13 Daily Virtues: Temperance and Order

This is part one of a multi-part series which discusses a method Ben Franklin used to develop his character as a man.  Today I’ll go over the first two: Temperance and Order.  Franklin provided a quick explanation that I’ll provide as well as my own interpretation, as well as how to employ the virtue in your life, and how it relates to red pill theory as a whole.

Virtue 1: Temperance

Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation

We can start by taking this literally.  A fat slob of a man who eats crap all day shows lack of control.  A drunk who is shitfaced all the time shows the same.  As a man who should be eating right and exercising, keeping this stuff in check should be something you’re all doing.  Granted, us guys bulking while weightlifting need to consume a ton of calories to build muscle, but eating an entire chocolate cake is not the solution.

Examining this further, I believe that almost anything to excess can be an issue if it begins to consume your life.  Food, alcohol, video games, porn, even taking so much time chasing pussy that you neglect to take care of yourself (I’ve seen it before) can be a bad thing.  In the end, as long as you are in control of whatever it is you’re doing, you’ll be okay.

One part of this I like is that Franklin says that you can do these things, just know your limits.   An occasional beer with your friend on the weekend or a stogie with your father isn’t going to kill you and I actually highly encourage things like this.  Hell, some diet programs call for a cheat meal where you CAN eat a half a pizza if you want to.  In the end, keeping your vices in check is a good thing, and if you are having trouble kicking a bad habit, I recommend you read up on a certain physical and mental training program we have here at A Kings Castle.   (shameless plug)

Virtue 2: Order

The horror
Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time

One of the biggest things I’ve developed in my life recently is the desire to keep things in order as best I can.  This starts with objects and areas I am in often.  My desk is kept neat and clean.  My tools all have their place in the tool box.  I clean the trash out of my car weekly.

The way i see it, making sure I know my shit is where it belongs when I need it, and that my surrounding area doesn’t look like a chaotic shit hole helps me focus on other tasks, and gives me peace of mind to do so.

The latter part of this virtue is equally important.  Makes me recall a story which I don’t remember where it came from but it applies here.  I’ll recall it the best I can:

A farmer went out to milk to the cow but noticed the latch on the gate was broken.  As he went over to fix it, he realized there was a hole in the barn roof,  as he climbed the ladder he realized the hogs needed to be fed,  as he walked over to feed the pigs, he realized it was getting dark and he had no milk, a broken fence, a hole in the roof and hungry pigs.

Maybe not 100% verbatim, but the idea is still there.  Our farmer didn’t dedicate enough time to completing one task and tried to start each of them at once.  If he devoted his time to completing each task one by one, he’d be in a better position.  Getting 4/5 tasks 100% done beats getting 5/5 0% done.

Part of this carries over into telling people “No” when they ask you something.  Our world is so conditioned to just agree with every request people make of us.  The problem there is the fact that you give your word to do something, but when the time comes up you either forget it, or rush through it and royally screw things up.

Telling someone, even someone higher up the food chain at work “I can’t look at this until tomorrow” or ” I wont have time until later to do x” saves you from liability, as long as you do it when you said you will.  Granted, there are things you simply have to handle right away, but making time for things and mapping them out is crucial to eliminating many of those fires.

This even applies to things like exercise, study, reading, hobbies etc.  I feel that you need to make time for things you want to accomplish in life, and rather than say “I’ll workout tomorrow night” or “I’ll brush up on that topic on Saturday”, actually schedule it.  Say “I’m working out at 4:00 tomorrow” or “I’m going to study from 12:00 until 3:00 Saturday before I go out.”   This has helped me keep on track with the personal goals in my life as well as the career and family obligations I have.


Today we reviewed Virtue 1 and 2 of Franklin’s 13 Daily Virtues.  We must control our vices and our habits, lest they control us.  Having the ability to know your limits and when to say no is crucial.  We also learned about the benefits of keeping your things orderly and clean, as well as devoting yourself to what you’re doing, and not half-assing your duties.  Leave a comment on your in sights and questions about today’s virtues.   The next update will tackle the next three Virtues: Resolution, Frugality, and Moderation.


-J.  Nyx



Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

231 thoughts on “13 Daily Virtues: Temperance and Order”

  1. Don’t just cultivate these in yourself, cultivate them in your friends too. Fat drunken slob “friends” are an anchor around your neck if you want to improve yourself.

