In Keeping Their Best Interests

Typically I write about things I’m going to do or am doing in my life as I lead this ship called a family.  Constantly keeping myself in check physically, and mentally.   Making sure I provide for them and protect them.  This is all done to set an example and do what I believe is my duty in life, and to my family.  Yet, sometimes the people who depend on you need guidance on how to better their own lives.  Today I’ll share my experiences and how I kept family on their own path, while continuing mine. 

The Octagon

My son does MMA and hes got his yellow belt.  I started him when he was 7 and he is now 10.  When they’re smaller they seem to be more into it because they’ll take anything to burn that energy young kids have.  A few weeks ago my son was showing off on his bike and royally fucked up his leg, arms and a bit of his back.  Nothing serious or broken, but he slammed pretty hard and was scraped up.    The next night he said he wanted to take the night off of MMA and I said that was fine given the circumstances, but I almost wish I hadn’t

For the last few weeks I’ve noticed that he hadn’t been taking it as seriously as he was prior to this.  This kid usually lives and breathes MMA so noticed the change right away.  Anytime I wasn’t around he’d ask his mother or babysitter not to take him to MMA due to being “sick” or “tired’ or some other bullshit excuse.  He had barely missed a class before and he ended up missing a few over 3 weeks.  I knew what happened.

The Enabler

I had realized that I enabled him to just say fuck it to something that he committed himself to.  In his head I’m the one who said “na don’t go” and if Dad was okay with it, then it must be okay.  If he was seriously injured with broken bones or something I would have kept him home, but he was basically fine.  We’ve all been dumb-ass young boys doing stupid shit with our friends.  Hell, I cant think of much else that young boys do.

The problem was with me, I said that it was okay to skip out on his class.  It got me thinking about how his whole attitude changed after that one cop out.  As adults, we do this all time time.

“I’ll workout tomorrow” and then the next day it’s the same bullshit excuse.

“I’m going to get out of this shitty job”  yet you still show up every day and do nothing to change it.

“I’m only going to eat badly this one time” and then a few days later you’re shoveling garbage food down you throat.

I’ve noticed that one of the things that can stop a person’s momentum is one day of coming up with an excuse.  Sure, some people can eat one cheat meal or skip a day of lifting, but for others, a break in that repetition can break you in other ways.

The Solution

Fed up with this behavior, I told my son over breakfast Monday that he is getting his ass into that gym tonight, no excuses.  I told him that sitting around at home impresses no one.  Any chump can do it and we don’t have those around here.  He looked at me, nodded and said okay.  It’s been 3 days now, and he’s back to his old self showing me moves and talking about his classes again.

As the father, you have to keep them in line sometimes, and realize when to be hard/unforgiving on the kids.  Unless this kid is puking his guts up or breaks his leg, hes going to class.  I know he loves it once he gets there so I’m taking him.

Wives will try to cop out of doing things too.  If you bust your ass all day and your wife is at home, the house is a disaster, don’t pick up a single thing.  A few times I’ve come home to chaos and I asked her “why is this like this.”  99% of the time its spotless if shes home from work that day, and a few times she was running the kids around all day, but they will deviate if you let them too.

I knew of a guy who would work, come home, clean, cook dinner, then get his kids in bed all while his wife sat there fucking around on Facebook.  He set the standard of roles, and she did whatever she wanted.


At the end of the day, you have to guide yourself first, but don’t think they don’t need direction as well.  They need you to guide their success as well at times.


-J. Nyx


Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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    1. is it? easy job, you get a pension…my guy was looking to get a new Cadillac last year…

      1. same thing with cops. In Dallas they only work 3 days per week,12 hour shifts, easily make $70K. They get 4 days off unless they are needed on SWAT or for paperwork. Then they also get OT pay.

        1. I know corrections guys and cops who make $120k-plus in nyc- low ranking too…lotta OT

          1. Corrections guys don’t make that in Georgia, we about starved when I did that. Pay has gone up since I left but, whatever it is it ain’ enough to put up with that stuff.

        1. I thought the current standard was Ginsu Knives? You know, in case you have to cut through aluminum cans AND tomatoes on the same day.

