5 (more) Protein Packed Foods for Muscle Growth

This is an update to my article from September where I listed delicious, easy to make foods to pack on muscle mass.  Being a fan of food and gains, I wanted to add some more foods that I eat, especially while in the winter bulking months.

A fundamental flaw that I didn’t realize was how important getting your calories was to gaining muscle.  My trainer Hipponax basically called my eating habits bitch like, so I decided to eat a high protein diet with a 700 cal surplus over my TDEE.  Now I’m on track and I have to say that eating this much can be a chore sometimes, especially if you’re eating clean.

I’ll add in my favorite way to prepare each item I list.   A few different spices or sauces can take a dish and truly alter its taste.  I’ll also give you how much protein is in each meal so you can try to work it into your daily calorie goals.

The Lifters Diet Pt. 2

1. Lamb

I have really gotten into eating lamb as of late.  It can be a little on the fatty side but the flavor and tenderness of the meat is perfect.  I like to sear mine in a cast iron skillet with a little olive oil, rosemary, sea salt, and pepper.  A 4oz lamb chop has around 19g of protein! So hitting those macros is not only easy, but delicious.

2. Smoked Salmon

I’ll let you in on a secret, I only just tried salmon for the first time in my life about a month ago, but I absolutely love it.  I don’t know why it took me so long to try it but I’m hooked.  I just eat it right out of the package.  A 3oz piece of smoked salmon has about 13 grams of protein.  The wife actually wrapped some smoked salmon around sea scallops last Sunday for dinner which was amazing.

3. Lentils

Lentils are a great source of protein, and I love to use them as fillers or to serve with meat.  1 cup of lentils has about 20 grams of protein.  I typically just boil them then serve under chicken or pork.

4. Cashews

This is a great snack between meals.  1 ounce of cashews has 6 grams of protein.  Most snack food nuts (cashews, pecans, pistachios etc) are a good protein source.  These are best for in between meals to keep the hunger pangs away.

5. Shrimp

Shrimp is my favorite seafood.  It can be dressed up in any number of ways.  4 ounces of shrimp has roughly 18 grams of protein.  My favorite way to prepare them is “Mexican style.”  I fry them in the cast iron skillet with a little olive oil.  Then I mix in some taco seasoning, onions, tomatoes, and peppers.  I serve on a bed spinach and drizzle some of my home made hot sauce on top to spice it up.


I hope you guys enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.  Cooking food is a passion of mine, and its important that we’re getting enough protein as you can from good, wholesome sources.  The foods above can help you on your fitness goals as well as keeping it interesting instead of eating chicken and rice for every meal.  Let me know if you have any other foods that you recommend.  As always drop a comment below with any questions or tips about today’s content.


J. Nyx


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Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

138 thoughts on “5 (more) Protein Packed Foods for Muscle Growth”

  1. good info Jnyx. Has anyone tried Sous Vide at home ? Slow cooking in vacuum bags. The restaurant versions are excellent, but I’ve been interested in trying at home in the crock pot. Taking a roast with some seasoning, and cooking it slowly all day. It’s supposed to be “da bomb”.

  2. Good stuff.
    I don’t “bulk”, but I do eat like an SOB on the weekends.
    If you like lamb, try leg of lamb steaks. Get the ones cut extra thick if they are available. They’ll weigh over a pound and still cook real fast. Season with the regular stuff (salt pepper garlic onion powder) but also try some cumin and rosemary and maybe a little cayenne pepper. Cook to medium rare. Can’t beat it.

    But, even more important for the weekend are hangover cures.
    Mine is V8 juice. Lots of it. Since today is one of my forced days off (like a mini mid-week weekend) I am drinking loads of V8 this morning…

          1. Update:
            Just got home with a liter of Popov.
            It’s not so cheap. $15 & change.
            It’s not so good. Funny aftertaste.
            For the extra 2 bucks I’ll be sticking with Smirnoff.
            But thanks for the tip. I’ll try any booze, any time.

            1. Sounds about right. You did say you liked cheap, though!

              I seem to remember the 1.5L bottle could be had for about $12, but my memory is a bit fuzzy. Probably partially due to the passage of so much time, partially due to the damage done by drinking the Popov.

            2. I think that Finlandia is a good option, cheap and enjoyable. Haven’t tried Popov yet (I’m not american) but the urban legend says its basically paint thinner.

              Usually when I’m in the States I stick with your amazing repertoire of bourbons.

              1. “Usually when I’m in the States I stick with your amazing repertoire of bourbons.”

                My favorites are:
                – Old Crow
                – Evan Williams
                They are also two of the cheapest…

                BTW, Finlandia?
                I thought that was cheese.

        1. This friend of mine drinks nothing but Taaka vodka. A half gallon is like $11.00, and that shit tastes like straight rubbing alcohol. Smirnoff isn’t that bad…

          1. “Smirnoff isn’t that bad.”

            Yeah I know. I suppose that’s why I like it. I talk a lot about cheap booze, but I guess what I really mean is “good value”.
            The lowest price for stuff that is still drinkable.

