He Who Rules the Checkbook

As a father and husband you have to wear many hats.  You have to be the protector,  the teacher, the strong ox, the one who guides them etc.  One thing I’ve also realized is how you also have to be in charge of the finances of your family and how you need to be the one who green lights all expenditures.

I was not always like this with money.  I had been careless with it when i was younger and got used to spending money I didn’t have.  As I got older I have learned the error of this way of thinking, but I don’t think women ever do.  They will spend however much money you let them, and it can get out of control.

My wife did this to me one time and I let her know about it.  She told me she wanted to get makeup.  Fine no big deal.  I like a woman done up with makeup and such.  I was assuming she was going to a drug store or something, boy was I wrong.  She came back with one bag an with two items in it.  The total cost was $80(!) for fucking makeup.  She had no problem spending it because I trusted her to be reasonable with the cash.  I told her that was the last time we’re buying $80 makeup

This got me thinking about not just my life but women in general will frivolously spend money if you let them.  They like to spend money and they will hamster and rationalize almost any purchase, almost the way children would act.

Be the Accountant

I like to have my money and expenses mapped out for me and I think about every last cent that goes toward bills, into savings, or into a purchase.   If you have control of your finances, you know where things are going and you don’t end up putting money toward $40 eyeliner.  In fact, my wife only felt guilty once I showed her how on top of things I am with our money, and she even said it helps her to be conscious of spending because she knows I’ll stop such behavior.  Women crave structure and direction, so this just adds to that.

If you want to get started but want it to be easier than a huge excel doc then I recommend the app Mint.



It has a clean interface and makes it a no brainer if you’re trying to get things set up easily.  I’ve been using it for years and its great.  While having your finances in check is important for everyone, there is even more to it than just having a nice savings account.

The Lesson

Taking care of your finances is something you should be teaching your children as well.  When they are old enough, I want to teach them how to save money, invest, and all the things I wish I knew at 18 years old.    Not only can your kids learn from you, but you can advise your wife as well.  As noted above, my wife loves that I handle the finances and I allow enough money each week for everything we need.

If any of you are in a relationship where your wife runs the show financially, I’d recommend stepping up and taking over the job or at least getting involved in some way.  Handing over your paycheck each week to your wife isn’t the best idea.  Try telling your wife that you want to help with the finances more, or even take them over as I did.


As the leader of your family, you need to be in control of your family’s money.  You should be the one making the financial decisions and setting things up for your future.  Use an app if you don’t have a clue and if your wife is in control of your finances, make sure you get involved.


-J. Nyx

Author: Jnyx

Fitness addict, DIY guru, tech nerd, member of Memesters Local 419.

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  1. “They like to spend money and they will hamster and rationalize almost any purchase, almost the way children would act.”

    Oh hell yes. The dopamine rush they get from shopping AND spending other peoples money is a disease. Money will always be an issue in marriage and as In the earlier years of mine, I had to draw up a household budget on an excel sheet and explain it. I also presented a cash flow forecast and compared it with a bank statement as too what it all means. The iron rule I laid out is that we will take on NO debt outside of the current mortgage. All application of non-reocurruing income (eg. tax returns, bonuses) will be determined by me alone.

    It took time, but she understands now and I give her credit that she has evolved to become financially conscious, but that took years of me being the controller (and I have no doubts she would slip right back into female nature without male reinforcement).

    1. “retail therapy”- lotta women mention this when they are about to take thier lunch break

      1. Heard about that. I knew guys who lived pay check to pay check and never could understand why they didn’t put a little to the side instead blowing it all every month.

      2. during which they go to super salad and diet on a gargantuan bowl of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, fried chicken bits, topped with a hefty amount of bacon ranch.

          1. they actually have very little fat and 3 grams of protein…I think you just discovered Kratom 2.0

      3. So later they blame Muh Patriarchy for their spending and demand everything is cheaper and tax free for them.

    2. I think it comes down to the training. I am guessing that more than 90% of girls are raised as princess snowflakes who are spoiled to the nth degree. But to their credit, managing ones finances isn’t really taught in school is it?

      I had a neighbour buy a flipper and stayed there for a year. He told me that as a child, he would be sent to Jewish summer camps where primary-grade children were taught year after year about banking, finances, accounting, finance law, etc. Imagine a 10 year old that could make a financial statement and balance sheet for you.

