When Dread Game Doesn’t Work


A while back, one of our readers discussed a personal situation where the principles of Dread Game did not work for him.  If I remember correctly, his personal experience led him to surmise that Dread Game was a flawed system and does not work.  Today, we’re going to look into this topic a bit deeper and determine what went wrong and the red flags you should be on the look out for.

As a side note, this article is for educational purposes only and I mean no disrespect towards the reader who left the original comment that sparked this discussion.  It is my hope that we can reach other men out there before they make the same mistake.

The Situation

I have since deleted the screen shot of the gentleman’s comment, but the general premise was that he was married to a lawyer (if I remember correctly) who was more or less immune to the man’s Dread Game. From what I remember, he did everything he could but to no avail.  Since there is no way to validate his whether he is telling the truth or not, we’re just going to take him to his word and believe he followed at least the first few levels of Dread Game perfectly.  So what happened?

Based of the description he provided of his ex, the simplest answer is that he married an alpha female.  I know of a few men who will argue on the terminology so let me lay out what I mean by this.  An alpha female, in this discussion, is similar to an alpha male.  They are driven to perform, readily take on leadership roles, and typically put career ahead of family.  This is a stark contrast to the feminine woman that makes a good wife.  Typically, alpha women make poor wives, opting for climbing the corporate ladder as opposed to performing her maternal roles.  Some believe they can do both, while others hold contempt at the mere thought of performing any type of traditional female role within their family unit.

If it’s not readily obvious, if you are looking to settle down with  someone to be a nurturing mother to your children, these are not the type of women you should be seeking.  They will challenge your authority and position every chance they get and will likely treat you as a servant more than a husband.

And may the good Lord have mercy on your soul if you don’t make at least as much as they do, if not more.  This will be held over you and used as a cudgel to bludgeon you every time you try to assert yourself.  If this gentleman’s wife was a practicing lawyer, it’s pretty safe to assume that she was making bank and isn’t the least bit dependent on the husband to help provide.  This makes for a toxic familial atmosphere that breeds contempt and animosity.  With alpha women, the “I don’t need no man” mantra is so deeply ingrained into their psyche, that it would take nothing short than a stampede of horses to pry it loose.

The Solution

As I alluded to, there’s a very slim chance of winning a woman like this over, not that many men looking to settle down and start a family would want to.  If you encounter a woman like this on the dating scene, your best bet is to turn tail and dash off the other way.  Can a woman like this be subdued?  Well, nothing is outside the realm of possibility, but you would have to be so far above her that even the hamster in her head recognizes it (good luck).

And quite honestly, if you are that well off, why would you waste the time and effort trying to land an alpha female anyways?  It will be constant shit tests being lobbed at you to find any chink in your armor.  It’s simply not worth it.

If you don’t decide to heed my warning, then you best be on your A game at all times.  Levels 1 – 6 will need to come to you effortlessly and automatically. Even if you are woken out of a drunken sleep, you should still be able to pass any shit test that she can throw at you.


At the core of this issue is the topic of social behavior.  This is what is known as a “soft science” in that a hypothesis or theory will never yield the same result 100% of the time.  There will always be outliers and exceptions that the red pill rules do not apply to or, at the very least, the bar is set so high that there’s no point in attempting to pursue a long term relationship with them.

AWALT might be a tried and true concept, but the principles do not work on a fixed rate.  To steal a concept from Economics 101, each woman operates on their own  flexible rating system.  Small changes in your behavior, outward appearance, finances, etc. might trigger a large reaction from some women while eliciting  barely a blip for other women.  There is no linear curve that applies to every woman.

I am interested in hearing your comments below on this matter.  My gut tells me that I am write based on what I read, but I have been known to be wrong on occasion.

What would you do in this instance if you suddenly found yourself married to an alpha female?  What steps would you take?


Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

553 thoughts on “When Dread Game Doesn’t Work”

  1. He messed up from the start by marrying a lawyer, duh. Might as well have found one with a face tattoo.

      1. I would guess because she would have knowledge of the legal system to use against you and also that she gets paid to argue (paid better if she’s good at it) and has a personality that gravitates toward combative with an inflated sense of herself, but it may also be mostly a stereotype because a lot of “high-power” women are just right at that point of buckling from the strain and actually hunger to be dominated.
        Given the choice though, avoidance sounds like a good general policy.

        1. I’ve banged but never married a chick in the legal field,however, I never had one be a bitchy brat to me because I can’t take an angry pretty face seriously. She tried one but failed to gain anything from it.

      2. I’ll say that as a lawyer, I have never met a female attorney that I would want to settle down with. Some of it you just have to see to understand. This one chick I knew and started in my first firm with was pretty hot, smart, funny, etc… She was also a careerist who would spend endless hours in the office making pointless revisions to some document no one was going to ask for until the end of the week, while her fiancee was sitting in his apartment by himself. We had to travel together on a work trip once, and there was a lot of overt invitation for me to make a move.

        I’m not as down as many are about being a lawyer, and I do think it is an important profession, and that you can advocate red pill positions and fight the SJW infestation of institutions. But, if you think undergrad is a liberal brainwashing factory, law school is ten times worse. I have shared before that in my first ever contracts class, the professor spent several sessions lecturing us about critical legal theory – Marxism for lawyers – before he ever taught us a single thing about contract formation. Most kids go into law school with naive ideas about what the practice of law entails, and schools encourage them to pursue “social justice.”

        Combine that with a profession that can completely consume your life, eat your weekends and evenings, and imagine dating a woman who is the product of that. She’s never there, doesn’t put you first, has few, if any outside interests, is around shitty people all day who impart a shitty abrasive attitude on her, and she’s convinced that she is one of the smartest people on earth crusading for some leftist conception of justice. If that sounds fun to you, have at it. If I was still singe, I don’t even think I’d pump and dump lawyers.

        1. I’m a lawyer who refused to date lawyers and my snooty lawyer friends would always ask why and say stupid shit like “what do you even have in common?” My response was always how the hell can you stand to date another lawyer? Very happy with my choice of a 10 year younger, pet hospital managing wife.

        2. I went to school with this chick who was hot as hell, smart, and a know-it-all cunt from day one. I wasn’t surprised at all when I found out she was an attorney and had written a book about sexual harrassment in the workplace.

          1. “Sexual harassment in the workplace.” Translation – I overheard men talking, among themselves, like men, and decided that I could use this as a good bargaining chip to turn into a complete malingerer without consequence.

        1. You got me, I haven’t! But, I have dated women who worked in the legal field and never had any shit from them. Like I said in a previous comment, I never took them seriously.

    1. Any girl with a Law, or a ‘social sciences’ [sic] degree of any kind, is brainwashed beyond redemption.

  2. Same thing I do with 6 of 10 girls now: nipple clamps, candles, whip/paddle, and sturdy handcuffs.
    I can’t quite reconcile a woman who is turned away from familial, mothering motivations as alpha (though it’s fine as common terminology for the conversation), I tend toward the term “CW” (Career Woman) and the hamster is indefatigable https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/savvy-auntie/201202/the-career-woman-myth so, you’re right it wouldn’t be worth it except maybe for the mindset that just has to break it “because it’s there”.

  3. Divorce. Not to be flippant, but if you have crossed this threshold – even dread game hasn’t worked – there’s no returning to a point where she sees you as dominant. In the Marines, we used to tell new lieutenants to start hard on their Marines because it was easier to set expectations and ramp down later if warranted. But if you started as a weak bitch, that’s all they would ever see you as. Who knows what the full story is with this guy, but whatever it is, his initial frame wasn’t stronger and more dominant than hers. At this point, there is no fixing it. Either divorce or get used to be subordinate to your wife.

    1. I would agree, that either ends up with either divorce or the complacent “happy wife, happy life” situation.

    2. Correct. But even if you start hard, you can still spend five years in a marriage in which BOTH of you are fighting for dominance. I speak from personal experience, and don’t recommend it.

      1. A marriage should be a struggle but not combat. I look at it more as a three-legged race. Both parties have to work a little harder than if alone, but you need to be at least heading in the same direction!

      2. True, but I would wager that you have learned through that experience not to overlook the red flags that preceded it. Lots of guys have a hard time cutting losses and walking away. I really think it is one of the hardest things to learn to do if you are not a natural red-pill guy. Those rose colored glasses always want to slip back over your eyes. Regardless, hope things are better now and you’re better equipped to avoid a similar situation in the future.

      1. I haven’t met one yet….sad thing is some women who do not even make much money consider themselves to be “alpha females” .. like realtors, or saleswomen…

            1. define “date” because if by date you mean drink with then have her gargle on your nut sack i’d say it’s about even.

              1. to me the term dating has a wide scope. One end of the spectrum is FWB (fuck buddies) the other end being exclusive. As we both know, there is the grey area in-between. Break-ups, spinning plates, reuniting..rebounds…etc..

      2. I’ve seen ONE case of a woman successfully refocusing that “alpha” drive away from her career and into her home/children upon their arrival.
        And man did she make those kids fukkin miserable….

        1. And ladies if you act now you can have an ulcer in tandem with your period! So, make your own cash, buy outside your means, accumulate lifelong credit debt, and be locked in a cubicle today, then gripe that you make less because you don’t want to do higher paying (gross) jobs, put in as many hours, and take every other day off. And that somehow amid all the millions of men out there, there just aren’t any “good” ones.

          Most of these types of ladies are off my radar to begin with, it’s a sedentary lifestyle so they get those desk chair lumps going and it’s just not something I want in my bed even before the mood, attitude, and stress come into it. Nothing like having someone yammer in your ear about being as good as any man while complaining about everything about her job.

          1. I had an older boss, who, after throwing back a few apple martinis, would tell me she despised her in husband(“he loves me more than I love him”) and she wished she had kids….dont get hammered with your boss-ever

              1. oh I have many stories of bosses, peers and clients who were down for that…knowing what I know now, I shoulda just done it

  4. “What would you do in this instance if you suddenly found yourself married to an alpha female?”

    Eject and never look back. You will be nothing but her mule and emotional punching bag.

    A dated a lawyer once for a few months (separate cities) and it only took one small holiday together to see her in her inglorious light– dumped her at the airport and deleted her number.

