11/1/2017 Open Thread: Tradition

Good Morning Gentlemen,

With last night’s festivities, I wasn’t able to write an article for today so we are going to have a little fun and discuss some of the unique, fun things you do with your family during the holiday season.  For example, every year I take my children to a pumpkin patch before Halloween so they can pick out their own pumpkins.  This is more than a simple pumpkin patch, mind you.  They have playgrounds, zip lines, pumpkin cannons, corn mazes, and much more.  The girls always have a blast and enjoy searching for the perfect pumpkin.

Do you do something similar or do you have something special you do for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the New Year?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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      1. All ten of his remaining members will really look stylish in that.

        1. That was a weird article. Prominent members are banned for whatever reason, yet an article about whacking a pig upside the head with a pipe wrench gets posted.

          1. I glanced at it. Very odd. Of course I butchered various things and ate them, but the way it was written made me wonder. Curious why he inserted the word “pet”, or talked about bleeding it out in your shower. Best done outside.

            If you want to get started butchering, it is best to start with something relatively small and manageable, like a rabbit. Something small is good in case you mess up, you can afford another. Watch a You Tube video and give it a whirl. Sharp knives are a must. Once you figure out how their innards are arranged and what to do, then you can move on to bigger (and more expensive) animals.

            1. It seemed as though he bought the piglet to pick up girls while doing little to no research on them and then once it became too much of a nuisance, he slaughtered it. It’s all fine and dandy if you want to raise and butcher your own meat but that was just a very odd article.

              Makes me wonder if he’s trying drum up something controversial to gain some attention and find a new audience.

              1. Slaughtering pets and butchering them would probably attract the vital Psychopathic Killer demographic that he’s been so desperately trying to attract I’d think.

              2. Sounds plausible. Pigs grow surprisingly fast, that and their crap is rather ripe smelling. I suppose butchering your pet is more responsible than turning it loose into the wild. Fun fact….pigs will develop tusks and a flat head like their wild boar cousins if they are turned out in the wild.

  1. For Christmas, we always go to church on Christmas Eve. Then, after coming home and hanging stockings, we always sit as a family and read Luke 2:1-20. Christmas presents and all the trappings are fun for kids, but I make sure to emphasize to them what the holiday is really about – God sending mankind a savior, not crass commercialism. Even if you are not a believer, I think that there is opportunity to remind kids that the holiday is about peace and goodwill, and all the commercial stuff is an add on.

  2. Well this seems as good of a place to start as any.

    So for Christmas I have a wonderful tradition that has been with me all my life. My family celebrates Christmas Eve. It is a very, very big family plus friends and who the hell else knows who and everyone makes some food and comes together and eats and drinks and is merry — often too merry. We do a straight up feast of seven fishes and at midnight everyone gathers around for a little meat and cheese and more booze and present opening. The whole thing goes on until the very early hours of the morning making sure everyone looks and feels like death all day Christmas Day.

      1. Yup. A big feast for sure. Also, for many years we have given out an award to the person who has done something most significant during the year. My grandfather used to give it out but now that he has passed it is the prior years winner. The award was originally given to my grandfather when he beat a coyote off the family dog and is named for the dog. It is a fake Olympic metal with a picture of the dog on it. It is given during a speech after the main part of dinner and before everyone is far too drunk to appreciate it.

        We don’t really toss too much religion in the mix but like Nemesis says below we also avoid consumerism. It is more about family. That said, before dinner the prayer we do say is The Memorare. I once asked why this one and the only answer i got was that my grandfather liked it. If there is a bigger story I never sussed it out.

          1. I cant find video of luigi as a guinea pig who says, we prefer to be called Italian American pigs.

            1. just post Dennis Hopper talking to Christopher Walken in True Romance about the Moors & Sicily

      1. I too enjoyed the 7 fish-fest on Christmas eve as a yute. For a kid, most of the offerings were totally unpalatable (spinci, bacala, etc.), but I truly miss the old guard and their traditions.
        My non-ginzaloon (thank you for that word!) wife indulges me with a cioppino on Christmas eve now to try to get the fishes in, and as an homage to all the dead old zips of my family.

        1. hope she gets some nice bread. my gramps liked the nice pig’s knuckles…nice
          oh yea: ginzaloon is the funniest perjorative of all time…even funnier than spook

          1. I used to have to stop at Addeo in the bronx before returning home to the family. Along with everything else I have to bring I need 25 loaves of semolina or I am refused entry at the door. Now that I take the train and I am already lugging a gallon of sauce, several pounds of sea creatures including more than one octopus and gifts for kids they allow someone else to pick it up.

            1. guess that is on Arthur Ave right? Cant imagine there are many italians there anymore, Mulberry St is just a tourist attraction now, completely surrounded by chinatown

              1. Found myself having Thanksgiving leftovers with a black, Southern family once and tried the pigs-knuckles, or feet or whatever the hell they eat….bloody horrible.

                1. My grandmothers sister cooks them for hours and then scrapes the meat for a sauce while using the rendered fat to cook the onions/garlic etc in. Pretty delicious.

            1. With 50+ people bringing one food or another and everyone trying to outdo one another someone always makes sure all the old stuff is represented. On my family it is a retired uncle who has moved down south the eastern sea board and spends his days on a fishing boat pretty much year round. He catches and salt cures the cod himself and makes the bacala

                1. Gah, I can’t stand seafood, with the exception of shrimp and tuna (in the context of Sushi and little else). Never could eat it.

