Way of the Warlord: Phase 3

This is the third phase of our Way of the Warlord project.  Way of the Warlord is an interactive program to strengthen your body, mind, and character.

Phase 2 Complete

Phase 1’s homework was:

Physical: The Deadlift Challenge

Mental:Keeping Your Cool

Martial: Wall Kicks


Physical: Last week I did the deadlift challenge 2 times, and pushed myself to get it three times total this week. Last Saturday, Tuesday, and yesterday.  It is no joke, but I stepped it up and added 15 lbs total yesterday.  I’m honestly glad its over, but it was fun

Mental: I went through hell and back at work last week.  Went from thinking my boss had it in for me, to getting a promotion to getting into a disagreement with someone at work.  I told myself to stay calm and keep from losing my cool.    It starts to become more natural the more you do it.

Let us know how you did on Phase 2

Phase 3

Physical: The 300 Curl Challenge

This is one of the craziest things that commenter and friend of the site, Hipponax (who is my trainer), taught me.  Do whatever work you want to do but at the end grab some 10 lb dumbbells and do 300 curls.  Break it down into 6 sets of 50 reps each.  I know what you’re saying, that 10lbs is nothing, but I guarantee you’ll be sweating and feeling that burn.  This is all about endurance. To start, we’ll just do it once next week after one of your workouts.  If you want to do it more, be my guest.

Mental: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This week I want you guys to do something that scares the shit out of you.  Something you fear.  Something you have been holding back on doing.  I don’t care what it is, as long as its not something you’ve done a million times.

If you’ve never gone camping go do it.  Visit somewhere you’ve never been.  Shit, even try a food you’ve been on the fence about eating.  You’ll have to decide for yourself what that is.

For me, I’m going to force myself to learn a new concept for work. I work in the tech field, and there is a concept I’m struggling to understand.  I’m building a test environment and jumping right in to configuring it.  It’s probably going to get messed up and fail at first but I will work through the bugs until its completed.

Martial: Stretching Your Limits

This Martial Challenge is going to build on what we did for Phase 2.  This challenge won’t be as physically strenuous, but will test you nonetheless.  Those of you who have trained in martial arts before might be familiar with some of the stretches we’re going to be doing this time around.  As with every other challenge, you’ll get what you put into it.

For this challenge, you will be doing front stretch kicks and stretch crescent kicks.  The techniques themselves are fairly simple.  The challenge will come from the intense stretch you will be putting on your legs and hips.  While not exactly a martial arts video, this guy gives a good description of both kicks:

For this challenge, you will do both kicks every day; one set of each on both legs in the morning and the same in the evening.

Start off slow so you don’t pull anything.  As you get more comfortable (and limber) doing these kicks, increase both the range of motion of the kick and the number of reps you’re doing in each set.  Start at 10 and increase it by 1 every day.  By the end of this challenge, you will be doing nearly 200 kicks per day!


As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll have a halfway check-in next Friday.

Phase 2 Check in next Friday 10/27

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

247 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Phase 3”

    1. Eh after many years, rising kicks ARE my warmups. I’ve gotten to the point where I can do a full front stretch kick cold. It’s just an adaptation like anything else. WOULDN’T suggest it for newbies though. For others I suggest kicking at waist level for about 10-15 kicks to get the blood flowing, then working higher.

              1. 7 year old girls yells, “I can’t find my shoes”
                Go in their room and the shoes are lying in the freakin’ MIDDLE OF THE ROOM. Point at them.
                7 y/o: “Oh, there they are!”

                    1. I did.
                      and that picture is absolutely perfect for the point you are making. Fine bit of image-finding, that.

