Making Mental Gains

Once you begin lifting, you make the choice to be “forever small.”  You’re never big enough, you’re never strong enough, you should always be motivated to keep pushing and making yourself better.  You’ll make your body look better, and you’ll amaze yourself at what you can do. One of the things most people fail to realize is the mental side of lifting.  Today I’ll explain my approach and how I feel I benefit mentally from weight training.

Goal Accomplishment and Discipline

Lifting requires discipline.  Dragging your ass to the weights every day, no matter how shitty or good you feel takes effort.  You have to make exercise something you just do.  Like brushing your teeth or sleeping.  You cant think about it, you just have to do it.  To have such a level of discipline and determination can crossover into your real life.  You know what has to be done to accomplish your goals.

Lifting is all about goal accomplishment.  If you go into the gym and lift the same amount of weight every time you’ll never progress.  If you don’t set realistic goals with the iron, you will just waste your time.  Saying you want to go from a noob to benching 400lbs tomorrow isn’t realistic.  Saying you want to up your squat by 100lbs in a year, while difficult, is feasible if you bust your ass.

When I’m trying to achieve something outside the gym, I remember how I psyche myself up and see myself succeeding when lifting, and mentally make before I actually do.

Positive Feedback Loop

The rush you get after breaking a PR is one that makes you feel like a damn monster.  Working hard toward something then crushing it makes you feel good.  I’ve noticed countless times when I’ve had  a great lifting day, the rest of the day seems to go so much better.

I almost treat it like a ritual.  Get up, get clothes on, go out and lift.  Its my time with no distractions.  No kids, no wife, just me, the cold outside air, and the iron.  I then get done and start the rest of my day.  I’ve remembered countless times thinking to myself “hmm who would think that moving hundreds of pounds of iron at 5 am would be the most fun part of my day.”

Makes You Better at Being a Man

Guys are supposed to be strong.  It’s one of the defining features between men and women.  Too often you see guys with pencils for arms, a fat gut, and about as strong as a wet paper bag.  Actually knowing you can be counted on to do the heavy lifting is a great mental high.  Whether its being strong enough to haul building materials around your home, or being able to protect your wife or kids should you have to (strength isn’t all of it, but looking intimidating will make the fuck heads think twice.) Not only that, but there is no way that your woman doesn’t appreciate you showing that you’re one strong son of a bitch.

Removes Negative Tendencies

I can’t speak for all, but when I know I’m lifting the next day, it changes my behavior beforehand.  No drinking the night before, getting to bed early, prepping my food for the next day etc. are all things that distract me from doing something destructive.

Continuing on that topic, and the main topic of today’s article is the fact that so much of lifting and achieving your physical goals is done without even touching the bar.  The mental drive to do it day in and day out.  The discipline to eat healthy, quality foods, and to eat enough of them.  The determination to give up any of the bullshit you’re doing that is holding you back.   In a way, physical exercise a mental exercise as well.  That little bitch inside you that wants to quit or give up before you bang out that last rep needs to be destroyed every time you are out there lifting.


Just lifting weights isn’t enough to make you a better man, but it surely won’t hurt.  If there was one part of the red pill I jumped on the quickest it was the emphasis on weight training, but I do understand that it’s not everything.  I heard a story about a guy who was pretty jacked, but had no self-esteem, worked a shitty job and had an ugly fat girlfriend.  I’m not saying that lifting is going to fix every problem in your life, but I have found that it does have a carry over into other things.

If you’ve never tried it I suggest you start today. If you’re stuck, start with a simple strength training program for a few months and see if you like it.  I guarantee you’ll feel better mentally and being to look better too if you are determined.  The addiction to it is real, and once you start, it seems like you can’t stop.  I feel like absolute dog shit when I skip a workout, and go harder the next day.  Drop a comment below on any insights you’ve seen from hitting the weights


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. Great article Jnyx. Henry Rollins, Eugene Sandow and the Guys at T-Nation talk about this too. If you only train when you feel like it, you will never train. The mental aspect is truly key.

  2. just make sure you go back to the gym after taking a break- I take a week off every other month, 7 days turned into 24(tweaked shoulder, gave it more time to heal)

  3. Good philosophy on life. Got to keep pushing yourself. Frankly, I am happy with where I’m at physically, I do my morning exercises and I am in the 90th percentile for a guy my age. Being happily married I see no need to commit vast resources to something I see little additional benefit from. However, there is other ways in which I push myself. Intellectually, I continue to study. I will find classics or textbooks to go through. Spiritually, I continue to improve my moral compass or help out others, and stuff like that

  4. well, I guees we have an answer: if disqus de-platforms your site, all the comments disappear down the memory hole…

        1. Since switching sites, I find that I am far less jaded about the opposite sex. Yes there are feminists and carousel riders, but not in the numbers worth dwelling on.

          1. When I was on ROK a lot, I started questioning my last girlfriend, who was a stripper, about her notch count. She got upset and yelled at me “I don’t fuck everyone I look at, unlike you!”

          2. Well, I wouldn’t say that they’re a small minority of women, especially the carousel riders since sexual promiscuity seems to go part and parcel as standard “sexuality” these days, but generally yeah, it’s nowhere near as bad as “OMG, all women are sluts out to fuck you over, take your shit and leave with five black dudes to make porn while you’re tied to a chair!” or anything.

            I do think that tales of clown haired shrieking loons running around screaming “rape culture!” and “mansplaining!” are highly over-reported in the manosphere. I’ve not seen many clown haired fat chicks off of a college campus, and even there they are a rare oddity that people tend to laugh at as they walk by them.

            Feminist laws and restrictions in companies are real however. We have to find a middle ground that recognizes the real damaging feminist effects in society and searches for a solution, while not devolving to the point that we see Elizabeth Cady Stanton under our beds at night. This site seems to be striking that balance so far.

            1. Maybe, I got out of the secular dating market in 1997. Since then, it has been the goody-goody mormon market or married life. I guess things could have changed in the past 20 years.