      One of the best compliments that I ever received was from him when we sold right after he did. – “You made more money than I did”. You damn right I did.

        1. It’s what I don’t miss the most of being in a relationship. I hated shopping for people I no longer see or care about. And my ex’s family was mostly women, so the drama went into overdrive. Primarily, someone always got butthurt because her kid didn’t get a better gift than his cousin from me and I had to put up with the mean mugging. They just assume because one is single one has an unlimited budget.

          Thankfully my own family is mostly men and it’s easier. I just give cash, booze, Home Depot gift cards, silver coins or bars, etc. Same with the nephews. Just give them money or Amazon cards and they’re good. Even my mom’s not picky. I give her a $100 McDonald’s card and she’s full of joy.

          1. I don’t do obligatory gifts. But while you don’t get anything from me on Christmas, you might get something on March 11, if I happen upon something you might like.

          2. I understand. I buy gifts for my wife and kids and the rest get cash. I don’t care nor have time for others drama.

            Wife hates that my wish list never deviates– books, cigars and a good bottle of scotch. She does surprise me with expensive shirts and colgne though (but its more for her image than mine).

              1. Of course. I want specific books, cigars and bottle of scotch.

                Let them have the feeling of making you happy. That is actually your gift to them.

  2. Ideally a woman should be like this with your money:


    The lady in that vid is no dummy with money. If you can manage small change like that, you could manage a fortune the same way. She doesn’t appear to wear much makeup. She looks fine enough as she is for daily service to any good husband. It’s no surprise she has 4 young kids since she appears to have a wide trouble free hip ratio. That wide breeding ass saves more money at the hospital when you can avoid c-sections. The babies slide right out “ka-bloooop”. Coupon clipping and “ka-blooping”. I would have no problem with my wife hanging around with someone like that lady. She would be a good influence.

        1. From first hand being in the delivery room I can confidently say no, that’s not how it sounds.
          Though if it did, the birth of my kids would be both one of the happiest and funniest days of my life.

        1. He should have stuck HER on a budget and HE needed to keep his mouth shut (that point about keeping your mouth shut can never be emphasized enough).

                1. too easy. if you can bring back “mack daddy SLAMMIN”(read in gilbert gottfried’s vox) then I will be impressed

                    1. it would be cooler if everyone in manhattan just started talking and squinting like gilbert all the time

                    1. I got slapped stupid for that one once….my moms thought I said “oh, dik!!”
                      but I was fully dressed so I never understood the confusion…

                    2. I think it was interchangeable with stoopit and/or mad. Kind of an emphatic modifier.
                      I could always go back to the bowling alley and ask – they guys are probably still there…

              1. I am working on a theory about how words become pop culture and where they originate from. I’ve narrowed it down to a shanty town in Kingston, Jamaica.

                Locals there speak of a shaman who is 125 years old and lives off Cannabis and Kratom root who speaks only 2-3 times a year. And when he does, he introduces a new slang term into pop culture. It was 4 years ago he woke up out of his straw bed and screamed “Blessed!” over and over again.

                Oh, and he happens to control the country’s media and music industry with ties to Grandmaster Illuminati global players but that is just a bullshit coincidence. Fucking conspiracy assholes, I tell ya.

    1. We already discussed that most of the masculine men in Europe where killed in WWII. So this is no surprise

  3. Another great article Jnyx. I set up a shared acount for my wife and I. A portion of my pay was auto-deposited into the shared account, and she had 100% control of that (20%) portion of my salary. This gave her significant responsibility, but when she spent it all it was her problem, and she new it. The 75% was in my name only, as were all but two credit cards. This kept her from complaining that I didn’t give her enough…. always the same amount, no B.S. about me manipulating the money…. she had control of her share. We got divorced in the end…. but noone ever said I was unkind.

  4. Watch out for toxic traits learned from family. My wife’s parents are typical American credit happy consumers of junk to fill their boring lives. I’m a big fan of Financial Peace University so made my wife watch it when we got married. Luckily she was supporting herself at 18 and paid for college by working so is naturally fiscally conservative. FPU really solidified that. It’s great, she works but still runs it by me to buy herself anything.

  5. Put $40-60 cash away each week somewhere your wife doesn’t know about. So in discovery it was just what you spent on lunch or something. Really wish i had done this.

