Bound by Glorious Burden

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”
― Haruki Murakami

As it seems to be the case in many of my posts, this article is inspired by a rather heated debate that was happening on Twitter today between Rollo, aka The Rational Male, and Pat Stedman, but that actually isn’t what we’re going to discuss today.  What we’re going to discuss is an interjection by Ivan Throne within the exchange.  He brings up the topic of a man’s burden:

“Yes, it’s hard work for men.

Yes, MEN bear the burden of performance.

Yes, women do whatever the fuck they want with virtually zero consequence and absolutely zero accountability.

Guess what?

Who gives a shit?

Would you prefer to be a female?”

-Ivan Throne

This simple tweet encapsulates everything you need in order to rebut any of those within the red pill community still clinging to their bitter hatred.  It’s simplicity cuts through all the buts and stabs the soul of what makes a man a man.  We men earn our status in this world by our performance.  Our achievements are what makes us great or nobodies.

A woman can be mediocre in all regards and still have men flocking to her.

A man who is mediocre in all regards will be passed over by most women until they decide it’s time to settle down with someone “stable and reliable” (read into that how you will).

Men, you are bound by glorious burden.  What becomes of your life is dependent entirely on you.  You will not get pity from others when you are down.  Do not expect a helping hand when you are weak.  You will be mocked and ridiculed for your mediocrity.

And guess what…

Accepting this is what will liberate you.  The burden being placed on you is a glorious gift from God himself.  You create your own fate, fortune, and family.  You make of your life what you put into it.

To the weak, this sounds terrible.  No stepping stones?  No helping hands?  Say it isn’t so!

To the strong, we welcome the challenge because we know when we reach the top of the mountain, we can rest assured that we did so through our own grit and determination.

“I tell you this right now:

You were not put here on this earth to have an easy time.

What would be the bloody point of that?”

-Ivan Throne

What would be the point, indeed?

Would you want an easy life from cradle to grave?

Would you want a life of complete ease with nothing that ever tested you?

Again, the weak will give an emphatic “yes!”  This is a mistake by those whose thought processes usually don’t go past what they’re going to eat for lunch.  A life without challenges and trials is not a life worth living.  Some of those challenges you will have to choose for yourself while many others will be thrust upon you.  Do not run from these challenges.  Embrace them, for they will shape who you are.

Do not be bitter at the hand you are dealt.  Screaming into the wind and gnashing your teeth will not change your reality.  It will only stall your eventual growth.  That is the heart of our message here at A King’s Castle.  Men are blocks of stone just waiting for the chunks to be broken away to expose the statue beneath.

Recall back to Ivan’s question: Would you prefer to be a female?

If your answer is no, sack up and get to forging your destiny.

If the answer is yes, go visit a site like Jezebel or Buzzfeed.  A King’s Castle isn’t for little bitches.



Author: Jak

Jak, married and father of three, seeks to help the Red-Pill Community take its next step past the petty cynicism and ineffectual anger. While he recognizes that men are significantly handicapped by the modern legal system and culture, he doesn't accept that traditional marriage is untenable in today's social climate. Rather, men must be willing to adapt to this new world by implementing new tactics and approaches to maintaining a balance of power. Jak is here to provide you with these lessons.

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  1. eh, since women are perceived to be superior to men, I do want accountabilty and consequences for their decisionmaking- Ive seen too many a broad blunder their way up the corp food chain. As a result, I prefer to get outta the way at this pt

    1. the consequences for bad female behavior include (1)making an eHarmony profile (2) attending PETA conferences (3)joining the wine of the month club. They pay dearly my friend.

        1. My current girlfriend is a 35 year old former bottle rat with a cat named Inca . No kids but 2 abortions on her resume . I just pretend I care about her and call her baby twice a day until something better comes along or the Ukrainian unicorn falls from the sky

    2. “.. Ive seen too many a broad blunder their way up the corp food chain.”

      I would highly recommend leap frogging women over men to positions of management despite their lack of talent or experience…….to my competitors.

      1. they can have the higher-up positions in my company where they will be forced to travel to wonderful destinations such as Republic of Congo, the Cambodian jungles, and War, West Virginia, while I chill and bill at the same time make pointless comments on AKC.

        1. “The Congo is lovely this time of year” said no one, ever.
          looks like Mugabe just got coup’d in his etats. read an article a few weeks ago, some people in his govt were inviting whites back into the country- bygones an all

          1. Let’s make some money creating Hallmark cards to be used for those invitations, suchs as “Don’t spite the white, we were happier with crackers” .. something along those lines

            1. One hashtag that is really triggering the lefties right now is #Itsokaytobewhite. That’s it. They are going NUTS over this hashtag, exposing them for their hypocrisy in the most hilarious fashion possible.

              1. I really wouldnt mind a nice EMP at this pt; I’d miss you guys, but it would keep these loonies from communicating w one another

                1. Yeah, a good old zombie apocalypse, one powerful enough to shut down power and the government, would makes things quite quaint.

                  1. no trucks to deliver the Manic Panic hair dye, all the gauges and random piercings would disappear as the hydrogen peroxide would be rationed…

                2. I think a second coming of Jesus would be nice. He comes with a donkey and the ability to walk on water. I’d put him on contract , health insurance optional since he performs miracles.

