13 Daily Virtues: Industry, Cleanliness, Tranquility

This is part three of a multi-part series which discusses a method Ben Franklin used to develop his character as a man. Today I’ll go over the next three: Industry, Cleanliness, and Tranquility. Franklin provided a quick explanation of each virtue, but I will provide my own interpretation, as well as how to employ these virtues in your life, and how it relates to red pill theory as a whole.

Virtue 6: Industry

Lose no time; be always employed in something useful, cut off all unnecessary actions

I agree with Franklin here.  While the need to simply relax and wind down is very important, far too many people screw around with their time.  Time is a motherfucker in the sense that once its gone, it never comes back.  What you choose to work or focus on should be something to benefit you.

I think a further point can be made here by learning how to cut negative things out of your life.  It can be easy to recognize a problem, but simply recognizing it isn’t enough.  It takes balls and determination to realize you are doing something self destructive, but then doing whatever it takes to make you right again.

I don’t think we need to be machines all the time.  Getting to enjoy life is one of the best parts of it, but just make sure you’re not pissing your time away.  Get out and see what’s out there.  Try something new.

Virtue 7: Cleanliness

 Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, or habitation. 

Pretty self explanatory but we’ll dive in.  Taking care of yourself shows that you have pride in your appearance.   We’re social creatures, and things like being well kempt and clean says a lot to others.  Keeping your hair, beard, and fingernails trimmed is a basic thing all guys should be doing.  I don’t care if you’re bald or have dungeon master long hair, make sure its styled correctly.  Seeing the way some of these guys walk around today means just taking care of yourself in a normal way will set you apart.

As for clothing, I’m no fashion expert (Jak need your input on this), but I know how a man should dress.  How you dress says a lot about what you project to others.  While every guy should have a nice suit or two, just wearing clothing that fits you well is a start.  Baggy clothes look horrible and super tight clothing tends too weird.  Simple, fitting clothing is the way I go.   Casual or formal, I feel the fit is so important.

Lastly, Franklin says to keep your home clean as well.  I know for myself that I cannot even think straight in a room that is messy and cluttered.  Find a place for everything and if you run out of space, you can probably eliminate some clutter.

Virtue 8: Tranquility

Be not disturbed at trifles, or at accidents common or unavoidable

A truth in this world is you’re going to screw something up at some point.  Everyone does, and it sucks.  The message we want to get across here is to not sweat small things, but more importantly, when the serious things come up, don’t let it affect who you are and how you view yourself. Dealing with your stress and how you handle it is part of our Way of the Warlord homework this week.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

A person I know never seems to be able to solve any task given to him because he gets so upset and into a fit of rage when hes asked to do something.  He lets external shit affect his overall mood and often he seems like hes about to explode.

The key message in this virtue is to always remember that if it isn’t going to kill you, then you’ll make it through.  Things might suck for a while, but you’re still you, and you need to cut through that shit.


Today we looked at Industry, Cleanliness, and Tranquility. To recap:

Industry: Don’t waste your time on things that hold you back.  Learn as much as you can.  Do something with the time you have on Earth.

Cleanliness:  Don’t live in filth.  Keep yourself clean cut and dress the way a man should.

Tranquility: Don’t expect things to always go your way, use it as a way to show how you handle shit.

Drop a comment below.  Next time I revisit this series, I’ll be reviewing: Silence, Sincerity, and Justice


J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. Hello gentleman.
    I bit off-topic – I am back from Miami, Florida.
    Let me sum up the my experience.
    Pro for Miami: general friendliness of most people,, some nice neighborhood (quiet expensive, though), quiet international and cosmopolitan in a good sense of the word,plus beautiful women from some places in the Caribbean (Cuba, Barbados, Haiti etc).
    Cons: the whether (way too hot pretty much all year long, even with air-conditioning), properties in good neighborhood are extortionately expensive, crime can be an issue even there, racial tensions. (Most African-Americans -not the immigrants from the Caribbean or Africa, but the ones born and bred in the US, multiple generation – seem to be hostile)
    Also, the place is likely to be hit by hurricanes.
    To sum it up: Miami is not that bad but there are better cities to live in the US. There are also plenty of worse cities (Cleveland being a prime example.) Overall 6/10
    Some readers accused me of touring “the worst parts of the US”. Next month we’ll be off to Denver and Colorado Springs. Both places were voted for “best place to live in the US” just a few years ago.

    1. That is a VERY good description of Miami. I would add that if you go there in perfect weather season and spend a shit ton of money and only stay for 2 days it goes from 6 to 8 but that is only because you don’t encounter the BS.

        1. I am more worried about Floridians than I am about alligators. Alligators can be repurposed into useful and stylish things — not so much Floridians

            1. brilliant. One thing that is funny is if you go to google images type in (name of state) man/woman. I find that the image result is quite indicative of what you find in that place. Give it a try. Google image Florida Man or Florida Woman versus California or New York or Idaho or wherever. It is startling how accurately google nails it with the search results.

              1. I have just tried that with googling “Florida woman”. Most of the first page of the hits were mug shots…

                1. “Florida Man” is a hilarious twitter thing. All actual news stories featuring a ‘Florida Man’ doing something stupid.

  2. I like what you said about tranquility. Having an upbeat personality about life despite your situation is so vital. A guy I really admire got paralyzed in Vietnam by a landline he ended up having a family with four kids, working as a welder in a manufacturing setup. Now he works with the 11 year old scouts, always upbeat even though he is in a wheelchair.

  3. I’m a very calm and peaceful dude but tranquillity around stupid people or malfunctioning inanimate objects is my Achilles heel. I can go from zero to angry dickhead throwing a bent tent stake across the field or yelling at some jackass car dealer in very little time.

    1. So, gunny, you are saying you are perfectly calm as long as everyone is doing the right thing and all the stuff around you is functioning well? That is like saying “i am a peace loving man except when around people…because I want to kill them all”

        1. I need to travel there once, just once, so that I can point at a pub in one of their cities and make a joke about Klondike Bars.

