Pick Your Battles

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.”

-Sun Tzu


Inspired by a section of yesterday’s article, I decided I would elaborate on the subject of picking your battles.  The Manosphere is full of articles about attacking problems and situations head on, but there are very few posts on when it’s best to sit back and patiently wait for the proverbial noose to tighten around your opposition’s neck.  Some of the mentally immature in the Red Pill community would claim that you should never assume a passive position, that it’s cowardly and weak, but this is a naive position from those who don’t appreciate the subtle nuances of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu.  Constant, unrelenting offense isn’t always the best strategy and can often land you in deeper trouble than what you were originally in.

Today I am going to share a few personal experiences that I assumed a passive position in that wound up benefiting me in the long run while simultaneously damaging the reputations of those attacking me.  I will also recap when the passive approach works best.

The Trouble-Making Novice

Back in my early 20’s, I had a new student a few years older than me join my martial arts school.  By this time, I was already a black belt and had been competing in tournaments for many years.  To put it plainly, I was one of the most skilled and experienced practitioners in our school, if not our entire extended organization.  After a few months, it became obvious to many other students that this new student who we’ll call Ted (I honestly don’t even remember his name anymore) had something to prove and had chosen me as the man to beat.

While he never outright challenged me -he was in fact, very placating to my face- he never missed a chance to talk poorly about me behind my back.  He did so to nearly everyone in the school (minus the instructors) including my girlfriend at the time and a girl who I considered my little sister.  His behavior was brought to my attention by many people, but I shrugged off the insults and generally ignored him.  Did his antics piss me off? Sure, but I never let onto him or anyone else that it did.

This further frustrated him as he wasn’t getting the reaction that he wanted from me.  As his frustration increased, so did the level of his antics.  He thought he was getting one over on me, but in reality, he was alienating all those around him.  I was a senior, experienced, and well-liked student/instructor at the school while his reputation devolved into nothing more than a bully and troublemaker.

The end result was him being asked to leave the school from the owner and not come back.  He floated through some of the other schools within the organization which all ended the same; him being asked not to return.

The Arrogant Bragger

Another martial arts student that had a beef with me was an assistant instructor at another school.  We were both the same belt rank and were heavily involved in the competition scene.  I am an easy-going guy and don’t pick fights with anyone.  At organization-wide testings, I mill about, chat with the other black belts, crack jokes, and help out wherever I’m needed.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that he was also talking smack about me behind my back.  Unlike last time however, I had people actively defending me on my behalf, but that’s skipping ahead a bit.

The arrogant bragger, who we’ll call Daniel, competed often, but had a nasty reputation of freezing up during the fight.  The result was him merely bouncing around the ring and never really engaging in the fight.  Was he a good fighter? In practice, yes.  In the ring, no.  I on the other hand, might not have been as fast or experienced as him, but when I got going, I fought viciously until the end of the match.  Neither fatigue nor injuries deterred me.

From what I can speculate, when our organizations merged, Daniel felt that his status as the top dog was threatened, even though I didn’t really care about that sort of thing.  As such, he began a campaign of undermining me -like Ted- behind my back.  He often bragged about how he was the best and how he could beat me to his students.  Meanwhile, like before, I ignored his grandstanding and did my own thing.

One day, his antics finally backfired in spectacular fashion when he began talking poorly about me in front of the wrong person.  One student that I was good friends with and personally trained was at one of his classes when he began talking about me.  Having heard him talk poorly of me before, my student got sick of his crap and told Daniel that I was indeed the better fighter and could kick his ass any day of the week.  The cherry on top was when Daniel’s own girlfriend agreed with my student’s assessment.  After that incident, I haven’t heard any additional chatter about me behind my back.

The Takeaway

So why did Ted and Daniel’s assassination attempts on my reputation fail without me even lifting a finger?  You may determine reasons other than my own, but these are what come to mind for me:

  • I was a well-liked and respected figure in both my own martial arts school as well as the wider organization.
  • I was not only a senior belt, but also had the knowledge and experience to back up my rank.
  • I had a solid background in competition and, although not a top tier fighter by any stretch of the imagination, I knew what I was doing and could hold my own.  What’s more, people from all over the organization knew this.  They saw me compete and they saw me spar at testings.
  • I remained humble and detached, focusing on my training and not on the drama going on behind my back.