    1. That will save your beans and rice in a big way. I cannot endorse this strategy enough. Start on the wedding day and never stop, ever. Free and clear parachute money saved over the years that appears to be normal spending is a godsend when the divorce finally comes due. At no point ever….EVER….let her know about it NOR EVER think “Well, there’s enough there, I can take some out and buy her a nice diamond necklace just this once”. Set aside and forget. If you end up growing old with this woman and she’s in a nursing home dying at age 92 and you’re basically assured that you are now safe from divorce, give it to your great grandson(s), but otherwise, stash and save.

      1. Dangit GOJ! You’re a day late! Kersey was here yesterday going on about how he singlehandedly destroyed ROK and is going to do the same to us. Laughs were had by all, except Kersey.

            1. dude is definitely taking screen grabs of these exchanges and will try yo use em against you somehow…

                  1. I’m not one to start a fight, but I also wouldn’t decline one if he issued the challenge to me and wanted to make his way down to Nashville. We’ll make a show of it and post it on YouTube. Our readers could place bets and make donations.
                    All proceeds would be split between AKC and a charity of the winner’s choice (10/90 respectively).

                    1. 

                    2. I’m pissed that fucker went back and deleted all his comments. I really wanted to read all the crazy.

                    3. I find it funny he diagnoses Roosh as a paranoid schizophrenic while he himself suffers from delusions of grandeur. He obviously thinks he’s some great crusader out to rid the internet of anything that might sound the faintest bit un-PC. Dude seriously has a screw loose.

                    4. Right? Like he has the President of the Internet on speed-dial and can completely shutdown any website he wants with a single phone call.

                    5. Even if everything he said was true, our boy @CynicInChief has our site locked down tight with backups for the commenting section as well as the site as a whole. If we were to be shut down, we’d be back up and running again in under 24 hours.
                      Cynic knows his shit and this isn’t his first rodeo.

                    6. After last night’s episode, the only logical conclusion I can come up with is he is an undercover SJW.

                    7. Quite possibly. That or he is legit on the autistic spectrum. I don’t mean that as hyperbole as I’m loathe to use special needs as a generic insult towards people who are simply acting like idiots. His complete lack of a sense of humor and inability to hold a regular conversation raises some serious flags.

                    8. He really needs to learn to not use the same words and visual images. Trailer park in West Virginia is an old chestnut of his, you’d think he’d at least try to change things up.

                    9. You and ghost missed it. The guy did his usual arguing stuff but his super villain rant on how he destroyed ROK was hilarious

                    10. OT: but your comment reminds me of this, go to Youtube and search “bad lip reading”…funny stuff right there.

                    11. Those are pretty funny. I also enjoy watching Gifs with sound. Most are meh or chuckle-worthy but there’s always one or two in each video that are downright hilarious.

                    12. I’ve followed that channel since the 2012 election. Funny ass shit.

          1. Kersey : * rubs handle bar mustache* “ mwahaha I am the one who destroyed ROK and got GOJ and Lolknee banned. I am the alpha male. I AM THE RED PILL HAHJAHABhhahahaha”

            1. Little does he know that I’m actually you, who is also John Galt and occasionally cheeseburgercheeseburger. In fact, there’s a fair chance that we are all one account playing pranks on our own self. Weird….

        1. Looks like the little coward has, as usual, backtracked and deleted all of his comments. What a sniveling little weasel, I really wanted to enjoy his HIV infested posts, but nooooooo.

          1. Cheeseburger might be onto something where he’s screen capping everything to try and use against us. Doubt he’ll get too far since it’s all attacks against him. The problem with ROK were there were many, MANY comments denigrating other races from Stormcucks and the like. We don’t have that issue here.

            1. Oh yeah (((Jak))) we are like totes McGoats not into that scene. Heh.

              But yeah, totally true.

            1. Yeah, I’ve been off for a week or so doing actual “work”, but I regret not being able to participate in the hoopla and fun.

      1. A nice gun safe is ideal. First, because she, no longer being in high school, will have not only forgotten how to dial a combination lock, but will be steadfastly unable to re-learn it for the rest of her adult life. Second, because it’s “for your guns” and will not occur to her that you can store other things there. I wish I was kidding.

        1. Yeah good old ammo can full o cash. And to weigh your inflation risk you could convert some to precious metals. But remember never conduct a legal cash transaction of more than $10k. Then vendor is obligated to report it to the irs.