            1. I actually made a road trip when I was stationed in Texas, to a hole in the wall place called Eden, so that I could take a picture of me standing with a compass in hand just East of the city limits sign, so that I could officially say that I’ve been East of Eden. I’ve also ensured that I’ve had my pic taken by the sign entering Hell, Michigan, so that I can claim officially that I’ve been to Hell and back.

              My dad infected me with this silliness. There’s a creek we passed over once on a drive out in Ohio when I was a teen, and he swerved and turned around. The sign said it was, seriously, “Pee Pee Creek” so we both got out of the car and my step-mom got out with the camera, and we stood with our back to her facing the creek like we were taking a whizz in it, right next to the sign with the name of the creek on it. Heh.

                1. I think that there’s a “Fuck, Austria” too isn’t there? Or is that Germany? (too lazy to google) I need to go there too some day.

              1. Brother and I have a pic of us in Kill, Ireland.

                Local told us “Kill” is galic for church. Explains much.

                1. Cill is a *very* old word, I don’t think the modern Irish use it at all any longer, but it meant church when used, yep. It’s “kirk” in Scottish (which is strangely close to German) if I remember correctly.and eaglais which is from the same root as Spanish iglesia. I don’t know the modern Irish for Church, although I think eaglais is the same (eaglais used when naming churches, like the Church of England, The Catholic Church, etc).

                  And now I’m wondering if Captain Kirk’s name was meant to be some kind of weird allusion. Heh.

        2. Dude, you don’t even know. Two days in NYC and I am tweaking like methhead. Biggest I have ever gone was living in DC for 8 months in my 20’s. Liked all the live music and museums but those aren’t worth the crazy hustle.

      1. Haha. To be more precise, it is when stupid people waste my time – slow customer service, making things unnecessarily complex (either from incompetence or to wrap your ego up in something). And then when simple items won’t work – rusted on bolts, gunk when you remove a sticker, etc.

  4. About tranquility and related specifically to dealing with relationships with the female of the species…one bit of advice I was given that has kept me good and level has been to stop, think about what the worst thing that can happen is (insults? cheating? she cuts you? whatever) then just assume “ok, it is a possibility” and if it happens I will walk.

    Men have a tendency to try and avoid trouble so they see potential things that a woman might do and then try to mitigate the situation. Don’t like your woman cheating? ok, well keep her on a tight leash. Don’t want her getting drunk? Tell her not to drink without you. Etc. But this is so bad and so wrong. Just let your woman out on as long of a leash as she wants. If and when she hangs herself with that leash then let her pass. Trying to restrict female behavior is the surest way to ensure she participates in it. Don’t believe me, ask any black kid from any state or private school how quick a tipsy little Mary gets on their cock after 18 years of daddy telling her not to.

    1. this is where I’ve failed with hotter women. Trying to preempt bullshit and responding to shit tests where if I would have ignored them and their shit tests, the whole thing would have blown over and I would have been knee deep in gash once again. I met a girl last weekend who was dating Mr Ken Doll before me. She was describing him to me. The guy was 6 ft 6″ tall with chiseled good looks who’s only opener to her on Tinder was “hey”. (Everyone in her neighborhood hooks up with Tinder these days. We are talking mid 30s – mid 40s singles.) According to her, he didn’t talk much and basically was fucking her and another girl for 2 years. He passed relationship shit tests by simply ignoring them and she thought they were a couple , whereas I respond to the shit tests and she looks at me all puzzled.

      1. I fell for it for a while myself before learning. I have one buddy who falls for it constantly. He is so worried about women cheating on him that he is constantly asking about shit like people on social media or where she is going. Fuck, if he was a woman doing shit like that to me I’d be out too. Holding onto women is a lot like holding water in your hand. If you leave your hand open yet firm it will stay and if you try to squeeze it will go. Think of it this way: You are worried that X will happen. One of two things is going to happen. Either x will happen or x will not happen. Anything you do to prevent it only makes it more likely that it will happen. This isn’t to say that if you ignore it won’t happen anyway, but your odds are better on that side.

        1. Its funny, I’ve NEVER worried about a girl cheating on me. Now ME on the other hand….that causes some duress.

          1. I never worried about cheating. I worried about other stuff but now I really don’t worry about anything.

            1. I’ve only worried about Tyrone hunting me down after I ripped off a sugar baby (his wife) but then again, pimps these days are as bad as simps.

                  1. He seems to have undergone expedited justice. Usually it takes me weeks to get a court date.

                    1. Depends on the county. Some places get real persnickety if you speed across their bridges.

                    2. I’ve never seen a pimp speed, you can’t spot a cracker with money unless you drive slowwww.

                  2. Sometimes you may wonder whether the typical 1970s ludicrous pimp dresscode did actually exist or was simply made up by Hollywood?

                    1. It halfway did I think. The 1970’s were awful for style, a lot of the exaggerated shit on pimps in movies from the time was present in toned down version with the general public. I doubt that they had goldfish in the heels type shoes, but Huggy Bear wasn’t *that* far from the where some of the more weird types of clothing were at the time.

              1. Man, I do not understand how you travel in those circles. More power to ya man, but I am def not constituted for it.

                1. some of those women are so dirty, the sex is just on another level. The Devil’s drinking water.

                  1. That part I get and will / have enjoyed. It is the scam aspect of it. I just don’t have the nerve for it.

                    1. there are no repercussions. You just act like you were just released from a sanitarium when the angry phone calls commence. I’ve been on SA since 2015. In fact, I started a cult following after I posted my methods on the blogs. I even got a guy in Budapest who calls me on FB messenger about my next level scam artistry.

                    2. $70 per month membership on SA gets you access you the stupidest, hottest, delusional women on the planet. $10 resume paper prints you enough $100 bills for a year.

                    3. let me tell you about the time in a titty bar where my friend tipped the jizz mopper (janitor) $1 who was cleaning the pole. All 30 girls working the club ran over and started tipping him as well. He made more than the girls did that night. My friend and I got free lap dances for about 2 hours after that move.