In short, I relied on the reputation I had built over many years as a skilled, yet sincere martial artist to do the work for me.  Unknowingly at the time, I was twisting two of Ted and Daniel’s thumbscrews; pride and arrogance.  They desired to be the alpha’s of the pack so much, that they hung themselves with the rope I kept feeding them.  They desired the spotlight without earning it and wound up damaging their own reputations doing so.

There is more than one way to win a battle and oftentimes the most effective way is to simply avoid it.  I know that if I took the bait and got into a pissing match with either of these two guys, I would have been dragged down to their level and tarnished my own reputation as well.  The old cliche “When you sling mud, everyone gets dirty” rings true when it’s a battle of egos.  The only way to come out on top is to not play in the first place.

Save your energy for the battles that truly matter.  Always take a step back and assess whether this is a matter that you truly need to wade in to, or if you’re simply wanting to stroke your pride.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. “The art of fighting without fighting.” – Bruce Lee (seems appropriate).
    Not everything is a crisis and not everything requires an immediate, or disproportionate, response. Knowing when to counter (or “slip the punch”) is just as important as knowing when to attack and if you use up all your energy all the time every time you’ll just wind up exhausted while getting very little of substance done and unfortunately likely when you need it most.
    Nice timely points today, Jak.

      1. This is freaking great!

        And funnily enough, mostly accurate, with a little artistic license of course.

      1. Oh God, the original was bad enough (I tend to agree with the video below that the Karate Kid was the actual snarky little bully), the remake with the black kid was even worse, and now they’re going to foist two middle aged dudes on us with the same theme and expect us to pay money to watch it!?

        Fuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh-k that.

        1. I haven’t seen the original in 25 years and remember almost nothing about it. (adds to Amazon watchlist)

          Look at it this way. They could write it, and act it, in a really sophisticated but funny way. Winking at the audience: “we know this is silly, but let’s all enjoy it”. Depends on what the producers want to do.

          1. And for people who liked the movie, that would be fine and well. But as I never liked it even in its heyday, I’m gonna give it a big ol’ pass.

            1. They really just need to stop with remakes.
              They’re always worse than the originals, they are never what the fans wanted, and the ability of modern Hollywood to make films that even meet the standards of the 70s-90s (not to mention the 30s-50s) is non-existent.
              From Man of Steel to Robocop to Judge Dredd to TMNT to Ghostbusters and on it’s all just been a big steaming (unprofitable) pile.

              1. Sure, but on the bright side, they are bankrupting themselves, and ticket sales are plummeting, so really, I’m all about them self destructing.

  2. Sun Tzu best enjoyed along side Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu — collectively known all through china as the Three Tzuooges. It is rumored, though not confirmed, that before them no one I china ever even so much as smiled…but they invented the idea of urinating into carbonated cola beverages and China lived happily ever after.

    1. Though no study of oriental martial arts is complete without at least a passing familiarity with the works of Joe Jitzu.

    2. Sure, but that was all before Zhang Tzu replaced Chuang Tzu. It all went downhill from there. Woo woo wooo, ryuk ryuk ryuk.

    3. Do not overlook the contributions of Tsczhemp, the Fourth Tzooge. I believe it is through his wisdom that the art of selling pork-flavored leavened cardboard as street food was derived.

      1. That’s fair, as long as we can all agree to forget that CurlyjoeTzu ever existed.

    1. eddie is Coming to America -again! 30 yrs later! and yeah, Im gonna watch the shit out of it

            1. hope their is a scene where the MacDougal’s employees are on strike demanding $15/hr

                1. Sammo is built like, dresses like, and has a hair style like a capo in the Genovese crime family…

                  1. Man, very special episodes were like the best part of the 80’s. Like when Edith is almost raped on All in the Family and my favorite the classic episode of Too Close For Comfort where two fat chicks abduct and, over the course of a weekend, rape Monroe

                    1. It was pure genius to keep the laugh track rolling while Edith fenced with her would-be rapist and then lied to her family…

                    2. dont remember dingbat almost getting raped…I pretty much only remember when archie was locked in the basement, got drunk, thought he’d died down there, thinks god is coming for his soul and a black policeman walks down into the basement

    1. Thanks to those crappy martial arts flicks from the 80’s I started training Martial Arts.

      I recently re watched that one, and even when is not good, it’s entertaining as hell.

