw over what you think you should do.  You have your plan, now make it happen!  If further down the road it’s obvious the plan isn’t working, step back, assess the problem again, and decide on a new course of action.
  4. Be Confident: No one will follow a leader who isn’t assured in his own success.  You must be confident in your decisions and believe they will work.  If you are experienced and have done your research on the situation, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be confident in your course of action.


A problem we face as a society is too many men complaining about their lot in life without making any meaningful effort to correct their trajectory.  Their marriages are in shambles, their kids are little demons, and they are pushed to the back-burner while their wife and kids wants and need take center stage.  As the rightful leader of your family, this is unacceptable behavior.

A saying I’m quite fond of is “If you can change a situation or circumstance, stop complaining about it and go change it.  If you can’t change said situation, there’s not point in complaining.”  In this same vein of thought, if some basic assertiveness on your part could fix an issue in your marriage or family but you don’t step up, then you only have yourself to blame.

If your wife is leading your family and things aren’t going well, well….you know who’s really at fault.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. All good advice, and I’ll add another: don’t be a tyrant. A good leader rarely, if ever, has to bully, intimidate or use force to get people to follow. People WANT to follow a good leader. Why? Some comes on the front end where you solicit advice, hear people out and let them feel they’ve had their say, and communicate your decisions to them so they understand your reasoning. Some comes during execution where you both lead by example and adjust your plan based on additional inputs from your followers to maximize good effects, all with continued communication. And some comes at the end where failures are treated judiciously and wise solutions are crafted to better your followers rather than punitive ones to satisfy your ego. And on the back end, share the wealth – people love praise and recognition, don’t waste an opportunity to cement the loyal follower relationship by getting greedy about claiming all the credit and spoils. This is not to say a good leader never resorts to forceful tactics – quite the opposite – but you must recognize when they are necessary and use them sparingly, else they lose their power.

      1. It really is amazing how many people seem to be capable of doing so much better at somebody else’s job…

        Also, sometimes I think that maybe the same people removing the tyrant are the very people who placed him there in the first place, after all, if things get bad enough who knows where people might look to for salvation?

      2. you mean like that nice august day in 1947 when the Pakistanis tossed off the yolk of colonial British imperial aggression in order to be an independent nation ruled by a military dictatorship?

          1. like The Who says….

            I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
            Take a bow for the new revolution
            Smile and grin at the change all around
            Pick up my guitar and play
            Just like yesterday
            Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
            We don’t get fooled again
            Don’t get fooled again
            No, no!
            Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

                    1. Well, the way you spell things… a bint is an unt. Oinidentally, I think it is also Arabic for girl/daughter, tHe mOrE yOu kNoW:

                      🙂 C what I did there?

                  1. lol. I didn’t listen to the whole thing I confess nor did I see any bleeding shoes. Last bloody shoes I saw were from my darling Amy Winehouse.

                    1. Ah. gotcha. You should have just said “that thing women put on their feet that gives you an instant erection”

            1. Also relevant (and not as overplayed):

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              You only became what we made you
              Thought you were chasing a destiny calling
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              You fell and cried as our people were starving
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              Now you know that we framed you

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              Your axe belongs to a dying nation
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              You’re watching movies trying to find the feelers
              You only see what we show you
              We’re the slaves of the phony leaders
              Breathe the air we have blown you

              I’m the guy in the sky
              Flying high, flashing eyes
              No surprise, I told lies
              I’m the punk in the gutter
              I’m the new president
              But I grew and I bent
              Don’t you know? Don’t it show?
              I’m the punk with the stutter

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              It all belongs to me, you know

              You declared you would be three inches taller
              You only became what we made you
              Thought you were chasing a destiny calling
              You only earned what we gave you
              You fell and cried as our people were starving
              Now you know that we blame you
              You tried to walk on the trail we were carving
              Now you know that we framed you

              I’m the guy in the sky
              Flying high, flashing eyes
              No surprise, I told lies
              I’m the punk in the gutter
              I’m the new president
              But I grew and I bent
              Don’t you know? Don’t it show?
              I’m the punk with the stutter
              My my my my my mmmm my my my
              G-g-g-g-g generation
              My my my my my mmmm my my my
              G-g-g-g-g generation

    1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s incredible how much morale and productivity goes up when you have a good, fair leader. A lot of places don’t seem to understand that.