                    1. yes but his donkey’s depreciation is tax deductible since it i used for 100% business thus offsetting Obummercare premiums. It is also energy friendly.

                3. EMP would remind everyone just how thin the veneer of civilization really is. Remember, your PETA loving neighbors are edible.

                  1. The utility industry and the fed goverment ran that scenario and the lights are out for 8 to 12 months and 90% of the population dies.

                    1. I read that. All zombie apocalypse fantasies aside, most people would die of dysentery. Not gun fire.
                      Long ago I knew an engineer who was retiring and mentioned that the grid is sold old that if it went down, they would have a hard time finding anyone who could repair it.

                    2. Yeah waterborne illness is the big killer. No electricity means the water and sewer system breaks downs. And yes the grid is quite old but ironically the old electromechanical relays hold up better to emp then the microprocessor based ones we are replacing them with.

        2. Keep a betting pool which one snaps first.

          Years ago one post wall colleague was showing up to clients 3 sheets to the wind and it took a year to fire her. When we cleaned out her desk we found empty vodka bottles in the drawers.

          1. keep looking in some of those drawers , there’s probably a mini Walgreens in there somewhere…

        3. Is there really a War, West Virginia? They probably have a juke joint built from concrete blocks and ask at the door if you have a firearm and if not they give you one.

                  1. There was a small college out here named Beaver College.
                    They had to change their name to Arcadia solely because the advent of the internet.

                    Just imagine for a second what you’d get if you typed “Beaver College” into the ol’ search bar….

                    1. I could see that, there were so many jokes floating around when I was there it was insane. I would post the meme, but Thales threatened to kick my ass:

                      “Nice Beaver!”
                      “Thank you, I just had it stuffed”

  2. This reminds me of a couple of my pet peeves- dudes who have a chip on their shoulders that continually bitch about EVERYTHING, oh the world sucks, everyone is out to get me and the whiners, oh woe is me, please feel sorry for me. Hell, if anyone deserves a break, it’s the rest of us who have to listen to their crap all the time. Suck it up and act like a man, sometimes it just be that way and whining/bitching about it just makes it worse for you and everyone around you.

    1. that’s right……you never hear the condemned whine on the gurney do you?!?! the fuckers keep proclaiming their innocence until the end.

                    1. I could never get my wife to set up that damn joke….
                      “Did you hear about Reece whatshername getting stabbed?!”
                      “No, with a knife.”
                      Could NEVER get her to say Witherspoon…made me sad.

                  1. In New Yawkese, everything is prefaces with an adjective or article:

                    “the AIDS”, “fukkin Cancer”, etc.

                    1. another curiosity I cannot place geographical is making everything possessive:
                      “go to Walmart’s”, “Friendly’s”

                1. You’re quite welcome. I unfortunately misplaced my Wilford Brimley meme, and @jak wasted not time lighting me up for it….

  3. While I generally agree with the sentiment in that comment, I don’t ultimately accept the false choice it offers. It is possible to BOTH insist that mediocre women should be held to a standard AND suck it up and figure out how to win on the uneven playing field you have in front of you. Bitching abut the disparity in favor of women is only pointless if you are using it as an excuse not to get off your ass a win. Chipping away at disparity or pointing it out (if done wisely) as you are able while simultaneously focusing on your goals and busting your ass is just one piece in an overall strategy of life dominance and victory.

    1. Agreed, but the level of accountability you can hold women to is entirely dependent on how dependent they are on you to support them somehow. If they’re your wife or one of your employees? Yes. If they’re just some stranger who wants to be a cunt out in public? Not so much.
      As with everything, there’s no hard and fast rules and there’s always exceptions. This is more geared at the angry men who give up right out of the gates.

        1. Seeing a proper woman in the home convert into a working woman is like watching a flower bloom into a piece of shit.

            1. A flower with petals so fair
              as a woman is a untouched lovely mare
              goes to work to see what she can make of it
              only to find out she became a festering pile of horseshit

              I just made that up

  4. I just watched “The Red Pill” documentary last night. The girl who made the movie, Cassie Jaye, started out in the feminist mindborg but escapes. She interviews a lot of MRAs, people like Paul Elam. She learns all about how society uses men, how men don’t have the same social supports as women, how men get chewed up by the family court system, and how men are demeaned for speaking out about their rights.

    Partway through, she says, very sympathetically, “I’m really glad I wasn’t born a man.”

    1. I was curious about that film, but haven’t seen it. Not sure if I will make the time. I recall reading some comments elsewhere that Jaye made the film about her, not so much the men. What was your take?

      1. It’s really good. She did her homework, talked to a lot of people. Yes it’s about her in the sense that the whole documentary follows her as she struggles with shaking off feminist programming. She’s very, very open minded, and I salute her for it.


        1. I concur, it’s a well done program worth watching, possibly with your wife. I think it could help her see what the red pill is about rather than her thinking it is all about PUA behavior and women hating.

      2. I don’t think so, I can see your point, but she used her conversion story to point out the MRA complaints. The documentary has to follow a storyline, otherwise it would be a list.

