5 Tips to Keep Your Cool When SHTF

As the homework assignment for the Way of the Warlord program, I gave the homework assignment to work on how you deal with stress and anger.  Today I’ll post 5 things I’ve been doing to keep calm and carry on when things get crazy, and what to do if you do end up loosing your cool

Staying In Control

Keeping your anger in check is one of the things I’ve trained myself to do.  I grew up with a single mother so I had no real father figure to set an example by.  Naturally I responded to stressful situations as a woman typically does.  Overly dramatic, it affected me personally, and I did little to fix the actual issue.

Since taking the red pill, I have completely reversed this and people comment on how well I deal with stress now. It did take time and exposure to stress to fix the issues I had, but overcoming that has helped me tremendously.

Fake it until its real

This was the first thing I did.  When dealing with a shit hits the fan situation, inside I was still panicking like crazy.  Every time I faced a situation that was unexpected, I would tell myself “you got this”  even if I didn’t believe it.  The funny thing is, that once I did this often enough, I didn’t have to fake it, as I was actually calm when in those types of situations.  While this approach works, I think there is more to it, because you can quickly just ignore things you have to get done, which causes more stress.

Finding the root cause

I find that this works better with anger than stress.  I’ve found that when I’m angry at something that I probably shouldn’t be (there are legit times you should show anger), I like to ask myself “what is making me this pissed off.”  Interestingly, I have found that if I am angry then ask this question, my brain starts looking for a root cause.  While focusing on what is making me angry, I find that I stop feeling angry altogether.   When using this process, I find that I weed out getting hyped about things that don’t matter much.

Keep a strong frame

Not letting others dictate how you feel is part of red pill theory 101.  I’m mentioning it here because you should be doing this with people who stress you out or anger you in some way.  Letting someone get to you so bad that you’re flying off the handle gives all the power in that situation to the person keeping their cool.  This could be your kids, your wife, friends etc. Even some random person starting shit with you, if you stay calm, 99% of the time you’ll have the upper hand.


You knew I was going to sneak this in here, but I’ve found that physical activity (weightlifting, cardio, a few push ups,  even a quick walk) helps me calm down quite a bit.  I find that it either distracts me for long enough to relax and look at the situation logically, or the opposite, it gets me hyped up and motivated to take anything on.

Choose your battles

Ask yourself will you being stressed or pissed off help the situation at all?  In most cases, staying calm and collected almost always leads to a solution, while raging like a crazy person typically ends badly.  The term “Don’t stress the little things” is a good one because if you let every bad thing that comes along completely take over how you feel, you’ll never get ahead in life.

I’ll go on to say that as men we are expected to deal with the bullshit of life.  You weren’t put here to mess around all day (okay fine, commenter Bem gets a pass here)  but in all seriousness, we are dealt the shit in life because we are expected to handle it.  Your life is not supposed to be a cushy, easy existence, and we grow out of struggle and overcoming the tests that the world throws at us.

I want to stress again that if someone seriously wrongs you, you have every reason to get angry and deal with it.  You can’t be a pushover and there are certain times a man is expected to react with force or anger.  I’ve found that these are usually toward external threats (someone wronging you or one of your own.) Sometimes they are one of your own, and these situations obviously don’t fall under the theme of today’s topic.

Also, this topic covers not arguing with people who aren’t thinking logically.   Fighting with someone who is using personal attacks or twisting what you say around isn’t worth your time or effort.


Keeping your cool is something all men should be doing.  It shows you’re dependable when the time calls for it, and you can be trusted to carry out what needs to be done no matter what.  We covered

  1. Faking it until its real.  Throw yourself into stressful situations with everything you’ve got, reminding yourself to stay cool
  2. Find the root cause.  Start unwinding what is stressing you out to find out how to fix it
  3. Keep a strong frame.  Don’t let people get under your skin, especially in an argument or disagreement
  4. Exercise.  Do a physical activity to clear your head
  5. Choose your battles.  Don’t stress out about small shit.  Don’t waste time arguing with someone who isn’t using logic.

Drop a comment below on how you deal with stress and anger.


-J.  Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

356 thoughts on “5 Tips to Keep Your Cool When SHTF”

  1. “Choose your battles. Don’t stress out about small shit. Don’t waste time arguing with someone who isn’t using logic.”

    Every woman, and now many “men”

    I find allowing the baby-momma to decide schedule works- and she is reasonable…
    Sometimes overly generous.
    Sometimes not.
    But arguing is futile. And rage inducing.
    Stoicism is better

  2. My oldest son has some anger management issues. He does something wrong or neglects his responsibility and tries to put the blame on others. Diffusing the situation can be a challenge. Seeing someone else do this makes me realize it is a choice to fly off the handle

  3. I rarely feel stress and anger because I don’t give a flying fuck about 90% of the world around me. When I do feel stress and anger for some reason, I hit people harder at the gym.