                  1. Fortunately, I think bacala at least is more salt than anything….

                    Spinci are Sicilian potato-pancakes with a Prize: diced up anchovy floating around in them, so for you it would be like Russian Roulette. Young bem used to hold them up to the light and eat around the dark spots.

        2. RE 7-fish-fest: I got into a huge argument a few years ago about whether mollusks, cephalopods and bivalves counted towards the 7. Turns out, with enough alcohol this can actually be an issue. Because of this blow up, I believe there will be at least 20 different seat creatures on our table in the hopes that at least 7 of them will be fish. Roasted Eel is one of my favorites as are fried smelts which are always on the table. Of course the bacala, fresh sardines, fried orata and a stew that has, amongst other things, sword fish in it.

          This is all aside from the sauce that I make with mussels, clams, octopus, shrimp and scungilli or the seafood salad with loads of oddball shit and then any number of other things without meat.

          But at midnight when someone starts slicing a whole prosciutto you know it is almost time for presents lol

          1. Loving everything except the eel. Could never get the hang of eel.

            Would travel long distances to try the sauce, however.

            1. I hear that a lot about eel. Having been eating a whole roasted eel during holidays for my entire life it just seems wonderful to me. It is what you are used to. But the oily and fatty taste hits me just right.

              The sauce is a thing of beauty. It takes me nearly a few days to make as I have a NYC kitchen and need to make enough for almost 100 people. One batch takes several hours so I usually will take the 22nd and 23rd off and spend the whole day making sauce, cleaning up and repeating until it is all done.

              1. I’m cool with Eel; had it every different way over the years. I had to draw the line with Sea Urchin though… My Dad used let them crawl across the counter, slice them open and scoop out the contents – I just couldn’t do it.

            1. yeah, the 11th point comes when you have an entire bone in prosciutto and the proper table to hold it on, but the table is so old and the clamp is broken so you use a vice grip to hold the bone to the metal support bar.

          2. Don’t forget the squid/calamari. Pulling the beaks out of those raw little fuckers before cooking them is my least fave part of Christmas. And anchovies for a puttanesca sauce. I always wondered if that meant that Italian prostitutes finished off the “service” by cooking pasta for you…

            Pretty darn civilized, if so.

          1. Italian tradition. Dinner of 7 different fishes (though I’ve heard that any odd number qualifies). Not sure of the meaning or origin. When I was a kid any such inquiry would be met with a work detail.

        3. I don’t eat sweets but on Christmas Eve I cannot resist a bit of panettone.
          No, I am not of Italian origin.

            1. Boy, you gonna trigger someone from the Italian-American Anti-Defamation League.
              Wait, is that organizations still around?

              1. probably not. italians are one of the last ethnic groups you can still slam, along with the irish n germans

            2. Everybody becomes a mod when they sign up an account here, it’s why we all can ban each other at will.

              1. If you cant trace your bloodline back to sicily, you cant be a mod on this site or any other site

  3. The tradtions I have been setting, in a non-American environment, for the last few years:

    Halloween- Pumpkin carving and setting a lit jack-o-lantern next to the kids balcony door at bed time. Watching the “Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin” vid with the kids and trick-or-treating (American base where they do that– it was packed last night).

    Thanksgiving – On the following Saturday, invite friends over and have a tradtional meal. I usually have college football in the background (no one watching), kids running around and a lot of food and drink.

    Christmas- A real tree in the living room with the old fasion mulitcolor lights, lots of food, classical holiday music (circa 1940 – Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra) on the stereo which really reminds me of my grandparents house as a kid. Wife spends a lot of time making meals from scratch, we heat up some spice-wine and put on our Sunday best and go to mass.

    New Years – Lighting off sky rockets with the kids. I am usually the only one still awake at midnight though, so usually watching the fireworks off the balcony with a scotch in my hand reflecting on what was and will be.

    1. I have a Queen Ann leg Victrolla from 1903, and a large collection of 78’s from that period through the 1940’s. Lots of traditional Christmas music, not just the fun hokey stuff but also choirs/orchestras from the time. Very nostalgic feel when I crank it up around the holidays.

      1. Yes! I have a 1920 Sonora that still works (though it has a slight wobble in the mechanism that occasionally makes a squeaking noise while playing that needs to be fixed).

        Looks a lot like this one:

        This is a great idea. We have it in our front hall, which is open to the second level and into our family room which is also two levels tall. Old Christmas records would probably sound great on it.

      2. As cheesy as it is and as bad I hate to admit it in public… I love Christmas music. Nothing better to put one in the mood for the holidays….along with a bottle of Richland Rum or Wild Turkey.

          1. And Christmas Vacation, as well as at least one viewing (if not fifty on Christmas day) of A Christmas Story, and Home Alone (1) for good measure.

            1. Sadly, you gotta own the dvd at this pt- ABC Family has had the rights for years, hard to enjoy an R rated Christmas movie on a family ch

                1. “dad, that tree wouldnt fit in our yard!”
                  “Its not going in our yard, russ, its going in our living room.”

          2. I still watch them every year. I also DVR A Christmas Carol, the old black and white one with Alastair Sim, love that stuff.
            The claymation Rudolph is probably my favorite. I’ve watched every year all my life.

          3. I used to think so but now I cant bear to watch any of them except:
            Its a Wonderful Life
            A Christmas Story.

