Book Review: Dylan Madden’s “Think And Go Hustle”

You hear all over the Manosphere that you should be creating side hustles to work on.  The reasons for this may vary -getting out of debt, quitting your soul-sucking job, retiring early, etc.- but the underlying reason is the same.


Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedom.  When you’re free from fighting the daily commute, dealing with coworkers and managers you hate, trying to dig yourself out of a mountain of debt, and wondering how you’re going to pay your bills while saving for retirement, you can pursue what makes you happy.

But where do you even begin?

What’s the mindset of a hustler?

How should you set up your life and priorities to prevent being overwhelmed?

Enter Dylan Madden.

Dylan, a still relatively young man has worked hard since his teenage years on his side hustles.  Some were successful, some were not.  Instead of getting demoralized and give up, Dylan learned from his mistakes and turned them into opportunities to improve not only his other hustles, but his mindset and personal life.  He didn’t let personal of professional issues slow him down.  He did this by incorporating the very same techniques that he covers in his new book “Think And Go Hustle.”

Think And Go Hustle

Because I respect Dylan on both a personal and professional level, I’m not going to sugarcoat my review of his book.  From a writing perspective, I believe there’s room for improvement.  That isn’t to say the book is sloppily written or full of typos.  Far from it.  During my initial reading, I only found a couple small typo issues.  I believe it is a good foundation and hope he writes additional books that build onto what he’s already created.

The book itself is a fairly quick read, about 65 pages long, and Dylan doesn’t add a lot of fluff to pad the pages.  It’s direct and to the point.  For those of us who value our time and want to get right to the meat and potatoes, this is appreciated.  We’re supposed to be out hustling after all, not reading some 400 page tome and trying to decipher vague, abstract principles.

Another good point I enjoyed about the book was Dylan provides his own backstory and struggles.  I especially like reading about this as it adds a personal feel to the book.  You know this book was written by another guy who’s struggling through the same things everyone else is.  The only difference is he’s found his escape route and is chasing it like a hungry lion.  It’s difficult to take advice on how to live your life from a faceless person with zero background.  Dylan Madden made sure that’s not the case in his book.  You know exactly who he is and what he’s overcome.

The last point I’m going to cover about the book that I really liked, and forgive me for nerding out a bit here, was that Dylan compares his approach to playing a video game.  His steps are even broken into different levels.  On the surface, this might sound silly or juvenile, but I found it actually quite inspired.  The common people that blindly wander through life, following the script provided to them by society? They’re the NPCs (non-playable characters).  They do what they have been told (read: programmed) to do and are unable to break from their scripts.  Did this description strike home?  Is this you?  If so, Dylan has the answer for you: Create your own script.  You are not just another NPC in a massive RPG.  You are the protagonist of your own story.  The outcome is up to you to create.

 What This Book Isn’t

If you’re looking for a book to tell you to do X, Y, and Z to make money, this isn’t it.  Rather, Think And Go Hustle shows you how to get your mind, body, and priorities right in order to effectively hustle.  Some of the impatient readers might think this is a negative point for the book, but I would disagree.  What if Dylan had laid out a method of earning money that you simply could not use for whatever reason?  Then the book would have been worthless.  Instead, Dylan aims to give you the tools needed to build whatever hustle plays to your strengths and passion.  This is far more valuable than a book giving you only one option to making money.

This book also isn’t a get rich quick scheme either.  It requires you to put in the time and sweat to fully realize your goals.  In some ways, the title Think And Go Hustle is a bit misleading as it aims more to you finding your purpose.  For it’s simplicity, it subtly covers a lot of topics discusses in the Manosphere on self-improvement though I think there’s more that Dylan could have covered.  Perhaps this will be done in future installments.


Even if you’re not a hustler, you will still derive value from this book for the reasons I listed above.  Seeing as I am hustling on the side, I am implementing Dylan’s steps and am creating my own script to live by.  The clarity provided by having a script made by you, for you, is invaluable.  I would encourage any man seeking to improve their life and to break the shackles of society to pick up a copy of this book and give it a read.  You won’t be disappointed.

Click the picture below to purchase your copy of Think And Go Hustle.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. That’s appropriate, first thing on Monday morning an article about hustling. It would be better for me to hustle after lunch.

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              2. A few months back I watched a recorded live peformance of his from the 90s (his last?) on YouTube and was laughing so hard I had tears. He really had the “brevity is the soul of wit” down pat and his one liners are the best.

  2. Create your own script and hold auditions with lovely local females in your immediate area. Club that side hustle like a baby seal.

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                    7. that may have been the reason they got closed down on paper. the actual reason they got closed down was they missed too many payments to the inspector

                    8. I don’t think anyone could operate an honest business on the east coast. I knew a guy who ran a construction business in MA and the stories he told me how many envelopes he had to stuff to get the state dicks (eg. building inspector, health and safety, etc..) to sign off was ludicrous. It’s like my wifes friend who is married to a state tax agent. The guy is building a dacha outside of Moscow bigger than most peoples homes on a low level bureaucrats salary. Shocker.

