Way of the Warlord: Phase 2 Update

Last week we continued our new Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.  Today’s post is the mid point update where we will share our questions, triumphs, difficulties, and advice.

Week Two Update

Last week’s challenge was:

Physical: Deadlift Challenge

Mental:Wall Kicks



The Deadlift challenge was a brutal thing but I got through it twice this week. It is NOT for the faint of heart.  By the 7th or 8th minute you’re really burning and working up a sweat.  My back and legs were on fire.  If any of you did this, let me know how it went.  I want to do it 3 times next week.


My goal to work on handling stress better.   My company was giving me what seemed to be a ton of shit tests.  I sacked up and got my shit done.  At one point I thought I was going to get fired, but it turns out they were prepping me for a promotion!  I think I handled myself calmly and efficiently. Im going to work on this even more next week.



Where are you guys in the challenge?  This post is just an update so its kind of short but I’d love to hear your guys input.  The whole goal of this is to get us interacting and helping each other reach our goals.

Stay determined and check in when you’re having an issue or a hard time staying on track.  Drop a comment on your progress!


J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

134 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Phase 2 Update”

    1. I know for a fact that soros coughed up the 8 bucks for the domain registration.

      1. Of course ((he)) has to help out his ((son)). Ok I think that’s my last time doing tha . I’m starting to cringe from my own posts.

    2. Still don’t know what Roosh is thinking in this purge. What would he expect, you have a good sized group of friends and you kick half of them out, you think they wouldn’t want to congregate somewhere else?

        1. we should play into this. I can host a Rothschild-like party with 2 headed strippers and we can post our profiles on your site. We are all venture capitalists that live in dungeons where we torture virgin demure women from Ukraine.

          1. How are you privy to that information?! Better watch your back at your college, friend. Would be a shame if a train derailed and plowed through your dormroom.
            OT….where the nearest train tracks? Couple miles from campus?

            1. Oh no I know too much. Those conspiracy theory guys are hilarious. Hell I was called a Jew on that website because I didn’t agree with their nonsense .

              1. that happens on like half the websites in the manosphere.

                the manosphere is already splitting into the positive men engaging in civil life … and the weirdo destructive conspiracy nuts dwelling at the margins of western civ.

        1. In all honesty, I am glad the purge happened, the articles here fit much closer to my worldview, albeit slower in coming out.

          1. That and I can do without the 150th article about how the west is totally doomed and there is no hope whatsoever. Anywhere. Ever again.


      1. I tried to explain this to Mobius….but he’s way too smart to accept the most likely and logical explanation….

            1. He’s an odd duck, sort of cryptic so I was only hoping. Either way the name’s out there and the comment is too.
              I don’t like to see this kind of schism and subsequent displays, but it seems it was inevitable. I can’t abide the limitation of speech when that was the main thing I agreed with consistently advocating.

        1. After that last interview, I had to agree with the Jezebel writers, he really does live in his mom’s basement.

    3. This week has been relatively stress free until I logged on there and started reading articles about Hollywood degenerates and the evil j00s. Logged off and came over here for a much more relaxed environment.

        1. How is Stormfront still a site, when so many less offensive places have already been nuked to the dark?

      1. its too much…would the Cylons just nuke the planet already? New Earth, here I come

      2. It’s surprising how much your mood improves when you don’t look at that depressing crap. When I used to watch MGTOW videos I damn near hated women. Then I realized how much of Debby downed those guys were and stopped watching their videos and my mood improved.

        1. Agreed. The first dozen or so articles pointing out how screwed up Hollywood is (as if we really need to be told) were fine but they become quite stale and really started becoming a downer.

        2. They are depressing.I forced myself to stop watching them and went back out to the bars just to feel normal again.

        3. At least 70% of those guys are the most bitter human beings to walk the earth…it did start a movement, but it really needs to move on to more productive goals.

      3. I’ve been enjoying listening to the Mythcon stuff and also how the New York Comic Con went, apparently retailers are telling Marvel they can’t sell the SJW crap. So that’s sort of positive.

          1. Yep.
            Comics and games tend to get a bad rap in masculinity discussions (and there are certainly pitfalls: obsession, time-wasting, etc), but in my case my dad read comics (Blackhawk, Sgt. Fury, Strange Tales) as a kid and kept some of them. He bought me my first comic and it was something we would read and enjoy together, great for father/son bonding and discussion about things like discipline, responsibility, courage etc.
            And he bought me the first Final Fantasy but I wasn’t interested in it at the time until he started playing it and had me taking notes on what attacks worked on what enemies and drawing out maps of dungeons on grid paper. Again, male bonding going on almost every day when he got home from work attached to me being done with chores and homework. My mom would even play Mario Kart with us.
            I also has many, many of my friends and even girls come over to hang out where the excuse to get together was to read new comics or play games. In fact, my longest term girlfriend initially suggested she come over to play N64 and we just let nature take its course from there.
            I firmly believe that the socialization aspect and particularly the family and male bonding part is why those industries have been attacked by SJWs so heavily just like men’s clubs before them.

              1. Funny coincidence there, I too have Sonic comics, all the way up until the indefinite hiatus/cancellation recently, I wasn’t reading them anymore but I thought they might be worth something if it was the entire series and I left it to my son (should I ever have one).
                I like FF7 but preferred 6 and Legend of Dragoon over all.

                  1. Yep. It was interesting and fresh take on combat and quite fun, the sequel was fairly decent too even though the publisher didn’t do a great job of promoting it at the time.
                    I was actually thinking it could be fun to do a quick top games for men (and their sons) to share.
                    Sniper Elite (series)
                    Romance of the Three Kingdoms (series)
                    Gran Turismo (series)
                    and so on…

                    1. I liked LoD2 but it wasn’t close to the original. Just didn’t have the same feel and replay value.

                      Interesting idea for an article. If you want to post it here, send me a mockup if the games and why they’re good games for fathers and sons to play together.