              I totally agree on the feminist law. It has messed up the lives of far too many families and workplace sanity.

              1. I think we’re 10 years apart, with me being the senior (50)? I seem to recall the 90’s being higly sexual. Not weird degenerate sexual like today, but I don’t recall ever not being able to walk into a bar/club on OSU and not have women pressing their lithe, supple, soft bodies against me while we danced and having at least a 50% shot of waking up next to aforementioned women the next morning. The last I recall even a shred of “I really like you, here’s my phone number!” and two to six weeks of dating prior to intercourse was the late 1980’s. With that in mind, it’s nowhere near what it is now, where women (and men) do random hookups with people whose names they do not even know, and part as void, soulless and ultimately empty people looking for their next fix.

                1. I am running into women, online and IRL, who do the random anonymous sex thing for 2 reasons (1) They are trying to nail down a guy who is 2 levels above them in SMV(mostly looks) by giving a guy sex whenever he wants and thinking that will lead to love or (2)They have pissed away half their earnings, this includes educated career women, and are looking for Capt Save-a-Hoe. They have motives. Again , this is my experience.

                  1. “They have pissed away half their earnings, this includes educated career women”

                    Couple years back I was on-off banging a fortyish career woman. Didn’t hear from her for six weeks. Suddenly she called — “can I come over tonight, sweetie? I’ve missed you SO MUCH” Sure, I said. She arrived in a taxi and carrying a suitcase. She hung up her sportcoat in my closet — my clothes closet, not hallway closet — and opened her suitcase. I knew what was coming but made sure to get the bang first. Then, afterwards, just as sweet as pie, she says, “Do you mind if I stayed with you for a while? Maybe just a couple weeks?” Turns out she lost her apartment.

                    I gave her a ride to a hotel next morning. Never talked to her again.

                    1. Good man, that’s how you do it, right there. An unsolicited offer after a long period of absence for direct exchange of sex for resources/favors like that is just the height of hubris. It takes a whole lot of arrogance to think that the ploy she wanted to try had a chance of success.

                    2. She’d pegged me early on as someone she thought she could use. It was fun watching her spin her little schemes.

                      That said, she really looked sexy for a fortysomething woman, which was why I was with her. And she was very nice and pleasant, which was surprising, given that so many middle-aged women get bitter or angry.

                    3. I got a date with a 34 year old massage therapist tonight who told me guys find her job intimidating because some of her “clients” are Cowboys players.

                    4. Haha. My sister is working closely with a famous NFL quarterback on a project. It’s been fun hearing what she thinks about getting up-close-and-personal with one of society’s biggest alpha males.

                    5. 40 something chicks seem to be either bitter and cold (married or unmarried doesn’t matter), or have regressed to an adolescent “party girl! I’m a free spirit!” juvenile mindset where they pretend that they’re 22 and seek to basically destroy their liver and lives in every bar and club they can find while “being me!” The rare pleasant 40 something is either a happily married wife or a woman who has quietly found her place in life and doesn’t feel the need to prove herself to her friends.

                    6. they also try to impress married people by showing them how much she can make and how many useless purses she can buy.

                    7. That world I’m unfamiliar with, sounds like a city girl thing.

                    8. I just found out from some other guy who dated that girl, that I was talking to you about yesterday, owns a $370,000 house and a Mercedes 500 SL yet is a Clinical Dietician at a hospital. Even with experience that job makes $60-70K at most. She is trying to get other guys to profess their love immediately to her but her Tinder profile says “emotionally unavailable only” in order to rope them in

                    9. Sure, but she can sure dance some dance to remember, some dance to forget.

                    10. Zepplin knew the score.

                      “Lots of men talkin’, few of them know, soul of a woman was created below…”

                      And (Livin’, Lovin’) She’s Just A Woman is a red pill expose of women of the top order.

                    11. Never got into Led Zeppelin (I know I know, cue the peanut gallery), but I loved the Eagles. Had a couple of CD’s that I played all the time back in high school. One of my favorites was Desperado with Hotel California coming in a close second. The guitar work on Hotel California at the end is top notch.

                  2. Speaking as a financially-stable career guy in his mid-20s, being called single mom-bait is something of an understatement. Every busted chick who had bastard kids at age 17 is looking for that Capt Save-a-Hoe.

                2. get a girl’s # written on your palm, then make damn sure you didnt hold your frosty beer in that hand for the rest of the night to prevent smudging ha

                  1. Now there’s something I haven’t seen done in a long, long time, lol. Yep. If you were playing it smart, you’d transfer the number to a bar napkin asap. Or if you were a planner, like I tend to be, you’d get the number at the bar and have her write it on the napkin, saving you the time and her the requisite Transfer Fee that I liked to charge. Heh.

                    1. as a goof, my friend wrote on a piece of paper “Bitches’ Digits” and 1- thru 10. we went out, he was about to get a girl’s #, he opens his wallet looking for another piece of paper to write on, and this long piece of paper is sticking out, face up the girl could see the “Bitches Digits” on the top, she grabbed it and said “what’s this?”.
                      He didnt get that bitch’s # hahahaha

                    2. that type of scenario has happened to me. I played along with the girl who pegged me as a player, me not denying it, then her ghosting or getting turned off because she wanted a “stable guy”.

                3. We must have been a little behind the times, it was about 1994-5 when they transitioned away from dating. I got out just a couple years later and refocused my energy towards the girls who were in the 1940’s mindset.

                  1. Well, I live in what is probably the largest college town in the nation, if not the world (?) so they tend to be a little more footloose there. Outside of OSU I doubt I’d have had as much luck at the time.

                    1. I hear you, I was in a small farming community at the time. There were slutty girls like that, but they were into meth and were untouchable.

                    2. It is probably more common than in the cities. meth is a poor mans drug that can be manufactured on site, rather than imported from Colombia or wherever. Lots of messed up brains.

                      The government has made policy that has eliminated lots of rural work, (closed down logging, mining, restricted farming practices) the industrious people left for cities to find work, the empty houses are left for welfare cases to move in. Sad situation.

