Pretty Little Lies

“People like to say that the conflict is between good and evil. The real conflict is between truth and lies.”

– Don Miguel Ruiz


A lot of the ills that the Red Pill community face every day are based off a plethora of topics that have either been purposely misconstrued or downright fabricated out of thin air in an effort to destroy the traditional family structure.  These lies and falsehoods have had serious implications for any man seeking to start and raise a stable family with them as the head of the household with their wife as their second in command.  To an extent, most modern women have been at least partially indoctrinated with some of these lies and as we covered earlier this week, some are far beyond redemption.

This post is going to cover some of the most nefarious lies that women have been told for the past generation.  Reviewing these lies and fabrications will provide two key benefits for you, as the reader.  First, you will learn the origin of these lies and how to counter them.  Second, you will be aware of some key red flags while you search for a suitable wife or long term relationship.

Lie 1: The Princess Complex

This particular problem has really reared its head in recent decades due to the never-ending stream of Disney cartoons depicting princesses as the only capable and competent characters of the story.  The princess is the prize to be won, nearly infallible, beautiful, and doted upon by all around her.  She is also typically outspoken, annoyingly opinionated, and prides herself on her independence.  Meanwhile, the “prince” is typically the exact opposite: Dorky, extreme character flaws, and who’s sole purpose is to woo yon fair maiden, typically for nefarious reasons initially, but after bathing in her brilliance for sometime, they see the error of their ways and convert to good.

As you can surmise, this establishes an incredibly imbalanced depiction of male and female dynamics at a very early age in life and I would be lying if I said most women outgrow this propaganda.  Rather, the innocent games of dress up and pretend will often transform into vile personality traits if not properly nipped in the bud by the father.  A woman who still believes she is a princess, the prize that men should fight over, have extreme entitlement issues.  They will make lists of demands while often offering little in return.  They want to be spoiled, just like their weak fathers spoiled them.

The cure for this particular ailment, aside from avoiding altogether, is to make it known in no uncertain terms that she is not a little child anymore and you will not treat her like a princess.  You are the king of your castle and if she wants to be with you, she is to be your queen.  A queen’s role is to support her king in the task of running their kingdom.  If she insists on being treated like a princess, simply tell her you’ll find a suitable prince to marry her off to in order to secure an alliance between your two nations.

The Princess Complex is the mother of all shit tests and should not be humored for a second.  If you give in, she will walk all over you.  I’m not saying that you should never spoil or romance your wife, but it should be done on your terms, not hers.

Lie 2: Unconditional Love

The concept of unconditional love, from what I can gather, was originally a Biblical idea based on God’s unconditional love for mankind.  If you aren’t the religious type, just stick with me here and let’s not get sidetracked.  Although God loves all of His creations unconditionally, He is also not too keen on letting chronic transgressions against Him slide and has been known to punish even His chosen people harshly for not following His laws.  Think “tough love.”

However, this notion of love was perverted by a psychologist known as Erich Frumm.  He is the source of how most people think of unconditional love nowadays; that being which you accept and love people despite all their faults and shortcomings.  This might be fine from a spiritual perspective, but simply isn’t conducive in a marriage.

For example, say I like to lounge around, watch TV, drink beer, and eat Cheetos all day and don’t hold down a stable job while my wife supports our family, cleans the house, and takes care of the kids.  Am I still a man worthy of such love from her?  If we’re being honest here, no.

Yet, we see this play out time and time again in reverse with the woman demanding unconditional love from the husband while offering very little in return.  This closely parallels the Princess Complex but isn’t quite the same thing.  One key difference is unequal reactions to transgressions.  For example, the wife might chew out the husband for leaving the toilet seat up, but then get offended if you chew her out for wrecking the family car because she was texting while driving.

Another example of this social ill is your spouse will demand you love them while offering little to nothing to the marriage.  They quit exercising and get as big around as they are tall?  You got to love them unconditionally.  They quit their job, but don’t keep the house clean during the day?  Still got to love them unconditionally.  You get the picture.

Depending on the nature of the woman, the concept of unconditional love can be caused by either malicious intent or solipsism, or simply not seeing things from any other perspective besides their own.  If it’s the latter, some consistent and stern, but gentle reminders may be enough to correct the ship.  If it’s intentional and malicious however, adopt a similar approach to the Princess Complex (shape up or ship out).

Lie 3: Soul Mates

This is probably the most benign of the problems we’ll be discussing today, but can offer its own set of problems.  First, let’s cover its origins.  The first recorded referencing of the term was in Plato’s book, The Symposium.  In it, the gods split the original humans, who consisted of four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces into the humans we are now.  Split as such, we are forced to wander the world in our miserable incompleteness until we find our other half.

The term soul mates has become another bastardized term of endearment to signify whoever the person using it is in love with at the current moment.  For most, it is no more meaningful than the term “love” itself.

“I love pizza.”

“I love an ice cold beer when I get home from work.”

“I love The Walking Dead.”

It’s meaningless in its common use, but that doesn’t mean that those using it are harmless.  Be wary of a woman who professes their love for you and claims you are their soul mate, but makes no consistent efforts to demonstrate said love.  All too often, men and women alike fall into the trap of taking the other person for granted and assuming everything is going fine and that they are good because they are in love, are “soul mates.”

The solution for what I’ll call the Soul Mate Downslide is to be constantly gaming your wife.  Don’t take her for granted and likewise, don’t let her take you for granted.  Marriage is about mutual love and respect, yes, but it is also about cherishing the other person and realizing they could be gone from your life in the blink of an eye.  Don’t forget that and don’t let her forget it either.


At the end of the day, most of the issues can be mitigated with the proper vetting of women that you’re seeking a long term relationship with.  If they display any glaring, firmly planted red flags, best to tip your hat and bid them adieu.

For those already in long term relationships or marriages who are seeing these personality traits bubbling up in your wife/girlfriend, it’s best to strike while the iron is hot and not let it fester into an infection that will destroy your happiness.

What issues am I missing and how do you approach them with your wife/girlfriend?  Leave them in the comments section below.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

419 thoughts on “Pretty Little Lies”

  1. Nice post. I find to many people want to believe the lies until they are so invested in them, they do not want to ever face the truth. It would require effort / reflection and possibly action on their part.

    1. See: my last relationship and why I’m now so disillusioned that I’m finding it really hard to get into a new one.

      I think I’m still reconciling what I know now with the realities of dating.

      1. Take your time and stay awake. A lot of guys fall back into the same rut and end up with the same type of woman they just left. In fact, I am gong to a wedding in a couple of weeks to see a guy do exactly that.

        I came out of a LTR at 32 and didn’t date for 3 years. I had a few ONS, but I simply took myself out o fthe market and concentrated on work. I waded back into the dating pool (what a shit show) as I wanted to ground a family and the quality of women available made me depressed as fuck. I know it’s only gotten worse. I happened to find one (wife) who had potential just about when I was going to chuck it in and continue concentrating making Money
        Stay frosty bud.

        1. You just described my sentiments exactly. The only difference is that I’m younger than you were.
          One of the foremost reasons I come here is for experience from guys older than me. Just like that.

  2. Not sure how the younger guys deal with all this stuff in the age of social media. Also go back to the age of the VCR and DVD. My kids and millions of others grew up watching these movies over and over and over. Indoctrinated. And as a former miserable father, I allowed it to happen. Easier to stick them in front of a TV.

    I do agree with your sentiment. Once that first red flag pops up, examine it carefully. Odds are it won’t be the last. Keep ’em coming Jak.