            EDIT: and some version of A Christmas Carol

              1. Reaping what one sows and all that. And the John Lennon corollary of:
                “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”

        1. You know, honestly, there’s nothing at all wrong with that. We’ve been smashed in the face for so many years with stupid Leftist elitism that it’s caused a lot of thoughts of “Wow, I can’t say I like XYZ, that might make me look unsophisticated and stupid”. We all do it, hell I did it in the post you responded to without even realizing it until now (“fun hokey stuff”). But you know what? It’s good to like things that are wholesome and that have a good message and that isn’t mired in situational ethics and subjectivism and angst. Fuck the Left. I love Christmas music, both religious and secular, and I’ll watch those Christmas specials even today without shame.

          1. I worked with an atheist doctor one time who started playing Christmas music in early November. He said he liked the positive vibes the songs sent off

          2. After thinking about what you said for a few minutes I had to type out a longer comment even though it takes forever with my thumb-

            Most everything I can think of that’s good in this shitty world is on the lefts hit list, I knew they were bad before but, until social media came along I didn’t realize just how evil they are.
            They never tire of demonizing anything and everything that’s good, wholesome or traditional.
            As bad as they hate religion in general and Christianity in particular and always preach to us about how morally right it is to pay more taxes to help the less fortunate, any private charity you see that REALLY helps people is almost always Christian based. The left is always protesting various injustices by burning neighborhoods,cars, stores and assaulting innocent people while those evil white christians are raising money on their own and going on mission trips that they pay for out of their own pockets.
            They deem everything that’s traditional as racist, colonialist, supremacist or whateverphobe. Their ultimate goal for whatever reason is evidently to turn the whole world upside down.
            They preach to us non-stop about hate but all you have to do to see the hate they have for us is read a few comments on any left leaning web site, you won’t be there long without seeing it spelled out.
            The only humor the left has is at the death, destruction and ruin of their enemies, just watch them, there’s nothing else they find joy in other than the misfortune of those who think differently than they do.
            I can’t express enough how much I dislike those commie bastards.

            1. There is a reason why the first thing they did was to blur then eliminate the distinction between good and evil. With floating subjectivism their clearly evil mindset is now “just a differing viewpoint that is no better or worse than any other viewpoint”. Reading their screeds and rants from the turn of the last century and moving forward it seems like a pretty well laid out plan. Question, dissect, mock then eliminate, next target; like peeling a big onion on society until there’s nothing left except them.

    2. Almost immediately upon becoming shacked-up, The Girl and I concluded
      Christmas is no time to be wasting with one’s so-called family (this may
      have more to do with our respective families than any universal Truth).
      So we hunker down and exchange gifts, suffer the obligatory phone
      calls, and make a roast beef every Christmas for dinner. This tradition
      remains from when we were young and broke and could only afford a roast
      beef once a year.

      1. Distance keeps the family away, but I know my sibs spend more time on the road hitting multiple family Christmas parties than actually visiting. Strange, and exhausting, but the way it goes.

        “This tradition remains from when we were young and broke and could only afford a roast
        beef once a year.”

        My father once told me he was the happiest being married when he was broke because all they had were each other. And were grateful.

        1. “My father once told me he was the happiest being married when he was
          broke because all they had were each other. And were grateful.”
          Cheesy as fuk – but true!

          1. I think there is something to that, one of the reasons we are on the 8-10 year plan for paying off a house. Making quite a bit of money, but we don’t see it.

  4. There have been some major “life changes” with me recently so a lot of previous traditions more or less exist in memory. This is fine as far as it goes. With grown kids out of the house and other significant events, life is taking on a whole new turn with me. I don’t know what the future holds and what new traditions I’ll find, but I’m sure that they’ll be fine and grand.

    1. You’re ahead of me with kids, but what I noticed is that my parents have handed off the traditions to us, and now fall in on ours. Some are carried forward, some are new. Your future probably holds some of the same. Hope all is well, but remember, whether they’re new traditions, or old traditions is not as important as whether they’re good traditions. If they are, there’s not too much to complain about.

    2. I miss going to car shows, Christmas plays, and air shows, great American and Christian traditions. Ft. Worth Texas is still an old-fashioned American city with a lot of old school traditional activities; Dallas is FUBAR.

      1. Dallas is a great city to drive through and not stop while going to other places in Texas. Heh.

      2. I avoid the Dallas area at all costs. I’ve been living in the West Fort Worth/Eagle Mountain Lake area for the last 12 years – it’s much more relaxed. Originally from SoCal, and the Dallas traffic is actually worse, if you can believe it. I try desperately to not travel east of the 35W, and on the rare occasion that I do, I go early and make sure to head back before noon…

  5. When my future kids arrive, I’m showing them the movie Joyeux Noel, to show them what peace and goodwill towards men is all about. I still get chills whenever I see the scene where Sprink starts singing on top of no man’s land while the Scots accompany him with their bagpipes.


    1. Good men staying good in awful times…
      Now we have awful men failing to be good in good times.

  6. Yearly backpacking trip with the kids, something that will push them. By the time the next year rolls around, they have forgotten about the blisters, the sore muscles, and the misery, leaving only the nostalgia. Some are getting old enough to do a winter backpack-cross country ski camping trip. That is a whole new level of misery I am looking forward to.

  7. I absolutely love the Holidays. It’s all about Food & Family!

    Thanksgiving is hosted by my in-laws. They prepare the more traditional turkey and everybody that comes over brings a complimentary dish. It’s always a nice meal.

    Christmas is hosted by my wife and I. This is the Big Deal. Always on Christmas Eve, with a heavy Italian influence. It’s a big production, but well worth it – like a restaurant. I think my ovens stay on for a 48-hour period. Everything is made fresh… Pasta, Bread, Deserts, everything. We mix-up the menu a little bit each year to make it fun. I love nothing more than to watch everybody settle in and enjoy their meal – it’s the best.