      1. Honestly, once you really swallow the red pill and commit to self-improvement, you find yourself living a pretty lonely life outside of family. And even with family, some of them need to be cut off too. I’m not antagonistic to these folks, I just realize that spending time with them is about as productive as sitting around watching Home Shopping Network infomercials, so I don’t do it unless I have to, which is basically weddings and funerals.

        1. It is solitary, thats for sure. Before “red pill” was a thing I compared it to being a goldfish in a bowl and some of us get out, evolve into humans and cant go back but we can watch the goldfish still stuck inside. Not as elegant as the matrix comparison, but it worked.

        2. “..which is basically weddings and funerals.”

          Yup. Most people are happy with being static, which I accept, and fight to maintain the status quo. You ignore them and improve yourself, you will catch flack later as you make them uncomfortable.

  2. Good advice.
    For the most part I am sticking to my “way of the warlord” pledges from last week.
    Starting to think that “less drinking” should have been one of them…

    1. When I started going to church, alcohol was fairly easy to give up, a little social pressure from my old friends, but that was it. Tobacco was much harder, I had to go to the bishop several times to confess. Porn was by far the most difficult vice, that one took me years. There is always the temptation and desire for the opposite sex.

      1. One of my pledges from last week was “no more porn”.
        I have stuck to it, except for last night.
        Since today was my day off, I got drunk last night which led to googling porn. Damn google! Didn’t get to sleep till after 4 AM.

        I gave up on church a very long time ago.

        1. I think a big factor is accountability. Make it so you you have somebody you will tell how you are doing and stick with it. When I quit cigarettes, I had a $50 bet with this friend that I could go longer without cigarettes than he could without marijuana. I won the bet (and they say pot isn’t addictive). You may do something like that with a friend of yours over there.

  3. Temperance…….that is applicable in so many opposing systems. Work vs. family life, environmentalism vs. industry, et cetera….. I think we need to take a step back from time to time and ask ourselves if we are doing something so much that we have diminishing returns and negative consequences elsewhere.

    1. “I think we need to take a step back from time to time and ask ourselves if we are doing something so much that we have diminishing returns and negative consequences elsewhere”

      I will NOT give up eating bacon. Love that shit way too much heh

      1. Ah, but are you eating so much bacon that you have diminishing returns on how much you enjoy it, or is it affecting your waistline? Those are important questions.

      1. Seriously, this. They’re idiots.

        Last autumn an older man and a younger man who was clearly his son (like, clearly) came into a bar I was at and sat down. The dad loudly bought the son a drink with a “congratulations on graduation!” (from college). I ask the kid what he majored in, and he said “Economics”. I told the bartender “Set him up with one on me” and as she was about to turn to go I asked him “So, who is your favorite economist?”

        “Karl Marx.”

        I withdrew the free drink as he looked at me weird. His dad did a double take and a “What did you say son?” with a strange/crestfallen look on his face.

        Fucking Millenials are so lost.

        1. I look at it like being inoculated for measles: Its actually GOOD if they dabble in that crap a little when they’re young and curious. But the hope is that their mind actually grows beyond it to the point where they can discriminate intelligently among all the things they’ve been exposed to.

          1. Well then perhaps I helped him realize that his choice was not optimal nor widely accepted by the wider population.

            1. Well he’s even more fukked if he let the ‘wider population’ or the revocation of a free drink change his views! Again, I’m still hoping for his brain to start working once the training wheels (college) come off

              1. Depends on the job he gets, if it is government related, he will continue on the path, If in the private sector he will eventually come around.

        2. By your reasoning, the entire Baby Boomer generation is “lost” too, since they were just as radical in their university days, if not moreso.

          1. Lightly buying into Marxism/socialism because it’s what all the other kids are doing and you want to look cool is one thing. As bem mentions below, young and curious and all that. Getting a degree in economics and thinking that Marx is even vaguely relevant at the micro or macro level of economics as a serious and viable economist in 2017 is absurd. If the kid hadn’t learned by the time he got his sheep skin, then he’s a stone cold fool.

            1. It takes some people longer to see that capitalism is a much better tool for changing the world. He’ll get there.

              Or maybe he’s got a problem with his dad and was trying to embarrass him. Maybe he sized YOU up and decided to poke the bear. Who knows?

