Weak Words Create Weak Minds

“Either you must control your thoughts or the outside forces will control them and be warned that the outside forces usually consist of fears, worries and doubts.”

-Maddy Malhotra

A comment I read on Twitter the other day has stuck with me.  It’s something that I’ve subconsciously been aware of for quite some time, but struck me on a deeper level when someone else actually said it out loud.  Today I’m going to let you in on a little secret:

Words have power.

Words have the power to build up or destroy, but there’s more to it than that.  Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed your own frame of mind, you would be correct.  What someone says to you means nothing if they mean nothing to you.  On the flip side, if the person you hold dearest to you says something malicious towards you, it can cut you deeper than any knife.

The same holds true to how you talk to yourself.  If you speak poorly or weakly about yourself, your whole mindset will be weak.  They say you are what you eat, but a more accurate saying would be…

You are how you talk to yourself.

This has been ingrained in me since I started training in martial arts when I was a young teenager.  I wish I realized just how powerful proper self-talk was back then.

Remove and Replace

There’s a stark difference in how winners and losers talk to themselves.  Their whole vocabulary if completely different.  Losers will constantly say things like:

  • I can’t.
  • I don’t know.
  • I suck at this.
  • I’m not ready.
  • She wouldn’t be into me.
  • I’ll try.
  • What’s wrong with me?
  • I guess.

Compare that with movers and shakers who are out hustling, gaming their wife, and enjoying life and its bounty:

  • I can.
  • I will.
  • I’ll figure this out.
  • Once I learn this.
  • I know.
  • Damn, I’m good.


There’s some considerations you will need to be aware of when changing your vocabulary to that of a winner.  First and foremost, you have to mean it.  Let me repeat that…

Everything you say to yourself, you have to mean it deep down to your core.

If you say you are going to do something, you must follow through.  This reinforces the connection between what you say and what you do.  If you say one thing and not follow through, you’re reinforcing a weak connection.  You’re subconscious is being reinforced with the notions that you are a liar, a flake, and a pussy.

For a long time, I told myself that one day I’d write a book, but I always found a reason why right now wasn’t a good time.  You can guess what message I was engraving into my subconscious.

I’ve finally knuckled down and put my money where my mouth is.  I’m not only writing my first novel, but I am enjoying the whole process.  I feel invigorated with each sentence I finish.  I lose myself in my writing in a way that I don’t when writing a more technical post.  I lose all track of time.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the task you say you’re going to do is, you must follow through.

Another example of this was when I was trying to get up earlier in the morning in order to get more done before heading off to work.  I tried a lot of different things, but what finally worked for me was telling myself this:

“You’re going to get up as soon as the alarm goes off.  You will not hit the snooze button and you will not go back to bed.  You’ve got shit to do and you’re not going to put it off until later.”

Once I started telling myself this, I was jumping right out of bed an hour earlier every morning.  My positive self-talk worked like a charm until…

I stopped doing it.

This isn’t a one-time fix all.  You must constantly engage in positive self-talk.  In some cases, the change can be immediate, but in most cases the changes will be slow over a longer course of time.  The plus side to this is that, like frame, if your self-talk is stronger than what someone else says to you, it won’t affect you.  If you’re a winner and you know you’re a winner, you’ll simply laugh in someone’s face when they call you a loser.

This isn’t to be confused with arrogance.  It’s not only confidence in your current abilities, but also your ability to learn new skills – to adapt and overcome.

In closing, I will leave you with one final quote:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

-Henry Ford


Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

272 thoughts on “Weak Words Create Weak Minds”

  1. first b*tches! do we still do that nonsense here too???

    great article Jak, that quote at the top by Maddy Malhotra, brilliant and so true.

    enjoyed the “What’s wrong with me?” to… “Damn, Im Good” nice!

  2. Positive self talk, huh?
    That’s some concept, and an especially difficult one for me.
    All of this makes loads of sense, but as you also stated the positive thoughts/self image needs to be based on ability and actions.
    That martial arts training you started as a boy must have gone a long way as far as the positive self image. Was it your idea or your father’s to get you started in that?

    1. An important point buried in this fine article is that it is not a one-time fix.
      And yes, its especially tough to implement these corrections as a dysfunctional adult.

  3. “Words have power.”

    Hence the practice of some to corrupt words to devalue or conflict their meaning in order to persuade or mislead is something I find offensive and those doing it worthy of spiteful contempt.

    From past posts at AKC, once you have committed yourself to striving for something, you will need to reinforce the mentality (victory or death) personally, but also need to jetison those particular people verbally dumping on you. Drop them immediately. They’re emotional parasites and fear you succeeding as it make them feel even more inadequate. It’s easier to tear you down than for them to get off their ass.