    Maybe as the Holidays approach, we can revisit this topic and share ideas, recipes, etc?…

  8. Thanksgiving is spent between my parents and in-laws.
    Christmas Eve at my parents. Christmas Day at in-laws. At my parents we act out the Christmas story while it’s being read. I somehow always end up as Mary’s donkey.
    For New Years we host the youth from our church at the house and shoot fireworks and play games until midnight.

    1. Fireworks?! I’m calling homeland security for your blatant display of patriotism and Christianity.

        1. I’m calling the 1800-FATWA number on the Islamic Billboard, which happens to be on my way to the titty bar.

  9. Usually I host and cook everything for Thanksgiving, but that tradition is right out this year. Expecting a new addition to the family shortly, and Thanksgiving falls within the possible range. I told everyone they are welcome to come over anyway, with two caveats. 1. I’m not committing to cooking anything at all, so bring your own food. 2. There is a small chance we may not even be there!

      1. CNN reporting:

        “NYC implementing truck control and local muslims fear backlash.

        Also what did NYC residents do that makes muslims hate them so much? Will NYC ever apologise and bridge the gap of hate?”

              1. The comment count says otherwise, unless the fake Chip somehow keeps his comment count and Like count the same as yours? Did somebody hack your account?

          1. Sarcasm dude. Sarcasm. The “muslims fear backlash” and “what did we do to make them hate us” are Standard media narratives, so I understand why you asked.

      2. There should be.
        It was a high capacity automatic truck.
        Those weapons of war have no place in our society

    1. add a chainsaw to that order for less than the cost of buying one. More saving. More doing

          1. Actually it’s even easier now. They weren’t spring chickens back in 2002, in fact they were borderline elderly, I can only imagine that they’re more or less confined to walkers and those little three wheel electric bikes that 80+ year old people ride around the grocery store.

              1. They were almost that back during the height of the show.

    2. Do you score more points if they are younger or riding bicycles since they would be harder to hit?

  10. My grown children (mid/late 20s) came home Friday night with girlfriend and boyfriends, brought pumpkins and carved jackolanterns, just for the heck of it because we did it every year when they were kids. We all had a big time.

  11. When my maternal grandmother passed away it seemed like a good portion of our family traditions died with her. We still got together at my mother and father’s house for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the relatives quit coming from out of state. These were no longer the big events they used to be. Then we moved 1100 miles away and traditional holiday gatherings became all but impossible.

    We homeschooled our son and discovered during that process the actual pagan origins of Christmas and decided not to celebrate it any longer. Nor do we celebrate Halloween. In fact we have done our best to abandon the “traditions of man”.

    Our son got married and moved away about ten years ago and we grew apart, all of us being busy. But we still celebrate Thanksgiving. And this year our son wants to prepare the turkey and bring it up for fellowship with us. I am truly looking forward to that. Perhaps we will start a new family tradition.

    1. Same here, when the Grandparents kick the bucket, the rest of the family disperses. I remember many holidays at my grandparents place. Along with that, my grandparents rarely visited their own brothers or sisters when they were alive.

      1. My paternal grandparents passed away when I was too young to really remember them. But my mother’s parents lived in a small town and had quite a few relatives nearby. And we saw each other regularly. But we have become a much more mobile society now. With modern technology job opportunities have opened up all over the world. So for many of us, the traditional small town USA lifestyle is truly a thing of the past.

      1. Ah, ya fuddyduddies. Halloween is a fine Irish holiday, plus it’s just good fun, and really little more than an excuse today to go out and get some candy (or drink if you’re an adult), plus it encourages Slutty Hot costumes which, I for one, appreciate. Heh.

        1. I don’t criticize anyone who chooses to celebrate it, or any other Holiday for that matter, such as Ishtar…er…I meant Easter. 😉 But once I know the truth about a thing and it goes against my convictions I do my best to stop doing. What other people do is none of my business as long as they aren’t infringing my rights.

          1. I actually think Easter comes from the Saxon (and by extension, general Germanic) goddess of fertility (and spring) Eoster? She was all the rage in Pagan England after the Saxons, Angles, Jutes and general Germanic riffraff invaded, wot. Heh.

            1. Could well be. It’s clearly a spring fertility ritual and the particular goddess has gone by many different names down through the ages. But Easter is clearly a tradition of man any way you slice it. After all, who doesn’t want to frollick naked in the groves with a bunch of nubile young women in the springtime, getting busy like the birds and the bunnies.

              1. “After all, who doesn’t want to frollick naked in the groves with a bunch of nubile young women in the springtime”

                DAMN I need to change religions again….

            2. Agreed, almost all Christian Holidays have some sort of pagan traditions incorporated in. Christ was not born in a vacuum. Still, we can make holidays as we see fit. I can have my Festivus and not be evil.

    2. The point of Christmas was to deliver the message of Jesus’ birth and the only way that the Christians at the time could conceive of making that popular was to lay the message over top of the previously existing pagan holidays and rituals, basically co-opting them and making them into a force of Good. This was by design and quite clever I think, because they kept popular support and spread the message of Christ far more effectively than they would have if they just clumsily banned the old Pagan rites and invented new ones out of thin air. I see it as a very intelligent way of getting everybody on board with the religion. It’s not like they kept the truly bad things about the old Pagan ways, they jumped on board the train and built a new one as the old one was still running down the tracks that was theirs. I’ve never found anything wrong with that at all honestly.

