Way of the Warlord: Phase 4

Last week we continued our new Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.  Today’s post is the mid point update where we will share our questions, triumphs, difficulties, and advice.

Phase 3 Complete: 

Phase 3’s homework was:

Physical: 300 curl challenge

Mental: Get out of your comfort zone

Martial: Stretching Your Limits


Physical:  The 3oo curl challenge has gotten my arms seriously pumped.  I upped my curl weight to 25 lbs yesterday when I did it and I’m really feeling it today.  I think I’m going to do a random 300 curl challenge once a week just to test myself.

Mental:  So I took that project on I was telling you guys about and it has been a massive success.  My new boss is thrilled with the results and my company is making even more money.  A win for everyone and I get a nice positive feedback loop for completing something new.

Phase 4

Physical: The first three phases were all basically weightlifting challenges, but today we’ll do something a bit different.  I bring to you, the pull up challenge.  Pull ups can be done almost anywhere.  The edge of a wall, a tree branch, your kids jungle gym etc.  You can even buy one of those over the door pull up bars and I have used one so I can say they’re strong enough to hold a grown man.  Start out by banging out as many as you can.  This is your benchmark.  Then work over the next two weeks to get even one more.  Each time try to get another pull up.  See how many you can increase over the course of two weeks and report in.

Mental: For the mental challenge, I want you guys to start a new hobby.  Something you may be interested in or something you’ve always wanted to try but never “had the time to do.”   If you can give up time for shit like Netflix and Facebook you can use this time to find something worth while to do.  Dive in 100% and make it yours.  I for one am going to get into wood working.  I’ve always wanted to use my hands to create artwork and wood working is just cool.

Martial:  You guys get a break on that this week.  Don’t say we never gave you a break.


As always, leave your notes and goals in the comments.  Cheer your brothers on and hold each other accountable.  We’ll have a halfway check-in next Friday.

Phase 4 Check in next Friday 11/10


-A Kings Castle

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

316 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Phase 4”

  1. Glad you are enjoying and reaping the benefit of the 300 curl challenge. Careful with going much heavier. Focus on those contractions at the top. Push that bicep until it hurts and then let the negative part of the rep go nice and slow. That huge rep range is enough to knock anyone on their ass. I still go with 15 pounds and just try to make it slower and slower and more and more contractions.

    Glad to see a pull-up challenge! Pull-ups are, in my opinion, the king of body weight exercises even over the pushup. Want proof? Set up a camera to video your back and do some with no shirt on. Watch how much of your body goes fucking apeshit while you pull. From your arms, to shoulders, to traps and, of course, your whole back you can see your muscles straining.

    I have often thought that If I could make my back look the way it does while I do pull ups on a normal basis I would essentially be a god. Every part of your back including your traps is working and working hard. One thing I like to do, which I have shared with Jnyx, is to get yourself to where you can do 10 pull ups and then add a 10 pound plate on a belt. Get yourself up to 10 again and add another 10 pounds. Keep building it up to 10 with more and more weight. This summer I was doing 3×10 reps with 2 45# plates on a belt. It took months to build up to that but once I did it was just great. The best part was walking in the gym and doing a basic warm up of pull ups the next day without the weights. Cranking out 30 strict pull-ups would feel like air if it was the first time all week you weren’t doing it with 90 pounds around your waist!

    Since we are being challenged and I am not one to hide from a challenge I will mix two of Jnyx’s challenges and I will attempt to do 300 pull-ups. Obviously I can’t do this all at once nor can I do them in 50 rep clips, but I will get all 300 even if i have to, at the end, just do one or two and rest. I will time it and report back!

    As for a new hobby….that is an easy one. I am finally getting around to building out a fitness website. While I won’t do any coding or anything fancy, just playing around with the theme and looking at the 100’s of settings and stuff is really daunting for me as calling me a computer novice doesn’t even start to capture just how tech stupid I am. I am sure what I do can be done by some of the guys here quickly and will seem very much the amateur production, but I am really having fun with it at this point and when I finally do a go live with the finished product, for good or for bad, it will represent the absolute best I could do.

    While There is no martial challenge I just found out this morning that there is a big and possibly violent protest going on in many cities including my own so I may get a pop quiz on that one Saturday night!