              1. Sure, could be any of those things. His answer just surprised me. If he’d said Keynes at least he’d have some credibility in my eyes, as even though I am not fond of Keynes in he least, his theories are still being tinkered around with and they haven’t, yet, brought an entire empire to its knees nor caused mass grave level of genocide. But yeah, hopefully he’ll snap out of it.

                1. Keynes was a hundred percent right on the virtues of *occasional* deficit spending. This simple idea has saved us from ruin more than once. Both Rs and Ds have been using this idea for decades.

                  Funny thing is, he said we should also save our pennies and create surplus budgets in times of prosperity. (Duh.) With the exception of Bill Clinton, everyone in our federal government has basically ignored that advice.

                  1. By Bill Clinton I’m assuming you mean the GOP led Congress at the time, since only Congress controls the purse strings. But yeah.

        3. Communism actually bred more capitalism on a local level in the USSR. If that kid grew up in Russia he would know that unlike the USA there were not orderly queues for goods and services. Whoever bribed the doctor the most money got their medication first. Families loaned each other money, like banks, in order to buy more shoes, bread, cars… than the allotted amount allowed by the government. It was pure capitalism over there for those 80 years.

          1. At the personal level which was all technically illegal but yes, I’m inclined to agree with your assessment. Communism and most socialism fails because it fails to take human nature into account and usually works in direct contrast to human nature by believing that it’s possible to educate self-interest out of the human race. A stupider viewpoint I don’t think will ever be posited in the remaining span of human history.

            1. Capitalism is indeed human nature. Communism presumes to take a snapshot of “how everything should be” and then force-fit it atop human nature.

              1. If you want to own 300 pairs of shoes and erect a bowling alley in your living room, by God you have that right!

          2. My wife told me stories about standing in lines in order to buy food in her youth and sometimes the store simply ran out food to sell. Families kept a high amount of cash on hand for a number of reasons– bribes, as you have mentioned, but also if you pull a large amount of cash off your account it draws suspicion from the authorities. Most soviets developed a huge mistrust of banks, not because of fears the bank failing, but the state simply delcaring “day zero” and wiping out everyone’s personal savings. Stalin did that 3 times.

            1. the “managers” in charge of factories would falsify invoices for raw materials. They would decrease the quantity amounts, siphon a few here and there and sell them on the black market. I remember one guy telling me his uncle stole raw leather that was supposed to be for the boot factory. He would use the leather and sew his own custom boots. Once the local authorities found out, he voluntarily disappeared forever.

              1. Heard quite a few similiar stories. They would occassionally execute one for such “crimes” as an example and publicized it, but it never stopped anything.

        4. Honestly, you missed a great chance to teach this guy about Marx. You should have let the waitress bring the drink and when she gave you the bill, you should have said, “it’s on me . . . after you redistribute the wealth out of his bourgeois pockets.”

            1. And of course, there’s also beaten everyone equally senseless, tied a few up and stowed them in the back room, and taken all their money to buy his drink. Then lock the door and start re-educating them all with a loudspeaker and your belt.

          1. Lol, that’s true. It was a snap judgment, I didn’t really think it out all the way.

            1. I hate when that happens. You know you got an awesome response but don’t want to hassle with idiots. I was hitting on an Ecuadorian babe at a table this past weekend. She didn’t say she had a boyfriend and welcomed me. 5 minutes later the boyfriend and 3 friends come back to the table and the boyfriend asks me. Who are you? I said I noticed the table was empty and sat down to talk to this lady. He said “that’s my girl” … I was thinking about telling him that she wasn’t forthright with that information, when another guy showed up and hugged her and the boyfriend asked this 3rd guy the same question he asked me. I got up and walked away.

        5. What a bullshit fucking response. I grew up with a lot of Russian and Slavic immigrants who lived in the USSR and you know who isn’t inline to suck Marx’s dick? ACTUAL people who LIVED under Communism. My buddy’s mom cried when she went to the supermarket and could by anything she wanted. His grandma sent pics back to Russia because she couldn’t believe the food that was available. Only faggot hipster millennials who have benefited 1000% from capitalism/democracy are edgy “commies”

                    1. no financial aid for foreigners either, unless they scrapped that too. but then again, this was the mid-late 90s when I went to school…a saner time

                    2. Its amazing the money we’re sending over there.
                      And they are able to send their kids to school here for very high fees. My sister’s kid went to a sleepaway high school, with a heavy amount of discipline, for kids with some problems. Was very expensive. The Chinese families had to pay double. The American kids included ADD types (like my nephew), some thugs, druggies, etc.. The Chinese kids were the ones not studying hard enough to please their parents.