      1. Well I have a more cynical view on it than that. The church had to figure out how to bring all those pagans into the fold and especially their tithes and offerings. So they kept all the trappings of winter solstice celebrations, the Yuletide, etc., covered with a veneer of Christ’s birth. Never mind that when Yeshua was born, the shepherds were still in the fields tending the flocks. That fact and the Roman tax that Joseph had to go to Bethlehem to pay, put His birth around late September to early October.

          1. I doubt it was an error as much as it was the nearest convenient pagan holiday that could be incorporated into the church. Politicians, and that’s what church leaders were and still are, won’t let a little truth get in the way of their agenda. Some things never change.

          2. And who didn’t even have the benefit of the same calendar system that we use. I cut the ancients a lot of slack on this kind of thing, regardless of topic.

            1. The stars and constellations are always accurate, right on the money. I stopped having birthdays years ago so I don’t be getting too old anymore. If a girl asks me how old I am, it’s a relative question so I say “between what starting point and stopping point in spacetime should we reference”. It’s funny how the space grid can be shrank, folded, stretched, punctured and twisted into a pretzel like infinite helix, scrunched up and rolled into a ball, dribbled and even thrown!

      1. We do New Years, Easter, Memorial day, Independence Day, Halloween, Veterans day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. The others like MLK, Earth Day, Labor Day usually turn into a discussion about government advancing an agenda.

        1. Same here except Labor Day weekend is greatly anticipated because that Saturday is opening day of dove season.

    3. Family reunions are the antithesis of atomization. I had a great uncle who opened his house to the extended family every summer for family reunion. Mothers would show off their cooking skills bringing pot luck dishes and the 90s were the booming years where each year 1st and 2nd cousins and their spouses would bring their newest babies and toddlers to show off.

      It was a 50ac spread in the sticks with hatchet throwing for the kids, fishing, pig roast, venicin and red pill talk galore. They weren’t much musicians, mostly a tobacco chewing cursing bunch but they were great. One uncle was a retired small church preacher who officiated. He was still licenced to do weddings and funerals.

      About a decade ago a few of the younger single female attendees I heard spouting feminist claptrap and talking about their vain college ambitions. They’re still unwed and today the reunion is about 1/5 what it was in the 90s.

      To keep family reunion tradition alive, the family females must embrace the truth of why they were put here on Earth – and that is to BREED, to TIT FEED and to SERVICE THEIR PATRIARCH MASTER. I shoud have called out those uppity female cousins and nieces a decade ago and opened a can of red pill preaching. Now they’re 30 something and will be desparate dry hens soon. When you itch to say something, say it. A family reunion is the place to stir the pot by golly.

  12. “we are going to have a little fun and discuss some of the unique, fun
    things you do with your family during the holiday season.”

    Should have had a trigger warning in case Kevin Spacey’s brother is reading this.

    And on that subject why hasn’t there been a Kevin Spacey article on here? Too upbeat to discuss hollywood paedophilia

      1. yeah, but the victims kept silent back then. Then the talkies came along and next thing you know it Rose McGowan was claiming Fattie Arbuckle had shirley templed her

    1. What genre would that fall under that’s compatible with the site’s mission? How does that help the apha dad or aspiring alpha husband/LTR? What does one take from a Kevin Spacey article of value except “keep your kids away from Hollywood” which you can express in one sentence, just like I did?

      1. I get that the site has a mission (as stated or otherwise) but it doesn’t have to strait-jacket itself to that mission, and indeed since the majority of its readership have simply been hived off from ROK its unlikely that every (or even most?) readers are dads or husbands alpha or otherwise. But even if your point holds in the main such a mission will constrain the perspective rather than necessarily the content. Weinstein, Spacey – these are things happening in the world of which alpha dads and husbands are a part, why wouldn’t they want to comment on such things even if only as you suggest to bemoan the pernicious influence of hollywood on kids. In fact isn’t the influence of Hollywood on the young precisely what a father should be concerned about? I disagree that that can be a one sentence dismissal. Hollywood and the media are enormously influential in kids lives, defining the way they think and increasingly how they ‘express their gender’.

        1. I’ll go ahead and side with the site owners here.

          Turning this into an electronic version of the National Enquirer seems counter productive.

          1. Yup, getting caught up in the day to day trivia is not what this site is about. What is rare in hollywood is an actor that does NOT have some sort of sexual deviancy associated with him/her.

            1. In part I’m gathering this site aims to teach some table manners in a kind albeit somewhat hybridized montessori/charter school approach. Men improve by doing freely. Jak lays down the menu for the day and the men begin the morning show. Men grow. Every day must end with the blade being sharper.

              This is a bit lengthy (30 min) but it nails how women manipulate men. All women have a shade of this vamp in them. THIS WOMAN went all the way trying to hire someone to kill her husband. She’s facing life now. She was caught on tape and like candid camera watch her response when the husband comes into the interrogation room alive and queries her about her foiled attempts that luckily resulted in a sting. She’s on tape giving $1200 to some black guy to whack her hubby and she says quote “Yes, I’m 5000% sure I want him dead”. Then when hubby walks into the room, she’s like “come to me Mike, come here”. It’s the true nature of woman laid bare, unrestrained woman that is.


              It is woman’s purpose for existence TO BREED, to TIT FEED and to SERVICE THY PATRIARCHAL MASTER. Keep ye women under the patriarchal hammer always. They’re no good without it. Noooo durn good.