    2. Yes. There’s a dynamic at play between similar, but different character traits.
      Dominant vs domineering
      Assertive vs aggressive
      Confident vs arrogant

      One set makes a great leader. The other leads to a person’s downfall.

      1. And as goes the individual, so eventually goes the society.
        I wish I could get this across better, but it’s funny how that second list is almost direct parody of the virtues one wants and admires and rears up so frequently when people who do not stand for anything worthwhile (in the traditional sense) play at being something they not only aren’t (or aren’t suited for/developed into), but that they don’t even really understand or have any honest way to.

    3. I agree partially with you. There are different kinds of leadership, and the aspects you pointed out work in certain kind of environments, and in others clearly not. In a (real) political and military scenario clearly they don’t work.

      I think (and my personal experience ratified it) that being ‘tyrant’ works more often than not. The problem is not being a ‘tyrant’ but being an efficient tyrant, mixing wisely a lot of stick and very little carrot. I can’t remember who said it (Rand? Machiavelli?) but most of the people, doesn’t matter race or age, are motivated by 3 basic things: fear, profit and sex. Fear is a very powerful motivation, however you simply can’t lead by fear, you must offer fear AND a little profit.

      1. You say this can’t work in a military situation, yet this is exactly how I lead men in combat. Understand, I’m not talking about democracy, I’m still going to make the call and my followers will be expected to execute. But having people think you care inspires them to follow (of course it helps to actually care about them too).

        I agree that the stick is sometimes necessary. But if you overuse it, you’ll break your stick and it will lose its power. Large incentive, with a small but certain threat of the stick mercilessly delivered is what I go for. It has worked well for me. That said though, every man is unique, and you have to find the style that works for you. I have seen effective leaders who were more forceful than me, but none who were straight up tyrants. Those types have always universally been hated.

        1. You were one of the nice commanders then. In my service I never knew a commander who didn’t use at least 70% stick.

          1. I won’t deny that I saw a lot of bad commanders. To me “worked” is tricky. You can get results this way, but when the shit hits the fan and you tell your men to charge forward into the enemy’s guns, are you going to find yourself all alone, turn around and see your own men aiming at you? Not calling you out – speaking more generally about military leadership. Part of the reason I left was that I got tired of having to deal with bad leaders.

  2. There are a lot of things to say regarding the current NFL bull, but I think it is being overlooked that these guys are doing this during work hours. They forget people are paying to be entertained (by grown men playing children’s games, let’s be honest), to relax and enjoy friends and family, a lot of times these games are simple background noise to escape the pressure or doldrums of the day/week. You want to see the organ grinder’s monkey dance, not start throwing shit around.

    No one is paying to hear their opinions political or otherwise. Just like no one, themselves included, would want or expect to get this kind of crap from a store clerk when out shopping, the plumber when he’s there to fix the pipes, or from the doctor trying to treat a head injury.

    The venue is all wrong, it is not a “platform” as Steph Curry claims, their platform comes from having millions of dollars that they can use to buy their own time, start an ad campaign, take out a page in the paper, write a book that will get published due to their fame and financial backing, or any other such means to get what they want to say out there, heck, they interview these fools separate from games (though maybe ESPN should clean it up a bit so people might actually watch).

    Besides, they seem to conveniently forget that the original protest wasn’t against police brutality alone, the guy also said he was protesting the flag as it was a symbol of this country and what it stood for, so yeah, they are protesting the flag. And, Trump didn’t call them sons of bitches, he made the point speaking in the vernacular his audience uses daily, not any coded language, and the media and elites aren’t getting that that is what is working for him.

    To the rest of the article, too true. I was talking to a young lady I’ve been red-pilling and she recently hit the nail when stating that: “Y’know, I was always following and when I was, it was always the wrong things. Trends, friends, magazines when I should have been following my parents and now you.” Not bad for a Millennial chick, and today’s read was really good too, Jak.

    1. something like 80% of football players are dead broke within a few yrs of retiring, so theres that

        1. I knew a retired wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons who had a stroke in his late fifties. Now he’s in a wheelchair and living with his 90-yr-old mother, who is also paralyzed from a stroke.