                    3. wow, thats a very sad situation Jim.
                      here that rubbish is about 300 dollars for a gram, so its middle road i guess you could say, and like you say with the city to rural ratio, its reversed here (for now) the chinese flood the country with it.

                      if i was a more conspiracy theory type of fellow i would be interested to know if the government has a hand in getting it in, its no secret the the chinese want Australia & NZ, and destroying communities & families with that crap is just another arrow in their quiver.

        1. See? You have it sorted out perfectly. That sounds perfectly reasonable.

          1. If you have lots of kids, they should be practicing football and reading IRS code. Give them a future worth having.

            1. I am thinking of writing an article about homeschooling, time involved, things we learned, different options, pros/cons, and such. Problem is, I would have to rely on her for some of the content. Not sure if I would want to go that route on this site.

              1. If they were my kids, I would gear them into practical matters such as, growing weed, building a weed box, and selling weed.

                1. We currently are doing a mix. The younger kids are working in workbooks and websites like, the older ones have a more set curriculum through a charter school that works in tandem with us. Seems to be working out.

                    1. And if you study how to make weed technology, are you going to college for Cannibisbalism?

              2. Do it. Growing up homeschooled, I had considered writing a Homeschool 101 article, but you are way more qualified to write it than I am. Either way, it needs to get written, it’s pretty important in today’s world.

                1. Agreed. We homeschooled our youngest, but that was over thirteen years ago. So I would have to go on a fading memory to write about it.

                    1. until when? high shcool?

                      It’s not just school, it’s not just cool, it’s SHCOOL!

      1. I’m not seeing them….?

        Wait…..are you……are you…..Roosh?

        I mean, you do ban people a lot…

        1. OK which one of you jokers is “Red Coathanger”?
          EDIT: AND what a great way to promote intelligent conversation – ban the dissenters and critics.
          Our Boy is Lost…..

                1. LOL…speaking of trannies- the centerfold in the next(and probably final) issue of Playboy is gonna be one

    1. This may be an off the wall conspiracy theory but here goes – What if this was Roosh’s idea all along back in August with banning the more level headed commenters? He develops a new platform, but wants to implement it in a fashion to curry more notoriety? So he bans us, and produces more fascistic articles. Naturally, the tone of the comments are going to be more about race. They keep turning up the heat until Disqus bans them. Now they can claim martyr status and yet go forward on a platform where he can say what he wants.

  5. One of the funniest side effects of investing in your own weights and equipment at home is seeing the wife’s annoyance after dinner when you start to set everything up for the evening. The greatest benefit is you have no excuse not to have time for fitness and your family sees the example you set by committing to it at least one hour of your time a day.

                1. I play soccer so me flexing is about as intimidating as Ronaldo flexing. No insecurity here!

              1. He really doesn’t want to be a woman, but has been programmed in such a fucked up way that his mind is short circuiting.

    1. I set up weights and equipment in my basement when we first bought out house back in the late 1990’s (second house I mean, with a basement). It worked great until I surpassed what I felt comfortable lifting without a spotter and more safety measures around (such as, you know, people to call the ambulance if I dropped a 300 pound bar on my neck while trying to bench it). If you’re weight training never progresses above a certain weight limit then you should be great, but it’s just not something I could do for a great length of time, eventually I needed a gym membership.

      All that being said, it’s still something you can be smug about in front of the wife when you grab your gym bag after dinner with “Ok, dear, off to the gym, see you in a bit!” heh

      1. Once I hit 225 on bench (my max), I always use a spotter. It doesn’t feel safe otherwise. I actually saw a guy drop his bar on his neck once, many years ago — I shot across the floor and pulled it off of him in half an instant. Fortunately he’d kept his right arm strong — only his left shoulder had given out — so the bar landed diagonally, and he’d been able to turn his head and avoid snapping his windpipe.

        1. Ouch. I’ve seen drops too. That shit isn’t something I want to deal with if I can avoid it.

        2. Kid I went to HS with died that way. Benching too much with no spotter, rested it on his chest and it rolled back on his throat.

      2. When my son still lived at home, he started getting into serious weights. By that I mean 400 lbs. plus on bench, over 600 on squats, weights I couldn’t effectively spot him for even if I was home (I had a traveling job). So I bought a Keys Fitness power cube with a cable stack, safeties and Smith machine. That way I could be sure that even if he blew out an elbow I wouldn’t walk in the garage and find his corpse.

        When he moved out I kept the cube and I am glad I did. I can do all the big lifts with no fear of getting crushed. If you are going to lift at home using free weights, a solid power cube is the best insurance you can buy. And you can often find them used for a fraction of the cost when bought new.

        1. Secondhand exercise equipment is always a great thing, because people buy it new, use it twice, maybe three times over three years, then sell it for 10% of the original price on Craigslist or Play It Again Sports (store chain). Buying new I reserve only for uniforms and safety equipment that goes with them.

          1. That’s exactly right. I bought that power cube at Play It Again with all the accessories, adjustable bench, Olympic bar & curl bar, 500+ lbs. of plates and a floor mat for $1100. You could tell it hadn’t been used for anything other than an expensive clothes rack! The store clerk told me that the original owner had about $3500 tied up in it and admitted that it just sat in the basement collecting dust. It’s got some wear on it now, let me tell you!

            1. I have a hypothesis that the general public thinks that exercise equipment only provides exercise benefit when you bring it home and assemble it. Like, assembling it, then finishing and saying “Whew! That was some workout!”

      3. I could see why a membership would be needed. At the moment I don’t need one but I think eventually the wife and I may have to invest in a membership. The look on her face though when I tell her I’m hitting the gym before setting up in the spare room is priceless, heh.

    2. A neighbor and I are thinking of going in and buying equipment. My gym is 20 minutes by car and crowded between 5-9 PM. Been going in early before work, but like the idea of having my own gear.