          2. Nobody would object to taking men and teaching them to become good fathers, but are they necessarily becoming good citizens if all the fight is taken out of them. Sure pontificating about Hollywood and Weinstein and homosexuals may not be particularly constructive some of the time but if that was or is a foible of ROK, as far as AKC is concerned it might as well be funding the Democrats from its earnings it is so passive about everything going on around us. Tell me, what part of AKC in any way challenges let alone threatens the establishment?

            1. Why are you so invested in changing the nature of this site? I’m sure ROK will or has provided you the kind of article(s) you’re requesting.

              Raising red pill children and engaging in a patriarchal marriage is an active tool against the current culture. Sitting around wasting our time slavering over the salient and lurid details of some Hollywood dillweeds, whose actions we can do nothing to prevent, is the definition of a passive waste of time.

              1. but I worry that they won’t be truly red pill if they aren’t alive to all the issues, all the debates. If their dads ignore events that may be shaping their consciousness in their formative years, patriarchal noises may just produce a contrarian response.

                1. There are other sites where people do go and read. One does not have to be a smorgasbord, and specialization is a good thing. If they want another slant, there are a bajillion other sites to view in the manosphere.

                  1. I’m not sure there are that many really, but the point is AKC took (over) much of the clientele from ROK, and in many ways marketed itself as doing so. At the time at least it marketed itself as offering an alternative to what ROK was offering, including the politics, even a few days ago there was someone on here saying I don’t know why X was still mostly commenting on ROK (as opposed to AKC). So the question is how and why would there be an expectation – substantially realised – that commenters from a particular website – the main attraction of which was its idiosyncratic and perhaps even notorious perspective on the world – would simply come on over to comment on dad central, i.e. a very different, specialised site? How did that happen? How come so many have been so successfully shepherded in this direction? Personally I don’t mind a less radical approach sometimes but I worry that people can become more or less depoliticised, which I’d say this site tends towards.

            2. Do we really sound like the kind of people who would be funding the Dems?
              Politics, Hollywood, sports…All distractions that keep us divided and bickering amongst ourselves.

              1. It’s like there’s a somewhat hidden agenda here to trivialize a site that is actually putting forth content that advocates active actions and solutions in real life. Keep us bickering about the latest outrage of the day, and not focused on self-improvement and red pill family life.

                I’m sure it’s just a coincidence and that I’m reading too much into this. Just sure of it.

                1. Yup, unless what you put into real action from what you read on the ‘puter, the only change you get is your blood pressure rising.

              2. I didn’t say you were, but that you might as well be. If you’re not resisting them etc…. Seriously though is the politics really just a distraction? I’ve always felt the idea that men should keep their heads down and concentrate on self-improvement (i.e. not think about the politics that is ‘being done to them’) is actually a distraction. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against self-improvement. I am just saying that self-improvement can only take place in an environment that is at risk of being ignored. How can men adapt to a changing socio-political environment if they were acting as though everything is the same as its always been?

                1. I see what you’re saying, but I still don’t see the need to spend large amounts of time discussing said socio-political climate. There’s enough sites covering those topics that for us to do so would be redundant. We believe our efforts are better spent teaching men how to effectively operate within this new climate as opposed to discussing the climate itself.

                  1. And that’s legitimate but I’m also aware that AKC has assumed command of much of the ROK commentariat, and with it worked effectively to de-politicise a community that was once rather political indeed.

                    Sure people can sometimes become radicalised when the world would be a better place if they were not, but sometimes the opposite is a problem too. A lot of the outlets for expression are being shut down – twitter, Imdb etc -that’s not a good thing, and if the manosphere goes all swiss and neutral that isn’t a good thing either

                  2. Despite my grumbling, I rather like AKC. Most of the content seems positive to me, and although I don’t read all the articles by any means I’ve never come across one so far that really riled me or came across as fundamentally anti-red pill, but in a sense its the issue of, to quote you, “how to operate within the new climate as opposed to discussing it”, that seems to me the problem. Adaptation in the absence of a political consciousness of what it is one is adapting to seems unsatisfactory to me. What happens to our critical faculties in all of this? How are we to evaluate what we are adapting to, without considering the political context of that adaptation? All of this seems to require a deep passivity in relation to the world to be engaged with, a political quietism that insofar as the world has an agenda for men can only disarm them from standing up for themselves as a group with respect to that agenda

            3. “..as AKC is concerned it might as well be funding the Democrats from its earnings it is so passive about everything going on around us.”

              LMAO. If you want to participate in political flame wars, plenty of other places to go Moby.

              “..what part of AKC in any way challenges let alone threatens the Establishment?”

              Like raising children, participating in community chairs, running our businesses, being politically and religiously active, challenging narratives where spoken, etc..?

              1. IMO, that challenges the establishment far more than getting caught up in the same dog and pony show year after year.

              2. Precisely. We (us and sites like ours) are the silent muscle behind the red pill/masculinity movement. Political sites that sit there and scream back and forth at each other don’t accomplish much because they never offer solutions -just problems on which to blame the opposing side. We are the ones actually providing a template to men on how to run a healthy, stable marriage.

                1. Solutions within your own grasp. It’s all on you. I know a guy who got tired of talking politics, took it upon himself to run, campaign and actually win public office. Action beats talking everytime.

            4. Tell me, what part of AKC in any way challenges let alone threatens the establishment?

              Have you filed a formal petition with the AKC Central Committee for a review of your case file? I’d like to see you get at least ORC (outer ring clearance) status.