          1. That’s what I’m doing now that I’m single again. I’m starting to buy some silver every now and then.

            1. A little at a time and it will add up. I started buying some prior to my divorce but used joint funds so its got going to get factored into the split.

          1. For mine it would be guns. I could hide a few mistresses and a second family in a gun safe and she’d never find out….

            1. I dig, but my gun safe is far away. Hiding money from women is starting seem like hiding truffles from a pig or a bag of dorritos from a stoned roommate.

          2. Yeah, no doubt. Although when I go to my mother’s house and she has the HGTV thing on, it seems like the *only* people who use a workbench for tools and proper construction work are women. Such a disconnect going on in the media right now that I’m becoming convinced that they are taking their programming instructions from some off planet space station that is filled with aliens who have never, technically, set foot on earth nor are in any way familiar with earth customs and cultures.

            1. The bullocks is “you-go-girl” entertainment for the wominz. Like women giving financial advice or starting a company. See alot of them on TV, but not in meat space.

          3. I don’t know, man. Eventually, she’s going to get crafty, go looking for a glue gun, want to help herself to your tools , and start snooping . If she is intentionally trying to put her hands on a gun, you have got bigger problems than her overspending!

            1. Safe is locked. But the wife starts snooping she will find every old photo of you looking happy with an old girlfriend. Heh.

    2. I can’t emphasize how important this is. My father taught me this from a young age.
      He also hid money and other valuable items in a secure place, taught me about how he built it up, & gave me access to some of it as a way to test me. He did the same thing with my brother. But, as he got older my brother thought he could sneak some out without the old man knowing. That was a HUGE mistake. When my father passed he left me with a fortune in cash & other valuables, the majority of it free & clear while my brother got a much smaller sum. My brother questioned me about some of the stuff he knew about & I kept my mouth shut.

      Right now I’m trying to teach my daughter some of the things my father taught me & testing her to see if she’s going to be reliable. I’m hoping she proves to be more like me than her mother. Thanks to my father I have what people refer to as “Fuck you!” money. I don’t share this as a way to brag, but to pay respect to my father. I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me. When my time is up I can only hope my daughter feels the same way about me.

    1. Just read about her yesterday. Part of me really really likes to see pretty but abusive blonde women like her destroyed. Reminds me of a certain … spouse … I once had.

  6. Robert Heinlein, in Time Enough For Love, has an interesting quote. He says “budget the luxuries first.”

    For the longest time I took this quote at face value thinking that luxuries are the most important thing in the world, but as I got older I think I started to understand better. Yes, budgeting the luxuries first is a good idea. If you don’t enjoy the fruits of your labor then what? Be an old man with a very cool spread sheet. This doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your future or your safety for it though.

    Ask yourself “how much money do i have to piss away on fun and games or toys or experiences”

    Answer yourself honestly. Remove that amount of money from the pot and then figure everything else out. If it doesn’t work then readjust accordingly until you have it set just right to where you train yourself to enjoy your earnings responsibly while covering your basic needs and saving for the future.

          1. That’s a decent return, but I wonder how 2017 dollars compare to 1988 dollars? I’m sure it’s not like super huge differences, but there has to be some inflation at play here. Just a musing out of curiosity.

        1. Speaking of which, the weather is about to turn awful and I likely need to get me a not-so-cool car to drive now. Damnit. A Vette parked in a garage doing nothing for 3 months but being started and the wheels moved a little every week is painful to me.

          1. I said it before Ghost. Get an older Jeep Wrangler. You get the 4×4 winter time capability with the cool factor only a Jeep can provide. Just make sure it has a 4.0 L engine, the 2.5 will barely get out of its own way. I would look for a TJ since it will be a tad less Spartan than the CJs or YJs.

              1. And not just customization, but replacement parts. They are one of the few vehicles you can essentially keep running forever. There are so many parts available that you can quite literally build a Jeep from the ground up.

        2. so do paintings of Jesus Christ by DaVinci. $450 million. if he was alive today, he would be partying w that trust fund guy above

                1. I discovered that clip about 4 years ago and LMAO. It sums up my conversations with every leftist I spoke too.

        1. Just don’t party as hard as him he has had about 4 heart attacks already and he is only in his thirties

      1. oh snap, that asian dude w/the receding hairline reminds me of that character actor from the 80s, he was evil asian henchman #1- always ran out into gunfire and got lit up lol

    1. I broke down my income, when I was single, into thirds. Living expenses (rent, food, utilities, gas, etc..) were about 50%, savings (IRA, 401k) 25% and the other 25% discretionary (travel, clothes, clubbing, etc..). I cannot say it is a right combo for everyone, but as a young man I did have a great time and managed to save cash even when I was earning jack.

