5 Fall Season Things To Do With Your Kids This Weekend

I know we typically have a guest poster on Saturday, but I wanted to write.  Fall is one of my favorite times of year.  Things cool down, its a time for change.  I love being outside during the fall months.  Here are 5 things you can do this weekend with your kids to enjoy the season, and each others company.

Pumpkin Picking/Carving

I don’t know why its so fun but it is.  Taking your kids to a pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect gourd is really fun.  Its great to be outside together.  Once you decide (I typically let each kid get their own pumpkin), helping them carve it is fun, and creative.  You wont believe some of the cool shit your kids will come up with for carving ideas.  Adding things like glow sticks and led lights to the inside of a jack-o-lantern, can really produce a cool effect.

Chopping Firewood/Having a Campfire

You may want to reserve the axe swinging to yourself or teen aged boys, but the little kids can gather and stack firewood.  Get those kid off netflix and in the yard with you.  Then reward them with some roasted marshmallows around the fire on a cool night.

Raking Leaves

What kid doesn’t love jumping into a pile of leaves?  You can get a kid to help you rake the entire yard if you promise to let them jump into the pile at the end.  Gets the mess up, and they get to have a good time.


I am a huge fan of archery, and something about the fall brings it out. (Deer season maybe?)  My son begs to go shoot his bows all the time.  Teaching him how to shoot and the safety measures involved is something we both enjoy.

Go To a Haunted House/Attraction

This may be for people with kids older than about 6, but taking my kids to haunted attractions this time of year really dials in the Halloween fun.  My kids thought it was awesome to stay out after dark and get the shit scared out of them.

There are more but these are things I’ve done with my kids.  Leave a comment on some suggestions you may have.

-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

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66 thoughts on “5 Fall Season Things To Do With Your Kids This Weekend”

  1. raking leaves…chopping firewood…that must be the best thing about having kids, you tell them its an “activity” but you are really just making them do chores!

    1. It’s like when I was a kid, my dad and I used to play this game, in which he would put me into a bag and throw me into the river. I had to tear the bag and swim back to the land, then walk home through the forest.
      Every time I made it back, and every time he pretended to be disappointed by my perfomances.
      But I knew that, deep down, he was very proud of his special boy, as my mom used to call me.

      1. “When I was a boy, the other kids in the neighborhood used to run up to me and make fun of me and call me horrible names. I would always chase after them, but lucky for them, the chain always snapped my neck back.” – Emo Phillips

    2. Framing it is important. If you don’t do it with them, or you frame it as a chore, they’ll grow to hate it.

  2. We take our kids to a pumpkin patch every year for them to pick out their own pumpkins. Then we carve them at home. Highly suggest taking your kids out to pick a pumpkin. They’ll love the experience.

      1. I dunno about chicken manure, but I sure do love the smell of dried cow manure for some weird reason.

          1. I’m like that with mulch. Smells awful to most but I’ve worked around it for so many years, it smells good-ish to me.

  3. to the dads on this site: when is it acceptable to stop letting you nephew “win” at board/card games? He is 7 and change now, and I am getting tired of him thinking he is superior to me

      1. I sold his some ARM’s on Baltic Ave- he WILL lose to me next time we meet..stupid kid

              1. A buddy of mine in th army said the same years ago. Watching those young ladies pile out of the bus at the Port Authority and then the pimps litterally wisk them away to a possible “exciting” new career field.

                1. Back in the 80s they were mostly from Minnesota, for some reason. And the pimps were all from Memphis. Weird.

                2. Ha. Yup. I like the corporate ones. Just finished your little communications degree at some state school where you had dual minors of beer pong and sodomy. Show up with your anne taylor card and buy your estimation of a professional woman’s wardrobe, get your little job as an admin and your apartment with 3 other girls, work your ass off just to pay your bills and suck cock for drinks. go home on Christmas and listen to your family ooohhh and ahhhh about how you are making it in the big city.

                  We power our electrical grid with the souls of the young women from coast to coast that we drain out of them.

                  1. I know a handful of women who did just that. Maybe not NYC, but ran to other metropolitan centers to “make it in the big city.” I know of only one who actually made it into mid-level management (finance), but most slink home broke with a kid or two or disappear into obscurity.

                    I knew a woman (35) once who was sharing a house with 3 other office professional women in Dublin. We met up on occassion and I once asked her about her future plans. She wanted marriage, kids, nice house, etc… I asked, ” what are you doing to persue that?”

                    Blank stare.

                    Me: “Has it occurred to you, that you are living like you were 10 years ago out of college and since then not much has changed? You must be comfortable with the status quo that you maintain then.”

                    Never heard from her again, but dollars to donuts she is still splitting rent with some other post-wall harridans.

    1. Seven is a good time. Win every now and then, but not every time. If you suddenly start laying hardball with everything, you could alienate him. Play to his level and make it a 50/50 outcome

    2. He’s ready. Humiliate him next time you play. I always told mine to play to win or don’t play at all– and don’t quit because you are losing. Adapt, fight, overcome. Now my 8 year old is shooting me out of the sky when we play Wii dogfight and wins half the time. Proud of her and she knows they are legit wins.

    3. Teach him poker and then win all of his birthday money from him.
      Will teach him an important life lesson.

    4. You’re supposed to let little kids win? NFW, they will beat you when they get older so get your licks in now.

  4. I’m taking german exchange students to go see historic shit tomorrow.
    I still dont know how this happened….

      1. looks just like South Philly. cars parked on streets in both directions, on the sidewalks…never seen that before

        1. Look – if you still lived with your parents at 36 in a 2 br rowhouse and had 6 cars and a boat you’d have to get creative too!

      2. This place, along with the entire muslim world, deserves a gift in the form of a mushroom cloud. When the debris finally settles, then go in, clean up, and rebuild from scratch.

        1. watching some of his other vids…baltimore is even worse. drove past Johns Hopkins once, in the heart of the ghetto, one of the best med skools in the world

          1. Baltimore had the weirdest vibes of any American city I’ve ever been to. After breaking the ice, people were actually quite friendly, but before that, they gave these looks like they wanted to kill. It would be like having an NYC minus the upper and working class with nothing but ghetto left over.

    1. Thats funny. It was a cold, rainy afternoon in Germany yesterday so we went to a technical and aviation museum and learned about historic German stuff like the Tiger tank and the JU52.

      1. That sounds fantastic. I love that shit. Did you ever go to the armor museum at Fort Knox? They have a couple tigers there.

  5. We have been to 3 fall festivals/trunk or treats in the last two weeks. The kiddos love it. A fall campfire sounds fun. Maybe we will that next weekend. Thanks for all the good ideas!

  6. Raking leaves = chores = building character as my dad used to say. You can’t go wrong with bonfires. There is something about fire and enjoying the warmth and the atmosphere with your family and/or a group of people. I don’t know what it is.

  7. take them to a far right rally. Or take them to the library and get them reading….wacked out books on conspiracy theory which they can discuss at school as part of everyday class room debate

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