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                    1. not sure where the line is but maybe. My neighborhood is 1.76 square miles with
                      229,688 residents. A large number of those residents are working professionals who either live alone or live with other working professionals so their homes are empty all day so having a dog is rough. There is also a lot of discretionary income so there is a perfect storm.

                      My mother lives in Austin texas which is not a big city but also not a small town and when she goes away she boards the dog with a woman who does that kind of thing as a side hustle but in no way is it a large company with its own facility and 24/7 staffing.

                    2. I’m pretty sure I could make it work. There’s already a doggy daycare a few miles from where I live and I’ve even seen some dude driving around in a mobile dog grooming van. The pet care industry is picking up big time.

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  3. arent our congressmen immune from insider trading laws? Id say go into politics as a side hustle

      1. non profits- some jailed pol from the Bronx had a half dozen “health clinics”- you shoulda seen em, all looked like converted bodegas…he pocketed most of that $$

        1. Those things are MONEY. Did work for a couple doctors who hung up their stethoscopes to basically be landlord/franchisors of these publicly-funded “clinics”.
          Deplorable, but clever!

          1. some dr’s are setting up monthly payment plans for their patients. cut out the middle man…theres some promise there…I hope

        2. there used to be a huge donut shop in L.A. that received tax subsidies because they offered discounts to the elderly every morning

      1. I really wish I had it in me to rip off wide eyed innocent old ladies. But I can’t do it. No church for me.

        1. We all know why you should open your own church….to virtue signal, not only for the shekels, but to seduce and bang every female in the congregation.

  4. I met a doctor last week who UBER drives part time with his Bentley in order to pick up hot chicks

    1. Man, if you are a Bentley driving doctor and resorting to scams to pick up hot women then you are doing something really fucking wrong or in a place where the market is really terrible.

      1. He told me he pulled 3 numbers in a 10 minute time frame shuttling some of these hookers from their apartments to the club.

        1. and his 4 previous divorces. My ex wife’s plastic surgeon had a new family portrait on his wall every time my ex had a pre breast implant consultation.

        2. true, but I assume if he is driving a bentley then that is already cleaned up.

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        1. Right, it clearly plays better on mute. All of these girls are now my mother’s age (around 70). Some fairly attractive boomer chicks in their day but I don’t think it was worth going through the entire 1970’s to experience them.

          Dude, I had to wear nylon shirts…NYLON SHIRTS CARL!

      1. The thing about nostalgia is it does a very good job of forgetting the crap. I remember going through the 80’s thinking there was absolutely nothing good about that decade, Who want’s to listen to Paula O’dulle or Taylor Dayne?

        1. Cmon man, Motley Crue, Stevie Ray Vaughn, VanHalen( before and after). Who’s Taylor Dayne?

          1. Crap we were subjected to and have since forgotten. I would bet you in 30 years, middle aged min will be reminiscing how cool things were in this decade. (Shudders)

            1. Yes it’s like when people younger than me talk about how good the 90s were, I thought they sucked. Heh.

            2. Hey now, I’m thinking that this current decade is already the best one yet

          2. She was some obscure singer from the 80’s had a mouth that looked like she spent her childhood sucking golf balls through garden hoses

            1. I kinda sorta remember her not being anywhere near as hot as everyone said she was but, if she could do the golf ball trick it wouldn’t matter.

          1. People always seem to forget that.

            Side note:
            A few blocks from me there is an area where cab drivers take their break. You can usually find 10 or more cabs with the guys standing outside drinking coffee and prattling on about whatever it is cab drivers prattle on about (best was to get to west side highway or bring down freedom tower?)

            Anyway, right on the corner there is a barbershop and the owner of this shop seeing the chance to make some dough has offered a discount for the hacks.

            He put up a sign that says 25% Discount for Taxi Driver Haircut. Every time I see the sign I picture the Deniro Mohawk

  6. I’ve done a bit of hustling. Anything from dumpster diving time retrieve stuff and sell it at flea markets to selling scrap metal to doing tile to cleaning offices. Right now I’m considering going back to the flea market biz, but I’m combining it with selling on Facebook. For all its weaknesses, Facebook has become an excellent source for people to selling stuff while avoiding taxes.