    1. you hear anything about all these child sex trafficker arrests? all over the country too…500 plus in Cali alone…

    2. Haha. Bro, I hate to break it to you, but there will NEVER be an end to the muh Russia bullshit. It is literally one of the only thing Trump’s opponents have on him, and they have to wield it lest it be turned against them. The truth on this will only come out a century from now when some impartial historian does an honest analysis of the available evidence.

      1. A drowning woman will cling to anything that floats. I’m a big beliver in the axiom a democrat projects what they are doing. I knew it was BS from day one, but of course this pre-packaged bowl of subterfuge wasn’t meant for our consumption.

        When you point out that an active US Secretary of State recieves million$ in contributions to her fraudulent charity, includeing her spouse getting $500,000 for a lame ass speech, from a foreign entity who then recieves uranium from US stockpiles– and no one bats an eye about the open bribery? The SOS then accuses her poltical opponent of collusion with said foreign entity to “help beat her in the election which she lost” — and there are still people who believe that ludicrous lie?? The left have to lie. Especially to themselves.

        PS: Part of the hysterics, is that it is turning against them. The Clintons will be thrown under the bus in due time.

          1. There’s going to be a lot of politicians put into in prison, but probably not the ones you’re hoping for.

            1. My hopes actually stretch across a vast expanse of the political spectrum, which makes it easy for me to be happy, and disappointed. What seems pretty clear to me, at least at this point, is that there is nothing on Trump, which was what all this brouhaha was supposedly focused on. Time will tell, but I couldn’t give two flying fucks about 99% of them, left or “right.” ANY of them that end up getting fucked is fine by me.

              1. “What seems pretty clear to me, at least at this point, is that there is nothing on Trump”


                Might want to hold off on that, chief. Just sayin.

                1. No problem. I’ve been holding off for 8 months now while his administration has been leaking like a sieve whenever anyone thought they had anything the least bit damaging on him. But sure. There’s still some remote possibility that there’s this crushing piece of evidence out there that all the Trump haters are keeping secret from us for some reason. Waiting a bit longer won’t hurt, but I suspect I’ll still be waiting by 2024 when the guy finishes his second term.

                  1. 1) Trump has a degenerative brain disease, specifically frontotemporal dementia.
                    He’ll be unable to walk, talk, or feed himself in three years. He’s already beginning to slur words, and his coherence is greatly decreased. Also, his gait has changed, and his staff is even bringing him home early from the summit in the Phillippines because he might get “cranky”, which leads to undiplomatic outbursts. That’s dementia, in a nutshell.

                    2) Three major media organs have obtained audio/video that directly incriminates Trump in the Russia scandal. They got it from foreign intel. They’ve been forbidden to release it by Mueller because he’s using it as evidence in his investigation. I’ve heard a lot of rumors, including that it’s audio of Trump promising Putin anything he wants in return for help in winning the election — picked up on Carter Page’s phone in Moscow by Australian intelligence — but nothing is confirmed. If true, it would explain why he randomly blew up at Australia’s PM on his second day in office, and why the Australia PM felt comfortable mocking him in public.

                    Add Mueller and Schneiderman investigations into his decades of Russian money laundering, and you’ll be waiting a long time for this guy to finish even one term.

                    1. Whatever you say, doc.

                      “They’ve been forbidden to release it by Mueller because he’s using it as evidence in his investigation.”


                      Mueller cannot forbid the press from releasing anything. This is pure and total bullshit. If they can print our nation’s secrets whenever they can get their grubby mits on them in the face of LAWS that actually, you know, prohibit disclosing classified information, there is no reason they could not or would not publish this. I’d note that they have previously published tons of other supposed Mueller bombshells, and there is no compelling reason that this would be different. Hell, publishing this info, if it existed, would HELP Mueller’s investigation tremendously by bulldozing any political opposition and providing the smoking gun that has long been sought. But yes, Mueller also has a time machine so that he prohibited release of this information thats in the hands of a foreign intelligence agency months before he was even put in charge of the investigation. Does Mueller also have a super-constitution that gives him jurisdiction over other sovereign nations, who also want to undermine Trump? Do you even logic, bro? So, from front to back, these “rumors” you are hearing are incoherent, illogical bullshit. You would think that after having listened to similar “rumors” for the past ten months, you would have learned not to trust them.

                      But hey dude, if it makes you feel better:

                    2. Oh sure, it was all good and well until the *lawyer* showed up and started dissecting the legalisms! You won’t let anybody have fun bro!

                    3. I hate to be the killjoy on the “let’s impeach Trump train,” but at the end of the day, there’s also just nothing illegal here.