                    3. these chinese and korean nationals are not the best students. my sis worked at an “elite” prep school for these kids, always asking for higher grades, demanding the guidance counselors get them into the best colleges. the poor, american-born chinese and koreans are the hardest workers, not these kids…just like the spoiled kids of wealthy white americans…

                    4. check out this clip(and all his other clips where he just rags on whatever city he is in at the time),
                      billy makes a great point- you can buy your way into Harvard, but you cant for MIT

            1. yup. But they paid really well comparatively, gave me a nice office and all in all was the best of the places I taught working condition wise

          1. I didnt know west pointers were burger king employees. I dont know much about the military, but I am pretty sure they become officers…a little more important career path than a fries slinger

            1. My comment was directed at the Hofstra sociology grad.
              But hey – speaking of military academies, my nephew just got accepted to The Citadel!
              I should make an effort to warn him of the torture that awaits….

    1. Eh, ship him to Afghanistan. Better some commie shithead die in a pointless war than a good dude. Fuck, maybe we should specifically start to recruit all these social justice fucktards and send them over there to spread equality. At the same time, we should arm and train the other side.

          1. Fighting is OK if they are boys and roughly the same age. Just so long as its done in a structured manner, like gloves & such. Always wished I had a brother.

            1. It is great until they start getting emotional about it. As a kid, I loved to wrastle my brother. You are right about being the same age, My oldest boy is 12, next oldest boy is 6. My 12 year old has to wrestle his pop if he wants to do that, which isn’t very often for me.

      1. My inlaws took all 3 of my kids for a weekend. The wife and I cleaned the whole house friday and it was spotless for the whole time they were gone. Not even home for an hour and it looked like a bomb went off in there.

  4. Order in my personal life is paramount. I’m of the mind the more I get older that the reason that I’m so libertarian towards others is because I have my life sorted, under control and orderly, so I have no impulse to control others because I’m aware of the work and discipline necessary to control only one life, let alone attempt it with others. I believe that the less orderly and in control one is in one’s own life, the more one is drawn to either wanting to be controlled by somebody else, or to wanting to control others to compensate for one’s own deficits at the personal level. Just a little hypothesis I’ve thought about for a while.

    My place is spotless clean. You can do surgery on my kitchen floor, although you may want to use a hospital because I lack most of the proper equipment necessary to surgery. I’m not OCD but I am very structured (iow, I won’t start shouting at the walls if I find a fingerprint on a table or whatever and I won’t collapse into a heap of quivering nerves). Having a plan in life and how you wish to live it and keeping your physical environment and personal habits orderly is really a great way to live, as long as you on occasion let go and just have wild abandon type fun.

    Temperance is a good virtue, no question, although I think that this is where most people fall down. It’s very easy to get “addicted” to things these days, not coincidentally I think because most of them are called “addictions” and this thus absolve he individual of blame for making bad choices and not developing a sense of temperance. I drink too much? Why, that’s not my problem, it’s an addiction! I eat too much? Not my fault, I can’t help it, it’s an addiction! Smoking? Same thing, addiction. Bullfeathers. Almost all “addictions” (not all, but almost all) are nothing more than a person exercising bad behavior, choices and judgment and not giving a fuck about changing his life.

    1. Agree 100%!

      Your house sounds like mine; everything structured and everything has it’s place. I’ve found that if your personal life is clean and clutter-free, your mind is much more clear. Your home should be where you collect your thoughts and recharge from the chaos of the outside world. As far as cleanliness goes, some may laugh at me for this one (it is a great detailing tool), but I even carry a Swiffer duster in my vehicles to wipe any dust particles off the dash, gauges, etc. – call me obsessive, but I like it clean.

      1. I make leather items for what I pretend is a profit (hobby business). I had a guy come down and watch me make a holster for a pistol of his because he was honestly interested to see the process and what was involved. After a while he was saying “Wait, every time you use a tool you put it away before grabbing the next tool, why not just set it on the bench and then clean up afterward?” My answer was simple, “When I put a tool away I always know where it’s at when I need it again. If I let shit stack up on the workbench until I’m done then I will waste time searching for things I may need and maybe even temporarily lose items (you use a lot of tools with leather at times)”.