          Dude has a fuckin Olympic gold medal for sprinting — and he’s an invalid sharing a two-bedroom apartment with his invalid mother.

    2. The NFL: “We’re as red blooded and patriotic as mom, apple pie and baseball (which we want to supplant), but now we’re going to take a knee while the flag is presented during the national anthem by a military color guard that is forced to stand at attention and render honors. But we support the troops! You just don’t understand.”

      You would have to have serious CTE to not see how retarded this is.

  3. I appreciate having a good leader in the workplace. It fosters harmony between my coworkers, and we get the job done more efficiently. As far as the leadership roles that I carry (church calling, household, the field surveyor and drafter), I have noticed that consistency is key. They need to have a good idea what you expect. Tyranny is not my style, and it doesn’t help. Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.

  4. “If your wife is leading your family and things aren’t going well, well….you know who’s really at fault.”

    This should be tattooed backwards on the forehead of all hen-pecked married men, so they can read it in the mirror each morning.

    1. That is a real trap. Those women expect to be led at first, but they don’t get it, so they have to take charge. Contempt builds and then the guy gets brow beaten. Then, if the guy wants to take charge, he has an uphill battle.

        1. Yeah, except most men don’t snap out of that bullshit, blackmail their boss and walk away with a bag of money, then get an opportunity to bump uglies with a super hot 17 year old head cheerleader. Usually it ends much less optimistically.

            1. It’s from the 90’s actually.

              I actually enjoyed it and it kind of hinted at red pill.

          1. I never understood why they cast Mena Suvari for that role. Plenty of other 17 yr olds are more attractive, in my opinion.

            1. She has a girl next doorish “pretty girl” thing most guys believe they probably had a chance to achieve when they were younger. The target demographic of the movie was middle aged men who probably had a lot of woulda-shoulda-coulda regrets. Making her the most awesome looking girl in the world would trigger a “Yeah, not even remotely possible” response, but she was hot enough to be hot without seeming inaccessible? Maybe?

              1. Tara Reid was probably a bit extreme for that role – but damn she would have been good in that!

          2. The funniest/saddest part of that movie was the fact that if he had taken that hot lil virgin upstairs and closed the door, he would’ve had a chance to hear the guy coming to kill him. Plus, you know, tight teen virgin

      1. it is an led installation. Or, according to what this article suggests, what happens if you don’t lead. I judge articles by their titles.

    1. I hate moving walkways. I avoid them intentionally most times to get more exercise. (I also find that I walk faster than the walkway, so if it is packed, using it would make me move slower which annoys me.) And on the rare occasion that I’m running late and want to use one, there is inevitably some ham-beast sprawled across it with her 18 metric tons of luggage so that you can’t get around easily.

        1. Do like I do, an old Walkman is still good for something and you’d be surprised what having a soundtrack to your life playing from your crotch for everyone to hear will do to your popularity.

    2. Us simple country folk, not knowing any better, where would one find a moving walkway in real life?
      I’m guessing that thing wouldn’t move anywhere near fast enough to suit me, if I have to stand anyway…. oh, what the hell…

        1. That may explain why I haven’t seen one as I’ve not been in an airport that doesn’t have crop dusters since the 80s.

            1. Jokes aside, a moving walkway has to be the dumbest thing I can think of right this minute.

              1. Depends. Normally? Sure. If you are lugging a huge suitcase and two mega carry on bags? It’s helpful.

                1. Yeah I guess I can see that.
                  At first glance though, it’s like if you’re standing anyway why don’t you just walk, I didn’t take into account having to carry a bunch of stuff too.

                    1. I going to walk by and watch you get fat riding on that contraption and I’ll get to the gate first too! So there!

                    1. I lost my anvil collection. I used to keep them in parachute bags but lost track of them when I was driving through the desert a while back. No idea what happened to them.

            1. I like the external view of what’s going on with their boobies when they are running on one.

  5. “If your wife is leading your family and things aren’t going well, well….you know who’s really at fault.”

    Well said, sir.

  6. Being a leader is a fine line to walk, not everybody can do it. The biggest part of it is getting people to WANT to follow you, then your battle is won.