      1. I got rid of a sofa by offering it for free on craigslist. Was funny. I put a few pictures, said the brand and how old it was and said “if you want it its your but you have to come get it”

        The guy who came for the free sofa really seemed sleazy. I am fairly certain that if I watch enough porn I will see that sofa

        1. I put a washing machine on Craigslist that is still functional but I had to bypass the malfunctioning safety switch by removing it and splicing the wires together directly. The emails I got were one for the Darwin Awards. I had to answer them

          “What will happen if I open the door with the safety switch bypassed?”
          – the barrel will keep spinning

          “Can it explode with the safety switch bypassed?”
          – possibly if you fill it with dynamite instead of soiled jeans

          “Does it still work?”
          I wouldn’t need to bypass the safety switch if it wasn’t

        2. Guy told me one time, he had some items he wanted to get rid of so he put it by the road in front of his house with a “free” sign on it, no one would get it. A few days later he put a for sale sign on it with a rather high price, the next morning it was gone.

  7. I’m not necessarily fond of the term “side hustle,” but I am a fan of anything that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit.

    – I have a neighbor that makes money with estate sales and his wife has an FBA Amazon business, they do very well for themselves.

    – I have another neighbor, around the block, that sells tons of vehicles on Craigslist. He purchases cheaper vehicles ($500-$4000 range), performs a very simple and fast clean-up/service and turns these cars on Craigslist, he makes a killing.

    – I also know a retired fellow down the road that restores old speedometers for classic cars. He has an almost endless supply of clients from all over the world. His shop is spotless and he sits in there all day working, with Jazz music playing. He’s one of the happiest, people I know.

    This is still the land of opportunity, and all it takes is a little drive and some creative thinking to get started.

    1. The speedometer guy – does he have to wait for “things to slow down” before he can get away?

      AYYY!!!!! OH!!!!!

    2. That idea about buying used cars and reselling them sounds like a great idea. Might have to look into that down the road.

      1. Some pitfalls:
        1. bitchy neighbors – some people get pissy when you start to accumulate unregistered vehicles in your yard
        2. sales tax – remember to figure that into the expense column every time you buy one
        3. EVERYBODY seems to have access to Kelly Blue Book – what they have is gold, what you have is crap.

      2. Not sure about your state but, in Georgia there is a relatively low threshold that puts you into needing a car dealer license. A good many hoops to jump through then along with some extra taxes.

      3. You know what Jak, at that price point there seems to be an endless supply of customers… lots of people need cheap transportation. If you have a decent working knowledge of cars and how to detail and tune them, it’s not a bad way to supplement your income – if done correctly.

        Check with the laws in your state as to how many cars per year you can buy and sell without needing a dealer license.

    3. There is a company in Dallas that only distributes “under construction” and “Detour” signs across the metroplex during road or bridge overhauls. They owners have a 2 million dollar home

    4. Yep, one of my neighbors restores steering wheels of all things. He’s done this for years out of his home garage and makes a decent living. Not a millionaire but he’s stress free and does what he wants.

  8. I may start making extra money by being a man-ho, I’ll probably retire as a gozillionaire.

  9. Jak, you guys are doing good things here – keep it up!!! I’ve been on the road most of the day, and a few things came to mind…

    If I may add something else to my previous post… When pursuing a side job/business, etc., many guys may be wondering: “what to do?” I would suggest to them: First, play to your Strengths (if you have none, LOL), then go with your Passions…

    – I have (One) good friend that I’ve known since 8th grade. He’s an accomplished Heavy Line Technician for General Motors. He makes decent money at the dealership, but he wanted something in addition. From his garage, he started building custom racing engines on the side about 6-years ago. This side business really took off, and now, he consistently has a 3-4 month backlog to build these racing engines, which not only helps to offset the monotony at the dealership, but adds an additional $40K to his annual income.

    – I have a client who’s a police officer – a single guy with a $750K house on the lake. How’s that possible? Well, he wanted more income, so he started a Tactical Training School with a friend of his, a few years back. They’re doing Very Well… I’ve done over $350K in business with these two guys at their homes over the last 14-months.

    – I know a guy at the gym that has a shit job, but really knows his stuff when it comes to diet and working out. He sells diet and workout advice to members of the gym (unbeknownst to the gym management) and he also has a website. He’s doing pretty well for himself right now…

    These are 3 more real-life examples, and I have more. It’s out there for the taking, Fellas! NEVER Make Excuses – Go Get Yours!

    1. I would be interested in hearing more about the guy’s tactical training school. That is similar to an idea I’ve been mulling over. Think you could get me in touch with him or something?

  10. Thanks for continuing to put out quality articles that are relatable. I think I just went through a hapless period of time as an NPC without a sense of who I was or where I was headed.

    I also just learned (after getting shot down twice, RIP me) that there is literally no substitute for balls-out hard work and having something to prove. Feels good to defy something again.

  11. All right Jak. You got me feeling like a lazy schlep. I was approached a couple of months ago to help a some guys get their business off the ground (preparing a business proposal, finanicial presentations and accounting structure, cost forecasts and estimates, etc…) and I declined. In fact I thought for years about having a side hussle as a supplier for small business operators. Time to get off my ass.

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