Appreciate Nature’s Balance

Today we’re going to cover a video that solidified my beliefs in what we’re trying to do here at A King’s Castle.  You could call this a part 2 to my article on Your Levels of Influence.  Nature is a powerful force and very adaptive to many things thrown at it.  That being said, it is like any other machine and if a cog is removed, the whole system suffers or begins to fall apart.

Take a minute to watch this video describing the effects on Yellowstone Park when wolves were reintroduced back into the ecosystem.  Unless you have already heard of this story before, the results of one small change is no less than astounding.

Take a moment to reflect on this.  Wolves, the apex predator of the region, brought renewed life and stabilization to an entire region.  To the simple-minded, they would be seen as nothing more than a force of destruction and death, hunting and killing the more “peaceful” creatures of the region.

As I watched this video, I couldn’t help but think of these misunderstood predators and the parallels they share with us “toxic, masculine” males.  All over social media and the news, we are demonized as forces of destruction with no redeemable qualities, yet we see the decay of our own societies as the herbivores come in to consume and propagate with no regard to the balance.  The wolves have been chased out and our own ecosystem is crumbling into degeneracy.

Men, we are the wolves.  On the surface, our “toxic masculinity” is seen as the root of all problems, yet we are in fact the cure.  Our strong influence shapes the world around us like ripples on a pond, starting out small and increasing in size the further out they go.  Where strong, capable, and benevolent men go, renewed life and stabilization follow.  We step forward to root out the imbalances in our ecosystem and bring forth life where there was once decay.

This is not an easy task and will require courage and sacrifice on the part of us men.  Like wolves, pick your battles wisely focusing on those you know you will win.  If you see a person who is teetering on the fence about an issue, take a moment to give them a little red-pill guidance.  If someone sneers at you because of your beliefs or how you live your life, laugh at them openly and show to all around how insignificant they are and why you are proud of your accomplishments.

The goal isn’t to defeat the zealot.  Rather, it is to convert the bystanders who aren’t sure what is right and good.  Naturally, this requires a few key tools in order to be successful:

  • Competence – If you aren’t well-versed in what is being discussed, it might be best to sit out on the fight.
  • Confidence – Never let your opposition control your frame.  Always remain in control.
  • A Proven Track Record – A bum living in his parents’ basement shouldn’t square off against a successful businessman on the subject of economics.
  • Image – Much like a proven track record, looking like a winner makes others more willing to follow your lead.

Treat the zealots like you would any other shit test.  Smile and enjoy the preposterous claims being laid at your feet before lightly brushing them aside.  Don’t become emotionally engaged with the zealots as they are worth your time about as much as a mouse is worth a wolf’s.   Laugh, pat them on the head, and go back to your life.  Your example with spark the spirit of the wolf in others that see the exchange and soon there will be many more predators out there keeping the deer population in check.

As the number of wolves increase in our society, the deer will slink back to their protected areas, afraid to venture out to lusher areas.

Good, let them be afraid of the big bad wolves.  We might be misunderstood and maligned by our opponents, but we know what we are.

We are husbands, fathers, protectors, and providers.

We love those within our tribe and will viciously fight to protect them.

In our wake comes balance, restoration, and harmony.

Go out and be wolves.


Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. Thats a fascinating video clip. I guess the English have cornered the voice over work for material on nature. they all sound like Attenborough

              1. One of the more disgusting memes from the war. The two world wars did all the heavy lifting in getting rid of Classical Liberalism and replacing it with Fabian Socialism. Kill off all of the decent, honest good men, most of whom by default were educated classically and embraced classical liberalism, leaving only the old, weak, infirm and sniveling weasels behind to take over the reigns of the West. I strongly suspect that the only reason that the U.S. has held more fast to those values than the rest of the West is because we didn’t take nearly the casualty hit as most European nations took.

                1. Could be.
                  Its unfortunate the initial spirit of the image (hey – everybody pitch the fuk in and get’r done) was coopted by the lefties as a Grrlllll-Power Icon.