        1. I never understood how someone could be hot but not ones type….i mean for marriage sure but we are talking about some of the good ole in out in out here. How are ya gonna say, yeah hot but no wnb because type

          1. We all have preferences, my friend, and my preference is for sizzling hot brunette Latinas.

            Also, my ex-wife was blonde, and now whenever I see an upper-middle-class woman with a mane of blonde hair and a cocktail in her hand it causes a physiological revulsion. This response has tapered off the last couple of years — it was really strong in 2014 — but I still feel it.

            1. preferences? sure. Sizzling hot latinas? absolutely. Not looking to wife up a clone of your ex….oh i get it. But hot and would not one night slam…that’s where I don’t understand

              1. after being married to an attorney for 8 years, the gag reflex kicks in no matter how hot they are. Alcohol though helps overcome in some situations.

                1. Funny. I know a guy who married a family law attorney and I was like “dude…you are literally marrying an expert in how to fuck you in a divorce. That is like hiring claus von bulow to make your morning coffee

                    1. I still cannot wrap my head around how the instructors did not immediately call the FBI, cops, when those guys enrolled in flying lessons..

              2. “Hmm.. let’s see. I have 15 minutes of free time. I can use that to continue wasting it on Facebook, or facefuck that blonde chick who looks like my ex-wife sitting in the booth in front of mine.”


                “Oh look, Margaret is single again. I think I’ll send her a FB msg telling her how hot she looks”

            2. that’s how I feel about attorneys. Yes women are capable of being boner killers no matter how hot.

  5. The funny thing about mediocre is that people forget that most people, male and female alike, are mediocre. That is why they call it mediocre. The same with “Average” Most people are average people living average lives. Of course, you would never realize that talking to people. Talking to people you get the idea that average is like this terrible disease or mediocre is some rare birth defect. Oddly enough, the people who seem most put off by mediocrity are often the height of mediocre themselves. It reminds me of some of the guys I’ve known who were in the military. Judging by my experience with people in the military 95% of the entire armed forces is jumping out of airplanes and killing terrorists behind enemy lines. There is literally no one fixing a fucking jeep anywhere. Of course this isn’t all, but there are just a lot of bullshitters out there and the main reason they bullshit is to get away from the idea that they are mediocre or average as if it is some terrible fucking thing.

    I would guess that for the most part everyone here today is pretty average and mediocre is most respects of their lives and, guys, that is a good thing. The question is whether you can find one or two things that you can truly excel at in life so you may be a mediocre man who happens to be really good with computers or carpentry or whatever. The idea that man can strive to make himself a demi god is, in itself, a narcissistic flaw rooted in insecurity and impotence.

    Sure there are things we excel at and things we suck at and maybe even some things we are just spectacular at…but the pathology leading one to be afraid to admit that when all is said and done we all live fairly ordinary lives with a fairly mediocre state of being and a fairly average set of skills and experiences given the world we were tossed into is a dangerous one and when you see it in someone you should immediately make a mental note that this isn’t a person worthy of taking seriously.

    Occam’s Razor: Not just for ontology anymore.

    1. Yes, and there is some room for discussion as all our views on what’s “average” and “mediocre” will vary and it’s more of a range than one set point. Truth is, I’m a pretty average dude, but I strive for excellence. I’ve excelled in a few area that puts me in the top percentile for those certain demographics (Eagle Scout, 5th Degree Black Belt testing for 6th soon, MBA grad, etc), but I refuse to stop there.
      At the end of the day, I may always be a pretty average guy. I’ll just be a pretty average guy who’s achieved some pretty awesome things.

        1. I graduated 6th in my class, and was class president my senior year…..

          OT: There were 13 in my class, and only got elected because nobody else would raise their hand.

                  1. walking around the home depot, hoping for a nod from other middle-aged guys with dad-bods…

                  1. I think I could have gotten my rocks off in smarter ways than inviting potential actresses to my room just to watch me choke the chicken.

                    1. I make sure the women incriminate themselves over text before I scam them. of course, in the pre-cell phone days it would require some more thought.

          1. then Pa Ingalls come runnin’ in the school: “Quick! The Olsen’s family store is on fire! we have to help!”

            1. It wasn’t that bad, but I do tell people that we would go shooting ground squirrels during lunch hour with rifles. Teachers were fine with that as long as we left firearms in our pickups.

      1. average guy who has achieved pretty awesome things is a great way to put it! Now if you were like a super man demi god goku whatever you would have achieved those things blindfolded and yawning. What you seem to be is a hard worker who has put a lot of effort into things he enjoyed or felt were important and that is commendable and in and of itself is a trait of an average man (or at least ought to be)

      2. I don’t excell( is that spelled correctly? Doesn’t look right for some reason) at doodly squat, the thing that sets me apart is I don’t bitch or whine about it. It is what it is, I change what I can and live with the rest.

          1. I had to look that up to see what in the hell you were talking about. Minority indeed.

      3. Your comment made med think about a quote from the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset’s work Revolt of the masses:

        “For me, then, nobility is synonymous with a life of effort, ever set on excelling oneself, in passing beyond what one is to what one sets up as a duty and an obligation. In this way the noble life stands opposed to the common or inert life, which reclines statically upon itself, condemned to perpetual immobility, unless an external force compels it to come out of itself. For there is no doubt that the most radical division that it is possible to make of humanity is that which splits it into two classes of creatures: those who make great demands on themselves, piling up difficulties and duties; and those who demand nothing special of themselves, but for whom to live is to be every moment what they already are, without imposing on themselves any effort towards perfection; mere buoys that float on the waves.”