      1. Be careful. Indoctrination in a sign. What kind of sign do you ask? Gozer the Traveler. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg! Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: that of a giant Slor! Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

        1. And yet you never developed a curiosity in backpack carried nuclear power.


  3. Nice and thorough.
    For the first one, I like to introduce the undermining early by conflating the sexual and submissive with the term “princess.” Always bringing it up while she is at her most vulnerable during sex and make it synonymous with something naughty/dirty that she is acting on.
    The second is the major reason we have the depravity today that we do, how can any argument hold up against outright insanity? You can’t accept a universal argument and not understand that it can forever more be successful no matter the context. Really glad you brought this up because it seems to be the Achilles’s heel of the modern Christian.
    The last, I’d just like to add the obvious, be wary of a woman who “loves” everything because she’s going to love the mailman’s special delivery package with the same equivalency as she loves you. But at the core, she’s going to “love” herself (even if, and maybe especially if, she’s filled with self-loathing) more than you or the kids.

    1. On your first point, this technique could work for a wife/girlfriend, but for obvious reasons should not be used on a daughter. There, I actually don’t have a problem with the princess culture to some extent, but that’s because I approach it as everything else – with great rights come great responsibilities. I am happy to treat you as a princess, if you earn it. What Disney leaves out is that the princess has obligations to her kingdom. At least traditionally, nobility were expected to lead by example, share in the sacrifices of their people, and adhere to a higher standard of personal conduct than the average serf. So, you can be treated like a princess if you act like one – not the spoiled, entitled, layabout kind, but the virtuous, kind, civic/family minded kind.

      1. This is all true. And I must admit that without father’s who do perpetuate the “princess” idea (at least to some extent), my life would be more difficult, so in some ways I am thankful.
        Without the experience of wife or kids I am limited in outlook, but if I turned on a bit of imagination I think I too would skew in similar direction, to a point anyway. With girls in general I have enjoyed a certain type of “spoiling” them in the context of a reward-based system, so I know that works and your suggestion of adherence to the principle gets my endorsement.

  4. Tough love is an easy concept to misunderstand. It’s not that I don’t tolerate your bullshit because I DON’T love you. I don’t tolerate your bullshit because I DO love you and want you to be the best person you can be.

    Note: this is only applicable to people you love. Some people’s bullshit is not tolerated because they can go fuck themselves.

    1. Agreed, I think forgiveness is the issue. Your wife or child does something, and you correct them, but redouble the love and attention later on. If not, you will drive a wedge between you two.

      1. Oh bem you have been married WAY too long. No doubt that tough love is hard work, but you try GTFO with a drunken eastern European gypsy who has professed her love for you at 3 am before you tell me it is easy.

        1. …especially after she told your fortune, and kept insisting that Death card that kept turning up was such a good thing.

        2. I’m fairly certain you Got her the FO nonetheless! You telling me “changing her” would have been easier?

          1. Did say changing her would have been easier, just that getting her out was no picnic either.

    2. Some people’s bullshit is not tolerated because they can go fuck themselves.


      The single most important thing any man must teach his wife and children about interpersonal relations.

  5. “Married/dating my best friend “. Men already had friends before they started dating, he doesn’t need another friend, he needs/wants a wife.

    1. even in my blue pill daze, I would cringe when friends would tell everyone at the wedding “I just married my best friend.”

      1. Oh yeah, I hate that shit with a vengeance. “My best friend’, hon (or dude), really? Are you telling me that if you took away all sex, that this person would be your most favorite person in the entire world and that you’d call him/her up to go to a baseball game (or go shopping) and otherwise want nothing more than to hang around with him/her? No?

        *pop goes the illusion*

        Find a man who will look you in the eye and say “Yes, even without he sex ever again with her, I’d do that” and you will have found a bold face liar.

        1. True. What I did notice that was nice in, lucky for me, both sets of my grandparents is that once they had got so old that sex was both impractical and, frankly, fucking disgusting they had grown together in such a way that they were inexorably linked.

          1. Quite so and I’m certain that you’d never hear the “best friend” thing from them at that point. Shared experiences, struggles together, holding fast together, happy memories together all form a more solid kind of enduring love once the sex is gone, without question. The “best friend” thing always comes from the dopey eyed dude who is thinking how pretty her titties jiggle when they’re alone and naked, or the goofy no-brain girl who is happy to have found somebody to finance her silly whims and who doesn’t throw her to the curb after three fucks. Older people know better.

            1. bingo. They are just instantiations of the same person. Though on the paternal side, when my grandfather died, my grandmother bemoaned the loss of the best bridge partner she could ever have.

          2. Genesis 2:24: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

        2. Perhaps, much like today’s examples this too is a sentiment/phrase originating from cultural indoctrination?
          I would think a spouse was someone even more “important” and intimate than a “friend.”

          1. That is a fantastic thing you just noted. I think I’m going to use that the next time I hear this silly expression. Thank you!

    2. Another one that I think goes hand in hand with that one is when they say they like their partner because they challenge them. Always sounded like bullshit to me.

      1. Haha maybe challenges you to improve?
        Though I get what you’re going for there, it would be easier if you just found someone who thinks the sun shines out of your asshole.

      2. depends on the challenge here. I mean if she challenges you to an arm wrestling contest that is one thing but if now and then she tells a funny joke that takes you a moment to get that could be nice.

                    1. Long Duk Dong went from exchange student to plant manager in only 2or 3 years! Thats a fast track son

                  1. if so, hes about a foot taller than rocky…yeah, looks like that scenario would ever play out like that…leverage schmeverage

                    1. It’s more about breaking the plane of the wrist than length of arm. Short guys with huge arms have something of an advantage, until you can get them to bend their wrists, then you own the table. Done a bit o’ arm wrassling in my day. Like that picture there, Rocky has his wrist bent, I’d have counter slammed his arm with righteous fury, but this is Hollywood so we don’t expect much realism. To be fair, the tall guy has his wrist line bent too, so who really knows.

                    2. Can be at times, to the point of annoyance to those around me. Other times I’m the opposite and usually that also hits the point of annoyance pretty quickly. The happy medium is were I shine.

                    3. hey, if I dont know what Im talking about, I dont know what Im talking about…aint the first time

            1. I was in a wedding party once and the brides dress was all bunched up and the father (and old nice little man who, as much as I would love to give shit to the clergy, was really innocent here) said “can anyone here act as a fluffer for the bride?” Everyone was holding it back until one idiot…I won’t name names, but I do know him from the mirror, just lost his shit and started laughing which caused a chain reaction.

        1. Nice and nearly impossible as women don’t tell jokes they tell long rambling meaningless stories that seem to go on and on forever like some endless flow of letters all crammed together until the only reason you are laughing is because your sanity is doing a silly dance and waving to you as it drifts farther and farther into the void that has become your soul ever since the abyss that is her attempt at humor has opened up beneath your feet and swallowed you whole and not in a good way either but into this pit of sulfuric odors and grumbling that makes you fondly recall those times when her mother came to visit calling you a worthless loser who would never be good enough for her wherein the only thing left for you to do is watch as your life passes before your eyes and you see all the women you regret fucking and all the ones you regret not and just when you are certain Satan himself is lubing you up for an eternity of rectal raping and your mind is trying to calculate exactly how a pitchfork is made she finally giggles and sighs and says how you had to be there…did I rok that one or what?

          1. True on story type jokes, but I have heard women tell funny one liners or respond in a humorous way to certain situations that made me laugh.

