Way of the Warlord: Phase 4 Update

Last week we continued our new Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.  Today’s post is the mid point update where we will share our questions, triumphs, difficulties, and advice.

Phase 4’s homework was:

Physical: The Pull-up Challenge

Mental: Start A new hobby


Physical:  I am really starting to love pull ups even thought I’ve rarely done them.  I set my baseline at 11 as that was all I could do before thoroughly crapping out.   My goal is to bang out 15 at once then add a 5 lb weight the week after.

Mental: I said I was going to get into woodworking, but with time an cash constraints I haven’t been able to do that.  Instead,  I decided for fun I was going to learn how to use video editing software.  Its something I’m not very familiar with but it is crazy fun to use.  I want to create a video intro for the Youtube videos we create here.  I’ll try to get that out by the next livestream


Where are you guys in the challenge?  This post is just an update so its kind of short but I’d love to hear your guys input.  The whole goal of this is to get us interacting and helping each other reach our goals.

Stay determined and check in when you’re having an issue or a hard time staying on track.  Drop a comment on your progress!


-A King’s Castle

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

312 thoughts on “Way of the Warlord: Phase 4 Update”

  1. I really cant do pull ups- think its a grip strength thing. Put that 5 lb dumbbell in your underwear, the ladies will gawk and tawk about you

      1. I’ve had good luck doing heavy farmers carries to increase my grip strength. Hold a heavy dumbbell in each hand and walk around with them as long as you can. Forearms will explode in a couple weeks.

      2. I have em, I use em on dumbbells at home (forearms). you bring those things to the gym with you>?

          1. i know YOU do. I also imagine you run to the gym with an open parachute strapped to your back too

                1. “Paulie may have moved slow, but Paulie doen’t have to get out of the way for anybody.” — Goodfellas

    1. Other than deadlifts and hanging from the bar, one of the best ways to increase grip strength is doing plate pinches. Here is a pretty good video showing you how

              1. thx for planting that image of his fat pasty asscheeks in my head. thx a bunch. worst show scence ever

                1. Why did the mere mention of Sipowicz in a dress shirt with a tie automatically make you think about his fat pasty asscheeks?

                  1. thats all I remember about that show- they teased that scene for a week. shoulda known then that hwood was BS. hot wife with a troll like him

                    1. I watched that show pretty regularly and I don’t recall ever seeing his fat pasty asscheeks. Apparently not only did you see his fat pasty asscheeks, but you saw them after a week of “teases” telling you that you were going to see his fat pasty asscheeks. And also apparently, its your most memorable moment of the show, while mine are all the times where the (relatively) hot blonde secretary chick showed her tits/ass. I mean, I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying. You know what I’ saying?

                    2. thats all i remember. then jimmy smits got aids, and the kid from Silver Spoons became his partner…

        1. I shook hands with an extremely accomplished jazz pianist once, and his grip strength was astounding. It was a huge hand, and it was kinda alive, like a massive hyperactive spider that just wanted to crawl up my arm.

          1. Makes sense considering what their fingers do. Same deal with the double-bass. I know a player of those and he told me of the incredible pressures required at each fingertip. Makes for popeye-esque forearms.

            1. I once got a massage from a big guy, real boxing trainer type, who had Popeye forearms. He basically attacked my back. He slapped and beat my muscles like a butcher prepping meat for the cut. I was gritting my teeth the whole time. It was the opposite of relaxing.

                1. I had heard his reputation and decided to give him a shot. No, it didn’t help. Afterwards he told me, “I don’t know, I went kinda tough on you, seemed like you could handle it.”

                  lol whatever…

                  Decent guy’s guy … with brutally strong forearms.

  2. Physical: My physical endeavors are on serious hold right now. I have a huge push towards a big goal coming in January so I am letting myself go easy. Today I did an hour on the stairs and 300 decline crunches for speed taking breaks only when necessary. Oddly enough, it is just as much or even more of a challenge for me to go without lifting than to set specific lifting goals. I need to be fully healed come Jan because I intend to really put a lot of strain on my body so this is starting to screw with the ole brain box a bit. Still, I am making it.

    Mental: I have been working on putting together my new site (Logo and Banner Jnyx) and man is it freaking hard. I don’t know how some of you computer savvy dudes do it. Even with a wordpress theme there are so many interconnected options it is really crazy. I am actually finding it enjoyable even if it does get frustrating at times but I am moving at a pace that would probably make most of you guys laugh and googling terms that most of you probably know off the top of your heads.