    Do what I say or I’ll break your focking legs- Vinny Pringo

    1. I respectfully disagree. While a high position of power is rare, nearly everyone has to take leadership roles from time to time, whether in your family, teaching some class, or organizing the bingo activity on tuesdays.

        1. true…..but it is a skill we all need to learn so we don’t fall on our faces

          Edit: Maybe I misread at first and am comparing apples to oranges

    2. Getting people to want to follow you is the easiest thing in the world, 99% of them have a built in deference to authority/competence, so if you have an air of authority they fall in line almost on command.

  7. I do not think this NFL sit down, kneel down, hamster wheel down event is a leadership issue. These NFL players have way too much power for their own good. In my organization, I have hired men who have rich wives or way too much money from trust funds or inheritance. They still want to to work to either accumulate more wealth or because they are bored. They are not as hungry or motivated as the recent college grad because they have “fuck you money”. In fact it is tough to get these types to commit to time-measured goals; reasonable goals. Almost every NFL player has even more “fuck you money” and many of them perceive their value to be higher than what it is. They take up these causes to bring them into the spotlight or because they just can. If the ratio of white men to black men was 2:1 they would have been more hesitant to kneel down.

      1. as much as I love soccer, the big stars are prima donnas. Ronaldo built statues of himself in Lisbon. Yeah, he did that.

        1. how fast did Ronaldinho crash and burn.

          Side note: building a statue to my self is on my bucket list.

        2. A good movie to watch is “The Best of Times” – 1986 with Kurt Russel and Robin Williams. Shows how hung up guys will get on sportsball, it is a mirage that guys chase after to attain manliness, in reality, it is a sedative which enslaves.

            1. I don’t buy that. Most people chase wealth because being wealthy is fun, gives you access to the best things in life (fuck anybody who says otherwise, unless he says “kids”), and gives you the potential to travel the world, meet and fuck beautiful women and in most ways have the best possible fucking existence that has ever been existed.

              1. my comment was more towards the Bernie Madoffs, Imelda Marcos, Ronaldo or Jordan Belfort types. I would think after your first $10 million + , it’s a power play or the person wants to showboat which is typically displayed by people with low self esteem.

                  1. I love wealth as much as the next guy. I’ll take a Corvette over a Lambo any day of the week. There is no need to own a Lambo other than to demonstrate how big your cock is.

                    1. Given the fantastic re-engineering that went into the C7’s you’d be wise to take the Corvette in any case. Whatever difference in performance there is, is easily compensated for by 1) Corvettes are sexy and panty wetters and 2) it costs like 25% of the Lambo while delivering basically the same end product.

                    2. my buddy just got the basic Stingray non Z06..nearly 455 HP, which is more HP than a 3 story excavator. Girls with boyfriends even ditch their guy and approach him.

                    3. wish I remembered where I read this:
                      what did the jewishh pedo say to the children?
                      “hey kids, you wanna buy some candy?”

                    4. Doubt it, everyone knows there’s no such thing as haggis-flavored candy or candy flavored haggis either…but give it a few more centuries and I’m sure the Japanese will sell it from a vending machine or make a Haggis Candy Milk.

                    5. You’re going to have to clean up the peter tracks in there when you’re done anyway so just do it all at once.

                    6. I recently purchased a Z51 LT3 Stingray cloth top convertible. To say that women are shameless when they see me in it is an understatement. Red, with black trim. It’s gorgeous.

                    7. 2014, 5000 miles, leather interior, air conditioned (and heated) seats, $10,000 under current market value, and I walked away paying $300 less for it than the joint paid for it originally (after the sale I saw the original invoice from when they got it). Sold it because inventory tax on those things is pretty high.

                    8. The red and black leather make it really pop when the top is down.

                1. I think with guys like Madoff and some of the other high rollers in finance it is all about ego. They look at spread sheets the way I look at Victoria secrets models

              2. The whole anti money mentality is hilarious. Sure money doesn’t buy you happiness but I would rather be rich and miserable than poor and miserable

                1. The key is this: Money doesn’t buy happiness, it buys OPTIONS, FREEDOM. If you haven’t got the sense to find happiness on your own, all the money in the world wont help.