                    2. c/o duckduckgo of course! first she wants to bang calvin klein, then she moves onto a bird…

                    3. it was a confusing time to hit puberty. my fashion sense was 50% guido, 25/25 split between grunge and hood

                    4. but one thing you did know for sure is that underlighting and ground FX on cars was AWESOME. Give me a Mercury Cougar with Ground FX and an Italian Flag Underlighting with an 800 per channel alpine and some 18 inch speakers where the back seat used to be and a sub woofer…….i will be THE MAN

                    5. cruisin on Franny-Lew Blvd? I dont remember the underlighting much, everyone had it in Daytona Beach when I went there in’95 for spring break tho, was really bizarre.

                    6. YES! The LOUIS U-EY. Gotta go all the way down, u turn and come all the way back over and over again until some chick gives you head and it absolutely happened EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY. I remember one girl (I even remember her name) in a blue VW bug. I pulled my car over near that bar with the white bricks that was there for ever and jumped in hers. fooled around a bit, got a BJ, she wrote her number on a match book and dropped me off at my car. Thanks for the memory dude

                    7. Remember the radio spot, but actually never ‘cruised franny-lou’. Wore a groove in Hempstead Turnpike though b/w 1989-1992.

                    8. I had a bit steel foot gas pedal and an 8 ball shift knob. My buddy was an irish kid who had this POS white mustang. He rigged a guiness tap as his shift knob. The best part was that he stole the guiness tap from some shithole bar on cooper avenue while the bartender wasn’t looking.

                    9. “I had a bit steel foot gas pedal and an 8 ball shift knob.”
                      HO-LY RAKIN’ SHIT……
                      Same same!

                      And yes the coolest beer-pull-gear-shifts were those swiped from bars!

                    10. I also have my grandfathers St Anthony prayer card laminated in the visor. mahdawn

                    11. There is a certain freedom to wearing track suits all the time. It is the wardrobe version of absolutely not giving a fuck.

                    12. If I ever win it big in the lottery, I’m tossing out all of my business suits and wingtips, and filing my closet with tracksuits and flip flops.

            1. I imagine it would be a pain just to get out of town from where you are. Last night we took the kids up this canyon for a bonfire to cook pork chops and other grub. It was dark by the time we ate.

              1. funny, but in actuality it isn’t. My family lives up north in apple country and has enough land to hunt deer on without leaving the property. I can jump on the metro north at grand central and be there in under 2 hours and get picked up by any one of about a dozen family members who are always down for something. Usually with them it is fishing in the hudson.

                  1. I get that. It was a big adjustment for me. I just got rid of mine about 4 years ago. But when you see the bills more often than you see the car it becomes a no brainer.

                    1. I suppose rentals are available if you are going out of town. I was looking at prices for plane tickets, $500 or so from SLC to Washington DC, not bad but if you mulitply by 8, it makes more sense to drive.

                    2. Yes, I can rent a car pretty easily and having got rid of my car and the insurance and all other associated costs I don’t mind it. Usually I will take the train. It is easy and I can look at the river or read a book and often times meet some interesting people…can even have a drink at one of my favorite bars in grand central and then come home in the morning with a hang over and no fear of police….Christmas I will rent a car because carrying packages can be a hassle.

                      Yeah, i can imagine buying 8 plane tickets! 500 a ticket plus taxes plus whatever….shoot you could buy a beater car…drive it to DC….drive it back and then discard it for less money

        1. If you define camping the way I do….staying at a hotel with no concierge….then i am not AFRAID of it, I just can do better.

  1. “I know what you’re saying, that 10lbs is nothing, but I guarantee you’ll be sweating and feeling that burn. ” – people ask me why my legs are so muscular but my upper body is much more gaunt. I have rarely performed squats or leg presses in my life. I played soccer from the age of 8 to now (age 44) which is the equivalent of running countless wind sprints for 60-90 min and changing directions . P.S. Bem, soccer players are not homos, sometimes.

      1. Have to agree. The health benefit of soccer are overrated. Well, if you have been an obese slob before, of course even an unmanly “sport” such as soccer would benefit you.

