Manosphere Maxims

Early this week, our AKC Twitter profile broke the 800 follower count, a huge milestone for our site and message.  In celebration of this event, I have decided to compile some great Tweets circulating around the Manosphere community.  These tweets run the gamut of topics, but all are about making you a better man.
Some of the Tweets are pretty straightforward, while a few may take some time reflecting to really understand the deeper messages being conveyed.  Enjoy, gentlemen!

Alexander J.A Cortes (@AJA_Cortes)
  • Family and marriage is to raise a better generation than you.  Your happiness is secondary.
  • The phenomena of happiness is that it can always adjust itself to more than what you currently have.  Enough is never enough.
  • Nothing is ever done.  Life is a series of stages.  Each one leads to the next.  There is no true end.
  • You cannot wait.  The “right” moment never arrives.  Even with timing, you still must move yourself into position to take advantage of it.
Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore)
  • Shit happens, but that doesn’t automatically make you a victim.  Arguing for why you can’t move past it is when you become one.
  • A balanced life is a big lie. The ONLY way to have “balance” is to be woefully average.  Nothing great was ever achieved by “balanced” people.
  • You can do a lot more if you get over yourself, reach out to people, and offer value first before asking for anything in return.
Muddassir Nawaz (@InsightfulIdeas)
  • “Balance” requires dividing your energy to multiple areas, which is not the way to excel in any of them.
Maharaja (@themaharajj)
  • How to know you’re growing: You look back at the things you’ve done and fucking cringe.
Damian Prosalendis (@dareandconquer)
  • At the end of the day, relationships are the most important thing.  If you have no one to share things with, what’s the point?
  • A man who thinks he is lucky to have a girlfriend who *allows* him to spend the night out with his friends is undoubtedly a total loser.
  • Save yourself before you save the poor. How will you save them if you become one of them?

Robert T. Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki)
  • The biggest trap, the biggest dungeon in life isn’t laziness or bad luck, it’s comfort.
The Maverick Mindset (@MavTraveler)
  • There’s no worse character trait than entitlement.  Specifically, entitlement to always feel happy and always be right.
Robert Greene (@33strategieswar)
  • War and strategy have an inexorable logic: if you want anything, you must be ready and able to fight for it.
Hunter Drew (@TheFamilyAlpha)
  • A man must be all things if he to remain the subject of a woman’s fantasies.  I call it being the entire boy-band.
  • Stop acting like a clown.  Remove the makeup and expose that raw ‘self’ to the world and live life unapologetically.
  • Authentic living is the key to an optimal life.  Follow your genuine desires with relentless passion and vigor.
Dylan Madden (@realdylanmadden)
  • It’s your conscious mind that chooses what to think.  Your subconscious mind can only accept.
  • Hope and luck are ideas that make the masses feel good.
  • Sometimes you must lose “yourself” to get what you want.  Don’t sell your soul.  Just invent your new self.
Lloyd (@BusinessAndBullets)
  • Life doesn’t have weight classes. Take advantage of it.
  • Always trust your instincts. Some say they don’t have’em.  THEY don’t.  You do.
  • You know what business ownership looks like, kids? Sitting on the beach with a daiquiri? No, it’s fixing a toilet seat.  That’s ownership.
Andrian Iliopoulos (@theQSLmind)
  • Spend enough time dealing with tough subjects and your seemingly insurmountable incompetence will transform into stellar competence.
  • The average person will tell you that what you are doing has already been done.  No it hasn’t.  Insofar as you add your personal touch, it hasn’t.
  • Oftentimes what creates a myth around you is not necessarily what you preach, but what you tolerate.  Humans need strong figures to cling to.
Celtic Man (@TexasDom1)
  • Take it from a man who recovered from dead bedroom, married 28 years now. Men, you are the solution.
  • Service offered with love and devotion warms the hearts of both.
  • Purple pill is the squirrel that ran across the road in front of my truck this AM.  Gets 80% and hesitates, yet going back will kill him.