    1. Similar. Funny, the stuff I stress out about most is when I fuck something up. On the rare occasion that I screw up it really bugs me. That and people who walk too slow. Fuck them. Rush hour commute in NYC is very good for getting stuff out. It is very physical. You get knocked into a lot. I straight up shoulder check people regularly. Between that and the gym I am usually able to keep calm.

      1. I hear you, acknowledging our own limitations and errors is hard and often produces anger. I made peace with that a long time ago: “Joseph, even when you are a God among insects, you occasionally fuck up things, so be a man a face it”.

        1. My grandmother told me a long time ago when I fessed up to something I’d done wrong “It takes a man to admit when he is wrong, you’ve done well”. A simple sentence but it really spoke to me because she wasn’t one to give fake praise (in fact, the opposite, usually when you did something good she asked about why it wasn’t better. Very high standards).

          1. The only thing my grandmother say to me, even today, is “I’m praying for you because you are godless, and you are going to hell”.

            1. She was English and not particularly religious until right near the end of her life, which I attribute as an 11th hour conversion. Even then I heard her mention Jesus only once or twice. Normally she was very stern most of the time, although she had a soft heart for her grandchildren on occasion.

  4. Great post Jynx. I noticed how I endure and react to stress is coupled with maintaining an exercise regime and getting enough sleep (not always possible).

    “Don’t stress out about small shit.”

    And most of what is tossed at you in life is small shit.

    “Don’t waste time arguing with someone who isn’t using logic.”

    Women and 50% of men. Even if you invest the time arguing and ripping their points to shreds, they “win” as they effictively watsted your time. Eventully you realize it was never about the truth or insights of the topic, but simply the act of engaging in an arguement. (Upon which they declare victory and run away).

    1. ” I noticed how I endure and react to stress is coupled with maintaining an exercise regime and getting enough sleep (not always possible).”

      How true. I’ve often said to myself in the morning “How is it that moving hundreds of pounds of iron is the easiest part of my day”

  5. “Drop a comment below on how you deal with stress and anger.”

    Two ways depending on the intensity:
    a) for the little annoyances that build up, I lash out in humor. Funny how
    unimportant something like this becomes when you are smiling and
    joking around.
    b) for the deeper anger, I’ve learned to store it for later use and channel it into something productive especially when I get tired. That last 20 reps. The weed-eating after a full day just before dark. Staying standing when everything in my body says collapse.

    I believe the root cause of most negative emotion is fear, so I try to recognize that and deal with it. I’ve found, believe it or not, that the mantra from Dune actually has a calming effect and gives me room to breathe so I can analyze the situation more calmly.

  6. I always find the phrase “no, you are!” as the best comeback invented in the history of mankind when one is insulted.

      1. in less PC times, I would wave an imaginary baby rattle in front of my coworkers’ faces- it was good for a laugh 6 ot 7 years ago

        1. There was a guy worked at a local factory around here that whenever he got into an altercation with someone he’d just drop his pants (underwear and all) and kiss the other person full on the mouth.

    1. It’s funny, and it feels good when you’re saying it, but in the long run you just look like an ass. Example:

      A: “We know you and your campaign have been working for Russia and have betrayed our country.”
      B: “No, YOU’RE not patriotic!”
      A: “Well, you also lie a lot when you speak. Nearly every sentence.”
      B: “Fake news! Fake news fake news fake news!”
      A: “You know what? You’re a fucking moron.”
      B: “No, NBC is run by fucking morons!”

      Can’t win arguments with those people. They debate like children. (Yes, I know I’m bringing up politics. First example in my mind.)

        1. Hmm… I usually don’t use those words in arguments. My favorite go-to is ‘horseshit’. Delivered with the right pronunciation, it can even nip a fight in the bud, at least with a woman.

        2. The labels are useful for generalization but I really do think that they’ve been stretched into meaninglessness, especially by some of the “leaders” of the manosphere. Basically it’s become “Anything I’m doing is Alpha, anything you do different from me is Beta” which is silly. It’s especially funny when they label our grandfathers “beta”. Generations of rough edged men who didn’t take shit from others, who fought harsh wars, who came home and *bred successfully* and who went on to build the modern world to them are “beta! They had wives! Derp derp!” meanwhile the druggie kid who sits on the beach masturbating into chemically sterile women who will never bear them children are “alpha”. Yeah, fuck you.

    2. That is one of three tried and true ways to end an arguement. The other two are:
      Repeat exactly what was said to you in a mocking, gay, and/or childish voice.
      and of course,
      Invert the sentence such that the operative verb becomes a threat or challenge. For example:
      “I’ll invert YOUR sentence!”

  7. In real life when dealing with somebody going apeshit, or somebody being a total dickhole, or some event is happening out of my control I tend to move into an Observer role of my own life and get downright Vulcan, to the point of coming across as coldly condescending and “out of the fray”. Usually you can tell when I do it, as my path normally goes Normal -> Joking -> Pointing out the flaws of the arguments being used or the situation being stupid -> A slight bit snide (that I can detect in myself and then..) -> Vulcan.