        1. Speaking as someone who’s been the unfortunate recipient of many stray kicks to the nuts while sparring, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, pardon the pun. Some hurt but are manageable and same hurt so bad that you wanna throw up. From what I’ve found, the placement depends more than the force of the impact.

          1. especially after you went 3 rounds the night before with your girlfriend or paid concubine

          2. The sheer terror of that possibility kept me away from martial arts. By a young age I’d received plenty of shots to the yatchees already due simply to girls’ lack of sense of humor and/or inability to take a compliment…

            1. I began sparring with my rear hand low in front of my crotch while sparring in class. I’d often get laughed at by others until they saw a stray kick get blocked by my low hand. Afterwards, they no longer questioned why I kept it there.
              What can I say? My nuts have a magnetic personality.

          3. Yeah, it’s all about the placement. In soccer, if you see a fast kick whistling towards your meat and two veg — like when you’re standing in a wall to block a free kick — you just bend over slightly and it won’t make direct contact (though it will look like it to others).

        2. knew a guy in college who would run up to people and ask “what is the capitol of Thailand?”
          you can guess what happened afterwards

                1. Spontaneous human combustion is hot. I’m not into sex anymore unless one of us is literally (Hitler) on fire.

    2. He should’ve trained here instead. This is where my passion for martial arts abruptly ends.

  3. Great article, and excellent real-life examples of how choosing one’s battles can be advantageous . If you can keep your cool long enough when someone losses their shit at or about you sooner or later they’ll just tire themselves out like a bawling baby and
    be left looking stupid.
    This is my favored approach when faced with a pissing match, especially with repeat offenders. As soon as someone loses their temper, starts shouting, etc, they’ve shown you all their cards. You know the extent of their rage and can plan accordingly.
    Meanwhile, while letting them wind themselves out you maintain not only your energy but the element of surprise.

    Never let anyone know what you’re thinking or what you’re capable of.

    1. …only remember, young grasshopper, it can be just as disorienting to let them know everything you’re thinking. A non-stop running commentary of free association means they’ll never know for certain what you’re planning…and to that effect…boobies!

              1. I can respect that. Like KFed who got Brittney Spears in her hoooooooot prime and ripped that pussy apart, then got her to divorce him and give him a load of money, lol. I respect a man who can achieve that level of awesome. I would have given a shiny new quarter to have nailed Spears in her prime.

          1. She’s like that flower that blooms briefly and then starts to wither while sucking the life out of any silly insect who stayed around too long trying to get a taste.
            But, we remember how she (like so many others) once was and move on to the next flavor, like Ms. Underwood here:

            1. I believe that I could talk my dick into getting to know her vagina.

              1. Only thing is, with the world how it is, we need tests for men to carry around that are like pregnancy tests but show us if she’s any VD/STD. With all the crazy and all the rashes out there I’m starting to believe my dick needs to get a PhD and a concealed carry.

            2. Fun fact:

              Olimpica Stereo is one of the most listened radio stations in Colombia, they only broadcast reggaeton and a local genre called Vallenato, both make my ears literally bleed.

              You have no idea how much I hate that station.

        1. Kung Pow is new stuff. Fistful of Yen was part of the greatest spoof movie ever made.

  4. I am very glad that I have not had to get into a fight in probably about 10 years or so and would be even happier if I lived to a nice age never having to do it again. At my current age and my current size it would probably be disastrously stupid of me to get into a fight with someone who is wiling to get into a fight with me. Guys who don’t know how to fight don’t pick fights with 220 pounds of solid muscle…not even when they are drunk….and I don’t think that at this point, and with this much to lose, I really have it in me to fight for 3 minutes with someone who regularly trains and knows what they are doing. Fortunately there is nothing I truly believe in enough to fight for other than my own physical safety and a boat load of money and since I live in a safe place and live a safe life and since no one is offering men in their mid 40’s boat loads of money to fight I think I should be just fine.

    1. “Guys who don’t know how to fight don’t pick fights with 220 pounds of solid muscle…”

      When I was a runt at 117 lbs in a rough neighborhood, fighting was a weekly occurrence. Since I started weightlifting and reached 180 lbs at 5’6′, I noticed other men started looking up and not down to me looking for a fight. Funny how that happens.

      1. Funny indeed. Couple that with the fact that I don’t spend much time where fights break out and I live in a safe area and I don’t stay out at late hours and I am fairly inculcated against fighting.