Ryan Stephens (@ryanstephens)

  • Sometimes the key to changing the person is changing the environment.
I hope you got as much value out of these little nuggets of wisdom as I did.  Twitter and other social media platforms can be a huge waste of time and energy if you follow the wrong people.  Follow the right people, however, and they can push you to new limits.
Until next time.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. You fellers get an early start around here, I admire that,even though I hate getting up early

        1. That’s true. However, (as URConf pointed out), you hardly see articles/comments posted by US-based Castle-readers at this hour.

        2. It was seven when I commented and had been up a while which is prior to 1030, hence way too early to suit me but since I gotta work for a living, have to get up and get dat money.

          1. I hear you. Its 7 here now. I usually get up at 430 for my morning exercises, I do pushups, situps, dumbbell stuff in my living room and jump rope on my front porch before starting the day.

            1. I had to get up at 0400 for years to be at work 0545, I don’t miss those days. The only exercises I’m going to get up for now at 0430 would be strangling someone for waking me up that early .

                1. Woody doesn’t seem to like waking up early these days either, especially when it’s a little cool in the morning.

  2. As Akingscastle expands some sensible comments policy should be put in place.
    Some of the current ROK commenters may try to come over and try to dreg this site tho their level. To prevent that, sometimes a “ban” will have to just that a “ban”. Not a figure of speech as it is now.
    On a serious note: I would like Akingscastle to stay the way it is now.

    1. The only stuff that annoys me is the NSFW pictures. If some troll comes on, the can usually be handled with verbally.

      1. As funny as it is, I remember Roosh threatening W.Pabst with a ban, unless he tunes down “his negativity”. Ironically Pabst was not more negative than cca 70% of the commenters. In fact, I think-unlike the rest of them, he did the whole thing ironically. His habit of uploading Youtube videos got pretty annoying, though…

          1. ha! Roosh just couldnt keep ol’ Pabst down! what did he end up as “The Ghost Of The Peach Bandit” ???

        1. remember that thing you could put on your desktop, it was a “panic button”? it immediately pulled up a powerpoint piechart?

          1. There’s ClickyGone Portable, doesn’t install to the hard drive and can be set to hide by a specific key command (default is right-click menu).

            1. went to those how-to presentations at Home Depot I assume? learn how to use a mop as well

        2. You could try to stop screwing around on the internet while you’re on the clock, you know , like a responsible person.

    2. it is more humble over here and it doesn’t make one less of a man to be humble. At least that’s how I see it.

      1. I have been recently losing weight. I put on some jeans that I stopped wearing shortly after college. My wife asks how they feel, I tell her that they make me feel egotistical. She got the joke.

                1. always wondered where our dads’ generation went to get their hair permed…one of the last mysteries of the universe, like who really built the pyramids

                  1. As a kid who grew up in the 80’s I remember only one kid that got a perm. He got so much flack from that. Most just spiked and used hairspray. The mullet was not really a term until that hairstyle was out. It was just, “grow it long in the back”. Personally, I find guys with nipple rings much gayer.

                    1. I didn’t know any of the parties involved I saw the band The Business at the now defunct CBGB when I was a young man and two guys got into it. One was a big bald skin head with no shirt, red suspenders and two nipple rings and then other was a smaller guy. They two of them went at it and the smaller guy yanked the nipple ring out of this big mother fucker. If you have never seen a big old skin head cry like a teething baby…man, it is something

                    2. Like a buddy of mine says….I don’t know no Marcus of Queensbury when I am in a bar…i am fighting dirty enough and just long enough to make sure I can get away before the cops come

                    3. Anytime I see a guy like that I have to laugh. A woman will wear high heels, long fingernails, dangly earrings, or whatever to show off the fact that they don’t work. Presumably, it shows they are high value because they have a man to take care of them. When a guy does that, it shows that either they are on welfare, or some other guy’s bitch.

                  2. Home kits mostly, which were usually at first made for women. As I recall from watching neighbors the women would coo and oo and eventually talk their hubby into doing it then, in totally emasculating rituals, the men would sit in a kitchen getting a “perm” and looking like a little faggot/woman as the hens clucked over him.