                      Even if everything said in JJ’s post above is true, there’s still no crime to charge Trump with. Asking for election help, even if asking a foreign actor, is not illegal. That foreign actor taking out some advertisements, or even also writing false stories is also not illegal. I’ve heard talk of FCPA violations – this is actually a statute I have some familiarity with in my practice. Even there it is still a huge stretch on many fronts, not least of which is that you are not asking for any “corrupt” practice if Putin helps lobby for you to win through legal means, which is all that appears to have happened here, if anything. If they couldn’t figure out how to prosecute Hillary for obvious violations of classified information laws, something tells me that they won;t be able to find anything on Trump either.

                      And at the end of the day, if any of this was true, it might make Trump look bad, but you would still have Hillary DOING THE EXACT SAME SHIT WHILE ENDANGERING OUR COUNTRY’S SECURITY. So even on that weak point, it’s still not a loss for Trump. Much to the chagrin of the folks peddling this nonsense, it almost plays as if Trump did everything he could to save our nation from an insidious evil character in Hillary – including pinching his nose and making an unsavory deal with Putin.

                      If nothingburger was a word in the dictionary, and there was a picture for it, this would be the pop-up that jumps off the page.

                    4. LOL. Wishing is not reality.

                      Reality: They’re building cases on three types of crimes:

                      1) Money laundering
                      2) Obstruction of justice
                      3) Treason

                      NY AG Schneiderman’s had the entire Trump family under legal direct surveillance on an Enterprise Corruption case against Russian mobsters. They’ve got him on RICO, and his empire will be sold for pennies on the dollar. This is non-pardonable and will take years. He’ll be dead of dementia before it all ends.

                      At the federal level, Mueller’s got him dead to rights on the second one — we THINK — at the very least for scripting his son’s letter denying his meeting with Russians. And mostly likely for firing Comey. But Mueller’s investigation is a many-tentacled octopus that doesn’t leak. We do know that he doubled his staff a few months ago and moved to larger quarters.

                      The third one, treason, is slippery to prove. Trump may skate on that.

                    5. “Wishing is not reality.”

                      If only you had the power to see past your own personal hatred for Trump . . . there might be something here you could use . . . .

                      To wit:

                      1) If Trump will be “dead of dementia before it all ends” then he’s not going to be impeached for something that he won’t have been convicted of. To say nothing of the fact that I’m highly skeptical that NY is going to torpedo a business empire that makes the millions of dollars so they can sell it for pennies and cast a bunch of their citizens into unemployment lines.

                      2) “We THINK”. Think. Wish. No much difference between the two. Bro, Mueller is not going to stake his personal reputation and career to your wet dreams about Trump’s comments on the equivalent of his son’s book report. And who is “we”? The commentariat at Daily Beast? Yeah, OK.

                      3) Treason – are we at war with Russia? Did I miss something?

                    6. NY is going to torpedo a business […,] sell it for pennies and cast a bunch of their citizens into unemployment lines.

                      Careful here. I’d expect some rationality out of, say, Virginia or even Illinois, but this is New York you are talking about.

              1. What’s scary here is that you take screenshots of conversations, about politics, and drag them out almost a year later. Obsess much bro?

                Your Trump thing is really played out chief. Give it a rest.

                  1. Got it. Yeah, I wanted Rand Paul to win but knew he had no chance, so once he was out I fell into the Cruz camp pretty quickly. The bad thing about this election is that the GOP had a slate of pretty good candidates across the board (except Kasich, whom I loathe) and in traipse Trump and his reality television spiel and dashed all of them to the floor. I’d have loved to have seen a Cruz presidency, but have high hopes that he’ll eventually rise to the occasion in the future long after Trump’s term(s) are done.

                    1. I liked Cruz at first but I’m afraid he wouldn’t have governed as conservatively as he campaigned. Plus his voice irritates the crap out of me. He sounds like a cheap imitation of a fire and brimstone preacher. And he’s pussy whipped

                    2. I really don’t care about things like “voice” and appearance. Lincoln talked in a really high pitched voice that today would get him laughed off of the stage. Not that I’m particularly fond of Lincoln but he’s the most convenient example to come to mind.

                    3. It was more tenor than tone. He sounds condescending. I didn;t realize how much I wanted a ball buster until Trump started hammering the other guys

                    4. He’s a very, very smart man with a proven track record of defending a whole mess of liberties when others caved. He could sound and look like Bozo the Clown for all I care, I’d vote for him any day of the week.

                    5. That’s been a real dream of mine actually once the election was a cinch for Trump. I hope it comes to pass, that is perhaps the most perfect job for that man ever invented.