          2. Women with jokes…yeah sure…but I have had women drop a line that referenced an inside joke that I got a real chuckle out of before or some great one liners. I knew a guy in college who had a big tattoo of Charles Bukowski on his back. I said “wow, you must really like Bukowski to put him on your back like that” and the girl I was with smiled and said “why…it’s not like I really like you all that much.” She was a pisser and that line was just funny and well timed and only worked because of our particular dynamic.
            I guess it helps that I don’t really keep them around long enough for them to cease being a novelty for me…but you did rok that thing to death!

      3. You see that a lot in personal ads don’t you?

        “I’m challenging!”

        Ok, thanks for the warning. Next.

        Why is this even seen as a positive trait to advertise anyway? The vast majority of women are not challenging intellectually and they certainly aren’t going to give you interesting riddles to solve that you enjoy solving. To me, and maybe I’m alone here, but it always seems to be a warning that she can and will be bitchy for no real reason, at random, and that you had better find pleasure in dealing with a belligerent bitch from time to time. That’s a demerit on the ol’ balance sheet as far as I’m concerned.

        1. and if she can beat you in arm wrestling or in squats, she probably smells like a man.

          1. If she can beat you in arm wrestling or in squats it should be taken as a sign from God that you need to get into a gym and also go get your testosterone levels checked.

            1. My wife was always proud of her strength. Which she is, for a girl. This year, my 12 year old boy beat her arm wrestling. No comparison.

              1. the U.S. boys under 15 soccer team beat the women’s national world cup winning soccer team 8-2.

              2. It’s weird, but my mother grew stronger as she grew older. From ages 50 to 65, she had big lats and a couple of thick pythons for arms. In fact, she was strong enough to pull herself over a wall at Parris Island, for example, and even pulled herself out of an icy lake at age 60.

            2. I have seen this one woman who takes down a lot of really strong looking guys in arm wrestling (not in person) and it was explained as she is a professional female arm wrestler and has technique down really well and she arm wrestles guys who are thick and strong but don’t necessarily know proper arm wrestling technique…kind of the way that a big ole bruiser in a bar can get the shit beat out of him by a guy a third his size who is a very technically proficient martial artist. I don’t know if this is true but it made sense to me.

              1. As noted somewhere else on the thread, it’s a matter of your wrist more than anything.

        2. Exactly! Even if she does have some intellectual opinion or theory on something, I don’t give a shit. Drives me insane seeing that.

        3. I can’t remember where I saw something about girls saying you shouldn’t go for low hanging fruit and the guy was saying “why the fuck not… is the same fruit from the same tree and I don’t need a fucking ladder to get it”

          1. For a ONS it really doesn’t matter. When they’re on personals looking for an actual relationship though I’d hope that advertising “I’m an impossible cunt who will always be a cunt, so I hope you like cunty attitudes” seems like the last thing a girl would want to advertise.

            1. I like the sentiment though. I think the point the guy was trying to get through was “bitch, if you stay up on that high branch you gonna wind up single and with cats”

    3. Spot on. It is a common mistake for men to look for the same qualities in girls and in male friends. If I want to talk about Nietzsche and drink Whisky, I have my male friends; If I want to create a family I’ll have a wife.

      1. If women didn’t have nice bodies and pretty faces to look at they would all be but invisible to me. I can only listen to them talk for about 15 seconds after her lips start moving before I start naturally tuning out.

    4. I will say this though, and perhpas I’m the exception, my Long Suffering Wife is the only person I can tolerate being around for more than 48 hours.
      And we do enjoy a lot of the same pursuits together, though I save my Big-Mouth-Letcher-Asshole activities for my man-friends. There MUST be a division.

  6. Man oh man, every one of these things are *so* ingrained into our culture that anybody who doesn’t encounter it or at least see it affecting somebody else has to be blind.

    Unconditional love belongs only to God, because He lives in a perfect environment and is the embodiment of love. The rest of us have to judge love by the values the other person has and how closely she adheres to our values. Anything else is lust, which turns out, is not love. Every time I’ve heard a plea for “unconditional love” it’s been from a woman who does not want to be judged for her carelessness and lack of responsibility, but if you turn the tables on her and say “OK, then I guess I don’t need to work or take care of myself, love me unconditionally” that attitude immediately stops with a “Whoa whoa whoa buddy, that’s not what I mean!” Yeah toots, sure, of course not.

    Soul mate is the most convoluted, twisted bullshit I hear women still spout to this day. Even if it were 1765 and a woman married as a virgin and died a widow from her first husband, it would make no sense, let alone today when women jump from bed to bed to bed of half the men that they see on the street. This concept needs to have a stake driven through its skeevy little heart and be removed from our vocabulary forever.

    One note:

    Be wary of a woman who professes their love for you and claims you are
    their soul mate, but makes no consistent efforts to demonstrate said

    I’ve seen this a couple of times in the article, and see it out and about too. This is grammatically incorrect AND it was introduced into our language specifically by feminists decades ago. “A woman” is singular, so the correct personal pronoun is “she”, not “their”. “Their” is plural and indicates more than one subject “the women, the men, the group”. Removing “he/she/it” the last few decades is by design and comes from the era when women were bitching because they saw “Men at Work” signs and were sniffing out any word with “-man” in it for complaint, such as foreman, or mailman, or whatever. Seriously, it was the 1970’s, I remember this complaint from shrill little shrews pretty clearly.

    1. Yep.
      Also, the only other time I’ve heard the “unconditional love” plea is when it came to the abnormal types and specifically when not wanting to be disowned or trying to shame someone away from traditional beliefs.

    2. “Be wary of a woman who professes she love for you and claims you are she soul mate”?
      nah, sounds funny….

      1. What about men who profess to be a soul man? I think that is generally alright so long as they are commin’ to you on a dusty road.

    3. If God didn’t have unconditional love for us, none of us would be here…. except for maybe Hippo. But at the same time it is the duty of higher entities to display compassion while exercising judgement measuredly to those of lesser faculties. (Eye for an eye bit goes here). It is written in the bible that men should love wives (harem here I come) as Jesus loved the Church. Interestingly the Church was also deemed the “Body of Christ”. Love your wife as you love yourself. Sounds simple enough.

      Remember who started this feminism fiasco. Sure, some bitches need a good ass spanking. Ok all of them. But uprooting a diseased forest tree by tree will leave a barren landscape.

  7. “A lot of the ills that the Red Pill community face every day are based off a plethora of topics”

    A plethora of topics is one thing, but what about a plethora of piñatas? Would you say, Jak, that we have a PLETHORA of piñatas?

              1. Not too bad. If you can obtain one I highly recommend it.

    1. Senor Hipponax, we do not have your superior intellect and education. But could it be that once again you are angry at something else and looking to take it out on us?

    2. Jefe….

      I was going to look up that reference but got distracted by a pretty girl asking me if I wanted to kiss her on the veranda. I declined, saying that I preferred the lips instead.

        1. I definitely would and have wondered if that thing is sitting at the back of my spine waiting to attack like a sniper.

        2. Depends. Do they mean genital herpes, or getting cold sores in your mouth once every five years? I know plenty of people who get cold sores now and then, but can’t recall ever but once meeting somebody who confirmed she had herpes of the genital sort.