    2. I’ve got about one or two good fights left in me but, I’m saving them for a special occasion.

      1. I don’t know about you but I know if I throw a punch and miss I am in big fucking trouble at this stage of the game lol

              1. the A is what gets me too. I have force and Mass but at my age all forms of acceleration make me tired.

            1. Also, P = F/A; increase the area of your neck, and the power of a punch landing on your face is minimized. It’s why boxers do a lot of neck workouts before a fight.

              1. If I make my neck any thicker I’ll be a freak but you are 100% right. Boxing involves more neck than people realize. I think that neck is a lot like calves though. You got it or you don’t. Can’t make it happen

      2. Almost got in a fight about ten years ago. An obnoxious little drunk French guy chased me onto the sidewalk outside his house during a party and accused me of stealing something. I just looked down at him — he was eight to ten inches shorter than me — and smirked. My feeling was, if I’m going to go into fight mode, it won’t be for some little punk.

        1. I’m doing my best to pass that valuable knowledge on to my children. They don;t get to spend much time on TV, but when they do, it’s Looney Tunes or Ren and Stimpy.

          1. Invest in the Golden Collections, TV broadcast Looney Tunes and home releases are censored to remove non-PC “objectionable content.” And even those have warning intros about how they were from another time and depict racial stereotypes etc., but at least it’s all intact.

        2. I would place Mr. Jaybird’s age b/w 40 and 45 so I’m guessing the ‘toons were as instrumental to his early education as mine and yours

          1. its how I learned that ACME-produced catapults do not work; best bet is to buy jap when it comes to them

            1. Pay no attention to this libelous slur, we here at ACME produce only the finest goods made of the highest quality materials.
              We are not liable for user-error and clearly state as much in the documentation found in the packaging. Thank you.
              PS: We are also not responsible for the mishaps of coyotes, cats, ducks or other wildlife, talking or otherwise.

          2. Every Saturday morning, on the family room floor, with sliced apples and peanut butter. (Okay, this is starting to sound like a Calvin and Hobbes panel.)

        3. Cartoons these days are absolute preachy shite. Kids don’t know what they’re missing. Luckily I still have a bunch of Looney Toons and Tom & Jerry, etc. backed up to digital…

          1. Oh, not all of them. In fact there’s some really good stuff out there now if you look around.

            Rick and Morty
            Bob’s Burgers

            and so on.

  5. Jak, you played the 5th Law “So much depends on your reputation, guard it with your life” and the 33rd Law of Power “Discover each man’s thumbscrew” to perfection. Well done. Winning without firing a single shot is the acme of greatness.

    1. Thank you. I wasn’t aware of the 48 laws at the time, but I knew drawing attention to the situation wouldn’t help me. In all honesty, I didn’t know of any other recourse to take that wouldn’t wind up coming back on me. The first guy I couldn’t really do anything about since I heavily outranked him and he was technically one of my junior belts. For me to go after him could be seen as abuse of my rank.

      1. When it comes to dealing with subordinates like that, I notice peer pressure is very effective. A smart high school teacher I had would calmly manipulate the class into hating the loud mouthed student; in the military the Corporal would calmly manipulate the squad into hating the insubordinate private. Once isolated from peers, the insubordination stopped. There is definitely unspoken power in remaining calm.

    1. It’s beautiful watching his article get picked apart in the comments section. It tells me two things: 1] Men are finally waking up. 2] It’s easy to see why liberal MSM outlets don’t allow comment sections on their websites.

      1. MGTOW is spreading and it has certain institutions sweating. After +40 years, everyone knows at least one guy who got cleaned out in divorce court and/or destroyed by his ex- as she walked out and most women bring nothing to the table.

        1. My sympathies go out to Generation X. You guys really took the brunt of the Baby Boomer garbage that everybody thought was a good idea at the time [no fault divorce, feminism, NAFTA, etc].

          As for guys my age, I’m noticing alot of them are bringing in wives from places like eastern Europe and SE Asia because they’ve given up on anglo women. I can’t blame them.

          1. Aye, never before has a generation (boomers) taken so much from the generations before AND after itself….

            1. I think it was their parents “The Greatest Generation” trying to over protect them from the evils of the world.

              1. The ‘Greatest Generation’ gave their kids everything they didn’t have, thereby neutering their ability to do so for themselves.