                    6. Trump’s ability to verbally desecrate someone one minute and be long-time friends with the same person the next minute is a mixed blessing. This is one time where it might work out for the better.

                    7. Voice was a major issue for me. Glad you brought that up.
                      And his nose is funny. In general he looks like a shriveled up Nixon with a tan.

                    8. Cruz still has a future, despite many on both sides wanting his scalp, but think he would be off serving on the SC. We’ll see.

                    9. BTW. Has Kasich defected like he mentioned? I don’t know why, but Ohio GOP governors go cra-cra after a couple of years in office.

                1. Yeah, no kidding. That’s a little obsessive. It’s almost like he knows that he’s going to need to defend his position, in the future.

                  1. No, it’s just obsessive in a weird way man. It really is weird. You take this shit way too seriously. Besides in the context you used it, it’s a non-sequitur so it’s not like it actually worked for what you thought it was intended to work for.

              2. Creepy, dude. Preparing for the defense, I see.

                I cannot be the only person you’ve ever seen who opposes this six-foot walking orange trash fire that calls itself a human being.

                BTW I stand by everything I wrote, except the “in a few days” part. It’ll all come crashing down sometime in 2018.

                1. I cannot be the only person you’ve ever seen who opposes this six-foot walking orange trash fire that calls itself a human being.

                  I personally know several who disagree variously with his policy, agenda, or temperament, but nobody displays such vitriol and uses the hyperbole you do. Not to my face, anyway.

                    1. Oh stop it. Good lord, get a grip dude. Find something other than politics to fill your life. I promise, you won’t regret it.

                    2. I’m surprised you believe you know so much about my life. Be reassured that I won’t be thinking much about politics during my month abroad soon. Or when working any of my three jobs. Got it?

                      Meanwhile, you might want to actually start FOLLOWING the Russia inquiry. It must hurt to know that you voted such vile, treasonous, cheating, money-laundering scumbags into our executive branch. Maybe you could do your patriotic duty and stand up for our country by somehow working to get them out.

                      Or you could just continue doing this:


                    3. “It must hurt to know that you voted such vile, treasonous, cheating, money-laundering scumbags into our executive branch”

                      And you would prefer HILLARY CLINTON? For someone I agree with on other issues it’s disheartening to see such willful blindness here

                    4. Derp derp. Like I said, get over yourself man. All you’ve been doing is obsessing and promising how everything is collapsing and every day you’re not only proven wrong, but proven fantastically comically wrong.

                      Trump is your president for at least the next 3 years. Get over it and try to start finding ways to work with him, if you want to stay relevant politically (I mean your side, not you personally). Otherwise this is nothing but the Left’s version of “Show me the birth certificate! We’re going to get Obama impeached!”. It’s just lame and a waste of energy.

                    5. False equivalence.

                      Obama’s birth certificate was nothing but a vile rumor cooked up by political foes. Trump, OTOH, has a left paper trail of Russian money laundering about a thousand miles long, and has added to that a new slew of crimes, particularly obstruction of justice (easy to prove in court) and treason (more difficult to prove).

                      Once more, for the bleachers: False equivalence.

                    6. Whatevs brah. Your obsession is not going to become my obsession. You’re wanting to pound your fists against the wall and rage at the sky, and well, that’s your business. I’m just saying, hey, there are better things to waste energy on.

                    7. but right wing pollsters say WE are the majority!
                      Not many of the polls are legit, most ask questions of anyone with a pulse, not those we can or are planning on voting…one service does though, think its Rasmussen maybe?

                2. Creepy is your proclamations that never seem to materialize and your cult like faith in a corrupt, clapped out political ideology.

                  “It’ll all come crashing down sometime in 2018.”

                  We wait with bated breath. LOL!

          2. The Clintons will live their remaining years in a gold cage. By the time all the evidence is compiled and the process begins the will be dead or to frail to stand trial. They “won.” Heh.

      2. “have on him”? It’s the only smear they have, but I’m pretty sure that they don’t have anything on him whatsoever.

        1. Yeah man, I agree. Could have been better worded, but point is, this is literally the only thing they have to try to resist him politically.

          1. I still have no idea what they mean about “influencing the election”. Clearly they couldn’t hack the voting machines, given the logistics involved in doing it enough to make it affect the election. They can’t by definition hack the electoral college. So what did they do precisely? Print news stories? Big freaking whoop. I mean what, we’re all so stupid that if Russian news prints something we all change our vote? This is a real reflection on how stupid the Left seems to think most Americans are.

            1. THANK YOU. I had this very argument with some hammerhead telling me how ‘hackers’ on facebook ‘targeted people’…..
              I don’t know how many times I had to say that its no different than any campaign – fukkin advertising! nothing more, nothing less!

