Way of the Warlord: Phase 1 Update

Last week we started our new Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.  Today’s post is the mid point update where we will share our questions, triumphs, difficulties, and advice.

Week One Update

Last week’s challenge was:

Physical: Break a PR

Mental: Give up a vice

Martial Arts: Easy Basic Techniques



My goal was to up my bench press and over head press 1RM by 10 lbs.  I actually have reached that on overhead press but not in a way you’d expect.  I was stuck on 135×6 and simply couldn’t crank out another rep. 135×6 equals about a 155 lb 1RM. I decided to put my ego aside and lower it to 125 and banged out 14 reps. This upped my 1rm to 167.   While I was lifting less weight, the increased volume helped me cross the hurdle. I will update my bench numbers in next week’s follow up post.  Interestingly an update I have is that I gained 1 lb from last week but my waist measurement stayed the same.


My goal was to give up a vice, which I decided would be booze.  I did pretty good, but I did have 2 beers on Wednesday night.  Now, this is much better than my typical few beers a week, but I want to really dial in my discipline next week and cut it out completely.  Part of this is making sure I have the focus on my physical aspect the next day, as drinking the night before lifting the next day really messes with my performance.

Martial Arts:

Jak proposed the simple guide last week to bring noobs into a quick martial arts warmup.  I did them a few times this week before my workout to get the blood pumping.  Going to try to do them every day.


Where are you guys in the challenge?  This post is just an update so its kind of short but I’d love to hear your guys input.  The whole goal of this is to get us interacting and helping each other reach our goals.

Stay determined and check in when you’re having an issue or a hard time staying on track.  Drop a comment on your progress!


J. Nyx



Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

149 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Phase 1 Update”

  1. Physical: up my deep knee bends reps by 10. (from 3 sets of 25 to 3 sets of 35).
    – Upped to 30 this week, adding another 5 next week.

    Mental: give up porn, & junk food (ice cream, pies, cake, chips, etc..).
    – All kept except porn on wednesday after getting drunk and googling “tight young pussy”. Then up past 4 AM viewing porn.

    Martial: do the prescribed workouts.
    – Honestly, I have not tried it yet. But with this “confession”, I will absolutely start today and do them throughout the rest of the first challenge.

    “The whole goal of this is to get us interacting and helping each other reach our goals.”

    – Which is an AWESOME goal in itself! Thanks for this. Amazing you can put so much thought into this and the other stuff on your site, and still have time for job, family, etc.. You must almost never sleep!

    1. Great progress man!

      Im glad you enjoy the program. I hadn’t seen anything in the manosphere that was interactive. It was all “Do this workout” but the problem I had with it was what if you had a question or even a better way of doing something? That and the fact that you are kind of held accountable to the rest of us if you fuck up, which is motivating.

      Also, go for some “tight young pussy” (legal obviously) in real life. Im sure its better than the shit on the internet, 100% guaranteed!

      Stick with it !

      1. “Also, go for some “tight young pussy” (legal obviously) in real life.”

        I guess that means you haven’t seen too many of my comments over on ROK! I “go for it” at least 3 times a week. The porn is for “charging up”. Although, if you are not familiar with my ROK comments, I will tell you that my, umm, “method” of attaining said pussy is somewhat “unconventional” compared to you guys who are Alphas/PUAs…

  2. I woke up this morning with my back/hip killing me, my warlording activities for a while will be carried out from a sitting postion lol

            1. Hey, Mr. Knee…
              Do you remember a restaurant called “Fagiolini’s” on 39th and Lex? I think it’s called “Lasagna” or something like that now.

              Fagiolini’s…yeah I know it means “little beans” in Italian, but still, that name always used to crack me up. I used to tell people it was a “fag joint” (channeling Archie Bunker).

              1. Is that pronounced “Faggy-o-linis”? When I sound it out, it comes out sounding Irish lol

              2. Yes sir I do. I work just on east 34th and remember fagiolini’s very well. It is now called House of Lasagna. Not sure if same owners and just a less faggy name or new restaurant. I never ate there but always chuckled when walking past on my way to work from Grand Central.

                  1. “House of Lasagna” sounds like a shitty fake Italian place run by Chinese immigrants with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

                    1. At least SBarros tries to pretend to be Italian. I imagine “House of Lasagna” still having shitty Chinese decor and a giant crappy gold-painted dragon statute from back when it was “House of Eggroll”.

                    2. Yeah, I’m sure it still has whatever the Fagolini’s decor was… probably a lot of statutes of naked black guys.

                    3. the chinese are the only ones who can afford the rent in that area…space was probably advertised as “a great money laundering opportunity in the heart of Manhattan! Hurry before the Russians beat you to it”

                    1. ah. only one I went to was on 42nd bet 6th and broadway. go to shady TS nightclub, almost get stabbed. cap off the night at Tad’s almost get stabbed again. the good ol days

  3. Physical: get back to the gym and exercise more regularly! My gym presence can be described as quite sporadic in the past few months. Just earlier I walked up a few elevating stairs on my way to and from the tube station and felt a deep burn in my calves. This wouldn’t be the case if I was fitter.