    Onwards and upwards.

    1. I would say in this aspect I am pretty good at figuring things out on the computer. I am much more a software guy than a hardware guy and can pick up a program and figure it out pretty quickly. That being said, it IS fairly confusing just picking up WordPress and getting it to do exactly what you want it to. It’ll get easier with time. At least you don’t have to write it all out manually using html code anymore. Strangely, I kind of enjoyed writing html…

      1. Yeah, if i had to write code I would just outsource. You have to know your limits. I get frustrated on little things with wordpress but then when I finally get it, and I always do get it, I feel really accomplished.The experience, I must say, is very fun. Once all the things are in place, writing and posting things won’t be too difficult at all.

          1. Will do. I have a bunch, but I am really fighting not to ask…I am fairly sure most of you guys could just tell me what to do but I like the feeling of getting stuck, figuring it out and over coming.

        1. I outsourced my website. It’s WordPress too, but the opportunity cost was too great because I don’t plan on making lots of websites. It’s just easier to pay.

          1. I considered it, but for the time being I am having fun. I see the links on wordpress and on the theme homepage where they suggest they will just do it….not sure what they charge, but I haven’t got there yet.

            1. You’ll love Twitter, it’s really great, esp if you’re busy. It’s a firehose of information tho. You can spend all day learning new stuff.

      1. I have a few lifting videos I will post and through next year I will be doing progress updates, hints, instructional video on form and a bunch of self congratulatory bullshit where I lift impressive things many, many times just because im an arrogant and self aggrandizing bastard.

        1. I would suggest creating a Twitter account to promote your site. I know I know….social media, booo! But if you really want to get your name out there in a big way, it’s almost required.

              1. if you wanna make a little money on the side, consider an ad network. a few hunnert bucks a month, maybe a grand…who knows…consider SEO too

                  1. baby steps. if this is a hobby, you dont need it. if you intend to monetize this site, we can talk about it in January. SEO= buy keywords on search engines. generic but highly sought words like bodybuilding would cost more, but more targeted, less desirable word(s) like ginzaloon bodybuilder who digs tailored suits would cost less…

                1. baby steps. if this is a hobby, you dont need it. if you intend to monetize this site, we can talk about it in January. SEO= buy keywords on search engines. generic but highly sought words like bodybuilding would cost more, but more targeted, less desirable word(s) like ginzaloon bodybuilder who digs tailored suits would cost less

          1. I totally want to do a twitter. I already registered for a teamwbfitness instagram though haven’t put anything there. I plan to also do twitter and maybe a youtube channel and I think I will do a snapchat and send snaps from the gym. I don’t want to do the facebooks though.

    2. Im in lifting purgatory after not getting your custom lifting programs bro. Im just doing Arnold’s Volume training until you bust out with this new shit.

            1. Sure man. You know how to find me we’ve spoke before. I will go through your goals, any injuries you have, your time constraints, your level of commitment, your diet and the equipment you have access to along with your current fitness level. I am starting people out on a beginners routine which I have written called the WB 10/10 before I put them on what Jnyx called my Muscle Rape program. Think of it like bootcamp before you go hard.

      1. arnold’s volume training is the core of everything. Mine is still being designed. We will unleash all hell this Jan. Start at same time. It will be fucking amazing. I think our other bud is gonna do it too. As soon as I have a logo I’ll be making the swag wifebeaters

          1. I really can’t wait to get before and after reppin the beaters. lol Gonna be slick. Not even going to get the nice ones, the straight up ribbed, old school fucking beaters

    3. I am letting myself go easy = I did an hour on the stairs and 300 decline crunches for speed taking breaks only when necessary

      You are a piece of work my friend….

    4. You gotta know when to back down. I hurt my groin/lower abdominals a month ago and decided to rest, no exercise except walking and easy biking. This week the strain is finally feeling better, so I popped in the weight room to reintroduce myself (“Body, meet the 45 plate rack; rack, meet body. You guys used to know each other, remember?”). I did everything I usually do but at 2/3rds the weight, and it still nearly killed me. Slunk outta there like a dog.