                  1. I don’t think it was quite co-opted so much as let out of the bag later. Feminism was alive and well in the 1940’s, but it was more “I can do anything you can do, better” than “blue haired land whale is triggered”. A lot of social programmers in government and academia swung into action by WW2 in all nations, given their foothold after WW1, and exercised their newfound agendas with vigor.

                2. Sen. Paul’s injuries were pretty serious. dude is openly socialist and gets out on 7500 dollars bond after attacking a senator??? He was on the field when that berni-bro started shooting too

                    1. 4 broken ribs, that’s some pretty heft damage, and only $7500 bond, which is what, $750 to the bail bondsman and out the door?

                      Somebody assault Pelosi though and it would be ten million bond, and fire and brimstone on the MSM, day and night, for weeks.

                    2. 4 broken ribs? That’s a lot worse than what I had originally heard. It seems obscene that a state Senator is assaulted and seriously wounded and it let out on a $7500 bond. Our system is so fucked up. Probably a liberal judge that was glad that Rand Paul got the shit beat out of him.

                    3. ribs broken badly enough that they coulda caused internal bleeding. dude who hit him musta been a LB in high school

                    4. This is true. I’m curious, if I went out and openly and clearly assaulted somebody for no apparent reason and broke 4 of his ribs, what my bond would be?

                    5. That’s what I’m wondering. When this starts to vary based on “how much more equal” one is over another, we’re in Deep Shit.

                    6. It already does that. I suspect here that 7500 beans is way too low compared to what you’d get if you assaulted Joe Nopolitics, or Joe Leftist, and were a right winger. It’s all politics now.

                    7. You’re right of course, but typically higher up people like that are treated with more deference than us common folk. I was basing my estimate off that. But still, assault and battery to ANYONE should be way more than $7500.

                  1. The double standards are breathtaking. And increasingly moving towards life-taking.

                    1. I also like how liberals are still pressing for gun control from this recent mass shooting even though the guy that did the shooting wasn’t legally able to own a gun

                    2. It’s all about emotion and screaming the same narrative repeatedly. The Big Lie type of thinking. The rabble under them only do what they’re told, and scream what boiler plate that they’re told, but the upper echelon know precisely what they’re doing. Four years from now (hell, four weeks from now) nobody will remember that he couldn’t buy guns, they’ll just remember “bad shooter” and “calls for gun control went unanswered”.

                    3. Totally wrong. Not saying that I have the solution, but that’s a horrible direction to go.

                      I know the solution, actually. Invent a time machine and go back to the exact minute when the U.S. began to embrace gun culture, and nip it in the bud. Today, it’s too late. Shooting up targets, animals, and even occasionally other humans is a deep part of our culture, irrespective of laws.

                    4. “gun culture” is a BS SJW boogeyman like “toxic masculinity”, “Alt-right” and “assault weapon”

                    5. When you word it as fetishization I can almost agree with you. I know the cats you are talking about. They’re the guys on social media dressed like fat operators holding an AR with 15lbs of junk attached to it.
                      Instead of saying I agree with you I should just say I know what you’re saying.

                    6. I’m not going to take that chance.
                      My personal opinion of why so many guys get off on military style weapons is because of all the hype that comes along from talk of bans. Those type of rifles have been around for a long time but never were all that popular until the 1994 “assault weapons” ban.
                      While I have no problem with someone wanting/having whatever kind of rifle one wants, some of them really take it a little too seriously.
                      The reason pro gun people refuse more gun control is they know it only sets a precedent and is only one step to more restrictions.
                      I’m of the same opinion, I could see my way to a compromise if that would be the end of it but, next year they would just want more.
                      Just speaking for me personally, I could live with an assault weapons ban but, also included in the legislation would be a moratorium on any more restrictions. For example we give up the military style rifles and maybe high capacity handguns and they leave semi auto rimfire rifles and handguns, rim fire and center fire revolvers, pump action hunting shotguns, semi auto hunting shotguns, bolt action and lever action rifles and semi auto hunting rifles( Remington 7400 and similar ) and 10 rounds and less semi auto center fire handguns alone. FOREVER.
                      I know better though, I still remember the democrats talking points from the 80s and 90s when they said only the military and police should have guns(fuck that).The only reason they stopped saying that was because they saw how many votes it was costing them.