      1. True. She is trying to be a man which will end in failure. Most of those cunts burn out and melt down way before the get to the top of the ladder, but few ever will be on the ones who get the corporate office with their name on the door. And they will drag you down with them, if you stick around for that noise.

      2. Exactly. Alpha-acting, feminist and ultra-lib females look precisely the way they present themselves to be — as INFERIOR MALES. Once they’ve worked half their lives on it, there is no reversing, just doubling-down. They’re calling it “power,” and I’m thinking “Nah, what you’ve got is a new 21st century form of what Eric Hoffer once called ‘the talent of the weak-minded, existing merely to annoy the strong’ — not a real power.”

  5. That was me that posted this situation. 7 year marriage, was setup by my sister-in-law, who is a stay at home mom with 3 kids. I was told this girl had only 1 boyfriend before we dated. (She was 20, I was 28) and that she was a hard working, “smart”, student. Once she finished her Bachelors Degree , she moved on to her JD. The students were highly competitive and I could see the change from demure/submissive to kind of bossy but I was too young and inexperienced to think this was a red flag. My social conditioning led me to believe a highly educated woman was a more modern choice of wife. We were always attending law school social functions to my dismay. The students were arrogant and mostly backstabbers. Again, I didn’t see this as a problem that would infect my marriage. Once she passed the bar exam and got a job at a law firm, our son was 2 years old at the time, She was working 10 hour days and constantly checking emails and answering phone calls on the weekends. I was doing most of the housework and taking care of our son while she came home late. 15 years ago I was making about $80K(engineer) while she was making $60K (immigration and family law) . She moved onto defending criminals in a large law firm. Then her salary equaled mine. The female defense attorneys in her peer group all were backstabbers who wanted to date the owner of the firm and were always throwing each other under the bus. I could see this behavior at home . She would constantly berate my family and berate my sister-in-law, whom she called a glorified whore with no future. She wanted a bigger house…she wanted me to “climb the ladder” in my company and wanted me to make more money. I pushed back and she would put me down. The bitchiness infected every decision we made. She wanted to sell the house, that I eventually kept in the divorce. She threw away family heirlooms because she didn’t need hand-me-downs and she hated my Honda and wanted us to both drive Jaguars. She would fall asleep on Friday nights instead of getting ready for sex. She wanted control of all aspects of my life. The first woman that gave me attention felt like I was in Heaven. I started cheating. I started “travelling” in order to get away on weekends.No matter how much I pushed back or threatened to divorce , it didn’t faze her in the slightest bit. She had too much power. Then by accident I left my phone in her car and she answered a phone call from my mistress. Then she started threatening me by stating that she will take my house and my son away. We filed for divorce soon after.

    1. Terrible experience. Sorry to hear all of this. You don’t state much about your pre-marriage life other than your sister in law set you up. I suspect that, based on what you have said, you noticed many red flags, but internally discounted or ignored them. I also suspect that as stated in my prior comment, you did not set strong expectations up front. But, as you have gone through the divorce, you have at least gone down the path I would advise, painful as it is. The only thing at this point to focus on, besides your own self improvement so you don;t end up in a similar situation again, is to do whatever you can to minimize the fallout effect on your son.

      1. before her, all I met were single moms and used up party girls. I even tried Church and they were mostly fatties and ugly ducklings. That was in 1998, back then the party girls were tame compared to today’s slags. My dating life was either with party girls, one night stands, or semi-fatties prior to marriage. Now I focus on my son, businesses (and failures), hitting on women in bars, being a sugar daddy when I am time limited, and exercising. I am not getting married again.

    2. dckheads are MADE, not born!

      Congratulations on your escape and survival. Upwards and onwards from here!

    3. Your ex reminds me of a Greek tragedy cycle.

      Koros (greed) – Hubris (foolish pride) – ate (insanity) – nemesis (rightful retribution).

    4. Harsh realities there man. Glad you emerged on the other end intact, that kind of shit destroys a lot of otherwise decent men. Did that spur a red pill awakening or did that come later?

      1. Toward the end of the marriage , I started reading a lot of PUA material, SoSuave forums, watching Fight Club and reading Tucker Max’s book. I started implementing the techniques out at bars, strip clubs, and at work. I retained a MALE attorney in preparation for the divorce. I’ve had a few beta moments here and there in regards to women, but since the divorce, I’ve been much happier. In regards to women, If I don’t see good behavior or them trying to make me happy, I drop them immediately.

        1. We’ve had pretty much identical experiences. I now have a fuse about this – short for disrespectful behavior from women. ANY woman, even a married one. When I see a woman disrespecting her man, I mock her. It just comes flying out of my mouth.

          1. many tell me “you’e anti vagina” .. they are usually the single 35+ leftovers with, you guessed it, no husband or man,

    5. Damn.

      My ex-Satan wasn’t a lawyer, but I saw the exact same behavior. Never never never marry a career woman because she’ll bring home every damn piece of bad behavior from her office and direct it towards you.

      BTW, Jaguars are for poseurs. They’re way overpriced.

  6. What would I do if I found myself in that situation? Wreck her brand new Mercedes and walk away.

    Honestly, I have no idea because the thought of marrying a woman like that is bizarre to me. That’s like catching a rattlesnake in the wild. Sure, you can handle it, show it off, and have some fun with it, but sooner or later it will bite you and you’re going to feel it for a long time.

    1. she was a pretty and “smart”. She looks like shit now. I started siphoning off money form our accounts in preparation for a divorce 1 year prior to actually divorcing her.

      1. I earned about fifteen grand between the walkout and the filing that she never knew about. I was keeping a pretty large amount of cash. Also, I nicely asked clients if they wouldn’t mind paying me *after* a certain date (the divorce filing). One boss even gave me a two grand bonus under the table, which is like four if done above board.

        1. That’s the way you do it right there.

          I’ve always advised, even on ROK, having a large cash of “she doesn’t know about it and it can’t be found in Discovery” cash in a small lockbox hidden from view. It is *invaluable*.

    1. Both of your posts, duplicates, are showing. Sometimes you have to refresh the page to get Disqus to work correctly. I’ve even had to exit an article, go back to the home page of the site then re-enter the article to force Disqus to work.

    2. That would be something to take up with @cynicinchief. He mentioned on our last livestream that we have pretty stringent spam blockers up to keep the raffle off, so your eyes probably getting caught in that net. Not sure what the criteria are to not getting caught.

  7. And may the good Lord have mercy on your soul if you don’t make at least as much as they do, if not more. This will be held over you and used as a cudgel to bludgeon you every time you try to assert yourself.

    This usually plays out when you see a man staying at home to raise children while the wife goes and works. We all know guys in this situation, and we’ve all seen most of these relationships crash and burn.

    But as for a relationship in general with an alpha female, the question to ask is why? It sounds like a fool’s errand. Now granted, this doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a “pump and dump,” and another sort of game might be needed to get that, but seek a more traditional woman for a relationship or marriage.

    1. “This usually plays out when you see a man staying at home to raise children while the wife goes and works.”
      Ugh, my Brother in Law. Drives me fucking nuts. My sister basically castrates him publically for shits and giggles.

      On the subject of making more money than the woman, I have a question for the traditional minded married or looking to marry type of men. Do you feel that the woman in a traditional marriage has a right to expect not to have to work and earn money in the same way that a man has the right to have his balls drained and expect respect and obedience?

      In the dating world it is an old truism that nothing dries a pussy out faster than a woman touching her own wallet. I wonder if this translates to marriage. Further, I wonder if the large divorce rate has at least a part of it which is owed to the fact that women will never truly feel satisfied, feminine or cared for if they have to work for a living.

      Maybe it plays out differently in a marriage once the initial wooing process is over so I guess that is what I am curious about.

      1. My sister basically castrates him publically for shits and giggles.

        Based on what you’ve detailed about him to me (us) off of the board, I’d say that he deserves it AND that I fully support your sister’s quest to emasculate and belittle the hippy.

        Do you feel that the woman in a traditional marriage has a right to
        expect not to have to work and earn money in the same way that a man has
        the right to have his balls drained and expect respect and obedience?

        Absolutely, without question. Relationships are a kind of social contract, you provide ABC and she provides in turn XYZ. Expecting a submissive stay at home woman who always has sex on tap for you to accept you being a welfare bum is not something that’s going to pan out in the long run.

        I wonder if the large divorce rate has at least a part of it which is
        owed to the fact that women will never truly feel satisfied, feminine or
        cared for if they have to work for a living.

        Yes, absolutely. A woman that is in a relationship with a man who is not meeting her needs and has to provide for herself is going to come to resent the under-performing man.

        1. Absolutely. This kid has been a useless lazy hippie forever. Somehow they are happy and he doesn’t hit her so it’s none of my business but watching it is painful.

          “Absolutely, without question. Relationships are a kind of social contract, you provide ABC and she provides in turn XYZ. Expecting a submissive stay at home woman who always has sex on tap for you to accept you being a welfare bum is not something that’s going to pan out in the long run.”

          Right, this for sure. But what about more simple two income family deals. Like let’s say I (god forbid) met a woman who made 3/4 of what I make. Our combined salary would surely allow us to have a better quality of life than just one salary but if I want her to be a submissive and feminine woman wouldn’t she be in the right to say “sure, but I am NOT ALSO going to work”

          1. That’s what I’m saying, I think that she has that right. If you demand a more feminine frame from her then she has every right to expect a more masculine frame from you. Since men are providers and women are the ones who are expected to be demure, submissive and sexy, then I’d say that she’d have the right to make that request.

            1. It makes sense, who would want to be a “kept man” anyway?
              I think the crux for me is:
              “Maybe it plays out differently in a marriage once the initial wooing process is over…”
              What is the adjustment like, if there is any? I had always imagined that if you were already solid and certain that it would translate fairly simply from bedding women to having a wife. You should know already how to find the right qualities in her and to encourage them and so on. Is it just that men drop frame (get too comfortable and take it for granted) or weren’t really that type of man so much as they had learned to fake it through various help/guides, or what? Maybe a combination or am I just over-thinking it?

              1. Someone said in a movie: “a man without work becomes ridiculous”. So even if one finds himself a ‘kept man’, he damn well better be doing SOMETHING constructive.

          2. If he did hit her, would it be your business? I mean, we’re all adults now, and I assume they’ve been married a while.