      1. I can’t tell if these players were sitting on the bench because they suck or they were actually protesting. Time to bring in the scabs!

        1. protesting? Oh, I don’t follow politics and watch the game with the volume down. I figured that all the blacks got on their knees before us while the anthem played prior to their going out to entertain us.

            1. they don’t have to pray dude…they hire bodyguards to keep the white chicks away.

                1. I would venture that the percentage of rape/abuse claims against pro athletes that isn’t bullshit is 3% with a +/- of 3%

        2. Do they not understand that kneeling is more of a sign of submission than rebellion. They can’t even protest right

      2. Thought they’d at least get a little “corporate synergy” going with this by now, something like:
        “Attention! We now have NFL kneepads on the NFL store, buy some for your wife, a few for your daughter, and remember the NFL is LGBBQTPZ-friendly too! Come suck with us!”

    1. If the NFL wants to be political, well ok, but we should take measures to remove all public funding for their stadiums, start to examine precisely *why* they pay almost no taxes and also remove Title 9 exemptions. That way, they can be a private organization and not one sucking on the common weal and thus their little silly “protests” will be their own business.

      I’m an idea man here, just trying to help.

      1. I’m with you on this one. Pull the money and give them the freedom to do their football games how they want. win-win

        1. Money AND Title 9 exemption. Make those fuckers start being forced to have racial quotas like the rest of us have. 70% black men? Not any more, skippy malou, hire lots more whites, asap!

            1. Ding!

              Why nobody (public figure) has made this argument in regard to other businesses yet is anybody’s guess.

              1. Seems like the only ones pushing for the racial quotas are those like Al Sharpton who are trying to extort money from businesses.

                MLK – I have a dream that people will be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. ……Doesn’t fly directly in the face of racial quotas?

                1. I always thought that a 300 pound Samoan would make a great hockey goalie. Just put a ton of padding on him and sit him in front of the goal and tell him not to move.

                  1. we have a sh*t load of Samoans here (they looove social welfare, what can i say) believe me your theory is flawless, if there is one thing Samoans like doing, its not moving!

          1. Jerry Jones leveled a good chunk of Arlington, TX for the new Cowboys stadium. The City of Arlington provided over $325 million .

            1. I’d get a refund or tell them to stop the politics. They’re that in the pocket of government then they have no right to claim being a “private business”. This double standard they’re trying to establish is breathtaking.

  8. I once proactively analyzed a situation and made a deliberate and decisive decision that it would be best dealt with in six weeks time. The wife just assumed I was being lazy or didn’t care, and went and (mis)handled it while my brilliant plan of inaction was playing out.

    So perhaps it’s also important to give the appearance of leadership. Or loudly proclaim you are being a leader to anyone within earshot.

    1. sometimes it is better to sit back and not make a decision. I entered into a franchise agreement that soured quickly and lost a lot of money. I thought it would be better to declare bankruptcy quickly. I was advised not to make any decisions and to run up my remaining unsecured credit to its max and make small payments to my debtors to avoid lawsuits. I booked tickets to England & Italy and renovated my master bath, tiled my first floor in marble, and my kitchen rivals most 5 star restaurants. My employees were wondering when I’d close shop and I never gave them a definitive answer. I kept my business open for another 4 months and barely checked in. Once bankruptcy filed I left for England and Italy for 3 weeks. By the time I got back my house was completely new (girls were impressed), I enjoyed my trip, and 4 months later all debt was discharged.

            1. I wonder how she prepared the balls..this should be grandfathered into the protein article from yesterday

          1. She’s probably stronger from eating more and she kept pushing his skinny ass away from the table

            1. he should have at least kept the hair for a toupee …be efficient like the native americans with their buffaloes.

              1. You don’t think that’s Hipponax in that picture do you? Yesterday he said something about eating guts and balls.

                  1. I knew it! Having those shorts stuck so far up his ass is why he’s always using those big words.

                    1. In 1987 I was 20. I am the perfect age to have experienced Peak 1980’s in all of their glory. Entered it as a newly minted teenager and exited at 23. Everything the 1980’s had to offer I experienced in all it’s glory. A Golden Age if ever there was one.