            2. Yeah, I’ve noticed a very suspicious absence of stories about people who would have voted differently if only they hadn’t been duped by Russian news. You’d think if this was a widespread problem, you’d be able to find plenty of people to tell their personal stories. Of course, you’d also expect that we could also explain exactly what about any particular Russian story was false or misleading. If the Russians are only telling the truth about our political royalty, is the argument really that American voters should be kept ignorant before they go to the polls?

              1. And further, in what world is it wrong or illegal for people to print news stories, fake or not, and for people to read news stories and exercise their own judgment about them? This “influence” thing is akin to the Left snarling about paid advertising. Dufuq are we even supposed to make of this?

                1. I guess we should believe that the left doesn’t really believe in free speech anymore and also thinks that all of their voters are easily fooled morons (both of which are true).

                  1. The left has never believed in free speech. They pay lip service to the idea when it suits them. That’s about all.

                    1. Free speech? They don’t even support free THOUGHT! How else could they have come up with “hate crime” legislation?

                    2. They only “believe” in free speech when they are in the minority and want to get their hate filled screed out to the world. Anybody even vaguely familiar with the history of progressives (aka the modern left) knows that these people are the seed, the very source, of every hateful tyranny in history. How anybody takes them seriously in this day and age astounds me.

                    3. The fact that people do in fact take them seriously and even believe their platform will work proves how effective publik edjewkayshun really is.

                1. I know they’re all weasely fucking liars, so technically, I don’t get duped, I place a bet against who is duping me the least.

                  1. The whole “two party system” trope is nothing more than a tool to confuse and entertain the masses. The Demoplicans and Republcrats are two wings on the same predatory bird. And We the people are the prey. The main difference between them is what they lie about. But at the end of the day, we are only allowed two choices: A welfare / warfare state or a warfare / welfare state.

                    1. That’s why I opted out long ago, I’m a little “L” libertarian (which is a lot like big “L” libertarianism was in the 1980’s, except I don’t believe in open borders at all). Generally I’ve voted right wing the last ten years or so, but mostly because I wanted to neuter Obama and his cackling demonic hordes. End of the day though I no more want some Bible thumping narrow eyed zealot ruling over me than I want some petty Stalin wannabe telling me what to do. Given my druthers my goto political motto is “Leave me the hell alone”.

                    2. Same here. I want as little government as possible doing as little of “the people’s” business as possible with as little of our money as possible.

        1. Yep. And Obama flew 400 billion over to Iran. Not a peep from the media, even with pictures proving it. But Clinton losing the election because she’s an evil witch? “Oh mah gawd, muh Russha!”

                1. I’m really starting to feel that I’ve taken a wrong turn in my life. I could have spent my days really learning to rake people over the coals and take advantage of them, emptying their pockets like my playthings, for my enjoyment, like they were nothing but little cogs in my machine. Maybe it’s not too late to reject human decency and just fuck people over like the suckers they seem to really want to be. It’s like there’s this whole sea of humanity out there begging for me to rook them hard.

                  1. Have you considered going into politics?
                    The question now is: are you that cold hearted to fuck over old people and raid their pensions for a nicer house?

                    1. In all honesty this has been suggested to me on more than one occasion, by quite a few people (politics). Not sure why I never pursued it, I’m great at verbal improvisation on the spot and tend to be charismatic in real life, when I’m not stone cold drunk I mean heh.

                      I don’t know about your second question. I really wonder if I have that in me, because as it stands, I still don’t think I could do that. My live and let live ideals tend to curb my predatory instincts quite a bit. Which from a “get rich” standpoint is a bit of a liability I guess.

          1. One of the really strange things to me is the assumption that Russia wanted to influence the election in favor of Trump in the first place. If I was Putin, why on earth would I want to do that?

            After the election, I can either deal with: 1) a completely corrupt and malleable political crony who has already shown she is willing to make deals with me for personal profit, and has demonstrated her complete incompetence (reset button, everything she touched in the middle east, classified info on an unsecure home-brew server, etc…), while also demonstrating that she is extremely reactive to public criticism and perception; or 2) a brash, unpredictable, nationalist political novice who is campaigning on an “America-first, other countries fuck off” platform, who doesn’t give a shit about polls and plows ahead with his plans no matter how bad things seem for him. Given those two choices, why would I ever want to pick Trump? Let’s be honest – if Putin’s intelligence services are worth half a shit, they have every single one of Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails, and a lot of other shit on her we’ve never even heard of. If she won, he’d have had that bitch dancing like a puppet whenever he wanted to pull the strings, which is probably exactly what he really wanted. I honestly see no motive whatsoever for Putin to favor Trump over Hillary. And they haven;t exactly had a bromance since the election, though there does seem to be some sensibility in our relations these days.