      1. The place I go has a large free weight area where the serious people go, and a “we’re not really serious but isn’t it fun!” area where the gazelle chicks and fatties go (I don’t taunt fatties in the gym though, I always encourage them for making the effort). So 5-9 we’re crowded, but the free weight area is perfectly manageable and I get free scenery from yoga chicks over on the other side.

      2. That’s one of the reasons why I started to invest in my home gym and have built on the standard set from high school; no car and the closest gym by bus was nearly an hour away at the time. If your neighbor is also on board that’s even better, as one can have items the other doesn’t have room for. I’d like to have a workout partner but the wife is carrying baby #2 and she can only walk or swim as per doctor’s orders.

        1. We’ve been talking about it for 2 years, but work has us both travelling. Our families take up the rest of our time and as his wife just dropped another kid I don’t see it happening.

          1. Heh, yeah in that case it’s not happening. My wife more or less had to accept my stuff since it was at my place when we met.

              1. I took that advice and applied it to guns, but now I’m turning it towards clothes and other gear as well.

                1. Same. I might add one more to the collection (if you know anyone wanting to unload a FN FAL, drop me a line), but I have few material wants any more. The big one was wanting to have a Harley, and almost bought one on more than one occassion in the past, but even that desire is deminishing.

    3. Funny how much an equinox membership will inspire you to get your ass out to the gym….the sights! the sounds! the refrigerator of eucalyptus dipped towels

        1. It’s a great place to be and the best part is that since health insurance comps me for half of it as an incentive to keep people from being a fat ass I pay roughly the same as I would at the vastly inferior NYSC

  6. Good article.
    I do body weight stuff + light weights in my apt before work (wake up at 5:20 AM).
    My commute (130 mins a day) + my 10 hour work day takes up way too much of my time to join a gym, and my rotator cuff & tendonitis issues take heavy weights out of the picture. But agree 100% on working out making you feel and perform much better for the rest of the day.

    1. Yeah. I follow a calisthenics program too. I find the bodybuilding stuff to be too difficult and complex. Body weight exercises are easier to do and are a lot more accessible. You can also see good results after a while.

      1. No need to make it complex, a couple dumbbells for arm curls, rowing, tricep press and other similar, and you got it. Add in some pushups, pullups, situps, and you have a fairly decent program with little cost.

        1. The no-cost aspect is a good bonus.
          And with my cartilage/tendon issues, a gym would be a waste of money.
          4 days a week:
          – leg raises
          – on the floor russian twists with light weights
          Then 3 sets of (between shaving, brushing teeth, etc..)
          – bicycle crunches
          – pushups
          – deep knee bends
          – dips on my kitchen countertop

          On 2 off days (usually wed & sat) with light weights

          – biceps concentration curls
          – triceps extensions
          – standing russian twists
          – calve extensions

          It’s far from ideal, but beats the hell out of nothing!

          1. jumping rope is also very beneficial. I have to do it outside, but it works wonders on your core muscles.

      2. It was HIIT that finally revealed my abs, not weightlifting. I make sure to do one session a week of that plyometric stuff.

  7. I’m really glad I came across this site. All the articles are practical and are focused on self improvement, unlike the depressing crap being posted on ROK. Decided to create an account so I can be part of this community. Great stuff!

        1. We’re all granted Admin powers on account sign up, so you’re perfectly free to ban yourself if you’re not feeling the love of the ban hammer from others, you know.

                1. admin powers are $500 a month(Jak, I am sensing a money making opp here- thousands of admins @500/mo)

                  1. Would be more than that when it’s all said and done.
                    First, you’d have to go through our rigorous admin training course ($250).
                    After that, assuming you passed all the testing, you would have to pay for your certifications ($400).
                    Next, you would have to pay a headhunter to help you find your in with our site and to schedule an interview ($200).
                    Finally, if selected, you would have the honor of joining our admin team and pay the monthly dues for the privilege ($500/month).
                    A steal if you ask me.

              1. You’re missing out on the fun.

                Jak, with all the powers that have been vested in me, I ban thee. With Grabthar’s hammer.

        1. ROK banned most of the guys on this site, so we migrated here. Personally, I think he did us a favor.

          1. So I’ve heard. I found ROK only a couple of months ago. But if the best commenters are over here, then yeah, they really did us a favor.

    1. Welcome! And please, accept this Perception Bobblehead as your welcoming gift to add to your collection!

        1. Sorry, you’ll need to go back to Vault 111 and search around a bit more to get that. We’re not a charity here!

    2. Wait, you mean you don’t see the value of putting random parentheses around stuff you feel suspicious about? Goddamn (((you))) we’ll be watching closely.

      Joking! Welcome!

          1. Indeed. Considering the crowd that frequents that site nowadays, it would be best to have people come over from elsewhere.

            1. Never underestimate the power of leaflets placed under windshield wipers in mall parking lots.

              1. wrapping the leaflet around a brick is more effective. consumers know you mean business

              2. Or going door to door. Works for the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
                “Excuse me sir, do you have a moment to talk about the salvation of your marriage and masculinity through the healing powers of AKC?”

                  1. It is tough, you are asking someone to change their entire lives on a message they don’t necessarily believe in. In two years of non-stop work, I had 8 converts, that is because I was a recent convert and could relate to the people much better. Most of the missionaries only had 1 or 2.

                1. If you show up at my door on Saturday morning, I don’t care what you’re selling, you get the same double barreled greeting the followers of Jehovah get.

                  1. you know in the two years and tens of thousands of doors I knocked on, never once did I get any threats of violence. More often than not, it was “Not today lads”, “Some other time?” “No”

                    Not to say I didn’t get rocks thrown at me by punk kids.

                    1. Any….um… naked lonely housewives answer draped only in a bath towel…..?

                      Just curious….

                    2. a few, there was this hot little 20 something minx who we were teaching. On the third lesson or so, we knock on the door, and she comes out wearing this homemade leprechaun outfit that was cut so high i swear you could see…….well. Anyway she didn’t end up getting baptized.