        You, I and some other fellows here strive for improvement while some demand nothing of themselves. Personally I am realistic and in many regards I am mediocre or worse. I am rather good at some things, though, and strive for excellence. It is relative. I may not reach those marks, concrete or not, but I aim for them.

        1. I like that quote a lot. I touched on what you said in a prior comment. I have no delusions of grandeur and will readily admit I am a pretty average guy. What separates me from the other average dudes out there is I strive for excellence. I work out, train in martial arts, do side hustles, etc. I seek out challenges to overcome instead of just drifting with the current.

            1. Will, me and quite a few other guys here really like your writing. If you ever want to write a post for AKC shoot me an email. Would love to have you as a contributor, even if it’s just the sporadic post here and there.

  6. Typically I let Jak’s articles do their own talking but I have to chime in here. This is some real stuff here guys. So many guys today want the easy way out. They live as perpetual boys through their entire lives, running from and bitching about every challenge or struggle they must endure. Guys, this is the type of shit that builds you as a man. There is an axiom I like to live by “Never Explain, Never Complain”

    If you make a statement live up to it no matter how good or bad. If you had the balls to say it, defend it. Also, dont bitch about your lot in life. You’re responsible for every situation you’re in after a certain age so if you want to change it, get on it.

      1. Ronnie Coleman = 200 lbs after quitting steroids and growth hormone. Bodybuilding is a Faustian freakshow. Natural bodybuilding on the other hand is healthy and worthy of admiration.

        1. Agreed. I consider myself a bodybuilder of a different nature. My goal isn’t necessarily to get as big as possible, but to train my body to accomplish what I need of it. While strength is great, I prioritize explosiveness and resilience. This is influenced by my martial arts background.
          I’m building my body…just in a different direction.

        2. While I do agree with you that natural body building is healthy and the freakshow stuff is not, I can’t say that Ronnie and the guys like him aren’t impressive and worthy of admiration. They don’t just shove a needle in and become 300 pounds of symmetrical muscle. The work they put in and the sacrifices they knowingly make are incredible. Guys like Ronnie and Phil and Kai are doing shit that seems bat shit insane to me….that said, I am still impressed with the work they put it.

          Meanwhile, if you really watch to talk about guys who are worthy of admiration I think KC Mitchell (thatoneleggedmonster) is one and maybe the most inspirational guy out there is Nick Santonastasso who everyone should know about before the next time they decide that there is somehting they can’t do or that they don’t feel up to going to the gym

          1. Yeah, my comment did not cover all aspects of bodybuilding. There obsession and freaky results are worthy of praise, in a way.

          2. They need to get rid of the Palumboism. Sacrificing a few pounds of muscle to look proportional is more than worth it.

            1. I would agree with you for my self and my own goals, but I hesitate to say what these guys should and shouldn’t do. Their obvious passion and hard work and sacrifice gets them what they want. I’m in no position to judge that

    1. “say what you mean, do what you say”

      However, I see nothing wrong with explaining, provided you know the difference between an excuse and an explanation.

    2. “So many guys today want the easy way out”
      Easyway? Like literally the book you reviewed yesterday about how easy it is to quit smoking?
      Well, which is it?

              1. No, not much of a world traveler. I was wondering if you were someone else but, if you haven’t been to Haiti or Ukraine and don’t have AIDS you ain’t him.

    3. I’m disappointed we didn’t get to hear about the DARK TRIAD- which I have also aptly named my groin region.

      Good day.

    4. “…heated debate that was happening on Twitter today between Rollo, aka The
      Rational Male, and Pat Stedman, but that actually isn’t what we’re
      going to discuss today. What we’re going to discuss is an interjection
      by Ivan Throne within the exchange.”

      Fuck the interjection. I want to hear about this ‘heated’ exchange.

      1. Basically Rolla was accusing on Pat Stedman of being a purple pill sellout who was selling men lies while Pat was accusing Rollo of selling a cynical, doom and gloom narrative for men, especially married men.

        1. I’m sure some ambitious fellow will seek to take advantage of this opportunity while they are busy cutting each other down.

        2. Rollo is the man. I never heard of this Pat Stedman dude, but I’m inclined to side with Rollo. He gets to the real,nitty-gritty truth of things, but I wouldn’t say his stuff is “doom and gloom.”

          1. Hunter at The Family Alpha put it best. His work is clinical in nature. What you take from it is your own prerogative. Some see it as him bemoaning how awful the world is, while others see it as prescriptive on how you should approach relationships in modern times while avoiding the many legal pitfalls.

            1. I’ve read a lot of Red Pill writers and commentators that are still in the “anger” phase or the “whole world is shit” phase. Rollo is nothing like that. I just think he gives you the unvarnished truth of it. I think “clinical” is a pretty good description. He strips things down to the basics, which often means he shows you the ugly side of things, but none of it is “doom and gloom” or bemoaning how the world is.