    Not sure if I mean it to be that way, I just find it easier than losing emotional control, which one can easily fall into the habit of doing, especially as we’re all encouraged these days to act like feral emotion based animals and act out in the most outrageous ways over the most minor of things.

    1. This does not apply when alcohol is involved, I’ll take a swing now and then verbally when I’m juiced up, but am reigning that back in or at least trying to these days (imperfectly). When I was younger I was quite the viper and welcomed a fight (physical, verbal, whatever) but it really takes a lot of energy that I can better spend elsewhere.

    2. Detachment works, but I’m also a dick, so sometimes when I get angry enough I’ll admit to being more Kirk than Spock, but only for those times I want to be a little feral, as a release you understand:

      1. Well if I’m being completely honest, I do get a bit of a detached kind of pleasure when my opponent(s) get mad when I refuse to ramp up to their emotional level. Everybody is trained to be 100% drama so when somebody doesn’t go that path and gets almost arrogantly cold and impersonal it really sets them off 99 out of 100 times. And yeah, deep down inside I’m smiling a smug little smile. Beats what I used to do though, so in my view it’s progress. It’s the “get a bit snide” thing that I’m working on now, normally I don’t catch it until after it happens, which is on me. Not sure if I’m going to let it stay or exorcise it entirely, because it does feel good at times to throw out a zinger or three before turning off the outward emotional spigot.

        1. “.. impersonal it really sets them off 99 out of 100 times.”

          If you want a perfect score say nothing until they stop talking and calmly say “Are you done?” as you walk away. That one alone drove one of my ex GFs nuts.

          1. My wife would get really aggravated when I wouldn’t ramp up. I mean I’d get to snide and then go cold and impersonal, like I was a librarian trying to figure out where to put her on the bookshelf before moving on to another task.

            “Stop being so logical all the time! I’m trying to tell you how I feel and you’re just analyzing everything I say! Stop it!”, usually said 30 minutes after she started “telling me how she feels”a aka looking to poke me into an argument for her entertainment.

            1. You argue the same way I used to when I was married. Ahh, memories. Can’t say I miss those types of exchanges.

              1. She never figured out a way around it once I went into detached Vulcan mode, which I think is more or less the winning strategy for most every pointless argument. I don’t know if it would work on all women though, girls these days are prone to get violent (because Muh Wonderwoman) or call in outside forces to fight on her behalf (white knights, cops, male relatives, etc).

            2. “..looking to poke me into an argument for her entertainment.”

              Been there. I cut that to the quick and simply call her out. Women do seem to have these rituals, but I find talking about feelings or having a gab fest about nothing is a waste of time and painfully annoying. I tell her to “save it for your telephone calls with your mom.”

              1. If it’s something I’ve done that causes these “feelings” and they’re bad, I’ll listen because there’s always the chance that I honestly fucked up. I don’t mind undoing my own fuck ups, really, but most all of the time it was “I feel like seeing what it takes to get a rise out of you, because drama is fun”, which seems to be a trait of the overwhelming majority of women, and which I attribute as being nothing more nor less than a standard shit test. Will this guy turn into a pussy faggot and start supplicating me, will he lose his temper over my petty bullshit when he shouldn’t. etc.

                1. Yes. I listen and when you discover she is building mountains out of ant hills or simply making shit up I ask, “what variables did you have to arrive to that conclusion?”

                  Her: “I simply know.”
                  Me: “I’m asking you to demonstrate that.”
                  Her: “You know I’m right.”
                  Me: “False. You are making things up to keep the drama going.”
                  Her: “You always do this!”
                  Me: “Change the subject? No thats your shtick. Demostrate what you supposedly know.”
                  When she gets wound up, I tell her I sense her hostility and thinks it’s best that she let it go or leave the room. If not, wish her a pleasnt evening and go the the pub– I usually come back in a much better mood than when I left. Heh.

                  1. That’s pretty close to what I do. Once it gets to her going into histrionics, I’ll excuse myself with “Well, it appears that you’re getting way too emotional about this, and trying to talk any further will be pointless. We can discuss then when you’ve calmed down” and then an exit stage left.

                    1. The problem (in my defunct marriage) was that later my harpy misconstrued the entire argument, and shifted everything so that it looked different than it had the night before. She even tried to change my own words. I realize now that it was a form of gaslighting. Fortunately I have a strong mind and a good memory, so I would call her out on that shit the moment. Other men might have succumbed.

                    2. I have mentioned this in the past, but the device that is a god send is the modern phone with the ability to film and record. I recorded one or two of her antics in the past just to play it back to her the next day. It works. During the rare occassion she goes full retard I simply ask “is this a kodak moment?” while slipping out the phone and she (amazingly) adjusts her behavior. They really are big children at the end of the day.

                    3. “Girls mature faster than boys!” Yeah, I love that one.

                      “Why yes, they do. Do you know what maturing means? It means that the faculty we’re talking about is done growing and forming. Girls do mature very early and remain at that level of maturity their entire lives, that is, the intellectual and emotional maturity level of a 13 year old girl when most of them stop maturing. Men go up to age 25 before they stop growing and maturing intellectually and emotionally”. A head exploding moment.