      I’m getting ready for a month abroad, full of wilderness hikes and biking trips and urban rambles, so it makes no sense to start really pushing myself again. I want to be healthy for this journey.

      You gotta know when to back down.

      1. Absolutely. I didn’t hurt anything thankfully but I spent 8 months going to the gym 4+ hours a day. While nothing was injured I was really sore and I have some pretty intense goals next year so a little down time was warranted

      2. I haven’t done squats in 2 months. I strained my knee while I was freakin’ walking around the job and I tried to tough through it with lifting/basketball/softball. Finally caved and got a brace for sports but I’m still leery about squatting. Will probably start light after the first of the year

        1. I know to many guys who blew their knees out doing squats, so I booted that out my routine a long time ago.

        2. Yup. In resistance training, ALWAYS better to err on the side of caution. I’ve never done squats because 1) long legs and 2) weird lower back issues. Even for deadlifts, I only use kettlebells, high rep low weight. It gets the job done in a HIIT context.

            1. I do anywhere from 35 to 70 lbs, depending on the number of reps that day. But I don’t deadlift any k-bells heavier than that. I know that real gym rats do 150 or more, but to me it’s not really worth it.

              Another problem is that deadlifting in general seems to create, um, hemorrhoids. So there’s that.

                    1. [dik] “popped in your head”, eh?
                      imma let this slide.
                      Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you for a favor….

            2. Another approach to getting stronger legs are plyometrics and sprints. Anything that has you exerting max effort on the legs is going to cause them to get stronger. I tend to lean towards uphill sprints as they’re easier on the knees and harder on all the right things.

              1. The thing is, my legs have always been muscular. It’s genetic, plus I’ve played sports since I could walk. I have muscular thighs and calves w/o really trying, so maybe I shouldn’t try to much? I might try the sprinting. I play basketball and softball too.

                1. I would suggest sprinting. It’s not going to bulk your legs up to insane levels, plus it will increase your cardio capacity.

              1. All these revelations really make you re-consider which is the Best Corey. I mean, Corey Feldman is pretty weird, with his Michael Jackson obsession and shit, but Corey Haim apparently got ass-raped an awful lot.

                1. Agreed. Makes sense when you think about it. Haim is actually the better looking Corey and the younger one too.

                    1. Yeah, um, there aren’t any around. It’s just us. The only thing we’re good for is encouraging you to go with the stranger.

                    2. I don’t even know what “propriety” means, but I do know that the Baby Jeebus hates two things: foosball and queers. And I love me some Baby Jeebus.

                    3. What was really fishy was the fact that, 37 seconds after the allegations arose, every single Never-Trump GOP elite douchebag came out and said they believed the chick and Moore should step down. Like it was coordinated or something.

                    4. Poisoning the well, check.

                      Anything else you’d like to say? Maybe something smarter? You have the floor.

                    5. A woman who is acquiated with the accuser and about the same age mentioned she was offered $1000 to make a false accusation. The offer was from a media organization.

                      Sort of like Hermain Cain’s (of 9-9-9 fame) accusers suddenly appeared.

                    6. We are reaching Peak Harassment Claims – the sheer volume of claims coming forward serves only to diffuse the significance of the acts of the most egregious perpetrators….
                      Just another way to normalize degeneracy.

                    7. It wasn’t one girl. It was four, and they’re all adults now, and they all went on the record. The Washington Post got 30 — thirty, as in three-zero — sources on this. It’s real. This one’s not bullshit.

                      Do you have a 14 year old daughter?

                    8. whatever dude, cant wait for the 73 yr old woman to come forward who claims “LBJ tried to grope me in Texas in 1955!”

                    9. Betty White will come forward with allegations that George Burns and Charlie Schlatter DP’d and then beat her. Charlie, was quoted as saying “I don’t want to hit a lady, Horton, but I wouldn’t mind hitting her.”

                    10. If I had a daughter, I’d put her in a basket and let her sail down the river… just because when she turned 14 and started getting tits, I’d probably try to fuck her.

                    11. bem: “c’mon….who here hasn’t fumbled around with a 14 yr old’s bra strap?”
                      non-bem: “dude he was 32….”
                      bem: “oh……”

                    12. I have an issue with the whole “age-of-consent” thing. If the individual is sexually mature they should have agency. “Well they’re not mentally mature at that age”. When is a woman mentally mature? 75?