      1. I know some people who are really sharp with money and play around with credit, pushing balances, earning rewards, playing with cash back and live way above their means yet at the same time manage to save. I am not so shap with dough so what you did when you were single is exactly what i do now and pretty much in the exact same ratio.

        1. I know people like that and I find it alot of work for littie ROI, but I do value my time more than an upgrade or 10% off my next purchase.

          As long as you don’t have kids or get hitched, you keep doing what you’re doing and will be fine. I always wanted to understand investment portfolios more, but I found in the end it seemed is was more about selling dubious financial products. Drop your dough in Index Funds and deversfiy the rest. Real estate, some commidities– talk to people you trust.

          1. Index Funds are pretty much the best bet out there. Day trading is really dumb unless you’re some Master of the Universe level guru and even then you can lose your shorts in a day, and a lot of mutual funds with strange names end up being loss leaders (an occasional exception of course). A nice index fund on the other hand, you’re going to average 7% annual return, give or take, consistently if we go by history since the 1920’s (I believe it’s 7%? If not, it’s in that ballpark). Some years more (or even lots more) some years a little less, but unless we go full gonzo global Depression, you’re going to come out a winner. Real estate and commodities as “the rest” yep, absolutely.

            1. I speak from experience and shit canned my IRA after it was essentially burning piles of cash for years. Index funds are about 7% annual last I checked. I should clarify, I do NOT mean to doll out financial advice, but only suggest the course I myself had positive results doing. Plenty of smarter folk out there who are making mint (word of the day) in the markets, but I am not one of them.

          2. Time value is a big part of it for me, but also, tbh, i don’t have the brains to make a sure deal of it and I don’t have the nerve to gamble.

            No wife, no kids, working with the ratio you have given above pretty much assures i will be just fine and that is as good as I need. The only real estate I hope for is the condo i would like to buy in the next year or two here in manhattan.

            I will live in my investment until the mortgage is paid off and it triples in value, which short of an actual act of god will certainly happen, and then sell and retire to a place that winter doesn’t happen and NYC middle class means wealthy.

            1. Your plan is solid. Keep going. If you understand the time value of money, you are able to plan accordingly.

        2. I simply run everything, groceries, gas, insurance, power bill, everything, through a credit card that pays 2% cash back. If I run into a situation where the seller charges a convenience fee (typically 3%) I pay cash.

          I only have a couple of bills to pay each month, I have an itemized statement of all expenditures each month and I can watch what my wife is spending real time (it freaks her out that I knew where she went, when she was there and how much she spent).

          It also gives me a level of purchase and fraud protection you can’t get with a debit card. You just have to have the self discipline not to abuse it.

          1. This one I totally get. There are fancier things like setting up an scorp for a “consulting company” dumping cash in it and then spending the cash and calling it a loss for three years while writing off part of all your monthly expenses as business expenses etc

            Or getting new cards with incentives and moving balances around.

            I’ve seen loads of tricky stuff, just not for me. 2% cash back I get

      2. I spent a shit ton of money $250K from 3/2015 to 8/2016 then filed bankruptcy Chapter 7 Business. Didn’t even require a means test; Discharged, every single penny…

        1. I recall you mentioning that and I am familiar with how and why. But hey if you know the ship is going down (and be fully written off), order the dom perignon and lobster.

        1. If you are packing away 25% of your income as a family man, my hat is off to you. LOL.
          I am still going through those “glorious” mortage ridden years and chip away at as much as possible.

          1. DINKs – Dual Income No Kids at the moment. Just trying to rebuild some wealth after a couple years of really bad moves.

          2. I say if you look at how much you are paying off your mortgage as savings (which you should), then your outlook is much better.

            1. True and the location ensures future increase in market value. Demonstrating to the wife why making early payments is financially beneficial in the long term is like pulling teeth though.

      1. Sometimes I wonder. I read Heinlein in high school and there are things, like the one I quoted above, I remember very fondly. How well the entire book(s) hold up, who knows. A lot of the stuff I read and liked in high school, real american classics, really fucking suck as it turns out and are best suited for being read by people without fully formed brains.