                    It moved to the pros I think eventually, but most male perms I recall witnessing from the mid/late 1970’s were homebrews.

                2. I never understood the hate for glam rock. I thought it was way better than the 90’s SJW-ridden grunge scene.

                  1. The music itself is way better IMO, Motley Crue, Poison, Twisted Sister, Cinderella, Skid Row, etc. sounds excellent. It is the lipstick, mascara, and tight leather pants that had me cringe.

                    1. Heavy metal would be more like Metallica, anthrax, Judas Priest, not quite so faggy even if they were fags. David Bowie . Well davie is a one man boy band

                  2. As I recall it was about how faggy and girly they looked at the time. I don’t think any of us anticipated the Rock and Roll Antichrist known as Kurt Cobain and those that followed him.

                    1. “Alright, sir, bend over, please.”

                      You feel his hand on your left shoulder, then pressure down below, then you feel his other hand on your right shoulder.

                      “What are you doing to me?!”

                      Hippo’s last prostate exam

                    2. he warned there might be seminal discharge. He didn’t mention he meant his.

                    3. Always ensure that prior to any kind of prostate exam that you haven’t had Cialis in the last 36 hours. You don’t want to send the wrong message.

                    4. They call it a ‘digital’ exam, but I’ll tell you what – and I aint no computer-science-type person – that’s shit’s about as ‘analog’ as it gets!

              1. Oh “Dallas”. As ironic as it may seem now, there was some red pilled truth hidden in that series…more specifically in certain characters and how they were perceived.
                Remember, most female viewers claimed they loved Bobby Ewing and despised J.R Ewing.
                You can bet your last dollar…they secretly fantasized with J.R Ewing and laughed at Bobby Ewing.

                  1. still waiting…….

                    But hey, I got butt crack, nose and ear hair…….so I got that going for me.

          1. any man who writes a song called “you’re my bestest friend” had to be visiting the bathouses in San Francisco

    3. It’s not that they may it’s a matter of when! Don;t forget that this is the website of people who pissed them off mightily and they’ll troll hard.

      1. eh, I doubt it…question: if disquss no longer allows you to use their platform, will all the old comments from years ago simply disappear?

        1. The comments will disappear for ever unless Roosh archives them. Somehow I don;t think It’ll happen.

            1. Joos live off comments which they dip in hummus. Would make sense for them to help Roosh save the comments, it;s food to them.

          1. yet that company has no qualms allowing worldstarhiphop use their service…anything degenerate is a-okay

            1. That kinda makes mobius right about how companies are selective about who they ban and who they let off to continue as they are.
              Speaking of mobius, will he lead the charge at the gates of AKC?

              1. I dunno about Mo.
                how do they charge for hosting? sliding scale based on volume of comments?

                1. Me thinks it is the nummber of brackets you can time in 60s. (((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))(((((((((((()….i

              2. I met a gentleman the other day who claimed to have worked in several NGO organizations that operate in a particular occupied country. Specifically OECD. He says people who have any kind of sphere of influence and power are tested for their level of corruption. The more the better. They are then given funding and support on several levels to continue their campaigns to detract and destabilize.

                My guess is those who are let go made the cut.

                1. makes sense. If you have the biggest wallet then a person whose allegiance is only to money is a much safer bet than someone who is doing it for a “cause” or “principle”

                  1. In no way can I read or hear the word “ridiculous” without thinking of this scene and no matter who says it it always comes out like “REDIKUUUULUS”

          2. How do you figure? When somebody visits my profile they see comments I’ve made at various sites. That suggests to me that the comments are not kept on each site, but in/through a central repository. I dunno, not terribly familiar with the end product but it doesn’t seem like the comments are *stored* on each website, but maybe I’m wrong.

            1. With nanotech, every comment ever made could fit on the head of a pin. That does me a lot of good. I’m used to spiral notebooks and scratch paper. I heard something that all older content can be synched with any new platform. Otherwise it gets buried somewhere in the web to where I don’t know. Meanwhile anyone can screenshot the entirety of comments before Friday when the library of Alexandria may get smoked.