                    4. which woman writer has ever had the wisdom of Tolstoy, Hemingway, Dostoyevsky? 50 Shades of Shit is about as deep as they get.

                    5. Annie Dillard is an exception. She’s brilliant. Read A Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek, which is a series of essays on nature. Also, Arundhati Roy’s novel The God of Small Things is a favorite.

                      But in general, you’re right.

                    6. Heard that as well as a child, but did you notice they targeted boys? As a man it sounds weak and pathetic and you can smell the fear in the harpy if she says anything to you.

                    7. I teach an elective history class at our church school. I make sure to drop red pills every session, such as “A woman’s peak years are from 15-30. A man doesn’t start hitting his groove until at least 30, then it lasts as long as he wants it to” and “Women stop maturing at 15, men never stop.”

                1. I like VH, but never made it to one of their concerts. That bad? LOL. I did know a guy who got to see “The Doors” in Cleveland back in 68′ and I asked how it went he said, “It sucked. Jim was so shit faced all he did was moan and roll around on stage. They had to cancel mid-way through the second song.”

                  1. I don’t care what anyone says about the Doors, and what an ‘experience’ their concerts were and what a ‘poet’ Jim Morrison was…..The Doors were a STUDIO BAND. Their performances were sloppy, unprofessional crap.

                    1. That drummer, Densmore, and that keyboardist, Manzarek, man… together they were incredible. They were 95% of the band, if you ask me.

                      The guitarist Robby Krieger basically got a free ride from the other two musicians. I mean, I play guitar exactly as well as he does, and that’s not a compliment to a professional.

                    2. Agreed. I’d held Kreiger in higher regard, but I’m not the best judge of guitar prowess (tried for an hour -too hard!).
                      I still have an autographed copy of Densmore’s book! (you want it?)

                    3. Manzarek was always the man. A few times when Jim was a no show, they would still go on and Manzarek would do the vocals and keyboard.

                    4. I play guitar too and I always thought Krieger fit the band well.
                      He wasn’t the star of the show like Jimmy Page, but he brought his own unique supportive sound.
                      Dude also only ever played with his fingers which I think is neat.

                    5. I play guitar too and I always thought Krieger fit the band well.

                      Krieger always wins. He’s a talented Phrenologist with some really bitchin’ vans and a fan of Rush. Add in his ability to install cyborg implants onto people and you have one hell of a great guy. Sure, occasionally his Turing Tested robots short circuit and he damns everybody to hell, but in the long run he’s one solid dude.

                    6. I can’t watch this right now, wrong computer I’m logged in on, but if it doesn’t include Archer outtakes, then my joke is ruined.

            3. I had a girl this past weekend that was flirting with me, tell me that she wanted something casual with no emotional attachments. Then after the first date, she texted me that she wanted to be loved and that I am a player (which I did not deny). I responded “you were not forthright in your intentions” to which she sent an angry emoji text and said “You just don’t know how I felt when I first said that, and should know that is reverse psychology!”

              1. Women are goofy. The “it only meant that when I felt that, ten minutes later it doesn’t count” is absolutely childish and easily mocked, heh.

                1. normally I would be irritated, but after learning valuable lessons from you guys, I am justified in using the same tactic on her.

                2. A woman being a hypocrite and rationalizing it with “muh feelings”? I think I’ve heard of that a time or two.

        2. I hear that. It’s a psychological hit to their ego and self-importance.
          I think most people build up a persona that is very inflated in terms of grandeur. So, even losing at times is cathartic because it shatters that delusion (and the fear of it being shattered along with it) that we get so wrapped up in trying to protect. It’s why over the past decade I’ve adopted a belief that everyone needs their ass kicked at least once. And slowly that has been adjusting to: periodically. People’s memory and attention spans seem shorter every day.
          After you realign with a more realistic view of your place, and stature, in the world a lot of tension and frustration simply dissipates. And you get hungry again rather than being stagnant in that sentinel mode.

          1. “..I’ve adopted a belief that everyone needs their ass kicked at least once.”

            Henry Hill school of hard knocks.

            1. some of the craziest radio I ever heard was hill calling into the stern show drunk and high at 6am vegas time…pretty sure howard coaxed outta him one time that he was homosexual…classic radio

          2. “everyone needs their ass kicked at least once”

            Definitely. That’s the function of older males in tribes — brothers, cousins, friends — to keep young males in line. From ages five to ten, I had two older males who absolutely tortured me. Somehow I still like them, lol. But they really put me in my place, and to this day my ego has a firm ceiling.

            This idea explains a lot of gun violence in the ghetto. Young males have no older males to swat them down, so they grow up thinking they’re invincible.

            1. Yes. Not just gun violence but the generally random violent nature of inner cities. They don’t know what masculinity means so they’re really overcompensating and going off of media cues, I suspect.

              1. A young black male in my high school class — an orphan, no family at all — shot and killed a man at a party over a piece of birthday cake. That’s a true story. It was my senior year, and he sat next to me in two classes.