                1. Her assistant is Helen Keller. Start buy calling her. If that doesn’t work, send her a signed letter with your complaint. If that doesn’t work…

        2. If the kids of lefties want to become soyboys, become man-hating feminists, or castrate themselves while playing dressup, it’s sad but not much we can do about it. At least most of them aren’t reproducing to inflict their wretchedness on their kids.

          What we can do is raise our kids well, have many of them, and equip them to deal with the crazies they run across. We own the future. Let the others die out and serve as memorials of what not to do.

          1. well no-one’s going to argue against you raising your kids well, but parents only have so much influence. Some psychologists also argue that peer groups etc are often more influential than parents, something which may reflect the particular culture your kids are living in. Basically that means you could be the best dad in the world, and even if all your efforts mitigate against a corrupting culture, you still won’t be able to compete against peer influences, all of which will be reinforced by a media that’s the cultural equivalent of Jimmy Saville hiding inside the big TV in your kids bedroom

            1. You’re hitting on something there. Peer groups. Kids that get into drugs didn’t learn it from pedo Disney. Their trusted friends pressured them to be ‘in’ and accepted by using drugs.

              Here’s a snippit of culture way back in the hills ravaged not by Disney, but by dope. The family court tyranny has already butchered flyover country, demasculating households and leaving dingbat single moms and their kids alone to the wolves. This makes me sick seeing healthy young kids going smack into drugs without Peter Pan or Elsa&Anna to blame. Those Disney chumps are nowhere to be seen.



              This toothless woman has 5 white kids – and not a man around to go vigillante on the town dope scourge. The deep state has its hands dirty as hell and is neck deep in breaking and depopulating flyover couhntry. The terrain is so rich and beautiful for raising families otherwise. I get more pissed off with each one of these clips I watch.

              That was the wild wonderful state of West Virginia under its present democratic party machine. Each state and municipality would need to have it’s own civil war to root out the widespread party machine insurgent mobsters and their localized vice rackets.

              Now on to the next flyover state, Ohio. Oooooh this one gets my goat. This lovely Ohio girl with her shitlib supplicating parents. Another future miss america snubbed by the elite carnival of puppets, powers and agendas. Her on dope? I’m ready to pop a fuse now. Tsssss. Get me a cold rag. Aaah. That little breeder fox should have been married off after puberty for dowry already. But noooo. Good job dad and bitch wife with her big mouth and big Roselynn Carter silver wig. Big fail for those contemporary bitch empowerment dumbfucks. They should have already formed a nasty tempered county posse with their neighbors long long ago and scrubbed the problem. They should have beat the vice up the ladder until they hit a crew of deep state goons in a limo and then run for cover . . at least. Well their beautiful daughter was lovely. Effing shame:


              So lovely she was. Long lovely ashes poor ‘Marin’.


              I won’t comment on to the meth and dope depopulation program in the rest of flyover country, Ks, Ok, Neb, Ia – but it’s all there. I was raised to hate drugs thanks to my mother. I’d have no problem going nuclear on enemies threatening my homestead where I raise my family. Each man has to keep vigilant and keep arm lock with the next man, with the next red pill neighbor. It will all come down to brute muscle and the instinct to do what has to be done to survive, to ensure a survivable environment suitable for propogating the family and bloodline, the community and ultimately the civilization in the end.

              1. haven’t had time to look at all the links, but I get what you’re saying, and all of the above is dire and sad. I think my point was something else though. The research I mentioned suggests that peer group influence may sometimes be more important that that of parents, at least if social arrangements allow that to be the case, and sure a descent into drugs may reflect the particular arrangement within the culture.

                Disney probably isn’t responsible for youth drug taking, although the erosion of the nuclear family and parental, above all, paternal authority certainly will relate to the shift of the arena of influence from the family to the peer group, and it is still the case that those trying to re-engineer society will target the peer group as arguably the most direct and efficient way of influencing the as yet unformed mind of the child.

                You could certainly argue here that the peer group (and behind the peer group the cultural engineers) are in direct or indirect competition with parents and as such shoring up the family, and the authority of the father, is a central plank in that respect, but I would argue that there is a problem if shoring up the family requires ignoring the wider assault upon it, and indeed I would say that ultimately on its own it cannot be sufficient or effective. Surely there are (at least) two fronts in this war (drugs might be a third front in some cases). The first is internal (in this case working on building up your family) and the second is external (i.e. engaging with the state, media and all the forces of social engineering). If that is the case how can focusing only on one front not be a de facto surrender on the other front?

              2. This comment ties in really well with my article about your levels of influence.
                It starts with you, then moves to your wife and then kids. From there it moves to your friends and community.

                1. Right. It’s ingrained and natural to support your family. But then outside the door you get a bad taste in your mouth when your work gets grazed by taxes to erode the family environment. A citizen would like to know that all his efforts support and strengthen the whole; the family, the community, the culture and the entirety of western civilization if at least not the nation. The elites seem to have free licence to flood the west with dope and refugees regardless while citizens are funneled into inaction with the system, like being lockboxed legally or like being in an endless automated telephone customer service loop.

                  DUTERTE is one man with a plan for the dope problem. Philippine president Rodrigo “The Punisher” Duterte has green lighted cops and vigilante groups to execute druggies and drug dealears in the country and published a “Kill List” in the Philippine Enquirer in an effort to reduce crime. “These sons of whores are destroying our children.” He’s been called the “Trump of the Philippines” and has promised the people he will dump enough drug dealer’s and user’s corpses into Manila bay to “fatten all the fish there”. Bodies of dealers killed by vigilantes are dressed with props and signs for public display on site where they were killed and the vigilantes are rewarded with a bounty for dispatching of known dealers. Drug users and addicts aren’t worth as much but are also declared open season prey in Duterte’s crime reduction program. (It’s interesting to note that in the 1870s President Abraham Lincoln declared open season on Mormons in New York westward. He ordered US Marshalls to hunt down Mormons “like jackrabbits”). Dang. They should let the Mormons hunt the druggies now. That would heal the sore by gum.