        2. I really enjoy that water analogy, it seems very apt.
          How about competition in dating? How does that fare?

            1. As in dating numerous girls informally as opposed to one only in the early stages. Does that produce results and if so, how does one balance it?

      1. mine is for sure, but not always. I have met guys who legit just didn’t fucking care. Worked for them too.

        1. I’d posit that one informs the other, that is, not giving a fuk (other fish in the sea) is the foundation of AM.

      2. the girl I’ve had 3 dates with is on my mind, but I am frantically looking for #2 right now so I stop thinking about #1..

    2. While I agree, for those of us with longer term interests in women, there is a fine line between what you have said, and setting ground rules and expectations. Where you are living the playboy life and ditching them after a couple of months anyway, your advice is perfectly sound. But if you want to maintain a marriage, you have to set some ground rules. There, the advice goes back to what was said in the article a few days ago about choosing your battles. What can you let slide versus what can you not let slide, but believe is correctable and so ground rules are appropriate, versus what can you not let slide, but it is irreconcilable so if she does it, you’re leaving.

      1. Rules, sure, but they should be unspoken, understood. Like I never had to tell my wife – “hey! no going out getting wasted with dudes!” and she only had to tell me once to stop doing drugs and banging sluts.

      2. I get what you are saying NE but I think you are missing the value of this even for LTR or marriage. I am not saying one should not set ground rules. “This is what I require in order to remain in whatever form of relationship this is” But once you have your rules clearly enunciated, and they are not rules about her they are rules about you and what you will abide as a man, then it is up to her. Trying to enforce them or trying to play police officer and keep an eye on her or asking about things bla bla bla will only push further.

        I have no problem with setting rules but, like the George Foreman grill…set it and forget it. Whether that rule is “If you want me paying for dinner you better be dressed to the 9’s and I like heels” or if it is “if you want me to be faithful I require the same from you” or “if you want me to be serious you need to cut back on your drinking” go on and do it. If she agrees then act on the assumption that she will follow through. If you hound her, if you stalk her, if you are pouring over her social media and asking where she is you are basically driving her into the bed of the first me she sees. The second you ask “hey, who is that guy who liked your photo” your relationship is effectively over. Just a matter of time now.

        1. OK, with your clarification, we are in agreement. I’m not spending my time hounding a woman about her behavior.

          1. Me either, but I see it all the time. Guys are crazy. It’s like ok I say “if you want x then you MUST y” I see guys saying constantly “are you y?” “did you y” “have you ever y’d with that guy” “did the person that like you picture ever Y you in the A”
            I don’t think it comes from a bad place and doesn’t even necessarily come from a weak one….men know women are susceptible to certain behavior and want to save them from themselves but in doing so just push them further. I mean, for my own part it is a good thing…makes the boning pool bigger

            1. “Doesn’t even necessarily come from a weak one.” See, here I disagree. Perhaps not in all instances, but at the end of the day, this shit comes across as insecure. Like you say, it sends a psychological signal to this chick that you think she could always go back to that dude if she wanted to, which gives her power over you. We’re probably just arguing over semantics, but this kind of shit is weak. If you’re really worried that your woman is going to get fucked in the ass by the dude who liked her FB pic, you have deeper relationship problems that aren’t going to be solved by you incessantly asking about it.

              Other guys like my wife’s FB pics all the time. I don’t think I have ever asked her about any of it. Because I honestly don’t fucking care. If she ever cheats, I’ll knock her teeth out and walk out the door. She knows that, and that’s really all that matters.

              1. Oh it’s absolutely weak and it is semantecs.

                My point was that it doesn’t ALWAYS come from a weak spot (though it is always a weakness). A lot of times men are trying to protect and defend what they have and just do it wrong because they are insecure so you are right, always weakness.

  5. “As for clothing, I’m no fashion expert ” – Easily solved. Go to the nearest Gayborhood bar, talk to a flamboyant limp wrister, ask him to meet you at the high end male boutique. You’ll be stylin’ in less than 4 hours. Disclaimer: Watch your ass.

    1. The gay connection to fashion always made me think. They dress that way to gain the attraction from other men, women are more fashion conscious, presumably to gain the attraction from men. Is it us who cause that relationship between them and fashion? I know I treat my wife differently when she is in a flannel and sweats compared to when she is wearing a dress. I guess we are the more visually stimulated.

      1. On Tinder, I have a pic of myself in an $8000 Stanley Korshak suit (my gay friend’s suit) and Serengeti high end sunglasses (mine) looking away in a Maserati (The gay friend’s car too). Women think it is the hottest picture ever and I get right swiped on that picture alone. They are just as visual as we are, think of their shoes? and dresses? Their purses?

        1. they are probably thinking you have money to burn from the photo. Hell, I wouldn’t mind getting a high end meal from you for spending an evening (no sex though).

          1. the younger ones (18-25), yes you are right , the older ones (25-40), professional women with incomes, just like the picture..

                1. I used to have a running joke with my friends in high school and early 20’s,. we would always take our cars with a case of beer out to his dad’s shop to tinker on. Whenever someone would ask what we were doing, we would say we were going shopping. Took my parents awhile to figure it out.

                    1. No joke, a (lower class) friend of mine had this girlfriend that he broke up with. She left a dildo at his house, so he took it and put it in a yard sale, along with all the other crap she had. He had a tag on it (slightly used, 50 cents).

                    2. or the entire concept behind golf. Still always laugh at one cousin asking me if I golf and the other saying, before I can answer, “of course he doesn’t. why would he? he isn’t married”

                    3. I don’t know why the fact that this was done in a Chevette makes it even funnier, but it does

                    4. I’ve seen a turbo charged Chevette beat a Porsche on the race track…those were lighter than rice burners!

                    5. Power-to-weight ratio. Its really a very simple concept. People can argue cubic inches, turbos, etc all they want, but Powerful Engine+Lightweight car = fast!

                    6. Sagebrush …..you can drive plenty drunk out on the bunny trails. Just keep her below 30 or you will lose all the crap in the back of your pickup.