        1. trumpo- who else? rumor is they are gonna attack private property and LEOs…hope this doesnt come to pass…media is saying dick about it

            1. Just stay away from the big town manana…this is all second n third hand info, I was told this over a mo ago. WB confirmed its still on I guess

                  1. But I went down to the demonstration
                    To get your fair share of abuse
                    Singing, “We’re gonna vent our frustration
                    If we don’t we’re gonna blow a fifty-amp fuse”

                  1. I read this morning that they are protesting in times square. so 20 thousand screaming idiots who don’t move show up in times square on a saturday night. I’ll lay even money no one even notices

                    1. A friend of mine who is a real zip, Local 1 welder with the super heavy vinny boombatz accent had the best line about that one year. Sitting in a bar with the news on and they are talking about the cost of dropping the ball. Out of nowhere “ayyyy whaaa the fuk, why done dey drop da fukin fare on da subway instead of sum stupid fuckin’ ball”

                    2. I went once in the late 90s when it was acceptable to be a savage- vomitting, pissing, fighting, people messing around in public(two people having sex on a car). good ol daze

        2. Whomever they are told to protest. They bus in professional agitators to rile up crowds of drones from the local neighborhood. None of the drones has even the slightest clue what they are there for until the pro-agitators tell them.

          End of the day they are protesting literally nothing except “We lost the election and that’s wrong! We hate democracy!”

        3. Personally, I’m going to be out there protesting the fact that McDonald’s took cinnamon rolls off the menu. The fuck is up with that? I blame Trump, since he is obviously the root of all evil, and this is pure evil. I got a sign and everything.

            1. At least the McDonalds cinnamon roll actually had cinnamon in it. The McRib is grow in a petri dish in a secret underground lab somewhere.

                1. I’m saying that nothing in the McRib can legitimately be categorized as actual “meat”. And don’t get me started on the McRib sauce…. Art Bell doesn’t even know what’s in that shit.

                    1. I legit miss Art Bell. Used to love to listen to him on the ride home after a night out drinking and shit. Grab a super greasy burger from an all-night joint and listen to UFO shit for an hour. Good times.

                    2. There used to be a radio guy who would pretend to be the guests he was interviewing. He would say outrageous stuff and get people to call in so mad. Wish I could remember his name…..

                    3. For those that don’t know, he is one of the greats. This guy would either have you pissing your pants laughing yourself to death, or in bloody raging angry outrage. No in-between. It all just depended on if you knew the secret.

                    4. I would bet all that shit is on the interwebs just waiting for a good rainy night of staying home, ordering take out and getting sickeningly intoxicated.

      1. I am not too concerned here at least. I am more annoyed by the f’n marathon on sunday. There is a mile marker right outside my freaking window so there will be a band set up at like 7 am and cheering crowds by 10

          1. Or set a pressure cooker outside on the sidewalk? That’d keep people away. Well, most people, anyway.

        1. Idiot can’t even strike the right pose. He does the “finger safety” thing, which is fine, but does it far ahead of the trigger well and ends up looking even more like a dork. Heh.

          1. I say that means it’s merely a publicity photo, and the “gentleman” in question doesn’t even really know how to operate the thing.

          2. That’s because he is too weak to hold the thing properly. He has to cradle it or he’ll drop it.

          3. This little dweeb’s shoulder would probably be black and blue after a full magazine.

            It’d be kind of fun to put rounds through those big dumb gauges in his ears though.

          4. I’m not particularly super well-versed in guns but even I picked that up. Was thinking “WTF is his finger way down there for?”
            I say let that douche keep the gun. Chances are he’ll take out more of his own team than he would of ours.

          1. You know that smug little scumbag is so proud of himself for pulling a petty little stunt like that.

            1. I don’t know…politics aside…disabling POTUS twitter account is funny. It isn’t Wi Tu Lo, Sum Ting Wong, Ho Lee Fuk, Bang Ding Ow funny, but it is funny.

        2. hmm, now the number of cities for protesting has doubled. they were allowed to take out an ad in the ny times…isnt trump about to leave for asia? trying not to overthink this

          1. The local rumor mill here has them burning down the entire Pearl district. Unfortunately, the rumor mill has frequently overstated things in the past.