          3. That’s too bad. There was a lot of good content in the comments over the years. Mostly buried in drivel (often my own…), but solid wisdom.

            1. I’m with you. I felt like I was going crazy, alone with red pill truth for years. Those comments literally saved my sanity– because it was the place where I learned I wasn’t the only one.

              1. Your receptors to logically learning get deactivated during schooling where they practice ‘ream’ learning where everything gets ‘reamed’ into your piehole. So many graduates of the shitlib mills who later turn red pill seem to account the same experience and they’ll describe their former opinions as having been ‘shovelled’ down their hatch. It is a female stance to be ‘reamed’ with anything and it feminizes the subject. The male mind puts forth and shoots foreward whilst the female mind ‘takes it in’. Male subjects of shitlib education have latent PTSD from being ‘reamed’ by the effeminizing schooling from youth. Their minds turned off and suppressed the man bone in their brain. Their eyes glazed as they were mind raped and shot full of effeminizing garbage in schools. Your entire worldview becomes more in line with the male creator once you take the male stance and mentally begin shooting foreward.

                1. I never bent to the will of the masses. I never needed to recover from swallowing the conditioning. But living without others is murder on the soul.

                  1. Being stuck in a shitlib circle or family can result in the stockholm syndrome where you have to bend constantly to appease the shitlib captor mentality that prevails. The ASLOG (alpha shitlib of group) constantly shit tests and pecks at the group. Living in a shitlib household the enforcement of shitlibbery becomes institutionalized like you’re living in an institution where the hen mother or hendaddy comes in with his bloated encephalitic head all looking like Ted Kennedy and preaches hostility to dissenting non PC thought. Just living peacably in a shilib household is difficult with the grind and noise of lefty orthodoxy. Sheesh you can barely walk from the living room down the hall to your bedroom without stepping in piles of lefty shit. You have to carry a snow shovel.

                  2. One believes that loneliness is tolerable but absolute loneliness (the perception of being completely alone) in a see of robots is utterly intolerable.

                2. “male students have PTSD from being “reamed” by the effeminizing garbage in schools”.

                  Right here! They put me on so many meds. Sent me to numerous councilors, psychiatrists, and psychologists, (all but one were women and the man was a mangina) just because they couldn’t figure out why despite scoring high on IQ tests, and acing all my tests in class, I wouldn’t my homework, and skipped school to work at Pizza Hut.

                  When I said the reason I skipped school and didn’t do my homework was because Pizza Hut valued my time more than school and when not in school it is MY TIME to do what I want; the councilor gave me a look of such confusion and disgust, I couldn’t help but laugh.

                  When you are a “high IQ special student”, Rugged Individualism is highly frowned upon and thoroughly, if not severely, punished.

                  1. Western culture is highly creative in a renegade and rule breaking way – hence the organized suppression and spiking of its leaders, the western men. The only high IQ western men commended by elites are the ones who cooperate and assist in engineering the mothballing of the western man and his patriarchal order. Gatherings of renaissance men are nipped at the bud. Western schoolboys who exhibit an early propensity to non compliance have their minds aborted as children with mind wiping drugs and shaming. Shitlib schools are like a big abortion mill operation with tiny screams commonplace.

                    Teaching advanced concepts to propel the mighty historic bloodlines of our species into the future fall to the wayside in lieu of ‘corrective’ discipline educating. “They’ll teach those students” to fear uttering a non PC thought. By example it only takes one non PC student getting crucified on the playground to instill an empowered antifa/sjw mindset. Students learn quickly YOU DIE if you threaten the cathedral. It’s so much easier to go with the flow and society treats you sweet. They teach by example. We’re already past the breaking point and that’s why so many men stand up and scream “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and they wholesale reject all the shitlibbery that was dumped on them like tearing off a big heavy stinky DOG SHIT COAT. “YAAAH”!

                    Mostly it’s fear keeping groups of western men from conglomerating their minds into a big MEAT HAMMER that will SQUASH like a bug the subversive order that has attached itself to our civilization.