                    2. Yeah, I came of age during the grunge era. Nothing like dreadlocks and nappy clothes to turn a guy on…..smh

                    3. haaa, me too… first girl I ever kissed was wearing a plaid flannel shirt and listening to Nirvana religiously

                    4. Yup, if you compare Nirvana with say, David Lee Roth, there was a steep change toward negativism around 1992.

                    5. One year younger than me, yep, it was fantastic. And yes, the 90’s were a huge letdown.

                    6. I could even see it happening before my eyes, girls who wore bikinis traded that in for flannels, thick glasses, and stocking caps.

                    7. the ’00s were not much better, clothes improved, it was the skanky butt floss hiked up past their jeans, but tattoos on chicks became popular.

                    8. Ah yes. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the 90’s ultimately morphed into ubiquitous nose rings and sleeve tats on chicks.

                    9. I always liked them with big hair, I had a mullet too until about 87-88 when I got a number one buzz.
                      Mullet= business in front, party in back.

                    10. They were pretty damn good for me.
                      The early 90s was when I switched from streetwalkers to escort services…

                      Or was it the mid 90s???
                      Damn alcohol induced brain cell reduction…

                    11. In the early 90s was when I noticed PC language and started to realize something had gone wrong. The girls went from big hair and heels to droopy clothes and buzz cuts. I can’t understand why a naturally hot female would screw up her looks on purpose, maybe it’s GMOs or Mentos.

                    12. Same here it was like they all started to become unattractive on purpose. The beginnings of third wave feminism I supppse

                    13. If you buy cheap booze, that’s smart shopping because you will have money left over to buy more booze.

                    14. Hi Ghost.
                      A bit off topic. I am back from Cleveland. Managed to avoid any problems.
                      However, I have to say: I did not expect any American city to be this bad. You hear the stories about cities in the Rust Belt…it’s a different thing seeing it with your own eyes.
                      Sad, as Cleveland (like many other cities) has clearly seen better days.

                    15. Cleveland has been a cess pool for decades now. If you want worse, go to Detroit. Make sure that you have a gun with you though. It’s worse, if that’s possible, than Cleveland.

                      If you’d come to Columbus you would have found a pristine shiny penny of a midwest city.

                    16. I know Detroit has been run by Democrats for the longest. I wonder if the it’s the same for Cleveland. It’s like the more socialist a person in power is he worse the people become. Starting with the minorities then moving up to whites. That and the war on drugs is a huge cause for a lot of that gang stuff. The war on drugs is the main reason the us has the highest incarceration rate. End the war on drugs and crime will shrink again. Proabation never works .

                    17. Nonsense. Wait till you travel to exotic Detroit, Phili, Baltimore or romantic Gary, Indiana.

                      Bring a gun. Leave the cannoli.

                    18. Oh yeah, totally forgot Philly. Stink hole extraordinaire. You get mugged in second grade there. Fucking hate that place. I only have vague memories of Baltimore at best, maybe my mind voluntarily assumed amnesia to protect my psyche.

                    19. I did better – 800% increase in property value!
                      But I’m sure by the time I leave it’ll be back in the shitter….

                    20. You know, I thought I did a few years ago, then we had a layover in Philly at the airport and the atmosphere smelled like a garbage barge was parked directly over the city. It was suffocating, hot, nasty and smelled like the inside of a garbage dump. After that I figured, eh, me and the city, we ain’t simpatico.

                    21. It was summer, I think, although it may have been winter and the city was just on fire, as it tends to do from time to time.

                    22. It may not have been the fault of the airport, it’s just that it sits along a narrow part of the Delaware River. If the regular dredging schedule slips a little bit, all the dead bodies floating down from New Jersey tend to get clogged up right there.

                    23. that would make for a great bus tour-TheRust Belt…scenic Camden/ Philly, Baltimore, Gary Indiana…

                    24. Dammit bem, why do you have to keep picking on me? That hurts my feelings. You know what it feels like to be called names?

                    25. Technically aren’t all people called names? I mean that’s the whole point of us naming our kids right, so people can call them by their name?