                  1. And the boomers inflated it even more and handed it down to us, but they want their SS checks and medicare-cade. The fact that the federal debt has doubled over the last 8 years doesn’t seem to phase anyone.

                    1. I was stunned to find out we didnt have one yr of 3% or more growth under the O reign…I knew it was bad, but I didnt know it was THAT bad…

                    2. Why would it phase them? They know that they’ll be dead once financial Armageddon hits, they’re content to take all that they can on the way to the grave and flip the rest of us off, as they have as a generation for most of their spoiled rotten lives.

                    3. Yup. I tried to have a conversation about this with a relative once and she said, “they (feds) will think of something.” Sure. Raise taxes, reduce benefits or borrow. Pick 2.

                    4. If they thought that it would buy them one more SS check or medicare payment, you can bet your ass that boomers would sacrifice their own grandchildren on live television and eat their still beating hearts.

                    5. In a NY minute. Most do not think that far ahead or what consequences that have to be bared to supply the goods. Next election cycle watch for “student debt forgiveness” to be dangled in front of potential voters. Bribing voters with their own money is what it is all about.

                    6. They are already gearing up for guaranteed basic income. Not working? Uncle Sam just sends you a check every month.

                    7. It’s unfair to the payor, but not the payee…but you’re gonna pay it or else

                      or else what…

                      Tell ’em Vinny

                      Or else Pizza is gonna send out for YOU!

                    8. All those liberal art degree graduates need to get rid of their toxic debts to make it fair. It’s all about fairness. And fighting the patriarchy. And social justice.

                    9. Masters of manipulation, how else could Jesus and Robin Hood be mis-characterized as socialists? I mean, Robin Hood wasn’t simply “robbing the rich to give to the poor”, he was reclaiming unjust taxation money from an illegitimate government and their cronies.
                      I wonder how it will go when calls to take from “the wealthy” are blatantly “take from anyone who has anything.” For there will be no middle class at that point though most people won’t care until the money for their welfare stops.

                    10. That’s not GenX, that’s Baby Boomer. GenX are you and I, the current Masters of the Universe who managed to go out and get day jobs and such.

                    11. Correct. I meant Baby boomer. I was too excited to get the chance to use that clip.

                    12. oh the boomers love the gimmiedats. A more entitled generation of sloths you shant find. I would go as far as to say that taken as a whole, history will likely judge the millennials better than the boomers. Yeah, they have their shit and we poke fun of the segment of comp lit studying, barista working, student loan encumbered dikweeds but there is also a large group in the millennial age that grew up knowing how to trade stocks online, juggle crypto currencies, program computers and also have a very strong center of materialism and greed (the two qualities that the boomers shit on but are the hallmarks of success. Yeah, I think that in the end the millennials as a whole may surprise us with how well they do and will be remembered much better than the boomer shits

                1. When the boomers are gone, there is going to be a massive power vacuum.
                  Generation Z shows a lot of promise, and our cohort will be the ones to shape them.

          2. Gen X didn’t do such a spectacular job themselves, but the boomers (with many acceptions in that crowd) really blew it.

            “As for guys my age, I’m noticing alot of them are bringing in wives from places like eastern Europe..”

            They are not the only ones. Как вы видете. 😉

          3. But what if the wife you bring over is actually a KGB/Vietcong sleeper agent ready to be activated.

            1. Then you have to straight up james bond that bitch. You beat and fuck her until she loves you and turns double agent.

              1. Let’s have shex, my dear!
                No James, that’s rape!
                He’re my MI5 conshent form.
                Oh, how progressive of you Mr Bond!?!

            2. LOL! We will play Wii with the kids on rainy weekends and one night the wife was beating us in some shooting game and I told the kids “your mother was a sniper for the KGB.”

              1. “”your mother was a sniper for the KGB.””
                Parenting tip: NEVER reveal whether this is true or not….

                1. I tell them “crazy uncle Joe Galt” stories. Some of them are true — regarding their uncle or other people I know and some I make up. Amusing thing to me is they believe the made up stuff but deny the actual past incidents ever happened.

              2. LOL! When alone with the kids fill up a closet full of USSR memorabilia and show them the “evidence”! Then watch your kids acting suspicious of your wife for a whole week.