          2. Is there a list where these little fucktards are “protesting”? I’m betting mostly disarmed cities here, just a hunch.

              1. There we go, thanks. All Leftwing stinkpits. Let’em burn down their homes, like I give a fuck.

                  1. That I don’t know actually, I guess I shouldn’t have included it until I knew. The rest are though.

                    1. gotcha. so basically just another place waiting for flying cars to be invented so it can be paved and used as a parking lot for relevant parts of the country

                    2. Are flying cars going to need parking spaces? I’m pretty sure the one on the Jetsons folded up into a briefcase.

                    3. No, because it’ll have to be “green” which means battery operated, so it will only fly for like 12 minutes at a time.

                    4. And pretty decent steaks at that. Not the top rate stuff you’ll get in local family owned joints in Texas, but pretty good nevertheless.

                1. Now where’s your sense of humor? I hope it’s a torrential downpour tomorrow and the temperature drops to just above freezing. All the protestors will be hypothermic within 15 minutes.

                  1. No, the protests will be rescheduled if there is rain. Their moms will all be too pissed if they ruin their good leather jackets and boots in the rain.

              2. Heard from a couple sources that Nashville, TN is on their list as well, but it isn’t showing on that site. Stay safe out there, gentlemen.

                    1. Shit, Mississippi is some evil boogeyman place to Antifa, like Hell is to Christians, or “campground” is to lolknee.

                1. These people are cartoons, and not even well drawn ones. Such simpletons. They’ll wear their little masks and chant their slogans like a Hivemind and maybe manage to get a few of them pepper sprayed after doing a bunch of shit to antagonize the police, but end of the day they’re not going to try anything “real”. And if they do manage to burn down a couple of stinkholes, who really gives a fuck?

                  1. Yeah, not sure what they’re thinking. Their goal is to overthrow the Trump/Pence “regime.” How do they plan on doing that exactly?

                    1. I think their big plan is to go out and scream at the sky and through temper tantrums until Daddy gives in and goes home. It worked from them when they were 8 with mom and dad, so….

                    2. Cant we just track em down by their Uberaccounts? I know most will be taking a cab to the riots

                    3. “Were missing the revolution! where is our car?”
                      “Hes 10 min out, stuck in traffic in downtown Brooklyn. Im totally giving him a bad review.”

                    4. hope they try this at the micky d’s in times square tonight. brilliant gameplan. 500 fillet o fishes…

                    5. It is bothersome that so many Millenials have become so freaking totalitarian like this, but they are harmless physically, even if a few bring guns or whatever. They start shit in the heartland where men are armed and they’ll find their little movement squished in less than two days time.

                    6. Eventually those morons are going to attempt to trash the wrong neighborhood and they’re going to get themselves hurt….if not massacred.

                    7. I’m far enough into the suburbs that I won’t have to worry about their nonsense, but if it ever did get to that point, I’d be perched on the roof of my house with my shotgun and invoking the Castle Doctrine.

                    8. I figure the only way they are going to show up at my house is if they’re lost. Nobody comes out here unless they have to.

                    9. A shotgun on the roof will make longer distances than you can accurately handles, unless its a slug gun

                    10. All shotguns are slug guns. The shell determines what it fires, if the wadding and lead/bullet/shot fits in it, the shotgun will fire anything. Modern day blunderbuss but much more accurate with slugs and buckshot.

                    11. Not for sniping, but for the elevation advantage. Once someone walks into my front yard, they’re less than 100 feet from my house.

                    12. That’s still pretty far for a shotgun.
                      Do you have a choke in it?

                      Also, what happens if someone shoots back? Your ass is on the roof!.
                      Idk what your particular roof looks like but there’s probably very little cover and no fast way down.
                      If there’s one guy in your front yard and one in your back, you are dead on your roof.
                      You really want to avoid pigeon holing yourself.

                    13. There is a reason they don’t pull this shit in the mid-west without police protection and even then their numbers are so small, no one notices.

                    14. “It is bothersome that so many Millenials have become so freaking totalitarian like this”

                      It’s much more bothersome that the current occupant of the White House has tweeted 5 times in last 24 hours that the Dept of Justice should be used prosecute his political opponents.

                      What kind of political leaders use the federal levers of justice to prosecute political opponents? Answer that for me, please. Here’s a clue: The correct answer is a word that you wrote in the above-quoted sentence.

                    15. The last time they tried smashing the windows of cars in a used car lot. Maybe they’ll go after new cars this time?

                2. hey Jak what’s with the moderation on my nice positive comment relevant to the actual article! Are we marking all comments that specifically address the article as spam now?