              2. “The place where I learned I wasn’t the only one.” – Same here. The first time I stumbled upon those comments I thought: “Wow, there are others.” Very eye-opening indeed!

          4. ROK was an absolute gold nugget of comments within an ocean of web drivel. If only someone has the memory gizmo setup to screenshot everything by Friday. After that you might start missing some of the old stuff, AV Yader, Chubbs, others.

              1. Holy moly. A new comment system just popped on there. I commented anonymous and it gave me a random generated avatar of ‘green helmet’. Old content is all synched over to new platform. I want my grandkids to read my words of wisdom absolutely.

        2. Yes. Some people could compile a great big book from all their own comments and hard bind it upon graduation. I try to go back one or two pages in my own comments to dig up an old image so as to recycle. Sometimes I need a picture when I’m short on words. I go back two pages and Disqus says “something went wrong” with a picture of humpty dumpty. Older comments went away somewhere.The deep web is the place to look for old comments then but the deep web is a sea of trillions of old selfies and cats.

                  1. She needs more Ayds. After a while it really shaves off the pounds.

                1. yeah, this company went out of business in the mid 1980’s for some reason.


                    2. Yup that one still draws a blank, but “Petland Discounts free housekeeping weeweepads! avenue U in Brooklyn” did make it out to the Suffolk co. airwaves.

                    3. @cheeseburgercheeseburger:disqus are you a native or a transplant…if the former….do you recall that commercial?

                    4. nope…although I vaguely remember crazy eddie ads- stole money, funneled it overseas, then back into his company, went public @$7, went up to the $70s…learned that from that Accountant movie…

    4. I think the commenters follow the tone of the articles. The guys here (myself included) have became less cynical, and more level headed about life. If the guys don’t like the articles, they will eventually lose interest and go to stormfront or some other site.

    5. I don’t know about policy, can slip right into censorship pretty easily.
      Maybe have a daily OT/Too Soon thread for whatever comes up unrelated to the article proper and things like black humor?
      When the comments derail some valuable discussion and points get lost in the shuffle, especially to the drive-by reader.
      Agree completely with the last half.

      1. I’ve considered having a Daily Open Thread like Conservative Treehouse does for daily off-topic discussion. If I can figure out a way to make it automatic, we’ll discuss it more seriously.

    6. “sensible comments policy”
      Well, fuck that noise. If we have to be sensible what’s the point?

        1. Only people I could see us banning are the bots spamming how they make $50k/month working from home and the Stormfront kind of people. Cynic covered our general commenting policy on our last podcast.

          1. I’ll work from YOUR home!

            Actually, has work-from-home spam ever happened here yet? Might be an indicator that you’ve arrived, when you’re big enough to get targeted by the spammers.

            1. Ill work from YOUR home might be the most frightening thing Ive read on th webz in a long time…

            2. I work from home, and post a lot, but hopefully it’s not seen as spam.

              Even though truth be told, YOU CAN MAKE $50k/month DOING WHAT I’M DOING, CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS!

                1. You never asked for details, not once. How is that my fault?

                    1. The secret to the offer is that it requires self motivation…


          2. Just to recap, the policies are:
            – Nothing illegal in the US
            – No porn
            – No spamming
            – No women or homosexuals (or eunuch men claiming to be women)

            We reserve the right to boot particularly irksome gammas (like persistent Stormfronters), but that is only after lots of mocking and a couple of warnings.

    7. Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.

      If jerks show up, they won’t be welcome. If management feels the need to clean house, they may rest assured that they have the support of the regulars. But setting some unnecessarily stiff tone preemptively? It’s a waste of effort. We are sincere people, and can’t be trusted with our own freedom of expression.

        1. Yep, Cynic in Chief’s guidelines are ones I think we all can live with.

          1. They were misinformed I expect, after all we were all basement-dwelling micro-penises and soft, easy “targets.”
            Cowards like that are incapable of punching up, wrists are too limp.

              1. Faux moral outrage and emotional indignance rarely stand up to cold hard reason, and SJWs in particular are thin-skinned, not the best armor against acerbic witticism and mockery.