                    7. I’m too hyper for golf. At 44 I still play soccer as much as my 15 year old, albeit with more pain.

                    8. golf…..lets see….
                      -standing around in the sun
                      -wearing a polo shirt and funny shoes
                      -intermittently repeating the same physical gesture again and again, but not enough to break a sweat
                      -spending an entire day to complete the game

                      yeah, nah I’ll pass

                    9. Who needs golf anyhow, the only thing good about it is having people clap every time you get a good stroke or sink it in the hole…you can get that in any decent menage+.

        2. I notice the difference immediately on how I’m treated when I am running around doing errands casual versus when I am in a good suit with high end sun glasses on. Women analyze everything on a man from the shoes he is wearing to his sunglasses and they do it so fast it is amazing. I have learned to do it to. I make it a point to know about women’s handbags and women’s shoes and clothing. Once you know about this stuff you can know so much about a woman in a single glance. I know what she is trying to say about herself and then by how old the stuff is or whether it has been repaired or which side, top or bottom, of a high end designer I can tell something about who she is and then make some deductions based on those two things.

            1. Ha. You only have info on ONE from me. I could write a monograph on analysis of women by handbag.

              1. If you can pick out a Hermes from afar, they get all impressed because the Hermes sewn symbol is in a more subtle location, not seen easily, but their designs are unique.

                1. I’ve got good. I can actually tell real Hermes from fake ones, know which are birkins and can see a Celine bag from across a bar. My wallet is bottega veneta and you would be shocked at how fast a girls eyes open when they see.

                  1. I owned a fake Vacheron watch for a while, until the cubic zirconian rocks faded . The typical airhead 18 year old sugar baby would gravitate toward me but the more refined gold diggers spotted the fake within 5 minutes. How? the Vacheron symbol was engraved at least 5 times, into the wristband whereas on the real Vacherons, their symbol is nowhere to be found.

        3. Careful swapping suits – that’s a hair’s breadth away from rubbin’ dik-tips. You’ll get d’AIDS.

          1. fuck it…I got a bottle of Robitussin and a few Aderall in my undies. That should take care of the HIV…

                    1. I might have that honor. He said he was going to write something about Haiti and I replied “be sure to mention the inevitability of getting aids” or something equally juvenile. He made the mistake of fighting it so it stuck.

                    2. Haiti was for Kersey…what the Ukraine and the Philippines were to most ROK-readers. Neither of the two groups were sane.
                      It’s hard to tell which one was more deluded : Kersey’s craze about Haitian chicks or Roosh’ obsession with Ukrainian women.

                    3. What made it even worse is he doubled down, praising ‘African’ women above all, yes much like the ROK fixation on Slavic broads.

                    4. I’ll tell you for a near fact that he still logs in and looks, then logs off and goes and does mean things to his dog with a fork.

          2. If this was the 90’s he would already have aids….because everyone already had aids in the 90’s

                  1. I still remember in high school when I convinced a girl to let me use saran wrap because we didn’t have a condom.

                    1. I never actually double bagged. Now I don’t bag at all. If you do bag word to the wise, putting a ribbed condom on inside out will not help in any way with YOUR pleasure.

                    2. I stopped bagging after my vasectomy in 2008. Caught Chlamidya twice and one attempted pregnancy extortion.

                    3. yeah, if you can zap a disease out with a single dose of a medicine it isn’t even real. Even less serious than abortion as Zithro is less expensive than either plan b or an abortion. Easy peasy

                    4. when the doc asked me about my pain level..I said 1 out of 10 but the increased horniness while I think about how I contracted it, makes it a pleasurable illness.

                    5. I followed your advice on Sat night when I had a date. I told her that when we have sex, and soon, it will be amazing….as if I was calling my shot from the 3 point line…she was speechless.

                    6. Next bit of advice….tell them you have never had an orgasm during a blowjob. Oh, you love getting them but just never cum that way. It’s cool, whatever, you are used to it. Watch how hard she works that fucking throat. Competitive instinct is strong in the female of the species

            1. I have a relative who was an acturial for the biggest insurance company in the country tell me aids is strictly a gay mans disease unless your a needle using drug addict. The numbers were telling them that in any case.

              1. I have been saying the same thing for a long time. If you aren’t a faggot, a needle user or in the third world, barring some insane mix up at a hospital that shit just isn’t going to happen for you.

                1. Right. I have seen statistics on it and it is amazing. Basically if you are white, straight (and don’t have bisexual partners if you’re female) and don’t do IV drugs, your chance of catching AIDS is right there with your odds of winning the lottery.

                2. I agree. I had a full health exam done about a decade ago and when I enquired about HIV testing my doc asked me if I was gay or did heroin. When I said “neither”, he said it would be a waste of time as in the +20 years of practicing the only people he found positive for aids were gay men.

        4. side note about tinder / actually bumble but same shit. One profile with a suit and a blurb about wanting something serious and real. Another profile with no words and just a picture with no shirt showing off 6 pack and v line. 100 right swipes on each not even looking. Just first 100 that came up. Suit wanting family 19 hits. 6 pack and v line 42

          1. Of course, sex is far cheaper than commitment. And who in their right mind would look for a committed relationship on tinder?

            1. I am hearing about tinder love stories now for people in their 50’s and 60’s. I guess it is people who have been divorced, are past wanting to have kids, are just looking for companions etc. Actually, it makes a lot more sense for them than anything else.

                1. I’m not but in a fucking heart beat….without hesitation….i’d blow the cob webs out of that old snatch and give that old girl the ride of a lifetime.

            2. All women want commitment from the hottest guys! My #1 told me she is using reverse psychology by stating she doesn’t want anything serious. Then she had an emotional nuclear meltdown after I didn’t text her for 6 days telling me she wants love and can’t be a serial dater anymore.

  6. someone on that other site claimed dsscus will no longer allow them to use their commenting platform…slippery slope

    1. Another platform lost to the lunacy. Might as well start looking for an alternate now, because it’s only a matter of time before we’re targeted for liquidation. We’re already violating a large number of unwritten but strict zero-tolerance policies, for instance being all men.