  3. I would like to add peas, sprouts and cottage cheese to that list. Personally, I hate seafood, so I’ll replace it with pretty much anything. Eggs are a staple part of my diet.

        1. I used to eat a bag for lunch daily and eventually noticed the massive number of carbs. Green doesn’t mean good in this case.

  4. lamb is one of the best sources of zinc. I like lentils, but I dont think its a good protein source; the body cant utilize it

  5. Chickpeas as well. A healthy and nutritious meal or side dish is brown rice and chickpeas and/or lentils.

  6. I have heard that if you only eat the flesh of animals that were fed a diet of pure kratom you will instantly bulk to Arnold levels, and be able to deadlift 800 lbs with your cock, which will also bulk +10lbs.

              1. so are you calling him a cartoon character or are you saying he will return in a few weeks? or both?

                1. I can’t confirm or deny any of that. This is just the only scenario which comes to mind when someone aint around.

    1. Everybody has an opinion. The problem is that around 99% of those opinions are not their own anymore.

      1. thats a scary site. gives you a snapshot of the prevailing mindset on campus these days. scroll down, articles on comp sci and math being racist

        1. I noticed that. I am not so far removed from college myself and can say that most colleges are not beholden to such insanity. In all honesty its the usual suspects who add no value to society attempting to make themselves relevant. The “you are dumb” if you don’t listen to us majors versus the “you may die or seriously injure people” if you don’t listen to us majors.

        2. Maf is raycis!!!! I KNEW it – my failures had nothing to do with not studying! It was The Man all along…

    2. Yeah, but Bernie would do the same thing for the right reasons. Trump only wants to do the exact same thing because he’s mean. Ergo, a brainless leftoid can consistently support the exact same plan if attached to Bernie’s name, and oppose it when attached to Trump’s.

        1. Intention over result is very true, and one of the key things that prevents me from seeing eye to eye with leftists. At the end of the day, if the result is good, I could give a flying fuck if it is Hitler that wants to do it.

        1. this uranium kerfuffle is right outta house of cards. i think they guy sought whistleblower status back in 2010, but you cant get it until congress deposes you…and they didnt…problem solved!

    1. Once in high school, I drank 6 Jolt colas in one sitting while hanging out with my buddies. Felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest. Stayed up all night driving around town. Can you even buy this stuff anymore? I haven’t seen it in a long time, though with 5 Hour Energy, I suspect its obsolete.

      1. When I was in wrestling, the practice room had 2 vending machines stocked full of Jolt. One of the more violent kids at 189 lbs would stop taking his ritalin and drink 4 Jolts prior to tournaments

          1. yeah and that kid was so nuts, whenever he lost a point for stalling, he pulled off his head gear and threw it at the bleachers and cussed out the ref.

            1. arent you glad you grew up in the 80s and 90s when everyones’ telephone wasnt also a sony camcorder?

      2. I would wonder what would be the best way to get that shit out of your system if you were overloaded on caffeine. My initial thoughts would be lots of water and some LIGHT exercise, like going out walking. Wouldn’t want to do anything intense or your heart might explode but just getting up and moving a bit might make you burn it off faster. Who knows?

        1. gummi bear scandal today- apparently they source many of the ingredients from slave laborers in brazil. this is why we cant have nice things anymore

              1. remember that candy was a stick of pure sugar that you dipped into colored pure sugar? what was that called?

      3. do they still sell that in the US?

        used to smash a couple of cans before every game of inline hockey, and Ikon Energize that was a good one also, Red Bull was always good but always pricey for us school kids.

        1. Duh!!! Everything from eye drops to shooting up a vein on the crotch.
          Pfft…have you used K before..this guy!

  7. Hear, hear! Lamb is excellent. I may be a bit biased since I raise sheep, but it has an excellent flavor with real fat like beef, not tallow like version. In my case I know the meat is grass fed with the full amount of CLA. Plus, no growth hormones, antibiotics or other chemicals added. Even if you only have a small plot of land, raising sheep is doable.

    We raise Katahdin hair sheep since they don’t require shearing, they lamb easily and are very hearty. They browse like goats, but are a lot easier to keep contained (i.e. they don’t jump fences). And unlike cattle, they are small enough to slaughter and butcher at home. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

  8. I’m no ‘lifter’ by any stretch of the imagination, but I have of late reduced most dinners to the recurring formula seen in Jnyx’s menu above. Hunk a meat, cooked in olive oil or butter (grilled if the weather is agreeable), salt and pepper, maybe an additional spice or rub, and then some green stuff cooked similarly.
    No rice, bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. which for some reason I always believed to be a necessary component of a meal. As @Boothe:disqus put it: look at your foods likeBLM – “if its white, it aint right!”

    1. I suppose I said this last time there was a food article on, but eight
      mouths to feed stretches the budget if you are eating high protein foods
      like this. We go through lots of eggs. We get about 6-8 eggs from the
      chickens, and still buy 5 or more dozen every other week. Chicken, beef
      and pork are decent. We eat lots of greens like spinach, cabbage,
      broccoli, peas, and fruits like bananas, apples, and oranges. Still,
      there is a gap if we don’t fill their bellies with rice, pasta, or bread. However, we do a good job at staying away from the simple sugars and processed garbage.