  3. “Hope and luck are ideas that make the masses feel good.”

    I really enjoy this quote. Too many people sit around and “hope to get lucky.” All that leads to is stagnation and atrophy. Something I’ve learned from racing is that you need to put yourself in position should the pendulum of luck swing in your favor. It ain’t always comfortable or easy.

    1. Excuse me but you don’t do that around here. Posting comments relevant to the article… who the eff do you think you are? (Smiley face).

  4. Given the Disqus faggot-rage banning of sites that seems to be ramping up, I thought that I’d share that there are alternatives that websites admins can look at and incorporate that are open source (meaning not controlled by some board of low-T cucks and manjawed feminazis). While we’re not in the cross hairs, yet, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be eventually. Back when the Feminists were invading men’s clubs with axes, nobody thought that it would eventually lead to the Cub Scouts being forced to admit girls. Being prepared for the Purge before it hits us is probably a good idea.

      1. The irony cannot be escaped.

        All of his prattle about free speech now seems really humorous, given as he banned a lot of members here out of some kind of petty passive aggressive need to not be outshone by his readership.

        1. This is very, very true and my main reason for taking your good advice regarding a clean break, however I hope this doesn’t become our feminists, our Jews, our ((Waterloo)).

          1. No one really deserves that. (ducking now…)

            But seriously, freedom of speech is supposed to be sacred in this country. Not selectively applied. This “hate speech” crap is straight out of 1984.

        2. It’s too bad. I liked a lot of the articles on there.
          If someone can create an open free speech social media company, that is rather slick to use, they’d steal a lot of business and users from other platforms.

    1. We’ve still got WordPress comments underneath, and Disqus is syncing them on a regular basis. If Disqus bans us, I should just be able to flip a switch and it switches. I may test a dry-run of it later this week, but we’re prepared.

  5. Not to sound like an idiot, but what’s a twit? I never had a twitter account. The whole hashtag thing is beyond me as well.

    1. Best to just avoid it entirely. Not because of technology and you’re a grandpa dinosaur who just don’t get it!(TM), but because it’s already pre-compromised and infested at it’s entire corporate level with leftist faggots.

    2. I never had a Twitter account either.
      “Follow us on…” say the idiots.
      If I ever wanted to “follow” someone, I would do it in a raincoat .

      1. one Ive noticed on fb is something like #over30andIstillGotit tagged to a bikini photo…

    3. A twit is that old lady that lived next door to who was always worried about when I was going to mow my lawn.
      I never could get to it fast enough to suit her.

  6. I like nearly all of these, particularly: “Purple pill is the squirrel that ran across the road in front of my truck this AM. Gets 80% and hesitates, yet going back will kill him.” – Celtic Man

    I’m not really sure about two of them concerned with “balance,” it may be perspective and personal associations of the concept, but I see balance as moderation, being a so-called “Renaissance Man,” and not focusing on one or two components of the complete man at the expense of others (just some limited examples: building the body while not feeding the mind, reading constantly but taking little time for emotional control and introspection, banging as many women as possible without establishing financial security, etc.). So, a complex idea.
    If you aren’t well-rounded and complete you will have vulnerabilities and not only lack awareness of the depth and number, but the very fact of it.

    1. That stood out to me as well. I think you can get too ‘specialized’ and lose sight of the larger picture. Moderation is the key in life.

      Also, I derive happiness from watching my children grow and develop. Raising a proper family doesn;t have to be separate from happiness. I get that what they are probably trying to say is that we shouldn’t neglect our duties to pursue happiness, but a little good time in life is a necessity.

      All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Like Tom Arrow 🙂

  7. Robert T. Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki)

    “The biggest trap, the biggest dungeon in life isn’t laziness or bad luck, it’s comfort.”

    dude ROBBED this from me. Jnyx can confirm.

    1. I once heard an old farmer say, ” son the good years will fuck you up just like the bad years because you’ll be expecting it to be like that forever, but it ain’t”.
      Same thing, just worded differently.

