13 Daily Virtues: Silence, Sincerity, Justice

This is part four of a multi-part series which discusses a method Ben Franklin used to develop his character as a man. Today I’ll go over the next three: Silence, Sincerity, and Justice. Franklin provided a quick explanation of each virtue, but I will provide my own interpretation, as well as how to employ these virtues in your life, and how it relates to red pill theory as a whole.

Virtue 9: Silence

Silence: Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation

I take this as not just going around putting your business out there and also not being a shit talker.  Don’t be that guy that ruins everyone’s time with your bullshit.  Also I tend to take the last part seriously.  Try to avoid conversations that are useless.  If you have something in your head, then say it.  Get to the point and get your point across in a clear manner.

Virtue 10: Sincerity

Use no hurtful deceit; think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly

This virtue kind of piggy-backs off the last one. Be a man of your word and try not to be negative.  Obviously you’ll need to act accordingly to whatever situation you may be in, but if you bring optimism and positive things to interactions in your life, you will benefit.  It ties into the last virtue because it also says to speak based on what you want to accomplish.  If you have to be assertive, then do so.  If you want to be funny or take a jab at someone, do it.  Just deliver 100%

Virtue 11: Justice

Wrong none by injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty

I really like this virtue because its short but makes a ton of sense.  First, don’t go around looking for a fight.  Those days should be behind you by now.  Also, don’t be abusive to your family.   I’m not saying that a swat on the ass isn’t exactly what the doctor ordered when a kid gets too out of line, but don’t be excessive and never hit them anywhere else.  You should reserve this for extreme disobedience.

The second part is what gets me.  By not owing up to what you are expected, you leave others in an angry and almost lost state.  The duties we all have to accomplish must be done without complaining.  I like how Franklin uses the word benefits here.   I read it as you are becoming a better person by completing what is expected of you.


To recap we looked at:

Silence: Don’t go around blabbing your mouth about useless stuff.  Speak when you have to and keep the topic to relevant things.  Don’t talk about people in a shitty way.  Jokes between friends are fine

Sincerity: Consider others and be a man of your word.  Make sure to speak relevant to the conversation.

Justice: Don’t harm others for no reason.   If you have to defend yourself then by all means do so, but don’t just hurt people for no reason.  Also be sure to live up to what you’re expected to do in life.

The next post will wrap up this series and I will give a full recap of all the virtues.


-J.  Nyx

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  1. all my conversations on AKC have been useless..so I will post silence………………………….

      1. I got through the first three and a half hours, but it’s time to head out. I’ll finish the rest at home later tonight.

        I’ll tell you, THIS is why there are so many “cord cutters”. Cable TV has nothing on what you can get for free on the internet, nowadays.

      2. The hell!?

        That only works if you get to play dress up as one of those ancient chinese monks. 😀

      1. Only for the first 15 minutes or so, then I’m an insufferable asshole, followed immediately by a suicidal mope.

  2. Hunting teaches you all about silence. Just got back from a week of elk and deer hunting on a tiny island near Kodiak, AK. Three dudes sitting under a tree glassing a valley and not saying shit unless its about something you intend on killing. It’s pretty awesome.

    1. I need to do more of that. I have a friend who owns a good amount of land in East Texas and he always invites to hunt Russian Boar and Deer…I need to get out there.

      1. Go for it. I have a buddy from law school who has hunted Texas hogs. They sound like a blast (and slightly dangerous). My brother lives down there and some day I want to do a hog hunt with him.

        1. Plenty of YouTube videos of east Texas hog hunting . Some don’t go down without a fight ..

            1. Seems to be all the rage these days. Time to trade in the Remington Model 700 for a Ridgid Model 12 heavy duty pipe wrench.

            2. My wife’s grandpa told me a story about when he was in Italy during WW2. This Italian family wanted to show appreciation so they invited him and a few others over for food. They had a casserole with meat in it (very rare at this time of the war). He thanked them and went his merry way, on the way out he noticed a dog’s pelt in their shed.

              1. I was TDY on Guam and one of my fellow airmen found a “boonie dog” pup. He brought it back to the barracks and hid it under his bunk in a box. The first Sargeant found it and threw a fit.

                Our Guamanian cleaning lady was out in the hallway and spoke right up, “I take-a dog!” So Billy gave it to her. A few days later he saw her again and asked her how the dog was. She “Oh, dog was good!”

            3. It’s all about the comraderie. And becoming one with nature…like ticks, mosquitoes and deer flies.

            1. if only Fredo didnt mention he met Johnnie Ola before, Mikey woulda been none the wiser

              1. he stood up for Moe Greene…bug mistake, no slapping Fredo around as long as a Corleone is alive

                  1. Yup and Hyman Roth was Meyer Lansky. Meyer actually commented that he thought the portrayal was great, but he would have liked it to be a little more sympathetic.

                    1. whenever anyone mentions, or even if I overhear mention of a Roth IRA I shout:
                      MI FAMIGLIA NON MANGIANO CON HYMAN ROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    2. I said it in the Frankie Pantagelli voice.