          3. I’m of the opinion that the second (her) income should be like a bonus to the household income and ideally an elective pursuit, mutually agreed upon.

        1. Yeah, we both did. I was more father to her than brother and I was a kid so while I did my best I was pretty lost and very immature.

          1. Pretty much says it all, really! That’s all the females on my mum’s side of the family. My grandfather was an alcoholic (charming alcoholic WW2 veteran, not violent) who never gave a monkey’s about the way his children were raised, well, at least that’s what my mother told me. Drank the wage and rumours were that he may have had children in another place where he worked. Seems to have made a lasting impression on his children.
            Those types of women have a mighty hard time accepting any form of beta-ness around them and seek to belittle men who lose frame, INSTANTANEOUSLY! Hell, it happened to my father about 2008-9ish when he wasn’t getting enough jobs but but set himself to fix the house in the 3 months he was out of work. He didn’t take shit from my mother and kept himself busy.
            Sucks that you had to be father and mentor to your sister, Hippo!

            1. yeah, it wasn’t a great way of life but it wasn’t all bad either. In the end, it could have been a lot worse and I learned quite a lot at a young age. I get those types of women not being able to handle beta-males for sure…but with my sis it is like she seeks them out (married this one) just because she needs someone who will accept her being in total control.

              1. I have seen that “seeks them out” behavior before. They pick a man that they can own and operate, then spend the entire relationship bitching about his faults & weakness. It makes no sense.

              2. My mother tried to control me but…..naaaaaaah that wasn’t happening at all. I was very stubborn as a child/teenager and she sort of liked that in me.
                Control freaks have a subconscious need for stability, uniformity and things to go at their pace.

      2. Ugh, my Brother in Law. Drives me fucking nuts. My sister basically castrates him publically for shits and giggles.

        Sadly there are too many guys who think that this is perfectly acceptable. I was lucky in that this never happened to me with women I dated.

        You can be damned sure that my sons will know that the only acceptable response to any woman who does this is to get up, leave and never come back. Don’t even entertain the idea of going further by marrying and having kids.

      3. Not going to have her work for anything outside me being permanently disabled or dead. If I lost my engineer license, I would find work in some other trade. It is not worth a broken family or a shitty marriage where you don’t get any respect. Her place is in the home, taking care of the kids.

        1. This is exactly what I was thinking Jim. I am surprisingly very traditional RE marriage (which is why I never bothered getting married) and I while I absolutely hate anyone who ever complains that something isn’t fair, it truly is not fair to tell a woman you want her to do a woman’s work AND a man’s work and then be pissed at her when she can’t.

          1. You see this in dudes that marry a woman who earns more than them and yet they still lounge around the house acting like doing ANYTHING is “women’s work”.

            1. Yup. I knew a couple kind of like this. they were both high school teachers at the same school with roughly the same time in and as such made the same kind of money. THen at home he would want her to be the subservient housewife and avoided doing anything that he considered women’s work. They were always arguing too.

              1. I hold that man totally at fault in this case, and would side with the women who told him to go to hell. I’m a strong believer in sex roles and responsibilities, and if a man is going to shirk his and demand that the woman adhere to *his* role and *her* role, then he is a dickweed of the first order and deserves being cucked and browbeaten.

        2. I heard someone at work the other day saying “Today, you have to have two breadwinners.” Screw that. If it means we have less materially, that’s how it will be. My wife doesn;t want to leave the kids and I don’t want her to. A woman is happiest at home raising her children. That’s how they were designed. I can’t stand career women

          1. Generally you have one breadwinner and one who pays the tax. Our income tax and other taxes have reached nearly confiscatory levels.

          2. “two breadwinners”, yeah but who are they winning the bread for? Increased taxes and welfare goes to the single mothers. Increased housing and development costs go to city governments, and to land developers. House size has gone up because it is increasingly difficult to develop the land, Two cars and junk food becomes necessary for two working households. Daycare and sportsball to entertain the kids. Taxes to educate kids that should be done by the mom.

      4. I believe being the sole provider is one essential ingredient to my marriage being successful. She was able to stay home, raise and home school our son which fulfilled her need to nest and mother. Since the boys are grown and gone, I have built fences and housing for various edible pets including rabbits, chickens and sheep.

        This again fulfills her need to nurture while helping provide meat and eggs. But just as I occupy the superior position monetarily, I do so with animal husbandry as well. She waters, feeds and watches the animals for health concerns. I handle, slaughter and butcher. We have a very traditional homestead relationship and it works remarkably well for us.

  8. OT and absolutely flame me down if necessary, but:

    Largest mass shooting in US history just occurred in Las Vegas. Some 64 year old fuckface opened fire from a hotel into a crowded music concert. Killed 50+ and injured hundreds. Motive not yet apparent but rumors of Pro-Antifa messages posted on his social media are circulating.

    It’s gonna get worse before it gets better…

    1. Hard left Democrat is what is coming out. One of those “Resist!” types.

      1. I’m shocked that the media hasn’t labeled him a member of the Tea Party yet.

        Do you have any sources on the antifa link?

        1. Over at BreitBart there are all kind of people providing links, I’ve already closed the one I was looking at, sorry. It’s a really fast filling thread, hard for my browser to handle the huge influx of Disqus comments.

      2. either he had a binary trigger or somehow passed the federal fully automatic requirements. What a fvcked up situation. 64 year old…If he wanted to die, he should have just booked a ticket to 3rd world country and O.D’ed on drugs and withered away on a beach somewhere.

        1. I wonder about that. A far leftist type isn’t the kind to get full auto class III’s legally.

              1. Your response was ok, but a proper and much more highly sought after response would have been “Most Excellent!”

    2. seems odd that if it was politically motivated the guy would off himself no? Don’t people who make political killings usually have a shit ton to say after….which is hard to do with a big hole in the head.

      1. Negative. Frequently they have little they are able to articulate. Mass shooters often commit suicide on first contact with law enforcement.
        Similar vein to the SKS shooter at the republican baseball game.

      2. That’s more 19th and 20th century where they thought that they’d get their day in court and be “vindicated” with their “brave critique of the system”. More and more these days these Leftist faggots either hole up in such a way that they’re shot, or they off themselves and hope that their social media “delivers the message”.

        1. Yep, I just heard it too on the radio. The rumor (not confirmed) is that he converted to Islam a few months ago.

            1. It wouldn’t ping on the radar in the Murder Capitol Of the U.S. unfortunately.

              1. At least not without billions of dollars, a secret R&D department in a cave under your house, an expert background in criminology and various lethal martial arts disciplines, and one very dedicated butler.

                1. Or be a veteran with a grudge against crime lords because they bumped off your family and you live in a decked out van/fortress and wear a skull on your chest

                  1. Or a Pastor in a fuzzy pink bunny costume lined with Kevlar carrying a chainsaw around along with a basket of deplorable egg grenades. Man, still don’t know why I couldn’t get a publisher to green-light that.

              2. hahahah. could you IMAGINE the scale of carnage you’d have to commit in Chicago for it to be noteworthy?!?!

          1. No shit? I assumed he was just a run of the mill goof ball wannabe commie.
            I do recall reading somewhere this morning that the female they were looking for had recently been to the ME, she had a lot of pics of her there on farcebook.

                1. Have to say that though they are both outside my age range, it’s weird how the mom (actress) still looks WB today while the daughter would require more consideration.

            1. Sure, to his brother. The things people do and don’t broadcast to family are fairly numerous.

        2. yeah. islam convert. Who knows though. Isis is like the person at work who is always trying to take credit for a job well done.

      1. Heard a rumor that he converted to Islam. I don’t quite buy it yet. ISIS’ll take credit for anything at this point.
        Though the fact that he shot up a COUNTRY music concert tells us something.

        1. yeah I saw that.
          That it was a country music concert doesn’t really tell us much. Might have just been an easy target from his hotel room. Maybe he doesn’t like homos in cowboy hats. Maybe he just felt that the audience had had enough already. Jumping to conclusions is a job for the other guys.

          1. If he pans out to be the Left winger that it appears that he is, then it does in fact tell us a lot, since “right wingers” are assumed to by default love country music. I’m betting that he has a “manifesto” of sorts that will turn up telling us how he can’t wait to take out right wingers. Just a hunch.

            1. we shall see. I am sure whatever it is the guy is certainly a nut. Manifesto likely. Or a video or some shit. Left Wing v Right Wing is possible. God knows both sides of that coin are fucked to death insane but I don’t think that he was shooting at a country show alone is really conclusive. It will be interesting.
              Someone should make a pray for las vegas filter with a stripper.

              1. Eh, it’s always the Left that goes off shooting people and that gets off on death for politics, you can’t drag the Right to that level of retard, not yet anyway. The last even vaguely right winger that killed people was McVeigh and even then you’d have to really make a lot of leaps of faith to draw that conclusion with him (He was all over the map politically).

                1. I s’pose but I def feel that the most…let’s call it ardent….proponents of anything political are all nuts.

                  1. There’s nuts as in taking shit way too seriously and getting heart disease from it, and then there’s nuts that spurs on mass shootings and political assassinations. The Left owns the later hands down, they are on a whole ‘nother plane on the looney bin spectrum. Consider that all of the mass murdering political philosophies from the 19th century forward are all Lefist based and I think it’s not even a question of them being *way* off the charts when it comes to killing-for-politics.

                    1. probably. That said @goingsane hit the nail on the head I think. Zealotry is bad. Doesn’t matter if it is a zealot for a position I like or not. Anyone who has any kind of zeal is totally dismissible

                    2. I was only noting the level of nutso. It’s not really in line to drag the right to same level of nutso as the Left in the case that you mentioned e.g. – violence as a political sport. They own that facet.

                      The rest though, eh, depends on the topic but both sides have their share of looney birds for certain.

                    3. In reality you are probably right, but for the sake of expediency I just pain em all with one big brush “zero value. do not speak to. nut” I don’t really have the patience to asses each and every nut ball and put them on a nutso scale for who is nuttier than whom.

                    4. “one big brush “zero value. do not speak to. nut”

                      Brush? these days you need a big ol’ roller……

                    5. Sometimes it really seems like a twisted play on that Evil Dead line: “Good? Bad? I’m the guy with the gun.”

                      And people have to start coming to grips with the facts that nuts with the intent to kill and maim will find a way (not going to get into all the methods that would be more efficient and larger in scope because who want to give them ideas?) and trying to turn this to the totalitarian gun control and removal direction will only make us fully subserviant to the elite class.