        Like the conversation I was having here yesterday about whether or not certain beloved TV shows hold up, I think it is better to leave Heinlein in the Vault of fond memories rather than having a meeting your idols situation

                1. Just watched the whole series a few weeks ago. Good watch.
                  Have you seen the one where Duke Phillips runs for office? It’s almost like the producers predicted D. Trump.

                    1. My fav is Jay’s dad. Everything from El Kabong to Do-si-Do is brilliant but when he goes into the cockpit of the plane and finds the plane is being flown by a drunk penguin and calls on the radio a distress call but then realizes “penguins can’t fly! penguins can’t fly!” at which time the plane immediately nose dives it might be one of the most intelligent things ever to be in a cartoon

                    2. Never saw all the episodes, so cannot comment. I didnt have a TV in college, but every other weekend would crash at a buds place with comedy central. I got the jokes.

  7. Absolutely and totally OT:

    I am starting my annual “no booze and eat clean like a lean mean fightin’ machine” regimen early this year. Two reasons, first I had a really party hard summer and feel like I just need a longer break than usual and two, I actually didn’t put on much weight at all, so I have a huge head start right now that I want to capitalize on.

    I’m shooting to start after this weekend is over, so today I’m going to indulge in a scary amount of carb comfort as a last huzzah then spend the rest of the weekend only taking in my last few drinks of the year, then on Monday I’m Paleo all the way (love me some green leafy veges).

    Today I am making some killer Beef Stroganoff in the ol’ crock pot which I make *very well* so I wanted to share my recipe. It’s mostly standard but I make a few tweaks.

    2lbs cubed stew beef
    1 whole onion, diced
    1 can cream of onion soup
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    1 package (8 oz) sliced mushrooms (or slice your own, but 8 oz)
    2 cups beef broth

    1 package Philly Cream Cheese (8 oz)
    Sour Cream, 8 oz.

    Combine all ingredients except for the sour cream and the cream cheese in crock pot. Stir well to mix. Put the lid on and let cook on Low setting for 8-10 hours.

    When ready to eat, boil up nice thick Amish style noodles (or regular egg noodles if you prefer) according to package instructions and drain once finished.

    Open crock pot and add the Cream Cheese and stir until it melts fully and then add the sour cream and mix well.

    Serve over noodles, preferably with a side of heavily buttered mashed potatoes (a good substitute for butter when making mashed potatoes is sour cream by the way, excellent).

    You probably just absorbed 25g carbs from reading this post.

    This will feed me, literally today, tomorrow and likely through Sunday. Then, I’m done.

    The tweaks are the beef broth at the front end and the Cream Cheese at the back end (most people just use sour cream). Gives it a fantastic zing.


      1. No…? Never heard of adding that actually. Is that a “thing”? How much?

        1. I dunno, was a great restaurant in meat packing district when I worked down there…dutch(danish?) cuisine…the beef stroganoff was the best I ever tasted, used a dark beer from one of those countries

      1. Yeah, you can do it without noodles and have a great “stew” of sorts, no question. I’m just getting it out of my system now, because normally it is a meal for around the holidays and I don’t want any hankering to throw me off my game plan later.

      1. That’s a really strange question relating to me passing along a Stroganoff recipe….?

    1. This is my basic slow cooker recipe as well, but I have never heard of using cream cheese. Going to give that a try. I’d recommend searing your meat and sweating the onions in a pan to mellow them out before you put them in.

    2. Sounds quite similar to my gaston (sp?) beef stew recipe. The real trick in that is to use wondra to thicken the broth. I add full peppercorns and bay leaves so this may actually be the same recipe but I don’t use any canned goods.

      1. You know, I tried to formulate a worthwhile reply… but can’t hold mental composure long enough.

  8. The next person on the league of extraordinary degenerates (thank you @champion for naming it) which is my bus full of hollywood miscreants that travels the highways and byways of america solving crimes with Cosby as their chemical expert, Sheen as their enforcer giving the bad guys aids, and spacy and Louis CK all lead by Harvey Weinstein (like charlie in charlies angels or that old colonel in the a-team) is Al Franken. I am guessing he can be the teams accountant?

    1. you remember a danish/dutch/belgian restaurant across the st from The Old Homestead? Markt maybe? name is elluding me

      1. Sorry, can’t help ya. Markt, unless there is a second location, is in flatiron not meat packing. But this is two days mentioning the old homestead and i am starting to get itchy. It is getting to be that time of the year where I am forced to do my once a year trip to Brooklyn to go to Lugers which is still excellent, but I really hate leaving manhattan. Still I think I could go for a steak at Homestead. Talk about one of the last non-pretentious steak houses for men.