              1. Nice. My joystick was so sore that evening… serious note, since high school she’s been married twice and has some kids, still slim and healthy (considering she’s post-wall) but I’m glad not to be husband # next ∞ to be honest.

            1. Gone are the days when 4 guys could gather around a TV with a controller apiece and shit-talk each other into oblivion. It must be played online, over a headset and without real human contact…wonder how that happened.

            2. I will say the good thing about the gaming and comic book community is that they are fighting that sjw crap at full force. They don’t want their form of entertainment( and for a lot escapism) to be polluted by that garbage.

        1. The FIFA series for PS4 added the US women’s national team last year. My son and his friends only play the women’s team when they want something to laugh at. I have heard they will remove it because nobody plays them in online tournaments and games.

        2. When you start forcing SJW propaganda down people’s throats, of course they’re going to spit it back out.

          I just hope the new Punisher series doesn’t get fucked up by Netflix.

              1. if he did just 10 push ups a week and walked for 20 minutes he would look 1000X more masculine in 4 weeks.

                1. I passed him on a street once (won’t say where or when) and immediately recognized him. He gives off weird vibes. You know how some people just make your skin crawl? Yeah, that’s him.

                  1. A while back, he was trying to sell ROK readers the idea that their perfect wife is a 16 year old in Bangkok.

              2. Yeah, I made some similar comments on the article when ROK posted it. Jeez, what a puss that guy is.

                1. yep, i get he didnt want confrontation with those two kids, but the way he ran to the fuzz was weird, and it looks as if he has stacked his pants while doing it.

              1. The buttons on the jacket are about to pop . However, I wouldn’t mind actually fighting those other clowns , a little arrogant duo aren’t they ?

                1. They were embolden by Forney’s retreat.
                  You, me, or any one of us here would have mopped the floor with both of them.

                1. Well no wonder the Knee-man was on his case! That’s beyond sad that a guy like that is anywhere near a masculine site. Wow, if I’d known that I’d probably have left Return of Kratom a lot sooner. 🙂

                  1. I was expecting normal guys to be on ROK, guys who were between 6s-8s on the attractive scale, not a 2 fattie. No wonder why that guy goes to the Philippines for sex tourism.

                    1. I know right! Have to wonder about a site that supposedly preaches masculinity allowing a guy that needs to man-up to write articles.

    4. michaelmobius1 is a little funny in the head, what you can call a functional tinfoil paranoid…….pay no attention to that.

    5. In all fairness, I am glad some of the ROK crown did not come over here. Their negativity, paranoia and racialist and Antisemitic non-sense would ruin this site, too.
      I would like Akingscatle to stay what it is now. I could not care less about ROK – that website (including Roosh and most oh his commenters) is a lost cause.

      1. I am tired of having to hear the constant negativity. If the Jews had a sinister plan to enslave everyone, then they will have to deal with managing entire humanity and that is a responsibility I would not personally want. I watched house tour of Bernie Madoff’s estate and he had a bowling alley in his house. I know I never would want a bowling alley in my house and 300 pairs of shoes. I am quite happy with a 4 bedroom house and a billiards table I rarely use. They can have the power and over-the-top wealth.

        1. Not to mention that is impossible. Anyone who worked for a decent size company knows how chaotic it is to get things done and to do that on a global scale. Good luck .

          1. They’ve had several hundred years of extreme wealth and little opposition. They must be the worst comic book villains of all time, by now.

      2. While we plan on growing AKC, we have no intention of changing our message or writing style. We want men to see that the red pill isn’t all doom and gloom. It’s about realizing the facts of life and adjusting appropriately.

        OT: I received your comment about my article the other day. I guess it was sent to spam or something. At any rate, it’s not my intent to take post negative articles like ROK. Although some of my posts are about the poor state of society, it’s my goal to offer insight on how to overcome these hurdles. Hope that provides some clarity as to why I chose the topic I wrote about.

  1. My company was giving me what seemed to be a ton of shit tests. […] prepping me for a promotion!

    Your new position consists entirely of being shit tested? Sounds.. um, fun, I guess..

  2. Kind of OT, but sort of not:

    Girl agrees to first date, but both of you have work conflicts that ensure you won’t see each other for at least a week prior to this date.

    How to proceed contact-wise in the meantime? Advice for both online and cold approach-acquired dates needed in this instance.

    1. I won’t give any advice on this because, quite frankly, I am not qualified.
      Nice girls are not exactly my field of expertise.
      But, I will say, I hope it works out for you. Good luck.

    2. Been out of the dating scene for a while but I’d say stay quiet until you’re ready to schedule the date, then be straight to the point.
      “Dinner on Saturday at 8? Cool, I’ll pick you up.”

    3. All jokes aside. I’ve been out of the dating game for a Loooooong time… I’ll be happily married 20-years in February, but the same principles apply…

      Never make yourself “too available.” Make sure that people understand that you are busy and you are in demand. Whether it’s a woman, business, whatever – it doesn’t matter… People will waste your time if you let them. They need to respect your time. They need to understand that you are a high value individual and that you are “making time for them” – this puts you in the driver’s seat.

      1. Thanks, I took myself out of the game for 2 years after my last relationship. The fundamentals are very slowly coming back.

  3. Slacked off this last WOTW challenge due to some issues that arose.
    Will absolutely get back into it.
    These activities seem to be a great exercise to help guys DEAL with personal issues & defeats. And come back from them.

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