                      Our best means of protection are our wits, awareness/observation, and guns.

                    6. The anti-gun hysteria has no traction, even during the reign of the Dems, any longer. It has zero chance of actualizing right now at all.

                    7. Never saw evil dead but I always liked how billy shakes put it

                      “for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. To me it is a prison. Well, then it isn’t one to you, since nothing is really good or bad in itself—it’s all what a person thinks about it.”

                      The best thing I ever read about guns was from a novel I like very much called the Thought Gang. To paraphrase, Eddie Coffin, failed, lazy, bank robbing professor says, while holding a shot gun to two thugs who acted like an ass…that “people say violence doesn’t solve anything but that’s because the people who write down pithy little quotes were never very good at violencing. Having a shot gun pointing to someone’s head is like being on the right side of a socratic dialogue”

                    8. Having a shot gun pointing to someone’s head is like being on the right side of a socratic dialogue

                      That is so quotable that I’m stealing it effective immediately.

                    9. as a side note that book is one of the rare finds that actually caused me to laugh myself to tears at times

                  1. Neo-Nazis are Leftists bem. Anything tied to national socialism is Leftist. I believe he was really fond of the Nazis, if I remember. If not and I’m wrong that’s fine too, since that would make *2* out of what appear to be hundreds of events the last hundred years or so like this and I’m still really on the fence as to whether McVeigh was or not.

                    1. I agree. Many don’t. Hence the ‘literally Hitler’ phenomenon. Lazy politics tends to equate White Supremacy with conservatism.

                    2. Lazy as in Leftist politics? Absolutely. They do it on purpose though, it’s not “lazy” so much as intentional misdirection. The lazy accept it though, so in that instance you’re correct.

                    3. McVeigh was the “christian” terrorist everyone recalls, but he was a self proclaimed aethiest. Funny how narratives take a life of their own even years after the fact.

            2. GoJ, I like a lot of your comments, but STOP politicizing the worst mass murder in U.S. history. This is really not the time to be playing right v left games.

              And stop reading fucking Breitbart. It’s a propaganda rag. You’re smarter than that.

              1. Oh yes, let’s not politicize it. Once it comes out that he’s a far Leftist Obama and Hillary lover who may have recently converted to Islam, then there’s really no need at all to politicize, that would be cheap and wrong. But before we know that, why, it’s fair game to note he is a white male and probably linked to right wing Tea Party groups (which oddly always seems to be the narrative right before it’s discovered that the wackmobile was Islamic/Left wing). Funny that, wot?

                1. I’m just saying give it, say, twelve more fucking hours — you know, for information gathering — before you start politicizing it. Is there any evil in this world that you can’t link to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? Have some fucking class.

                  I’ll say it again. Breitbart is a piece of shit publication. They’re pandering to your own radical right-wing inclinations, and you’re just lapping it up. Come on. You’re smarter than that.

                  1. I wasn’t citing BB as a source of the guy, I was noting that the comments section there had users who were posting links to outside sources. Get off of your BB obsession.

                    Yeah, have some class, meanwhile your Leftist demigods are all out screaming about gun control As you’re not condemning them that I’ve seen yet, well, spare me your self righteous indignation.

              2. ?
                The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots.
                Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get.

                — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 2, 2017

                Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put
                politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again.

                — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 2, 2017

                  1. Yeah, those were terrible statements full of vitriol and anger and such a lack of compassion.


                    That said, this shooter could’ve illegally modded his weapons to make them fully automatic, so more gun control isn’t the answer.

                    I don’t have the answer.

                    1. ” those were terrible statements full of vitriol and anger and such a lack of compassion.”

                      uh, they were. It is an utter lack of compassion that leads one to politicize something like this without “giving it, say, twelve more fucking hours”

                    2. All politics aside, there is no answer for stuff like this. A determined psychopath that wants to murder a bunch of people will figure out a way to do so, and will not obey laws or in any way act in a way that could have been anticipated or pre-determined by law. We, and I mean all political sides, need to get over this obsession with thinking that every event in history would have been solved if “we just had a law”. You can’t legislate in ways that negate Crazy.

                    3. Yep. In gun controlled Australia after their big gun bans, they started seeing a large amount of mass murder via arson. You just don’t get to hear it in the news because it’s inconvenient.

                1. How would having a silencer have helped. I don’t know much about guns but they don’t silence the people from screaming do them?

                    1. Answered below. The guy shot himself so it’s not like they would have gotten to him sooner or later in any way that would have stopped the outcome. A suppressor is a null value in this equation no matter if he’d had one or not.

                    2. yeah. totally. Like I said below…if he shot two people you might be able to say that the second one might have reacted if he heard a gun shot but the guy killed 50 people. It’s not like those people just were zapped out of existence silently. There would obviously have been some kind of commotion.

                    3. Further, the technology (NRA supported or otherwise) to silence the sound of someone BEING shot is still decades away…..

                    4. how about silencing people who were shot, but it was only minor yet they are still complaining about how much it hurts.

                    5. Not really. Suppressors (they’re not called silencers) only reduce the noise level but not eliminate it. As somebody with a decent amount of suppressor experience, you could have easily tracked the guy by sound even with a suppressor. The only firearms they ever even come close to silencing are subsonic .22’s and even then you can hear the action moving. A .308 or .556 you can hear quite well even if suppressed, it sounds like a hydraulic mechanism opening and closing really loudly.

                    6. I can hear a .suppressed 308 from across a hunting field, so yeah, I’d bet you could. (You can use them for hunting in many places). At the rate of fire that I heard on the radio it would have sounded like a full time hydraulic factory from a distance.

                    7. I can hear a suppressed.223/.556 from over 1/2 mile away. Bullets make a loud crack when they break the sound barrier along with making a loud ZING when they pass by, no way to cover that up.

                    1. I mean if he shot one or two people I guess I could see how a silencer would have helped but after the first, lets say, 16 people were dead I’m pretty sure most people would have caught on and started in on screaming even without hearing the actual gun shots.

                    2. You’re correct Kneeman! Silenced weapons are used by special forces to take out single targets silently.

                    3. Dude, for the nth time, they are not silenced nor even close to it, except for subsonic .22’s.

                    4. They don’t silence the kind of calibers he was using. Not even close.

                    5. Yeah, and there are only a few firearms I’m aware of that have integrated suppressors (the only kind that bring it down low enough that all you can hear is the bolt moving) like the HKMP5SD, a 5.56mm round I think.

                    6. I’ve never, ever heard a 5.56 silenced to bolt action. The only down to mechanical noise only I’ve ever, ever heard is a subsonic .22 Short (I think you can do it with subsonic .22LR too but I’ve not seen that yet in real life).

                      I’m at the range all the time with guys who use suppressors. The mythology that surrounds them and their magical “silencing” ability is laughable on its face to anybody who is familiar with them. Their purpose is to reduce the sound of the “crack” that a bullet makes coming out of the barrel to a level that it doesn’t damage hearing. You can walk onto a construction site and hear all kinds of heavy equipment that is noisy as hell but won’t damage hearing, and nobody I know of would call that “silenced”.

                    7. I have a Ruger .22 that I’m convinced would do more harm if I chopped it up and fed it to my enemies.

                    8. see that is the great thing about you bem. I have no idea what that joke even means and I still laughed.

                    9. I guess you can still hear the pffhew pdhew laser like sound!
                      The dude was in Vegas with all those slot machines making a lot of noise + traffic and other background noise would cover the silencer to some extent!

                    10. The noise you hear in movies is invented and bogus. It sounds a lot like a hydraulic piston, a very loud one, on normal rifle caliber type firearms.

                  1. They may or may not have known they were being shot at, at least for some time, but bodies dropping around you and chips of concrete and things get the message across.

                    1. that too…
                      At the distance that guy was shooting, the bullet had already passed before they heard the shot.

                    2. “When shells are hitting all around you and you wipe the dirt off your face and realize that instead of dirt it’s the blood and guts of what once was your best friend beside you, you’ll know what to do!”

                    3. yeah we are!

                      My favorite line from that movie (which has so many freaking gems) has to be when he shows up in Africa for the first time and trips over the soldier who is sleeping

                      Capt. Richard N. Jenson: What are you doing there, soldier?

                      Soldier getting up from floor: Trying to get some sleep, sir.

                      Patton: Well, get back down there, son. You’re the only son of a bitch in this headquarters who knows what he’s trying to do.

                    4. Patton- I need you to write me a weather prayer so we can get a break in this weather. Maybe we can get god working on our side on this.
                      Chaplin- a prayer so we can kill our fellow man? That’s going to take a pretty thick rug.
                      Patton- I don’t give a damn if it takes a flying carpet, write a good prayer and because of my intimate relationship with the almighty, I can assure you it will be answered.

                    5. Eh…I’m thinking no…not so much. A car accident attended by quite a few eyewitnesses where his head did in fact receive massive trauma and a broken neck and left him paralyzed and nearly unable to breathe.

                    6. gonna have to rewatch this damn movie now.

                      Lt. Col. Charles R. Codman: You know General, sometimes the men don’t know when you’re acting.

                      Patton: It’s not important for them to know. It’s only important for me to know.

                    7. The bilious bastards who wrote that stuff about individuality for the Saturday Evening Post don’t know anything more about real battle than they do about fornicating.

                    8. Fornicating lol it’s like saying Vinny Pringo, I can’t do it without laughing. Thanks Troy!

                    9. If I might wax (ghostof)Jeffersonian for a moment –
                      That GI would have one hell of a time climbing inside a tank WHAT DIDN’T EXIST YET!

                    10. What if you survive a bullet to the dome but get aids AIDS from the guy which had the bullet pass through his noggin?

                    11. Are you suggesting that you’d be standing in front of a Eastern European?

                    12. Not if the zing was silenced by the magical silencer which gives a +10000000 to stealth

                  2. Even with a suppressor the bullets still make a loud crack by breaking the sound barrier. A .223/5.56 ( just assuming that’s what he used) is still pretty loud as would be most any centerfire cartridge. You can still tell which direction fire is coming from along with the whistle and or ricochet of incoming rounds.