                Years later, he’s now out of prison and has completely changed himself for the better and is spending the rest of his life trying to atone for his unforgivable sin. He does presentations, speeches, works with troubled ghetto youth, and has even been on national TV. What does he always say about himself? Exactly that — without a father or a brother or a cousin, I didn’t know any better. I thought I was king of the hill.

                  1. Well according to the architect of it, LBJ, that was the intention from the get go, so….

                1. The underlying common denominator of inmates in US prisons? No father.

                  Something related, I once read about Kruger national park in S. Africa having a problem with young bull elephants killing about 40 rhinos They found bringing in older male elephants to control, and lead, the younger ones stopped it. Not that amazing, but …

                2. Holy shit. There was a dude in Houston a while back that stabbed his friend to death for taking the last piece of fried chicken. Unreal.

                    1. I definitely see your point. I could maybe see myself stabbing someone in the hand with a fork when they reached for it or something…

              2. what happened to just fist a cuffing and then apologizing? Seems like in the 1990s the fist fights got escalated to guns. I had a high school classmate of mine who road raged on a dude who cut him off and beat him up near the high school. The dude who got beat up got his gun and killed my classmate.

                1. Some people cannot cope with their ego taking any criticism or being damaged, especially in public, their entire sense of self and their life is nothing but lies on lies and they can never admit it or have it exposed.
                  The only part of this movie I remember very well, but a great scene:

                2. Buddy of mine told me something similiar to classmate of his in Scranton. The guy who got beat up went home and got his gun, found the guys car at Burger King, walked in and shot the guy to death while he was eating a burger.

                  Problem was the shooter got his glasses broken in the scuffle and it was the wrong guy (and car).

            2. You simply can’t emphasize the importance of older male role models for inner city youth enough, really you can’t, you’ll be shouted down and called a racist or accused of rape or have something else done to silence you. Telling in itself. Perhaps design?

  8. OT: Well it is official, I just got promoted to lead engineer in my group. I am now in charge of about 10 people. This will mean less time to waste here, sorry guys.

        1. I know a guy who always says “My only real success in life is that I was able to waste more potential than probably anyone ever”

      1. I won’t go away entirely, but I know my time will be limited……On top of this, I got a call that I’m supposed to meet with my Stake President tonight (Catholic equivalent to diocese). Not sure what that is about. Hope they don’t give me too ugly of a calling.

        1. I think that the idea of Presidents of Meat is awesome. Wish I belonged to an organization that had a President of Steaks.

            1. That was one of the few outfits she wore that I thought was kinda cool. Like if a girl showed up at your door wearing that, it’s like an open invitation for a cookout and then a proper fucking.

                1. My assumption is that it’s fresh meat straight out of the fridge, otherwise, yeah.

                2. The difference between Gaga and meat is negligible and indiscernible to the average olfactory. When she exhales it smells like old liver and when she farts it smells like wet dog.

                1. After missing a deadline, Dorothy Parker’s publisher demanded to know why she was late again…She responded “Too fucking busy and vice versa”

                1. Damn I should listen to these guys more.
                  I’ve been turned off of grunge since I realized how depressing it can be (Chris Cornell and Linkin Park guy offed themselves just this year), but this has some good rough energy.

                  1. they were know for throwing legendary rock parties out in the desert pre internet, early 90s…just show up with their amps and some spotlights, word got around they were about to jam, peeps would show up from the local towns.

                    1. I’ve been to a couple of raves out in the forest like that… Before Instagram era Internet.
                      It’s hard to dislike leftists when you’re doing extacy singing songs around a campfire hehe. I wouldn’t go to burning man but I do enjoy this sort of thing.

    1. You messed up now Jim. 😉
      Congrats. Hope there is a significant pay increa$e along with the responsibility.

    2. Congratulations!

      I did a bit of “in charge of people” thing for a while and realized real quickly that this meant being Corporate Babysitter and took myself right off that path but quick.

      1. nowadays you must sign up for a 3 year stint to sunny, pleasant, peaceful Republic of Congo and with a sprinkling of ass kissing, in order to possibly, just maybe, get that promotion to upper management.

          1. That’s what I am thinking, the next couple of weeks will be stressful until I figure how to delegate my job away.

            1. Delegating responsibility is really one of the hardest things to do. In my job most of what I do involves delegation of responsibility and coordination and organization. It took me a while to learn to put competent people in place and step back and let them do their job.

              1. precisely- if he pulls this off properly, he should have MOAR time to shit talk on the web

        1. I work with a person who got promoted to be a Lead Engineer. She has about 8-10 persons under her. The amount of swearing I hear from her desk quadrupled. Before I barely heard her saying even “shit”.

    3. Nothing a little bit of Kratom would solve, is that right Jim?

      Disclaimer: Kratom warps time and space which makes a minute feel like an hour.

          1. where’s the sour cream dripping from the corner of her lips? I was hoping to avoid porn this morning, now I got visit stall #2 again.