  1. Our brain and bodies always choose the path of least resistance because that is the rational thing do to. Sometimes we need a push in the right direction even as adults.

  2. Interesting article. My position with my kids is: you can quit, once you finish your commitment. If I pay for a class, you’re finishing it. If I pay for little league and the team is depending on you to be there, you’ll be at every practice and every game. Quitting is OK at appropriate times. If you realize you’re not that interested in getting punched in the face, then you can stop, once you have finished the class. But of course, you will not be permitted to be lazy and idle once you quit.

  3. OT: Thumbing through last nights comments…..So Inspector Callihan was Kersey? Damn, looks like I missed a good show.

    On topic: I totally get what you are saying, substandard behavior makes no one happy. I noticed I am happier at work when I actually do my work. Discipline is key, preferably self dicipline. Still, you can’t be a tyrant and force someone to do something if their heart is not into it. The key is to recognize then that change occurs. For what it is worth, we need to be engaged in whatever we do and follow through our commitments. If we find we are not into it, make the change next season.

      1. And if so, that’s for the best. It’s good to see a man grow and mature.

        1. I never had any animosity towards Kersey. He is a little sensitive towards race, but it is understandable given his home life. Callihan deleted all his posts.

              1. even pity has its limits…eventually pity runs out and drastic measures must be taken.

                Mr. T himself knew this when he re-purposed an old wood chipper into a cabbage launcher which Faceman promptly pointed at the gang trying to hold up the workers and said “Head’s Up” before pelting them with cabbages.

                I guess my point, Bem, is that you should always pity the fool but when it is no longer feasible to pity said fool pelt that fucker with cabbages.

          1. You gotta have a sense of humor. I get ragged time to time for being from Mississippi but I laugh it off. If he would just lighten up he wouldn;t get hammered

            1. Indeed. In our Telegram channel, we shit on each other all the time. If you just laugh at it, no big deal. However, if you let the other guys know it bugs you, you just rang the dinner bell.

                1. I’ve just been assuming a train of semi-trucks on a 200 mile convoy delivering millions of D batteries to the state, until now.

              1. Good video. I especially liked when the chick says “fucking” clear as day, but is censored as “f*cking” in the subtitles.

                    1. It stopped after I was told that I got AIDS in 1992 because I didn’t use a condom with a virgin girl.

                    2. You know Kersey is still here, watching, waiting, and planning his next identity. In exactly two weeks time, he will re-appear, because Ukrainian Haitians have some moral objection to Thanksgiving and he’ll have some extra free time that day, and start posting quietly, unassuming, ..

                    3. Hmmm….you may be right. We’ve had Bronson, and now Eastwood. Bets on his next choice? Columbo? Rockford Files? It’s wide open.

                    4. I would only accept that if it were Adam West’s Batman.

              1. I will, but it will take him a while to reply. Braille keyboards are hard to navigate.

  4. Jnyx:
    Good article. I wonder: does your son see the work that YOU put in every morning. I am fairly sure there are plenty of mornings, especially as it gets cold, that there are things you would rather do than be moving weight but there you are, day in and day out, putting in that effort. I know this is your alone time, but monkey see, monkey do. Maybe a good idea to, even if you don’t incorporate him into it, to show him that you are also pushing hard for long term over goals over short term comfort.

    1. dude, I thought you were goofing on charlie sheen backdooring everyone in Young Guns, but now it looks like he diddled corey haim. its a pity, Lucas is forever tainted now- good 80s flick

      1. Keiffer is next…that’s gonna be the big bomb. Just wait. As Bon Jovi said in the Young Guns II theme song Blaze of Glory
        “I never drew first but I drew first blood I’m the devil’s son call me young gun”
        Now, many people think this is about Billy the Kid, but the devil’s son remark is telling. We have to think that Charlie Sheen drew first and broke in haim, but Keiffer hit him second with his enormous hog while the devil, his father Donald, watched on.

        1. This rabbit hole goes deep. I would bet Cosby knows more than you or I would want to. Like politicians, anyone who gets into shaping society has to have dirt on them before they are in the “in” crowd. Globalists need the leverage.