                      There was another cute blonde girl (19) that I got a letter from back at home, she wanted to fly out and marry me. I declined.

                      A couple young single guys dressed sharp without any thirst……yeah those two years taught me quite a bit about women even though I did nothing but shake hands and socialize. Abundance mentality works, even if you aren’t getting abundance.

              3. One time in Carrollton Georgia someone put a flyer under my brothers windshield wiper inviting him to a Klan meeting complete with a cross burning.

                1. Normally you’d want to skip a KKK meeting, but if they’re going through the trouble of getting a cross erected and lighting it on fire, that seems like a really special event that you might only get a chance to see once in a lifetime.

                  The KKK, what a joke they are. They’ve always been a joke, but now they’re a shell of a shadow of the size they used to be. They have what, ten members left these days?

                    1. There is an old saying in the European Revolutionary Right: “You simply can’t assemble 4 persons for a meeting without at least one informant.”

                  1. I think I read it was 4,000…but somehow, they are a threat to society…4000-strong lol

                  2. To listen to the MSM you would think there’s a Klansman on every street corner in the south. I’m 49 at as far as I know I’ve never laid eyes on one except on television.
                    However if one of those morons left a flyer on my windshield I don’t know if I wouldn’t have to go just to say I had. Off the top off my head I can’t think of a better drinking story,” Hey, this one time, I got fucked up and went to a Klan rally!”.

                    1. Yeah, the South is the unfair butt of a lot of jokes. If you listened to those on the West and East coasts, you’d think we’re all a bunch of inbred, ignorant, idiots that wear nothing but stained wife beaters and drink beer all day while watching NASCAR.

                    2. In the words of my Spiritual Father, the Late Great George Carlin,
                      “NASCAR is great – where else can you see a 17 car pile-up and not be IN IT?”

                    3. I agree, funny enough, I always have been intrigued by the southern culture (mud racing, pork roasts, and such) even though Ive never been there.

                  3. Numbers dropped precipitously after Johnson presumably switched sides by creating welfare for blacks, only to hurt the race far more than anything since the 1860’s.

                2. Be worth it to go just so when you get there you get do the straight up scooby doo

                  gh-gh-gh-gh-gh-gh-ghosts! and then run away

                  1. That only works if you run in place for a few seconds before actually gaining traction. Also when running you have to yell “Raaaggggy!”
                    Bonus Points: Run in one door in the hallway and then out another door in the same hallway. Repeat this process until you run into someone else doing the same thing in the hallway.

                    1. Well OF COURSE it only works if you run in place for a few seconds before gaining traction. Some things go without saying Jak

            1. No, in NYC abortion is not just legal but it is encouraged. We don’t need coat hangers.

  8. Not only that, but there is no way that your woman doesn’t appreciate you showing that you’re one strong son of a bitch.

    What did you just call my mom?

  9. Jnyx will tell you that the way to muscle growth, strength growth and, in many ways, the fountain of youth is RAPE. Once you get Raped by Hipponax you never turn back!

    Once you walk away from your ego, walk away from your bullshit and learn to lift properly you will see results that you couldn’t believe.

    The downside is that there is a massive time commitment. But let me ask you: what takes more time? putzing around doing something that is absolutely going to cause long term injury and even while it isn’t never give you the results you desire for one hour a day or doing the hard push for a few hours but getting the results anyway.

    Unless you are going to take the short cut of juicing with anabolics and/or test massive volume is the way to go. I am currently looking into codifying my rape program into something you can get online. Be excited. Good things to come this winter.

      1. Depends. I do two times which I call onseason and off season. August through New Years I am on off season. I eat a healthy diet and go to the gym about 1.5 hours a day splitting light weightlifting with cardio about 50/50.This is what I am doing now and I am about 20-25 pounds lighter than I was in july. Then there is on season…..that is when I push. My schedule has me waking up very early and doing a 2 hour lifting session between 530-730a which includes between 8-12 supersets or giantsets matching compound lifts with accessory lifts. After work I return and do another 1 hour of lifting which is usually the same routine i did in the morning only with half the sets and then an hour of HIIT cardio (i use intervals on stair climber). DUring this time I will eat a whopping 5000 calorie a day diet which is a lot of fucking food considering there are almost no carbs. On weekends when I don’t work I knock it all out in one 4 hour session. I hit it 7 days a week (which is why I have the drastic decline for a few months and give my body a chance to heal)

        TL:DR 4 hours a day 7 days a week for a nice 28 hours a week in the gym coupled with an active lifestyle which will include bike riding in the summer and skipping rope or taking bootcamp classes in the winter

          1. I don’t have any suggestions on brands. Honestly don’t know which mine is. I got it at modells (I actually still go to brick and mortar modells). I get a weighted rope with one pound handles. If you are serious about building muscle I would limit your time on the rope to 20 minutes a day otherwise I find you actually atrophy the gains you make with the weights. Once it gets too cold out for me to enjoy outdoor activities I will grab my rope and just hit it for 20 minutes in my living room in the middle of the day on a sunday while I am waiting for my food prep to be over. If your goal is straight up weight loss or conditioning you might look for 2 pound weighted jump rope and just do that shit until you can’t anymore the way boxers do.

                1. I put weights on a bar and lift them in different ways…..

                  Seriously, I started StrongLifts 5×5 about 18 months ago and now am on the 3rd week of BUFF Dudes 12 week program. Only have about an hour daily to lift (my lunch hour)

                  1. nice on BUFF which I believe is superior to SL. It is, in a sense, very similar to what I preach like gospel only my RAPE program is a bit more hard core. Those big rep ranges like the 20’s and 15′ you are doing are freaking excellent! I would imagine you see some nice results on the quick if you keep that diet on point.

                    1. 3 weeks in and I definitely notice a change in my chest, shoulders, arms, and back. My legs have always been muscular so it’s just a tightening there. I really like the workout. It definitely works you harder than SL.