                  1. I’ve only stolen one bike in my life and had three stolen from me. So I’m still the hero here, right?

                    1. Indeed. One to those bikes was the fruit of such efforts. My own fault, ‘stashed’ it somewhere instead oflocking it up properly.

                    2. about a year ago, I saw this 30 year old dude on a BMX leaving a hot older woman’s apartment. Those alpha bad boys were networking during their paper routes.

                    3. Im just glad you arent managing other peoples’ money…you lose 3 outta 4 times? yeesh

                    4. Pornstars are a dime a dozen these days…no name girls who just do scenes but have to escort to make ends meet

                    5. Had to google. I don’t think she would be the choice for keeping records and accounts….especially over Matthew.

                    6. I had so many bikes stolen from me when I was a kid. I wish I had known this little trick at the time…

                    7. Thats outstanding.
                      I heard a story a guy who was tired or his bike being stolen so he rigged up a booby trap using a tremble switch, a 9v battery and a couple of cherry bombs. He’s carefully set it up in the bag behind the seat every time he left his bike to play basketball. One day it finally paid off – the kid got about halfway down the block and BOOOOOOM!!!!! Actually tore up his ass and back pretty good.
                      I was so inspired I replicated the device for my jack-o-lantern. Fukkers steal MY pumpkin? They’ll see. Never happened though.

    4. Unpossible. I have it on good authority from Jezebel that all manosphere readers/writers are stupid, unemployable, unfuckable basement dwelling trolls.

      Seriously though, congrats!

      1. Man, just because the guys on ROK are like that doesn’t mean all manosphere people are.

          1. I was just thinking I might change my handle to There Are Some Who Might Call Me Tim

            1. To be fair it really did work out pretty well for the red man. For all their bitching, their quality of life is probably much better than it would have been if they were left to themselves. I was talking with GOJ about this not too long ago. The Japs, The Indians, The Italians, The Germans….every time we have been forced to fuck up some country we did at least make it better.

              1. except for Trashghanistan..we had a jump start in fucking that place up thanks to the Russians

              2. Right, but except for the Injuns I think. Most “native Americans” today could pass for blonde haired blue eyed guys named Klaus more often than not. They took it hard, but that doesn’t bother me because we went to war with them outright and didn’t show any quarter. A large bulk of Injuns fled to Mexico (for example, the Delaware Injuns who are from Ohio originally now reside in Mexico). Now the real ones that are left, yes, they get every advantage handed to them, by us, because we do treat our defeated foes nicely, but they basically piss it away on whiskey and standing on the side of the road crying when I throw out bags of garbage from my car as I drive by quickly.

                That said, their quality of life sucked in their day. I love camping but I wouldn’t want to make it a lifestyle when the rest of the world already has figured out brick and indoor fireplaces.

                1. The guy on the side of the road crying is actually an eye-talian lol. Every time I hear someone go on about the noble injuns I always laugh. A bunch of naked savages worshipping trees and shit. Just say thank you for the fucking casinos and tax benefits you slow talking fucking pagans.

                  1. We are on exactly the same page on this. If they stayed “primitive” and shit, ok, bonus points for integrity. But they’re sitting around in houses with central air and heat, using all the modern advantages our culture has, getting drunk every single day and sneering about “ttthhhh-ush whiiiiite maaaaaan” (don’t know how to do slow talking, do it in a Treebeard voice I guess). Fuck that.

                    I also don’t care that we went to war with them either. I admire some of their leaders, a lot (e.g. – Geronimo) but they lost, get the fuck over it. The Japs lost too, they don’t sit around whining about being nuked, they stepped up and built a world class economy instead.

                    1. The japs were very smart in their defeat. Put down those swords, pick up some baseball bats and become a world power with regard to technology and money. Do you remember back in the 90’s when Injuns were all super popular and hip and everyone and their mother was like 1/2345 injun? Arg, nuts.

                    2. The Japs did the same strategy as the little Italian man did in Catch 22. I’m paraphrasing but “When the Nazis marched in the streets here, I was the first to Sieg Heil and I did it the loudest. I served them the best food and drink and toasted them every evening at dinner. When the Americans defeated them and marched in I waved the Stars and Stripes harder than everybody here and cheered apple pie, motherhood the American Way”. When accused of amorality he notes “But…I’m alive…unlike the people who refused to adjust to the realities in front of them”.

                      That was a *huge* paraphrase. Don’t even pretend to quote me, lol.

                    3. Smart in their defeat?!?!? Yeah – alls it took was getting NUKED. TWICE.
                      They should have quit when the Germans did.

                    4. Yup. Nuking the japs might have made them yellow, but I think it also smartened them up.

                    5. I would google but it would probably ping someone at my local branch of the CIA and I would be escorted away for questioning.

                    6. But they didn’t, so they got nuked twice. You do what you must to reduce your side’s casualties while making theirs so horrific that they surrender.

                  2. “Just say thank you for the fucking casinos..”