            1. And within those “unarmed” cities I’ll reckon they stay near the sterilized, gentrified city centers, both for safety and latte-adjacency.

                1. Just checked – Indeed, all these Brave Warriors will gather in between two municipal buildings and a train station. On a Saturday when no one’s there….
                  And yes, Starbucks saturation is almost absolute.

              1. Right. “Viva la Revolution! Mass protests on the front porch of every Starbucks in downtown L.A.!!! Come get a double soy latte and fight the power! (We’ll be inside by the oatmeal raisin crisps if it rains.)”

                    1. Yes, if you check the safety warnings in the instruction manual, that’s listed right where it says “May cause brain tumors.”

          1. Ha, I couldn’t see past the fag to notice the flag. According to wikia.com:

            The genderqueer flag has three stripes coloured (from top to bottom) purple, white and green.
            Chartreuse green represents those outside the gender binary as it is the inverse color to purple, the combination of pink and blue.
            The white stripe represents agenderness and gender neutrality.
            The third stripe is purple, to represent those whose genders are of, between, or a mix of female and male.

            I hope this description meets your needs.

            1. “Genderqueer” has a flag? I am a tolerant man, but there is only so much fagitronics I can take before I check out.

              1. I am tolerant until you try to tell me how I should feel about the subject. Live and let live, but don’t try to impose yourself on me.

                1. Agreed. Even though the entire purpose of that picture is to telegraph a threat (presumably against “cis scum,” such as myself), I am more irritated by the flag than I am by the gun.

            2. Mess with the genderqueer, and you’ll catch a bullet right before you catch AIDS.

                1. Why the hell would I want it cured? The look of confusion when I spar someone in the Southpaw position is greatly satisfying.

                  1. hahahah – I know it well. My friend and I put the gloves on and got in the ring once back in school, just screwing around really. I couldn’t understand it, but I kept getting demolished on the right side of my face. Over and over, I just couldn’t block it, thought I had my eyes on his fist the whole time……a few rounds in he says: “you know I’m left-handed, right?”

                    I had no idea….If he hadn’t have told me I’d probably still be there getting my face handed to me.

                    1. Many would think it wouldn’t really give you an advantage, but it really does. Seeing as most people are right handed, they’re used to sparring other right handed people. In the same vein, left handed people such as myself are also used to sparring righties so we don’t have any issue with the asymmetrical stance.
                      But for the poor righty that’s suddenly thrust into the ring with a lefty…they don’t know what to do. I feel for them, I really do. Heh….heh.
                      To make it worse, I’m used to sparring both Southpaw and normal, so I’ll constantly switch it up during a match. Confusion abounds.

                    2. Ding ding ding.
                      You are the winner.
                      A man dedicated to such endeavors will train both orthodox and southpaw.
                      It really was so much fun seeing the confusion on peoples faces when id switch to lefty for a while.
                      Most people just aren’t ready to deal with it.

                    3. Couldn’t find much on jews who are left handed, as opposed to politically lefty.

                      yahoo answers has a reference to a sneaky left-handed assassin and an army of left-handed Benjamite warriors

                      “Ehud ben Gera was a left-handed Judge at a time when Israel was under
                      the control of a foreign king named Eglon. Ehud managed to get a private
                      audience with King Eglon. The guards patted him down for weapons on his
                      left side, because that was where righties would wear their swords.
                      Ehud, of course, wore his sword on right side. Ehud assassinated King
                      Eglon, and the Jews lived happily ever after… until the next foreign
                      ruler conquered Israel.

                      Chapter 20 of Judges, which tells about a civil between the tribe of
                      Benjamin and the rest of Israel, notes that Benjamin had 700 skilled
                      leftie warriors.”

                      Basically you count yourself lucky that was just a friendly boxing match

                    4. That would explain it. Unless there’s more to it he’s not telling me…….like maybe he went to Yeshiva to discredit another school…

                  2. I tell these inferior right handers that when we take over we will let a few of them live. We will need servants…

                    1. Indeed. There are so few lefties for the same reason there’s always fewer predators in an stable ecosystem than there are prey.

  2. All progress halted by recuperation from groin strain, a mild flu, and travel to East Coast.

    Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

  3. An observation about these physical challenges: every time I do one of these heavy workouts, I get fucking ravenous! I haven’t been driven to eat like this since I was a teenager.