                    1. It does seem like it would actually be easier to find some sonic wave gun and set it just right and blast a large swath of people and temporarily make them deaf than it would be to make a very big bullet as silent as people seem to think silencers would. Not that I have any hands on experience, but just as a matter of physics

                    2. Right. Silencers don’t make the gunshot silent. It’s not a little whisper like in a James Bond movie. Also, a silencer deteriorates pretty quickly if you are putting round after round through it..

                    1. A fox that got caught in a trap, chewed off three legs and was still stuck, dragged it bodily down the road and got caught in another trap, but still managed to squeeze into the henhouse only to be fucked over by one goggly-eyed inbred named Bubba.

              3. It’s already politicized, first thing this morning CBS was already talking about gun control, never let a crisis go to waste.

          2. This weekend, a neighbor a few houses down had a party. I found the noise most disturbing. Among the recourses I considered, gunning the whole group down was a recurring solution.

              1. I could Juuuuuuuuuuuuuust about reach their yard with my hose…..
                But then again, if I’m complaining about a little revelry at 11:00pm on a Friday, I might as well move to a 55 and over community….

            1. I strongly consider gunning down a lot of MoFOs every day for various reasons but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.

            1. I routinely wear a Western hat. It is an iconic symbol of American independence and rugged individualism, regardless of how it’s being used these days (which it rarely is, if ever, outside of the country music scene). I for one celebrate that kind of thing, I don’t belittle it and smugly put it down.

              1. I don’t smugly put it down, I’m just of the opinion that only those who wrangle cattle should wear those.
                I’m a little suspicious of those other cats wearing them with really tight jeans that have bedazzling on the pockets……your pockets aren’t bedazzled are they?

                1. There’s no requirement for any kind of work for wearing a certain hat, they are omnipresent in the West still (as in the American West) out of tradition and respect for customs AND because they are very practical for a variety of reasons. Wranglers, cattlemen, etc. all are justified in wearing them, but so are oil rig operators and shale oil extract workers or even any other kind of outdoor worker. They are highly functional (unlike most hats) and do a wonderful job fulfilling a myriad of roles (provide ample shade for not just the head but also the face, keep water retention high which is important in summer, and keeps head warm and sheltered in cold weather, etc). Add in that they’re stylish and that lots of women get wet seeing a man wearing one and I’m all about the Western hat.

                  1. I don’t know man, when I see dudes who ain’t cowboys wearing cowboy hats the first thing that comes to mind is The Village People.

                    I do give a pass to oil field workers, anybody that gets that dirty at work can wear whatever he wants.

                    1. You’re putting way too much thought and analysis into it. There are goat herders, and I know what you’re talking about there, but end of the day it’s either a fashion accessory or a functional piece of clothing, or both. Might as well worry about what kind of belt a guy chooses to wear. And again, in most places Western hats are huge chick magnets so it is a great tool for Game as well, in case you weren’t aware.

                    2. I do all the time. Not a thing wrong with it and I get hard hits from women who openly declare “I love a guy who wears a cowboy hat…so sexy!” (although they’re Western hats, I don’t correct them).

                    1. Yep, it’s all location dependent. If it’s unusual it gets noticed, if it’s what everybody else does, not so much.

                2. See this makes sense.
                  Like If you wear chaps and spurs and have no intention of riding a bull you are most likely just a faggot.

                  1. Not quite the same thing. Hats usually are “rest of clothing” independent. Guys wearing baseball caps is not a big deal, guys walking around in public dressed like they’re playing for the 1938 New York Yankees on the other hand would be soundly mocked.

                    1. I don’t buy it. I also don’t think that men who aren’t involved in the act of playing baseball ought to be wearing baseball hats any more than they should wear football helmets because they like them. Seems silly to me fashion wise.

                    2. What does it matter to you what others wear or don’t wear? Thought you were live and let live on that?

                      Some clothing items help with Game, some are practical and have practical uses, and some are just for fun. End of the day, giving a fuck about it is a pointless exercise.

                    3. Just my thoughts on fashion. I wouldn’t say pass a law about it. If I see someone in a nice restaurant wearing a hat I will tell them to remove it, but your right giving a fuck is a bit pointless. It just seems like rank pretention to me no different than the hipsters in their fedoras…as for clothing items and game I have often wondered about this. I’ve never really done clown game before I guess like that guy with the big hat who was famous for it? So if people want to put on a funny hat because it makes them feel good or whatnot, sure, but why not right…doesn’t mean I don’t think it isn’t ridiculous.

                    4. All fashion statements, all of them, every single one, is motivated by vanity and carries a level of pretentiousness about them. The naked ape we call human does this to present a given image of how he’d like to be perceived to a certain group of other naked apes. That goes for the guy in the Western hat, to the guy in the tuxedo. All fashion is vanity and pretentiousness, no exceptions.

                      The ones who present statement A will always look at Statement B people as weirdos, and vice versa.

                      Pointless exercise.

                    5. sure. you got a point and vanity does play a roll. But there are fashion choices and just silliness. If I wear my hard hat to dinner or to the beach I will look like a tool. Like you said, not worth getting upset about but I will point and laugh. A man in a tuxedo should be at a place that requires a tuxedo. If not, he is being silly. Societal norms exist for a reason. I have never been a fan of counter culture. Not conforming to societal norms puts one in a position where they should expect at least some light mocking. Like unreconstructed said, cowboy wearing cowboy hat is one thing. Non cowboy wearing cowboy hat is a little strange…as strange as if I went to an apple pick in a suit or went to the beach wearing a football helmet. YMMV of course and different people have different ideas on style. For what its worth I think that thinking about and discussing style is far more important and influential than politics and people get very worked up from that stuff.

                    6. A fashion (not utility) choice completely at odds with any kind of normal convention (hard hat) is silliness. A traditional fashion choice with a record behind it spanning over a century, aka Western hat or Tuxedo, are quite another thing. They are Western style hats, not “cowboy” hats, anybody familiar with the history of the West knows that they are not restricted to “cowboys” only and haven’t been almost since they became a thing in the 18th century.

                      The rest is nothing more than fashion admirer A saying fashion B is “silly”. It isn’t, it’s just not what he’d choose in his milieu and surroundings.

                    7. Henry VIII reports great results with his massive codpiece.

                    8. If I don’t wear a cap or hat of some sort my noggin gets sunburned. There’s only one other body part that would be a worse place for a sunburn.

                  2. As a joke someone hacked the email account of a guy at work and signed him up with the Florida Gay Cowboy Association (or something like that), they recently sent him a flyer in the mail ( to work) where of course it was intercepted. It was ( I swear to god) an invitation to the annual “Bull Poke”.

                1. Modern teepees are actually pretty neat. I wouldn’t live in one, but out West you’ll still find Injuns actually living in them, and the “buildings” themselves look pretty well put together and made out of modern materials. Not my cup of tea (pee!) but that doesn’t mean that it’s not cool in some respects.

                    1. I think the rule is that “offensive” jokes about a public figure are okay as soon as they either die or get caught in a gay love triangle, so Gandhi is fair game on both counts.

                    1. In the New Mexico desert an old Indian was sitting next to a fire, periodically covering the fire to send up puffs of smoke. A flash drew his attention to the horizon where he saw a miles-high mushroom cloud.

                      “Wow. Me wish me said that.”

                  1. A man walks into a psychiatrists office and says “Hey doc, I am a teepee and a wigwam.” The psychiatrist says “well the problem is obvious. You are two tents”

                    1. I will always take pleasure in the fact that Iron Eyes Cody is actually a wop

                    2. See? Gateway minority. Vaterland Ohio view vindicated!

                    3. Kind of like how Jean Reno plays “random European” in every movie. All interchangeable. But Vaterland Ohio’s fear of spice not withstanding, I am pretty sure ole iron eyes could also have gotten away with portraying a Mexicans, a Joo or an Egyptian Yule Brenner style.

                    4. We don’t fear spice, it’s just that only white people live here except in Cleveland and small ghettos in other cities. Nobody is standing at the border shooing away minorities, we just happen to be really attractive to white folk for whatever reason. I don’t mind it, I’m a “minority” here too since they’re almost all German-Irish. Being Scot-Norse-English is somewhat exotic, heh.

                    5. lol. I just got the funniest image of the Ohio boarder patrol.
                      Ohio does sound like a very strange and insulated little country.

                    6. No one here keeping anybody out. We seem to be a Cracker Magnet. Fine by me. Also one of the white collar HQ capitols of the nation, but we keep that kinda hush hush. Very pleasant, white collar, friendly and easy going in Cbus. Farmland outside of that. Totes groovy.

                      If anybody gets out of line, we have the Ohio National Guard, which has an excellent track record of killing hippies. No matter where you’re from, you have to admire that. Shooting hippies for sport? Fan-fucking-tastic.

                    7. +1 for hippie shooting. -1 for using the word groovy. Kidding aside, ohio does seem very nice but like all places is subjectively dependent the person. I’d hang myself if forced to live in the Midwest just as quickly as the sounds and movements of the fair nyc would make you nuttier than a box of peanut brittle.

                    8. Iron Eyes Cody was a wop
                      Sonny Corleone was Irish and
                      The Most Interesting Man In the World is a joooooo
                      dafuq going on in this wacky world.

                    9. Do you know the story about the guy who played Luca Brasi Lenny Montana? He was actually a mob enforcer who was sent by the union to keep an eye on things at the movie when the cast him. One of his specialties was arson. He once put tampon soaked in gasoline tied to a rats tail and send him running through a warehouse. He was also a carnival circuit wrestler which I believe is where the Columbo family found and recruited him as an enforcer. He also worked as Joe Columbo’s personal bodyguard and a body guard for his family. Apparently, Coppola took one look at him and said “that’s our guy”

                    10. And who says crime doesn’t pay!?!?
                      There’s quite a few cases of real-life scumbags playing scumbags in Mob Movies. Turns out they have the role down pat!