                    Ah. You have dealt with the must deadly tribe of the all I see. The “We-a-jip-yahs”

                2. I dunno. The massacre is more of what smallpox did. It would be akin to us saying the Chinese murdered half of Europe with the plague.

                  1. Eh, China didn’t come and do it directly, they just originated it (I actually didn’t realize it came from China lol). The smallpox blankets were intentional. I don’t know what I think about it, because I’m kind of “play to win” on most topics regarding war, which I know flies in the face of Just War theory as fronted by the Catholic Church and Christianity in general. I don’t buy into peacetime torture, but that’s about where it begins and ends with me.

                    1. Ward Churchhill was a fraud, but I think that fabrication was started in academia earlier without any objective evience. Or at least no credible evience has ever been submitted to back the claim it was intentional.

                      If you read up on Edward Jenner, the founder of discovering a vaccine, it isn’t conceivable how small pox was spread at the time and it wasn’t completely irridicated from Europe or the Americas until the 1950s.

                    2. Ward Churchhill. He was an academic claiming american Indian roots for years while no tribe could authenitic his claims. In the end it was exposed he has Swiss roots, but pulled the stunt for personal gain in academia.

                      Just like Faux-a-hauntis. Another blue eyed, blond hair fraud from NE who is gunning for the democrat ticket.

                  1. Almost all Mexicans are a mixture of Indians and Europeans, with very little European and mostly Injun. They’re the same people genetically, although their languages vary widely.

                    1. True. Many Mexicans as well as so-called colonial Spanish from the US have distinctly mezzo-american features.

              3. Their quality of life in modern times may be arguable as better, but the taking of the land was an unpleasant process from what I’ve read.

                Germans? I may be persuaded to agree with you on the others, but Germany is a complete shit show right now. No sign of it changing anytime soon either.

                1. War is not a pleasant thing but it is a reality and there are winners and losers. There were a bunch of savages sitting on some very valuable land.

                    1. About all of it? I don’t know. However, I am confident that Manhattan is better served as is than by having a bunch of naked savages sitting around chanting and smoking their peace pipes.

                2. What happened to the Injuns was that they lost the war. They had a huge numerical advantage but they couldn’t stop internecine war between themselves long enough to organize as a whole, so they lost. To the victors go the spoils, woe to the defeated.

                  The Germans own their modern state. The Germans of my generation (GenX) weren’t the pussies that they are today, back in the 1980’s. This attitude today is totally on them.

                  1. I didn’t know that about the Indians, never really looked too far into it. So how did (I’m assuming WWII) help the Germans?
                    Agreed on the current state, but it seems many countries are going the same route.

                    1. Well, we provided the Germans with an actual national defense so that they didn’t have to finance a huge military to oppose the USSR. There was also the Marshall Plan which was like a monstrous economic stimulus meant to rebuild European economies (including, especially including, West Germany) so that they weren’t floundering while Russia continued to rebuild and expand.

                  2. “What happened to the Injuns was that they lost the war.”

                    Sporadic wars with certain tribes we have had over the years, but I would surmize disease (eg. small pox) and other epidemics wiped most of the indiginous populations out.

                    1. I understand the populations were already greatly reduced by foreign disease by the time the English settlers arrived. Kind of a delayed effect of the earlier Spanish probings.

                    2. I’ve read some studies that suggest some 90% of the Indian population died shortly before the European colonization began in earnest. We’re talking about people that ran off frickin Vikings 700 years earlier

                    3. I think that applied to South/Central America in the 1500’s, but by the early 1800’s that ship already sailed, they had plenty of people with guns, horses and spears who had acquired immunity (except the smallpox blanket thing).

                    4. The last Indian war in Ohio was done by the end of 1814 and those after were done further west as expansion progressed They didn’t have the numbers or the guns to change much.

              4. You mean it wasn’t like “Dance with Wolves” and all that? From what I read, life was short and brutal and even then slavery, slaughter, genocide and canabalisim wasn’t uncommon before any Euroepans showed up. I think it was the Huron tribe that enjoyed roasting captives and eating their flesh while still alive.

                1. Yup. Also, yeah, made me laugh because I remember when my sister was graduating high school no one asked her to the prom and I called her Dances with Nobody. It was topical at that point.

                    1. of course I did it with mock indian me heep big chief voice and did a little hand to face whowhowho-ing

                2. I think it was the Huron tribe that enjoyed roasting captives and eating their flesh while still alive.

                  The best way to enjoy any kind of food, is while you’re still alive. Eating captives when you are dead is a futile gesture at best.

    5. Good for you!
      Hope they gave you a nice raise too.
      But if not, you can use your managerial experience to get an even better job in a year or two. Good luck!

  9. I’ve got to work on this. Too many times I let little things drive me insane. I think it’s because I like so much to be in control that things that don’t really matter but are out of my control drive me nuts.

    1. Too many times I let little things drive me insane.

      You have to let go of your midget hate.

  10. Muscle memory. The more you do this, the more it will become second nature. Don’t just expect that this will happen when SHTF because you read it here. Practice it in everyday situations, no matter how small. TRAIN yourself to do these things, and when SHTF, it will come naturally.