    2. I heard it put as “Comfort breeds complacency.” I see that in myself. I have a relatively easy job that pays well, so what would drive me to attempt to get rich? That’s the real trap. I am already very comfortable and it truly is an ambition killer.

      1. But that begs the question of if being rich is really the goal you want to pursue? It’s great to be rich and everything, but being content and at peace in life seems to be a much better goal overall.

      2. That struggle exists on the micro-level too. Every day you make a million choices, and you have to be constantly on the watch for choosing the ‘safe’ option over the right one.

        1. What the hell are you doing that you’re making millions of choices a day? Are you a freaking computer?!?

      3. Too much eating slows you down too. Being comfortably full of breadstuffs makes your main job an internal one where your organs burn rubber trying to process all the slop you just ate. Every time I return from an all you can eat buffet, I sleep.

        But the more hungry and fasty I be, eventually my brain leans out too and I start flying around catching up on all my shit.

        1. One day I’ll have to write about my experience where I fasted for 3 days straight. It was quite the experience.

      1. What about Kierkegaard:

        I have just now come from a party where I was its life and soul; witticisms streamed from my lips, everyone laughed and admired me, but I went away — yes, the dash should be as long as the radius of the earth’s orbit ——————————— and wanted to shoot myself.

  8. “A man must be all things if he to remain the subject of a woman’s fantasies. I call it being the entire boy-band.”

    Let’s break that down. To keep a woman’s interest, you have to be:

    20% vivacious life of the party
    20% romantic world traveller and/or musician
    20% responsible beta bread earner
    20% professional athlete
    20% charming sociopath

    If she never knows which guy she’s going to get, she’ll always stay interested. Now, show of hands — who wants to spend the rest of his life acting like five different guys just to keep one vagina?

    1. If it’s not acting and you have earnestly come to the “make it” part of “fake it until you make it” then it’s not a problem at all. If you have to spend your life faking it and switching personas, you’re in for a world of pain.

      1. I read that list and realized I fit those modes, to some extent.
        1) I love making people laugh and attracting attention at parties (which gets the hamster going if there are young lovelies laughing along)
        2) I play the guitar and sings (hamster again)
        3) Bread earner. Check
        4) Not professional level, but I’m pretty good at whatever sport I try
        5) Charm the panties off but can drop them and walk off in a LOLknee minute

          1. Perspective, my friend. For instance, I’m also pretty good at whatever sport I try. Further, I never try any sports. And I’m good at it.

      2. Agreed, but nobody can authentically be five totally different personalities. So keeping the tingles going for years requires a helluva a lot of acting.

        1. Disagree. I do think that this personality type is rare though.

      3. “If you have to spend your life faking it and switching personas, you’re in for a world of pain.”

        This really is an interesting psychological phenomenon, I’ve heard it both as “personas” and as “masks.” The idea of people behaving entirely differently depending on their audience and surroundings.
        It must be exhausting and difficult to juggle all those stories and embellishments. I wonder that a loss of ability to reconcile or cope with the dissonance and the reality isn’t what leads to dissociative identity disorder and similar mental illness (and that particularly in modern times, with social media accounts splintering our socialization even further, that this isn’t at the root of the rise in borderline personality disorder).
        Too, it likely plays some role in the inability of so many to deal with someone having a different opinion or outlook from one’s own as if it is a threat to their very sense of “self”.

    2. This post is so timely. Last month I match with a girl on shiTinder and she claimed she did NOT want emotionally available men. So we met up for a glass of wine. She accused me of being and looking like a player , which I did not deny, then after ignoring her for 6 days she sent me a text telling me she wants love and is upset I did not text her. I talk to her a bit and told her she needs to create the environment where that can take place. I invited her to the local Greek and Lebanese Festivals. After that long date, we made out in a bar and in my car. I tried to push further and it did not happen. She sent me a text 2 days later stating that she is not interested anymore.

      1. Lebanese Festivals

        This is probably why she isn’t interested anymore, she’s playing for the other team bro.

          1. There’s a lot of those here in the Midwest. Good friends of my family are Maronite Arab Christians.

      2. You were responsive to her needs. She told you exactly what she wanted–someone who doesn’t care about her. When a person tells you who she is, listen to her.