                1. I don’t think that’s 100% true. I mean, it is true to an extent, but you can clearly see the guys who are still in “rage at the way things are” phase or who are just utterly negative about things. There are Red Pill writers who are very “doom and gloom” on their face. Rollo isn’t one of those kinds of writers.

                    1. It’s just a group of guys shooting the shit. We joke around and sometimes have more serious discussions. You don’t need to a master (de)bater in order to hang with the cool kids, y’know.

              1. Agreed, doom and gloom is a natural reaction, but not a solution by any means. Have to get over that, or you will just end up hurting yourself.

              2. I agree that Rollo’s stuff is 100% free of moaning and complaining, and he allows no room for self pity. But there is a strong whiff of existential darkness from him, of late.

                Not that he’s wrong…

          1. But does being cynical accomplish anything? It’s good to approach marriage knowing all the facts, but just stewing in cynicism and bitterness helps no one, including yourself.

            1. Stewing and bitter? No. Understanding women and recognizing the legal and social environment you’re operating, may get you labeled “cynical.” Nothing you can do about it, but ignoring the pitfalls isn’t wise either.

                1. Related: Is there any merit to what Aigimaris Thales is saying about too many memes and videos gumming up the works and slowing down stuff? I am a computer retard.

                  1. It does seem like the more stuff that gets posted in the comments, the slower the whole thing becomes. I’ve had limited luck refreshing the page to help speed it up.

        3. You know, there is a distinct “doom and gloom”/black pill vibe in Rollo’s latest book. There’s been a black pill vibe coming from Roosh, including his ban frenzy. It’s like the gen1 thought leaders in the ‘Sphere are going through a next level of “red pill rage.”

              1. The “black pill” is literally the red pill but with a complete loss of hope and a belief that the decline is imminent and resistance is futile.

  7. OT- more peeps need high BP pillz now(over on zerohedge if interested)

    Americans with blood pressure of 130/80 or higher should be treated, down from the previous trigger of 140/90, according to new guidelines announced on Monday by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.

    At the new cutoff, around 46 percent, or more than 103 million, of American adults are considered to have high blood pressure, compared with an estimated 72 million under the previous guidelines in place since 2003.

    High blood pressure accounts for the second-largest number of preventable heart disease and stroke deaths in the United States, second only to smoking.

    A large, government-sponsored study of hypertension patients aged 50 and older showed in 2015 that death from heart-related causes fell 43 percent and heart failure rates dropped 38 percent when their systolic blood pressure was lowered below 120 versus those taken to a target of under 140.

    But patients in the 120 systolic blood pressure group had a higher rate of kidney injury or failure, as well as fainting.

    1. I won’t take BP pills, ever. Too many negative side effects that are worse than the condition. I’ll stick to good old fashioned exercise, proper eating, and stress management.

      1. I get what youre saying, but at some pt in the future, your doctor will be required by law to share the fact you dont take these pills(and your BP is within the fake danger zone) with your insurance company…your rates will sky rocket…what about your life insurance policy? sorry, you are now in the high risk pool, we are dropping you

        1. You may try his suggestion along with the pills and see if you can get your doctor to get you off them.

          1. doctors arent doctors much anymore. didja know they get bonuses from the pharma co’s if the child is vaxx’d on schedule? meaning, if they are supposed to get X shots by 8 or so, there’s a financial incentive for the docs to do so

            1. Yep. I have no doubt that they changed the blood pressure guidelines in order to sell more drugs. Hence, why I’m increasingly averse to taking meds unless I absolutely need to.

            2. I did not know that particular one, but I’m not surprised. The convolution between government, insurance, and medicine is way over the top.

              1. the religious exemption doesnt seem to fly as much anymore, esp in blue states. A woman tried that in Michigan recently, and they threw her in jail, vaccinated her kid anyway…

      2. And when you reach my age, there is olive leaf extract. It is just as effective as BP medicine with no side effects. I turned my 67 year old neighbor on to it and he is now off the prescription poison. It also has anti cancer properties as well. There are alternatives to the big pharma money machine.

  8. The author makes a very good point about not expecting a helping hand when you are weak. I will do whatever I can to help build up a man who shows me he is genuinely struggling to reach his potential. But I have nothing but contempt for men who act feminine and won’t pull their own weight. I am not talking about the genuinely disabled, although unless you are a paralyzed from the neck down you can still find something productive to do if you try.

    No.I am referring to able bodied men of sound mind that believe the world owes them something for nothing. Life is intended to be a struggle. That is what builds our confidence, strength and courage. If you aren’t facing challenges on a regular basis and using them to improve yourself, you are drifting. And when you hit the rocks you can find the source of your troubles in the mirror.

    Look no farther than the idle and irresponsible offspring of the wealthy. Out partying and playing on daddy’s money does nothing to improve you or society. We value the things we struggle to earn. We do not value things that are handed to us. The physical condition of most welfare recipients and the public housing they live in bears this out.

    I read once that if you “help” a butterfly by cutting it out of its cocoon you have killed it. You see the struggle to escape forces the fluid into its wings so they will take shape. Without the struggle the butterfly can never take flight and be what Nature intended. It will die right where it sits. And so it goes with men.

    1. Wish I could have two featured comments. Good stuff.
      The same thing applies to birds hatching from their eggs. If you help them out, they will die. The exertion of breaking through the eggshell strengthens them and prepares them for this world.