                    7. No. This asshole would have used a bat or a truck or an egg-beater, had he not gotten a hold of a firearm. This is not a case of a ‘gun nut’ holed up with a million tons of ammunition, waiting for the revolution.

                    8. What would most likely happen, and it would be much worse than a gun attack, is he’d probably take the route of making a homemade bomb and setting it off within the church. This would result in even worse casualties.

                      Then these same people would be saying “Oh if only we banned bombs…wait.”

                      While I’m not advocating this site (seriously, I know nothing about them), the subject of this article argues my point:
                      If it’s not guns, they’ll advocate for whatever else to be banned. Soon we’ll be banned from owning guns, cars, knives, bats, crowbars, hammers, any chemical that could be a component of a bomb, and God knows what else.

                    9. Yeah, if only somebody had been there to nip the Germanic Saxons and other Germanic and Celtic races gun/weapon culture in the bud, which of course they brought to America from day one before it was even a pretend country.

                      Anti-gun too. Figures.

                    10. Why don’t those descendants of Germanic Saxons — Germany, England — have the same rates of violent firearm murder as the U.S.? That’s the gun culture I’m referring to.

                      Listen up: I’m not anti-gun. Guns make things like, say, hunting deer much simpler. In fact, I really want to learn how to hunt, because though I’ve fired rifles at targets, I’ve never had the opportunity to kill my own food. Venison tastes good.

                      But I’m mos def anti-gun culture. Maybe a better way to put it is to say… the fetishization of weaponry. You all know exactly the type of person what I’m referring to. That whole lifestyle is ludicrous to me, as are many of the NRA’s hardline stances, as is the gun show loophole, as are the existence of semiautomatic weapons in the hands of the general public, as is etc etc etc.

                      Our levels of gun violence is an embarrassment to the developed world. It’s indefensible.

                    11. “Guns make things like, say, hunting deer much simpler”
                      perhaps, but that’s pussy – I use my FISTS.

                3. I have heard that same summarization from a couple of corners throughout the years. Europe lost a whole generation of men in WWI and the following war finished off the remnants for good.

                  1. I recall speculating about this a couple of years ago, regarding specifically WW1, on other forums. No doubt it’s already been speculated on by others, but nobody talks about it so it seemed like an original thought to me, or did at the time anyway.

                    1. If you think about the amount of losses in a battle like Verdun, it is pretty incomprehensible for most. Or simply take the first day of the Somme were the British lost 57,000 men and the next morning the newspapers print “heavily losses at the front.”

                    2. All who would have gone on to become voters, leaders of industry and government, or active members in their respective communities had they not perished. But they didn’t. Who was left? The parties already mentioned (mostly, not in whole, but it sure tipped the odds in the bad guys’ favor).

                  1. Yep. Glorious. Just glorious. Outside of torture, I’m an total war type of fellow.

        1. Nah, Carlos Danger Feldman.
          The first and last names are really irrelevant so long as he can make the joke “Danger is my middle name.”

          1. Since you mention Feldman and since I love making @Bem insane….

            So Corey Feldman finally, after a decade or so of teasing it, released the name of the “big hollywood star” who was butt raping him. Was it a Sheen? nope. Was it one of the Southerlandses? Nope. Not an estevez or Lou Diamond Phillips. It was freaking John Grissom — a guy who didn’t even have a character with a name…a guy who doesn’t even have his photo on his IMDB. This….I am so freaking disappointing.

            Of course, I still believe that the entire cast of Young Guns II did a lot of Corey raping (and of course Keiffer “Never drew first but drew first blood”) so what gives? My working theory now is that Corey Haim was the premier Corey and in order for him to be famous he had to be ass raped by everyone in hollywood. Because being assraped by that many people is exhausting I assume that Corey Feldman was brought along to siphon off some of the dick in anus. They did this by level of celebrity so while the Anus raping went on for Corey Haim, Corey Feldman was the Bnus for lesser celebrities like Grissom.