  5. One thing I’ve struggled with for quite awhile is making time to accomplish things. My job can often have very unpredictable finish times. I’ll have a goal in mind for after work but I’ll get off later than I expected so I half-ass it when I get home or just hit “screw it” and leave it for another day.

      1. is he? he started wearing jammies all the time, now the hipsters wear then to the supermarket

      2. Not sure about that. In the early days, ok, he was totally a hep cat. By the 1990’s he was a sad wrinkled caricature of himself who played gay porn (like, guys) on large screens in his home as he “entertained”. Then he put his empire in the hands of a female relative. He went way off point.

        1. I didn’t know he was into gay porn. It looks like these cats like himself and Charlie Sheen must either get bored of banging women or were/are closet fudge packers.

          1. I think that they’re both bored and have enough money to not care about ever working again AND they are surrounded by a peer group/culture that promotes deviancy so that eventually it becomes their normal so they start adapting themselves to their peer group, as people are wont to do.

            1. there is that one guy on the ROK Disqus who talked about viewing so much porn that he transitioned (no pun intended) to Shemales

                1. I forget the username but one guy on ROK said he started watching shemale porn because he was getting bored of male-female on screen sex.

                    1. My educated guess is between those two and given exactly what Clarke said many times about liking girls to look like pre-pubescent boys, that it was Clarke. I’m not saying it was him personally, I’m just going by the either-or choice.

                    2. That’s the name! PJ Clarke, It was on the tip of my tongue, but I just couldn’t think of it. I remember having that conversation with him. Dude took that MGTOW idea way too far.

                    3. Same here, I like the idea that women who spent their youth riding the carousel should not be trifled with. But NAWALT, there are some decent, moral women out there worth investing in. Learning how to pick up, verify, and maintain these women is vital.

                      There was a video put out by Stephan Molyneux where he talks about if you find a girl that puts virtue above comfort, you have a keeper. Most women will do whatever it takes to maximize their comfort (sex for resources, manipulate, lie). There are a few however, that will not do that. They hold their integrity to a standard where they have to give up comfort at times. They will go against the flow of society, walk out of the party, or refrain from something because they believe in living the principals they spout. If she is willing to do that, she won’t cheat, fritter away your money, or be incredibly selfish in a relationship.

                    4. I keep running into 35+ year olds who didn’t have kids, maybe married once, and they expect relationships… I totally go MGTOW with those types. What is the point of marrying a barren womb ?

                    5. oh they say, “you’re divorced too” and try to make it a level playing field….

                      they also say “Who wants a man with kids..??”

                      still has no effect on me.
                      I respond ” All I want is a FWB because I do have a son, so why don’t you want to just be fuck buddies? Both parties will be happy then… “

                    6. I’m not sure shat I would do if my wife died in a car wreck or something, the idea of taking care of my kids by myself would be overwhelming. Maybe hire a good looking girl as a baby sitter while I work and see if there is anything there for relationship material.

                    7. Your kids will adapt. They would survive. They would step up to help you. Bringing in another woman would make the situation worse. I’ve done this. Wife 2.0 becomes selfish and wants her own brood and her own things..her own life …. once you marry up 2.0 your kids would suffer even moreso… that is why I try to find fuck buddies and short term relationships. In between what I pickup, I pay for. (I didn’t marry a 2.0 but lived with one)

                    8. “Maybe hire a good looking girl as a baby sitter while I work and see if there is anything there for relationship material.”

                      Now that’s using your noggin!
                      Even better would be a foreign Au-Per with limited English skills.

                    9. “I keep running into 35+ year olds…”

                      That’s your problem. You should be running AWAY from them!

                      BTW, they are totally invisible to me. And I am way past 35.

                    10. I am 43, some older women have killer bodies and I just want to fuck them…they used to be easier 10 years ago, now these cougars expect marriage. I still call them cougars even if they are 5 years younger.

                    11. That’s cool. To each his own.
                      I’m 51 and I live by the 7-29 rule.
                      Only consider 7s & up, and age 29 & lower.
                      It costs me an arm and a leg, but I really don’t care.
                      What else am I going to do with my $$$?
                      Drop dead and give it to my sister’s kids?
                      No way.
                      Die broke leaving hundreds of thousands to the IRS.
                      That’s the way to go out.

                    12. I’ve paid for it plenty of times and been on SA for 3 years, legit sugar daddy and a con artist as well. Sometimes I enjoy the thrill of the chase, the challenge. I know many sugar daddies do want to be attracted to the SD, but still sometimes it is too easy.