        1. Great, another soccer hater. Want me to start hating on American football? In what kind of sport do a majority of players never get to even touch the goddamn ball?

                  1. Iceland are taking it so seriously though, they have qualified coaches even for kids teams. If they keep this up, they’re going to become the New Zealand of football.

                  2. I met a guy who played pro soccer in Iceland for two years. He got injured and had to come home but dammit he got to be a pro.

                    1. I only ever got so far as amateur TKD fighter. Such an odd distinction between the two though. When you think of amateur, you think of a newbie, but the real difference is one gets paid while the other doesn’t.

      2. Or even if you ARE in shape. I’ve got a sports hernia from a serious 70 minute soccer game last weekend. No exercise for me, not for a couple weeks.

          1. Sports hernia isn’t really hernia — it means you’ve overworked your lower abdominal muscles to the point where it hurts to get out of a car or out of a bed. It’s also called “hockey groin” cuz hockey players get it so much from twisting to hit slapshots while at high speeds. But we soccer players and also football players get it too.

            Me, I think 70 minutes is what did it. I was doing great when the games were only 50 or 55 minutes.

            1. I have to admit, soccer is probably the best team sport to play over age 30. joined a baseball league a few years back, didnt end well…bb can be pretty hazardous to your health lol

                1. week 1: got drilled in the side. huge bruise. hurt when I coughed or sneezed. took 1 week to heal
                  week 2: had ball glance off the top of my helmet
                  week 3: got drilled in the side. huge bruise. hurt when I coughed or sneezed. took 1 week to heal
                  there was no week 4. getting drilled with an 83 mph “fastball” is brutal, cant imagine how it feels at 100 mph

        1. Do you stretch extensively before playing? I have to ice down my knees and ankles after every match except for indoor games.

          1. Warmup runs and twists, but not specific planted stretches. I never needed ice before either.

            Anyways, I now understand why there are no pro athletes over 40. Even if you’re in excellent shape, it’s a lot harder to avoid injury.

            1. Wait until you are over fifty and pushing sixty. I still get up before five AM and hit the weights 5 days a week. But I have to take extra time to warm up, make sure my form is impeccable and watch my heart rate. I am in great shape and great health for my age, but a lot of the things I did with reckless abandon when I was younger would lead to debilitating injury now. You can still push it, but you have to listen to your body. Otherwise you won’t be working out at all for a long time.

            2. I do horizontal calf stretches (push-up position)
              I stretch the top of my foot/ankle, by planting my laces toward the ground and applying pressure.
              I sit in a v configuration on the ground and stretch each leg, especially the middle leg 🙂
              Hip Flexors and Psoas Stretch
              Seated Groin and Inner Thigh Stretch
              one foot planted while other leg lifted up in a circular motion (for preventing hernias)
              simple arm tri and elbow plant stretches.

    1. You’re mistaken – GOJ is the anti-soccerite. I think its a fine sport. Excellent exercise particularly for kids.

          1. Steinway street the original right? The UES joint didn’t make it. Between Nicks and San Matteo they couldn’t hack it.

            1. yep. SS.
              havent been there in forever, “new” menus touted shops on UES and LES…oh well

              1. yeah the UES shop was near my gym and I thought it was cool. Didn’t know about LES one, but there is a shit load of competition down there….not easy to hock pizza….especially when rent is 14k a month

                1. how do you make any money with rent like that? you know Manganaro’s Hero Boy on 9th? the only reason they are still there is bc the family bought the building back in the 80s…

                  1. yes i do, Manganaro’s is legend, and yes that is how. Same with Katz’s. All the jewish delis are gone but Katz is still right where it was because they had the foresight to buy the building (and just recently sold the air rights for a small fortune so they will be there as long as they like).

                    But yes, think of that. Pizza shop rent on LES about 14k a month. Then they pay their share of real estate taxes which might be another 10k a quarter or more. That is before they turn on the lights, hire staff, put in an over, turn on the gas and pay all the insurance. Then, because they are a pizza joint on the LES and serving a young population they have to be inexpensive AND because it is the LES there are another 20 pizza shops competing all within a short walk.

