Do Not Tolerate Blind Tolerance

Tolerance is a term that is used in abundance nowadays and perverted the minds of many well-meaning people.  This isn’t a coincidence either.  It is a coordinated effort to slowly push the goal post against men, driving us deeper into depravity.

Most traditional, masculine men are typically slow to anger, live and let live individuals.  We got bigger fish to fry than worry about the thoughts and opinions of others.  It is this mentality that is used against us, slowly heating up the water around us until it begins boiling without us even realizing it.

You must recognize this for what it is.  These slow pushes against our traditional values are shit tests.  The pushes are always small so that if you object, the person or group in question can simply gaslight you.

“It’s not big deal.  Why would you want to deny X group their freedom to Y? Aren’t you tolerant?”

The pressure to concede, especially when you’re with a larger group, can be great.  After all, no one wants to be THAT guy.  The problem is, this is exactly what the other group wants.  They want the wolves to concede so the deer can graze in open pastures.  It’s a trap that you must be willing and clever enough to work around if your goal is to protect traditional values.  These weaker individuals don’t want to face you one on one because they know they aren’t strong enough to best you on their own.  Instead, they utilize the tool they fear the most against you; they try to out-group you.

Liberals, by and large, are herd creatures and, just like herd creatures in the wild, ostracism means death.  In their own solipsism, they believe whatever works against them will surely work against others.  As such, when their claims are rebutted, they will immediately try to turn the crowd against you.  This is where your own wit comes into play.  Getting angry and clashing directly with your opponent won’t win you any support.  Instead you must employ some verbal Aikido against them and turn the tables without them even realizing it.

The first tactic to employ is to apply Socratic Questioning to the person’s claims.  If they’re speaking absolute nonsense, a few “innocent” questions to help clarify will often begin punching holes in their argument.  Typically it’s best not to immediately go on the offensive unless you know your own argument inside and out and know how to manipulate your audience.  This is the power of Socratic Questioning.  You’re neither confirming nor denying their claim and if they challenge you, you get to use their own tactic of gaslighting against them.

“Why are you getting so defensive?  I’m just trying to understand your point of view better.”

Once you find some holes in their argument, begin probing deeper and ask them to further clarify their discrepancies and contradictions.  Maintain an aura of innocence, but be ruthless in your persistence.  Chances are, after a few minutes of this, they will lose their temper and lash out.  This is when you have them dead to rights and can finish the argument with the crowd on your side.  After all, this buffoon made an outlandish claim and then lost his temper when you were simply asking for clarification.

It should be obvious that this requires a good deal of Machiavellian skill as well as some patience and acting.  It’s not an approach for everyone, so find what works best for you.

At the end of the day, we must not be afraid to push back against the degeneracy that is rotting away what made our country great.  We must turn our nose up at short-term gratification that kills our spirit and dulls our discipline.

We must cherish our time honored traditions and say the magic two letter word when we’re asked to be tolerant of intolerable ideals: No.

No, we will not tolerate your depraved lifestyle.

No, we will not allow it in our homes.

No, you may not push it on our kids at school.

No, you will not force us to tolerate, let alone embrace it.


Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. Well done on this article. This tolerance movement is nothing more than intolerance against those who want to keep standards in this world. Take the Boy Scouts for instance, the leftists have been suing them and lambasting them in the media until they cracked. Now we have one more institution that is corrupted. Stay the course, men.

    1. The BSA is an excellent example of how tolerating intolerable behavior can completely destroy a group and everything noble they stood for.
      First they allowed in gay scouts.
      Next they allowed in gay scout leaders.
      Next they allowed in girls.
      By this point, it’s assumed they’ll have to allow in trans people.
      What does this all accumulate into? More time being spent peddling new, stupid merit badges like sensitivity training, gender awareness, etc. and less time spent on merit badges that could actually save someone’s life (First Aid, Lifesaving, Wilderness Survival) or expose a boy to a lifelong hobby (Fishing, Woodcraft, Camping, Archery, etc.).

      1. They are pretty much done as far as an organization used to teach virtues. Carve up their programs and apply them into your local church. Sad to see it go.

      2. Scouts are finished. The organization is a castrati version of itself, bereft of challenge, growth potential, and opportunity for boys to interact with adult men in a teaching/mentorship environment. That condition is on the adults.

        What was a group devoted to exposing boys to problem solving situations will now simply dedicate all its energies to making girls comfortable. Boys and girls will be bored immediately, and that will be the end.

        And to what purpose? It’s not as if girls are crying out for the chance to be Boy Scouts. It would be ironic if Girl Scouts survives this (it could!). They are making no efforts to torpedo their own mission.

        1. The girl scouts are a joke anyways. I was in the BSA and knew a few girls at my church who were in the GSA(?). While we were out in the forest camping in tents and sleeping bags in winter conditions, they’d be “camping” in a big RV in their leader’s driveway. That’s the reason some girls want to join the BSA; because we are actually doing stuff. The correct solution, however, would be to fix your own house instead of demanding to move into someone else’s.