          1. this country needs hundreds of Mr Smiths going to Washington to right the ship at this pt

            1. True, but the Mr. Smiths can’t even get elected on city council.

              Take last election, early on there were about 15 Republican candidates, somehow, they were all knocked out except the New England “Republican” who supported the Clintons in previous elections, has ties with globalists, and has a shady history. He ran against Hillary, who is the spawn of Satan.

              Not since Eisenhower has there been a president that I would consider clean.

        2. As soon as I saw the article about Sheen and Haim, “Blaze of Glory” was stuck in my head for the next 3 hours.

      2. ps: not sure if you used the word “tainted” in the hilarious way it reads to me, but if you did way to go…..yes…many people in Hollywood were tainted…

        1. it was on a few weeks ago. jeremy piven had less hair in his late teens than he does now. dude always looked 40

  5. we got our first transexual rep a few days ago. Virginia. thought that was a reddish state?

        1. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we all upvoted your post and YOU end up being the spoiler that keeps bem from holding all of best-of spots?

                1. The one getting upvoted is more likely to get AIDS than the one upvoting. That’s what Kersey told me.

                    1. I’m an enthusiastic downvoter. Anytime I see someone getting more upvotes than me, I downvote them to bring their egos to manageable levels

                    2. Much like Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen, when he wanted to get upvoted again, Kersey wasn’t interest anymore….

                    3. No, it’s like Mr. Miyagi said right before he ass-raped Daniel-san. “Suck or suck not. There is no curious.”

                    4. Upvoted you. Now you got aids nigga.

                      Ok, given as Monsieur is French, did anybody else read this in Peter Seller’s Inspector Clouseau voice? Or is that just me?

                    5. I’ll tell you what’s gay: asking all about other guys having gay wet dreams about dudes with Haitian-Ukrainian AIDS.

                  1. But God shall wound the head of his enemies, and the hairy scalp of such an one as goeth on still in his trespasses.

                    OHHHHH PALMS! sorry got that wrong.

            1. Or…
              Just before Bem seizes victory and holds all the spots, we find a way to remove that box of best comments from our posts.

    1. 1/3 of the state works in D.C. The non-D.C. citizens are hardcore right wing, but that D.C. connected group, combined with your typical inner city scum welfare type, outweighs them at the ballot box apparently.

      1. Like Portland and Oregon. Get out of that city, and it is a rather conservative state. Nevada is the same.

        1. Every state it’s the same actually. If I could go back to the Founding, I would have mandated that every county gets 1 electoral vote, period, end of sentence. We are seeing the nation slowly being taken over by the dependent classes that live and dwell in the big cities, and more are created every single day, thanks to our wonderful welfare state. One electoral vote per county would put the kibosh on that pretty quick at least in regard to POTUS elections (which directly influences SCOTUS appointees, which is where the real power lay these days). As for local elections, not a lot can be done about it though, outside of abolishing welfare, which frankly, should be have been done ten minutes after LBJ signed it into law, but wasn’t.

          1. Too much power in the redistribution of wealth. It ticks off those who are getting money taken from, but they are a minority, so who cares?

          2. Not just the dependent class, but the so-call intellectual class; the legions of NPR-indoctrinated upper class types who believe they know what’s best for “those people”. THEY are clogging up the works, maintaining and even expanding dependency.

            And local elections are forever twacked because of gerrymandering.

      2. its concerning to me bc the dood used to be a journalist who championed teaching kindergarten kids they can be whatever sex they wanted…

    1. You may want to lay off of him. He wants to fight you and I wouldn’t want to see you acquiring that horrible disease.

    2. So that guy asking all those questions yesterday was actually an AIDS infected Kersey in disguise? I can’t believe I didn’t catch that.

          1. You are assuming the one isn’t caused by the other. I am fairly sure that lack of humor is right up there with toilet seat when it comes to sure fire way of getting aids

            1. From now on, whenever someone says “what happened to LolKnee?”,I’m going to automatically assume they have AIDS.

                1. Nothing I hate worse than having to take my shoes off after being in a public restroom.

            2. Oh, so, like… Kersey is at a bar, some guy jokingly tells him to suck his dick, and Kersey, having no sense of humor, just drops to his knees and starts blowing cock. Boom — AIDS.