                1. not me! However, that woman looks like she didn’t just eat 30 people but that she deep fried them

          2. yeah, cannibals really need to be judged on weight basis. Like if you eat 30 people in Africa and have distended ribs and shit fine, but if you are chubby … I mean… god eats those that eat themselves or something,

      1. Wow, 30 people stare on Russian bitch far creepier than 1000 cock stare on American/

  9. “..was saying how this all was out of his control and he did not state one way or the other how the individual teams should behave.”

    Actually I heard that it is stipulated in their contract how they should conductive themselves on the field, so this virtue signalling exercise is being permitted from the head office.

        1. The disembodied face of the vacuum really is the perfect metaphor for the depth of loneliness and emotional isolation that the vacuum is experiencing. Or there just wasn’t enough room on the vacuum to draw it.

    1. I wish I was as patient with women as you are . The minute they say something like that i snap back with ” it’s time for you to find something better and get lost” and i run off to the titty bar to drink .

      1. I am not nearly as patient as you think just instead of the titty bar I go to another number in my phone or just, ya know, walk out onto the street and go into any one of the like 20 bars that are within a 3 minute walk of my front door and open till 4 am or later 7 nights a week,

      2. remember grasshoppa dickhead…….every single minor slight you smile at, withhold cock and avoid the woman while playing with others. Then when she comes back you smile and forgive her and welcome her aggressive and enthusiastic way of making things up…..women don’t mean half of what they say and the other half is all lies.
        reminds me of my friends old Italian mother when we were teenagers
        Friends Mother: where you boys were?
        Hippo and Friend drunk: We were at the park
        Mother: Every word what come outta yo mouths is lies
        Hippo and Friend: we’re not lying
        Mother: Shoe! Mo Lies!

        1. You’re the third guy to tell me to take this approach. It’s time for me to do the same thing and calmly tell them off. They don’t come back
          to me because they think I’m angry at them.

          1. Don’t be angry. What’s to be angry about? If some girl starts cunting cut her off and let her know where the door is. If she apologizes tell her you accept but still think a little cooling off time is good. Hustle her out or if you are out leave, leave calmly and with a big, non sarcastic, smile. Then don’t speak to her for a while. Yeah, she will probably suck a cock or 3 but so what. She will come back

            1. I texted one last week whom I didn’t speak with for 3 months. She was eager to go out again but thought I was “mad at her”. I told her to shut up and get out of my car in an elevated voice. The reason: She hamstered about having a baby and I rejected that idea because she isn’t the type to reproduce with and I am one and done with my 15 year old. She said some other guy was willing to give her a baby. Well, that never happened and I think it was a b.s. story but I overreacted is the point I am trying to make

              1. First person to over react always loses in the end. So what if she hampsters about a baby. Are you really taking what these birds say seriously. It’s like caring about your dog barking. Just pat her on the head and smile. She doesn’t even listen to half the shit she is saying why would you?

                1. This is the side effect of being a semi sugar daddy . I have it too easy when I pay the whores. When youre just dating the shit tests are launched like ballistic missiles and it pisses me off.

              2. Also never raise your voice to a woman in anger. Even if you have to knock her around do it with an even voice. If your heart rate is up she won.

  10. “Phil Valentine succinctly stated that if you aren’t leading, then you will be led”

    There’s a third category: Those who merely watch.

      1. Those who oppose leaders generally are also the leader personality type.

          1. I assume the same personality types but it morphs a bit with context. Maybe I’m overanalyzing it a bit though.

        1. Kids with leading potential are singled out for ‘leadership’ programs in school where they are pummeled with androginy and marxist principles so they will serve as the future shitlib gestappos. Stout red pilled kids who stand up and call out the bullshit are the real leading stock of the future but they run the risk of being branded with oppositional defiant disorder. Talk smack to the trendy mangina instructor or to the feminist witch and they load up the kid with zombie psychotropics. I suspect a large number of real leader’s minds were unfortunately put to sleep as kids.


          It’s terrible. They must be awakened.

  11. “A good wife has the respect of his husband and he leans on her for her advice before making large decisions.”

    Like Leonidas and his wife in 300.

  12. Good evening gentlemen. My name is Captain Morningwood. Did anyone else find it humorous that these players knelt for the national anthem then stood for God Save the Queen?

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