                    How any of these fuckers make a dime is beyond me.

                    1. sold the air rights? meaning what? surrounding buildings or lots can build higher than originally zoned for?

                    2. in a nut shell it works like this. Let’s say you own a building in an area where you are zoned for 20 floors but your building is only 2 floors. Now you have “unused potential.” Well, you technically own the air all the way up to the zoning maximum to think of the hypothetical top of the building if the zone was maxed out. So now lets say I want to build a 200 million dollar high rise next door to your 2 floors with 18 floors of unused potential space. Depending on your historic district, zoning, and your FAR (floor to area ratio) part of your building or part of your unused potential may fall in the confines of my air rights. You can’t build on my “property” unless I give you permission. You obtain that permission buy purchasing rights. When I go to sell them I know you own an incredibly valuable lot that isn’t worth dick unless you build your building so I will sell the right for you to build through my unused potential at quite a premium. It is a super tricky part of the law and I am by no means an expert…the best I know is that when questions come up is to hire someone who knows better than me….that said, this is the basic facts.

                    3. so the smart play would be to sell some, but not all, of your air rights as it would lower the value of your bldg, right>?

                    4. That depends. Picture a building with unused potential. If you build through part of it you need to pay off for the rights. Now if there is more unused potential that someone else may want to build through (the other side of the building) great for you….however, once the other guys are going through your theoretical space with their real or theoretical space it is occupied…can’t sell it twice. More detailed questions you would have to ask a zoning attorney. We have kind of hit the limits of my understanding of it and it is, without a doubt, one of the most complex issues in zoning law

                    5. Santa: There are, like, thirty Ray’s Pizzas. They all claim to be the original.
                      But the real one’s on 11th. And if you see a sign that says “Peep
                      Show”, that doesn’t mean that they’re letting you look at presents
                      before Christmas.

                    6. I will give you the other guys but Elf is solid is a solid holiday move . Ed Asner as Santa…Bob Newhart as Papa Elf and James Caan as the annoyed businessman who is the real father of Buddy. For shame Bem

                    7. Oh man!
                      Give it a watch this year when they play it 853 times in one week before Christmas. Open your heat man!!!! open it!!!!

                    8. I’ll heart YOUR opening ….

                      hmmm, maybe that one didn’t work out so well.

                    9. I’m likely in a minority now (Friday’s are Freida’s lessons), but I don’t think several former SNL guys that get acclaim are very funny or at least they don’t make me actually laugh: Sandler, Fallon, Farrell, any Meyers that isn’t named Mike.

                  2. that’s the ONLY way any old businesses survive – someone had the sense to buy the building back when it was worthless…

                    1. there was this great italian jernt in queens- S’appori D’iischia. butcher by day, restaurant at night. in an industrial area though. the dad owned the buildings. son decided he wanted to be a player in manhattan, shut down the original…you know how that ended…

                    2. I love you for saying and spelling ‘jernt’.
                      but yes that’s a common tale. Dik inherits an established business but wants to play ‘developer’…
                      Even Straitzes Matzohs is going condo…

                    3. celebs and local pols would come in from manhattan to go there- food was dirt cheap and amazing, all bc his fam OWNED THE BUILDING. I miss that jernt, been closed like 5 yrs

                    4. Jewish Mother: Vhat did you say….your going to buy 50,000 square feet on E. Houston and A? Your are crazy!
                      100 years later
                      Guy At Katz: Here is your 28 dollar pastrami sandwich

                    5. “d’ nayb’ahood….its fulla schvatas and pertaREEKENS… I could plotz…..sell it and move to Raws-lin while you can boobala…”

                    6. Your brother just bawt a place rit offa willis ahhhvenue. I dont know why you ahhhnt more like him. ahh dokta. All you do is make pastrawmi

                    7. damn me and my poor alliteration skills. It’s like i am not even alliterate

                    8. Each time we have one of these back-an-forths, you, me, @cheeseburgercheeseburger:disqus, I lose YEARS of progress away from that aycent…

                    9. Self-loathing LI-er. not uncommon….
                      “LI – From New York, but no, not really”….its a heavy burden.