        1. My mom used to send me to AIDS parties when I was a kid. It’s like chickenpox parties but with AIDS. There only were Haitian and Ukrainian kids to play with, so I couldn’t fit in and thus never got AIDS, sadly.

              1. It’s really a shame. He was a really talented actor. His turn as “Boy in Police Station” in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was truly epic. He was utterly convincing.

                1. ahhh he was great as Ricky Vaughn and don’t forget Dick Brewer (in the aforementioned Young Guns), he was great as Bud in Wall Street and Chris in Platoon. Say what ya want about ole chuck here, he had some great roles.

                  1. He was legitimately a good actor. I was always surprised that, although he got to be famous, he never got to be a real mega-star. I guess he was just too busy sucking dick.

                    1. meh. he went from serious roles to comedy? still made bazillions on that awful sitcom so good for him

                    2. Unless otherwise specified, the rule is that you always assume “in her prime” for things like that.

                    3. you know way too much about his career- Tiger Beat pull out poster on the ceiling above your bed in high school?

                    4. yeah, I was on Team Jason Priestly- didnt work out well for me. never returned my calls

                    5. Well, time has shown that Luke Perry was the true talent on that show, His turn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a masterpiece. Also some of Paul Reubens best work.

                    1. Trying to minimize what a great actor Sheen was just because he got a little aids is like trying to Say OJ was a shit running back just because he was accused of a double homicide

                    2. Yeah, but you have to admit that one thing can affect the other. Clearly Sheen’s career and performance suffered as he began to focus more and more on gay AIDS. Much like OJ’s slow-motion escape “run” after murdering that cheating whore and her gay friend.

                    3. See, Charlie Sheen would have been perfect for that role, but they had to get OJ because Sheen was too busy with a face full of dicks.

                    4. 3 hours and 7 minutes before Jnyx article about how to discipline your children turns into “….too busy with a face bull of dicks”

                      Well done men

                    5. you read that Len Dykstra tell-all book? he claimed he was summoned to get Sheen out of his panic room, he was on a multi day bender. He got him to come out, and he revealed to Len he just found out he had HIV…gotta read that one day

                    6. When Lenny Dykstra is your emergency contact you know you are totally fucking insane.

                      Oh man, can you imagine Sheen driving in a Bentley with a bumper sticker that says Lenny Dykstra is my Designated Driver. That would be so cool I think his aids would vanish

                    7. that bumper sticker would sell like hotcakes in queens and long island. cops would also know who to pull over at 2AM on the LIE too

                    8. When I go to a doctor or hospital and have to fill out forms I always put as my emergency contact 212.562.3051 but I tihnk I am going to need to get Dykstra’s contact info and leave him

                2. sheen:”why are you here- drugs?”
                  bueller’s sis:”NO!!!!….why are you here??”

            1. There must be something special about corn holing other dudes, those Hollyweird types sure seem to do it a lot.

              1. Do you remember school? Who was in the drama club? That queers go into acting is a very plain fact visible from early on. Even in elementary school when there would be a school play…you would see the rejects, the jocks, the nerds and pretty much every other faction you could think of all gather around and not want to be involved in this shit and the girls and the future homos all fucking excited for set design and costumes. That the pros resemble the amateurs just to the nth degree should hardly be surprising.

    3. So sad. I just take one day off and I missed a chance to troll Kersey. This is the second time this happened

  6. Great article.

    Once a kid gets a taste for comfort and ease it can quickly become an addiction.

    Reminds me of a crucial crossroads in the life of young bem. As a lad, bem loved him some foosball. I did the pee wee football bit b/w ages 7 and 10. Yet in 4th grade I went to a new school and started hanging around with less physical, nerdy types. Interests weakened into more vicarious pursuits like video games, playing army, generally dikking off. So one day, and I can remember this vividly, every detail – my mom’s car, the weather, exactly where on which road…, ma reminds me “y’know you have practice tonight”. It was the last thing in the world I ‘felt like’ doing, and I said so.