          1. HSV-2 is what we are talking about. Herpes, herpes, you make me so sore…I shouldn’t have fucked that Tijuana whore

          2. The last time I took my girl out, we had pizza. She wasn’t feeling well so after I ate my piece, I had herpes too.

          3. A few years ago the wife of a loan officer at the local bank got a good case of herpes and had never had sex with anyone but her husband. Turned out that he had somehow picked up a dose from one of the tellers at the bank, didn’t notice any symptoms and had passed it to the wife. The wife went to the bank and climbed over the counter and put a pretty good beat down on the teller. It was the talk of the town for a while. Other than hearing rumors about folks having it, I’ve never heard anyone say ” I’ve got herpes”.
            I would be ashamed to say it if I had it, with the way folks are now it wouldn’t suprise me if they told everyone they saw.

              1. I was going to reference that where I put “that” but every time I try to type it, it comes out giraffetitties and I just don’t know why, but it seemed inappropriate and heaven knows I wouldn’t want that.

        1. we should wear our stds on our suit jackets like a 4 star general wears ribbons representing his Order of Victory.

      1. As long as I don’t have it, I don’t care. Having a scabby dick would be…..very bad.

  8. *Erich Fromm, also known as (((Erich Fromm))). He developed his theories using the Talmud and the Torah as guidelines.

    Now, I think that the concepts of “unconditional love” and “soul mates” in male/female relationships as they are understood today are basically twisted literary concepts, based on a corrupt interpretation of a number of poets and writers. It is beautiful to read Novalis, but its writings are exquisite literature not guidelines for human relationships.

    The average Joe and Jane have not read Novalis nor (((Fromm))) but they have watched (((Hollywood))) movies whose plot use a perverted version of literary ideas in order to spread woman worship, saveaho concepts and the pussification of males.

                  1. no that was his whoreson
                    But yeah, as pointed out above, my enthusiasm for making the perfect joke caused me to choke and I said Lone Ranger rather than Roy Rogers….ARG

                    1. build a million bridges and never be known as a bridge builder but suck one cock…

                    2. That just reminds me of when McDonalds released the Angus 1/3 Pounder. I couldn’t get over how amazing a name for a Scottish pornstar it was. You’ve heard of sloppy seconds? Well we have someone so drunk he just doesn’t care what she’s been up to. Introducing Angus Third Pounder

                    3. those still exist? I miss their roast beef sammies that had a slightly green tinge to em…

                1. Roy Rogers would be triggered by it, so I give this comment the Silver medal. Yo Tonto, drop tha’ beat:

                  Woulda told the lousy Injun to raise the roof, but it’s a teepee.

                  1. FUCK! You are right. Lone Ranger had silver……awayyyyy It was Roy Rogers who had Trigger…the tranny nigger. Fuck, I was so excited to get that joke out there I bolloxed it up

      1. Did I hurt your feelings? Do you need a safe space?? Are you scared of my whiteheretocisgender anticementic conspiracy theories?

        1. I agree with him — please keep that parentheses shit outta here. It tends to run through the manosphere like a bacterial infection.

          1. Freedom of expression, I will say whatever I want and I don’t care if you like it or not.

    1. What you say isn’t wrong Curwen but in no ways complete unless you are willing to go (((Lord Byron)))
      She Walks In Beauty, Like the nights
      of cloudless climes and starry skies;
      and all that’s best of dark and bright
      Meet in her aspect and her eyes
      (((ee cummings)
      I carry your heart with me (I carry it in
      my hear) I am never without it (anywhere
      I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
      by only me is your doing, my darling)
      ya know the hundreds and hundreds of woman worshiping supplicants that roamed Europe and the United States for centuries.
      Let’s make a deal. I won’t discount largely jewish psychology on the phenomena of modern pedestalization but try and acknowledge that it is far from the only thing that has played a roll here. To pretend that there isn’t a history of kissing women’s asses dating back to ancient times is both incorrect and short sighted — especially for someone as well read as you are. Even Wagner has women on a pedestal.

      1. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear….

        Obviously, It’s clear that neither Byron, Shelley, Novalis, Holderlin, etc, etc were jewish. What I was trying to say was that some Jewish like Fromm (and the jewish Hollywood industry) took the romantic concepts of the former and twisted them in order to serve an agenda, THEIR agenda.

        They took beautiful works of art (of non jewish writers) and then twisted them as psychological weapons in order to castrate the sane male instincts creating an entire generation of women worshippers, save-a-ho white knights and effete males.

        Is my position clear now?

        1. It is and it is fair. But I simply don’t think it is the only thing at play. Woman worshipping and white knighting has been profitable since before there were knights…even white ones. If you want to make the argument that it is the difference between anthrax and weaponized anthrax yeah, sure…can’t really fault you on that one. But neither form is really very healthy even if one is more….natural…..and the weaponsized version, while surely being more harmful, couldn’t have existed if the natural primary substance didn’t exist.

          Taking Jewish psychological influence out of it, imagine Byron, Shelly, Holderlin etc if their medium was television, pop music, the internet — the kind of mass consumption that meant that not only the educated and elite of the citizenry had access to them but also hoi polloi….and didn’t just have access but were inundated by it constantly. It may not have the same kind of sneakiness to it, but the harm would be almost as if not just as ubiquitous I believe.

          So I would say that to some degree the beautiful though pussy worshipping works of some of the great artists (poetry, literature, opera, painting, etc) is partly to play, its psychological weaponsizing (and through that advertising as well as other outlets) doubles down and modern technology makes it impossible to avoid. I would merely argue that pointing a finger at one and saying “only that” is a big mistake. There is a perfect storm of events that have made this possible and which, without any one aspect, the whole thing would be much less pervasive.

          1. I think that the difference lays in the suspension of disbelief. When people were reading Holderlin at his time they knew (obviously, with some exceptions) that that was a literary work, a fiction, and they suspended their disbelief ONLY, and I repeat, ONLY in the act of reading. When people today watch some ‘romantic’ [sic] movie when the nice guy save a ho and marry her, they really think that’s possible, they don’t differentiate between a fucking Hollywood movie and real life. And why they can’t differentiate?? because of the relentless propaganda that acts jointly with the movie: feminism, MSM, etc.

            For example, for some reason I found myself watching recently the movie “The Girl Next Door” (WB Elisha Cuthbert all night long) with a group of normies, both male and female, and all in my age range (I’m 35). When the movie finished a number of the guys were talking about how cool could be to have a ‘serious relationship’ with a pornstar; I asked “so do you really think you can be the boyfriend of a girl who fucks on camera for a living?”, and they indeed agreed…..against all evidence to the contrary, just because they have watched that fucking movie.

            That is the result of twisting the literary romantic concepts like eternal love and women as innocent snowflakes into weaponized propaganda serving an agenda.

            1. You are 100% on point here with this one but again, it is not just a result of weaponized propaganda, but also technology. A lot of stuff at play. Yes, a fully educated man or woman in England in the early 19th century could sit in an arm chair, read some Byron, then put it down, appreciate the beauty of the wordcraft and maybe even feel a bit of the sentiment and get back up a lot because it wasn’t also societal propaganda but jut as much as that it wasn’t painted with the realism that a movie is. That doesn’t mean that some young women weren’t carried away with it…..notions of idealized romantic love have been the plague of young women since eve.

              The realism aspect reminds me the story of when Dustin Hoffman spent months living the life of the character for one of his movies and Lawrence Olivier said “my dear boy, why don’t you try acting”

              I am at a point in life where I can see what pop culture does to the minds of women as well as what it does to the young men and how those young men in turn react to the women and I can manipulate it to my advantage for personal gain and I am ok with that.

              Back to the original point, you are right…for sure you are right…however I’d say you are only right about a single piece of the puzzle.

              1. I would say notions of idealized romantic love have also become a plague inflicted on man ever since. We may not admit it comfortably but we can be very susceptible to it.