            Anyway, that’s my theory

              1. The absolute best telling of this joke ever was Gilbert Godfried at the roast of hugh hefner. This was in new york 18 days after 9/11. Gilbert Gottfried gets on stage, apologizes for being late, says he couldn’t get a direct flight because the plane needed to stop at the empire state building. The boos and screams of “too soon” were intense. What did Gilbert do? He scraps his speech and goes into doing the Aristocrats.

                The same people who were booing were laughing so hard that like 8 minutes in he threatened he would have to start from the beginning again. It was, in my opinion, the best telling of this joke ever

                1. The Aristocrats is the true test of whether someone is really a good comedian or not. There are plenty of hacks that can get up on stage and act out funny jokes that they bought or stole from someone else. The Aristocrats takes actual talent.

                  1. I’ve heard it many times, it seems rather over-rated to me. Like “you’re supposed to love this!” but it really doesn’t do much for me. Not sure why but when lots of folks get together and “love!” something I rarely find myself in agreement (talking pop culture here). To me it seems akin to the Emperor’s New Clothes where in order to look and sound sophisticated, we’re all supposed to agree at what genius it is, but when you sit down and listen to it, even from the most talented joke teller, it comes across as so degenerate that it’s, well, kinda boring. It’s like listening to two 12 year old boys discussing pussy, both not having yet experienced being laid, but who know all he dirty words associated with it. Except, without any saving grace of innocence. Just…eh…..meh. Nothing to get outraged over, and nothing to celebrate, to me. I’m just not going to be one of the cool kids and agree for the sake of looking cool on this one.

                    TL;DR – it’s akin to having 5 star chef’s competing to see who can make the best meal out of a pile of dog shit.

                    1. Dark humor is somewhat hard to enjoy for a lot of people. I guess it is an acquired taste. The thing is, getting dark humor right is very difficult. Very often you come across amateurs trying and failing miserably and giving this genre a bad name. But if done right, this can be seriously hilarious.

                    2. I heard somewhere that more intelligent people tend to enjoy dark humor more so that others. Not sure how legitimate that claim is, but I could see the argument being made for why it’s true.

                    3. I think this conceit relates right back to what I was talking about a few days ago regarding Christmas music/shows. It’s the Leftist conceit that you have to be dumb to like good things and intelligent to “get” degenerate/evil things. That’s silly on its face, but it’s an assumption that seems ingrained in our minds these days.

                    4. I get your point, but it doesn’t necessarily apply in the context of humor. A good sense of humor is associated with higher intelligence; greater ability to detect shifts in contexts, understanding odd subjects etc…

                    5. Good necessarily equate to dark. That’s one of the fatal conceits the Left has foisted on us since Lenny Bruce first took the stage. You can listen to Ron White, or Steven Wright or other types that use either intricate wordplay or storytelling with a few things thrown in off color and enjoy it, without having to cede the entire realm of humor to people who essentially tell scat-sex jokes and look at us demanding we laugh else we be called unenlightened.

                    6. Maybe, in good times. now?Not so much. I’d rather watch Mr Bean. if h’wood was smart, they’d sign Rowan to a multi-pic deal

                    7. I believe this. It takes a very advanced sense of right and wrong to yield the right level of irony from a ‘sick’ or ‘fukked up’ bit of humor. Otherwise you’re just cursing and smearing poop around.

                    8. Funny in its own regard – don’t get me wrong….Poop where it should not be is an entire sub-family of humor. Just do NOT confuse it with something else (the Bit or the poop)

                    9. More serious, scatalogical humor (see what I did there) does require a very particular kind of sense of humor that is lost on some people. I’m sure someone out there has done some kind of thinking and analysis on this

                    10. I don’t mind dark humor. I also don’t mind dirty jokes, not in the least. I “get” what is trying to be done here, it just seems kinda boring to me after a while. You can only connect so many electrodes to so many balls in a joke before the numb-factor settles in, with me. And I mean even with Gilbert Godfried whose humor and delivery I really enjoy. The “story” of the joke just doesn’t draw me in after the first couple of minutes (everybody hooks in the first minute or two in order to see where it’s going, but after a while my eyes kind of glaze over). Great, you’re saying dirty words and drawing a picture of basically shit on canvas, ok, and maybe the delivery is top notch but after a while I’m thinking “and this is it?” Kinda, meh.