  7. Cleanliness is huge to me. Disorder and disarray around the house drives me mad, and a messy kitchen is the surest way to get me into full OCD mode.

    Tranquility is cool, probably a great lesson but no guy learns it until he’s past 35, before then you usually can’t get a guy to chill and relax about life even if you paid him “One…billion….dollars!”

    Industry? As noted before, do your work as expected, always deliver top shelf product and exceed expectations on the quality of your work, however, keeping “always learning, all the time, never waste a moment!” is for the young. Acquiring life skills, talents, hobbies and always keeping on the move is great and highly advised when you’re 25. Hit 40 and you can, you know, relax every now and then. Sit on a beach in the summer and read a book or just have some nice drinks while nearly naked women lounge around you. Read a book that serves no actual learning purpose, just for fun. Hell, just sit in a park and watch the people walk by. While I’m pretty All American Apple Pie, I was never bitten by the insane Protestant Work Ethic thing that we’re all supposed to subscribe to. Always support yourself, be gainfully employed, never shirk on your responsibilities or work, but the need to “go go go go go go!” every single waking moment of the day is a quick way to an early grave. To me, just staring at mountains for an hour or enjoying a day by the ocean doing absolutely, positively nothing, sounds great.

    1. Ah, so this is where GhostofJefferson, lolknee, and several of the other (former) regular guys post now. ROK comments haven’t been nearly as fun without them. I’ve really missed the discussions, I think I’m going to hang out here from now on!!

      Those guys are SO awesome!!!

        1. Why though? You (in particular) brought a ton of life to the comments section as well as many other familiar names I see down below. I can’t understand why Roosh would have issues with drawing more people to the articles and their comments.

          Incidentally, Disqus informed ROK last night that they will no longer be offering their services to the website starting this Friday (10/20) because of some sort of terms of service violation(s). So in the end it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. I’m grateful there is still a place here where you all congregate and chat, I really enjoy the discussions.

          1. I really don’t know why this is like it is. Frankly, I am happy about the change. Although the articles are slower in coming out, they are more fitting to my world view and offer positive solutions. The more intelligent, positive, and funnier commenters are the ones who congregated here. Roosh did us a favor, IMO.

              1. alpha/beta/sigma/gamma/Delta Tau Chi
                It is all LGBTQDSSKJDHGFSLKDH
                The simple mindedness of the distinctions drawn, more and more, seem to me just fodder for people to fill out their D and D character profile and are largely ignored by men who have a life.

                1. The only solution to woman problems were moving to Kyiv or Phucket. Some of us like America.
                  People have to eat and shit at the end of the day. Society will not collapse because an antifa cunt sued Weinstein over a casting couch rape.

                  1. Those weren’t ever really options anyway, saying “Move to the Ukraine! Visit Taiwan!” are so out of the range of the normal guy posting over there, that the actual advice wasn’t really suggestions so much as it was “and everything else won’t work, including what you’re doing, so you’re a victim, so sorry”.

                    “Aw shucks, if I can’t find any good women except in Vladivostok, that means that what I’ve been doing here in the States/England and failing wasn’t because of *meeeeee*”.


                  2. ahhh fuckit….I don’t actually see any problem with women in America or really with society in general.

                    1. I’m really worried that you’re going to follow that up with a post about Bangkok.

                    2. Britisher. I feel this strange urge to punch you with 65% power on the arm if we ever meet.

                    1. Who is making all that shit anyway? I’m not going to pretend I’ve never been to a porn site, and the ones I’ve seen seem to have this endless parade of content featuring almost “new” non-“star” people, to the point that you come away with the impression that everybody but you and that quadriplegic living next door are making porn. And you can’t even be sure about the quadriplegic.

                    2. A little too much truth for comfort in that King of the Hill episode where Peggy is on a fetish site for feet.
                      The formula is probably something like: money+frustration+loneliness-shame-dignity=porn though someone better at math could come up with something closer. Personally I exploit a similar formula for training subs and I’ve yet to see an end to how far people will go.

                    3. Not familiar with that episode.

                      Are you saying all these hot girls are frustrated and lonely that do porn?

                    4. If not yet, they will be and then most likely very bitter about it all. And I was considering that men and women both make (and also consume, there’s a nearly exponential rise in female viewership) porn.

                    5. Heh, well I don’t think that a guy would have to be particularly lonely if some girl asks him “Hey, want to have a threesome with me and my two girlfriends and put it on video”?

                      “No, sorry dear, I’m feeling quite satisfied in life right now and I do not lack for companionship. But I do ever so thank you for considering that I might be lonely, you’re a good lass”.

                    6. Heh, let’s see if I can play too:
                      Same guy only now he is watching and filming her and her friends fuck someone else while he’s tied up. And now he’s a guy watching other guys watching their women fuck someone else while they’re tied up and he beats off. Now he’s watching all that while being cuckholded. And now we add pets.
                      “Hey dear, let me fuck this deer we just skinned while you and your friends peg me with the antlers.”
                      Lots of porn out there, lots of reasons, and lots of reasons not to waste time on it. 🙂

                    7. See? I only think of those kind of scenarios as if I were the bull and being the center of the fun, heh. That deviant cuck stuff is really weird.

                    8. I don’t know why there is new content anyway, is the new any better than some obscure scene from the 1980’s?

                2. It’s an easy trap to fall in. Republican vs Dem, Race, Alpha/Beta, or whatever. Of course there are different opinions out there and we typecast where we can, but everyone has a deeper story than a label.

                  1. People like labels. It’s the nature of our minds. But the more I think about it the more the whole alpha beta distinction seems weak…so weak that I am beginning to think that the label use in general is the sign of a deficiency of men to understand their own selfhood and the depth of others.

                    1. People do like labels. Our minds work like they do because we can abstract and make associations and categorize things with similar attributes. Lacking that abstracting ability, we’d be less evolved than the chimps. Hell even chimps have a kind of “label” they use when they create their simple tools “This bugstick, it gets bugs”. Or “this club, good for beating other chimps”. Labels are just extrapolated plural versions of the singular term “name”. A label doesn’t mean that as an individual you don’t have things that make you unique, it just means that you appear to share a lot of common traits with the meta group that the label is applied to. Calling me “white” is not labeling me, it’s observing a simple fact. It doesn’t mean that I listen to Tom Jones and talk nerdy like comedians pretend all white people do.