                In fact, I would say “romance” is perhaps entirely the realm of men. As a tool too and like any tool, often as a weapon. I still largely see the Garden story as allegory cautioning mankind on giving in to a more “feminine” approach/outlook to life and all the extraneous things that entails.

                1. Interesting. I like the idea of romance being in the realm of men. Whether or not is a plague depends on what your general goals and idea of the good life are I suppose.

                  1. If you consider:
                    a) Most poets (and objectively good poets) are men, likely a man invented prose to begin with.
                    b) Men found a new way of cost-efficient “pay to play” by using poetry to woo and court a lady, to give her tingles through suggestive lines even in a public setting under the watchful eye of other suitors.
                    c) Women expect a man to be romantic. Not that they can’t set out rose petals and light some candles, but the creative and spontaneous is nearly mandated especially through media (that exaggerates the possibilities and importance for most) aimed primarily at men by men through the women in their sphere.
                    Just a few points I’ve mulled over.
                    And yep to the last.

          2. You a caste system dude kneeman. But then again we probably wouldn’t have Marxism if the world followed your ideology so I could see the good side to it.

            1. Ya know, in some ways I am and in some ways I am not. I like a caste system so long as the castes are based on merit and work and not on family lineage and race.

  9. Jak this is a really good article and I am positive that it is not only totally on point but that many of the fellas here have seen it all first hand. Still, of course, this is good for the uninitiated in order for them to see they are not alone….that the things they think are going on in their lives that are crazy are actually just normal and can be dealt with. That said, I am reminded of Neil Postman’s Critique of Sesame Street in his amazing little book Amusing Ourselves To Death. Amongst his gripes with Sesame Street was that it was, because it couldn’t guarantee the viewership, incapable of teaching how minor topics can lead to larger ones. So, for instance, it is important to know that 2+2=4. And sesame street has the count out there saying 2 plus 2 equals four haahaha. But then the next week he does the same thing. Count Von Count never builds that to multiplication, much less, The Square Root of 9 in 3 ha ha ha.

    I believe, thinking about this, is that other than being a bunch of whiney little faggots, this was part of ROKs problem. The articles that helped people who were just red pilling or maybe sticking a toe in were great but after the 80000th article about how men need to keep basic frame it is like being a freshman math major at MIT watching count von count add single digit numbers.

    I think the reason this article makes me think of this is that many (though of course not all) of the people who have found there way here already know things like unconditional love, the princess fairy tale and soul mates are all made up bullshit concepts. Now, this isn’t to say that this article should not be here, but I wonder if it might be combined with the idea the JNyx is having with a series of articles….instead of waiting 6 months and then just writing some other form of why the princess myth is bullshit (the ROK method) maybe write episode 2 of this article….How Women Lie, How Society Lies, How Your Employers Lie and maybe the hardest and most important ones to tackle (hardest and most important because you aren’t predisposed to having at least some idea it is coming at you) how we lie to ourselves or how other men lie. I don’t know, just my morning musings.

    1. Interesting idea. I’m all for writing a series on a single topic as it allows me to address multiple facets of the subject without having to cram it all in one article. Lemme grab my notebook and jot this down.

      1. Notebook? NOTEBOOK? I will put my interesting idea in your mind and write it upon your heart

              1. can we compromise and you come upon the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights and eat neither bread, nor drink water as your write the words upon the tablets I give you?

                  1. Hey, it could be worse. I could give you the treatment I give those damn hippies who pay 8 dollars a loaf for pretentious bread! (oh and by the way, still no response from the Food For Life people about whether or not their pretention bread is baked in excrement fired ovens)

                    Now, son of man, take a block of clay, put it in front of you and draw the city of Jerusalem on it. Then lay siege to it: Erect siege works against it, build a ramp up to it, set up camps against it and put battering rams around it. Then take an iron pan, place it as an iron wall between you and the city and turn your face toward it. It will be under siege, and you shall besiege it. This will be a sign to the people of Israel.
                    “Then lie on your left side and put the sin of the people of Israel upon yourself. You are to bear their sin for the number of days you lie on your side. I have assigned you the same number of days as the years of their sin. So for 390 days you will bear the sin of the people of Israel.
                    “After you have finished this, lie down again, this time on your right side, and bear the sin of the people of Judah. I have assigned you 40 days, a day for each year. Turn your face toward the siege of Jerusalem and with bared arm prophesy against her. I will tie you up with ropes so that you cannot turn from one side to the other until you have finished the days of your siege.
                    “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself. You are to eat it during the 390 days you lie on your side. 10Weigh out twenty shekels of food to eat each day and eat it at set times. Also measure out a sixth of a hin of water and drink it at set times. Eat the food as you would a loaf of barley bread; bake it in the sight of the people, using human excrement for fuel.” The LORD said, “In this way the people of Israel will eat defiled food among the nations where I will drive them.”

                    1. “And after you hath eaten from the bread of affliction roasted in an excrement holocaust you shat dig a hole without the camp and it deposit some Holy Shit”.

        1. Now you know that I want to give you all the things that you want, right? But I can’t, because they’re gone…they’re broken.
          And the Ctrl+P function is sticking…

    2. Lies to oneself is very relevant and needed.

      Also, solutions on how to counter the lies would be in order. Not memorized lines, but an understanding of the psychology that goes behind uttering them in the first place along with techniques to counter such psychological states. It would be easy to recommend “Dump the bitch!” but that’s probably not realistic for men in marriages, who are the target demographic of this blog. Also in addressing how to deal with these lies with a solution based article it would help one confront one’s own lies and put them down.

      1. You pointed out one of the main problems with the manosphere, too often the advice is ” dump the bitch” which as we know (in general anyway) kids are better off having both parents.

        Dis-claimer- I didn’t say not to dump one under certain circumstances but, you can’t run her off the first time she looks at you crazy.

        1. I always read “dump the bitch” to mean literally and into a ravine.

          1. You would, Bateman…

            By the way, speaking of Vegas, where’s Bob Smith? I bet he’d have something to say about it.

            1. Bateman said the over under on the killings was 60 but the mob cut is short by 2 in order to clean house.

    3. You have nailed something I was beginning to find tiresome on ROK – the repetitive nature of everything. I cannot always spend time reading and commenting because some days job demands are just too great. But on days where I can participate, I often found myself just skipping the articles completely to get into the comments where the real information was being exchanged.

      There is a place for articles that lay out the basics, and refresh or update them as new information becomes known or new approaches develop. But what is a lot more useful is seeing how this theoretical stuff works in practice. After a while, the only articles on ROK that I bothered reading were the topical ones analyzing a recent event, or personal ones where authors shared their own experiences and what they learned from them or how the concepts discussed on these sites were applicable.

      Wisdom comes from experience, not from textbooks. The textbooks are needed as a starting point for reference and clarification of concepts, but you have to actively apply the concepts to understand how to use them wisely in your life. All of us only have a finite time on this earth, and so being able to piggyback on the experience of others helps to accumulate more wisdom in a shorter time than would be possible if we had to live every experience ourselves. THAT is where the lifeblood of sites like these is in my opinion – sharing those kinds of topical/personal experiences and continually applying concepts to develop a resource that can be consulted to accelerate your development into a wise person.