                    11. If I cared enough to create my own version of it, I would take the Aristocrats joke and change the punchline to “The Kardashians.”

                    12. Can’t do that, you’d take the very real risk of taking this so-called “joke” and turning it into a non-fiction description of a weekend at the Jenner’s place.

                    1. cant remember to pay my CC bill on time, remember the great space coaster show from 30 yrs ago…why is that frozen into mind?

            1. You’re into fashion I believe ; there has been some allegations on Yves Saint Laurent and his influent lover Pierre Bergé (both dead now) regarding them having marrocan kids getting buggered at their place during hot-dog making parties in Marrakesh.
              The French MSM won’t talk about it, Pierre Bergé having been one of their major shareholder for a long time before going to hell, as well as a leftist symbol.

              1. I didn’t hear about it but will say that a) I totally believe it and b) am fairly indifferent to it. I assume that all fashion people and hollywood people are up to some really fucking crazy shit which is why I don’t really care about what they do or say ever.

                The Thriller album was awesome. I don’t care what Michael Jackson was doing…it has no bearing on the music he created. I wouldn’t have wanted him to babysit for me and I certainly don’t care about his beliefs, but that doesn’t make thriller any less awesome.

                I will gladly wear an Yves Saint Laurent suit but I wouldn’t let him give me a back rub.

                1. “I assume that all fashion people and hollywood people are up to some really fucking crazy shit”
                  Average people have no idea.

                  Yves Saint Laurent also published a comic “Naughty Lulu” in which a young girl, among other things, helps old men kidnapp children to rape them and eat them in the name of Venus.


                  His lover Pierre Bergé, said that he endorsed completely what was seen in the comic. It is really disturbing when you hear these allegations, and the fact that he lobbied to get Christian holydays forbidden.

              2. The most surprising part of that is the “hot-dog making parties” thing. That has to be some kind of weird pedo code.

            2. In Feldman’s defense, Grissom was only a “teaser” name that he let out to generate more interest in the big movie he is raising $10 million to make where he will let out the *real* names.

              So he gives you a little Bnus, (or more like Znus), and then you pay him $10 million to get the Anus.

            3. Supposedly, if the “there were several, and one is Hollywood royalty” theme plays out, this is the dude he isn’t scared of ’cause he ain’t shit. Pretty typical.

            1. … a few of my favorites I use frequently:
              – Clint Torres
              – Fondel Mijunc
              – Peter Gazinya
              – Hugh Ginvaney

              1. Me too. I think the first thing he said was “scumbag” which is accurate. Just impressed that Weiner didn’t just skulk away.

  2. I don’t know Jak. This runs counter to the sheep-dog analogy. Though as the sheep get even more lazy, stupid and form victim advocacy groups to harrass and sue the dog out of an existance I could see the wolves filling the void.

    I finally finished the last few pages of “The Way of Men” and parts of the book resemble your post.

    1. I figured this topic would be brought up during this post. My intentions in this article have nothing to do with the sheep/sheepdog/wolves dynamic. Rather, it is appreciating how one seemingly small change in a dying ecosystem can revitalize it.
      Dying Yellowstone Park = Western Civilization
      Wolves = Strong, masculine men who value the traditional family setup
      I guess there is some overlap in the whole sheep/sheepdog analogy, but for this situation, it isn’t what I’m referring to.

      1. There is a big difference between dogs and wolves. Domesticated dogs never actually become adults. They always remain puppies to a certain extent which is why they can be so tame and loving. Wolves grow up and will not be tamed. Society now attempts to breed the adulthood out of the male of the species, making him as dependant as a woman or child and little more than a neutered house pet. It is up each of us to keep the spirit of the wild in our hearts and be the most dangerous predators on the planet as we are intended to be. This will keep the herbivores in check and the inferior predators in awe.