                      My diet is not perfect. I have a wife and 3 kids so I eat what they eat for supper (which is home cooked, never fried). Limiting carbs is hard, but I cut WAY back on sugary drinks about 2 months ago. Want to start jump rope to burn the little bit of love handles I have

          1. lol yeah…….even me, when i write it down im thinking like “i am out of my goddamned mind” but when I am doing it i genuinely enjoy it. No other way to do it (except getting paid millions like pro athletes) other than to love it. You have been privy to my wacky gym time….I really, really like it. I know guys who can sit in a bar for 6 horus straight just shooting shit the shit and drinking beers…some pool or darts bla bla bla. They will look at me in shock that I am in the gym so long. But in the end it is just spending as much time as possible doing what you enjoy

  10. Any one ever try Johnnie Walker “winter green” scotch? Duty free has a couple of bargains at the moment.

    1. blended scotch is all the same nonsense afaic.

      Better off spending the smae or even less money on a good singlemalt rather than a marketing ploy by JW

      1. Not a JW drinker, hence putting it out there. The Glenfiddich looks like the winner. Trying a glenlivet now.

        1. I am more an Islay drinker than a highland drinker so I couldn’t say. If you like Peaty there are some islays that are great but they are….pungent….to say the least.

          1. that stuff smells like what i imagine a bog would smell like…its not peaty its boggy

                1. Side note, if you are ever at Cipriani Dolce in Grand Central which I really love to go to…if you order the martini with olives do NOT bite into the olive. They use pitted olives. I’ve never seen in before and damn near broke a tooth one night.

        2. Outside of my Scotch elitism, I have actually tried JW, most labels, and it really isn’t my thing. I can’t put my finger on it precisely, but it just doesn’t really do what I want Scotch to do. If you want a cheap Scotch blend that isn’t awful, Dewars is decent for a decent price, and is perfectly palatable over ice.

          Decent but affordable brands I like are as you say Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Lagavulin 16 Year, Glenmorangie (sp). It’s just a matter of what your budget is and how hoity toity you want to go. I’m not a huge fan of too much smoke, so I gravitate more towards the brands listed than the high smoke stuff.

          1. no Macallan? I tried something once years ago, used to be hard to get stateside- Bruchladde? pronounced brook-lah-dee…good stuff

              1. I cant afford the 18 yr anymore- went from about $125 a fifth to about $230 in only a few years.
                have you tried Suntory? much cheaper, guy at my store says its not too bad

                1. Yeah, the prices on Macallan shot up when it became “trendy” in Scotch circles. Haven’t tried Suntory.

              2. Knee may know more on this as he is a Bond man, but i think in the Flemming books 007 drank 18 YO Macallan? not 100% on this as not a Bond Fiend.

          2. We share the same pallet. I received 2 bottles of the pete/smokey scotch and its still sitting in my liquor cabinet after 10 years.

                1. That is my standard scotch at home. Laphroaig Quarter Cask. I am never without a bottle of it at home. Lagavulin has a very similar taste, slightly better I think but at a much higher price. Neat thing about laphraoig is that when you buy a bottle you log onto their website and register yourself and they gift you one square foot of their territory. You get a certificate and can go online and see the land you are Laird over.

                  1. Laphroaig Quarter Cask is running about €30 for a .7 liter bottle. Might just order one online as we are entertaining 2 parties between now and Christmas. I noticed the 30 year bottle is around €1000 a bottle. Yikes.

                    1. Yeah. Never tried the 30. Remember though, it is very peaty so make sure you like that taste. I love it but ymmv. It is a love or hate thing

      2. Funny story. Had a friend who tended bar at a high end steak place in Chicago. The owner/gm would do counts on every bottle of beer and mark the fast moving liquor. Never bothered with the top shelf single malts.

      1. Makes me laugh because I had an apartment in a nicer section of Brooklyn years ago when I was in grad school and I had made a pretty rudimentary homemade still. This was back in the dial up modem days so there was an interwebs but i couldn’t just youtubes instruction. Got a book from the university library and some instructions on a usenet group and went to home depot and sure enough a week later I was putting out about a liter every other day of the foulest 150 proof rotgut that anyone had ever drank. After that I got creative with it. Once I dropped some Halls cough drops in — it did give it a nice schnappsy pop once you got past the horrific alcohol sensation.

        1. My dad would make root beer by using flavored sugar water and yeast in 2 liter bottles. Once the first one blew it’s lid, it was carbonated. Always had a foul alcohol tinge to it.

          1. My grandfather would make wine and I would pick up all the pomace in huge heafty bags and drive it 2 hours back from the hudson valley to brooklyn and distill it in my kitchen …. Used to call it Chateau Brooklyn Grappa. Fill up discarded wine bottles and put labels on it.

    2. Nope, but you just gave me a great idea.
      I’ll drop a few lifesavers in a bottle of Old Crow and let you know how it goes.

      1. I saw a JW Green Label Special Winter edition last night which is something I haven’t seen before. I don’t see it on JW homepage now, but it was offered in the duty free shop at Barcelona airport.

        I’ve become more of a mild scotch drinker as I have gotten older– but more the direction of single malts like Bushmills (visited the distilary once), glenmorangie, glenfiddich, macallan, etc… I only partake several times a year (usually while entertaining) to savor it while smoking a Habano cigar. It has become one of the occassional comforts I allow myself.

        1. John, if i may suggest a cigar smoking Scotch, have a look out for Dalmore, its a fine dram, they even make a release especially for smoking with cigars (if you can find it)
          the head distiller at Dalmore is not a fan of harsh aggressive ‘knock your socks off’ power in his whisky so if you get the 12 YO for example there is actually 15 & 18 Yo whisky in there also to smooth out the aggressiveness that can be found in 12 YO drams.

          on the Johnnie Walker front, if you are not a fan of smoky peat flavour you’d be best to give the 12 YO Black Label & 15 YO Green Label a miss.
          if you want a nice JW, 18 YO Gold or the Blue Label (contains 18 – 25 YO whisky) would be something to look at (i know, the expensive buggers)

          the JW Green Winter/Island Edition has more Caol Ila which is an Islay distillery – peat & smoke by the gallons!!
          it was a Special Editon for 2016 travel shops/duty free only thing.