    Right then and there I was permitted to quit something I’d committed
    to. Skipping the next one was even easier and I never returned. All that extra free time to waste was as damaging as it was intoxicating.

    1. all the shots to your melon woulda put a damper on your smart mouth, good thing you never played football. you’d be like spinner dunne

    2. Hey, look on the bright side. All that wasting time led you to here. Where you can waste lots more precious time with stupid memes and simpsons references, and a bunch of Shtt about how you’re getting old……..
      What was my point? Oh yea. You have wasted all your time.

      1. I wont be satisfied until I’ve wasted some more of YOUR TIME though, since you’re becoming my biggest fan.

          1. Here’s to the girls in the high heeled shoes
            that smoke all your dope and drink all your booze
            They may all be whores but don’t blame them for their sins
            they still have the boxes their cherries came in

            1. Mama San:”Help yourself to some snacks”
              John: “Don’t mind if I do”
              Mama San: “Those are fresh, only last week’s abortions”

  7. “I’m going to get out of this shitty job”.
    You’re preaching to the choir there bro.
    I wasted 12 years of my life working a job I didn’t really like. While I did my job well, life is too short for that. I finally came to my senses and left it for a job I actually enjoy and took a pay cut to do it. It was worth it though, now I make more than I ever would have at my old job and I enjoy my work and life better now.

    1. I think you’d like a show called TURN- about the Culper spy ring during the american revolution. I think there were some french folk in it at times

        1. they had to make some of the spies korean american, but otherwise, its top-notch entertainment

    2. Its good.
      Lol too much grrrrl power. But not terrible.

      Great stuff.
      I wanna know what happened to mike milligan

  8. How can I frame this so it’ll be on topic… Did you take your kids out last night to scream at the sky? You know, stay committed to the resistance, and all.

      1. Possibly a few are. I’d like to believe most of them are serious and think they are making a difference.

    1. all out of work coal miners I see…if trump would just hasten the reopening of the mines, they could all get back to work

          1. Yeah, and what are you gonna do about it? Meme me to death?

            Actually, pretend I didn’t say that. If there is one person on the planet capable of doing it…

              1. He is Mick Jagger…period.

                Side note, my favorite rolling stones story actually involves Keef and not mick as much as I love Mick. Apparently Keef had a guy who was a big wig a merck pharmaceuticals who would give him kilos of medical grade cocaine so he could hang out back stage and chill with the stones etc.

                Anyway, keef is blowing lines of this shit with Ronnie Wood back stage when a bang on the door comes and his manager yells “Keith! The Police Are Here”

                Keef and Wood start shoveling, and I can picture it so clear, like over a pound of cocaine into a toilet back stage in the least fucking graceful way possible, on his knees, totally tweaked out.

                In Keith’s words
                “‘Wood and I are flushing everything down the toilet,’ and 30 seconds later in walks Stewart Copeland and Sting!'”

                    1. So would I. If I succeed in creating my own military order, I and the other members will put our funds together and buy a medieval castle.

      1. I wonder if those people ever go back and watch videos of themselves doing silly childish things and think ” I really look like a moron doing that”.?

                    1. Jaguar XJS, a true British supercar that at one time could compete with Ferrari and Lamborghini

            1. YES! these lazy fucks could never be bothered to learn how to develop film! It was a better time. a wiser time

        1. It’s too late. They’re old. When they’ll look back on their younger selves, they ‘ll already be dead.

    2. What an utterly embarrassing display of impotence. These people have no self-awareness at all do they?

        1. Nor thinkers at all. What is the point of this really, when you look at it? It is *literally (Hitler)* an exact duplication of what two year old kids do when they don’t get their way. I mean who the hell hasn’t seen a two year old (or thereabouts) do this when mommy and daddy deny him/her something from time to time? That’s it. That’s the total intellectual summation of Leftism in one concise video.