  9. Hello Lolknee (or Hipponax-WB Fittness-Ghost of Jefferson or whoever the hell you think you are today). Mr Kersey here.
    When you started this whole abuse about Africans-Haitians and AIDS I promised I would get you banned from that site. You don’t make those jokes around me and expect to get out of it without repercussion. Since you have no life offline, I decided to hit where it hurts – since you are too much of a coward (challenged me for a fistfight than failed to turn up) getting you banned from your favourite hangouts was the best way to deal with you. I remember your feminine tantrum against Roosh when you got banned.
    This is just as good time as any to tell: I was largely responsible for you and your alter-egos getting banned from Return of Kings. After numerous report, Roosh was pressured to clean up his own house, and get rid of the racist commenters. (The guy suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. He is Middle Eastern but believes he is White and relies on his stormcuck commenters to make a living) His paranoia was pretty helpful in getting you banned. I encouraged to the escalate the tensions between AKC and ROK – wasn’t difficult as racist idiots like you are paranoid by default (You are still assuming every new commenter on AKC ) is Mr Kersey. Disqus abandoned ROK exactly because the racism commenters . Now it is an insignificant blog that only a few remaining hardline stormfronters frequent. If you and your alter-egos don’t stop spreading your racialist ideas here, I am going to ensure that this website is going receive the same treatment or worse (complete shutdown). Just think of it: if this website ii gone, what are you going to do with your life. Hmm.? Do you have anything else going on for you in your trailer park in West Virginia or your mother’s gritty home with the poor internet connection in the Rust Belt.
    So, just go easy on expressing your racism if you want to save your last little hangout.
    I am off now, as unlike you I do have a life.
    P.S you should really stop the Freudian projections: your obsession with aIDS means you probably have it. You might also consider seeing a psychologist for the homosexual tendencies you display in your comments.

      1. If you don’t put an end on the racialist and offensive comments here, Disqus may treat your blog the same way they did treat ROK. You should stop racist idiots from hijacking the red-pill truth.

            1. Have you ever been banned from our site? No.
              You just act like a blithering imbecile and go into hiding when people begin mocking you. Now you come back here threatening to get our site shut down all because you got your fragile feelings hurt? You’re laughably pathetic.

              1. Apparently you still fail to understand the true meaning of red-pill. Racism is not red-pill and alpha. Racism is blue-pill and omega. I hope one day you’ll understand it…

                    1. And? You realize all those comments are about YOU. They’re made specifically to get YOU riled up. No one here cares about race. They just enjoy getting your dander up because it’s so easy. My God, dude…it’s like you’re running on a few fries short of a happy meal.

                    2. Jim, despite your claim that you have no animosity against me…you are quick to jump on the bandwagon when the others start off. You are no better than them, father of six or not…

                    3. Kersey, you don’t get it, do you? We are sick and tired of ilk like you playing the race card when it is totally uncalled for.

                    4. I can forgive young people for having arrogance due to their lack of experiece or wisdom. However the dictating to others and amusingly concieted belief they are in a position to hold authority and judge others is what will get them all killed.

                    5. Agreed, you can judge other’s actions (if they kill, they are a bad person), but you cannot judge on what they are thinking. “You are racist and should be ashamed” doesn’t fly.

                    6. Yes. It’s a manipulation technique. The racist slur is meaningless these days. Just agree and amplify. Without shame they have nothing left.

                    7. Using shame to manipulate has been one of the stupidest tactics used by the left. If it puts a person at a disadvantage to have a moral compass, they will inevitably throw away that moral compass which is what has been happening this last decade.

                    8. “When you point your finger cos your plan fell through

                      You got three more fingers pointing back at you” – Mark Knopfler (Solid Rock)

                  1. Is that suppose to be funny? Whith that “sense of humour” no wonder you stormcucks can never get laid…

          1. Something told me that moron was going to show up today. That African AIDS gets to swirling around in his head then crazy stuff comes out of his mouth.

                1. No, I can vouch for Jnyx. He’s fine. As I understand it, you are the one with serious health issues and need help. There are some anti-viral drugs that may prolong your life. You need to take your AIDS very seriously. I doubt that there is much that can be done for your delusions though…

        1. Your Freudian projection again.
          You might as well tell your friends that you challenged me for a fistfight but failed to turn up back in August?

    1. LolKnee lives rent free in your mind.
      Dude, you have serious issues which can probably only be controlled with professional help. You won’t get that here. So, how’s that AIDS treating you nowadays?….

        1. I know when the Confederacy ended.
          We’ve been telling you the truth all along, YOU’RE A MORON! But you’re too much of an idiot to believe us.

            1. AIDS isn’t irrelevant, you can’t sit at the cool kids table, you gotta sit at the AIDES table with the Haitian kids.

                    1. Redneck? Now who’s being the bigot, you hypocrite?
                      That’s a slur against people from the South. Practice what you preach, dude.

                    2. Never claimed to be a Puerto Rican, there was a joke about PR and I made a Prison Break joke. You need to develop a sense of humour.

                    3. This is fookin Engerland sunshine, where we add unnecesarry letters to our words to sound fancy. I blame the French for that!