  11. It all comes down to discipline. Anything worth having in life will require a disciplined approach. I have a tendency sometimes to jump into something, going all out, but not thinking through all the angles first to make sure I’m efficient. I’m improving, but like the article alludes to, I think the discipline of hitting the weights 3-4 days a week really helps with this.

    As a side note, my left knee has been giving me trouble for about 6 months. I was walking around the job and felt a twinge in my knee. It feels good most of the time but climbing stairs, running the bases in softball, or squats can cause it to hurt. I’ve decided to stop leg day for about a month and wear a brace when playing sports. Any other suggestions?

    1. Check with a doctor the nature of the injury. Maybe just good supplementation would help (depending on your age). Just my 2cts.

    2. I started having some knee problems off and on a few years ago. I’m pretty active at work climbing up and down machinery all the time and had gotten bad enough I could hardly climb. Looked it up on the ol interwebs and it was a pain usually associated with climbing ladders and twisting on that knee, recommended ice packs. It actually worked, I would get home at night, sit in my chair with ice on it and a few days later was good to go. Now if it bothers me I just ice it down at night for a few days. I’m also a lot more mindful of NOT twisting on my knee when climbing up and down.
      I was really afraid that I was about to be out for surgery during the busy season when I didn’t have time.

      1. Hopefully you didn’t consult WebMD. I doubt it though, or you’d have come away thinking that you had congenital knee cancer stage 4.

        1. lol ain’t that the truth?
          I can’t remember where I looked it up I think I just googled knee pain and read it on a sports medicine site.
          I didn’t think I would find a simple cure, I was just trying to find out what to expect.

            1. for medial AND lateral meniscus yes as well as complete replacement of ACL, LCL and MCL

      2. Unless you consciously take care of yourself, I’d say knees are only good for 40-50 years. Design still needs some work if we’re gonna keep living this long…

        1. Hey, the original design spec called for 23 years. It’s not poor design, it’s just the users are exceeding the recommended tolerances.

            1. Does the manual mention the use of a high capacity fire extinguisher to propel oneself through the aisle of a walmart?

                1. a as a kid some buddies and i found an abandoned building that had fire extinguishers and office chairs in it and we had quite a time that day.

                    1. hahahaha I LIVE that with those fukkin crossfit knuckleheads downstairs and endless construction upstairs!

                    2. Step 1: Drill Hole in Floor Above women’s crossfit locker
                      Step 2: insert USB endoscopy Camera
                      Step 3: Internet Stuff
                      Step 4: Profit

        2. Depends on what your definition of “good” is. My knees aren’t what they were 10 years ago and certainly aren’t what they were 30 years ago when they didn’t even ping as a possible issue but I still get use out of them — infact good use..I just have to make allowances for them hurting…just like making old man noises getting out of a chair doen’t mean my body is done, just that the tread is a little worn

      3. If it’s the knee joint get on a quality Glucosamine + Chondroitin + MSM supplement. In fact if you are over 35 just do it anyway. It takes about 6 months to work. But it does work.

        If it’s connecting tissue then ICE. Ice, compression and elevation. I prefer the flexible fabric covered cold packs since you can wrap them around the joint. A plain old school Ace bandage or an elastic knee wrap. And finally when you are icing it down get a couple of pillows under it for elevation.

        I also use a topical product called Bioactil which has helped me with both joint and muscle pain and it promotes healing. You may also want to consider a natural anti-inflammatory supplement such as Turmeric Curcumin taken twice daily. I have been the human Guinea pig for all the foregoing and they have worked for me.

    3. I was having knee pain that wouldn’t go away a few months ago. Started taking a collagen supplement (neocell super collagen), & also bought a couple of those cheap elastic knee sleeves at a local pharmacy to wear when I play sports. Now my knees barely ever bother me and I’m squatting more than I have in years.

    4. You have to keep your joints healthy.

      I would suggest to stop playing sports for a month or so – if that’s at all possible… The high impact on the joints does nothing to promote healing if the joint is affected. You have less control of how your joints articulate when playing sports.

      I would actually keep training legs, because the movements are controlled and methodical. You want to strengthen the muscles, don’t let them atrophy. The stronger your muscles are, the better they can support the joints. I wouldn’t squat for at least a month – too much stress. No lunges either. Rule of thumb – if you feel pain while doing a particular exercise – stop. Find an alternative. If you can perform leg extensions without pain, do those first to warm up the joints. Then move on to leg press, which allows for more control, but provides a compound movement. You are locked into place and can easily adjust your foot position. Remember to always press with your heels to avoid extra stress on the knees. Placing your feet higher on the platform will put more stress into the hamstrings, thus taking additional stress off the knees. Perform stiff-leg deadlifts for hamstrings; you can actually aggravate the knee pain with leg curls… 3 simple movements that will keep your legs and hip joints locked into position and provide plenty of muscular stimulation with low risk. Don’t forget to train your calves also, as they help with supporting your body as well.

      Whatever you do, whether it’s at the gym, climbing a ladder, around the house, etc., don’t let your knees pass your toes to avoid additional stress on the joints.

      Also, check your shoes; a heel that is too high can promote knee pain, as well as a heel that allows for too much pronation. You want to have a very stable, and strong walk to plant your foot correctly.

      Use ice for inflammation at 15-minute intervals. Use black neoprene sleeves during the day for additional support.

      Good luck to you!

  12. The big thing is the mental will to get your ass out of bed and get moving. I know that was the hardest thing for me in the past. Laying there all warm and comfortable in the bed won’t get any cast iron moving. So when that alarm clock goes off your feet need to hit the floor. After you do it for a while it does become almost habitual. But you still have to steel your mind and make your body move. Doing nothing is our default setting as humans and we have to overcome this.