        1. One time when I was a kid, there was this emaciated stray dog that showed up on our farm,. It looked like a Black Lab/Rottweiler cross. The dog was the nicest towards people of any I have known, but he lived on cats. We had a dairy and lots of feral cats. Within a year, no neighbors within 2 miles had cats. After he regained his strength, he killed our formally alpha dog, tore his throat out. Not sure if it was his experience living in the wild, but that was my favorite dog when I was growing up.

          1. My dogs murder cats, as well as any small game they get hold of. They chased down a full sized coyote one time (when there was one of him and two of them). Unfortunately, the last time they got out and killed a cat I lived in a big city, and got a huge ticket. Still trying to get out of here… heh

      2. Dononvan also preaches to withdraw from society and start fresh. Your point that men should be the catalyst to revive a civilization is excellent. We, as men have a responsibility to our nation….. unfortunately that is lost on most people. As long as women, immigrants and welfare-recipients can vote, there is probably very little hope. Imagine if the wolves asked the deer to vote if they should be eaten, or not.

    2. I identify more with the wolves. The sheep in this analogy are too far gone to warrant any kind of protection.

      1. I was aware of his fag-dom, but noticed he wasn’t to kind to the homos in the book and he was making observations, not teaching masculinity, was how I inferred it. You can recognize the truth in a proclamation despite the source. Bloom, another fag, wrote “Closing of the American Mind” which I found insightful and would recommend to anyone.

        You must acknowledge that even your enemies state the truth at times.

  3. When I saw that title, I really expected some kind of green weenie enviro article.
    Wolves…. I like the sound of that.
    Many times I’ve taken a hard stance on something because common sense/reality forced me to and I’ve often wondered why many people make a weak stance that changes with the wind. I’ve sometimes questioned myself on it but now I know I’m not the only one left.

    1. When I saw that title, I really expected some kind of green weenie enviro article.

      I expected something more along the lines of going out into the woods and pretending to be a tree.

      So I got prepared to swap stories of what manner of animals we’ve managed to confuse and startle, which ones approach easily, you know, basically how stupid they can be when they think nobody is looking.

      1. When in nature, be careful of moose. A moose bit my sister once. No, really.

          1. Did a classic Monty Python reference fall flat….?

            Gah, I’m feeling old.

          2. Missed reference aside, I will agree that one needs to keep a sharp eye out for moose. I happened upon a stealth moose once, who only decided to make his presence known when I got within 5 or 6 yards.

            This is close enough for you to actually feel the moose deliberating* between lumbering away or impaling you against a tree for disturbing his nap.

            *It is possible this was me merely suffering two simultaneous heart attacks.

            1. I got within the same distance, but from the safety of a canoe. I was warned not to paddle any closer cuz, you know… those moose ‘ave got a mean streak a mile wide.

          1. I expect a few pages of llama jokes to materialize shortly.

          1. I dont’t know the first movie I ever bought. The first album someone ever gave me was Tom Petty Wildflowers, the first I ever bout new was Smash, by The Offspring…

            1. The first one I ever bought was on an 8-track, AC/DC back in black if recall correctly, the first one GOJ bought was on a stone tablet, Songs Of Byzantine Conquest or something like that.

  4. “Where strong, capable, and benevolent men go, renewed life and stabilization follow”

    They don’t always have to be benevolent.
    Genghis Khan was far from benevolent, yet he stabilized both where he conquered as well as the areas who feared him and were forced to prepare for him (Christian Europe).

  5. Nice video and nice article.

    “The goal isn’t to defeat the zealot. Rather, it is to convert the bystanders who aren’t sure what is right…”

    I am about as far from alpha as one can get, but I do the above when the opportunity presents itself and the time is right.

  6. Really nice writing. But for now I am more like a wolf/fox hybrid (or lion/fox, Machiavelli-style). Be cunning, be smart, but also courageous.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, William. I also like to think I have a little bit of the Machiavelli spirit in me, though I would say I’m far from being a master.

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