                  Heh heh heh. Duterte doesn’t sound too libertarian. “Legalize it all and tax it like in Amsterdam?” Sheeit. Try and run that one by Duterte.

                  I look in the yellow pages in the US and see ads for drug treatment centers out the ass, sometimes on the cover of the phone book. It’s a cash cow business. Community colleges even have 2 yr programs for ‘substance abuse counselor certificate’. Sheeeeit again. How bout the Philippine treatment method??


                  “Paano ang tungkol dito America? Pwede ba?”

                  If kids grow up seeing neighborhood groups impaling and throwing the bodies of drug dealers into the river, then they’ll think twice “Do you really want to go there?” I think that’s how my own mother got me to hate drugs so much when I was a wee kid. She told me it’s alright to have an extrajudicial attitude against certain things.

                  TRADITIONALLY in the west, the extrajudicial prejudice was promoted against pedo (read gay) predators. It needs to expand to druggies. It will be interesting to see how Duterte’s legacy impacts the Phillipine culture short term, and it will be short term since the dopers will be gone quickly. For a dope scourge to be lifted by the citizens and taxpayers themselves would certainly give a feeling of national pride, accomplishment and citizen empowerment overall. And you have to love a leader that praises you for making your country strong and liveable again, so it’s a win win. Citizens too will detest the corrupt and weak preceding leaders that stood down and allowed the decline.

                  Meanwhile in the west; hospitals, jails and treatment centers run full steam processing the dope scrough. I can’t stand the robocops and their roadblocks, viewing everyone as potentially suspicious for drugs while regarding the anti drug vigilante as the worst and most dangerous threat to establishment hegemony of all. The US war on drugs (‘war OF drugs’) is nothing but a pissing war of the state against the honest citizens and this country is starting to reek from it. What I really can’t stand is the mollycoddling drug treatment center industry which by proxy feeds off the dope runners. They’re all equally profiteers and under the table shills to the elite cabal.

                  In the US, treatment centers are in the same category as women’s advocacy, both benevolent sounding enterprises that are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The treatment center racket is a parcel of the revolving door that keeps giving and giving profits and perpetuates the global elite doping agenda. Certified treatment center staff are largely revolving door druggies themselves. It’s no noble job. They’re all two faced mollycoddling shit and tools of the elites.

                  * * * in the past * * *

                  India, China and Singapore had opium dens a century ago where addicts would go to rot for weeks

                  It’s known China had millions of emaciated opium addicts. They looked so skinny and boney, so dehydrated and sticklike. Rice and fish is a lean diet but these folks look like they missed the lunchline regularly. They look so in need of a protein and lifting regimin. They look soo . . what’s the word, soo . . . ‘NOT’ AKC. Nailed it. Back then you could barely walk the backstreets in some areas of China without stepping in drug addict shit. You wonder whatever became of the ‘millions’ of them. Hmm

                  1. Interesting. Not sure about hunting down regular users but I wouldn’t be opposed to the extermination of sellers and higher ups. Only thing is there would need to be a list of confirmed criminals and strict penalties against anyone who took out an innocent guy because they looked similar to one of the criminals.

    2. Pop news. hardly relevant to the goals of this site. An article about why you shouldn’t be a faggot lecher liar in Hollywood would seem a little unnecessary.

        1. Sticking your winkie
          Into something stinky
          To get a little drinkie
          Isn’t what I’d call kinky
          Just means you’re a twinkie

        1. That’s probably only possible if you write it like it was being spoken in a very large and roomy echo chamber.

          “Don’t..don’t…don’t…don’t…don’t….don’t…….be….be…be…be…be…” etc.

          1. Give that sentence to my wife’s dingy friend. Trust me, she would find a way to string it out to 600 words, no problem.

      1. It’s start, but you’ve got another 1200 words to write on the subject, and you need to mention Weinstein, and Spacey, Epstein, Bryan Singer, Corey Feldman etc. If you like you can also rail against feminist attempts to distract from it all

    3. Because we aren’t ROKFeed. I’m sure posting outrage-inducing clickbait makes Roosh a lot of shekels, but we’re focused on a different demographic. It’s not as popular, nor does it make much money, but it makes much more of a long-term difference than the latest scumbag’s sins finding him/her out.

      1. Well if you consider the comment count right now I’d say it’s more popular even if less established. For a site that seems sometimes to avoid controversy at all costs and focuses on good wholesome ideas it’s actually very popular indeed. In fact it reminds me of something like the good man project but without the solidarity with feminists aspect.

        I hope you’re right about making a long term difference but my concern would be that anything that makes an already apathetic and apolitical younger generation even more sol is likely to be a bad thing, because it will leave the floor open to those young people who really are politicised, but in the wrong direction, like SJWs and paradoxcially fascist antifas etc

  13. We go to Grants Farm Halloween every year. They do it every Thurs-Sun from 5:45- 9:30 or 10 p.m in October. It’s fun for the little ones. They make the whole place spooky for the 10 and under set. They have a huge patio area towards the end where you can eat and they bring in a d.j. and run colored lights. The kids can dance and can get a couple of free beers.

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