            1. Yep, this has been pointed out by a whole mess of people. The Left is deaf and blind when they don’t get their way, so trying to tell them this is like trying to reason with a woman when she’s on her period. Might as well not even bother.

        1. Note that most of these people also claim not to believe in God. So what the fuck are they screaming at?

    3. “So ends “muh Russia” Trump collusions.”

      Thanks for the laugh. Whatever you need to get through your day.

      The Steele dossier was first funded by Republican donors, then mysteriously dropped, then picked up again by the DNC. Mueller can’t enter any of it as evidence but it has given him a lot of leads. The FBI don’t play.

      Sorry that it offends your delicate sensibilities.

        1. for some reason that reminds me of a joke my grandmother’s brother used to tell me when I was a kid. This one requires props.

          He would take a bowl of water and put it on the counter. He would pour in salt and say “now here are the white people in the water” then a bunch of pepper and say “now here are the blacks in the water” then he would put one tiny drop of dish detergent in the middle and say “this is what happens when a pollak gets in”

              1. Brother, I was cruising around the internet earlier and noticed that ROK republished an article from last year. Browsing through the comments, I noticed that you made mention of your blog: (lulzsalad) – is this yours? If so, I checked it out, and that article about “The Sauce” really hits home with me… My dad passed away a few years back, and not only do I make His Sauce, but His Cheesecake, and His Biscotti – EVERY Christmas.

                You have a photo of Sambuca with 2 beautiful etched glasses… those glasses are very similar to a set that I have from my parents. I’ve never seen anything similar to what I have – It just brought back memories… My folks purchased these glasses from Stern’s Dept Store back in ’64. From what my mom tells me, the were imported from Germany – she came home one day in 1964 and there were two large boxes in front of their door in Brooklyn, NY – a surprise from my dad.

                My mom gave me the entire set after my dad passed… I have 3 cabinets full of these glasses. They pretty much only come out for Christmas. I’ve attached 2 photos of my glasses… I just thought I would share, take care!…
                https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6c95a586606ee21e2f293febee21ac0f7d688bc3d1d76e392f734d039befde2d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1cc723fdc83c3f5f92d8c644efc7e28cfaaf458679251409f11c029f20ee5fa.jpg

                1. Hey bro. Yeah it is mine and thanks. It was mostly a satire thing I wrote for lulz but the sauce articles were pretty close to home .

                  Amazing you have the same or at least very similar glasses. No idea where mine game from, they were always just the ‘buca glasses

                  Awesome you have the entire set. I just have the two

                2. Btw: the importance of “the sauce” is really amazing and I am gearing up now to make it.

                  Keep in mind, I need to make several batches as Christmas even for me is near 100 people (a core of 50 or so and then people who come and go through the night and must eat or be put to the sword). I really do dress up in the ginzo outfit it’s fairly spectacular

        1. But guise, his “bookies” totally said Drumpflestiltskin would be impeached by now! He will never recover!

          For someone who sounds so otherwise balanced and successful, he throws out some serious head-scratchers when it comes to politics.

          1. His politics is his religion hence the rabid attacks on those who question its merit and principles.

            Hope he seeks God.

      1. Not unusual. You couldn’t find a democrat who voted for Carter in 1980 if your life depended upon it.

  4. The key here, in other terms, is to have a strong and trained Will. There are very few impossible things if you focus your will long and hard enough. The real hard work here is not to accomplish goals or surpass obstacles but to build a strong and trained Will.

  5. Words have power.

    Someone calls you an idiot once, you laugh it off.
    Someone calls you an idiot twice, you get annoyed.
    Three times, you start doubting yourself.
    A hundred times — especially if you’re a child — and your belief in yourself drops to zero.

    1. Or, you get mad and strive to prove to yourself that you’re not.

    2. An adult that calls a kid such things should be skinned.
      While I’m not an advocate of coddling kids, berating a child that way will ruin them.

  6. North Korea will soon be developing the word pulse, capable of delivering a Webster’s size barrage incapacitating everyone except feminists .

  7. As long as you are talking to yourself everything is good, when you are talking to people who aren’t there, then you got a problem. That’s what the voices in my head told me anyway.

            1. Elvis impersonator seen roaming with an AR15 and shooting randomly would be the equivalent of the apocalypse in Vegas.

            1. “Mmmmmmmrppph, sllllllurrrrrp, mmmmruuuuuupr [gag], cwagggghhhsssh mmmmmmmrrrrph ouuuuuggghhhhsssssiiimmmmmmmprrrrrhr uuuuuuhhhhhh, sllllrrrrrrpppp.”