      1. Funny NE. I nail a lot of things I find tiresome as well 🙂
        You are right about experience of course, but I think it would help this blog, and really blogs in general, to write series instead of just articles and maybe make them dynamic so lets say it is a 10 article series on Lies, there would be links in each article if there is crossover points to other articles so that people who were already in the know could have something new and people who hadn’t yet learned to say shibboleth (kinda a bible mood today) can dynamically jump around and catch up. No substitute for experience, but maybe there is something better than the pain old blog method we have seen

          1. Not to mention the Ben Franklin virtue series. After that, I may work on the Scout Law series.

              1. I’m not sure what the endgame is going to be there. Good institution, but like all good institutions, it is viciously attacked by the homoriffic pedophilic feminista crowd.

              2. Funny you mention that because JNyx and I were talking about something similar to this yesterday, but focused more at men, though that’s not to say boys couldn’t also participate and train.

                1. Were you and JNyx talking about this while in a bathhouse fucking each other in the turd cutters?

        1. Yeah, I agree on the links. In fact, that is something I have seen used extensively on other blogs that is useful. If you’re a newb reading an article in the middle of a series, you should be able to find the related articles in the other series easily so that you have the full foundation of knowledge, AND you should have links to the practical application articles (just the best or most popular ones) where this knowledge was relevant in topical/personal situations.

          I realize there is a desire to make people hunt through the site so they will read more, but making it easy for them to find stuff they want to read accomplishes the same goal.

        2. Rollo over at The Rational Male does pretty much this actually. It is a great way to present ideas.

        3. I definitely know where you are coming from. Hell, I was there when you went internet ape-shit on Forney over his lust for Trumps anus. That was funny as shit. And I think events like those were inspired from the monotony of that place.

          Oh btw, your baptism is coming up soon. Be there or be square.

          1. I wouldn’t say I went ape shit I just pointed out that he was a fat, hypocritical, asshole licking cunt who would be less of a worthless sack of excrement if he wasn’t such a pathetic fucking loser. 🙂

      2. I think that people involved are aware of this. In a perfect manosphere there would be unique articles every day, but hopefully there will at least be more sharing of news content and fairly unique personal experiences. Some of the articles that have resulted in many comments and/or views have been personal experiences so I will try to bring more of that.

        I also like to write more scholarly stuff every now and then, to the extent that such material fits the manosphere profile. Regardless of one reads or writes here and there the manosphere should not degrade into a “masculine” lowbrow buzzfeed.

    4. I guess it comes with getting older and more cynical, I’m getting to point I don’t believe much of anything someone tells me without verification.
      I also thought for a while that my wife was crazy as hell, it took a long time to learn that some of that was just her being a woman and as such attempting to project the way I view things onto her and expecting her to react the same way I would. WRONG. She doesn’t react the same way because being a woman, her mind doesn’t process things the same way mine does. It’s just a biological fact that one has to understand and work with not against.

      1. This is a big problem a lot of guys have I think. They expect women to rationalize things like men and then blame them for not which is like being pissed at your dog for not oinking.

        Women are really wonderful creatures with amazing strengths but like anything else, if improperly utilized they won’t be much more than a nuisance.

        1. “Women are really wonderful creatures with amazing strengths”

          They definitely smell better than we do

          1. They absolutely do. Also, they instinctively know where to put shit in the house, they have a amazing ability to make a sick man feel better, they inspire courage and they tend to give men energy. I wouldn’t want a woman to drive a car, but if I am looking to finger some pussy they are the right man for the job ya know

      2. Been there. If you look at them as big children who shirk at responsibility with an inflated ego, you are not far off target with most of them.

      1. mountain. 40 days and 40 nights. no water or bread. Write it on these tablets.

          1. Ha. Watched that about a year ago. Actually sitting in La Defense now waiting to do a meeting with a vendor in the morning.

    5. “How Women Lie, How Society Lies, How Your Employers Lie and maybe the
      hardest and most important ones to tackle (hardest and most important
      because you aren’t predisposed to having at least some idea it is coming
      at you) how we lie to ourselves or how other men lie.”

      Come to think of it – wasn’t this Season 2 of “House”?

  10. I personally find the princess complex the most destructive and pervasive form of the feminist lie. The one sidedness it crates in women is disgusting. They want it all, still demand to treated like royalty and want to be rescued every time this lie does not jive with reality. It has caused friction in my marriage, and has caused divorces with other guys I know. No, you cannot nag and belittle ad infinitium without consequences.

      1. Very true, even in the middle ages, a princess was little more than political fodder. The only place the Disney princess model exists is in cartoons.

              1. Yes!.
                I would not have guessed anyone else knew about ball and g.

                For next level: enjoy dj screws version.

        1. yeah, this is a fav of mine. I don’t have the extensive files you do but I have a few gems.

    1. The get almost hopelessly indoctrinated with that stuff from television especially from all those goofy bridal shows, bachelorette etc.

      1. No kidding, it is more than just TV though. Women take pride in how much they get away with. Like petulant children.

          1. Like Bob Says (and don’t make any mistake, all television is now advertisements not just the commercials)

            Advertising signs that con you
            Into thinking you’re the one
            That can do what’s never been done
            That can win what’s never been won
            Meantime life outside goes on
            All around you

        1. I’ve long believed that while women do take some pride in how much they get away with and interesting phenomena happens when a man keeps them in check (especially if they had a couple who failed to do so in the past). They start to take pride in the man. Fancy that.

            1. That I believe and my lack of desire for that is yet another reason I avoid it. I imagine, however, that constant testing and constant beating of said test is what keeps couples interested in one another for years where I get bored with women pretty much as soon as the getting to know you period is over…..obviously don’t know, but it is my guess at least.

          1. Some close friends as an example, I overheard this argument (this is just a fragment of course):
            “Do you know how lucky you are. _____’s husband gets drunk and calls her every name under the sun. She says he even slaps her around some times?!” – Him
            “Well, maybe if you really loved me!” – Her
            I chalked it up to crazy high emotions and digging responses at the time, but maybe there was something more telling there.

              1. I saw this matchup. WrestleMania III. The Ultimate Warrior slid in under the ropes and smashed love with a folding chair. Passion was disqualified but Love’s victory was pyrrhic as Passion left to great applause and love left on a stretcher.

            1. lol
              I always thought that with all the porn out there that jacking off to a video you took with your cell phone of a woman sucking your dick would be the greatest compliment.

              1. cant TELL you how intensely I argued that “I wanna fuk you till you bleed!” is a COMPLIMENT, goddamn it!

                But, it was 5th grade in a religious school, so………….

                1. Everyone wants to fuck ’em until they bleed but as soon as I mention that I have no problem laying down an old bath towel and turning them out while they are on the rag until everything between my belly button and knees is covered in blood and she looks like Nicole Brown Simpson everyone things I am gross. Want to see a girls eyes light up: when she tells you she is on her period say “I’m not squeamish baby” watch how fast they pull that cork out of their twats.

                  1. Depends if it’s a heavy day or a light day. It grosses me out if it’s a heavy day, and then I can’t finish. But you’re right about the eyes lighting up.

                1. meh, cell phone, ipad with camera stand and a hidden nanny cam are all you need. GoPro is expensive and awkward to wear.

  11. There is no such thing of “unconditional love” if you don’t factor in the love a mother has for her child, which is the strongest of bonds. Hence that phrase “a face only a mother would love”!

    1. Abortion informs us that they don’t even have it for their children.

          1. You don’t watch Rick and Morty do ya Jim? Last episode was about a dude eating babies for survival.

              1. Rick and Morty is much much better and not a bit like that old stuff. I love the show.

                1. My niece tipped me off to watch it when I was home this summer. It’s fantastic. I binged over hte last couple of weekends.