                      TL;DR – Labels are functional and proper to an abstracting type of mind, such as humans have.

                    2. Labels are convenient in some respects. For instance, talking about the carousel women is a convenient stereotype to discuss the problems with a woman’s promiscuity ran amuck. Still, I do not know of any that fits the stereotype from cradle to grave.

                    3. That’s why labels apply in the abstract. Abstraction always involves associating common traits for the purposes of understanding, but doesn’t demand that all members in that category never deviate from the label. I can abstractly talk about stars with some common generalities (hot, fusion, far away) but they’re all pretty damned unique individually, some even at some point ceasing to be stars entirely.

                    4. Yup, it irritates me to no end how bent out of shape people get when you discuss general principles and they come back with “Well not all ___ are like that”. Well duh. It is like this disclaimer that has to get repeated over and over.

                    5. Right? It’s one thing if you use a label as a way to insult others or place yourself above them. “Well, you’re Beta so you suck!” That happens a lot in the manosphere, where “beta” means “everybody who acts differently than me” and alpha means “everybody who acts the same as me”. But generically using labels for normal discussion “Hey, Green Bay fans seem really rabid don’t they?” is perfectly normal. It doesn’t mean you think every single Green Bay Packers fan is some raving loon (I’m open to the discussion that some aren’t), it’s just generalizing based on a larger group displaying certain characteristics. I’m sure that Ma’ Podunk over on Maple Street in Smalltown Wisconsin is a fine, dear old lady.

                    6. I think it comes down to decisiveness. You make a decision and you act on it. Sometimes, I decide to let my wife take the reigns on things like homeschooling the kids. She does more of it, knows where the kids are, and so I am there more on a supportive/advice role. That does not make me a “beta”, it means I know where to focus my energy. I will take more the role of deciding our weekly plans and taking more of the big picture lead. Same in the workforce. Any good boss will teach correct principles, but let the workers do their thing. Micromanaging is not alpha, in any respect.

                    7. yup. And I think the act of labeling, either others or oneself, comes from a deep insecurity and possible identity crisis. I don’t really have a full cogent working theory but I have the inchoate form of one in my head.

                    8. Dude, you should look into doing some philosophy article for Jak. I bet they would appreciate the help.

                    9. My general philosophy is to avoid any contact with Puerto Rico whatsoever.

                    10. I met way too many Puerto Ricans in the military. On the whole they were not nice people. That and their island is now a major disaster area after the hurricane(s).

                    11. Yes sir, I sure was. Mid to late 1980’s. Uncle Ronnie signed the paychecks, when back in garrison I had an 83 Mustang 5L 5 speed and life was freaking awesome. Central America sucked, but eh, you take the good with the bad.

                    12. Ha. In New York you want to be as close to it as humanly possible….never been to Puerto Rico. I tend to stick to islands that were civilized…er…uh…colonized by the french

                    13. Dominican isn’t terrible but nothing compared the the French islands. I’ve not been to the English islands but would be willing to try.

                    14. DR vs Haiti?
                      DR tend to be safer and cleaner, however the ladies can be nice in both countries.
                      The English-speaking islands? Barbados is fabulous, both the scenery and the people. Trinidad, St Lucia and other smaller island…a hit-and-miss…a mixture of incredibly good and horribly bad , in every aspect. Avoid Jamaica and Jamaicans like a plague.
                      Needless to say, safety and security (or a lack of it thereof) can be a problem anywhere in the Caribbean. Consider that if you decide to travel that part of the world.

                    15. I’ve been to both DR and Haiti and liked them both though felt safer in DR. Never to Trinidad, but loved St Lucia. I go every year to St. Martin and St. Barth now and really love it. Have never felt any danger and have always thoroughly enjoyed myself.

                    1. Ya know dickhead con artist, sometimes I get the feeling that you are more than just some dickhead con artist.

                    2. Nobody can read me , it’s a problem I’ve had ever since I threw 4 touchdowns in a single game for Polk High.

                    3. They tried to name the field after you, but you sabotaged it.

                      WB your daughter though.

                    4. I would have banged Christina Applegate with the fury back in the day. More than likely still would now… lol

                  2. true enough a person can be an alpha business man and a beta husband. Or a person can have traits that people will define as beta but will stand firm in his morals and values. Humans are complex

                    1. I think it is the obsession with self labeling that is really the sad part — people get so caught up in it.

                  1. And Omega Mu.
                    They got a high tech rythm and a funky sound that’ll make wanna shake your body to the ground.
                    We Poindexter on the violin and Louis and Gilbert will be joining in. Booger Pressley on the mean guitar, the boys and Mus will be clapping along…

                    1. o the promise of how much fun college was going to be!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      Funny how they left out class, studying, working, running from the muggers….

                    2. I went to a commuter school.
                      The “funnest” part of my day was walking across the street to the liquor store after class and getting a pint of Old Grand Dad.

                    3. I am now picturing you riding a bicycle passed the little league field right outside of Creedmore Psychiatric Hospital (because the loonies liked watching kids play baseball through barred windows) in that wonderful and magical area where the northern state becomes the grand central parkway which is neither grand nor centrally located as, I believe, Mike Meyers pointed out long ago

                    4. That little league field always gets me. I mean it really is right under the barred windows of Creedmoor which, since the early 1980’s, has not just been a psychiatric hospital but a home for the criminally insane. These kids are playing little league ball outside of Arkham Asylum while the joker watches through red barred windows. It’s such a fucking fantastic thing

                    5. Funny unsolicited bem biographical tidbit: “Creedmoor” was a nickname given to me by my gym teacher in 10th grade!

                    6. was it because you were criminally psychotic or because you enjoyed watching young boys play baseball from behind a window with metal bars while masturbating furiously?