            1. Ok I can see that, kind of like sport fucking with a twist. I would duct tape her mouth shut though until the appropriate time.

      1. If that was my kid she would get her rear end striped every morning just for waking up.

        1. I would say send her to Hawaii. She’d be a lost cause if she were in her 20s, but seriously she’s 13 and she reflects typical blue state ‘kiddie’ street culture. At 13 no way does she even have a notch count. It’s all middle school girl fighting and hair pulling. Again it’s blue state kiddie culture, like a form of Sesame Street Nigga, foisted on the youth of families controlled and regulated by family court tyranny. The ebonics is seeded and then encouraged on the playgrounds. That young girl’s culture that she learned was exposed to her in a controlled metered fashion by the blue state governing apparatus the same as they control, waive and then prosecute the other vice that applies to adults. The mainstay of blue state politics is vice and corruption – and warping the youth of their atomized constituency. Neutering masculinity too.

  8. Along this subject, look at Websters new entries for 2017:
    talibangelist: an extremist evangelical Christian
    Hyperconnected: widespread and habitual use of internet connectivity
    selfegenic: attractive in selfies

    Those were just the first three of hundreds Stupid words come from stupid people. Time to take back the language. Make fun of people who are trying to corrupt.

    1. blast from the past:
      “give someone the wind” is to jilt a suitor
      “Cop a mouse” meant to get a black eye
      “Don’t sell me a dog” was a fancy way of saying “Don’t lie to me.”
      If something or someone was “not up to dick,” it was not healthy.

        1. I’d like to see that term disappear…..I mean, ‘manosphere’?!? It sounds like some kinda gay thunderdome….

          1. Like the horror movie Midnight Meat Train. I refused to watch it at first because I thought it was gay porn.

        1. MTV Cribs Caves edition! Hey this is where I keep my 39 wives right next to my stockpile of goat heads.

  9. Off topic, but Honolulu just turned texting and walking into a misdemeanor worthy of a ticket. Thoughts on this? Me, it’s one thing to go against texting and driving, but this is just too much.

    1. can you still ukulele while walking?
      (to be fair to the islanders…it will only get you a ticket if you are texting in a crosswalk. I think that is silly as texting in a crosswalk through traffic is pretty much the norm here, but I guess some could justify it)

    2. Hawaii is a huge Leftist stronghold. Like they are so in the tank for the Left that they may as well be a Soviet colony. The place is strewn with homeless people and smells heavily of marijuana in most places, I kid you not. Whatever beautiful island dreams you may have from watching The Brady Bunch are now long in the past.

      So really, this is not surprising in the least.

      1. I used to work with someone who had *ahem* family connections within Hawaii, like local mafia connections. She said that there’s only a few select locations to visit. The rest of the areas are shitholes. She and her husband would go up there every few years and her family would take them to the safe touristy areas and tell them where not to go.

        1. I know someone who went there quite recently who said exactly the same thing. You take one step out of the “Isn’t this the beautiful tourist area set aside so you can stay someplace nice” gated areas and you’re in a world of nasty third world level crap. She was not impressed.

      2. Hey now it wasn’t all good times for the Bradys as I recollect. They were dealing with a curse, man….

    3. I’ve googled HI for real estate prices and come across the most outrageous police raids and crackdowns. Of course the vice is controlled. It’s a tiny island police state these days. Something is up with that. Depopulation? Replacing the pineapple pickers with robots? There ain’t much room for the little man/expat or family man there anymore. Maybe Gates has plans to reterraform the place. Maybe he holds the note to the territory now?

  10. I endorse this message.

    Talk like a bitch, think like a bitch, get treated like a bitch.

    Change the way you speak, and you change the way you think.

  11. Words are nothing more than a vehicle for the physical manifestation and conveyance of thoughts. Their power lies in the fact that once spoken, specific ideas are now brought into physical reality. But that effect is temporary. Hence the need to continually reinforce the idea, as the author notes, to not hit the snooze button and to get your ass out of bed!

    After you have consciously and repeatedly reinforced the idea over years, it may become habitual. But in my case there are still many positive habits I have to continually remind myself of; and plenty of bad habits I must fight…daily.

    The next step to solidify your goals is to write them down. This gives these ideas a more firm existence in physical reality. But just like reinforcing our thoughts through repeatedly speaking the words, we still need to go back and review our list. Just speaking the ideas and writing them down are not an end unto themselves. They are merely tools we can use to guide us along the way on this journey we call life.