                    4. So now you’re going to bring education into this too? So you’re a bigot and classist? Damn dude…you gonna start throwing around Nazi salutes next?

                    5. And I can’t help but notice you pointed out that all rednecks are apparently white as well. You assuming black people can’t be rednecks?
                      So you’re a bigot, a classist, AND a racist. Care to keep going?

                    6. O, lighten up, you. You get your dik all in a knot over nothing. Don’t you ever talk shit with your ‘mates’?

                    7. You accused me of not having a sense of humour. Dude, normal people do not find racist jokes funny. Only racist idiots find those funny. That’s what most of you guys fail to realize.

                    8. Hate to break it to you, but Ed Latimore, a black boxer, tells racist jokes all the time on Twitter. Both black and white people get in on the fun and everyone has a good laugh.

                    9. Does it make it acceptable? look, associating Africans and Haitians with aids ceased to be acceptable by the mid-1990s. Only you guys think it is not only funny but also acceptable…Nobody is laughing at your “jokes”, other than a few stormcucks on this site.

                    10. Does it make it acceptable? Apparently so if a whole community of people are laughing at the same jokes regardless of the races involved.

                    11. Jak, lolknee and GOJ have a history of harassing and mocking ROK committers who dared to express something positive about people who aren’t White. Look up their older comments. They mocked and harassed PJClarke for saying good things about Thai women. They harassed mix-raced commenter jz95 for opposing their White supremacist agenda. You think I was the only when they had problem with?
                      You seem naive…

                    12. That lot harassed and mocked pretty much everyone for one thing or another. We recovered and got into the act. Don’t act all put upon. Its most unbecoming…..

                    13. I honestly don’t give two flying shits. You don’t like it here? Begone!
                      Ok, enough feeding the trolls for one day. Back to work.

                    14. Yeah, that dude was a major creep. Also that Beebop character with his pony profile pic was dubious as well.

                    15. Are you talking about Chris Rock, or Eddie Murphy? Rodney Dangerfield? No wait…..Bo Diddley, Dice Clay?

                    16. The is nothing SJW about it Jim. A real alpha male who understands the red pill truth must be against racism.

                    17. Nah, if you were claiming “offense” at run of the mill comments, then you complain repeatedly to Disqus to get us shut down, you are no better than Rosie O’Donnell or Reverand Sharpton. You are the tyrant. I changed my opinion about you today.

                    18. I suppose now you’re going to make jokes about southerners getting it on with their relatives?

                    19. Well to be honest the only relative I ever had sex with was your mom, if you don’t believe it, just ask her.

                    20. Your mother serviced a whole British regiment back in 1776. No wonder they lost a a war against George Washington. You mother gave them aids.

                    21. She was doing her part for the cause by giving those limey mofos AIDS and killing them off. Your mom was sucking cocks for free just because she liked doing it.

                1. That’s like the third time you’ve commented that. Are you actually some programming student’s subpar algorithm project?

        2. dude you know they probably would stop or at least ease up on the aids jokes if you ignored them. the only reason they keep on bringing it up is because you are still taking offense in them.

          1. A valid point you made here is the fact that Kersey hasn’t learned Law 33 of the 48 Laws of Power: Discover each man’s thumbscrew.

            I am not sure how he survived childhood without following this law as even young boys will taunt you mercilessly when they learn what sets you off. It’s how men cut our teeth and thicken our skin for the trials we’ll face in life.

            Don’t make the same mistake as Kersey. Certain elements of game works on both sexes. In this case, even if something gets under your skin, agree and amplify but for God’s sake don’t let them know it bothers you or else you’re sunk.

            Someday I’ll get to covering this law in more depth but for now, as long as Kersey is lurking around, we won’t need any other visual AIDS.

    2. I’m sorry Kersey, but you’ll find us much more of a difficult target. We’ve wargamed out the various ways we could be attacked and have workarounds for almost everything.

      The reason it worked at ROK is because the proprietor there had balls of paper mache. We have balls of iron, and are used to whining and nagging so that technique won’t work. You could try threats, but that will only be more hilarious, since a whining retard threatening a bodybuilder can’t be anything but hilarious. Your best bet would be to close the browser, then you won’t be able to hear all the names the mean guys are calling you.

      Go ahead, get us shut down. I fucking dare you.

      TL;DR; = Come at me, bro!

      1. So are you like lolknee? Challenging me for a fight, then when I name the time and location you are too much of a coward to turn up?
        Youa re pathetic>
        BTW, the Internet does not give anonymity to racist commenters anymore. The authorities will find you…

        1. Ah, but you are fighting on my turf now: technology. My guess is that a physical fight would be a tie, since I’m no fighter. But threaten the site that I run and I’ll easily win that fight.

          1. He’s welcome to come down to my neck of the woods and challenge me to a match. I got my 6th degree testing in February so I could use the sparring practice. Hell I’ll even go light contact on him, relatively speaking.

            1. Well I don’t remember anything of the sort but if it happened I certainly retract. There are two things in this world that scare me and that is panthers and aids (psssstttt you ain’t a panther)

      1. On ROK they always appeared online the exact same time and started harassing non-racist commenters in the exact same manner…

  10. “Would you prefer to be a female?”