        Better to have literally ignored everything that woman said to you. Like this:

        Crazy: Have you been to France? I want to go to France–
        You: (pushing food around on plate) The rice was better last time I was here.
        Crazy: My best friend went to Paris and she said oh my god the people are so–
        You: It’s kinda warm in here too. (takes off jacket)
        Crazy: Are you listening to me?
        You: Not really. Maybe if you said something interesting.
        [she pouts. then]
        Crazy: It is warm in here. The rice doesn’t taste that good either.

              1. Normal women respond to asshole game from ages 18 to age 23, maximal fertility years. Screwed up women never stop responding to asshole game, all the way up until the day they splat headfirst against the wall.

                    1. what’s amazing is the girl started talking about Jesus and how God will give her a husband.

        1. This is exactly what I got from his detailed story too. She told him up front she likes emotionally disconnected men. Duh.

        1. I’ve never seen Ronaldo hit the post or the cross bar, he always smokes it into the net.

    3. I’m never going to be a boy band, I always thought they were closeted fanny bandits and the only way I’m going to dance is if someone is shooting at my feet or I get fire ants in my underwear.

        1. You are pretty much the opposite of their desired demographic, so your opinion is meaningless.

          Teenage girls love boys who look like girls. Think of boy bands as a bridge on a girl’s path towards full-grown masculinity.

          1. Most of them, yeah, if we’re talking 13-16. My daughter (18) has a “thing” for big Thor type guys and finds effeminate boys boring. Some of her friends are like this too, which I guess would be the case since they’re friends. She was into the boy-band thing at 13-ish but went through that phase quickly. By the time of One Direction she was like “Meh”.

  9. “Family and marriage is to raise a better generation than you. Your happiness is secondary.”

    Boy oh boy, where was the manosphere when my father was raising me?

    1. Funny thing about that quote, if all you are seeking is happiness, you never find it. Happiness comes from satisfaction of building some legacy. If all you do is keep going for the next high, you will be empty.

      1. My father’s response to that would have been:

        “My father didn’t do anything like that for/with me”.

        But what he would fail to say is that he grew up in a 2 familiy house with his older cousins next door. The eldest ran a boxing club and made sure all the younger guys learned to box. And every summer they stayed at a farm up in the country owned by the extended family. Where the older guys taught the younger guys to shoot, hunt, fix tractor engines, and I am sure when older, how to get dates with girls. He had his older cousins, so he didn’t need his father to train him.

        I sometimes wonder what he thinks in the afterlife (if there is one) watching his son squander earnings on cheap booze & expensive hookers. I wonder if he is happy.

        1. Back then, there wasn’t the old folk’s home and senior care industry which today keeps the elder generation segregated and disposed along with all their tradition and wisdom. The elderly are thrown away into institutionalized facilities where they are over medicated and literally poisoned to death. How swedish is that?

          Pre WWI extending back to the Victorian decades, family units still resided in clans where extended families lived in close proximity, often within the same homestead. The early 1900s through the teens saw the pinnacle of architecture in the west with stately residences that were large enough to house a company which was the family clan. Pre WWI middle and upper middle class houses were elegant and designed with something we don’t see anymore – a standard mother in law suite which was a small apartment located above a detached garage or shop located in the far back of the property. ARCHITECTS KNEW the timeless wisdom of Moses that to bring your wife’s mother into the home curses the residence with TWICE the henpower of the wife alone. She’s okay to visit way out back and get cookies, but not henpecking the in-house regimin.

          I agree it would have been ideal to have uncles and cousins living in close proximity and in a more clannish arrangement.

        1. From what I gather, you are building a legacy though. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a family. Watch that old Alec Guinness flick “Bridge over the River Kwai”

          I was referring to the MGTOW neckbeards.

          1. Yeah, I figured. I do like to think I will have my own modest legacy it is true…and if not I hope to at least have enough money to pay a whore to tell me I did before i die.

    2. this is why i can’t have a family….I mean, what could be better than me?

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