                2. I’ve seen clips, and agree it’s funny, sort of like how I’ve seen some Archer (which I also like and have considered purchasing DVDs), but the last cartoon I actually watched was either Drawn Together or Invader Zim.

                  1. If you’re going to Hulu something, I highly recommend Rick and Morty, and then Archer. They are not made even vaguely for kids.

                    1. This is way out there and open to anybody, but I’m looking to buy a 8′ pool table, any thoughts? Brands? Materials? I’ve been thinking slate top and there’s a company called Diamondback that let’s you pick from various types of hard wood.

                    2. That’s a question for others, my experience with pool tables is playing on the ones in a bar or in one of my relatives billiard rooms. I know nothing about brands, etc. otherwise.

      1. Nature vs nurture . A traditional girl would kill herself before her child . A titty dancer who doesn’t want to miss out on her lifestyle and trips to miami would kill her offspring without blinking an eye . I’ve dated both types , the latter , actually telling me she didn’t want to keep the baby with the loser she had sex with

        1. Oh no question. Just observing that it’s not really something instinctual with them like they claim.

    1. I prefer this, maybe it will drown it out.

      Been Dazed and Confused for so long it’s not true.

      Wanted a woman, never bargained for you.

      Lots of people talk and few of them know,

      soul of a woman was created below.

      You hurt and abuse tellin’ all of your lies.

      Run around sweet baby, Lord how they hypnotize.

      Sweet little baby, I don’t know where you’ve been.

      Gonna love you baby, here I come again.

      Every day I work so hard, bringin’ home my hard earned pay

      Try to love you baby, but you push me away.

      Don’t know where you’re goin’, only know just where you’ve been,

      Sweet little baby, I want you again.

      Been dazed and confused for so long, it’s not true.

      Wanted a woman, never bargained for you.

      Take it easy baby, let them say what they will.

      Will your tongue wag so much when I send you the bill?

    2. Hey! Do you know what you are?
      You’re an asshole! An ASSHOLE!

      Some of you might not agree
      Cause you probably likes a lot of misery
      But think a while and you will see…
      Broken hearts are for assholes
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      Are you an asshole?
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      Whatcha gonna do, cause you’re an asshole…

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      Maybe you think you’re a lonely guy
      Maybe you think you’re too tough to cry
      So you went to The Grape
      Just to give it a try
      And Dagmar
      Without a doubt, the ugliest sonofabitch I ever saw in my life
      Was his name…
      One Two Three Four!
      The whiskers sticking out from underneath of his
      Pancake make-up
      And yet he was a beautiful lady
      Nearly drove you insane
      Let’s talk about Leather: LEATHERRRRRR
      And so you kissed a little sailor
      Tex Abel, starring in the latest Shepperton Production:
      Who had just blew in from Spain
      Sir Richard Pump-A-Loaf
      You sniffed the reeking buns of Angel
      The tale of a demented bread-boffer
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      Wrist-watch; Crisco
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      Ram it up yer poop chute

        1. Did you get the memo? I’ll send you a copy of that memo.

          BTW- Your TPS reports need alteration.

        2. hey, the videos were the best part of pabst. it was the other stuff that was a problem. Say what you will, the man had fluent knowledge of music and simpsons lore and could get the videos quickly.

          1. Indeed. I always commended him on his Simpsons Game (on a level with ours) as well as his catalog of 70s rock. Truly top notch in both respects.

          2. For a while he was like the kooky but interesting guy everyone knows but, after a while he turned into that guy you send straight to voicemail when he calls.

  12. Princess syndrome is killer. I had a fiancee once long ago who wound up freaking out after the fact. Apparently, I was supposed to get down on one knee or some stupid shit. Anyway, I remember looking at her kinda blankly and saying, “Why would I do that? I was asking you, not begging.” She immediately burst out in tearful hysterics, and said; “You’re basically saying I’m not worth it”. She admitted later that her expectations of “how things should be” were probably put there by shit like Disney movies, so at least she was smart enough to see that. Needless to say, I did something smart for a change and broke it off a few months later. I ran into her the other day, and she had gotten fat. That marriage would have been a dumpster fire.

    1. “I ran into her the other day, and she had gotten fat. That marriage would have been a dumpster fire.”

      That would have been a sure bet.

      I ran into an old family aquiantance this year who has 3 kids several years older than me. Long story short, his daughters never amounted to anything and had serveral marriages. One of them produced a granddaughter I ran into about 10 years ago on one of my annual visits home– she was about 19 and smokin hot red head. She recognized me and we chatted. Wished her well and she went back to the bar stool with the guy she came in with. Fast forward to this summer. Said acquiantance tells me she got married a few years ago to some poor shlep. She quit her job right after the wedding, got pregneant and blew up lilke the Goodyear blimp. She liked to spend and the beta husband was a blue collar Joe who couldn’t meet her financial apetites. He said he heard from other relatives that when he protested about the cost of the house she wanted she screamed at him, “I don’t care how much it costs. I want it!”

      As the marriage was burning down around his ears, the dude got drunk and shot himself. I know a little more, as I spoke with the cop at the VFW who responded to a call of a guy wondering a field with a pistol in his hand one early Saturday morning. He was stumbling drunk and wandering the field with an empty whiskey bottle in one hand and the pistol in the other. After an hour of trying to talk him out of it, he raised the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

      This woman’s grandfather suspects she is to blame for the suicide of her husband for being such an unsufferable bitch that drove him to it. I don’t think he’s wrong there.

            1. As a piece of trivia, yes, it’s very true.

              But as with everything related to the Chinese language, there are lots of subtleties. Not enough to fill a term paper, but a good solid paragraph for these two characters, perhaps.

              1. I have been told that the same Chinese symbol can mean several different things depending on where it’s placed among other characters.
                I’m sure the preceding Character following woman would be dog.

      1. Yeah, I finally just had to consider all the red flags and cut her loose. She was banging some other dude within a month, still single now at 34. I dunno if she has any cats… lol

        I watched my brother’s first marriage turn to shit when I was maybe 21. He was pretty close to suicidal at the time, but luckily he got his shit together. No bitch is worth killing yourself over.

        1. The odds are against her marrying or conceiving with each passing month. The women I knew like her 15 years ago are now fat-and-fifty. The have dildos and cats to keep them company until the grave.

      2. It’s a mystery how any man could let a woman bring him down so much that he kills himself. A freaking chick? To a degree, they’re interchangeable. Women are like buses — another one’ll be along in five minutes.

        The only explanation is that he was already depressed, and the marriage made it worse. Maybe his mother screwed him up too.

        1. The only explanation? You and I are both over 40, so I would cut the kid some slack (he was 25) as odds are he was raised with no father in the house and a lot more feminist bullshit while in school. I didn’t delve into the details, fuck who would want too, but I would guess a multiple of variables come into play. We are simply familiar with them as we are experienced middle aged men. Did you have clarity of a female’s nature and the societal stacking against you as a husband at 25? Yeah. Me neither.

        1. I know a few more unfortunately. As another poster stated, no woman is worth killing yourself over. In fact many are not worth acknowledging at all.

  13. What it ultimately comes down to in a marriage is mutual usefulness of the partners. A man and a woman may very well start their relationship in pure infatuation, hardly even able to be apart from each other and feel like “soul mates”. They may even remain deeply in love long after that initial bio-chemical response and novelty wears off. The sex may even remain great. But the real question is, do you find each other mutually useful in the long run? If not, the relationship is probably doomed from the start.