      1. Yeah. I keep looking at myself from the side in the mirror, trying to catch the belly bulge. So, far so good… or at least no worse than usual!

        Got to keep plenty of protein heavy snacks handy, for the duration.

          1. Put pork rings in blender. Take 1/2 cup of pork rinds to 1/2 cup almond flower. Egg wash cubed chicken, roll in pork rind almond flour mixture. Fry in coconut oil. Drizle with sauce made of coconut aminos, chilies, rice wine vinegar. Boom, instant keto Chinese.

              1. I thought the “789,000 ways to prepare fish during the holidays” comments woulda tipped you off yesterday

                1. You’re English though right? It’s kind of built into our DNA. It takes a lot of free will exercising to break that feeling.

                    1. Hmmm, clearly I’ve got you mixed up with somebody else. Apologies.

              1. Does that really work out as literally as it sounds? Does drinking gallons and gallons actually ‘wash out’ sodium?

  4. I’ve plateaued with my pull ups routine. Can’t get above 21. The latest test I’ve done set me back to 18. Godfather I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to do.

    1. read my post below if you can find it as it is being moderated. Follow the 10 pull up and adding weight program. Do it a few times a week or even more if you can spare the time. You will see how quickly your unweighted pull-ups increase.


  5. I’m pretty much a bum when it comes to this workout stuff however, I’m feeling kind of inspired today and at some point before this weekend gets over I’m going to fix myself a pull-up bar.
    I have no idea how long it’s been since I could do a pull-up.
    I started trying again last year, on one of the machines I operate there’s a good spot and whenever I stopped for a break I would do all I could, which amounted to several incomplete pull-ups. Heretofore I deem it necessary to start back trying. My back hurts just thinking about it.

    1. If you are just starting and you can’t get a single one do not give up. Get yourself something to stand on and grab the bar at the top position and then hang there as long as possible. When you feel you are starting to let it get away from you slowly lower yourself and then release. After this, do it again. And again. And Again. Next day more. Every few days try to get one…eventually it will happen. Then you do your one. Wait. Do your one again. Again and again until you can’t any more. Continue until you can do 2.

      1. I can almost get there , just can’t quite get my chin all the way up there. Kind of shameful actually, I was born with plenty of extra strength but over the last few years it’s gotten away from me, some of it was my fault and some was natures fault. I’ve felt well enough lately to try and get some back.

        1. nothing shameful about it. years have a way of letting strength get away from you. If you can get almost all the way up but miss the chin, then get as high as you can and hold as long as possible over and over again. The tension on the muscles will strengthen them.

          1. I’m finding that I don’t care for this getting older stuff, I’m going to have to work at it to put it off I reckon.

              1. 30 would be the best for me, it’s young enough that when you go out party and act a fool nobody thinks anything of it, yet old enough that people listen to you like you really know what you’re talking about.

                1. I was actually saying the other day that 6 would be ideal. Your dick is still just for peeing and you have enough dopamine in your brain that sticks are interesting. Life just seems a whole load less complicated at 6.

                    1. lose 30 pounds, eat healthy, supplement properly for your age and get 1-2 hours of vigorous exercise daily. You’ll be feeling as good as it gets…

                    2. He’s lucky he doesn’t live around here, I’d put a foot in him just for the heck of it 🙂

                    3. I always refused to do that with my kids, as soon as they got old enough to understand what I was saying I talked to them like I would an adult. So far it seems to have worked well.
                      It drives me crazy to hear an adult baby talking a kid that’s not a baby.

                    4. I plan on doing the opposite. Even when my kids are 30 I’m going to say shit like “Who’s a cutie-wooty? You are! Yes you are!”

                    5. Then when you get old and they put you in the retirement home, they’re going to say things to you like,” awww, wook who’s swobbering on himself” or ” does grandpa have a poopie?”.

                  1. I’m still adamant that 12 is still the perfect age. Old enough to do shit for yourself, but young enough that you don’t have any real responsibilities other than hanging out with friends and playing video games.

                    1. NOOOO! 12 was old enough that my tallywacker got hard when the wind blew but, there was nothing satisfactory that I could do about it.

