Way of the Warlord: Phase 3

This is the third phase of our Way of the Warlord project.  Way of the Warlord is an interactive program to strengthen your body, mind, and character.

Phase 2 Complete

Phase 1’s homework was:

Physical: The Deadlift Challenge

Mental:Keeping Your Cool

Martial: Wall Kicks


Physical: Last week I did the deadlift challenge 2 times, and pushed myself to get it three times total this week. Last Saturday, Tuesday, and yesterday.  It is no joke, but I stepped it up and added 15 lbs total yesterday.  I’m honestly glad its over, but it was fun

Mental: I went through hell and back at work last week.  Went from thinking my boss had it in for me, to getting a promotion to getting into a disagreement with someone at work.  I told myself to stay calm and keep from losing my cool.    It starts to become more natural the more you do it.

Let us know how you did on Phase 2

Phase 3

Physical: The 300 Curl Challenge

This is one of the craziest things that commenter and friend of the site, Hipponax (who is my trainer), taught me.  Do whatever work you want to do but at the end grab some 10 lb dumbbells and do 300 curls.  Break it down into 6 sets of 50 reps each.  I know what you’re saying, that 10lbs is nothing, but I guarantee you’ll be sweating and feeling that burn.  This is all about endurance. To start, we’ll just do it once next week after one of your workouts.  If you want to do it more, be my guest.

Mental: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This week I want you guys to do something that scares the shit out of you.  Something you fear.  Something you have been holding back on doing.  I don’t care what it is, as long as its not something you’ve done a million times.

If you’ve never gone camping go do it.  Visit somewhere you’ve never been.  Shit, even try a food you’ve been on the fence about eating.  You’ll have to decide for yourself what that is.

For me, I’m going to force myself to learn a new concept for work. I work in the tech field, and there is a concept I’m struggling to understand.  I’m building a test environment and jumping right in to configuring it.  It’s probably going to get messed up and fail at first but I will work through the bugs until its completed.

Martial: Stretching Your Limits

This Martial Challenge is going to build on what we did for Phase 2.  This challenge won’t be as physically strenuous, but will test you nonetheless.  Those of you who have trained in martial arts before might be familiar with some of the stretches we’re going to be doing this time around.  As with every other challenge, you’ll get what you put into it.

For this challenge, you will be doing front stretch kicks and stretch crescent kicks.  The techniques themselves are fairly simple.  The challenge will come from the intense stretch you will be putting on your legs and hips.  While not exactly a martial arts video, this guy gives a good description of both kicks:

For this challenge, you will do both kicks every day; one set of each on both legs in the morning and the same in the evening.

Start off slow so you don’t pull anything.  As you get more comfortable (and limber) doing these kicks, increase both the range of motion of the kick and the number of reps you’re doing in each set.  Start at 10 and increase it by 1 every day.  By the end of this challenge, you will be doing nearly 200 kicks per day!


As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll have a halfway check-in next Friday.

Phase 2 Check in next Friday 10/27

Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of akingscastle.com. He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family.