        1. It sucks because when they are growing and developing their bodies is when their food intake is most important.

          1. Yes, but its also when they have the most latitude and are burning the most calories. They actually NEED all those carbs. I think…

            1. They are all in great shape, muscular and not fat. We spend about $900 per month on food (and increasing), that pencils out to 3.75 per person per day, or $1.25 per meal average. That won’t go far.

                1. I heard that weightlifting should be held off until after puberty for boys….too much strain on joints and growth plates. I am thinking of waiting one more year when by oldest is 14 before introducing him.

                  1. dunno, read so much conflicting info on that. intuitively, makes sense to let them grow from N to S before concentrating on E to W. you only have until 18 or so for length, you have decades afterwards to pack on moo-skel

                    1. love the headbands. one of my favorite childhood memories was watching a kid who thought a wristband was a headband try to get that thing on his head. no one intervened of course

                    2. he’d get the thing half way on his head, and then it would shoot 10 yards across the gym…he pick it up, try again…god, kids can be cruel

        1. Im pretty sure I saw one featuring the previous president. Im sure it got banned quickly, probably fetch thousands of dollars on ebay

  9. Copy on the salmon, I recently got a bag of wild-caught salmon and was astounded at how easy to prepare it was and how good it tastes. I see much salmon and shrimp in my future.

    +1 for cashews

    1. Salmon’s great – throw a couple of those little fillets ina pan with, again, salt, pepper and oil and fry ’em up! Add sesame seeds and/or maple syrup for more goodness.

      1. I’ve been tossing a batch in the oven with some butter and lemon spread. I’m still cooking at a caveman level.

        1. I put my Salmon (or Tuna or Mackerel) filets in foil, seasoned however you like, with coconut oil. Then grill on low heat. This seals the moisture in and the coconut oil doesn’t break down under heat like olive oil does.

      2. Try three or four hours in a brown sugar, orange juice, and teriyaki marinade, throw in a sprig or two of thyme and some peppercorns if you want.. Grill, low heat, open flame.

  10. This may or may not be on topic, so I’d like to ask.

    If I were to think of Baruch College, should I think good things or bad things?

    1. I would think semi-hot Asian college girls eating lunch at Luu’s Baguette…

      But seriously. It’s not terrible. Actually fairly decent for a motivated kid.
      I worked a block away from it for many years.
      The IB I consulted for routinely recruited from Baruch (for IT, not trading).
      So yeah, not bad at all. It is very heavily Asian though, if that matters.

      1. I would think semi-hot Asian college girls

        Almost surreal to hear you say this, because this is pretty much exactly where this is heading. Not for me, mind you, I already have enough Asian chicks, but I might be recommending other additional Asian chicks attend that school depending on what I learn about it.

        Appreciate the thoughts, good information.

    2. how did I miss this? check the curriculum. says it all. waaaaay behind the curve on just about everything(unless you wanna be an accountant, if so, price is right)

      1. Is it the sort of thing that happens when the professors themselves graduated in 1931 and just haven’t come to terms with more up-to-date practices? This is somewhat common among many disciplines. Or is your impression that the entire school just fundamentally deficient in some way?

        I think I’d be a slight bit lost analyzing a business school curriculum; not up-front certain what would constitute being on which side of the curve. And I can’t imagine finding too much self-critical content on their own website. (“Our electives suck and are mostly irrelevant but we like doing it this way.. It’s the Baruch Experience™.”)

  11. All in all, salmon on the grill is the healthiest thing I cook. If you get it with the skin on, it will be loaded with all the wonderful oils. Grill no longer than 4min per side, 1 flip. Serve with asparagus or one beefsteak tomato raw, cut into wedges with a dash of garlic salt and olive oil.

  12. Great article.
    Gentlemen, ss red-pilled men sometimes you have to remind more disadvantaged members of our society about the basics of healthy eating.
    These days, many forget that too much sugar is bad for their health: it can bring obesity, diabetes…and a fury of an off-duty cop.

    1. The biggest reason for obesity is women working outside the home. Wife comes home tired, no time to cook, you grab a pizza to feed the family. She has to sleep so you get up in the middle of the night to feed the baby, therefore you miss out on morning exercise. Kids in daycare are given treats all hours of the day to calm them down. Both come home tired and plop the kids in front of the TV so they are occupied while you do chores…..

  13. Salmon is excellent. I eat this at least 3 times per week… Coat with olive oil, fresh ground pepper, kosher salt and parsley. Either grill outside, or in the kitchen with a grill pan. Add grilled asparagus and mushrooms. Today was leg day, so I added brown rice. Accompany this meal with a power salad (kale, arugula, cauliflower, radishes, cucumbers, kalamata olives, avocado, etc.), and you’re good to go.

    1. That’s a good spread of veggies. On the go I used to roll everything into a wrap so I can drive with the other hand, but egg is better than a flour tortilla, so now I do everything up omlette like now. Egg is good working protein for me so I throw in the veggies with plenty of diced onions and roll it all up in an omlette with spinach. Then I go hard core on the cayenne so it’s mightly manly.

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