          4. I think our generation is about when the idea of the married in a house with the white picket fence came to a close. Too many guys are getting burned now of days from working for that. I inoculated my self a bit by going full bore traditional, joining a church, throwing away the TV and all that, but still it is no guarantee.

            1. You did it right. It will become more obvious when you see how well your children deal with life compared to adults who grew up in a liberal city.

        2. I have mixed feelings about MGTOW, while it is a solution for an individual, it definately is not a solution for a population. I suppose if enough ascribe to it, women will wake up and realize they priced themselves out of the market.

          1. It’s a reaction to the gynocentric societal conditions. A sympton, not a cause and yes…women will need to change course if they want the security they desire.

            1. Agreed, I have a coworker who got seriously burned in his divorce. After two failed marriages, he made the decision that it is not worth the risk again. He is no MGTOW protester, just a decent guy who decided that it is not worth the hassle anymore. Other than visiting the kids every other weekend and working to pay for alimony and child support, he would rather spend his time fishing. I don’t blame him.

              1. Prostesting is what the MRAs do, but I think it’s a waste of time. I mean, you have men self-immolating themselves on court house steps because how f*cked family courts and laws are and it goes ignored. MGTOW is simply walking away like your coworker has done.

                1. I don’t think the MRAs are completely wasting their time, they are at least organizing the complaints so us who are not involved can regurgitate in an articulate manner. Minds are changed one at a time, which is where we come in. Talking to our friends and coworkers. Perhaps that moderately liberal woman will be less enthusiastic about driving to the voting booth come November.

    2. Edit: To avoid Confusion, the Assman is from Columbia College Chicago which is an open door school for creative arts — aka babysitting for wealthy faggots — and not Columbia University which is a great school AND babysitting for wealthy faggots. CCC is specifically a school for this kind of nonsense. Like saying “Professor at Fashion Institute Of Technology Is Pro Fag Marriage.

    1. #JusticeForBecky

      Oh man you just had to start

      Love me some gang rape Kenny songs

        1. Ruby is the other great one.

          Here is Norm MacDonald and Adam Corolla on a podcast talking about Ruby and Coward of the County. First Time I heard this I laughed so hard I was gasping for air.

  6. I had a similar situation arise with my ex-wife. During our divorce she proceeded to go around the community bad mouthing me to friends, acquaintances and even my own family. I sat back and waited. When I didn’t react, the accusations finally reached the point of absurdity.

    On one occasion an older woman in the community confronted me about all the terrible things I had allegedly done. Rather than try to explain or even clear my name. I asked her some questions: Have you heard my side of the story? Have you seen me going around the community bad mouthing her and airing out our dirty laundry? Having known me most of my life do you believe I am capable of doing the things I have been accused of? Her obviously humbled response to all three questions was a quiet “no.”

    Being a Christian woman I could tell this convicted her. It did not take long for her to inject what I had said into the local rumor mill. At that point my ex’s reputation and credibility took the hit. All I had to do was stand back and watch.

    1. Agreed, sometimes the best thing you can do is let the fools show their true colors. They will hurt themselves in the end.

      Like trying to argue with the SJW’s, most of the time it is best not to. Truth always surfaces. Their lifestyle will lead to our revenge without us having to lift a finger. All we have to do is protect our own wallet they are raiding.

  7. There was a time I wouldn’t turn down a fight for anything. If someone wanted to trash talk, I was ready. I discovered over time though that simply dismissing a trouble maker by saying something like, “ok man, whatever “, would many times drive them crazy but they would wind up going away without me having to take a chance on getting my ass kicked.

    1. Though I would offer that being a fearless scrapper in youth does wonders for your courage and character as an adult.

      1. Haha in my case, back in those days fearless was an understatement. If I ever reached that tipping point, there was no fear and more importantly, no pain. Ten feet tall and bulletproof as the saying goes.
        You are correct though, going through that sort of thing when young teaches one about controlling ones temper and emotions. Now that I’m old, nothing much fazes me anymore.

        1. Back when I was a child I feared falling from great heights and being bitten by a poisonous snake. As an adult I have no fear for myself (afraid for my family that something might happen to them and I won’t be there or can’t save them) and yet I am still terrified of fighting.
          Not that I’ll be injured, but that the other person might do something they’ll regret or that I will. That they will be injured severely because I lost control or that a better outcome will be missed because emotion won over intellect.
          I’d simply prefer not to fight always have but then, that’s why I’ve trained for a lifetime and never backed down despite being afraid. You never really know who you are until you’ve been tested.