          1. Let’s say we did vote in a Neo-Hitler. That’s democracy in action for one both in the electoral college system and in popular vote. It is obvious the people decided they had enough of political correctness . Market studies rely on opinions, it is a multi-billion dollar industry geared around YOUR opinion. So why cannot we the people have an opinion politically? Secondly, how can anyone call Trump far right?We are not a homogeneous society like Hungary or Greece. What fed govt department would be responsible for rounding up half Jews who visited Planned Parenthood or received food stamps in 1993? Where is the line drawn if we were far right ? This is an impossible task. What are they even crying about? Do these libs even know that it would be impossible to implement far right initiatives?

            1. So why cannot we the people have an opinion politically?

              You are certainly free to have an opinion, so long as it is the correct opinion.

      1. Downtown there is a circle drawn in a park that says screaming circle and people who are frustrated or just need to let off steam from the intense pace of the city stand in the screaming circle and just bellow scream. I have seen men, women, people in suits, kids with skateboards…some are just doing it for fun, some get videos and some genuinely just need to let out a yell….I have always thought it was kind of nice.

            1. Since the dawn of the cell phone its become socially acceptable to scream, hollar, bellow, shriek, babble and guffaw while traversing any public way!
              “yelling at ones self – not just for the crazy anymore”

              1. so, like the fresh prince, you “pick up the phone to perpetrate like you was talkin'”

                You are right as talking into mobile phones is like talking to people that don’t speak english, the louder you speak the more clear your message. Those bluetooth ear pieces really made it hard to know who was important and who was insane.

                1. “so, like the fresh prince, you “pick up the phone to perpetrate like you was talkin'”

                  Sadly, yes, this happened….
                  Me and my gear-head buddy sat in the street in my hood and fenderless firebird with a cordless phone from inside his parents’ house waiting for people to drive by and see us with our Car Phone.

    3. That’s the cringiest fucking thing I’ve seen all week. These people are melting down in a serious way.

      When people on social media say “Thanks for the 2020 Trump victory.” it’s because of these imbeciles out there protesting and making general asses of themselves. For a group of people so focused on identity politics, these people don’t seem to realize that no sane person wants to identify with them.

  9. OT Louis CK is being accused of “crossing the line” with some bitches….the bitches in question are club comics that he invited to his hotel room after a late show.

    So let me get this straight, some no where, no one, bullshit club comics who probably work at checkers during the day get invited to the hotel room of a world famous comic late at night after they are finished in a club. When they got in the room Louis dropped trou.

    If this isn’t perfectly acceptable, wtf is the point of becoming famous?

      1. ugly guys getting famous so they can pull their dick out at hot women aspiring towards the same fame in the same field and fully expecting to hear gagging sounds immediately after is the very reason men become famous

    1. Yeah, as much fun as it is to see Hollywood eating its own, the fact is that the Overton Window of what is “sexual harassment” and “sexual assault” is sliding way down the slippery slope as they do it.

      “He’s a rapist! 53 years ago, he held the door open for me so he could stare at my ass when I walked through!”

      1. It’s just preemptive damage control that the left is doing atm since the lid on Hollywood sexual shenanigans has popped. They will soon be hounding the right mercilessly and everyone in between them and the right. The result will be a few mediocre series/films cancelled and the sweethearts of the left go to sex rehab.
        Try defending a right winger falsely accused of rape? The left will be quick to call the double standard.

    2. Female club comics???
      Why on earth would Louis CK go through all the trouble to become rich and famous to bang ugazoids like that?

      “Funny girls turn me off”
      – Meathead Stivic

  10. ““I’m going to get out of this shitty job” yet you still show up every day and do nothing to change it.”

    Substitute “job” for “line if work” and that’s basically me.
    If given a choice, I would way rather be working on a farm or even in a lumber yard or something like that. But the money…

    1. Same here slim and that is a good thing. So easy to look back and say what if, but as my favorite saying goes: The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today.

      As a note: you can also substitute “I’m going to get out of this shitty job” for
      this job
      my workout regimen
      a meal
      an event like a wedding, funeral etc
      marriage (different from just woman)
      or really anything you are ever involved in ever

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