  11. Are red-pilled reader who is familiar with South Florida, and Florida in particular?
    Cost of renting, health insurance, safe neighborhoods etc?
    I gathered some information, but would be happy to hear some honest reviews of that part of the Sunshine State?

    1. first cleveland now south FLA? why are you touring the worst parts of the USA? If you need info on camden or philly, holler at ya boy here

      1. Cleveland is bad…
        But South Florida being bad? Explain.
        Btw, not planning to visit Camden. Philly is a toilet in most parts. Not as bad as Detroit or New Orleans, though…

            1. My uncle who lives in NC outer banks they call a half back….moved to fla then moved half way back

              1. Those old Yankees sometimes don’t realize just how damn hot it gets in Florida. They move to the villages to sweat 10 months of the year.

        1. Homestead Florida has the highest violent crime rate in the country lol. At least it did few years ago.
          The south has some great places to go that are right down the road from some places you should never go.

        2. I like south florida. Miami is on my very short list of places in America I don’t mind going. Palm isn’t bad

        3. Just like Cleveland, I’ve never been to Florida. So just like your inquiry about Cleveland, I feel the urge to butt in and spout all my valid opinions on the matter.

      2. I heard that Atlantic city is the bomb! Or was that a bomb needs to be dropped on it? I can’t remember what my cousin said!

      1. Avoid everything south of Whitehall, North of 125th and west of West End. Should be fine.

                  1. The little park all the way east on the river. Runs from 84th up to 90th. It is small. A bike path, walk way, a little plaza (with a statue of peter pan) and some benches facing the water. Enough grass space to lay out. Less of a scene than central park. It offers spectacular views of Astoria and LIC lol.

    2. Like anywhere in the southeast, stay out of the ghetto or any concrete block buildings with neon Pabst Blue Ribbon signs on them and you’ll be ok.

        1. A PBR sign indicates that at the door they will ask you if you have a gun, if you say no, they will give you one.

    3. how familiar? I know a little about Miami, Ft. Meyers, Sanibel Island and Palm Beach

    4. Serious observation here, if you’re doing a tour of the bad parts of the nation, go to the good parts too. Hit Columbus and I’ll be a tour guide for a day/weekend if you’d like. Visit Cheyenne Wyoming, the Rockies, go out to Traverse City Michigan, or Savannah Georgia. Hit some nice spots.

      1. Hi GOJ. I am not doing “a tour of the bad parts”. I had to visit Cleveland because of a conference.
        My wife and I thinking of relocating to south Florida areas as most of my wife’s family lives there.
        AS for your recommendation…I always wanted to visit Wyoming. The Rockies also must be spectacular. have not been to Traverse City.
        Everyone I know advised me against Savannah, GA.(High crime city is most parts.)

        1. I love the antiques there, but haven’t been there since the 1990’s so maybe it’s changed.

  12. I believe that the most important thing on the list is frame control or anger management. I have a coworker who says when he gets in an argument only one person is going to be pissed off and it won’t be him. Once you lose control it’s very easy for your opponent to take control. I have encountered a few people who are quite good at it and will goad someone into a fight specifically to make their opponent look bad. Or worse, I have one coworker who hides behind the union when intentionally baiting management purely for sport.

    Being able to maintain frame, step back and observe a belligerent person as nothing more than an odd specimen is how I deal with them. The other thing that I do is let them rant, then respond calmly, almost condescendingly while lowering my voice. For most people it will help calm them down so you can reason with them. For those it won’t, it becomes obvious to any witnesses who the asshole is.

  13. If one needs a lesson in how to keep ones cool, one should get a job as a corrections officer.
    At the end of the daily briefing our shift supervisor used to say,” ok people, the most important thing to remember is, don’t get excited, when you get excited you can’t think straight and that’s when bad things happen “.

      1. tried it a few times in 1996-1997. Basically there are these online chatrooms what you go in and waffle much like we are doing now. If there is a particular girl that piques your interest, you send a private message to meet at some mutual agreed public location. Then you drive 100+ miles to find out you have been stood up or that she is fat, like really fat, like the Crisco mascot fat, like so fat that she can’t tie her own shoes fat.

          1. There was one date out of about 5 that I wasn’t entirely disappointed with. She was this farmers daughter that just graduated high school. Still, she was about 100 miles away, this cute Mormon girl. (Before I was in the church) I go there, and play board games with her family. I go on a walk with her, but her parents wouldn’t let me drive her anywhere. At that point, I figure she isn’t worth the effort, knowing that nothing will happen.

        1. I have a once in a lifetime movie network story that is similar…Classifieds2000.com personals in 1998..tried it for the first time..Met a 19 year old Hottie….and her 2 brothers at a nightclub. I was 22 and they told me I don’t get to touch her until I married her…very weird story….I didn’t marry her or touch her…

  14. For me the most important skill I have when Im losing my cool is self-awarenes. Just realising that Im pissed or angry makes me calm. Still I overreact at times, and then feel guilty for overreacting.

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