    In my experience there are two kinds of people: doers and drifters. Form a plan, speak it, write it down and follow it like a map; you are a doer and you have a tremendous amount of control over your destiny. But if you fail to do this and allow the thoughts of others to direct your course for you, you are drifting. Don’t be surprised when you end up on the rocks.

    1. Disgusting. My wife will sometimes ASK me to rub her back when it’s sore and occasionally I’ll do so, but I ultimately determine how long. She thanks me afterwards because we both know I’m doing it because I love her and not because I’m not some slave to her. The moment she starts treating me like that soldier was treated is the moment she loses that luxury for good.

      Unacceptable behavior from a spoiled cunt.

      1. Absolutely. My girl has an actual “thing” which causes her muscles in her back to knot up something fierce (car accident when she was 19, tore up her collar bone and did some nerve damage I think?). Some days are worse than others, but you can always find some hard knots in her back muscles (she’s very into fitness so you can even see them most of the time). I’ll happily volunteer to give her a back rub without her asking, no worries at all, but the day she demands one? Fuck that noise. On the flip side, she does a lot of really nice things for my without me asking, so it’s a happy symbiotic type of relationship, which I consider healthy and natural. It’s the expectations and entitlement mentalities that drive me nuts, indulging that shit is the last thing anyone should ever do if he wants to have a good relationship.

          1. Agreed on that. Also, if you fail to a shit test once, passing it the next time will be more difficult.

            1. Shit tests have a lot of similarities to what I discussed in this article. Start off right and it’s pretty easy sailing, but the further you sink down the rabbit hole, the harder and longer it is to climb back out.

        1. MY girl is from Wheeling
          where girls have such a sensitive feeling
          that everytime they itch
          they have such a tremendous twitch
          that they pee all the way to the ceiling

    2. I can tell you the army is at 90% a badly camouflaged niche of cucks. Things I heard and saw…

  12. “Words have the power to build up or destroy, but there’s more to it than that. Can you guess what it is?”

    It’s the hebrew alphabet which taps directly into the mind of God/G-D. Or something. Down with vowels

  13. There’s a slight irony in this article in that it proves the opposite of what it promises to prove.

    The article states that words matter.

    And yet, the core of the article is that in order for words to mean something, you must do something.

    One could very well argue that the words didn’t mean anything in the first place, nor after, only the achievment, or action, did.

    Words are just a symbol. An association with something. Yet that “something” is the thing that matters, not the symbol.

    When you learn a skill and realize you can do something and someone says “You did it” you associate the words “I can do it” with this, then the words are associated with that act of being able to do it.

    When you are crushed from an insurmountable challenge or plain lazy and someone keeps whispering in your ear “You can do it”, then you associate those words with nothing but defeat.

    Hence I would argue that someone who has never achieved much … may actually be hindered by words like these, as he associates them with negative experiences/memories/emotions. Those are the things that ultimately matter I think. These underlying “energies” that we associate with words.

    Or think of another example .. somebody may grow up with shitty parents who force him to do certain stuff he hates (and that isn’t useful either) or abuse him and call that “pushing him to success” or “making him achieve”. So he will associate the words “success” or “achievement” with something negative. Then you come along and say “well mate don’t you want to be successful?” and the person lashes out at you and says “Fuck success!” and you think “wtf”, but the thing is, he may simple be speaking a bit of a different language; that doesn’t necessarily mean he disagrees with what you were trying to tell – he just cannot associate that with the words you used.

    So in the end the words didn’t matter after all. The same word can mean something great or something terrible. For example, for me the word “love” brings up feelings of disgust and repulsion. Yet that does not necessarily mean I don’t understand what others may mean by “love”. I just associate something different with the word. One could go one’s entire life without knowing the word “love” yet that doesn’t mean that the things that we associate with the word wouldn’t exist for that person.

    The only place where I would argue words matter is in communication. In a social context. One person trying to relate a concept to another. Of course the words in and of themselves are still not the thing that is important – the underlying message that is being communicated. Yet undoubtedly without any semblance of agreement or common associations to words, communication is impossible.

    TLDR: Words are just symbols for something real (unless used artistically I guess). I think our culture puts too much emphasis on these symbols and hence also on the whole “thought” thing. A word may work as a (positive or negative) trigger, but it’s not the word itself that does the magic, it’s the things that the person associates with those words. To give a ridiculous example, if someone who doesn’t speak English started repeating the thought “I can do it” to himself without knowing what those words mean, the effect would be exactly zero (or the effect would be what he guesses those words could mean).

    1. The most sinister example perhaps is the word “want”. Somebody may say “do what you want”, yet you may have learned to associate the word “I want” with other people’s expectations. Language is a bitch.

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