    Of course not.
    But let’s face the facts here.
    Some males, due to genetics (facial looks, mesomorphic build, etc..), DO have it easier than others.
    But that being said, yes, I agree.
    Do the best you can at all times.

    1. That cat has some serious underlying issues for which he should seek professional help.
      He gets entirely too worked up and obsessive about…. nothing.

        1. You would think that a troll would have excellent comebacks and a fairly thick skin instead of obsessions. As far as trolls go, he has to be the worst one yet. It’s probably because of Haitian AIDS.

    2. Says the looser who cannot get laid unless he pays for it. (You admitted it)
      You still blaming Black people for your shortcomings?

      1. This will be my only response to you as you are clearly unbalanced.

        1) Yes, I pay for sex. If that makes me a loser, so be it. I am a loser who bangs 8s, 9s, and 10s. I know who I am and I know my limitations in life. I do what I have to do. I have never been ashamed of it nor have I been proud of it. It’s just who I am and what I do. And I am always honest about it.

        2) I have NEVER blamed blacks or anyone else (except perhaps my evil witch of a mother) for my place in life. My issue with blacks, or I should say a high percentage of blacks, is there behavior and lack of impulse control. I have also often posted that I do feel bad for smaller percentage of blacks that work hard and are polite and courteous, but I also hold them accountable for not being outspoken against the bad ones. I have respect for blacks like Larry Elder and Michael Massie who do take this stand and are ostracized for it.

        Go back to ROK and read my comments. You ‘ll see that you are blowing smoke out of your ass here.

        But more importantly, get some help with your issues. You need it.

        1. In all fairness, unlike other racist commenters here…you are honest about yourself. Give you some credit for that. Still, some of your comments displayed a great deal of racism towards African-Americans…

                1. The little faggor is the one who challenges people for a fight the shit his pants and does not turn up for the duel…

                  1. Duel! Woah. You Are serious. But really man, you may be 15 pounds of crazy in a 10 pound sack but you are right on this…I have no desire to fight you. That aids shit is incurable and I don’t want your tainted blood on me. I concede any fight. You win. Just please don’t put aids on me

  11. Completely and totally off topic…

    They’re having a Chili contest at work tomorrow.
    I made some for the hell of it.

    What say you? Beans or no beans?
    I put beans…

      1. 12:00 PM NY Time.
        Midtown NYC.
        If no chili left, then Tad’s Steaks (AKA Shoe Leather on a Plate) is always a good alternative. Or the Greek food truck on 49th…

        1. I think I would rather take my chances with shoe leather on a plate instead a Greek food truck, no telling what they got in there.

          1. Hahaha!
            Tad’s is OK as long as your choppers can handle the tough stuff. And speaking Spanish will certainly help to expedite your order.

            I think CBCB said he almost got stabbed there once…

        1. I got the idea when my Mexican neighbor made me mole sauce and I thought I might have died and gone to Mexican heaven. Turns out A little dark chocolate does great things to spice

          Also, I know tads!

          1. Hey young man, instead of fooling around with Kersey you need to be posting articles on your website. you need to at least fill up your about page

          1. I liked the one with Pat Buchanan.Where Ali kept asking about the BLTs in Iraq. Pat played along. Was hilarious.

    1. I go half dark and half light kidney. Always drain the cans in the sink so it doesn’t get too much salt. A reduction using cola and or a little cocoa powder is actually how many restaurants make their chilli.

      1. Yeah, I always drain the beans too.
        I have heard that the canned “bean water” is what brings on the farts, so I drain and rinse. Never new about the cola & cocoa powder. Lots of good tips here. Thanks guys!

        1. Also cumin is the absolute most important thing in chilli. Tailoring it to taste with cumin makes chilli great again.

          1. The cumin I knew about. It’s in there.
            Also, in addition to the usual spices, I have Worcestershire sauce. V8 Juice, cheap red wine, Mexican hot sauce, along crsuhed red pepper, a large fresh poblano, and one habanero.

            1. Whoa thats a different regional recipe. I use tomato sauce and puree along with a “Presbyterian” blend of onions and celery. I make a chilli nacho sauce using a cola/cocoa reduction but my standard uses a yuengling and I up my heat accordingly.

            1. You’d have to go to the butcher for coarse ground. It doesn’t turn into mush in the slow cooking pot. Shorten your cook and add a pinch of cornstarch to thicken it up.

      2. I always use dry beans but I’m just old fashioned like that. As long as the chili is thick and not like soup and has plenty of cayenne pepper, I’m pretty happy.

  12. Well Kersey, it was fun. Good to see you still have your sense of humor. I even recommended this article so I have a future link to this conversation. I have to go, but I want to tell you to keep your chin up young man. Even though you were surrounded by the Klan (sarcasm) you put up a good fight. Maybe if you weren’t so cynical about people, you would understand that the only fool here is you. God bless.

  13. What the hell happened here today?… I really missed out on a great show!

    I was out all day crushing goals… Closed 2 Enormous Deals that make 2017 our best year ever. The only thing that could have made my day better is if I could have watched this Kersey trainwreck unfold in real-time. Nice job gents. I got love for you motherfuckers!!!

    1. We’ll pardon you since you were out killing it. Congrats on closing those deals. The Kersey train wreck was hilarious however. Much love (no homo) back at ya.

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