          1. Like that concept where girls want to get into guy’s domains and are welcome, right up until the point they change things. ex. football

            Girls who want to do things get into Girl Scouts, then other girls get in and they want to knit hats. My wife often complained about the Young Women’s program when she was a kid. She saw the boys going out camping or hiking then had to do crafts and sew.

          2. This was the argument I’ve presented numerous times when moms of girls complained about the BSA Vs GSA activities. No-one is stopping them from organizing those activities but their own inaction.

    2. I always thought the green socks and the get-up was kind of fairy even in the 70s, but I ain’t judging!

                  1. Nice!
                    I posted a “just because” video the other day.
                    I figure as long as I don’t go full on Pabst, it’s ok…

    3. “This tolerance movement is nothing more than intolerance against those who want to keep standards in this world.”

      QFT. Although at this stage of the game, it really makes you wonder if the opposition is just taking up some of the most bat shit crazy positions just to spite us.

    4. I’m slow to join the pile-on in slamming tolerance, because for a person with a strong mind and clear standards to exercise tolerance is a sign of goodness, humility, and intellectual good faith. The nefarious turnaround is when we have our tolerance weaponized against us– when the Alinski-ites tell us that our standards make us dogmatic oppressors, instead of thoughtful and responsible contributors. It’s smoke and mirrors.

      1. Agreed, tolerance in itself is a good thing when correctly applied. What has happened however, is the left has taken that virtue and twisted it into their favor.

        1. Correct and that’s what I’m referring to in this article. Being tolerant up to a certain point is well and good but when it starts being weaponized against us, we need to put our foot down.

  2. Interesting article Jak. It is quite close to what Nietzsche, in his Genealogy of Morals, says Christianity did to Roman values.

    “They want the wolves to
    concede so the deer can graze in open pastures. It’s a trap that you
    must be willing and clever enough to work around if your goal is to
    protect traditional values.”

    Nietzsche uses the example of birds of prey and sheep but it is the same. His argument is that, unable to defeat rome in a military manner, Christians, essentially a Jewish terrorist organization, resorted to what is essentially psychological warfare. They “transvalued” the roman values….he specifically points to the binary of Good/Bad and Good/Evil.

    The average Flavious Sex Pack had a much different idea of what it meant when someone said someone was a “good” person. Christians introduced an idea of good that suited the prey rather than the predator and introduced guilt, a subservient form of good, the concept of evil and damnation into the Roman mindset. He claims that Christian love is nothing more than rank resentment and it was weaponized in a war with a great civilization…Rome and Judea.

    He says:
    So the Romans were the strong and noble, stronger and nobler than anybody hitherto who had lived or been dreamt of on earth; their every relic and inscription brings delight, provided one can guess What it is that is doing the writing there. By contrast, the Jews were a priestly nation of ressentiment par excellence, possessing an unparalleled genius for popular morality: compare peoples with similar talents, such as the Chinese or the Germans, with the Jews, and you will realize who are first rate and who are fifth. Which of them has prevailed for the time being,Rome or Judea? But there is no trace of doubt: just consider to whom you bow down in Rome itself, today, as though to the embodiment of the highest values – and not just in Rome, but over nearly half the earth, every-where where man has become tame or wants to become tame, to three Jews, as we know, and one Jewess (to Jesus of Nazareth, Peter the Fisherman,Paul the Carpet-Weaver and the mother of Jesus mentioned first, whose name was Mary).

    Now like you speak of in your article here, the Romans let a lot slide….after all this is just the nattering of lesser men but the cumulative effect was tremendous and, indeed, changed the course of history. I am currently trying to find the open space between letting stuff go and nipping it in the bud and it is very difficult. Some stuff just needs to be ignored, but ignore too much at your own peril.

    1. As good as this comment was, the first thing that came to my mind was this:
      Imagine if Flavius had had access to television marketing –
      “Flavor-Flavius’s Sex-Pack Abs – a new orgy workout for the busy Epicurean!”

  3. Well done, particularity exposing the common thread linking herd-mentality, group-think and shit-tests. Once again we see liberalism as the “female mind writ large into politics” as so aptly put by @ghostofjefferson.
    Its all there – fear of ostracism as death, incremental shit-tests (the slowly boiling water around you), the twisted lust/disgust directed towards the leader or individual…
    Deep shit for a dreary Monday indeed…

    1. One of the less dreary notions is that the movements are encountering hard resistance and “normies” are now refusing to comply.

  4. “We must turn our nose up at short-term gratification that kills our spirit and dulls our discipline” – there goes half the posters on this guestbook, including yours truly.

      1. I always preferred XXX viewing booths to be in the slums, and red light districts where I would go wearing a trench coat and dark aviators. This internet porn ruined the perv lifestyle.

              1. Female clothing prices aren’t based on logic only “Will this make other girls jealous?” feelings.

              1. Well that’s probably a good thing.
                You were most likely banging cheerleaders when I was hanging out at that den of smut.

                Was on the corner of 42nd & 8th. Big place. Really big
                A 24×7 sex shows back in the late 80s. With porn starlet headliners. Always went with a pint of old grandad in my jacket pocket.