                    7. I hadn’t heard that but would be interested to see I will google around. Back when I used to drive to the island for work I would laugh my ass off every single time I drove past that field. It has been a while, but not so long.

                    8. Hey Marilyn Manson bought the house that the Manson chicks murdered Tate—though that was in a really good hood

                    9. Funny thing about the haunted condos is that being a haunted lunatic asylum for the criminally insane would not even be close to a draw back if it were subway accessible to midtown in under 20 minutes

                    10. Mine was less than 10 miles. 20 minute drive.
                      Averaged $6K/year.
                      Same school costs about 40K/year now.
                      Freaking ridiculous.
                      And these are priests!
                      What do they need with all that money?
                      Legal fees?

                    11. In terms of time driving Montauk to Manhattan is the exact same distance as Mineola to manhattan despite being 80 miles further.

                    12. I had a buddy who lived out east who said that the moment the NSP turned into the GCP an automatic tax of 200 dollars hit his bank.

                    13. Gah! You don’t know what a pronghorn is?!? It’s what the song we sing about that home on the range says about “antelope playing”.

                    14. Or as we used to sing when we were kids, to the tune of “Home on the Range”;

                      Homos, homos are strange, I’d rather be dead than be gay

                      If you’re a fag, all dressed up in drag, I’m liable to blow you away….

                      Only in Texas… heh

                    15. OK Deer, yes. I’ve seen and eaten them. Antelope I know of conceptually, though the imagery is fuzzy in my head.
                      NOWHERE do they mention pronghorns!

                      o crap. Does pronghorn=antelope?

                    16. Yes. That’s what it means. Actual antelope are in Africa.

                      Kind of like we use Buffalo when we actually probably should say Bison.

                    17. Reminds me of when homer goes to college and starts picking on nerds and trying to prank the dean

                    18. Or the classic….oooh this is digging into the vault of obscurity…..Iηπ(I eta pi)

                3. Org-gov the Dark Troll equipped with his Flame Shield+3 and the legendary Ban Hammer of Arse. HP: 9001.
                  Org-gov is an alpha lone wolf who was once hit by gamma rays that turned his green skin white during the Battle of Boi Bulges with the ‘Beta Banger Battalion’. Org-gov later decided to go his own way.
                  He is now on Suicide Watch and travels the land pointing the Finger of Admonishment. Org-gove is immune to nuance and weak against bait.

              1. You have a funny idea of what constitutes early. Maybe if you woke up earlier there would be more articles 🙂

              2. Look at Jak, up and moving around at the gentlemanly hour of 11:45 am!

                    1. Fall hit early for you guys up north? If you need to take your leaves, you can drive down here and borrow mine but I want it back in better condition than how you returned my mower.

                    2. October 17th is hardly early for autumn. We just last night finally got a cool day/night combination. Had a cold summer of rain, and a really hot start to autumn. Fucked up shit needs to follow my expectations! ASAP!

                    3. In Texas it can’t be too early for Autumn. I hate summer in Texas with a passion. Yeesh, I gotta move off the coast soon.

          2. Nobody knows. I sent an email and got back this snarky response that was like a generic cut and paste to, I’m assuming, regular trolls on the site. It’s like Roosh never saw any of my posts, he just had a script bot answering “why” emails. He managed to ban not just semi-trolls, but people who you couldn’t accuse of trolling even if they turned to stone at sunrise.

            1. He never answered any emails or anything. Until recently, he never commented at all on the site, now he does because he realizes he fucked himself… heh

    2. I think people misunderstand industry. When I have a vexing problem at work, I often go for a long walk. I think about the problem some, but I also just enjoy the walk and take in the scenery. In other words, I incorporate tranquility, and usually clearing my mind helps me to find a way forward. So a thing to remember here is that these virtues can be complimentary and operative at the same time. By pursuing tranquility, I increase my industry too.

      1. I’ve worked in places where doing what you said was verboten. I always take a step back before jumping into a large problem because of a few reasons. The first being if the company has had this issue for years then going in the obvious or “assigned” direction clearly hasn’t worked if its still a problem. Second, more often than not, the solution is going to come from a macro level analysis of what the actual problem is. Needless to say the businesses that don’t support this type of thinking still have the same if not more problems many years later.

    3. I don’t think people realize that relaxation and destressing make you more productive when you are on the go. Your brain needs time to process and store information and your body needs time to recover and heal.

      1. Yep. This is a funny comment.

        MKDAWUSS • 2 hours ago

        ROK’s Legion of the Banned has a second chance.

        LotB. I like the way that sounds. We need to start building some kind of submersible building in a swamp as our headquarters.

  8. Is the one man from the 1700s who got a statue of him NOT wearing a powdered peruke lecturing me about cleanliness and appearance ? What a joke. I never go out without mine.

    1. I read in that book “John Adams” by David McCollough that Franklin wore buckskins and a coon skin hat while in France to live up their stereotype of Americans.

        1. Not sure, he was trying to get help with financing for the Revolutionary War. He and John Adams spent a couple years among the French Aristocracy.

        2. At the time, that was a British thing. They taught the Injuns about scalping, and paid them for each rebel scout brought to them. At least that’s what I’ve been taught.

          1. The fact the scalp was enough for proof of payment. The injuns were beheading each other way before pale face showed up, but who wants to tote a heavy bag of heads around all day?

    1. It makes wonder you if someday Roosh will open up about his mother being a Mizrahi (Iranian) Jew. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a Mizrahi Jew.
      However, I suspect most of his current reader would be less than understanding towards that revelation.

      1. One of those cats over there called me a Jew one time….. I mean really, I’m from South Georgia, look at my name, I don’t even know any Jews… I don’t think I do anyway.

  9. OT: Don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet but, Disqus will be shutting down it’s discussion platform at “ROK” on 10/20. So, it seems that the recent purge to clean up the sight to please SJWs didn’t have the intended results anyway. The liberal agenda will always keep coming even if you don’t follow your own advice to never placate them or apologize. Giving in doesn’t stop them.

          1. I’ll help as much as I can. It’s about time ya red pill guys start developing substitutes for these things as well( such as google, disqus, and Facebook).