    In each case, the needs will be different. If you want to live in a rural environment, raise your own food and have the modern version of a homestead, you will need a woman who is on board with that. It can be a very rewarding way to live, but it takes a lot of hard work. If you think you’re going to marry a woman that enjoys a leisurely metropolitan lifestyle and drag her out to “Green Acres” and make a go of it, think again! She may look great in her makeup and heels, but she’s not going to be excited about helping you repair a fence. After all, she might chip a nail. And she will long for the familiarity of her former life.

    The inverse is also true. If you plan on marrying a country girl and then dragging her off to the big city, she probably won’t be comfortable entertaining your business associates and attending big social functions. And if she’s looking for a man that can handle a horse, toss feed sacks around and split firewood, it’s not going to matter how good you are with a spreadsheet. You won’t be useful to her nor her to you.

    Before you make a long term commitment, both of you need to sit down and go over what your aspirations are in life and what you expect from each other to fulfill them honestly. If you don’t actually know what your aspirations are, then you probably aren’t ready for marriage. And no matter how good the sex is, no matter how beautiful she is or how handsome you are, over time (typically in as little as 3 – 6 months) the spell will wear off. At that point you’d better be with someone you can trust as a partner and friend that is willing and able to help you in life. Otherwise your house will be divided and cannot stand.

    1. Rocky:
      Sure, I like her.
      What’s the attraction?
      I dunno… she fills gaps.
      What’s ‘gaps’?
      I dunno, she’s got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps.

      There’s actually a lot here beyond monosyllabic wop-ese, and the inevitable lead in to the ‘balling’ of one’s sister. To the subject of ‘partner and friend’ it’s important that each party compliment the other.

    2. “Someone you can trust”… The older I get, I appreciate this more and more everyday! Someone who truly has your back when the chips are down, someone you can trust with your life – that’s what it’s about.

    1. I believe that’s an abbreviation for Republic of Korea. Not every bowl of cereal is a conspiracy, It’s just cereal.

            1. Excellent album. . “On the turning away” is one of my favorites the band did, despite being one of the later songs.

        1. Excellent pick-up. Context reinforces the intent of the ROK acronym so strongly in that article, that I believe most people familiar with both types of ROK would not have been able to mentally substitute one for the other. So it either means you are extremely brilliant, or there is something wrong with your brain. Sorry there isn’t anything in between.

          1. there is a lot wrong with me, but given the amount of chest thumping going on over there, and the extra focus on their version of brute masculinity, it was quite appropriate to associate ROK with a military or band of assassins.

    2. It really shouldn’t have taken this long for someone to get this, but I am glad it was you dickhead

  14. Just a thought … probably not relevant to most, but.

    Sometimes believing a lie is not a choice. Think of the scene in 1984 where the dude is tortured into “believing” a lie.

    It’s possible to abuse, torture and condition a person so much that all you have to do to have them “believe” you is use a special tone of voice or gesture or stuff like that. A “trigger”.

    Being in that position sucks, because even though you technically see and are capable of understanding the truth – each time you try to think of the truth, you meet a kind of internal wall of pain that makes it impossible to follow that thought/perception, which means you are basically blocked from perceiving truth through a seemingly insurmountable amount of pain. As a direct result, you become dependent on others for your input of “truth”, but aren’t really able to judge the truthfulness of their words rationally, instead you end up just believing the most “convincing” person, which is usually based on what I called triggers above.

    No idea about the solution, really. Meditation seems to help, but it’s a slow process.


    1. You can also substitute poontang for pain as it can do the same thing if you aren’t careful.

    2. Hey Tom, nice to see you around.
      I think I might argue that believing in at least some lies is absolutely necessary. Look how many people believe that there is a such thing as objective truth and morality. It makes the world spin better for them. Further, while we all intellectually understand our mortality there is no way we aren’t denying it, at least on an emotional level, or we would all be a bunch of fucking basket cases.
      People believe all sorts of shit, no? That their particular life has value, that human life itself has some kind of intrinsic value outside of its own confines.
      The massive leaps of faith we take just to get out of the bed in the morning, let alone not to collapse into sheer madness are fairly extensive and almost all of them are fucking lies…In my years as a professional philosopher I heard a lot of morons try to scrape away the dogmatic lies that tend to govern us and get to some “real truth” never realizing that the existence of their goal itself was just another fucking lie to believe. Seriously taking it into your heart and mind that existence precedes essence is, for many people, impossible and for most people unadvisable.

      1. Well, the deconstruction of lies is sometimes necessary. For instance, when there seems to be a need to reconstruct yourself. You can’t just half-ass it and only deconstruct the “bad” lies. Often times it’s not even clear which is which.

        That said, I don’t think the “absolute truth” can be put into words or written down in books. All that is written down is either a lie or an attempt to ridicule lies that came before, never truth itself. Or so it seems. Maybe you can write down some accurate observations about physical reality but one may argue that that is not the essence of “absolute truth”, it’s more of a symptom if you will.

        Some would argue that the easiest way to strip away all pretense is to take some psychedelics. But whatever truth you may experience in that state will be immaterial in the “real” world and whatever skill you have to translate that truth into words may actually be misled and foolish.

        To give a simplistic example, how do you describe the smell of grass with words, without referencing to a related sensation that the reader already knows and associated a word with? If the reader has smelled trees before, you may describe the smell of grass as “similar to trees” to give an idea. But even then the description does not live up to the actual thing.

        I think ultimately lies are necessary mainly for living in a social context. Being all by yourself you can allow yourself to live without a lot of lies, but take a step back into civilization and unless you want to be lynched for behaving “like an animal” you kinda gotta let those lies control you.

  15. A mate of mine has a theory on the Princess Complex seen in the older Disney movies:
    – Sleeping Beauty
    – Little Mermaid
    – Cinderella

    There is the virgin princess, dashing prince, and the evil witch. The evil witch seeks the destruction of the virgin princess, for the princess represents what the witch could have been had she been saved by a prince of her own. The witch refused to submit to her own prince when she had the chance, so never had children, and became an dried up, bitter spinster, obsessed with herself and consumed by the insanity of her lonely mind and fruitless life, and eventually, her cats.

    These older Disney movies represented this classic understanding of the roles of the sexes. .

    1. Guess I’m old fashioned even with Disney movies. Never saw any of the princess syndrome in Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. Both were feminine and without the highly unattractive traits in more modern Disney like…. Beauty and the Beast. (And for the record, the live remake included a Belle as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.) 🙂

      1. I concur on that, but if you look at the modern princesses like Mulan, Frozen or Beauty and the Beast, they are this “oppressed” girls who are perfect in their rights, if it weren’t for their bumbling idiot men in their lives making it hard for them.

    2. not sure I match these up. After all, in the sleeping beauty, little mermaid and Cinderella the witch is actively trying to make sure the princess gets no dick right?
      As far as the Disney movies go I always though Little Mermaid had a good message. If that bitch gives up her former life the right man may take her in.

      1. Yeah I didn’t explain it too well. I guess you could say maybe it was the witch who actually had the “Princess Complex” in her earlier years, and thus ended up a witch. So she tries to corrupt the young princess to follow the same path. Not going to hang my hat on it – just an thought

  16. ‘Soul mate’ and ‘partner’ are two hackneyed terms I’ve heard used mostly by women. These terms are not part of a man’s lexicon; I despise both. ‘Soul mate’ is a sappy term used in conjunction with infatuation. How many so-called soul mates split up after a few years at most? The word ‘partner’, when used in a relationship context, has homosexual connotations. My first recollection of the term was in reference to homosexual couples. A man does not have a parnter. He has either a girlfriend, a fiancée, or a wife.

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