        1. ah okay, I know there was a place across from homestead with the best stroganoff going…I think the site was turned into condos

    2. Stallone just got accused of spit-roasting a 16 year old girl with one of his bodyguards back in the 80s. Like that’s a crime or something.

      1. Yeah, there really needs to be a line in the sand for when that was wrong. Just saw the Stallone thing. Saying that Stallone was wrong to spit roast a teenager in the 80’s is like saying my grandfather should have known smoking was bad in the 30’s. Sure, once there is a label on the side of the pacl that says “this shit will fucking kill you” you should know better but freaking doctors used to smoke while examining you.

        I have to say that any celebrity using some dopey teenager as a cum dumpster pre Monica Lewinsky should just be ignored.

        EDIT: Not to say it was wrong after Lewinsky, but that celebrities should have realized it could cause problems for their careers

        1. Yeah, apparently she was totally fine banging Stallone, she was just pissed she had to blow the bodyguard, too.

          I thought that was just the price the average groupie had to pay. She has to blow the security guy to get backstage and get a fish shoved up her cooch by Keith Richards.

            1. This was back when Stallone was filming Over the Top, the greatest movie about arm-wrestling ever made.

              I’m pretty sure she had to at least blow the kid who played Stallone’s son in that movie, but of course she didn’t admit to that, because having to blow him is even more embarrassing than having to blow the bodyguard.

              1. I like to imagine Burgess Merrideth standing there while Stallone and the bodyguard spit roast this little slut screaming “You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!”

                    1. I wonder how stallone told her she was gonna have to blow the bodyguard. I am guessing:

                      Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all
                      sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will
                      beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently

                    2. I think it probably went more like this:
                      “Hold up, bitch.”
                      [Walks out the room.]
                      [Bodyguard walks in.]
                      “Suck it, whore.”
                      [Whore sucks it.]

                    3. I think we have already used every line from every Stallone movie ever. I mean, it’s not like he goes in for a lot of dialogue.

                      Maybe “Yo, Adrian”?

                    4. THings Stallone might have told this girl:
                      You’re gonna regret this the rest of your life… both seconds of it.

                      when the girl thought she could go because stallone nutted
                      Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don’t turn it off!

                      When she hesitated
                      Well, you certainly ain’t Snow White!

                      I don’t want the leg, I want the whole package!

                      Sorry thales, no half ass tries here.

                1. Of all the many, many wonderful movies based around the world of professional arm-wrestling, I think we can all agree that Over The Top was the best.

              2. Just a mere couple weeks ago, I was saying over the top was the greatest movie ever.
                You think when sly started to bang her, he turned his hat around?

  9. Great article Jynx – a Very Important Subject!

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    I’m of the mind that if you run your household like a business, you’ll be much better off… Roles are clearly defined, which will help to maintain the proper focus on your financial goals. When you think about, a household is very much a business – with real assets and real liabilities… you need to develop the ability to maximize revenues and make sound spending decisions.

    This is a subject with many facets and it should be revisited on a regular basis.

    1. “I’m of the mind that if you run your household like a business..”

      My father once told me that marriage is a business contract. Husband and wife make a mutual agreement and spend the rest of their lives upholding their obligations through the duration. This was before “family courts” natch.

      During one of the early years of my marriage discussing spending with the wife I had a Tony Saprono moment. “I make the money and I am the mother fucking boss. You don’t like it? GTFO!”

      Ten years counting and multiple shit tests later… still plowing on.

        1. He had a unique insight about human behavior, but I would credit that spending his career dealing with the bottom strata of society. I wish now I would have heeded his advice on those rare occassions he gave it– as I would be better off now.

          Funny how dead fathers become Cassandras.

      1. I think my “Six dates” article alludes to this. You don’t want to go into business with someone who can’t control their spending, and marriage is a far more involved than any business contract.

  10. The “bill payer” (the sposue that writes the checks) is entitled to a terrific annuity from a divorce estate…
    precedent is set. So, for many reasons is important to manage the accounts – not let her see or do anything.
    I’ve used Mint.com for about 10 years – great consolidation of data – compared to any of the old bank systems.

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