    Mental: give up smoking for the nth time and junk food, but only after I finish the box of mini flapjacks in the kitchen. I’m not wasting them.

    Martial: not my cup of tea!

  4. Physical: I keep going to the gym. I think I finally got how to bench press properly, lol.
    Mental: still not wanking!
    Martial: N/A

  5. Physical: worked out maybe two three times. Need to make more time for it.

    Mental: checked out porn twice mainly when I was bored. I need to fill my time up with stuff.

      1. Or combine the two! Watch porn on the tele while on a Stairmaster!

      2. True. Also I don’t have to do I a huge workout. I can do many small workouts such as do 10 push-ups every hour on the hour while I’m at home doing homework at night

    1. I think for my mental i will add no youtube or web comics(japanese manga included). I need to get focused. It is time for me to start becoming a winner

      1. I was watching clips from the interview and I wondered what it would be like hanging out with Kim Jong un. It is hard for me to take him serious now. Also for some reason I have gained a recen fascination in researching dictators.

  6. My physical goal was to become more active. Started doing more pull-ups, running around with my dog. I’m also going to switch jobs with my partner here at work as well which would make me more active.

    My mental goal was to cut back on soda. Started that a week or so before the WoW program. I’m going to tie this in with the physical goal and try to reduce this (root)beer belly. While I have nearly cut out the soda, I still have my one 8oz Red Bull in the morning. I’d like to replace that with something else but haven’t quite found an alternative yet. I don’t like coffee or tea so any recommendations would be appreciated.

    1. Which tea don’t you like? Or all of them? Bitter food is an acquired taste. It took me a long time but I learned to like it. Now I drink my coffee black and my tea unsweetened.

      You could either go the low/no sugar Red Bull route which isn’t much better due to the artificial sweeteners or buy caffeine powder and use that.

      Hope that helps.

      1. To be fair, I don’t know much about tea. I just know the Liptons/Brisk tea wasn’t enjoyable. Although I’d imagine that’s hardly tea at all. I just like to have something really cold and carbonated in the mornings to wake me up.aybe I’ll try carbonated water or something like that.

          1. Irish Breakfast

            I make my own. 1 potato, 1/2 cup whiskey, purée in blender until blender motor whirring noise becomes unbearable.

      2. If you like bitter, try yerba mate tea. It’s intense, high in caffeine, and really addictive. They drink it all the time in Argentina.

    2. That Red Bull is some disgusting stuff lol
      I drank very sweet tea forever, I gave it up a few years ago for unsweetened, it’s an acquired taste but if I could do it anybody could.

        1. I don’t know how you do it. It makes my eyes water just thinking about how bad it is 🙂

          1. It does have a powerful aroma. What I don’t get is how people can drink more than 8oz at a time like the Rockstars and Monsters.

          1. Sure, but given the rampant diabeetus it causes, I’m not worried about losing that fight. Heh.

        1. Man that stuff was the greatest, I can’t believe I quit. I dropped about 30lbs though just from not drinking that stuff. Weighing less makes it easier to mangle Yankees when they fuck with us about our sweet tea lol

            1. Damn, I’m a Southerner who hates sweet tea and loves mayonnaise. My great great grandma must have fucked a carpetbagger.

          1. Dixie sweet tea = 1/2 pound of sugar, glass of water, tea bag

            At boot camp the southern boys would laugh because yankees put salt in their grits.

    3. My pull up advice btw:
      Do pull ups until you get yourself to where you can consistently knock out 10 of them. Once that happens add 25 pounds of weight and start again. Once you can get a consistent 10 add another 25 pounds. I have been doing this for years and at, while I am currently easing up on my workouts until the new year to give the body a break was knocking out 10 pull ups with 2 45 pound plates on a chain belt. Grab the bar and do it with just body weight and somewhere around 20 I started laughing at how easy it was.

      1. Nice. I make sure to work in 20 pull ups, somehow, some way, between sets at the gym. I know a trainer who does 15-20 pushups between every set.

        1. I only do pull ups on back day when I am in hard core training. Since I do them weighted they are a serious strain. But I can pretty much crank out 20 of them in strict form no problem because of all the training with a weight belt

  7. I checked out the comments on ROK only once this week. I fell off the wagon. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.

      1. You get more kratom jokes on a non sponsored article. Someone contact Kratom. Tell em papa has a brand new blog

    1. I still go over there some but the comments section isn’t anywhere near as fun as it used to be.
      There’s still a couple of good commenters there sometimes but many of those cats take themselves way too seriously.