                1. Say what you will about Bigs, but he always seems to need help.

          2. Our team has a lot of actual real life programmers on it, and actual writers too (some overlap).

            1. Yeah there is not much in terms of code to making a comment system that will attach to any webpage… very little under that hood really, much less so than a full blown forum.

            2. hell we could probably create replacements to all the sjw websites and services such as youtube, google, facebook, and disqus

              1. All of those platforms could be replaced in a month by one person, easily. Faster if two, one concentrated on backend and the other on the pretty. Easy peasy, nothing to those platforms really on the backend. Relational database and some code to display the data… any LAMP dev not born yesterday could handle it.

              2. Most of those have open source replacement code already made, the challenge would be modifying it to commercial specs, getting it a .com status and then getting some backing until we got it bug free and popular enough to use.

    1. the recent purge to clean up the [site]

      This is the first time I have heard the purge explained as an attempt to ‘clean up’ things. And I can’t make much sense out of it. Arguably, the ratio of jew blamers has only gone up there since the purge. It was largely the voices of dissent and moderation that have been tossed.

      Also, it should implicitly mean that those of us caught up in the purge and ended up here were the worst of the worst. The dregs of the internet. Absolute insufferable scumbags. Ah, well, not all of us were so thoroughly repulsive!

      1. I don’t know about you, but I’m damn proud of my lifelong earned Insufferable Asshole title. heh

      2. Yeah, John Galt and Bem were scathing voices of virulent pro-Nazi, anti-Jew hatred. You couldn’t shut them up about it. It’s all they posted. Shit man, it was a task for me to not write “fuck the jews and niggers” at the end of every paragraph. Glad they cleaned up and only have pure nice meek posters there now, but alas, it was too late to help.

    2. If that is the case, I think they cleaned out the wrong crowd. Curious if they will do the same here, this is more benign, but you never know with the SJW types.

    3. Funny, looks more like they violated the terms and conditions of a private company which provides a free service at their discression. Imagining that this is the “liberal agenda” somehow targeting them is about as narcissistic and simple minded as one can get

      1. Okay, I’ll bite (or maybe just a little nibble). I didn’t quite agree with the characterization presented in the initial post, so taking your post in isolation…

        The ‘terms and conditions’ that are being spoken of boil down to an ill-defined ‘hate-speech’.

        Yes, private company, discretion, true and true. Meanwhile, the very same company has developed a rather narcissistic image of themselves as the gatekeepers of acceptable speech. But it’s not the rightists defining what is hateful nor are the rightists, somewhat ironically, calling for limits on speech. It does, therefore, seem easy to say Disqus has used their discretion to further a politicized position.

        I hesitate to call it a ‘liberal agenda’ only because to me it’s more accurately described as a ‘leftist agenda’.

        1. Maybe. Or Disqus realizes that ROK view she are some that could potentially hurt them with their sponsors which is their primary source of income.

          unless I see any real evidence of this I think the most simple answer is true. Disqus saw ROK as a liability to its profits and because ROK was in violation of its rules Disqus booted them.

    1. Ya think?

      I liked him for the longest time but he’s gotten really “it’s all conspiracy” in a bad way. When Uncle Bob does conspiracies they’re fun and if you don’t agree then that’s cool, but michael seems to take it as a matter of honor. I don’t get him lately.

      1. here is what he said

        “wonder if they would have dared to shut down disqus while the kings castles guys were around?”

        1. Probably not since we offered normally either highly reasonable high quality and on topic commentary, or we didn’t suffer the idiots coming in from the trailer parks screaming “Ima victim of some other race!” stuff. It’s true that the modern world is favoring minorities and smacking on white straight men, and that’s fine to observe, to make a victim cult out of it and then use that as an excuse to not walk outside and fucking succeed is stupid.

          So yeah, that’s probably why they didn’t bother when we were around, we weren’t fringe insane psycho victims. Almost all of us are men with jobs and our heads screwed on firmly.

          1. True and it is pathetic. There will always be some sort of hate on people doing well for theirselves thats how the world has always been. you can either cry about it or move on.

        2. I see you poking him. He’ll give you a “oh they were great, but here’s why they were not great” thing I’m wagering.

            1. He’s probably jelly he wasn’t banned too. Not controversial enough or something. I dunno how that kind of mind works though.


          I was banned, and I have no clue why, I’m an AKC guy now, and apparently I’m not getting all the benefits due! Where’s my platinum secret decoder ring, damnit?! What is the code for the secret clubhouse? Where is the clubhouse? I want answers!

  10. I’m a little late to the party, I went over to ROK and read the article about them getting kicked off disqus. I still go over there and read/comment sometimes. The really odd thing to me about the whole purge thing is, they banned a lot of guys who while they are certainly not PC, they aren’t a bunch of stormfront rejects. Since they banned most of the interesting commenters the place has filled up with dipstick Hitler(literally) fanboys. I just don’t get it.
    Maybe the joos got em.
    Hiel Hitler!…..morons.

    Sometimes they have interesting reading there but sometimes I have to stop and remember that, it ain’t the end of the world and I much prefer the good sense articles and discussion here.

    1. The big volume commenters were banned first. I keep thinking it was to cut the traffic down and reduce the site so it looks small. That’s the only thing the banned commenters had in common was the volume. Count the comments of the banned people and they’re all the top posters. Me I comment semi long sometimes maybe a couple times a day. I really should mis spell hate words with numeric symbols to avoid the hate speech detector bots that go through the roof at disqus central. For example: use ‘9’ instead of the letter ‘g’ or a multiplication symbol ‘×’ instead of the letter ‘X’ or whatever monetary symbol ‘¥’ is for the letter ‘Y’. You can encode the whole alphabet. I always liked this gizmo: ‘§’

    2. While your username and profile suggest otherwise , you seem like a reasonably intelligent fellow.
      How is life in rural Georgia?

      1. Quiet mostly except during deer or dove season and this time of year you can sit on the front porch and hear cotton pickers running.
        It’s home and there’s no where I would rather be.

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