                      Side note about Frankie, one of my favorite parts of the movie is when it opens up on this lavish party and he is drinking out of the garden hose. That is something that you either totally identified with or will never understand.

                    3. …”Hey, what’s with the food around heaa??? A kid comes up to me in a white jacket, gives me a Ritz cracker and chopped liver, he says: ‘Canapes’… I said: Canapes my ass, that’s a Ritz cracker and chopped liver!”

                    4. yea, knew that. that “this drug business” speech also was based on something that actually went down. Wise guys from multiple states met on a farm in upstate NY in the late 50s. some cop randomly drove by, saw a bunch of high end Caddies parked outside. Wiseguys got spooked, and started running out into the woods. Cop had no idea what was going on. A few were captured. Hoover finally had to admit the mafia existed

                    5. Ahhh you read the book. There are so many chapters detailing Sonny’s enormous dick and, subsequently, Luci Mancini’s cavernous vagina that you would think that the Mafia story was a sub plot

                    6. hahahahha. Yes I forgot Sonny’s was the dik in question. If he’d have written that now, that whole part would be a miniseries on AMC!

              1. My inner monologue is in Brooklynesse. I read ‘smart’ as ‘smoht’

                I am a blast to take to parties out in farm country once you get enough booze in me to stop pretending I am a civilized human being.

                1. My threshold is about 2 drinks, one argument, or one interaction with anyone from the same region, and boom – I go full DiceMan.

                    1. I’ve taken efforts to eliminate any trace. Not out of snobbery, but simply to avoid the whole:
                      “are you from NY?”
                      “yes, but no not really” conversation.

                    2. I worked with a retired Navy chief from Brooklyn. So help me, if we had removed “fuck” from the English language, he would not have been able to compose a complete sentence.

                    1. There used to be an old mechanic around here that could hardly get out a sentence without,”damn fukin muddafukas” included. Ex- I can’t get those damn fukin muddafukin bolts out!”.

            1. dude how couldja upvote that comment? when you run for gov in 10 yrs, someone is gonna dig up this comment

            2. I have to respect a man that not only believes in survival of the fittest, but practices it at home too! Kudos! No weak members of the Johnson brood!

        1. Yeah, I haven’t been able to get out for any big game since #3. Maybe now that some are old enough to take the hunter safety course, it would pay to drag out my rifle and get back into it.

                  1. “Is that a Labra-doodle? I would love to skin your dog alive.”
                    “That so hawt, heres my number, call me maybe”

                    1. take a look at the origins and original lyrics of the song Maniac!by Michael Sembello from the Album Bassa Nova Hotel. I am not saying that before being picked up by and edited for the movie flashdance that the lyrics contained the line
                      He’s a maniac, maniac that’s for sure
                      He will kill your cat and nail him to the door’

                      But yeah, they totally did.

                    2. Or your dog would look tasty on my grill .. you better go out with me and take my mind off dinner

            1. I’m about tapped out now with wife, six kids, full time job, church responsibilities, and exercise routine. I have gotten rid of TV and most other less important pursuits. Such is life.

      1. So is staying is getting in shape, learning to cook, etc. And not that big of one either. I spend a lot of time in my basement playing with plastic spacemen and still manage to fill my freezer.

        1. “I spend a lot of time in my basement playing with plastic spacemen and still manage to fill my freezer.”

          This might be one of my favorite sentences in the whole intertubes

  3. I find that silence is often the best approach when dealing with an emotional woman, especially if you are being heavily shit tested. (I.E. She is attempting to evoke an emotional response from you). There is a time and place to stand up to her and put her in her place. But I often find it to be much more effective to put on a stone face and let her rant (especially if it is about family, friends, neighbors or anything trivial).

    When challenged with “You aren’t saying anything!” or “Don’t you have anything to say?” I respond calmly with “That’s correct.” or “No. I do not.” This prevents the situation from escalating. I have…ahem…learned this the hard way over the years.

    This goes back to a previous thread where we discussed being the rock for your family. In this case the flood gates are open and you are being hit by an emotional torrent. Hold your ground like a boulder and simply let the raging waters rush over and around you until it abates.

    This is of a piece with not picking a fight, only in this case you are not letting her pick the fight. We all know we have the right to remain silent. The trick is developing the wisdom and ability to do so.

      1. That doesn’t backfire on you? I found this only invokes the next level of petty revenge-mindedness out of women. Women aren’t good at framing logic around most kinds of discussion, and are talented at passive aggressiveness. Women have selective memories and never forget being snubbed when they’re all full of emotion and irrationality, and will find a way to get back at you for ignoring them. These are the ones we dump!

    1. Honestly I’d’ve thought that every man here has read that one.

      Essentially how to be a successful man 101.

      1. And if the shame doesn’t get you,

        genitalia can be detached and washed in the dishwasher!

        should be at least enough reason to make you pause and reassess things.

    1. Yeah you’d think the one that doesn’t constantly gripe and get snippy is the expensive model. 😀

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