                  1. Yeah, it’s too family friendly now.
                    Or at least trying to be, what with the flea bitten Elmos & such.

                1. I missed all the Good Stuff! In 91 or so a friend of mine went prowling around and couldn’t even find a live show. Got propositioned by only one hooker and I’m pretty sure it had a dik…

      1. saying that reminds me of my old barber, now long dead. This was a great barber shop with two old italian barbers, playboy magazines, a bottle of cheap booze for people while they waited.

        One day I am in Dominick’s chair and next to me another regular guy in his 60’s is getting his haircut by the other guy. The guy getting his hair is going on and on and on in a heavy italian (italian not eye talian) accent about how he had sex 6 times the night before. He must have said it a dozen times. He was a little tipsy. Dominick, while cutting my hair says “you-a have-a sex 6 time last night” and the guy says yes and Dominick says “You ass, it muss be bournin'”

        The guy jumps out of the chair and starts yelling “you-a call me finocchio!” the other barber had to calm him down. It was both the best and the worst haircut of my life.

    1. Yeah, tell me about it.
      Short term gratification is all I have to live for these days.
      Ah, who am I kidding.

      It’s all I’ve EVER had.

          1. @disqus_tj7gjZttfg:disqus
            not sure if you know this but Johnny Tightlips is based on a real person named Frank Gusenberg who was killed in the Valentine’s Day Massacre. When the cops arrived he had been shot multiple times and was the only person still alive. The cops said “who shot you” and he replied “no one….no one shot me”

            Pretty baller last words.

              1. “Shutting the fuk up is a lost art.”

                Actually if you are known as a guy who can keep his mouth shut, you get a good reputation.

  5. “Humans, by and large, are herd creatures and, just like herd creatures in the wild, ostracism means death.”


        1. oddly enough, I think it might be easier to avoid humans in a large and densely populated city than in rural or especially suburban life. If I had a job where I could work from home I could absolutely manage to never leave my apartment.

          1. The art of urban living is the ability not to confuse proximity with familiarity. I am perfectly fine not knowing my neighbor 8″ away.

                1. Pretty much. My current neighbor who I share a freaking wall with has been there 6 months I have no idea if it is male or female, nothing. The first night there were 6 people there I guess helping set up the apartment, which of them is the neighbor I have no idea. This is how it ought to be

                    1. I’ve seen a few. Usually they are strung out on drugs. Maybe you are not hanging with the right crowds.

          2. You’ve got a point there, I can’t go ANYWHERE without somebody wanting to stop and talk.

          3. When you live so close to someone that you can hear them and smell what they’re cooking, there’s a point when you want to knock on the wall or utter a few words. Kind of like poking or texting a stranger at first without seeing them. Otherwise the clammy atmosphere in an apartment would get to me after awhile.

            Apartment dwellers, especially white people say “Hi” in passing and act like they’re in a hurry to get inside their door, lock the deadbolt and hide. Black apartment people dangle from the poarches and balconies, talking to the floors below and above and they know every motherfucker up and down the building. There’s something going on here with white people not connecting with their neighbors like they should. White people need a little ‘vitamin nigga’ if you will, not a black sheep dip or cultural makover of course, but whites need the ‘bug’ that makes you instinctively ‘connect’ when around fellow tribe. If I could go around the projects and distill the ‘bug’, bottle it and bring it to suburbia, sheeit I’d be a meeionaire.

            I visited white relatives who were condo apartment dwellers. They had a son who was 10. We were returning into the complex from sightseeing, walking up the entrance aisle and I stopped to chat a random hottie who was exiting. She looked like a beautician or chique mall worker type going to work. She was platinum blonde, had the furry leggins, beautiful nails and hair, the works. My nephew stopped with me surprised how someone could just stop and converse with a random female. I asked her if she ran or biked on the adjacent trail and where she worked out. His parents turned around and snatched him, almost gouging and elbowing the poor kid to ‘obey the rules’ and look down when passing random hotties I guess. I thought “geez how’s a kid learn to talk to people if he doesn’t see his uncle spit game at random skeet”. I really didn’t want a date with the girl, but just wanted to catch and release for the kid to see. Fun stuff. These are Trump days where you grab life by the pussy.

            If you think about it, there’s so much behaviour policing that must be going on behind the scenes just to keep large numbers of people living and nesting in any type of ordered community. How they can take male and female teens and put them all together into a typical coed classroom for example and not have them all go cromagnon does take a lot of behind the scenes psy op behaviour overwrite. It takes saltpeter or ritalin and LGBTQ brainwashing to keep coeds de-cultured and behaving pathologically sterile. This is why I advocate formal schooling and appreniceship for males and separate domestic arts merit training for females. I think that (THEY) think that they’ve perfected the behaviour policing science. They think they can now feed any LGBTQ or any obedience training and render anyone as a sterile drone slave worker.

  6. Relevant with a more political and socio-cultural angle. Families do seldom dwell in (complete) isolation.

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