                    13. I do not blame you at all. I wish when I was 17 I paid for it when I was horny 10 times per day. For some reason, as of late, I need to have a “connection” ; mutual attraction with women. I wish I could go back to just obtaining physical relief.

                    14. ” I need to have a “connection” ; mutual attraction with women.”

                      Oh, I’ve felt that way from time to time as well. A good “red pilling” from a female usually works to get rid of them.
                      Got severely “red pilled” a couple of months ago and drove those feelings out of me. I call those incidents my “red pill booster shot”.

                    15. that happens to me about 3 times per year, the best part about it is that the financial impact to me is very minimal with each passing booster shot!

                    16. “Die broke owing hundreds of thousands to the IRS.”

                      i love that saying, however you never know, the bastards may clone you to work off the debt your 1.0 self incurred, stranger things HAVE happened you know.

                    17. Wow, if they clone me they’re going to be real sorry!
                      I’d love a do-over, and with access to internet and manoshpere, no telling what young Slim.1.1 might do!

                    18. “I still call them cougars even if they are 5 years younger.”

                      I consider most females in their mid 30s to be old bags.

                1. I can’t watch it right now but if it’s the one I’m thinking about, and based on his hairstyle I think it is, he’s totally off base on this one. The “man” on the film is intended to be the proxy through which you live vicariously. If the man were impotent then it wouldn’t be effective as a vicarious proxy. He went for the cheap shot “You’re gay if you like to see heterosexual sex” thing IMO.

                  1. I agree.
                    Did a quick search of trending porn search/views.
                    POV is up, virtual girlfriend is too.
                    Of course, the top ones are things like “forced” (apparently big with the females) and “family” (things like stepdad/stepbro/stepson also big with females), and various cuckoldry.

                    1. Gives a new meaning to the phrase “burning rubber”!
                      Guy: how was your weekend Bill?
                      Bill: me and a couple dudes were burning some rubber in Brooklyn!
                      Guy: didn’t take you for a motorcycle guy, Bill!
                      Bill: uhmmmmm…..yeah bikes right? Hahaha

                2. Brad from Fast Times at Ridgemont High fapped the old school way, creeping on his sister’s friend at the pool.

          2. I think it’s the same thing for dudes who watch too much porn, going from mild vids to taboo ones because the former is not exiting after binging on it.

              1. Why not both. That’s why everyone in my office has two screens, one for each vid. Or maybe is to do with viewing spreadsheets! Who knows!

            1. This is very, very likely. And also I’d wager why so few younger men are out looking for real women any longer. No context or experience on what normal sex is like, way too extreme in expectations and no real guide on how to get to the point where they actually are fucking in real life. I’ve also heard it attributed to impotency as well (you watch it so much that you no longer associate real women with sex in your mind and can only get aroused by visual porn).

                  1. How fucking revolting. Asians will eventually bring about the voluntary extinction of the human race. Freaking grass eaters don’t fucking have a clue what they’re releasing on the world and they don’t care. Can’t sack up and fucking put their women in line so they sally forth on inventing distractions so real that it will lead to a total cessation of reproduction. Idiots.

                    1. That’s where “I can’t view the video of this” comes into play. So no.

                    2. first was using your imagination, then pictures, then videos, then lotion and toys, and now this…..pathetic

          3. Has to be the 2nd choice.
            I can’t believe that is something a straight guy would turn to out of boredom. Or any other reason.

          4. D_C_A, I believe that they reach the point with power and money that “normal” hedonism no longer holds any novelty for them. Not even piles of coke and mountains of hookers. Then they start pushing the depravity envelope until the only thing left is to queer off.

      3. Yeah, no.
        Especially condemning is this part:
        “In Arizona, under a proposal bill women who hoped to have their health
        insurer cover birth control would have been forced to provide their
        employer with proof they were taking the pill for a medical condition —
        not just for the purpose of avoiding pregnancy,” he notes. “A new Kansas
        law allows a pharmacist to refuse to sell someone contraception on the
        grounds that such a sale could violate the pharmacist’s religious
        beliefs. Similar laws already exist in Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi
        and South Dakota.”
        There’s a lot of things wrong with his, and his magazine’s, compass

              1. Nah, before that, with telegraphs. Man in the middle attacks came from the age of the Telegraph.

              2. Could be, my historical expertise is nowhere near that of others here, like GOJ and as he says below: Telegraph. And probably before that, a lot of our liberties are at times placebos that give us comfort even when they may not be so concrete in practice. And most people’s memories don’t go back all that far either to even be aware of infringements and erosion.