                    13. My issue with AOC is that it isn’t consistent. It varies by state and by country. I know that there are “Romeo and Juliet” clauses in the law, but it all depends on the prosecutor, whether the judge is having a bad day, etc.

                    14. When I got married I was 20, my wife was 21. My mother had to come to the courthouse to sign my freakin’ application for a marriage license because in MS, the woman only has to be 18, the man has to be 21 to get married without parental approval. Even though I was on my own. smh

                    15. wow, that is young. my only knowledge of MS comes from My Cousin Vinny, so Ill spare you the “what is a grit?” jokes

                    16. good for you dude, that some kevin/winnie cooper shit from Wonder Years…it dont happen anymore…good thing MS isnt wired for cable

                    17. It’s all in how they’re raised and how they’re handled once you’ve got them, I’ll bet. Can’t say I;ve always been the best at it, but there are good women. They’re just rare

                    18. Now THAT’S funny!
                      “Do you take this woman to be your lawful wife?”
                      “I do…..mommy, can you sign this paper so she can be my lawful wife?”

                    19. I think this has the makings of a good rule. The alteration I should make is that a woman needs to be 18 but a man needs to be 40 or else have the signed consent of his mother, local clergyman, 3 friends, a bartender and batman

                    20. I tell all my younger, unmarried friends/mentorees that they need to wait until they’re financially stable and independent before even THINKING about marriage. If I could change one thing it would be I would work my tail off for a year or two before getting married to pay off everything and have a good chunk put back before saying my vows

                    21. Hey, Kersey’s AIDS, you really need to do an AMA. We’ve got a lot of questions for you. Like, are you Haitian AIDS from Kersey’s Haitian wife, or are you Ukrainian AIDS from all Kersey’s secret gay-sex trips to the Ukraine?

                    22. Shit, I’m all over the place baby, all over the place. I don’t discriminate either. I love me some Haiti, the Ukraine, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Detroit, Compton, you name it.

                    1. I agree with this. Corey Hart is now officially the Best Corey. Until we find out he was sucking dick in the 80s, too.

                    2. Yeah, that’s pretty gay. Almost as gay as saying “Haim is actually the better looking Corey and the younger one too.” Fag.

                    3. ya know, I never saw this video before-didnt have mtv. police state vibe with women in charge. rather disturbing.
                      anyway, the best corey is actually the guy from Living Colour. red pill lyrics AF

                    4. band soooo underrated. saw em open for public enemy about 10 years ago. or was it eric b and rakim? saw em either way

                    5. I should know that one myself. I got one for ya: who enjoys a T-Bone Steak, Cheese, Eggs and Welch’s Grape?…

                    6. Oh My Goodnessss… I’m fin to get Ig-nant up in this piece!

                      “Eating soul food, neckbones and M&M’s
                      Grubbin’ like a motherfucker
                      Greasy-ass lips, now I gots to take a shit.”

                    7. By the way, if you listen to Paid in full you will know that:

                      Me and Eric B and a nice big plate of
                      Fish, which is my favorite dish
                      But without no money it’s still a wish

                    8. Well done. Oh 80’s rap. This was a time when rappers would tell you their name, tell you what they were “here to say” and inquire as to whether you knew what time it was. A much more civilized society

                    9. also “when I say (whatever) you say (whatever)!”
                      MC: “(whatever)!”
                      brain dead crowd: “(whatever)!”

                    10. “Disorderlies” is legitimately better than 90% of anything currently being made in Hollywood right now.

                    11. I’m pissed that nothing I do in this thread will be as awesome as the Stuart Little/Richard Gere meme. Fucking epic.

                    12. and Jak stopped posting after that. Its like the “Irish Goodbye” for internet posting

                    13. sadly, if this was made today, it would be the Positive Body Image Boyz feat. The Alt-Right Boys

                    14. Marketing? You will buy it and play it or you’re a transphobe homophobe racist genderphobe islamphobe hateful bigot, and you’ll be fire from your job, kicked out of your home and have your kids taken away from you.

                    15. BTW a good use of this was some 10-15 years ago when I did Santa Con and 10 thousand Santas were walking to a bar and all you could hear is
                      Santa: When I say “Santa” you say “Ho”
                      Santa: “SANTA”
                      Santas: “HOOOO”

                    16. Rap music was toxic from day one, and this is proof. Instead of legally purchasing his own breakfast cereal, Barney employs underhanded tactics to trick and STEAL cereal from his neighbor.