        1. Its getting easier to stay away because the whole conspiracy joo thing is just getting deeper there.

  8. I feel like I succeeded at this challenge by passively aggressively refusing to actually set any goals for myself on it, and then not failing at those goals, ultimately making me successful in avoiding failure. So, 4 gold stars for me!

    1. Well done. And an excellent approach. Opting for efficiency, I decided I had already reached perfection and thus there were no opportunities for improvement. Pretty sure I can keep up this pace indefinitely.

      1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I am absolutely printing this out and hanging it on my wall.

        None of you other fucks got jack shit, but I got a fucking certificate and a trophy with a gay monkey in it.


  9. Totally forgot about this challenge, BUT…

    I cut out carbs for two entire days, eating entirely meat and veg.
    I hit the gym twice in three days. One great leg day (particularly the weighted lunges with 60 lbs on shoulders) and a great upper body day (benched 205 x 5, a bit more than usual).
    My girlfriend gave me a great blowjob on HER birthday. (That’s what keeping strong frame will get you, gents.)
    I didn’t give anything up except maybe carbs.
    I’m reading a great book on mass extinctions. I actually can’t wait to get back to it each night.

    Resolution: To be a bit more productive in my work, starting today and all next week.

    1. “My girlfriend gave me a great blowjob on HER birthday. (That’s what keeping strong frame will get you, gents.)
      I didn’t give anything up except maybe carbs.”

      Are you saying that when you came you shot a loaf of semolina in her eye?

  10. This challenge is great but what about the For The Dick Challenge. Any of you boys manage to get a girl to make you one?

  11. Physical: New deadlift PR (same as author, more reps at 80% = 12 lb increase).
    Mental: Cut back major amount of screentime on the computer (downloaded app to track time). Three weeks no fap, but did get laid last two weekends.
    Martial: Been bulking up slightly over the last few months, cutting down for definition.

  12. Well I did the challenge.
    Physical: New Deadlift PR when I deadlifted Bencio del Toro
    Mental: I watched all 13 episodes of the one season wonder TV program staring Christ Vance as an Australian doctor living in America
    Martial: I prayed to the 3rd century Bishop of Limoges
    Not sure if any of this did me any good

  13. OT workout question: Anybody have any suggestions to stretch out tendons in the arm? I had a torn forearm tendon like three years ago, and it is recently giving me a lot of grief (especially on curls). It feels like the tendon in my right arm (the injured one) is bunched up under the skin, not extending to the length it is supposed to.

    1. I do this for elbow tendonitis.

      – Lay face down on the floor
      – put your arms straight under your body with your palms facing the floor, with your arms under your hip points.
      – stretch your arms straight down with weight from your body on them
      – hold for 2 minutes or so.

      – stand up and shake out

      I read that in a guide to help golf elbow. Supposedly a yoga move. It helps.
      But if you feel too much pain, obviously stop.

  14. Physical: I had two goals, maintain 3 nutritional meals a day and formulate a workout schedule to begin in my new town.
    Both are shaping up after a rough initial time. The meals were tough to find ingredients for at the start, but I have several solid options now. The workouts were especially hard to begin as I just moved to higher altitude and am working swing shifts after years of only working out at night. This past week was largely testing the waters, and I now have a good idea of what’s feasible.

    Mental: Giving up masturbation and porn. Like several others on here, I found the most difficulty in this was related to boredom. However, I’ve been shoehorning new hobbies and workouts into my life so that I’m either too tired or too busy to think about this. I was not entirely unsuccessful, but I have real work to do here. I also intend on stretching my legs into the dating arena here, as I’ve been too busy moving in and inprocessing at work to get out much at all. This should prove easier as my confidence rises with fitness and nutrition.

    1. With this, or any other challenge or goal, I cannot stress enough, the importance of developing a “routine” as part of your life… It’s simply just repetition and time… Focus your energies strictly on things that will provide you with a Benefit, and over time, they become second nature. I started bodybuilding when I was 17, and it was that very “routine” that helped establish tremendous focus and discipline, which to this day, at 46 years old, has kept me on course and unshaken by the distractions life tosses our way.

      Good luck – stay focused and always stay hungry!

      1. That was one of the most heavy-impacting realizations I had. Without a routine, my life is chaos. Add to that I’m on a work schedule I’ve never had in my life and I’ve got some improvements to make.

        1. No worries – Take a step back for a moment and try to free yourself from distractions. Take a little time to carefully access the situation… Break it down, take it all apart in your head or on paper (almost like a puzzle) and reassemble it to best suit your needs. Tweak things along the way as needed; it’s all part of a process. You’ll learn quickly what doesn’t work; discard that crap and move on to the things that benefit you. Don’t ever be afraid of making mistakes – that’s how we learn. The important thing is that you keep moving forward.

  15. Benched over my body weight today for the first time since my back injury, ~four years ago. Goal!

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