Way of the Warlord: Phase 4 Update

Last week we continued our new Way of the Warlord program here at A Kings Castle.  This is designed to be an interactive physical, mental, and martial arts program where the authors of the site give out a two week challenge to the readers to better ourselves and become better men.  Today’s post is the mid point update where we will share our questions, triumphs, difficulties, and advice.

Phase 4’s homework was:

Physical: The Pull-up Challenge

Mental: Start A new hobby


Physical:  I am really starting to love pull ups even thought I’ve rarely done them.  I set my baseline at 11 as that was all I could do before thoroughly crapping out.   My goal is to bang out 15 at once then add a 5 lb weight the week after.

Mental: I said I was going to get into woodworking, but with time an cash constraints I haven’t been able to do that.  Instead,  I decided for fun I was going to learn how to use video editing software.  Its something I’m not very familiar with but it is crazy fun to use.  I want to create a video intro for the Youtube videos we create here.  I’ll try to get that out by the next livestream


Where are you guys in the challenge?  This post is just an update so its kind of short but I’d love to hear your guys input.  The whole goal of this is to get us interacting and helping each other reach our goals.

Stay determined and check in when you’re having an issue or a hard time staying on track.  Drop a comment on your progress!


-A King’s Castle

Author: Jnyx

J. Nyx is a father of three and co-owner of akingscastle.com. He understands that there is something missing in the community and that you can be a traditional, masculine man in our current age as well as a dedicated leader of your family.