                  1. Haha “I kick some bums asses at night” I’d say that into the nearest girl’s ear whenever they started playing that song in a club back when. I can’t remember if it worked but it was a good one to me at the time.

          1. I sprinkled Kratom on my grandfather’s grave one morning and by the afternoon we were throwing baseballs in the park

              1. I know I’m in the minority, but “Field of Dreams” was the worst movie ever made in the history of the world. Made no fukkin sense. Henry Hill was there not even robbing shit, then Darth Vader’s in a van……WTF?

                  1. I mean….The Money Pit WAS excellent….
                    AND – “it insists upon itself” is my go-to criticism of anything.

            1. I have an acquaintance who’s on death row for using Kratom. He rubbed it on his Johnson and charges that would have been rape became premeditated murder…

              1. I read about that guy…Used his Kratom-engorged dik to break down the walls and escape. Couple guards got crushed under his balls…

              2. I massage Kratom into my scalp and face. It’s why I have such a thick, luscious mane. Might have to stop though. Shaving a full, grown beard everyday gets tiresome.

                1. I rubbed Kratom all over my arms and chest before I worked out the other day. Afterwards, I was so stoked I walked over to the neighbor’s pasture, squared off with his 1500 pound bull and grabbed that sucker by the horns. I started squeezing those horns together and you know what happened? BULL SHIT!!!

      1. No offense taken and as I told Jnyx I take it as a compliment when people ask.

        I have never used any steroids. I don’t find the cost benefit analysis to be worth while.

        I have nothing against steroid users and will say I did spend years contemplating doing a cycle, reading about it, asking people but in the end I never pulled the trigger. My natural gains are too good for me to justify.

        That said, when I get older and if I can no longer gain and maintain the way I do I will reconsider.

        The Rock said something interesting about Test. When the side effect a of low test are the same or worse as the side effects of the steroid might as well go for it. But for now I am working naturally.

        1. I’m considering it for my job, mostly, and also because I’ve heard it helps recovering from injuries, and my unstable shoulders could benefit from it.

          1. I do not have any first hand advice to give so I am not the one to recommend one way or another, but at your age I would be hard pressed to see the value in it.

            I have often said that if it meant i could play starting shortstop in the world series or have some mega million dollar leading man movie career like arnold wtf not. But any benefits that juice will give you seems to be limited to the time you are taking the stuff which can only be for a few months tops and then afterwards you tank twice as hard so the average is the same, but you are paying all in lump sum at the end. You can ask around to get your own sense, but that is the feeling I get.

            I am sure that using a bunch of steroids would make you feel and probably react like a god amongst men….but for how long and at what cost? that is for each and every man to decide for themselves. I side with the Rock. If the side effects of being old are just as bad as the side effects of the juice why not, but other than that it seems silly.

            So unless the major leauge scouts come around with a box of syringes and a multi million dollar contract I would say enjoy the youth you have

            1. Sound advice as always. I’ve been training natural my whole life. Started seriously in late ’89, right after high school. I competed in a few shows from ’91-’93. Never had the need to touch drugs. The risks greatly outweigh the benefits for most people.

              Now at 46, I have no loss of strength, muscle tone, energy or sex drive. I’ve always trained hard, but smart, and luckily, never injured. However, like you mentioned, as I get older, I may consider a little “therapy” if I experience too much of a fall-off. But until then, I’m not changing a thing.

              1. You and I are on the exact same program separated only by a single year….you are a year older and I feel the exact same way…Running Parallel there Lou, running parallel.

              2. if your T ever gets too low, just watch the sceene from The Rock where the navy seals emerge in the shower area, Harris’ guys have em dead to rights. if that doesnt raise T nothing will

            2. I once got a big steroid shot under my knee cap after I busted my knee. The doc asked me if I was sure I wanted this and I said yeah, gimmee the best sports medicine they’ve got. I just wanted my knee to work. I wasn’t in any competetive sports and I never used steroids otherwise. On top of that, I used a magnetic knee brace and healing time was 6-8 months instead of 2 yrs.

              The first doc said my knee would never be the same and I literally shit. My dreams of making chop suey of my original ex’s divorce attorney were shattered. I’d never be able to leap tall buildings, do rolling grasshopper jumps off of office plex roofs and hurl carcasses whilst running. You never know what fantasies really lie dear to your heart until you get injured. Meh.