                    10. Never understood why people from LI would be self loathing. They have everyone else to loathe them

                    11. Makes me wonder what the future holds for Detroit. Say it gets rehabilitated in the distant future, might be a good investment to leave to your kids. Plus, the entire city and much of the surrounding suburbs can be bought for less than the cost of a used Pontiac.

                    12. they had a proposal on the table for a zombie theme park- the uninhabited portions of the city would be bought for this purpose by some “entrepreneur”…a project like that doesnt bode well for the city’s future

                    13. Unless it turns into a broad social movement and lifestyle trend.

                      Hippie, Yuppie, Foodie, Zombie. I’m ahead of the curve on this one and stand to make billions selling zombie supplies.

                    14. banker dressed like Fiddy.
                      gynecologist dressed like a kosher butcher.
                      stripper dressed like a nun.
                      cowboy dressed like an Indian.
                      nudist dressed at all.

                    15. I always knew what I wanted just went about it the wrong way at first. By 28 I was already working part time at the company I am not COO of for 3 years and thinking how much I hate teaching

                    16. I never had spats….though I should have. I still go for a shine in Grand Central though.

                    17. It’s funny, they would actually have to clean it up and put some money into it to improve it enough to make it a zombie post-apocalyptic wasteland.

                    18. This is good and bad. Some of these old places downright fucking suck and only exist because “uh my grandma liked it here and I liked my grandma so they are the best”

                      Case in point: glasers bakery on 1st ave. they claim to have invented the black and white cookie. Seriously, there is nothing fucking edible in that place and right around the corner there is a hipster bakery marking amazing stuff but sure enough galsers has idiots lined up outside

    2. Football (soccer) players may not be homos, but it’s still the only sport I’ve seen where falling over and crying can create a tactical advantage.

        1. Of course! How could I have missed such an obvious part of (((their))) plan for global domination! First they come for the footballers….

              1. Funny, i thought the white shit that made soccer players move was inserted nasally cf. Ronaldinho

              2. Beside the faking of injury I think that footballers get a lot of flack for going to the ground and then getting back up. The sharp and intense pain following a collision can be immobilising for some. I remember getting kneed right below the kneecap and being in such pain that I was not able to breath for like 20 odd seconds and then being back in the game in a matter of minutes.

        2. ugh, sniper in the stands of a soccer match. Don’t you people have crappy country music festivals over there?

      1. so you don’t watch much basketball I take it…..I think falling over and crying for tactical advantage is actually just called Labroning

    3. Football or soccer (ughhhhhhhh) as you call in the US is excellent for muscle growth, especially the calves. For everyone who mocks the sport I recommend a full 90 minutes of playing it on a proper sized pitch and then tell me how they least used muscles feel.

      1. tell me how your face feels minus a tooth or three after playing irish hurling…those guys are nuts

                1. I’ve got one screen with business and one screen with bullshit. I keep looking to my left for the bullshit… just to get the business over with!

                  1. A joke for you and your bullshit screen

                    Man walks into a bar and orders a drink. He sees a sign that says “free drinks for life if you complete the three challenges”

                    So the man asks the bartender “what’s the deal”

                    Bartender says “the wealthy eccentric owner of this bar has set up three challenges that match his odd and eccentric proclivities and if they are completed he will grant that man free drinks for life”

                    So the man says “well what’s the first challenge”

                    The bartender says “well the wealthy eccentric owner of the bar grown habenero peppers. He makes the hottest hot sauce in the world. He wants a man to drink an entire bottle of it in one guzzle”

                    The man says that’s awful forget it. Just give me another drink.