                2. Yeah. Early 30s would be the best.
                  You have money, and most likely still at the peek of strength and looks. 20 yos would date a guy in his early 30s.
                  20 yos charge a guy in his early 50s. But it still beats banging old bags

                  1. Early 30s were the best. I was working at a large European corporate center (+1000 employees) in Dublin which rotated in new, mostly female, staff in from all over the continent. I was the only Amercian male there and called that phase my “sabbatical from life”.

                    1. I’m just now realizing it.
                      Of course I was being “charged” in my early 30s (and early 20s too), but I’ve been thinking lately about my life. It may, just possibly, have been different if I knew then what I know now.

          2. I will be trying, I’m going to attempt to be able to do a couple before this year is out.

      2. I found negatives helped a lot too. Start at the top position like you suggested, but lower yourself as slowly as possible.
        Wonder how a hybridization of the two techniques would work? Hold yourself in the top position for as long as you can, then lower yourself as slowly as possible?

        1. keeping the muscles under tension for as long as possible is the name of the game when you are first starting out so I think that particular hybrid would do you well. As I said below in my unfairly moderated comment, once you can get 10 I think adding weight rather than reps is a great thing with pull ups.

          Also, work on muscle ups. They not only add more muscles to the group you are hitting but it looks cool as fuck when you do it.

        2. When I began trying again, I pulled myself up far as possible and let myself down slowly, after a time or two my arms would be shaking.

          1. “after a time or two my arms would be shaking.”
            This is part of your problem and is one of the main reason people have problems with pull ups. This is NOT an arm workout it is a back workout. You should be pulling with back muscles far more than your arms. If your arms are burning out you aren’t doing them right. You really need to focus on contracting the lats. Here is a video from Jim Stoppani who I have a lot of respect for

            1. lol I just try with everything I’ve got to get up there.
              When I try to hold myself halfway up it sets my forearms and elbows on fire.

              1. yeah, elbows are a terrible thing to support your body weight and elbows aren’t much better. Before you even get your hands on the bar really contract your lats a bunch so you remember where they are. Not kidding. When the body is under stress the brain shuts down. Hell, this is the whole reason I like the gym. Fire those lats up. They are big muscles and will support your body with the rest of your muscles playing a helping role.

    2. If you can’t do complete pull ups start back with assisted pull ups. In better equipped gyms they will have a machine for this. At home you can use a resistance band or even stand on a milk crate to assist with your legs. Then gradually go to a lighter band or use less leg effort until you’ve mastered them again. I consider being able to do pull ups a survival skill.

    3. Brother, in all seriousness, when approaching a new physical conquest, make sure to properly prepare beforehand. Back and Legs are the largest muscle groups, and the workouts are very taxing on the body. With that said, the same principles can apply to any heavy physical activity…

      1) Make sure to get enough sleep the night before.

      2) Make sure to properly “gas-up” before the workout. Tackling a back or leg workout with nothing in the tank does nothing to help you achieve big numbers in the gym. A quick pre-workout meal, consumed (30-60 minutes) beforehand will go a long way in providing your body with what it needs to power through the workout. Without getting into a nutrition lesson, or making things too complicated, try one of these “quick” basic combinations before your next workout or heavy physical activity and see what it does for your strength:

      – Whey protein and an apple. I prefer Galas, as they typically have a thinner skin.
      – Whey protein and watermelon. Eat all the white flesh of the melon, down to the rind, to get the Citrulline.
      – Whey protein and an orange. Slice or peel, whichever you prefer.
      – High Quality Whey Protein bar with any of the fruit listed above.

      … Quick and easy pre-workout ideas that will pack easy and travel wherever you go.
      The Whey protein digests fast and the carbs from the fruit will be readily available to help the workout as well.
      Best of luck!

  6. Recap:

    -survived moving into my new assignment and am now reporting at briefings for my shop as well as organizing functions for leadership. Also get out on the floor occasionally and get my hands dirty. Seem to have passed preliminary trust tests with coworkers.

    -pull-ups are gtg, I do them every time I go for a run and sometimes at work when it gets slow and I can hit the gym upstairs. Usually alternate grips.

    Nov. 4 tomorrow? *racks AK* sounds fun.

  7. I went outside my comfort zone tonight, I don’t care for crowds anymore but, I toughed it out and went to a Dwight Yoakom concert. It was worth the trip even though he’s an old fart now.

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