                    11. Some Injuns once captured a lone cowboy out lost and thirsty in the desert, his horse was bony and his clothes were ragged, he was a pitiful sight and though they knew he must die as was the law of their tribe they felt sorry for him.
                      The head Injun could speak a little lingo and so said, “White man, we sorry for you, give three wishes before burn at stake.”
                      The cowboy dusted off a bit and said, “I want to see my horse.” The Injuns brought the horse over and the man said something in its ear, the horse trotted off and eventually returned with a naked woman riding bareback. The man took her inside a teepee and the Injuns thought it funny “Typical white man, can think of only one thing.”
                      The next day, the cowboy made his second wish, to once again see his horse. Again he whispered in its ear and again it came back with another naked woman. They went in a teepee and the Injuns laughed at his lust.
                      On the third day, the cowboy once more wished to see his horse only this time one of the Injuns crept closer to listen:
                      “You stupid horse, posse, p-o-s-s-e, posse…”

                    12. ha. that is a good one. reminds me of one of my favorite all time jokes

                    13. One thing is certain, best voice of a cartoon parrot ever.
                      GG is one of three of the only comics living I think I would actually enjoy meeting, but also the third that comes to mind when thinking who’s on the “do-not-invite-list” should I ever have a GGG party.

                  2. have you seen a modern luxury igloo. Saw a whole thing on some interwebs site. I gotta say, they can really do up some igloos now a days.

                    OT with regard to modern home tech. I am starting to think that instead of putting a toilet in the house we should have invested in outhouse technology. Heated tunnels, moveable walk ways, really nice high end outhouses so that you never had to have shit in your home.

                    1. Ya know, the fact that feces is still a thing really points to some massive failures. I mean, how is there not just a daily pill for this? do we really need to sit down and pass crap through our asshole? its 2017 what the fuck are scientists even doing? No flying cars. No cure for cancer and I have to sit on a porcelain bowl and pass feces.

                    2. I know you’re kinda sort joking around, but a pill would only be effective to make the waste removable by some other method. Waste doesn’t just evaporate, it has to go somewhere.

                    3. well I know it doesn’t…im saying science people need to get on this. I mean, think of what a great breakthrough this would be. wake up in the morning and take a Nopoop Extended Release tablet with your daily vitamins and fish oil and you are set.

                    4. I’m sympathetic to your plea, but unless that pill comes with Star Trek teleporter technology embedded in it, I don’t see anything feasible materializing (ha!) in our lifetimes.

                    5. well of course we don’t see it. that is why it needs to be scienced into existence.

                    6. We’re already discussing teleporters so I’m thinking a direct colon to Syria thing would be fantastic.

                    7. We do have colostomy bag technology. And overcoming biology through surgery is all the rage these days. You just need to hire someone to change it out, perhaps while you sleep?

                    8. still primitive. I need something that, as GOJ points out, either teleports the shit to an alternate dimension or New Jersey or somehow just zaps it out of existence.

                    9. I kind of look forward to my morning glory. If I only had a brick shithouse I would be set.

      2. At this point, isis comparable to a damaged, ugly woman; completely irrelevant and taking credit for absolutely anything if it means the spotlight is shone on them for even a couple seconds.

      1. Judging from the way his weapon sounded on the videos, he didn’t have anything that came from the rack at Wally-World unless he had an unusually fast trigger finger.

        1. Yeah, had a meeting around 7:30 and that’s what we were all saying, also I wonder that he wasn’t aiming at an angle at the street to cause more damage through the ricochets as there were reports of people hit blocks away.

          1. It’s a pretty good ways across where he was shooting and with that many rounds expended there was bound to be a lot of ricochets.

      1. Jesus Christ, bem.
        If only we had some of those trucks of peace, then we’d be able to beat out the filthy eurotrash on the international league.

      2. Between this and finally taking the title away from Mexico and becoming the worlds most obese country I’d say we are in good shape.

          1. It is up to us to defend America. We sometimes act like self-hating chumps, when in reality most people around the world would rather be in our shoes.

            1. Yep, every time I hear a Euro whining about how inferior we are and how “stupid, fat, lazy, retarded, etc” I’m reminded of the mediocre girls in high school who would spit venom about the beautiful head cheerleader behind her back. While the U.S. has plenty of objective things to criticize, it’s generally way nicer here on most fronts than it is anywhere else in the world.

              1. hell the main reason why alot of those european countries can do that crap is because the U.S is the world police. How would they feel if the United States said “you know what we are only defending america, no more alliances”

                1. Yep, easy to be smug after you forget your own history of acting like petulant children for centuries to the point that only the total obliteration of your militaries could stop you from acting like idiots, which required the U.S. to come in and act like a baby sitter for you while you go about educating yourself out of your own history.

          2. Interesting. I see it a few different ways. I guess it does come down to how the survey is done. US News and World Report. But I will take a deeper look anyway. A look at obesity rates state by state is really f’n startling. The fact that 22 states have an obesity rate over 30% is really shameful…even in New York the Obesity rate is 27% (accounted for by, I think, a lot of poor people in the city and Walmart types upstate). Really crazy.

            1. I believe nowadays obesity is almost parallel tracked alongside of economic prosperity and education (by class I mean). So you’re going to find your health conscious fit people are generally (not always, but generally) better educated and more affluent and your fat slobs are generally (not always, but generally) less affluent and less educated. Which is interesting historically because it used to be the exact opposite throughout history even up to a century ago.

              So you can look at, say, Georgia and find a lot of lard ass types and say “Georgia is nothing but fat fucks” but if you look at the affluent and educated by demographic you’ll find that they are as thin and fit as any other affluent/educated demographic in any other state.

              1. Yup. That accounts for most of it for sure. And the historic reversal is interesting. I assume it has to do with stuff like at one time eating enough food to make you fat required a lot of money but now eating healthy is far more expensive than eating crapola. Also, probably has to do somewhat with general intelligence and care for oneself.

              2. we need to winter shame some of the states. Women can hide their weight gain by throwing on parkas. Global Warming is a possible solution.

              3. One thing you can always say about Georgia, the trailer queens and the hood rats definitely ain’t going hungry.

          3. yup. WHO has us at like 19 or something. TO be fair they are considering places that I am fairly sure they just made up. Nauru? Really? The Marshal Islands? Kiribati for christs sake…really? these are places? That the US has a 35.7% obesity rate (CDC) is absolutely unacceptable. What is even worse is that that is just obesity. If you add Overweight you realize that slightly more than 70% of americans ping some version of weighing more than they ought to,

    3. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better.

      No more, please. This is unpleasant enough. It’s time to get the passions in check.

          1. the look on the faces of the Doobie Brothers when Rerun dropped his tape recorder…powerful TV…

              1. that and the ep where dwayne wayne wins all the money gambling on football. his secret to success? which team had the cooler uniform hahaha

    4. I read a few lines on drudge and closed it.

      He shot up a country western concert. Which would allude to him spefically targeting Trump supporters. Give it 48 hours.

      1. Waiting for the “don’t make this political!” types to condemn this.

        1. People who say that want to get the jump on it. When politics inserts itself into all aspects of life, it is all political.

          1. I usually only hear it when it becomes clear that the suspect is NOT their preferred boogeyman and they need to cover their previous political rants.

      2. If it weren’t for the fact that the Anti-Christ is supposed to be a man, I would swear it’s her…oh,wait…

        1. I believe the anti-christ is a system or state of mind, not a literal person. Christ Himself said that there would be many false Christs and spoke of the spirit of anti-christ. Look around you. Do you remember a time when more people were blatantly anti anything to do with sanctity and wholesomeness? At least on the level of the rich and famous, which in turn influences the lower rungs.

            1. And I’m convinced that he’s already in the White House — fortunately, for just a few more months.

              1. You keep saying that whole “for a few more months” and banking on impeachment, and it keeps not happening.

                Give it up man. That line of hope is long dead. Get used to it. You’re getting as bad as those birthers who were sure that they’d get the goods to get Obama impeached for not being “natural born”. Seriously man, let it go. He’s your president whether you like it or not, just like Obama was mine even though I’d rather have punched him than have looked at him.

                Move on.

                1. Initial reports are starting to filter, but it appears Stephen Paddock was a registered democrat and anti-Trump. Give it another 24 hours, but we know if there was any evidence out there of him being a conservative or Trump supporter it would have been broadcasted on all 7 continents by now.

              2. Cmon man, sometimes you fool me into thinking you’ve got good sense, then you fuck it all up.

                1. You’ll soon learn that my opinion of the current occupant* of the Oval Office is quite different from yours, and from the opinions of most of the people here. I imagine you think that he’s just peachy, and everything’s better now that he’s got the reins of power.

                  Look, I have a little bit of insider information — not much, but a little — that others here do not. No sense rubbing your noses in it, but Cheetolini’s not going to last a full term. He’s not even going to last another year. Originally I predicted his dismissal/removal/impeachment in 2019, but based on the incompetence of this administration, I’m gonna say 2018. If you want details, I can provide them some other time. We’re heading for a massive constitutional crisis.

                  It really pisses off people like GoJ when I say this stuff, because he for instance is smart enough to know that he’s been scammed, but voted for MAGA anyways because bros before hos and socialism sux blah blah blah. Most other Trump voters, however, weren’t intelligent enough to understand how badly they just got duped. I don’t know you, so I’m not making any judgments on why you support him.

                  You can skip my political comments if you’d like. It’s your right.

                  1. Yeah, and that Birth Certificate from Africa was always right around the corner. I know. I have inside info. We’ll get that sumbitch!

                    You’re getting cult follower like on this. As you say “You’re smarter than this”. Snap out of it and deal with the reality handed to you.

                    Your opinion of me means nothing. I voted for Trump for the SCOTUS judge pick and nothing else. Nothing else. I’ve been clear on this from the beginning. Your zealotry even distorts the clear words I’ve told you many times. Ponder that.

                  2. Yes, you and I have discussed this before. Sometimes I forget and start thinking you’ve got good sense.
                    You gotta let that stuff go man, being pissed off about politics all the time is bad for your health.
                    I wished for 8 years that something bad would happen to Big O and it never did. I got over it. Nothing is going to happen to Trump so you should get over it, he won, and by the way, even though I kind of like him the biggest reason I voted for him is because he’s not Hillary or a democrat.

              3. “for just a few more months”

                1. Hey. Eighty-eight more months can be considered a ‘few more months’, depending on your reference timescale.

      3. but, but she just said “must put politics aside”……….I guess that means she is doing away with her armed body guards, am I right?