                    Curious, the man asks “so what’s the second challenge”

                    Bartender says “the wealthy and eccentric owner of the bar owns a puma that he keeps outside and it has an awful tooth ache. He wants a man to extract the pumas tooth with his bare hands.”

                    The man says “that’s insane! No one would ever do that! Give me another drink”

                    Finally he says “just out of curiosity tell me the last challenge”

                    The bartender says “the wealthy and eccentric owner of the bar is married to a super model. However he is very sexually repressed and the supermodel says she will leave him if she doesn’t get fucked in the ass. So he needs someone to fuck his supermodel wife in the ass”

                    Well the guy is sitting there and he says “ah the hell with it! Give me that hot sauce!”

                    He chugs it down. Falls to the ground. Grabbing his stomach. Ooh and ahhh! But he gets up. Slams the empty bottle on the bar and says “now where is that puma”

                    The bartender says “the puma is out back through the door”

                    The man pulls his courage together and goes out and you hear all manner of noises. Growling. Screaming. Finally the man walks back in. Cloning torn. Blood coming out of his neck. He walks up to the bartender and says “now where is that supermodel that needs a tooth extraction”

  2. 300 curls? @jnyx dude, not even supersetting with 300 kickbacks……
    Superset 6×50
    Curls (Alternating 10lbs)
    Kickbacks (Alternating 10 lbs)
    Make sure you squeeze for that contraction.
    I want to see if I can get you to drop a 10 pound weight then call you a fag

  3. “Get out of your comfort zone”
    Probably the first, probably one biggest and toughest challenge that comes with the red-pill.
    But Once you have managed it once, thing indeed get easier get easier.

      1. You know you reached sucess when you feel uncomfortable hanging out on the couch watching reruns.

            1. The cheeseburger thing doesn’t make sense now that you’ve changed thin to thing. You’re making me look like a jerk!

        1. this obsession with making oneself uncomfortable is insane. Since the dawn of fucking time man has been trying to make himself more comfortable. Can you imagine telling someone in Ethiopia that you are actively trying to become more uncomfortable. This is like anorexia. Some serious fucking first world white people bullshit.

          1. Moderation. All for clean clothes, cooked food, and dry a/c & heated places to rest. Not so much in favor of the reasons men invented machines to make all that easier on their wives.
            Ooooh, Sane, you sexist devil you…

  4. Getting out of your comfort zone is vital for personal and professional growth.

    I’ve seen this hold too many good people back over the years, and it seems to be more prevalent these days with people living in their little bubbles, with their cute little smartphones, etc. It really all comes down to fear. Don’t be afraid to fail… start with smaller things, and the more you do it, it will become easier to tackle the more substantial challenges. You almost have to approach it as a child would – with Excitement; no concept of fear or repercussion. You eventually replace the fear and become more motivated to experience the final outcome. Go for it!

          1. if your head is any indication i would need a team of mexicans to ever see your tits.

            1. Haha, I’m only a yeti from the neck up. I think all the hair that would eventually grow on me had a meeting before puberty and came to the unanimous decision to migrate to my head.

              1. Speaking of, sent you something earlier today been having a problem with my gmail coming in as spam though. This is meeting Goal 2 for today’s article, much out of my comfort zone to try writing an article.

                1. Hey GoingSane, I haven’t seen anything come across. Send me an email through our Contact Us page (Seek Counsel) at the top of our site.

        1. I would give away every possession I own to get you in the woods with nothing but a sleeping bag, back pack and a pocket knife.

          The bitching and moaning about the lack of civilization would be priceless. Haha

  5. This is really good actionable advice! On the kicks, not sure of everyone’s level of limber is, but doing Chinese splits may help you as the helped me. Either way, looking forward to seeing more articles like this one.

  6. Who has got an effective stretch for calves? Something other than the boilerplate stuff?

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