          1. At this stage I would give thought to how badly I could injure someone, I suppose because I’ve mellowed with age and would rather not hurt anybody I don’t have to. Back then though I never gave it a thought, once I got started only three outcomes were possible, 1. They beat me senseless 2. There were enough people around to pull me off them 3. They held out until I got tired enough to quit.
            To actually have the feeling of invincibility and that no one or nothing can hurt you is exhilarating if not intoxicating or maybe it’s just being young…. I forgot.

            1. Yeah, when younger I would do whatever it took to put them down as fast as possible too, this stemmed from the mantra my father made me repeat endlessly while hitting me with a bundle of briars “you don’t get hit you don’t get hurt.” First I learned to try and dodge or use something to shield, then I learned to go for his arms and legs preemptively.
              Best way to avoid being hit is to make it so they can’t hit you.

        2. “..being a corrections officer for a long time also helped me learn to keep a lid on it.”
          F*ck. My dad did that for 26 years when he got back from Nam. Nothing surprised or riled him.

          1. I did it for 12 years, after a while there’s only so many names you can be called and it doesn’t mean anything any more. You can’t let inmates get under your skin or they win. Keep a stoney face and never let em see you sweat.

            1. He never had much to say about the inmates– they were what they were. It was the state adminstration he hated.

            2. Many years ago during one of my unfortunate trips to central booking in what we lovingly refer to here in Manhattan as “The Tombs” I saw, for the first time in my life, the absolute pinnacle of giving no fucks anymore because work had burned you out.

              At some point in the middle of the night some tranny whore was brought in. The time between the gate slamming shut and the first person asking who said something was faster than lint makes it into a pocket. I sat on the floor of a small room with about 30 people in it (and a toilet that doubled as a water fountain which I still consider cruel and unusual punishment) and watched about 1/3 of those people stomp this tranny down viciously while the COs stood by and watched. Once the commotion was done they opened the cell and removed him…I am guessing to take him to a hospital.

                  1. We had to, a fight in there can turn into a riot in a few minutes, break it up quick and get them away from each other.

                1. Yeah, kinda. But I was able to see it from the COs position. There were 10-12 guys in felony booking stomping down some faggot in a dress. That is a situation that is better played out with you on the other side of the bars. These guys were tough but they were also not going to put their safety on the line to save this fucking queer. Once the homies were done stomping down rupaul they opened the cell and peacefully carried him out….I don’t know these guys and this was a long time ago, but that was my read on the situation at the time

                  1. State prison and county/city jail have different rules.
                    We broke up fights immediately because things like that can spread and get out of hand quickly.

                    1. I totally get that. A cell in county has people waiting to see an arraignment judge. For the most part they probably want to behave. Even the real fucking idiots know that this is the wrong time. I’ve never been in state but I imagine it is quite a bit worse.

                    2. Some of those guys in State have been locked up long enough they would be glad to have a trannie around lol

                    3. Ha. Reminds me of a time in queens. There are 4 cells on each side of a hall. one side is felony and one side is misdemeanor and the 4th cell is women on each side. So come night time the parade of pros goes past all the other cells and there is all this hootin’ and hollering. So I am sitting next to this old black cat and you hear “whooo, yah baby…” and this guy calmly looks up and says “boy, you ain’t be in long enough to be attracted to that”

              1. Yeah, the toilet/water fountain is fucking gross. Worst thing I ever saw personally was a holding cell with no toilet/fountain. It had a drain in the middle of the floor to piss in. This dude got too rowdy and they cuffed him to the grate on the pisshole.

              2. How in the name of Holy fuck can a toilet and water fountain be combined? Dufuq?!?

                    1. whats gross is when someone who is in and out of the system plenty and doesn’t even care anymore drops trou and sits on that thing and blasts a huge noisy dump infront of you and your new 30 friends sitting in a 12×12 room

                    2. Sounds like those guys that have been in and out of state prison forever.
                      Every time an inmate goes outside the fence for whatever reason or is in contact with a non staff member they are strip searched. There’s a building ( called the shakedown building)on the perimeter where inmates go out and in the prison where they are searched. You have to watch the ones that go out on work details every day or they’ll be stripping before they get in the building. They are just so used to it, they don’t give it a thought.
                      There were separate stalls down the wall on one side where the inmates would stand while being searched, the walls were so they couldn’t pass contraband between each other during shakedown.
                      I was lucky enough to be doing shakedowns one day when outside details came back, I looked into the next stall to search the one in there and he was standing there butt naked holding his hands up poking his tongue out and had his fake eye stuck on the end of his tongue.