    5. I just saw another video of it from a different perspective and I’m fairly sure that was full auto fire.
      I’m interested in learning where that weapon came from.

      1. Yep, the cadence, the speed and the length of fire strongly informed me that it was full auto.

        1. I wonder if that guy jumped through all the hoops to get one? Last I looked at some of that sort of stuff, they started at around 10k.

          1. Yep, for a rifle cartridge level full auto you’re paying a really pretty penny. And you have to be so clean legally that you make a Boy Scout look like a law breaking thug.

            1. I wouldn’t mind having one but, I’m probably on enough lists now much less coughing up that much cash for something I really have no need for not to mention the truckloads of ammo I would burn up.

              1. There’s an M2 for sale down at my fave shop for around 40 grand (I believe? Maybe 42 grand?) which includes, I think, a cool 2k rounds of ammo (which is a great 10 minute shooting spree, lol). I’ve eye balled it *a lot* as of late.

            2. Actually it is not nearly that daunting. Basically the biggest issue is getting the CLEO signature in your area.

              1. I consider an FBI check to be pretty thorough. That’s all I’m saying.

                Our local sheriff is under “must sign” legal compulsion if you pass the background check. But yeah Class III is pretty easy here (I don’t know about other states).

                1. Is it the same type of background check as getting high level security clearances? Or without the interviews and personality stuff?

                  1. It’s not an NSA check if that’s what you’re asking. The NSA stuff is where they do the interviews, etc. and subcontract it to the FBI if I’m not mistaken. I went through that. My hometown folks gave me the “OMG! They came to our door asking about you” thing when I returned to my stomping ground after the military.

                2. I have a CDL with hazmat so I could pass the background check, it’s just too expensive to get much less all the aggravation.

      2. Sounded like M240 Bravo to me. You can buy one of these for 60k+ assuming you have the correct tax stamp to legally purchase it.

  9. I really think 99% of the time, the “alpha female” is nothing more than a show. They do not want to be in charge. What it is, is they want you to acknowledge that they have value. Feminist propaganda tells a woman that they are valuable only when they can do it as good as a man. Get them to look past the propaganda, and they will settle into your frame.

    1. Back in the day I was on a prison ERT when our new bulldyke warden decided the team needed a female. So they found a feminist who was married that kept her maiden name. She was useless as teats on a boar hog.
      She was under the impression that she was a total badass and was going to show those male inmates who was boss. She grabbed an inmate by the arm with intentions of slapping handcuffs on him by herself. He slung her into a concrete wall so hard it made every window in the building rattle.

              1. are there hordes of hot women waving and professing their love for the felons, daily ? While attending jury duty, I noticed this phenomenon at the Dallas Correctional Facility.

                1. didn’t some celebrity recently marry some criminal who oprah put on tv and is now a male model

                    1. If he divorce rapes that girl I say he should be made emperor of america

                    2. I second that…. and a statue next to Lincoln, the ultimate “thank you for freeing me” sign.

                2. Unfortunately that’s correct.
                  They will come visit him every weekend but Jody will give her a ride there and back though.

    2. Jim, while I often defer to your wisdom, on this subject, I must disagree. There are lots of women raised to be “alpha” these days. They are not “alpha” in the way that men are alpha, but they have been raised to believe they have to be aggressive, dominant and independent. They may not actually be these things, but they believe they are supposed to be these things, so they act out behaviors and do things that make them feel like they are being aggressive, dominant and independent.

      Once they start getting some attention and positive reinforcement for acting like this, it gets wired into their brains, and its not something they can escape easily, even if they wanted to.

      1. I suppose I’m thinking of my wife on this. She was raised with a bunch of brothers, no sister. When I first met her, she was one of those “tough” rodeo, cowgirl types. She would never would wear a dress outside of church, and was annoyingly competitive at everything. Still, I thought she had what I could work with. She had/has stellar morality, is frugal, ambitious, and has strong family values. If she didn’t, I probably would have nexted her because of this.

        However, I decided not too. What I did is work with her. I’m not sure how much you have worked with horses, but there is a lot of similarities. When push comes to shove, you cannot outpower a horse, yet you can train them. Gain their trust, maintain frame, and be positive. Go slowly, get them used to the idea of the idea of a bridle and saddle before you throw it on them.


        Same way with women, build their trust, let them know you are on their side. Then, if you can get them used to or longing for the idea of a traditional life, prior to throwing away the TV and having them quit their job to be a mom, they will not rebel. While we were dating, she was already comfortable with the idea of being moral, and had strong faith. I built on that by bringing up the idea of a traditional family often. I would walk with her through the parks where we could see kids play, or talk about what we just saw on TV. I would mention the value of a woman in the home, and say how much of a waste it would be otherwise.

        (Sorry for the LDS reference, but fitting)


        This may be difficult if they have been poisoned with feminist ideology and has been burned by carousel guys over the years. Some may be easier to shoot or leave out to pasture, but it doesn’t mean that is what they were meant for.

      2. I had a 40 year old woman, yes you heard me right, a 40 year old hag who demanded that I impress her on our 3rd date. Apparently, the drinking and dancing and dinner on the previous 2 dates were not enough. 0 pussy over 3 weeks. I took my losses on that Sex and the City leftover.

        1. I don’t blame you, I’m not saying they are worth breaking, just saying they are not happy being the alpha.

          1. that’s a good dread game strategy. You know she won’t leave you once you infect that Ukrainian unicorn import with a v.d.

  10. I wonder whether the site owner would create a “AKingscastle Community Award” for the end of the calendar year to acknowledge commentators/writer who contributed to the site throughout the year? Of course, the site has just expanded, and may commenters would be partly judged upon their comments previously posted on the other website (run by a bearded Iranian-American fella). I would suggest the following categories (and name a person I think should get the award.)
    1. The Most Dedicated Commenter
    Ghost of Jefferson – the largest number of relevant comments of ROK and now here.
    His comments tend to be thoughtful and insightful and relevant to the topic. Keep up the good work, GOJ
    2. The Most Humorous Comemmenter
    This award-I believe-should be divided between Hipponax (Lolknee), bem and cheeseburgercheeseburger
    The comment section would be much less fun without them.
    Never understood why they got barred from the other site. They are the ones who keep the comment section going.

      1. Once he grew that Taliban beard and the RED communist t-shirts for sale campaign started, I knew it was a matter of time before purges would begin.

        1. The “blame the Jew” theme that was creeping up in far too many stories also killed it for me, and I’m a Gentile myself.

          The only word that should be used to describe groups of people who constantly blame others for their problems, especially in the first world, is “losers.”

          1. for a while I was starting to think maybe the J00s are sinister. After a divorce and business bankruptcy, I’ve unfortunately, met more non-joos who are much more sinister.

          2. OT but I went to a farmers market and got some pretty excellent stuff this week then stopped for a drink at a little Korean bar. The place was Called Barn Joo…..I assume Joo means something in Korean but I sat there with my oysters and martini laughing about Hasidic Farmers.

      2. I’ll admit that I was starting to be a dik – not really contributing anything of stubstance, but GOJ? Hippo? JOHN FUKKIN GALT?!?!?! These guys consistently left intelligent, well-reasoned comments.
        The only explanation is that they threatened to outshine the writers.

  11. 3. The Most Honest Commenter
    AutomaticSlim – We know many commenters lie, particularly when it comes to their stories about women. Not AutomaticSlim.
    He is brutally honest about himself (“the 90s was the decade he switched from streetwalkers to escorts”) without falling into ROK-style defeatism and blame-games. AutomaticSlim, the Manosphere needs more commenters like you.
    4. The Most Misunderstood Commenter
    Kersey – His presence on this site was short-lived. However, older readers may remember that he started off on ROK as a decent red-pilled commenter. The comments about his African wife having AIDS eventually drove him away from both sites, turning him into a funny SJW. Nevertheless, he predicted ROK would turn into “Stromfront 2.0”. Well, looking at the current state of Return of Kings, Kersey was not entirely wrong…
    5. The Most Family-Oriented Commenter
    Jim Johnson
    Many Akingscastle-readers have families. Jim, by his own admission has six children and he is raising them in a traditional household. Well, that is what most of us are aiming for (or should aim for). His comment and articles on family-related matters are greatly appreciated here.
    Gents, share your opinion. Who is the writer/commenter on this site you would like to acknowledge?

    1. 6. The most award givingest commenter Henry VIII
      7. The Most Root’n Toot’nest commenter unreconstructed

    2. Never met Jim Johnson face to face but he strikes me as a very level headed down to earth type of fellow. Those types are in short supply.

              1. You just wait for the re-re make when instead of Rooster Cogburn you have Hen Vadgeburn played by Rosie O’Donnell. Certainly will give all new meaning to when LaBoeuf calls her a bushwhacker

              2. Last year, we got this dvd set of 40 John Wayne classics, most are these old black and whites from the 1930’s back when he did his own stunts, like get a horse shot out from underneath him at a gallop or jump onto a team of horses. The guy was badass.

                1. He had that cool walk too. Always reminded me of a much older cousin of mine. He was about 6-5 and even if you only saw his outline you knew it was him coming.

    3. 6. Most positive/supportive commenters.
      A carry over from ROK, but I would go with a three way tie here.
      – Edward Easterling
      – BlueEyedDevil
      – Native Balkaner (haven’t heard from him in a long while — hope all is well)

      All three have been quick with great advice and positive/supportive responses for me as well as many others. They all seem like great guys.

      1. now you mention it, havent seen Balkaner around either…. hmmmm…. the hammer fell on him maybe?

  12. My God. Jak, you’ve described my ex-wife with uncanny precision.

    Alpha female, entitled beyond belief, obsessed with her own greatness, endless shit tests for dominance, impervious to my own game. The only thing going for her, as a spouse, was that she was truly a great cook — but even that eventually led to even more egomania.

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. You cannot win with these women. Use em and lose em, or run the other way.

    1. Alpha career women are a product of the culture we live in. While I don’t really care if women can hold jobs and can support themselves, the ones that believe that their career defines them are not suitable marriage material. Best to avoid and find one that puts family first.