              Meanwhile I strapped on the most powerful gauss magnetic knee brace I could order and worked on the surrounding muscles with low 15° horizontal weight lifts, but never bending to 90° so there was no bearing on the joint itself, just working the muscles only. It all paid off and it felt like the steroid had vulcanized the meniscus like super glue.

              I learn that catabolic and anabolic steroids are used to treat HIV wasting syndrome and also geriatric old age wasting syndrome. If I ever get very old and start suffering old age wasting syndrome, I’ll definately consider using steroids. It surely couldn’t hurt at that point.

    5. For the stairs, I’ve seen a few of these around (elliptical bikes).



      The elliptical bike is twice the calorie burning of a sit down bike at the same speed since the full upper body and arms have to torque and pull somewhat to steer. It’s like a stair climb plus a semi humping workout, like holding an imaginary woman, drumsticks up, by her ankles in front while stair climbing if that makes sense. Not meaning to put a damper on a serious workout, but that’s what I envisioned when I first saw one.

      They seem to accelarate like a bat out of hell from the people I’ve seen riding. I must try one. They’re a bit expensive so I’ll borrow or rent one first.

  3. Physical: I’ve finally overcome altitude limitations in my new region and have started grinding down my run time. Dropped a minute off my two-mile time recently, though such things are common when I’m just starting over. The real challenge comes when I’m hovering back around a 6-minute split. Pull-ups are gtg, they’re one item I ensure I never lose proficiency in. Lifting is coming back around and I enjoy it once more.

    Mental: being really honest with myself and letting go of a few things beyond my control. Going to DC soon for a business trip. Should be enlightening.

  4. Physical: Not being anywhere near into self flagellation like Jnyx and WB Fitness, my goals and aspirations are bit more modest. I have been working with the Max-OT routine for two cycles. I shot for an 8 week cycle last time, but at week 7 I got sick and had to take a week off. I am fairly confident this is age / recovery related, so I have dropped back to 6 weeks and will complete this cycle next week. At that point I will switch over to a high volume program per WB Fitness’ recommendations.

    I have been having real issues with shoulder pain limiting my bench press, so after consulting with WB Fitness, I dropped my bench press weights significantly this week and repped out to failure in the 20 to 25 rep range each set, for flat, incline and decline bench press. Hallelujah! The next day, I had serious DOMS in my pectoral muscles! I haven’t been that sore in a long time and for two days no less! Thanks WB, that worked!

    The other thing I have really been concentrating on with weight training is the quality of each rep. I am striving to lower the weight at least twice as slowly as I raise it, putting real emphasis on the negative portion of the rep. I am also trying to maintain tension between reps, rather than going “full range of motion”. So if I am doing a curl, rather than let the bar all the way down, giving my biceps a break at the bottom of the rep, I stop short. This keeps tension on the muscle you’re working and stresses it that much quicker. I am trying hard not to decrease the number of reps per set doing this. That isn’t always possible.

    Martial: I have been working diligently on trigger and breathing control for close quarters pistol combat. I trained for a long time to shoot two handed from the Weaver stance. It was in vogue when I was a young man. Both I am now working on tightening up my groups both right and left handed with a single hand hold. I am also working on draw speed and point shooting (not using the sights). I am coming along, but not as well as I would like. I will be back at it on Sunday with professional instruction. We intend to train right on through the winter even when it’s brrrr assed cold outside for realism. Self defense situations don’t wait for fair weather.

    Mental: I am currently working on an article about supplements for athletic older men. I going back now and rereading the original studies I based my supplement stack on so I can back up the rationale for what I use with the science behind it. It’s been a bit slower going than I thought it would be. But then again I take quite a few supplements (but absolutely no prescription meds), so I want to make sure I can back up what I write. Coming soon…

    1. “I have been having real issues with shoulder pain limiting my bench press”

      I’ve started incorporing this move in my training, it does wonders against shoulder pain :

      1. Yes, I do this too. Jeff’s recommendations are excellent. But even with opening my shoulders up to prevent impingement, proper warm up and strict form, I am still 58 years old with long standing injuries. I have to work around that since I will never be 25 again. I’m just happy to still be able to work out.

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