    A big part of that is getting plenty of sleep. If you are staying up late and you aren’t rested, you will not perform well and you put yourself at risk for injury. So another aspect of mental will is being able to stop whatever it is that you are doing and get your ass into bed early enough to get the rest you need. Muscle doesn’t grow in the gym, it grows during recovery. If you are chronically sleep deprived your mind will be foggy and your time in the gym wasted. So it doesn’t matter how much fun that video game is or how interesting the show is, set a bedtime and stick to it!

    I find that a good, hard workout really does set the stage for a successful and productive day. I don’t always break a PR (I’ve been lifting a long time and nearing 60, so I’m past my peak). But I still learn things I didn’t know about form or technique. I always try to add another rep or two even if I have hit a plateau on the amount of weight I can move. Maybe go a bit deeper on squats or a little slower on the negative portion of a rep. There is always room for improvement no matter how long you’ve been at it or how old you are.

  13. It’s very much mental, and the benefits are tremendous. You build such discipline and it keeps things on a very even keel.

    Quick story: This goes back to maybe ’04-’05… I was still in the mortgage industry, and I had particularly bad day. I had a huge deal unwind just prior to funding, and I was extremely upset. I had a workout scheduled for that night. Got home, changed into my gym clothes and my wife and I left for the gym. On the way there, I didn’t speak much in the car.

    When we arrived at the gym, I went to the bathroom to collect my thoughts for a couple of minutes. I walked out into the gym and went to the dumbbell rack, got a set of dumbbells and walked over to a bench, sat down facing the mirror and then looked down to try to focus. When I looked up, there was a guy next to me. He said “hey, how’s it going” – dude was in phenomenal shape, jovial with a big smile. I looked down and noticed he was in a wheelchair and had no legs. I instantly snapped out of my funk. I thought “shit, if this guy can maintain a great attitude, what’s my problem? I’m upset about losing a sale, and he has no legs.”… I powered through that workout like it was nothing. It’s all about the weights, man – they’ll never let you down.

    1. “I went to the bathroom to collect my thoughts for a couple of minutes.”
      heh heh heh heh you naughty boy! You still do that?

  14. This is a great article. It touches on the difference between habit and discipline. In the lifting model, habit would be the guy who drags his ass to the gym ‘when he can’ and does an ass job of lifting the same amount for years. Discipline is what jnyx is demonstrating – he MUST to do this. Its not a chore, or some item on a checklist.

    1. and if we are going to just show up when we can and do an ass job of things we better be getting paid for it!

            1. The ones I do and the ones i have given to Jnyx to do are not for someone who hasn’t been fairly serious about training for a good amount of time. But there is a ramp up. Yes, they are that intense. But, here is the kicker…they work and work well

                1. What I do involves massive volume. 5×20 is a good frame. Even for compound. The way I mix them I make sure you totally destroy stabilizer muscles. So for instance I will always pair up chest with triceps. A lot of people think of things in terms of “arm day” or “tris and bis” or compounds and accessories. But when you do big lifts that build your chest you engage your triceps. So the weight you move with your chest which is supposed to be breaking down your chest muscles for muscle growth is also being supported by triceps….unless you have just done a few hundred kickbacks and your triceps are so burned out that you can barely jerk off. Then you your bench presses, incline presses, decline presses and flyes. Full isolation. The trick is to learn about all the muscles and which muscle groups support others. By totally wearing out the supporting groups of each muscle you are working on you make all of them work harder. You lower the weight and you do a shit ton of reps.

                  what is this 5 reps? 8 reps? 12? reps bullshit. These are limits lifters set in their heads. Transcend that. 20 reps. 30 reps. 50 reps. Follow muscle contractions. creatively play with your doms. SO you did your chest 2 days ago and are in agony in your chest…great, now lets have 100 deadlifts while your chest hurts….that’ll teach you to isolate.

              1. Also this is a but off topic. But what do you recommend clothing and style wise( please include brands). Your the closest dude to James Bond I know

                1. bond i’m not, but thanks. Really its about what makes you comfortable in the end. Confidence sells

                  I am a suit and tie guy. I almost never wear jeans and currently don’t own a pair because of weight lifter problems. Catching me out of tie when I am out at night is unusual and out of a jacket is almost unheard of. That said, whatever you wear make sure you go to a local seamstress and get it tailored to fit you perfectly, stay neat and sharp, don’t be overly intentional with silly flair and accessories. I find that dressing in a way most people would consider “dressing up” makes you stand out. It is fall now and I like to go on sunday afternoons to this hotel bar near me and get a snack and some drinks. I put on slacks and a shirt and a jacket and often a knit tie and go. I feel good and confident and that is what I wind up projecting…not faking it till i make it but genuinely feeling that way.

                  In the end I suggest to think about the people you think are coolest. To me that is guys like Sinatra and Dean Martin and James Bond etc and think about what you find cool about them. You would never catch Frank and Dean in a tshirt and jeans drinking a beer. I see so many guys who watch movies and imagine themselves in the role but then look and act like slobs.

                  I guess what I am saying is that you can be the man you want to be so decide who that man is and then dress the part. Then go to the right places for it. I am telling you now, if a guy walks in in jeans and a t shirt, even if he was neat and clean, to most of the places I go to…on the very rare chance he wasn’t simply asked to leave he would be ignored at best and most likely mocked and would have zero chance with the women. This is because there is a certain refined dignity that I admire and I seek places out that cater to this. It isn’t “the right way” to do it, it’s just my way.

                  One thing that always sticks with me is my grandfathers words when I was in college and grew out a beard. I was sitting in his office and he said “ya don’t have to be a gentleman, but try’n look like one.” This has been a guiding principle of my life since. When you think of a proper gentleman I don’t know what you see but in my mind he doesn’t have facial hair, he is neatly groomed, he is dressed in a suit, his posture is good and he is confident. So, while I may be a fucking animal…I try to dress and walk and act and speak like a gentleman.

        1. They are rich and famous. I’d give it to all of them but that big one that is probably OJ’s kid scares me a little

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