    2. Jay, I wonder if your ex isn’t in a class of woman that is so tainted by feminism, that there is no man that could ever really reach her. I have had run-ins, and I have some symptoms of the man-hating female bigot:

      1. Endless expressions of contempt for you, disguised as shit tests; openly mocks other men.

      2. Does not respond to dread game by becoming attracted; responds to other women’s interest in you with irritation and annoyance.

      3. Does not respond positively to displays of physical dominance (from hair pulling to other appropriately aggressive moves that normally soak panties); puts the brakes on rougher sex.

      4. Spouts the dogmatic feminist party line (oppression of the patriarchy, etc), while evaluating men solely on their monthly income– and the expectation that those men are paying a woman’s way.

      5. Does not value the work or effort of any other human but herself, and vastly overestimates the quality of her own output.

      6. Obsessed over her own health as a political issue, while denigrating the struggles of others– especially men.

      I am sure there are more.

      1. Surprisingly, she didn’t like feminists and would never identify as one. She didn’t care about patriarchy or oppression. Part of her even wanted to be a traditional wife. But the malignant narcissistic part of her personality was just too strong; the alpha bitchiness was too powerful.

        tl;dr She was a cunt by nature, not by nurture.

        1. When you say that part of her wanted to be a traditional wife you’re likely right. That part of her which wants to be a traditional wife comprises the entirety of her natural self – but her natural self and natural state is compromised with her unnatural career pursuits and obligations. Women weren’t cut out for any career while still performing as a 100% trad spouse/mother. The woman has to bend herself out of her natural just to drive off to work. Even assumably feminine careers like teaching preschool and nursing will take a real bite out of the woman’s ability to put forth good mothering while wifing. I’ve known some nurses and teachers to be some of the bitchiest housewives and mothers. They can get psychopathically bitchy and it’s obviously their career owning a part of them. Motherhood should own them exclusively. Otherwise no man should be required to rely on that career woman exclusively for mothering/wifing. Yes what I’m saying is that family needs – you guessed it – a sisterwife. Otherwise you know EXACTLY where her bitchiness comes from when you put two and two together. There’s no way you can avoid overtaxing the natural woman with a career of any sort added onto traditional mothering plus housewifing. Her natural state then becomes spent at 70% or less and the rest is negative bitchiness and the side of the female that they get their bad name for. Even religion can’t doctor up a woman after her natural reserves are spent and the bad woman in her comes out. But indeed a sisterwife can fix. Meeow.

          So basically if she wants to have her cake and eat it too (career plus a little of everything else including housewifing) – – then she owes her family the same and you too – another slice of cake while she’s eating up family time with muh career.

  13. Jfyi- I went over to ROK and saw BlueEyedDevil and I attempted to inform him of the new greatest hangout to be found. I slipped akingscastle with no .com on it into the middle of a sentence thinking I could slip by that way, WRONG.

    Edit- went back and looked, commie fuckers deleted my comment.
    When that message came up I edited akingscastle out and they still got me.

      1. I have no idea what that means but I’m sure I agree with you because in my book you’re right up there with Vinny Pringo.

    1. Fuck Moderation! Vinny Pringo goes to extremes in everything and so do I.

      1. I did a little research on it and discovered that moderators can set up certain keywords to be automatically flagged, evidently that’s what they’ve done with

          1. Fucked up ain’t it?
            I’m going to rescue Blue Eyed Devil from over there somehow or other.

          1. For all Roosh’s BS about being on top of the world he’s beginning to look a little insecure.

    2. They got me the same way. the way to get around that if they leave their comments public, you scroll down until they replied to some other site, then reply, works even if it is months old. I am curious how many know about this site but are still hanging out on ROK.

      1. I tried, his comments aren’t public. I will figure out a way to slip in under the radar.

    3. I think those muthas shadow banned me. I made a few comments over there and asked a couple of questions and got nuthin.

    4. BED already knows about this site.
      I informed him a few weeks ago.
      He’s been around here, has up voted some comments.

      I suppose that moderation for site names is something new…

      1. Oh I didn’t know he had found this place I missed it.
        I’m not around every day because I have to make a living and all.
        I hung around all day today because I’m laid up and stuck in the house for couple days and I’m REALLY bored.

    5. OK gents, WTF is going on over there? Clearly I am slow-as-molasses on the uptake with whatever has precipitated the exodus out of ROK. Apparently “I do not even Cyber, Bro.” I traced back to this site when I wondered “What happened to GOJ and about a dozen other rambunctious, witty dudes who kept it lively on ROK?” I went into GOJ’s Disqus feed, backtrack it to this site and discover the “core” of 2016-17 ROK crew has reconnoitered.

      It dawned on me when I started noticing my posts bubbling up to the top of the ROK threads — that would NOT be happening if this crew hadn’t abandoned (or been kicked off) ROK. Clark Kent and a few others are still holding it down, but it’s not the same. Alright then, I’m adding AKC to the mix as of right…NOW.

      1. Not sure but my opinion is that ROK purged commenters that they thought were competing with their writers. They’ve almost killed the comments section over there, the comments were one of reasons I regularly visited ROK. I still comment over there sometimes but it’s not the same.

        1. That “system flush” sapped half the energy out of the room and dulled the flavor. Editorial control and repackaging can be tricky, and possibly aggravated by the notion that (IMO) Roosh seems a little high strung and “adrift” since the media pilloried him in 2016. I have to consider the mental state of the editor and creator, with all due respect.

          1. True. It pretty much seems that Roosh has lost all hope since his fiasco with the media. The only people really left over there are the ones that blame the Jews for everything and hate minorities

            1. To his credit, Roosh is engaging more now with the commentators. I’ve noticed he regularly posts now and seems a bit less aloof. I get the sense he’s hitting midlife and wondering WTF he’s going…

              1. I concur on the midlife thing. While we as men have about another decade than women to set our course in life, it isn’t infinite.

              2. Yeah, but that could be because GoJ called him out on not doing that…I say that as someone who respects and has learned a lot from Roosh

                1. Yeah it could be though I was not privy to that discussion. If that’s the case at least he considered someone’s criticism and acted upon it. I’ve really got no horse in this race either way, and still read the occasional article over there, though I hardly post as no one really responds in an articulate fashion these days.

              3. Agree…perhaps he’s still settling some of the leftover 20s/30s rights-of-passage, or doesn’t want to reach 40 without the wisdom. I sense a kindred spirit in him. He holds himself to a high standard and seeks a noble path out of the player life. I did this myself not too long ago, at around age 34. In these days of extended lifespans, some people choose to confront the existential purpose or a certain phase of adulthood as late in the game as possible. Some of us go early and instinctively embrace getting rid of naivety in this non-pristine world. I wanted to get the “midlife crisis” (it wasn’t) out of the way at 29 since I viewed it mathematically:

                0-30 = Youth
                30-60 = Middle Age
                60-90 = Old
                90+ = Bonus Round

  14. Wow, lot’s of activity here today fellas. I missed out. I checked in a couple of times, but most of my day consisted of dealing with a “client from hell” – feels good to peruse the comments and get a dose of sanity, and a good laugh!

    1. Hey Lou, funny story from last night you will appreciate.
      I go into a sushi bar last night. There are 5 seats at a bar. One seat has a guy I am sure you would recognize. 3 cell phones on the bar, 250 pounds, mid 50’s, track suit and the whole Vinny Boombatz brooklyn accent (which, by the by, I default to and have spent most my life fighting so it only comes out if I am pissed, drinking or talking to someone else who has it). I take a seat at the bar leaving a seat in between us and realize I recognize him. I met him at some point through some concrete guys I do business with…go figure. He kind of eyes me and says “do I know you” and I said yeah you know me from XYZ and through ABC construction whatever. And he is a bit skiddish but goes on with the whole bravado shit.

      So it’s him in his track suit and me in a jacket and tie at the sushi bar and a minute or so later a guy walks in by himself and sits at one of the tables and orders a pot of tea and a sushi roll. Then like a minute or so after that another single guy walks in and takes another table. The tables are behind the bar so this guy keeps turning around to look at them and they are just there.

      The he looks at me and says “you know those guys” and I said no…still not fully realizing what was going on here. Finally he says to me “look, if this is gonna happen I am gonna stop with this fucking sake and get a real drink” and the guy orders a johnny walker black. He looks at me again and says “listen, if this is what it is then fine but make it fast” and I start laughing I’m like “dude I have no idea what you are talking about”

      Half hour of talking to this guy, the two single guys still in the bar, and he is making jokes but you can tell there is an underpinning nervous energy to it. He asks me for my business card and as it turns out I am all out of them. And he is going “offfff cawwwwssseeee…no evidence right?” So I finish up my food, thank the guy for the good hearty laugh, pay my check and shake his hand. Then just to be a bit of a tool, while he is shaking my hand I look back to one of the single guys at the table and just nod my head and walk away.

      It was so funny and sad and sweet all at the same time.

      1. That is funny. When you left the bar, you didn’t happen to see a guy standing behind a Cadillac with the trunk lid popped?…

        1. Haha, if I would have seen a caddy anywhere in sight I would have paid 500 bucks to the guy to do just that.

  15. I remember this one time I was sitting in an airport waiting for a flight. Some ugly looking cougar targeted me and started trying to chat me up, etc. The flight was full and we were both non-rev passengers, so we didn’t get seats, and were directed to another gate for the next flight. One of the first things I said was that I was going home to my wife and kids. She wanted me to go find a bar so we could sit and talk, decided I was going to give her a ride home when we got back to our destination, yadda yadda yadda. I hardly responded to any of this crap and kept walking away from her, but she kept on following and trying to talk to me.

    Finally while waiting for the next flight, I couldn’t take it any more and sat as far from her as possible. She actually moved and took a seat right across from me. I pulled out my phone and started actively ignoring her, playing some battleship game on it, with the volume up. Everytime she’d say something I would just grunt and not even look up. One time I even frickin farted loudly and then let out a deep sigh. After about 25 minutes of this, she finally gave up trying to talk to me, went across a few rows, found some dude that looked a lot like me, and then was visibly mocking what I was doing. Haha poor dude was trapped, I could see him nervously laughing, glared at him once and he looked away, never to look in my direction again.

    I was like, wtf, this lady created this whole situation in her mind, tried to entrap me in it, and then got angry when I didn’t respond. They accuse us of rape, they chant no means no, but what in the hell was that? A guy who persisted that long would have been carted off by the cops.

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