                    3. I had “escort detail” once and dropped off a guy and the correction officers did an immediate strip search when we arrived. As the guy was taking off his clothes he says to us, “I usually only do this after a pizza and a movie.” I laughed so f*cking hard at that one.

      2. The fearless guys I knew were the best. I knew one guy who would fight over anything and would get his ass handed to him every time. The thing is, no matter how tough his opponent was the guy would always wear down way before my buddy would tire of getting hit. There are only so many times you can punch and kick a guy who is in the fetal position laughing his ass off. I don’t know if he won or lost all of his fights but it did get to the point that no one ever wanted to fight him. It was just too much work.

        1. Reminds me of a guy who once told an opponent, ” you going to have to whup my ass every time you see me from now on until I win one”.

  8. OT, just showed up on the ticker:

    “The Boy Scouts of America’s board of directors has unanimously agreed to let girls into the Cub Scout program”

              1. It’s a word that would be better used for some kind of water boat paddling thing. It’s what a paddle sounds like when you use it “spe….lunk…splash”

            1. I love the Simpsons episode where young homer is at camp and needs to get across the lake to see a young marge (who he told his name was Elvis Jagger to). He sees the lake and a row boat and realizes it is “row versus wade and it is my right to choose!”

        1. I would like to thank Murdoc34, The Boy Scouts of America, Caitlin Jenner and God for allowing this to be possible.

    1. This is going to open Pandora’s box. There’s a reason you don’t have boys and girls go out camping together with minimal adult supervision. I speak as a former Boy Scout who reached the rank of Eagle Scout. Most campouts had 2-3 adults per troop of a dozen plus scouts and they usually went to sleep before the kids did. I don’t think I need to explain what would happen next if the boys are girls were out camping together.

          1. do you honestly think those would be the sort of girls that would insert themselves into a historically boy’s organization? I’m thinking they would be shorter, fatter, dumber and bluer hair.

            1. Honestly? No. No, I would be mostly worried that that would be the boys after a few years of hormone injections and some surgeries the way things are going. But please Jim, we need this, just this little tiny bit of hope in a world gone sideways.

      1. “I don’t think I need to explain what would happen next if the boys are girls we’re out camping together.”
        Well with the boys all being fags and the girls identifying as boys I think you do need to explain it….I imagine there will be some form a Pegging Merit Badge but the specifics are way beyond me.

            1. A little in-your-face, though. I really wanted something in more of a metaphorical pegging, but it’s lunch time and I’m hungry.

                  1. that’s why you purposely came in second in the big race…you like to come in a little behind

          1. whoever created that failed his test for the human anatomy merit badge. must. resist. upvote

      2. I freinds younger brother was a scout almost all they way through HS and years later it came out he was gay. I ran into him once and the topic of gay scout masters was in the news, so I asked him what he thought and he was flat out against it. He knew more about gay community than most and where it would lead.

        1. The thing is – overt sexuality of ANY flavor has no place in scouting. I’m sure there have always been nascent faegs in the ranks of boy scouts, why should this have to become matter of policy now?

          1. any kid that gets interest in girls will be looking for a job to pay for a car…… or smartphone, or whatever else they do these….dam kids raising a ruckus in my yard

            1. Probably always been perverts sneaking in to be “with the boys”. The problem now is that obvious, overt deviants are going to be place in these positions because “you cant discriminate”

            2. Why….they can take the young boys out fishing…teach them to bait a hook…they can be Scout Master Baiters out on the water with the boys.

    2. They let the camel into the tent already when a few faggy Scoutmasters voted to let fag boy scouts be a “thing”. This really can’t come as a surprise. The Scouts were a bastion of masculinity where young boys could go to have comraderie and learn valuable and masculine life skills, it’s no surprise that the Left has been gunning so hard for it the last twenty years. Destroy any institution that promotes anything remotely masculine is their thing.

      1. Yup, it is by design. A kid with a single mom has nowhere to go without some feminist inserting itself.

              1. The Answer is…SINBAD…SINBAD.
                Summarize the bible

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