        1. “war against sex”……..it is a statistically proven fact that a typical man in a monogamous relationship will have more sex than a typical single man.

          1. I think that used to be true. Modern marriages are experiencing a dearth of sex across the board since the mid 1990’s. People used to have *way* more sex back in the awful dreadful stone age of the “pre-1990’s” in marriage.

            1. I can’t speak for all, but mine is great. I think too many man (and women) listened to the TV that guys need to be manginas, women need to be “independent” and crap like that for far too long.

              The trend may not hold for red pilled men, but numbers don’t lie.

              1. You’re extremely traditional married to a Mormon woman so I’d wager yours is the exception to the trend (and those like you). I’ve read at least 3 articles citing studies now that claim that sex in marriage is but a pittance of what it used to be, what with women consumed with their idiotic “careers” and “having it all!”. Now whether that means that this is not occurring with single people too (same women, right?) is anybody’s guess. Given the cock carousel and sluttery out there now, maybe not?

                1. could be. My guess is for both men and women, the rates would follow their individual SMV curve if single and nihilistic.


                  But if married, these factors would go away and you would see a more tempered curve, not as high of peak, but higher overall as the effort required to have sex is much less. So from 30-50 a guy could get more sex unmarried, but outside of that, it would be better married.

                  Maybe I’m putting too much thought into this.

                  1. I’ve always thought that Rollo (the guy who created that) got the ages on the curve entirely wrong for men. Put the peak of 31 and keep it rock steady until 55 or so and then decline and you’re more likely to be on mark. He didn’t account for modern culture not producing high value men any longer so Milenial women will date GenX 50 something men and not even blush about it.

                    1. Yup, looks go down as assets and skills go up, so it evens out. Ive been out of the market since I was 28, so I’ll have to take your word for it.

                  2. Why the drop off after 31.
                    Most guys have WAY more money in their 40s, 50s and 60s.
                    More money should equal more sex, no matter how you slice it.

                    I do agree with the female drop off after 18 though. Agree with that 100%

                    1. Agreed, GOJ and I talked about that below. I would suppose this is more of what the average guy experiences, not a guy who understands the red pill.

              1. that idea is a totally foreign concept to me, I had six dry spells, about 4-6 weeks recovery after each kid, and maybe up to a week off for a period or sickness. Other than that, 3-5 per week.

                Your ex just shriveled up?

                1. was more concerned about her “career” … I went outside the home to get sex. I had a Mexican mistress who would blow me for hours at a time 3 times per week.

                  1. My wife hasn’t worked a day since we married (outside finishing up her degree, but that was before we had kids) I really think her working is a huge cause for divorce. It creates an atmosphere of competition rather than cooperation. But then, we are still struggling with the bills, despite me being an engineer.

                    1. See, that’s the thing, you are more or less living like folks did prior to th 1970’s so your sex life will resemble theirs. This is not the case in the vast majority of marriages these days and they’re withering on the vine sexually precisely because of what you note about women working.

                    2. I think you are right about that. It goes back to that idea that you choose your life and live it. If you want the playboy lifestyle, do like lolknee and accept the negative consequences, but do it fully. If you want the traditional life, you can, but it means no TV, one income, church, etc.

                      The bachelor who half asses it and eats cheetos and plays video games ad infinitium will be as unhappy as the married man who half asses it and grows into a fat sportsball fan who gets cheated on.

                    3. The downside of bachelordom in my case is the time consuming task of finding women to bang while being a single dad, holding down a career , and staying fit .

              2. The clinical definition of a sexless marriage is sex less than 10 times a year. Ask around in subdivision or city with the married men and most of them would love to have sex as frequently as 10 times a year. This is a huge thing that everybody sweeps under the rug because to question it would be to question the underlying narrative that feminism is good and positive for everybody.

            2. Most people in he modern world aren’t physically fit either. From what I heard staying physically fit boosts the libido

      1. And not looks either, apparently.
        He always reminded me of a cross between Mr. Howell and “The Penguin”.

      1. Nah, that was P.T. Barnum and Tesla (I like Tesla, but he as an attention whore of the first order) and Edison (ditto).

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